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This is what's wrong with our legal system.

Surrey SkyTrain shooting: Suspect arrested in 'scary' pre-dawn raid

Tony Lam's Comments: The guy was serving prison time for MANSLAUGHTER. Gets out. Breaches his parole conditions. And gets possession of a firearm. Does anyone else see the irony in all this? Why is the guy out in the first place??

Politicians want to blame gun crime on legal gun owners. Banning guns from sport shooters won't solve situations like this. Criminals don't obey the law.

I also follow BC's Crime Stoppers at

The people the police have to continually recapture is the joke of the century.

Here is Daon's Provincial Record that I could dig up.

And the latest from Toronto.

June 19 2019

Toronto man acquitted of double murder now charged with attempted murder

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