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January 2019

January 1, 2019





2019 tax hikes: From gas to pensions, B.C. residents will pay more


January 1 2019

The U.S. and Israel Have Quit the U.N.'s Cultural Agency UNESCO, Accusing It of Bias


EDITORIAL: Campus free speech policy a necessity


Canadian man, 51, arrested at Amsterdam airport for alleged bomb threat


Trudeau Govt Permit 2.8 Million Non-Residents To Vote in 2019


January 2 2019

EDITORIAL: All those deficits and nothing to show


Justin Trudeau’s Christmas video has over ten times more dislikes than likes


National Firearms Association tells long-gun owners to delay registering weapon


MALCOLM: Open border policies just don't work, despite Trudeau's denials


LILLEY: Trudeau clears way for expats to vote in Canadian elections


Nearly three years after Trudeau's promise, Canadian weapons for Kurds still sit in a Montreal warehouse


Veterans Affairs skipped normal consultations to introduce new Pensions for Life for disabled vets


Harper's dissatisfied public servant more myth than reality, new research shows




January 3 2019

Trudeau government cuts $1.8 billion in pension funding to disabled Canadian veterans


Deal to buy used Australian fighter jets finalized, with Canadian Forces set to be flying them by summer


Canada says 13 citizens detained in China since Huawei CFO arrest


Radio-Canada parody mocking Trudeau’s India trip blasted as racist, ‘completely disrespectful’


Truck Convoy Protest In Canada Calling For Trudeau To Resign


LILLEY: A taxpayer-funded helipad for PM's cottage?


Ford cancels Mexico plant, expands U.S. factory and adds 700 jobs


MALCOLM: Trudeau’s creepy CBC Christmas message gets the thumbs down


Ottawa to spend $113 million on pre-arrival services for new immigrants


Trudeau government cuts $1.8 billion in pension funding to disabled Canadian veterans


“I Survived Communism – Are You Ready For Your Turn?”


January 4 2019

OPINION: Year-end economic facts Canadians need to know


Canadians today feel worse about their finances than they have in 3 years, poll shows


‘He knows the rules’: NDP MP cries foul over Trudeau fundraising video shot in PM's parliamentary office


Victims sought in case of Que. dog breeder charged with human trafficking


POLL: Majority Of Canadians Say Canada Is ‘Too Welcoming To Immigrants’


MacDougall: Will the bill ever come due for Justin Trudeau's Liberals?


Insolvencies up in Canada in November, Alberta helping lead the way


Canadians today feel worse about their finances than they have in 3 years, poll shows


Alberta's job market loses 17K jobs in December: Statistics Canada



After 17-year deportation fight over alleged terrorism ties, Toronto man sues federal government for $34M​



January 5 2019

Mother ordered to pay $260,000 for defamation after campaign targeting Edmonton principal


Former PM Kim Campbell calls Trump expletive on Twitter


More From the Vile Left: Former Canadian Prime Minister Proudly Calls President Trump a “Motherf*cker”


Tucker Carlson: It's increasingly true that Trump has driven the left crazy (and not just figuratively)


January 6 2019

Jason Kenney blames Trudeau, Notley for Alberta’s oil troubles


Cannabis can make you sick: Calgary woman diagnosed with rare cannabinoid syndrome


January 7 2019

Research shows the Trudeau Liberals weaponized the civil service for electoral gain


Singh accuses Trudeau of delaying byelection in Burnaby South as pressure to win grows


WARMINGTON: Tough justice needed to curb shootings


“If You Vote For Justin Trudeau, Your Taxes Are Going Up” Says Premier Doug Ford


AGAR: Outrage over Tories lowering gas prices fake news


BRODBECK: Why is Canada Pension Plan blowing money on feel-good ads?


Auditor general investigating city contract to house homeless families, councillor says


January 8 2019

Facebook reviewing comments about killing Trudeau on Canadian ‘yellow vests’ page

(Tony Lam's Comments: Anybody can sign onto Facebook and make those comments.  Left or right.  Naive to think it was a Conservative.)


Six ways Justin Trudeau will try to deceive voters on the border crisis during the 2019 election


Trudeau enlists Trump to seek release of Canadians detained by China


Stephen Harper meets with India’s PM to discuss India-Canada relations ahead of conference


PM Modi holds talks with ex-Canadian PM Stephen Harper


Former PM Stephen Harper (who was dressed in a dark suit) has friendly meeting with the Indian prime minister






January 9 2019

Police in Canada can now demand breath samples in bars, at home


'Waste of money': $300,000 CPP ad campaign sparks outrage


Liberal staffers' anti-harassment trainer worried about 'more silence' pre-election


TransCanada to drop ‘Canada’ from name as it focuses on U.S., Mexico


'National disgrace': Trudeau faces heated comments about pipelines, reconcilation in Kamloops town hall


Liberal Party to pay Speaker's office $500 for use of PM's office for fundraising video


Black market cannabis is $3 cheaper per gram, Statistics Canada survey finds


EXCLUSIVE: Crown mistakenly exposed police informant, killing massive B.C. money laundering probe\


Full claim filed by leftist Laurier professors against Lindsay Shepherd


Innocents abroad: Why do so many Canadians still ignore travel warnings?


Police in Canada can now demand breath samples in bars, at home


January 10 2019

REPORT: Canadians Outraged Over Trudeau Government’s Disturbing ‘Impaired-Driving’ Law Giving Authorities Power To Demand Breathalyzers In Our Own Homes Hours After Driving


MALCOLM: We spent years trying to deport a man - and now he's suing us


EDITORIAL: Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun and Asia Bibi — two cases that deserve our attention


VIDEO: Scott Brison Announces Resignation From Liberal Cabinet, Won’t Seek Re-Election


Christie Blatchford: What Scott Brison didn't mention in his resignation letter


Christianity and Islam ‘don’t mix,’ man says at Trudeau town hall. People booed, but the PM engaged


Chris Selley: Canadians, prepare to be breathalyzed


Illegal Border Crossing Crisis Causing Massive Backlog As IRB Requests Over $110 Million More Taxpayer Dollars


EDITORIAL: Arbitrary spot checks go too far






January 11 2019

WATCH: Crowd Boos Trudeau After He Totally Dodges Question On His Demonization Of Male Construction Workers


92% of families face tax hike of over $2,200 beginning in 2019: Fraser Institute


The Elites Are Laying The Groundwork For A MEAT TAX


Canada grants asylum to Saudi teen who fled alleged family abuse


WATCH: Canadian Slams Trudeau’s Failed Record At Town Hall


Quebec won't protect bilingual signs in Lachute hospital: Legault


PM Trudeau gets grilled on pipelines at Regina town hall


Rex Murphy: The American press should be grateful to Trump


MALCOLM: How Canada quietly became a sanctuary country

EDITORIAL: Cabinet shuffle? If only we could lose toxic McKenna and Hussen


Canada wants 1 million more immigrants over next 3 years


January 12 2019







‘A very brave new Canadian’: Saudi woman who fled family arrives in Toronto


Canada should not turn Saudi teen into a 'political football,' says former ambassador

FUREY: Canada will benefit from striking now rather than later on the Huawei ban


Freeland welcomes 'brave new Canadian' as Saudi teen lands in Toronto


January 14 2019

Jane Philpott takes over Treasury Board, Jody Wilson-Raybould to oversee veterans in cabinet shuffle


Jagmeet Singh blames Trump for Chinese ambassador’s comments


Whatchu Smokin? Trudeau Says Seamus O’Regan Showed “Tremendously Positive Experience & Abilities” At Veterans Affairs


NDP takes out $12M mortgage on Jack Layton Building


Trudeau’s Weakness & Canada’s Lack Of Military Strength Means Nobody Takes Us Seriously


Activists Jump Nancy Pelosi’s Mansion Wall With Illegal Immigrants, Demand Entry To Her Home


EDITORIAL: New impaired driving laws overreach


In the Trudeau government, what’s a cabinet shuffle for?






January 15 2019

Weapons cache, including loaded AK-47 magazines, found at home of Danforth shooter: police docs


Ontario reviewing 82 municipalities to find savings


Liberal candidate’s WeChat post draws criticism for singling out race of byelection opponent Jagmeet Singh


WATCH: Poilievre Says China Doesn’t Take “Little Potato” Justin Trudeau Seriously


Saudi refugee woman faces death threats in Canada


CPP takes bigger bite from Canadians





January 16 2019

Civil suit blames teen for getting killed by drunk driver


Right-wing, neo-Nazi, white supremacist groups an increasing concern: Goodale


Right-wing, neo-Nazi, white supremacist groups an increasing concern for Canadians, says Goodale




Person of 'national security concern' was accidentally granted permanent residency


Barbara Kay: Don't ever question mass immigration or you'll be instantly racist


Captured Canadian ISIL fighter in Syria may have appeared in notorious execution video


'I find it disgusting': Quebec comedian Mike Ward appeals $42K penalty for joke about disabled boy


REPORT: Amid Border Breaches, Conservatives Call For Investigation Into National Security Screening


Conservatives rejected Karen Wang before her short-lived Liberal candidacy, MP says


In the current world climate, nice Canadians finish last


Opinion: Is being social media savvy all it takes to jump the refugee queue into Canada?


Federal Conservatives ask Parliament to investigate immigration vetting after CBC report


FUREY: Canada will benefit from striking now rather than later on the Huawei ban


January 17 2019

Photo of Justin Trudeau and family canoeing spotted on random Kentucky billboard


Trudeau offers $140 million to compensate Quebec for border crossings


ISIS supporter Rehab Dughmosh convicted of terror charges


Canada 'appalled' by death of Canadian kidnapped in Burkina Faso


Another Saudi woman turns to social media to plea for protection from her father


ISIS supporter Rehab Dughmosh convicted of terror charges


Former Liberal minister accuses China of using 'hostage diplomacy'


REPORT: Communist China Threatens “Repercussions” Against Canada If We Ban Huawei


The world's refugees can't all expect the Rahaf Mohammed treatment


WATCH: Remember When Trudeau Claimed His Opponents Would Lie About Budget Deficits?





January 18 2019

China threatens reprisals if Canada bans Huawei from its 5G networks


Rahaf Mohammed was lucky alright, but what about the others?


Is Trudeau risking reconciliation by putting a failed Veterans Affairs Minister in charge?


LILLEY: Time to take local health networks off life-support


Ambassador says Trudeau will eventually call Chinese president


Trudeau Liberals May Soon Move Closer Towards Foolish Handgun Ban


Canadian Islam convert strangled in honour killing: Cops




January 19 2019
LILLEY: For Trudeau, it's all about electoral politics


January 21 2019

Nearly half of Canadians within $200 of insolvency: survey


TRUDEAU ECONOMY: Almost Half Of All Canadians Near Insolvency


No Fixed Address


Richmond man accused of cleaning millions of dollars through real estate


Keep it positive in a campaign year, Trudeau tells MPs while attacking Tories





January 22 2019

Canadian dollar hits 2-week as data flags potential Nov economic contraction


Trudeau on track to spend more on government programs than any Canadian prime minister: study


Canadian peacekeepers in Mali scramble after al-Qaida attack kills 10 on UN base


Feds looking into assisting settlement agency with cost of Saudi refugee's security


Corbella: Alberta ski resort owner gets unfair offer he can't refuse from feds


Canadians Losing Trust In Trudeau’s Ability To Handle Trump


Three outstanding warrants for accused LCBO thief nabbed in Mississauga


Liberals looking to make home-buying more affordable for millennials, says Morneau


Feds looking into assisting settlement agency with cost of Saudi refugee's security


VIDEO: Trudeau Keeps Talking About The “Wealthy, Well-Connected, And The Powerful.” Does He Realize He’s Talking About Himself?


GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau's spending habits could spell trouble, Fraser Institute says


January 23 2019

Canada China envoy assailed for assessing merits of Meng extradition case


Woman accused of smuggling people into Quebec for money


Scheer says he would fire McCallum for Huawei comments


Coal Isn't Dead. China Proves It.




January 24 2019

Ambassador to China John McCallum now says he 'misspoke' on Huawei's Meng Wanzhou


Federal carbon tax to add 13 per cent to annual Manitoba natural gas bill


BONOKOSKI: Scheer's Tories promise to curb big Quebec toilet flushes




January 25 2019

Bell: Team Trudeau doesn't fear backlash over carbon tax


Canada considering mortgage stress-test measures to curb private lenders’ growth


‘We disrupted the act’: Accused in Kingston terror arrests had started process of building bomb, RCMP say


Rex Murphy: Who really wrote John McCallum’s shockingly China-friendly script?


Trudeau attacks immigration “fear mongering” day after CBSA exposes human smuggling network


Justin Trudeau Says Canadians Should Be Wary Of 'Fear-Mongering' About Immigration During 2019 Election


Fear-Mongering Trudeau Preemptively Accuses Opponents Of Fear-Mongering


Arrests in Terror Plot Raise Questions About Canada’s Refugee Embrace

MALCOLM: Canadians foot the bill for rising asylum claimant costs


January 26 2019

Feds give Toronto $15M to help curb 'greater demand' on shelters due to migration


John McCallum resigns as Canada’s ambassador to China at Trudeau’s request


January 27 2019

WILKINSON: Canada can’t provide for the migrant crisis while Canadians are faced with financial insecurity


January 28 2019
Nelson: Yes, David Suzuki, you are what you do


ISIL supporters upset about capture of prominent Canadian jihadi, say it's demoralizing




January 29 2019

Trudeau Pays a Price as U.S. Turns Screws on Huawei


Jack Mintz: Canadians have taken Alberta for granted. That’s dangerous for us all


January 30 2019

Trudeau told Aesop's Fable about sun and wind during meeting with AFN chiefs


Military chief kept no notes of discussions about Norman case with Trudeau, Butts and Telford, court hears


EDITORIAL: Define 'fake news' before censoring it


Trudeau told Aesop's Fable about sun and wind during meeting with AFN chiefs


MALCOLM: It's time to rethink Canada's family reunification system


Outrage forced Google to stop calling Omar Khadr a Canadian soldier. But why was Trudeau’s office on Google's side?


Justin Trudeau has more woes ahead with the provinces


Liberals refuse to reveal details of six-figure fundraiser for MP with millions in gambling debts


Here’s Why The Trudeau Government’s Election ‘Safeguard’ Plan Is Actually A Serious Threat To Free Speech & Democracy


EDITORIAL: Trudeau’s migrant mess could hike city taxes

LILLEY: Trudeau math doesn't add up when funding illegal border crossers


Rural Quebec towns join movement against Quebec's struggling gun registry


GOLDSTEIN: Carbon credits could cost Canadian taxpayers billions


53 Manitoba reserves plagued by mould in homes: MP


January 31 2019

Canada launches new fast-track system for processing refugee claims


MANDEL: Outrage as woman gets early parole after stabbing senior 149 times


Amid cries of 'traitor,' Canada's Trudeau set for ugly election


Kelly McParland: Trudeau is discovering the limits of symbolism


CRAZY: Trudeau-Appointed CBC President (Who Previously Lived In New York) Compares Netflix To Colonial “Empire”


Case of Toronto van attack accused Alek Minassian put over


Crown seeks 8 years in prison for woman found guilty of terrorism


Updated: Conservatives raise questions about Vance’s meetings with Trudeau’s advisors on Mark Norman case


Feds unveil plan to tackle fake news, interference in 2019 election


FUREY: Be wary of Liberal plan to police 'fake news' during the election


Canada’s economy shrinks for the second time in three months




Liberals accused of undermining democracy with $7-billion budgetary 'slush fund'


John Ivison: PBO report on Trans Mountain purchase is sombre reading for a government that likely overpaid


Former PMO staffer's personal phone and email records must be searched, court hears in Mark Norman case


Illegals crossing our borders.







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