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Will Trudeau Ban Guns In Canada?

Bill C-71 An Act to amend certain Acts and Regulations in relation to firearms


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An Act to amend certain Acts and Regulations in relation to firearms

April 17 2018

How the Liberals shot the truth

June 28 2018

Carding ban has led to spike in violence: Peel police chief

July 24 2018

Illegal guns sourced in Canada surge compared to those smuggled from U.S.

April 19 2019

Motion to add handgun ban to Bill C-71 defeated in the senate

May 10 2019

Canadian Personal Guns Registered With RCMP Rise Above 1 Million

Liberal government has ‘a secret plan’ to ban firearms, says MP

May 13 2019 Bob Zimmer: Liberals fail to quell new fears over firearms ban

May 19 2019

Blair not ruling out federal order to implement potential handgun ban

Trudeau government could issue federal order to ban handguns bypassing legislature: Bill Blair

May 22 2019

LILLEY: Trudeau's gun ban idea misses the mark

May 29 2019

Liberal gun reform bill passes, Conservatives vow to repeal

May 30 2019

Feds look to clamp down on guns ‘designed to hunt people’

June 3 2019

AGAR: Tackling gun crime requires responsible solutions, not fear mongering

June 5 2019

Here’s How PM Trudeau Could Ditch New Gun Bans: William Rees

June 7 2019 LILLEY: Liberal gun ban likely coming soon but won't improve safety

June 11 2019

(Tony Lam's Comments: We have a criminal and justice system problem. Not a legal gun owner problem)

Armed heroin dealer scores break due to appalling jail conditions

June 17 2019

July 7 2019

Legal gun owners are the target but not the problem

July 16 2019 Former gun panel chair Jack Major says committee was ‘an afterthought’ for feds

July 23 2019

LILLEY: Hundreds of guns go missing from the Mounties, military and other departments

August 7 2019

LILLEY: Gun bans won’t work, let’s deal with the real issues

August 8 2019 LAWTON: The Left wants your guns

August 10 2019

COUNTERPOINTS: Barking up the wrong tree on gun violence

August 14 2019

Canadian police chiefs won't back handgun ban, say it wouldn't stop flow of guns into the country

September 19 2019

Trudeau lied when he said Conservatives were “in the pocket of the gun lobby”

September 20 2019

LILLEY: Trudeau's gun control promise off target

September 22 2019

Liberals promise to prohibit semi-automatic assault rifles, allow cities to ban handguns

September 23 2019

Provincial group responds to Liberal gun pledge

September 25 2019

Trudeau accidentally admits Harper was far better at stopping gun crime

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