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April 2019

April 1 2019

KINSELLA: Trudeau's own pride is taking him down

How an investment in a botched video game burned ACOA so badly it changed its rules

Canada's seniors are becoming the new face of homelessness

April 2 2019

Chrystia Freeland is angling to succeed Trudeau as Prime Minister

23-year-old man charged for allegedly lighting ‘incendiary devices’ at Langara College

U.S. deems Canada ‘major money laundering country’ as gangs exploit weak law enforcement

Pediatrician charged with sexual assault of a child allowed to see patients

April 3 2019

Alberta contributes much more to Canada Pension Plan than its retirees take out: study

KINSELLA: Liberal Party has morphed into a cult

The fall of the feminist Prime Minister

Suspect charged after Langara College arson attack

Panama Papers spur billion-dollar global tax windfall, with $15M found in Canada

April 4 2019

Fined $55,000 for Calling a Male a Male

Sneaky “tax on tax” effect in the Carbon Tax

An Alberta exit from Canada's pension plan would cost the rest of the country big time

Investors abroad tell RBC’s CEO that Canada’s position in the world is falling

April 5 2019

City to get $7M from feds for temporary refugee housing

Trudeau disrupted by yellow vest protesters at Toronto funding announcement

April 6 2019

Trudeau fingers Russia as potential meddler

Canada's window to defend the Arctic is closing, MP warns

FUREY: Trudeau was always a Hail Mary pass for the Liberals — and now it's that way again

April 7 2019

Trudeau threatens Scheer with lawsuit over SNC-Lavalin comments

ELDER: The Trump-Charlottesville lie the left keeps telling

April 8 2019

Justin Trudeau Falls From Grace

Largest food retailer gets funding for climate action

Maple Leaf to build US$310-million facility for plant-based protein in Indiana

April 9 2019

Trudeau defends Scheer lawsuit threat, says consequences for those who ‘twist the truth’

Omnibus bill shows it’s still politics as usual for Trudeau government

UN warns peacekeeping in Mali will be hurt if Canada doesn't extend mission

Ottawa city treasurer transfers $130K of taxpayer funds to email fraudsters

Netanyahu Wins Israel Election

Trudeau’s personal brand continues to tarnish, new poll suggests

Gunfight erupts at west end plaza

Smuggler’s Inn owner charged with trying to illegally sneak people into Canada

April 10 2019

Quebec's religious symbols ban welcomed by some who left Muslim countries behind

Don’t be fooled—Liberal changes to asylum system are an election ploy

Enbridge seeking 11% natural gas rate hike due to federal carbon tax

3 in 4 public servants overpaid by Phoenix

Justin Trudeau Must Answer To Canadians For His Disturbing Association With Joshua Boyle

FATAH: ‘Hinduphobia’ at an Islamic Centre?

HYPOCRITE: After Years Of Demonizing Conservatives For Wanting Border Security, Trudeau Makes Asylum Law Changes As Election Nears

Trudeau says government wants to ensure fairness in refugee system

Silly season hits House of Commons as Scheer and Trudeau clash over SNC-Lavalin, racism

Two Canadians detained in China for four months prevented from going outside, official says

It’s long been known in B.C. that RCMP not investigating money laundering, sources reiterate

April 11 2019

Governments keep promising to make life more ‘affordable,’ but they’re doing the opposite

Nelson: Trudeau's more of a threat to Canada than Russia

FUREY: The government plans on policing the internet

Two arrested, two sought in scary Toronto shootout

The new Liberal strategy: turn into Conservatives

April 12 2019

Liberals’ Invite-Only Anti-Racism Strategy Consultations Quietly Wrap In Secrecy

EDITORIAL: Liberals are treating racism like an electoral prop – that’s wrong

Andrew Coyne: In two years, Liberals go from #WelcomeToCanada to deportations without hearings

Freeland torques terror threats for political points

Canadian canola spat shows China has 'ways of hurting' trade partners for political ends

April 13 2019

COMMENTARY: Liberals’ about-face on asylum seekers reeks of desperation

WARREN: Trudeau needs Ford and Kenney as villains

April 14 2019

Sikh Indian minister slams Trudeau Liberals over ‘knee-jerk’ changes to terrorism report

Canada removes mention of Sikh extremism, India fumes

LILLEY: Trudeau plays politics with terrorism

KINSELLA: PM branding Scheer a Nazi sympathizer to distract from Lavscam trivializes hate victims' suffering

Canada's move on Khalistanis a threat to India: Amarinder Singh

While Trudeau Gives Our Tax Dollars Away So Companies Owned By Billionaires Can Upgrade Fridges, The Canadian Air Force Is Cannibalizing Old Planes For C-130 Parts

Halifax taxi driver's sex assault retrial resumes after translation issues

Martyn Brown: Is there any Liberal value that Trudeau won’t torch for votes?

LILLEY: Trudeau flirts with terrorist supporters, angers India, again

Canada joins new German-France 'alliance' that doesn't include U.S.

Trudeau Govt Permit 2.8 Million NON-RESIDENTS To Vote In 2019 Election

Canada joins new German-France 'alliance' that doesn't include U.S.

April 16 2019

PM announces $52M for 'innovation network' between Waterloo, Toronto and Ottawa

Law firm with Liberal ties won contract from Department of Justice after modernization pitch

Court orders lobbying watchdog to reopen probe into Aga Khan over Bahamas vacation controversy

Mark Norman's lawyers target government over solicitor-client privilege claims

Feds back up a step in fight to keep some information from Mark Norman's lawyers

Trudeau has heated moment when asked to reconcile climate plan with pipeline purchase

BREAKING: United Conservative Party Wins Alberta Election, Sweep Socialists From Power To Form MAJORITY Government

April 17 2019

Justin Trudeau now faces conservative provincial governments from the Rockies to the Maritimes

WUDRICK: Reckless budgeting? The Liberals should take a look in the mirror

Liberals find anti-Trudeau sentiment on campaign trail in Prince Edward Island

April 18 2019

What is wrong with Sheila Copps?

Edmonton police investigate 11 ‘violent swarming incidents’ in city’s northeast

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau hiked Canada’s per-person debt at record pace

Rex Murphy: This is why Notre Dame matters

(Off Topic: Canada Has grounded all 737 Max Planes)

How the Boeing 737 Max Disaster Looks to a Software Developer

April 22 2019

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau abandons 'Sunny Ways' for smear tactics

April 23 2019

John Ivison: Scandal-plagued Liberals lagging in electoral preparedness

Canada, international allies butt heads over focus on white supremacism

Mayor calls for removal of American activist from Winnipeg panel

REVEALED: Trudeau rang up $384K in food, liquor on only FIVE flights

April 24 2019

Liberals tighten rules to prevent prospective bidders from talking about military procurements and shipbuilding

Father Gagged, Found Guilty Of ‘Family Violence’ For Calling His Trans Daughter A ‘She’

April 25 2019

By Appointing Liberal Donors As Judges, Trudeau Is Corrupting The System & Destroying Trust In The Judiciary

Drive-by killer catches sentencing break in inexplicable murder

April 26 2019

LILLEY: Trudeau bashes Scheer and Ford at international gathering

Justin Trudeau: it’s not a lie if you believe it

April 28 2019

Friday Night with Linda Sarsour and Winnipeg Antifa

Canadian among oil workers kidnapped by gunmen in Nigeria

April 29 2019

China compiling list of Canadian targets for possible retaliation in ongoing diplomatic spat: former envoy

Justin Trudeau on hand as Toyota announces production changes at Cambridge, Ont. plant

Canada's oil imports from Saudi Arabia on the rise since 2014, trade figures show

Andrew Scheer demands Canada pull funds from Chinese development bank in retaliation for canola ban

April 30 2019

Trudeau government set to boost cash advances for farmers as canola crisis drags on

Immigration officials cut 'legacy' refugee backlog... as new one grows

Montreal's Trudeau airport to get $2.5-billion facelift

Trudeau Govt Drop Hearing Process For Refugees From Muslim Nations

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