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June 2019

June 1 2019

LEVY: Al Quds hatefest occupies city space as 100 cops look on

MARIN: Trudeau's trash coming home to roost

COMMENTARY: As predicted, Canada’s new impaired driving law is trampling civil liberties

GORDON: Is the Trudeau government trying to rig the election?

Justin Trudeau’s “Open Border” Tweet Costs Tax Payers $1.1 Billion Dollars

FUREY: 'Nothing to see here, folks' – what Canadians are increasingly told about security matters

BONOKOSKI: Dandelions and carbon tax; one's a weed, one's too good to be true

After 174 years, Quebec's oldest weekly newspaper ceases regular publication

LILLEY: Trudeau's sunny ways turn to fearmongering

SCHEER: With Unifor and media bailout, Trudeau stacking deck in his favour

June 2 2019

VIDEO: How’s Justin Trudeau’s Lawsuit Against Andrew Scheer Going?

Federal government to launch Equality Fund to entrench women’s rights and gender equality

Asylum claimants will have to wait for five years as backlog grows to 100,000 by 2021

GORDON: CBC misses the mark with its flagship show

Federal government could face new lawsuit over family reunification program

June 3 2019

Despite Massive Injection Of Taxpayer Money, CBC’s ‘The National’ Is Getting Terrible Ratings

Not Canada But Relevant.

LEO MCKINSTRY Donald Trump a fascist? No, loser Sadiq Khan is the REAL threat to our democracy – and he’s clickbaiting Trump for his own ends

Piers Morgan blasts 'disrespectful' British anti-Trump protesters: 'When we needed the Americans in World War II, they were there for us'

Trudeau government on track to achieve less than 50% of promises before election

Hatred of women creeping into public debate, Trudeau tells equality conference

Elites Attack Scheer For Mentioning God In Speech Denouncing Racism

Ottawa announces new measures to prevent steel dumping

June 4 2019

Trudeau announces billions in foreign aid for maternal and child health

Trudeau announces plan to invest $1B annually on women and girls' health

Pride society files human rights complaint after Catholic parish refuses to rent venue

Following Repeated Threats & Aggression Against Us, Communist China Is Now Demanding We Use Huawei In 5G Networks

LILLEY: China puts the squeeze on Canadian beef exports

Scheer accuses Trudeau of undermining national unity in policy speech

Three men sentenced to life in prison in 'Pizza Pizza' murder of Jarryl Hagley

B.C. city approves bylaw that would fine people for sleeping on sidewalks

Canadian ambassador's Cuba comment triggered a diplomatic flap with Washington before Pence's visit

June 5 2019

Trudeau speaks at D-Day commemorations in U.K. along with Trump, May

Terry Glavin: D-Day's 'unconquerable resolve' still needed to defeat the tyrants of today

LILLEY: Ford caps public sector wage increases

Opinion: Calgary city council has lost touch with financial reality

Trudeau ups Canada’s global abortion spending to $700 million a year

Twitter Takes No Action on Verified Account Joking About Killing 7-Year-Old Trump Fan

When did the Liberals go from the party of loving Canada to the party of hating it?

More British Columbians declaring bankruptcy

Bell: Team Trudeau scolded for how it treats Alberta

Two Canadian women kidnapped at gunpoint in Kumasi, Ghana

Court of Appeal pauses investigation into Trudeau’s vacation with Aga Khan

Chris Selley: Elections Canada plan to boost youth vote with ‘non-partisan influencers’ is doomed to fail

'I feel I'm dying': Homeless veteran living in her van highlights national crisis

June 6 2019

June 7 2019

BREAKING: Auditor General unlikely to receive funding required to audit Trudeau government

CANADA JOBS REPORT: Here’s Why It’s Not Exactly As It Seems

“ISIS ‘No,’ Canada ‘Yes?’”: Trudeau says Canada is committing genocide while he refused to say the same about ISIS

Victoria councillor suggests billing military for events like Remembrance Day

Google Can’t Dodge Conservative Employees’ Discrimination Lawsuit, Court Says

Colby Cosh: The Liberals' war on social media is meant to end in victory ... of a kind

Senate committee pushes Liberals to delay asylum seeker clampdown

China bans the Toronto Star

Navy confirms investigation after tweet showing sailor with 'infidel' arm tattoo

Federal prison in Alberta expected to be first to open supervised drug injection site

Gang rapist must serve nine years for assault of teenage girl, judge says

Rex Murphy: Scheer benefits as Trudeau takes tumble from sunny heights

Cuba will have ‘part to play’ in restoring Venezuelan democracy: Freeland

Bell: NDP lied about Alberta's finances, declares Kenney

Cuba will have ‘part to play’ in restoring Venezuelan democracy: Freeland

‘BASIC DICTATORSHIP’: Trudeau Liberal Government Considering Shutting Down Social Media As Election Approaches

Manitoba man jailed after judge says 'justified' self-defence went too far, killing home intruder

Terence Corcoran: Canada’s Northern mining future looks as glorious as our golden past

YouTube is deleting videos on Nazi history as part of its hate speech crackdown

BREAKING: Trudeau Liberals Ran Ads On Facebook Soliciting Donations In The U.S. & U.K. “Despite It Being Illegal To Accept Donations From Foreign Citizens” Reports Toronto Star

June 8 2019

Iran deploys 2,000 new 'morality police' units to quell hijab rebellion

Two men shot on west end TTC bus

Canadian Prof Accused of Stealing Technology for China Had Funding From Ottawa in Same Period: Report

June 9 2019

June 10 2019

“Drinking Water Bottles Out Of Water”: Watch As Trudeau’s Brain Malfunctions When He’s Asked How His Family Is Cutting Back On Plastics

Ottawa announces plans to ban single-use plastics starting in 2021 at the earliest

To truly help Indigenous Women & Girls and all Canadians, we need to stop giving billions to foreign countries and spend that money here at home.

Trudeau government gives Postmedia $5.5M payout in taxpayer dollars

Trudeau Commits Canada To $9 Billion Program To Assist Sub-Saharan Africa

June 11 2019

Delinquency rates climb to two-year high as Canadian credit card balances grow

Award-winning professor Salim Mansur disqualified from seeking Conservative nomination

Alleged gang kingpin may have used Liberal MP’s law firm to launder money through B.C. condo deal

Who's behind the anti-Andrew Scheer ad airing during Raptors game?

Child marriage ‘legal and ongoing’ in Canada, researcher finds

Douglas Todd: Quebec gets four times as much as B.C. to settle immigrants

Alleged gang kingpin may have used Liberal MP’s law firm to launder money through B.C. condo deal

Delinquency Rates Rise as Canadian Credit Card Balances Grow

Federal Liberals solicited funds from U.S. and U.K. Facebook audiences

June 12 2019

Beijing snubbed Trudeau's request to talk with Chinese premier about detainees

Trudeau names Canada's first-ever ambassador for women, peace and security

CANADA’S BACK! Trudeau’s Personal Attempt To Call China’s Premier Was Ignored And Then Rejected

WATCH: Trudeau Government Deleted 398 Documents After Access Request

Why is Pierre Poilievre going after Elections Canada?

LILLEY: Trudeau lashes out on national unity

Feds pledge $5M to Manitoba for housing costs for asylum claimants

Home prices in Vancouver are quadruple what average millennial can afford: report

2 Canadian women abducted in Ghana rescued, 8 in custody after raid

June 13 2019

Diane Francis: Liberal MPs are jumping ship in droves as Trudeau continues to hobble the economy

China warns Canada to stay out of Hong Kong extradition fight

London Drugs offers to pay Victoria’s Remembrance Day costs

China lashes out at Freeland over response to protests in Hong Kong

June 14 2019

Rex Murphy: Forget party platforms. Campaigns are all about the leaders

Not-owner-occupied property skyrockets in Vancouver

There’s a lifestyle penalty for renting in Canada — it doesn’t have to be so

Trudeau to apologize to Italians mistreated in Canada during WWII

Ottawa picks 11 communities for pilot immigration project

Hussen names 11 communities for rural immigration experiment

June 15 2019

HYPOCRITE: As he accuses others of threatening national unity, Trudeau hopes you don’t remember that he openly ‘considered’ helping Quebec separate

CSIS destroyed secret file on Pierre Trudeau 30 yrs ago, stunning historians

June 16 2019

When Trudeau sought to free 2 Canadians, 'Beijing had no time' for him. Will Trump?

June 17 2019

FUREY: The Liberals need to do some soul-searching on immigration

LILLEY: Trudeau's rifle ban idea won't hurt the criminals

June 18 2019

Canadian corporations dodged up to $11B in taxes in a year, CRA report finds

6 men