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March 2019

March 1 2019

Canada’s ‘anti-Trump’ doesn’t look so pretty anymore

Canada’s economy practically grinds to a halt — and nobody saw it coming

Foreign direct investment in Canada plunges to the lowest in eight years

Canada’s economy practically grinds to a halt — and nobody saw it coming

EDITORIAL: The fallout from Lavscam has begun

the harper government passed a measure 13 years ago to catch liberal scandals. it worked perfectly

Trudeau shuffles MacAulay, Monsef, Bibeau to new cabinet roles after Wilson-Raybould’s resignation

March 2 2019

WILKINSON: As the world begs for more, Canadians are left to suffer

'And then he was raping me': Victim goes public about shocking attack to reveal justice system flaws

March 3 2019

EXCLUSIVE: Trudeau to announce $37 million in funding to Charlottetown-based BioVectra

Trudeau Govt Overturned Deportation Of High Risk Convicted ISIS Terrorist

March 4 2019

Trudeau tells P.E.I. Liberals his political opponents are playing up ‘division and fear’

BREAKING: Trudeau Government In Total Chaos, Jane Philpott Resigns From Cabinet Saying “I Must Abide By My Core Values”

Clit-me : closing the “orgasm gap” Mobile interactive game by NFB/UQAM interactive school Jeunes pousses launching March 4.

Justin Trudeau, imposter Paul Wells: The phoniness of the Prime Minister’s handling of the SNC-Lavalin file is a trait he shows the Canadian people all too often

March 5 2019

REPORT: People Are Saying Trudeau’s Canadian Tire Event In Regina Was Cancelled Due To His Massive Unpopularity

Freeland ‘very sad’ about Philpott resignation over SNC-Lavalin affair, defends Trudeau as ‘feminist’

FATAH: This Emperor is wearing no clothes

China halts shipments from Canada’s biggest canola exporter amid tensions

China halts canola shipments from major Canadian supplier

Rex Murphy: Drop the poses Trudeau. You owe this country a real explanation

Why Justin Trudeau is in trouble

Communist China Revokes Canada’s Richardson International Ltd’s Canola Shipment Registration

March 6 2019

Vice-Admiral Mark Norman's lawyer threatens to call Butts, Wernick to stand

Canadian Politics Aren’t Cute. They’re Corrupt.

Funding to Strengthen Understanding of Right-Wing Extremism in Canada

March 7 2019

For Chrystia Freeland, the battle over canola with China is personal

Safety concerns prevent TCHC residents from receiving mail

Trudeau’s apology to Inuit delayed as storm prevents plane from landing in Iqaluit

Almost 40,000 Canadian veterans waiting to receive disability benefits as of November

Two Canadian prisoners accused of conspiring to spy on China met often as part of their jobs, ex-ambassador says

Sask. farmers worry about canola prices as China closes door on major exporter

Shell company tied to Russian tax fraud paid Bombardier tens of millions, documents show

Vice Admiral Mark Norman Can’t Get Access To His Own Emails To Defend Himself. So Why Did Gerald Butts Get Access To His?

March 8 2019

'Sick of hiding': the refugee family fleeing the mafia and Canadian authorities

Calgary has the highest unemployment rate in Canada again

DISGRACE: 40,000 Canadian Veterans Are Still Waiting For Their Disability Benefit

Peter Foster: Obama just wiped his shoes on the Maple Leaf, and Canadians cheered

March 9 2019


March 10 2019

EDITORIAL: A re-emerging fondness for Stephen Harper

March 11 2019

City recommends public art program remain suspended until 2020

March 12 2019

$384K worth of meth and other drugs seized at Alberta’s Bowden Institution

Christie Blatchford: Canada's youngest serial killer was moved to medium security. As usual, officials won't say why

EXCLUSIVE: New Ontario math curriculum goes back to the basics

March 13 2019

Trudeau flights from Florida to Ottawa will cost taxpayers over $100,000

Liberal donor busted in exam cheating scandal

March 14 2019

Federal ministries investigate after officials provide Irving Shipbuilding with information about Postmedia journalis

Budget 2019 will create 'lifelong learning' accounts: sources

Incompetence: Hussen Praised ‘Safe Third Country Agreement’ Months After Getting Memo Saying It Wasn’t Working

Alberta health minister apologizes for ‘sewer rats’ comment

Quebec settles with people trapped on a Montreal highway during 2017 blizzard

Feds announce $89M for 16-storey Etobicoke building with 259 affordable units

GUNTER: More bad news for the Alberta economy

UN picks Iran to judge women's rights violations, helped by Irish Chair

March 15 2019

Federal government memos reveal border agreement with US “no longer working”

TD bank predicts loonie may fall to 71 cents US as Canadian dollar's outlook shifts 'considerably'

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to shuffle cabinet Monday: sources

Canada's income tax rates have become uncompetitive, and the economy will pay the price

March 16 2019

Liberal budget to include update to Trudeau’s plan to support news industry

HORRIBLE: In Absolutely Disgusting Move, Catherine McKenna Tries Using Aftermath Of New Zealand Mosque Shooting To Score Political Points Against Andrew Scheer

March 18 2019

Prime Minister announces former Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan as Special Advisor

All of Canada under threat for Liberals' refusal to uphold law concerning returning ISIL fighters

How much has Justin Trudeau’s invite to the world’s migrants cost Canadian taxpayers?


March 19 2019

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau’s budget is just another act

LILLEY: Budget spends big — but on what?

EDITORIAL: Trudeau’s budget is built on deceit

Federal budget 2019 adds new, ridiculous, insane tax credits, makes tax system even worse

Electric car buyers get boost with $5,000 incentive for consumers and tax write-offs for business

Trudeau/Morneau’s book of surprises

$1B border plan aims to stop irregular migrants

EDITORIAL: Trudeau’s budget is built on deceit

Taxpayers cover cost of lawyers for Trudeau, others in SNC Lavalin affair but no help for Vice Adm. Norman

March 20 2019

Cost of refugee board chair’s car and chauffeur brings criticism

Kelly McParland: Trudeau's next apology should be to heavily indebted future Canadians

ANALYSIS: Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s odd plan to help homebuyers won’t help with housing affordability

VIDEO: Candice Bergen Absolutely DESTROYS Justin Trudeau’s “Fake Feminism” In Question Period

FERNANDO: Squandered Inheritance

WUDRICK: Trudeau’s broken promises cost $100 billion and counting

March 21 2019

New Zealand Prime Minister announces immediate ban on all assault weapons

Trudeau budgets $400K to compensate Roxham Road resident

March 22 2019

Finance minister tells Halifax business audience not to link budget to election

Canada sees 300,000 new immigrants — the largest influx in a century

Catholic priest stabbed during televised mass in Canada

Montreal priest stabbed during mass at St. Joseph's Oratory

Three charged after loaded gun found in baby crib

‘Project Wide Awake’: How the RCMP Watches You on Social Media

China has now stopped buying any Canadian canola — and that's 40% of our market

March 24 2019

BRODBECK: Canadians must decide if they want politicians influencing criminal cases

Canada will give $3.5 million to aid African nations reeling from Cyclone Idai

March 25 2019

Quebec municipalities already drafting spending plans for $500M surprise from feds

After Their CEO Dismantled Trudeau’s Discredited “9,000 Jobs” Lie, SNC-Lavalin Is Desperately Trying To Walk It Back

Vicious Point-Scoring Game For Knife Attacks Fuels Knife Murders In Great Britain

Stunning Report Raises Even More Disturbing Questions About Possible Trudeau PMO Interference In Independent Public Prosecution Office

AGAR: Guzzling cash for a fool's errand aimed at oil companies

Ontario lawyer fired after claiming 14- and 15-year-old girls are 'sexually mature'

FUREY: Public interest in Mark Norman case is growing

March 26 2019

'A very good present': Asylum-seekers who hid Edward Snowden in Hong Kong arrive in Canada

Joshua Boyle – Who Trudeau Strangely Invited To The PMO – To Face Trial On Assault Charges

High-priced health-care execs scoop $187M in salaries

March 27 2019

LILLEY: Fairness commissioner's unfair expenses

China urges Canada to 'correct the mistakes it made earlier' as canola spat deepens

Joshua Boyle attempts to flee courtroom after officer recounts arrest

Mistakes in federal budget quietly corrected online, Finance Department blames ‘typing errors’

Morneau defends Bill C-69 while in Edmonton to talk Budget 2019

Caitlan Coleman describes spankings, abuse at hands of Joshua Boyle

Once again, the federal budget turns a blind eye to Canada's military needs

‘Thank you for your donation’: Trudeau to protester over First Nation mercury poisoning at fundraiser

March 28 2019

Trudeau To Grassy Narrows Protester: 'Thank You Very Much For Your Donation'

Trudeau apologizes to Grassy Narrows protester thanked for 'donation,' kicked out of Liberal Party fundraiser

Layoffs at Fiat Chrysler plant in Windsor will affect 1,500 jobs

'We’re not advocating for vigilantism': Kenney puts self-defence laws on the table

Neo-Nazism and Islamophobia among the 'gravest threats' facing the world, Freeland tells UN

What’s Inside The Secret Memo Michael Wernick Wrote For Trudeau On Mark Norman Case?

The Liberal Government Made $2.2 BILLION Worth Of Mistakes In Federal Budget

Lawyer Claims Trudeau Govt DENYING Fair Trial For Top Ranking Canadian Admiral

Defence lawyers receive heavily censored memo to Trudeau about Mark Norman's case

Exposed: Trudeau Govt Directing MASSIVE Pension Funds To Foreign Nations

2018 Sunshine List reveals top earners at York Region school boards

Wrongfully convicted man’s case sat on Wilson-Raybould’s desk for months

March 29 2019

LILLEY: Gaffe-prone Trudeau loses his shine

Message To Liberal MPs: If You Want To Kick Someone Out, Don’t Get Rid Of Wilson-Raybould & Philpott. Boot Out Trudeau Instead

Justice Department defends blacking out clerk's memo to Trudeau about Norman

Rex Murphy: Anti-Trump press has less credibility than Jussie Smollett right now

March 30 2019

Joshua Boyle trial: Caitlan Coleman testifies about forced sex, rules for behaviour

Slammed by downtown 'tax shift', shop owners bail out of trendy districts

MacDougall: Memo to Andrew Scheer: drain the swamp(s)

Children of the poisoned river

GUNTER: Will Trudeau even make it to the election?

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