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May 2019

May 1 2019

Barbara Kay: Universities shine a light on Ontario's failing schools

Christie Blatchford: SNC and Del Mastro — similar accusations, much different treatment

Elections Canada set to eliminate 100,000 non-citizens from voters registry

MP Ahmed Hussen Plays White Supremacist Card Regarding Conservative Party Leader

Chrystia Freeland set to speak at “invitation-only” Aga Khan event

Trudeau appoints Chrystia Freeland's chief of staff to run Liberals' election campaign

May 2 2019

Bombardier to merge aviation units, sell Belfast, Morocco businesses in corporate shakeup

LILLEY: China hits Canada hard and Trudeau stays silent

Another Liberal MP bows out of fall election - but Liberals haven't lost their incumbency edge

Saudi Arabia put these 2 men to death. Now their families are calling on Canada to stop arming the regime

Sainte-Marthe is built on a lake bed. How did that happen?

264,000 Voter Registration Cards Sent To Deceased Canadians, Illegal Migrants

Liberals committed to $256m ‘investment’ in Chinese bank while regime bans Canadian canola, detains citizens

Judge appoints lawyer to serve the court in trial of accused in U-Haul truck attack

FUREY: Let’s ask why Canada is part of China’s big bank

Somali Gangs In Canada Set Up Nation-Wide Drug Dealing Circuit

May 3 2019

Trudeau’s Net Approval Rating Is Now -39%

Justin Trudeau Keeps Attacking Stephen Harper, But Harper Was Far More Popular At This Point In His Tenure

Liberal MP Andrew Leslie set to testify against feds at Mark Norman trial: sources

Liberals are stuck on Justin Trudeau’s rudderless ship

Journalists for Human Rights gets $11.7 million to support program focused on women and girls

Trudeau’s approval rating lower than Harper’s after 3.5 years: Liberals look to cast their votes elsewhere


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FUREY: Brace yourselves — the Mark Norman trial is about to overtake Lavscam

Don Martin: Kenney is a dangerous political animal unleashed against all things Liberal

May 4 2019

MARIN: Trudeau's cabinet light on qualifications and competence

Justin Trudeau is less popular than Kathleen Wynne before leading Ontario Liberals to unofficial party status

May 5 2019

Governments look to buyouts for flood victims

Facebook Defends Calls For Trump Assassination

BlackRock, SNC & The Infrastructure Bank: Meet the Global Construction Cartel

May 6 2019

Austrian family must leave Cape Breton home for at least a year

Plea deals made for 3 Calgary gangsters involved in gun violence

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau bribes us with our own money

The Reason Renewables Can't Power Modern Civilization Is Because They Were Never Meant To

May 7 2019

Leaked email reveals that Gerald Butts cashing in post-politics

In first major foreign policy speech, Scheer takes aim at 'disastrous' Trudeau

Bill Morneau suggests Canadians who criticize the Liberal government are “uneducated”

John Ivison: AG report more evidence of a Liberal government more taken with grand visions than actual governing

Torstar gets $18 million boost from Ontario tax credit in Q1, reducing loss

$900,000 Gift To Trudeau Foundation Labeled “Largest Bribery Scandal In Canadian History”

May 8 2019

Why does the mainstream media want Andrew Scheer to be a racist?

May 9 2019

Liberal government has ‘a secret plan’ to ban firearms, says MP

LEVY: Note to mayor and council — the party's over

Trudeau Government Still Looking At Bringing ISIS Terrorists Back To Canada

Veterans Affairs bungles VE-Day video by showing Nazis

Canada looked at ‘possible options’ for bringing back ISIS members, document shows

Where Ontario can make cuts: Stop giving welfare to refugees who should be deported

Trudeau and Trump discuss Canadians detained in China

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau was Teflon, now he’s Velcro

Man who lost fingers after crossing border urges Liberals not to pass new refugee law

KINSELLA: Trudeau government trying to cover its tracks

Billions in Dirty Cash Helped Fuel Vancouver's Housing Boom

May 10 2019

The Trudeau Government Couldn’t Even Get A Simple World War II Video Right. What Makes Them Think They Can ‘Save The Planet’ Or Change The Weather?

Rosenberg on Canada's record jobs gain: 'I don't give it an A'

SCC rules: Jailed migrants have right to challenge detention

Airplane struck by fuel truck at Pearson airport

5 injured, driver charged after fuel truck collides with plane at Toronto Pearson airport

May 11 2019

Keith Gerein: Trudeau's goose is already cooked in attempt to sway Alberta voters

GUNTER: The Beyak suspension leaves us to ask, who is next?

Trudeau to attend mother's one-woman autobiographical show in Chicago

Large survey shows two thirds of Canadians unhappy with how immigrants are adopting Canadian values

GOLDSTEIN: If Trudeau’s re-elected, what abuse of power comes next?

Respected Economist Casts Doubt On ‘Record’ StatsCan Job Claim, Compares It To “Dumbest Student” Handing In ‘A’ Report

What makes British Columbia - and Canada - a haven for money launderers

Bombardier facing World Bank ban over Azerbaijan corruption allegations

The NDP tries to silence Jordan Peterson

LAWTON: If Trudeau wants to ban guns, he has to face the voters and tell us

May 13 2019

EDITORIAL: Stop pandering and fight terrorism

'Language matters': Goodale defends changed wording in terror report

2018 PUBLIC REPORT ON THE Terrorist Threat to Canada

Newfoundland and Labrador Debt Heading Toward Insolvency at Country-Leading Rate

Mystery man held in Canadian maximum-security prison refuses to identify himself

Justin Trudeau’s Canada: Why We Are A Nation That Hates Itself

LILLEY: Who do you believe in carbon tax battle?

Electric Vehicle Considerations for Canada

May 14 2019

Canadians should be scandalized by the Liberals' fighter jet debacle

Attempted murderer who hurled Landen Hoffman, 5, off mall balcony gets just 12 years jail

Bankruptcies Surge Again

Canadian Bankruptcies Jump At Fastest Pace Since Financial Crisis

Asylum seeker sentenced for sexually assaulting patient in Montreal psych ward

Tori Stafford's killer sought compensation for 'unfair' move from healing lodge back to prison

GOLDSTEIN: Why can’t Trudeau apologize for himself?

May 15 2019

True North Field Report: Initial background checks for illegal border crossers can take less than two hours

Trudeau’s Assertion That ‘Every Single’ Refugee Claimant Has Been Screened Is ‘Full Of Baloney’

LILLEY: Norman not the only victim of Trudeau's vindictive streak

Liberal MP who called for Doug Ford to be “whacked” tweets photo of conservatives drowning

May 16 2019

Phoenix pay system cost could total $2.6B before cheaper replacement ready

Government performance reviews cancelled because Trudeau failed to fund auditors properly

Fact check: Has every single refugee claimant in Canada been screened?

Taxpayers were billed thousands a month for Trudeau household’s organic appetite

Canada ranks second in the world for cocaine use (but feels conflicted about it): Report

Voters are opting for change at a rapid clip — and that's bad news for Justin Trudeau

RAW VIDEO: Toronto mayor stuffs bills into drag queen’s thong on Mother’s Day

Canada and U.S. reach deal to drop steel, aluminum tariffs

Warning: Video of RCMP interrogation of teen who reported sexual assault

'The Gas City' pulls plug on money-losing $13-million solar power project

May 17 2019

Liberals end ‘unfair’ policy that penalized refugees from so-called ‘safe countries’

May 18 2019

GUEST COLUMN: Scheer's back to basics sure beats Trudeau's bungling

$2,533 at Market Organics? How the Trudeaus' monthly spending habits have differed from the Harpers

Trudeau felt entitled to loyalty from bureaucrats according to new Fife report

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau’s ‘hidden agenda’ exposed

May 19 2019

$2,533 at Market Organics? How the Trudeaus' monthly spending habits have differed from the Harpers

Trudeau caught in a lie regarding border security

Despite troubles, day parole extended for former Calgary pimp who killed his teenage prostitute girlfriend

AGAR: Trudeau refuses to protect our border from illegal aliens

10-year-old boy among weekend stabbing victims

British Columbia’s Casino Money Laundering Problem Exploded in the Late 1990s: Whistleblower