Mark Norman Charges Stayed But Not Dismissed

January 28, 2020







May 7 2019

How the Crown's case against Vice-Admiral Mark Norman unravelled


May 8 2019

FUREY: Vice-Admiral Mark Norman is owed an apology


EDITORIAL: Let’s never repeat the Norman fiasco


Norman wants his Vice Chief job back but Sajjan says that won’t happen


Andrew Scheer says Justin Trudeau avoiding questions on Mark Norman


INTERFERENCE? Mark Norman’s Lawyer Marie Henein Says PMO Was “Counselling Witnesses”


KINSELLA: Trudeau government trying to cover its tracks


May 9 2019

FUREY: Lavscam is even worse when you factor in Mark Norman


In an inspired performance, Norman lawyer Marie Henein did incalculable damage to the Trudeau brand


Former Harper ministers MacKay, Kenney and O’Toole helped Vice-Admiral Norman’s defence


Don Martin: The fall guy could be the general who suspended Mark Norman


Christie Blatchford: My top three 'lessons learned' from the Mark Norman case


Justin Trudeau appearance interrupted by protester from Grassy Narrows First Nation


KINSELLA: Trudeau government trying to cover its tracks


May 10 2019

TALE OF THE TAPE: How Norman stacks up to Khadr


Vance and the senior leadership have a change of heart about Mark Norman


Rex Murphy: The Liberals may be ticked about Mark Norman, but they should be relieved


BAMFORD: After Norman, we need to ask what's happening to our country


EDITORIAL: The added insult to Norman is that Khadr was treated better


Mark Norman's Go Fund Me Page.


Roy Green: Is Vice-Admiral Mark Norman a victim of a petty streak of anger?


Conrad Black: On Mark Norman case, heads should roll ... and not the junior ones


Conrad Black: On Mark Norman case, heads should roll ... and not the junior ones





May 12 2019

Trudeau’s speculation on Norman case before charges laid ‘not the best framing of words’: Qualtrough


Sajjan says he regrets the process Mark Norman had to go through




May 13 2019

John Ivison: Investigation into Norman affair is doomed, but Trudeau still likely to take damage




May 14 2019

House of Commons unanimously passes motion to apologize to Mark Norman and his family


House of Commons offers all-party apology to Vice Adm. Mark Norman over failed prosecution






Canada’s top soldier attends cabinet meeting but appearance ‘had nothing to do’ with Norman case: official


Trudeau hires senior adviser Ben Chin, filling a gap left by SNC-Lavalin scandal


GOLDSTEIN: Why can’t Trudeau apologize for himself?


May 15 2019

LILLEY: Trudeau blames Harper for Vice-Admiral Norman charges


POILIEVRE: Justice system became Justin system in Norman case


LILLEY: Norman not the only victim of Trudeau's vindictive streak


BATRA'S BATTLEGROUND: Lavscam and Norman debacle involve the same cast of characters





May 16 2019

Liberal MPs block Mark Norman invitation to give his side of the story


Liberals block parliamentary inquiry into Mark Norman case, reject invitation to have him testify


May 17 2019

Trudeau Further Implicated In Investigation Against Admiral Norman


Roy Green: Sorry does seem to be the hardest word


'The fight of your life': In a Postmedia exclusive, Mark Norman tells his side of the story


'I own it': Vance says decision to suspend Mark Norman was his, not PM's


May 18 2019
GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau’s ‘hidden agenda’ exposed




May 19 2019

Mark Norman had “cabinet authority” from Harper government to talk about shipbuilding deal









May 20 2019

How the Liberals spent the week blaming everyone else for the Mark Norman fiasco


May 21 2019
LILLEY: Trudeau’s dark cast of characters at the centre of scandal


May 28 2019

Senate committee to call on Vice Adm. Norman, Sajjan and Vance to testify about Norman affair


How the Crown's case against Vice-Admiral Mark Norman unravelled


May 30 2019






June 6 2019
Navdeep Bains and his dept. silent on how many times they’ve alerted the Irvings about journalists


June 20 2019

Independent Liberal senator blocks inquiry into Mark Norman affair


June 26 2019

REPORT: Vice-Admiral Norman To Retire


Vice-Admiral Mark Norman to retire from the Canadian Forces


Vice-Admiral Mark Norman reaches settlement with government, announces retirement


Mark Norman to retire from Canadian Forces, but details of settlement with Liberal government to be kept secret


June 27 2019

Harjit Sajjan Says He Can’t Share Details Of Mark Norman’s Settlement


July 10 2019

Military's second-in-command to resign, cites Mark Norman case


Second in command of Canadian Forces resigns - issues caused by Norman case cited by Lt. Gen. Paul Wynnyk


July 12 2019

Top brass shuffled again as new military vice-chief named


July 26 2019

Irving briefed top federal officials on plans to sue Postmedia after government shared reporter's questions


January 28 2020

Failed Mark Norman prosecution cost Canadian government $1.4 million in legal costs


July 23 2020

Investigation into DND's withholding of documents in Vice Adm. Norman's case bounced around — no one charged


August 5 2020

Despite federal government claims, police never investigated allegations military tried to hide documents in Mark Norman case


August 6 2020

Military police couldn’t find enough evidence to lay charge in Mark Norman document case


August 20 2020

Admiral Mark Norman calls out Trudeau on prorogation













































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