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WARMINGTON: Bullets fly on The Danforth, again, and in city's east end

Tony Lam's Comments: I made a short video on Trudeau's yet unknown future gun ban. We will know in June. Criminals don't obey laws. And at the end of the video. You can have a rap sheet 2 miles long and still be out on the street. The failure here is the idiotic justice system. Put these people behind bars permanently.

Personally I don't care about these thugs. Let them shoot each other up. My problem is when civilians get caught in the crossfire.

The most notable incident was from Toronto. The death of Jane Creba.

Lock these scumbags up!!!


As for the handgun ban announcement at the Woman's Conference in Vancouver in June 2019.

The article from the Star.

Trudeau government takes a gender-neutral approach to gun control

More. . .

LAWTON: If Trudeau wants to ban guns, he has to face the voters and tell us


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