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The True Barbarity Of Islam - Louisa and Maren

Tony Lam's Comments: I didn't know anything about Islam before 9/11. Now I know more than I want to. Islam is a scourge across this planet. This is the 21st century and Islam is still slaving, raping, killing across the world. The counter argument would be that other religions and groups still do that also. No they don't. Show me another group that has over 35000 terrorist attacks since 9-11 and I will change my opinion. They hit everything from transportation hubs to shopping malls to hotels.

** WARNING ** This is very graphic ** WARNING **

RIP: Louisa and Maren (Fooled by Left-media, Beheaded by Islamist)

** WARNING ** This is very graphic ** WARNING **

May 31 2019

ISIS killer who beheaded Scandinavian hiker 'regrets it'

June 28 2019

'HUMAN BEASTS' Morocco wants death penalty for three ISIS terror killers who beheaded Scandinavian hikers

July 18 2019

CONDEMNED TO DIE ISIS fanatics who beheaded Scandinavian hikers are sentenced to DEATH by firing squad in Morocco

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