August 2019

August 2, 2019

August 1 2019

GOLDSTEIN: Taxes — do we get what we pay for?


LAWTON: Trudeau says no to wedge politics. Really?





Federal Liberals still failing people of Grassy Narrows


August 2 2019

Comments attributed to Gerald Butts an 'attack' on Indian government: Scheer


Iqaluit homeless stay in shacks, under overturned boats amid housing crisis


Father stabbed to death confronting group of men breaking into cars


Canadian lab's shipment of Ebola, Henipah viruses to China raises questions


There Have Been 7 Shootings In A Midtown Toronto Neighbourhood In The Last 2 Weeks


KNIGHT: Liberal racism dog whistles are disgusting


Average Canadian family spent more on taxes in 2018 than basic necessities


August 3 2019






August 4 2019

Canada’s marijuana laws are all about Trudeau’s hipster legacy


‘Since the end of December we have not sold a single vessel’: Canadian farmers continue to struggle with China’s ban on exports


Trudeau supports Pride Parade's decision to ban UBC, library


Women still struggling to make RCMP's elite Emergency Response Team


August 5 2019

DESPICABLE: Liberals FALSELY Claim Cancer Survivor Who Spoke To Scheer About Healthcare Is An ‘Actor’


Trudeau kept 'back pocket' G7 summit statement to guard against Trump


EDITORIAL: Trudeau says he’s a uniter, not a divider





August 6 2019

Weekend of gun violence in Toronto results in 17 shot, mayor seeks federal help


'VERY BOTHERSOME': Weekend shootings concern top cop


Karina Gould, The Liberal Cabinet Minister Who Wants To Control Social Media, Is Spreading Misinformation On Social Media


My Family Has Been Threatened by Racists. Why Should They Outgun Me?


17 people shot during violent weekend in Toronto


August 7 2019

Cannabis NB blames $2.2M first-quarter loss on illegal dispensaries


Karina Gould Is Now Canada’s ‘Minister Of Disinformation’


KINSELLA: Trudeau ad actually a load of hooey

FUREY: A rare example of actual fake news in Canadian electoral politics


Does Newfoundland Have A Gang Problem? Canadian Government Funds $1.8 Million To Fight It


N.L. premier says Trudeau committed to mitigating Muskrat Falls power rates




August 8 2019

LAWTON: The Left wants your guns


U.S. extradition postponed for Edmonton cousin of ISIS recruits


Man Who Stabbed Canadian Soldiers & Wrote “I Have A Licence To Kill,” Approved For Day Passes To Visit Toronto


Joe Peschisolido, B.C. Liberal MP, Faces Investigation From Ethics Watchdog


Bio-warfare experts question why Canada was sending lethal viruses to China


August 9 2019

“You suck!”: Trudeau gets booed before announcing seamen race


NDP forced to apologize to former UCP candidate for inaccurate news release


MANDEL: South American thieves flock to GTA, stay as refugees when nabbed


Mainstream media one of the sources of misinformation in Canada, reveals major report


John Ivison: For 18 Liberal MPs, the love affair with politics is over


Chrystia Freeland praises ‘two brave Canadians’ detained in China since December


MANDEL: South American thieves flock to GTA, stay as refugees when nabbed


Canadian government not considering retaliation against Saudis, says Morneau


This Strange Video Of Justin Trudeau Casually Walking Through Montreal Is Mesmerizing And We Don't Know Why




August 10 2019

Liberal MP Anita Vandenbeld Broke Ethics Rules Promoting Husband’s Ottawa City Council Bid: Watchdog


Liberal immigration minister suggests that Conservatives “dance with white supremacists”




Majority of Canadians feel that the country is doing worse under Justin Trudeau


COUNTERPOINTS: Barking up the wrong tree on gun violence


MALCOLM: Illegal border crossings in Canada? Yes, it's still happening


Liberals trigger ‘national electoral urgency’ clause that allows party to bypass nomination rules, 10 weeks from election


Some Liberal MPs ‘happy’ with Butts’ return, others concerned he could be a liability for Grits’ re-election campaign


One Million Dollar Immigration Lawsuit Filed Against Trudeau, MP Ahmed Hussen


August 11 2019

Ontario minister says feds ‘haven’t lived up to their end of the bargain’ on funding for asylum seekers


Mainstream media one of the sources of misinformation in Canada, reveals major report


New debate commission excludes Maxime Bernier from participating in official election debates — for now


August 13 2019

LILLEY: Ditch hug-a-thug approach when dealing with gun crime


Proposed new drug regulations will hurt all Canadians — and Ottawa has been warned


Trudeau’s Shameful Gambit: Smearing Conservative Opponents as Neo-Nazis


'Significant and clear' threat: What Canada's spy chief says about China behind closed doors


Infrastructure money 'not Ralph Goodale's re-election fund:' Moe


Toronto Woman Filmed Yelling Racial Slurs And Spitting At People Is Now Facing Charges


August 14 2019
EDITORIAL: Stain only an election will wash away


B.C. drivers pay almost $2,000 in auto insurance per year


Posthaste: Canada Goose results leave investors cold, profit warning for banks and German recession fears fuel market mayhem


Police chiefs say handgun ban won't stop flow of weapons into Canada


Liberal MP Adam Vaughan deletes tweet, apologizes after linking Ford cuts with kids in cages


From surf clams to limousines, a not-so-comprehensive list of Liberal ethics complaints under Trudeau


August 15 2019

Chrystia Freeland says she has '100%' confidence in Justin Trudeau


August 16 2019

Dairy farmers to receive $1.75B to offset losses from trade deals


Liberals announce sole-source deal for new armoured vehicles will cost $3 billion — double the original estimate


Conrad Black: It's now extraordinarily hard to argue Trudeau deserves re-election


City of Saskatoon loses $1 million to fraudster posing as executive


Government contractor seeks review of security clearance loss after $195M lawsuit launched


August 17 2019

'What they did was noble': Soldiers who died in Afghanistan remembered at re-dedication of memorial


WATCH: Scheer confronts Trudeau face to face, says “Stop lying to Canadians”


UPDATE: It appears Canadian media fell for a viral political hoax


2019 Has Been Full Of Canadian Store Closures


August 18 2019

Father of ‘Jihadi Jack’ vows to keep lobbying Canada to help after U.K. removes citizenship


'Naïve and dangerous': Conservatives blast Liberal policy after U.K. strips 'Jihadi Jack's' citizenship


Chinese Embassy tells Canada to stop meddling in Hong Kong affairs


Elections Canada warns environment groups that calling climate change real could be considered partisan


Canada 'disappointed' by British decision on Jihadi Jack





August 19 2019

Equalization is part of the 'original deal,' and Quebec will fight to keep it, says premier Legault


Who's winning federal contracts in Ottawa-Gatineau?




August 20 2019

Dear Justin Trudeau: ISIS terrorists must be stripped of Canadian citizenship




Rich Canadians are getting out of paying taxes with 'estate freezes' — and the CRA endorses it


Setting the record straight on the benefits, and heavy costs, of immigration to Canada


Illegal tobacco in Richmond, Metro Vancouver costing B.C. over $400,000




August 21 2019

Canada won’t 'back down' on Hong Kong stance: Trudeau


Federal agency writes off balance of two multimillion-dollar loans to Irving company


​Steel industry says ‘hundreds of thousands’ of Canadian jobs lost with Ottawa’s LNG exemptions


Justin Trudeau Just Promised $50,000,000 For Montreal To Build Its Giant New Park



GOLDSTEIN: Media union won't stop attacking Andrew Scheer


LILLEY: Remember what 'Jihadi Jack' has said - and believe him


August 22 2019

Justin Trudeau: the rise and fall of a political brand


LILLEY: Really? $40 million for new signs at parks?


Trudeau springs a nasty surprise on many Canadian employers


Kelly McParland: Trudeau talked the talk, but he's failed miserably in the walk


Liberal MP found guilty by ethics commissioner voted against having him testify in parliament







August 23 2019

LILLEY: Cameras for crooks are good, but let's fix the bail problem

GOLDSTEIN: Media union won't stop attacking Andrew Scheer


Federal government provides $100,000 for Calgary Pride festival


Rex Murphy: Who else would have the empathy to interrogate our feminist PM?


NP View: The election debates should reflect all of Canada


Chris Selley: Goodale's same-sex-marriage gambit is staggeringly arrogant and hypocritical


LILLEY: Trudeau needs to call the election now


China would benefit most from billion-dollar, 700-km highway through Canadian Arctic, critics say


August 24 2019

MALCOLM: Canada is losing the battle in dealing with illegal migrants


Laval MP Eva Nassif 'pushed out' by Liberal Party, riding president says

KINSELLA: Prime ministers can't pick and choose which Canadians they represent


Canadian Institute Of Steel Construction Rips Liberal Government For Handing “$42 BILLION In Construction Projects To China At Expense Of Canadians”


GANG GUNFIGHT: Frustration mounts as gunmen fire at will in North York


Police Chief slams possible handgun ban, calls it “naive”


Alberta canola farmers replace China with drought-stricken European market


Sporting gun advocacy group says recreational weapons are economic drivers






August 26 2019

Federal government quietly writes off loan — but won't reveal sum or say who got it


August 27 2019

Ontario teachers will have to score at least 70% on math tests: memo


Far-left Canadian Labour Congress now helps decide who becomes a permanent Canadian resident


Government forgives millions in loans for company owned by billionaire


August 28 2019
LILLEY: Change the way we teach math in schools


Winnipeg police seize backpack full of guns in Spence-area bust


Quebec to receive $250M from Ottawa for asylum seekers


LILLEY: Trudeau is spending your cash to get your vote


Air Canada Just Paid An Ontario Couple $21,000 For Violating Their Language Rights


Justin Trudeau MUZZLES Christian Non-Profit “Campaign Life Coalition”


LILLEY: Trudeau is spending your cash to get your vote


August 29 2019

Chris Selley: Trudeau's mea culpa over his electoral reform debacle is truly mind boggling


Jack Mintz: Actually, evidence shows ‘diversity’ makes countries weaker — not stronger


SCOOP: Trudeau’s best friend Gerald Butts is in the centre of another ethics scandal, involving hundreds of thousands of your tax dollars


OLIVER: Beware of endless deficits, especially now




August 30 2019

UNIFOR Under Two Separate Investigations for Election Law Violations


Trudeau spotted at supermarket and popular BC burger chain (PHOTOS)


Trudeau hikes North Vancouver's Grouse Grind


Babysitter Alleges Gender Discrimination In Multiple Human Rights Complaints


WATCH: Trudeau Totally Dodges Question On Why He’s Using Communist China Steel Instead Of Canadian Steel


LILLEY: Trudeau isn't what he claims in standing up for women or minorities


EXCLUSIVE: Liberals give $2.65B to “combat climate change in the developing world” — here's exactly where it's going


Trudeau makes surprise stops at Metro Vancouver grocery store, White Spot


Federal spending rises by more than 10 per cent over first quarter


6 things to know about Trudeau's First-Time Home Buyer Incentive


August 31 2019

Former Canadian Prime Minister Apologizes After Tweeting She Hoped Hurricane Dorian Would Strike Mar-a-Lago


FUREY: My media colleagues better get their anti-Scheer bias in check pronto


GOLDSTEIN: Andrew Scheer on the rights of LGBTQ2 Canadians


Wynne aides received enhanced severance packages days after Liberals lost election


Jamie Bulger killer Jon Venables 'to be freed within days and given money to move to Canada because it is cheaper than giving him a new life in Britain'

LILLEY: Political meddling with jury selection could cause big problems


Guest opinion: More Liberal promises Canadians can't bank on


Trudeau government forgives $7.4 million loan for multi-billion-dollar Irving family










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