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After losing infant son and leg in horrific crash, air force captain loses legal battle for compensa

Tony Lam's Comments: Wasn't Trudeau supposed to be "different" with Veterans. Trudeau lied. He is worse. Trudeau could have personally dealt with this like he did with SNC-Lavalin. Sunny ways.

Soldier who lost nine-month-old son and a leg in horrific car crash loses legal battle with military bosses

AWFUL: After Promising To Help, Trudeau Liberals Fight Air Force Captain In Court To Deny Her Funding For Prosthetic Leg

'I am prepared to fight': After losing bid for compensation, air force captain takes on Bill Blair

Bill Blair says he never saw plea for help from amputee now running against him

October 21 2019

Bill Blair sweeps Scarborough Southwest

October 31 2019

Top court won't review amputee's bid for military disability benefits

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