“Drinking Water Bottles Out Of Water”: Watch As Trudeau’s Brain Malfunctions

June 10, 2019

Tony Lam's Comments:  If Trudeau wins another term.  Oil will be eliminated.  Plastics will be eliminated.  Both are essential for our modern civilization to function.


April 29 2019

Is Canada’s recycling industry broken?









June 10 2019

“Drinking Water Bottles Out Of Water”: Watch As Trudeau’s Brain Malfunctions When He’s Asked How His Family Is Cutting Back On Plastics



And Michelle Rempel's HOC response to idiot Trudeau.



 And June 10 2019 - Trudeau Plastic Blunder Simpsons Style




Ottawa announces plans to ban single-use plastics starting in 2021 at the earliest


GOSSMANN: Plastics ban is a complaint without a solution


Justin “ban plastic” Trudeau's family spends $300 per month on bottled water









June 11 2019
LILLEY: Captain Stumble can't explain how he reduces plastic use










June 12 2019

Syringes, IV tubing, saline bags, packaging: Canada's hospitals couldn't function without single-use plastics



Comment Nation: Why Trudeau’s 'plastic ban' is a painfully dumb idea



June 13 2019

Justin Trudeau's plastic ban cites 9-year-old kid's website



June 14 2019

Trudeau’s 'plastic ban' won’t help the environment. It could actually harm it instead



June 15 2019

GUEST COLUMN: Privileged PM Justin Trudeau mocked in viral video



June 27 2019

VIDEO: Joe Rogan ridicules Justin Trudeau over paper water bottle gaffe












































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