December 2018

December 1, 2018


December 1 2018

What is the Salary of the Prime Minister of Canada?


MALKIN: Silicon Valley sharia — Laura Loomer versus Sarah Jeong


Macron on the Brink: Water Cannon, Tear Gas, and Stun Grenades as ‘Yellow Jackets’ Storm Security Cordons






COMMENTARY: If it means coddling Cuba, then a UN Security Council seat just isn’t worth it


GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau wages phony climate war against Ford


December 2 2018

Edmonton charity struggling to feed families, give toys to kids


Antisemitism rises in Canada, Jews remain most targeted minority group


December 3 2018

Trudeau criticized for tweet to Trevor Noah pledging $50M charity gift


December 4 2018

Danielle Smith: UN Migration Pact part of the plan to extinguish Canadian identity


Editorial: Just give us a straight answer


Canada’s immigration policies must not be dictated by UN migration pact: Scheer


Scheer opposes Canada signing UN compact on migrants, Liberals cry foul


December 5 2018

John Ivison: The UN's global pact on migration sounds nice — but don't sign it


VIDEO: Trudeau Arrogantly Dismisses Canadians Who Oppose UN Global Migration Compact


Trudeau Liberals Defeat Conservative Motion That Called For Rejecting UN Migration Pact & Securing Canada’s Borders


Only family helped Brampton MP Raj Grewal repay his gambling loans, lawyer says


'Expect a little dustup': Trudeau, premiers brace for fractious first ministers meeting


December 6 2018

Trudeau Refuses To Rule Out Full Ban On Handguns & ‘Assault Weapons’


“He memorizes lines and strings them together incoherently” Kenney slams Trudeau for attack on construction workers


Trudeau’s plan to lecture premiers backfires


Stephen LeDrew: In case Trudeau's $50M Trevor Noah tweet doesn't strike you as wrong, let me break it down


Gerald Butts Tries Demonizing Canadians Who Oppose The Dangerous UN Global Migration Compact


Liberals blacklisting conservative journalists from UN migration conference


December 7 2018

Lawrence Solomon: If Alberta turns separatist, the Rest of Canada is in big trouble


Rex Murphy: Oh, the sweet irony of Jordan Peterson's fame


December 8 2018

Plan to move aircraft testing centre from Cold Lake to Ottawa ‘sad’: mayor


LILLEY: Time for Trudeau to pay piper on border chaos


China threatens 'grave consequences' if Huawei exec not released


Trudeau's neglect of the nation has led us to this place


Trudeau's neglect of the nation has led us to this place


December 9 2018

Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration


(Tony Lam's Comments:  PAF was originally going to buy Canadian made helicopters.  But Trudeau made a stipulation that they were not going to be used in combat against Muslim terrorists.  So the PAF said screw off.)

PAF buying US Black Hawks, not Russian helicopters


December 10 2018

Nine arrested, one charged, as tempers flare at Parliament Hill demonstration






As government prepares response to calls to bring ISIS members to justice, some walk free


Nelson: Trudeau's heaven will be Alberta's hell


Quebec to receive $1.4-billion equalization boost while oil-producing provinces face deficits


December 11 2018

Former Canadian diplomat detained in China amid Huawei spat


EDITORIAL: Yellow vests in Canada? You better believe it


Victoria city councillor wants less decking the halls with boughs of holly


BOOM! China Moves to Lower Tariffs on US Cars from 40% to 15%


The Stigma Against My Conservative Politics Is Worse Than The Stigma Of Being Gay


Corbella: Quebec gets $1.4B more of our money. In return, Alberta gets kicked


December 12 2018

Canadian veteran loses leg, nine-month-old son, now in legal battle Trudeau government


FAIL: Bombardier Loses Via Rail Contract To German Company


Amid holiday festivities, Liberal leadership warns MPs, Hill staffers about ‘zero tolerance’ for harassment, confidential memo shows


Syrian refugees set to receive Canadian citizenship


John Ivison: Liberals’ fiscal problems could end up biting Scheer in next election


Trudeau Liberals Launch Inquisition Against Ontario Proud While Ignoring Foreign-Funded Groups Trying To Destroy Our Oil Industry




Roxham Road residents financially compensated for asylum seeker 'challenges'


Trudeau names four new senators — including a failed Liberal candidate


Bell: Notley plays Captain Alberta and fails


Mark Norman's defence team accuses Crown of holding back documents


Boswell: Trudeau's tale of his family link in Singapore shouldn't have skirted the slavery bit


December 13 2018

Freeland shares how she dealt with stress throughout NAFTA renegotiations


Failing Bombardier CEO Alain ‘Bailout’ Bellemare Whines After Losing Via Rail Contract Bid


VIDEO: Liberal House Leader Bardish Chagger Mocks Opioid Deaths


OPEN BORDERS: Gang Member Who Illegally Crossed Into Canada Was Released Into The Country, With Predictable Results


Liberal House Leader apologizes for heckling Tory talking about opioid deaths in his riding


We've never been this alone': Canada finds itself caught between two powers, without any ‘serious allies’


Morneau repeatedly interrupted by protesters during energy chat


December 14 2018

New docs reveal an extra $17,000 in catering costs for Trudeau's India trip


Conservatives call for audit of immigration system after gangster twice released in Canada


Botched handling of gangster refugee claimant exposes Canada's screening weaknesses


POLL: Canadians Say Vast Majority Of Trudeau Cabinet Ministers Are Doing A Bad Job


Danielle Smith: Canada's on notice Albertans have had enough


Waterloo MP Bardish Chagger apologizes for 'oh, that's it?' comment on opioid deaths


December 15 2018

Yellow vest rallies held in Winnipeg, protesting against Trudeau government


Justin Trudeau To Block Future PMs From Reversing Senate Reforms



Tony Lam's Comments:  Then we should rename "CANADA" also.


NDP vows to stall Ford government legislation to block hydro strike


 Yes.  You can win the House Of Commons WITH ZERO SEATS FROM THE WEST.


Western alienation: Let's be clear, the West didn't pull away until it was pushed away


December 16 2018

Faith Goldy ordered to pay Bell Media's legal fees


December 17 2018

New Trudeau adviser to make at least $1,250 a day


No vacancy: More families placed in hotels as demand for shelter surges


Trudeau says Canada wants out of $13 billion deal to sell armored vehicles to Saudi Arabia


Trudeau Keeps Pretending Canadians Support His Immigration Policies, But The Evidence Says The Exact Opposite


Feds going ahead with plan to buy used jets, says Defence minister


December 18 2018

Member Of Trudeau Youth Council Resigns After Trudeau Demonized Canadian Construction Workers


Scheer Explains Why Trudeau’s Deficit Comments Are So Dangerous


Minister Sohi won’t attend Alberta pipeline rallies


Trudeau says Canadians will do better during recession because they will be protected from floods


The Bay pulls ‘Make Canada Great Again’ hats from Pacific Centre




December 19 2018

Justin Trudeau hasn’t spoken to China’s Xi Jinping about detained Canadians


POLL: Trudeau’s Approval Rating Crashes To 35%, Clear Majority Disapprove Of Him


Trudeau sees 2019 election as choice between positive Liberals, divisive Tories


Why Sara Wheale resigned from PM's youth council over his comments about construction workers


Surprise! Most Quebecers want Alberta oil, despite what their ‘dirty energy’ premier says


Trudeau sees 2019 election as choice between positive Liberals, divisive Tories


Trudeau denies using divisive tactics, says Tories exploit ‘fears’ and ‘wedge issues’


Justin Trudeau plunges in the polls — so he lashes out in year-end interview


Jack Mintz: Alberta has better reasons to Albexit than Britain did for Brexit


Liberals looking at national basic income as way to help Canadians cope with job instability




Dec 21 2018

Canadian federation is fractured, New Brunswick's rookie premier says


LILLEY UNLEASHED: Taxpayers foot bill with guaranteed income


Trudeau’s refusal to listen to concerns about border-crossers is ‘dangerous,’ Scheer says


Andrew Scheer Says Justin Trudeau Is Most Divisive PM In Canada's History


Federal budget won’t be balanced until 2040, Finance Department says


December 22 2018

Justin Trudeau Scorecard: October 2018 and November 2018


MARIN: Trudeau blunders will sink one-term wonder boy


December 26 2018

Justin Trudeau’s terrible new election rules will limit citizen activism


Canadian Federal Court overturns denial of permanent residence to former Iraqi government official


December 27 2018

Pierre Poilievre Ready To Take On Liberals In Nasty 2019 Campaign


Ontario Liberal party struggling to raise money since June election


December 28 2018

Canadian teacher Sarah McIver who was detained in China has been released


Brian Gallant moves up departure from helm of Liberal Party


Trudeau says it's worth 'pointing out' similarities between Scheer and Harper


Smith: Alberta needs a firewall, the sooner the better


The latest wrinkle in the $4.3-million Canada 150 Rink — it's too cold to play hockey there


December 29 2018

Globe editorial: Politicians are robbing from the future to pay for the present


Doctors urge Ottawa to extend health care coverage to irregular migrants


December 31 2018


Little to no proof carding has effect on crime, arrests: Judge






Tony Lam's Comments: Trudeau and Tory's stance on gun control is to ban them from law abiding citizens.  Criminals don't follow laws.  The Danforth shooter is a prime example.  The Danforth shooter and his brother had an arsenal of illegals guns and ammunition.  Toronto and Surrey BC are the shooting capitals of Canada.  Criminals using guns illegally.  You need a Justice system that puts these people away for illegal gun use.  And our SJW Court system doesn't do that.



TAGHVA: Trudeau government achieves $500 Million in savings by targeting veterans pensions






















































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