September 2019

September 1, 2019

September 2019


Leaked Memo: Trudeau will tax the sale of your house.



September 1 2019

After 4 years, the Liberals haven't released their plan for the Arctic


Liberal spending commitment frenzy sees $12.8 billion in promises made in August alone


Dumped by Liberals over anti-Semitism allegations, Hassan Guillet explores options




September 2 2019

Kelly McParland: Liberals go for maximum hypocrisy on Scheer's abortion views


September 3 2019

Diane Francis: Jihadi Jack and those like him have no place in Canada


No to the rainbow: Chilliwack city council denies request for crosswalk in support of LGBTQ community


Huge North Battleford drug and gun bust leaves RCMP with questions about where drugs were headed


September 4 2019

FUREY: The mainstream media is spreading “misinformation”


Dominic Barton will be new Canadian ambassador to China


Canadians' Money Stress Costs Businesses $16 Billion A Year: Study


Liberals denounce Jerusalem Post immigration story as false


Angry protesters greet Trudeau in Owen Sound, Ontario


Four years after allowing universal ‘concealed carry’ law, Maine rated the safest state in the nation for crime


WARMINGTON: Illegal guns have become easy to buy in Toronto


Liberals slam Scheer for not supporting public schools despite sending kids to expensive private schools


Absolutely ludicrous: Steel union boss rips Liberal tariff-rollback on Chinese steel for LNG projects


September 5 2019

Canada denies Arab media report it will take in 100,000 Palestinians


The media is fuelling Finance Minister Morneau’s state of denial


Trudeau's $42 billion Chinese steel project will cost thousands of Canadian jobs


Palestinian refugees in Lebanon want asylum in Canada


Elizabeth May’s Greens throws a welcome party for shallow politicians preoccupied with race


LILLEY: Private-school Trudeau claims to be saviour of public education


September 6 2019

VIDEO: After Being Asked To Keep Promise To Grassy Narrows, Trudeau Says “Thanks For Being Here,” Walks Away


Ontario court considers if systemic racism should factor in sentencing black offenders


Here They Go Again: Buying Votes With Your Tax Dollars


EDITORIAL: PM's 'sunny ways' a broken promise


Media fuels Morneau’s state of denial


Liberals haven't named candidates in 56 ridings while Conservatives are all locked in


Vancouver police say violent crime on the rise on the Downtown Eastside


September 7 2019

Robert Mueller helped Saudi Arabia cover up its role in 9/11 attacks: suit


Why Justin Trudeau's main foe in 2019 is the Justin Trudeau of 2015


September 8 2019

Hatred for Donald Trump clouds judgment of Canadians


Desperate Liberals try blaming Trudeau’s unpopularity on bots


MP concerned about ISIS supporter released in British Columbia


September 9 2019

Diane Francis: Trudeau's reckless inexperience is hurting the Canadian economy


UPDATE: Scheer responds to Twitter hashtag that mocks his working-class background





LILLEY: Liberal candidate loves Castro, just like Trudeau


September 10 2019

B.C. still losing money on legalized marijuana sales


Voters grant Progressive Conservatives 2nd majority in Manitoba


LILLEY: Ontario Liberal race gets its first scandal


Sepetmber 11 2019

Canadian government quietly signs $2 billion defence contract with General Dynamics


KINSELLA: Trudeau talks middle class, but has never experienced it


GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau’s proven to be his own worst enemy


September 12 2019

KINSELLA: Trudeau says nothing of substance as election kicks off


The election is here, but the Liberals have a head start


Ten campaign promises Justin Trudeau totally broke


Woman, 27, killed in 'horrific' Scarborough machete attack


More than 15% of B.C. properties owned by foreign nationals are paying speculation tax


September 13 2019

Liberal ridings received 75% of government largesse funding over summer


Richmond MP aims to distance himself from ‘money-laundering scheme’ court case


Director Of RCMP Intelligence Charged With Violating National Security


Intelligence community reeling after RCMP director accused of violating secrets act


Don Martin: Trudeau sees doing the right thing as 'counterproductive'


Trudeau says Indigenous youth really want more ‘places to store their canoes and paddles’


Accused in 'horrific' machete murder had history of domestic abuse


The Liberals' first-time homebuyers incentive is a bad deal


Ontario’s deficit plummeted 20% since spring



September 14 2019

Liberals trying to distract by tweeting 2013 video of candidate with Faith Goldy: Scheer


BREAKING: Trudeau’s preferred candidate has anti-Semitic past according to Conservative Party


September 15 2019

Bianca Andreescu, Canada's rising tennis star, attracts a crowd — of politicians


Can anything be done to stop the crisis in B.C.'s forestry industry?


September 16 2019

Canadian officials honour Nazi collaborators in Ukraine, angering Jewish groups


Senior RCMP official accused of breaching secrecy laws had access to allies' files

Teen murdered, five wounded in Mississauga shooting


No, Brett Kavanaugh Has Not Been ‘Credibly Accused’


Trudeau pledges $535 million yearly for child care spaces outside school hours


Iranian legislator urges military to seize Canadian ships


Canada Has Spent More Than $17-Million to Protect Justin Trudeau


Diane Francis: Trudeau's assault on accountability has mired him in scandal, declining voter support


Press freedom applies to everyone – even The Rebel


September 17 2019

MALCOLM: No Border: Justin Trudeau’s Assault on Canadian Border Security


Serial rapist shows no sign of controlling violent sexual urges: Ontario judge


How Faith Goldy became the most dangerous woman not on the campaign trail




September 18 2019

Tim Hortons pulls Beyond Meat products from Canadian locations outside B.C., Ontario


Canadians' average net worth shrinks for first time in almost a decade amid Bank of Canada rate hikes


Fake news links Bill Morneau to RCMP commish


Canada’s new ambassador to China was already facing questions for his business ties. His marriage is raising more


GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau looked us in the eye, and scammed us


Margaret Trudeau reflects on time in psychiatric hospital, life at 24 Sussex in new show


Toronto serial rapist jailed indefinitely, Ontario judge orders


Bell: Trudeau slams Kenney, Ford, other premiers — again

Matthew de Grood, who killed five at Calgary house party, could be granted unsupervised outings




September 19 2019

Woman allegedly removed by Liberal staffer after asking Trudeau a question


VIDEO: Journalist David Akin Tells Trudeau The PM Job “Was Not Created So You Could Work Through Your Issues”


September 20 2019

FedEx pilot held in China for suspected weapons smuggling, after air gun pellets found in luggage


Defence lawyer awaiting information from Crown in RCMP secrets case


Total number of asylum claims en route to be higher than last year


Don Martin: The knight in shining armour falls hard from his high horse


September 21 2019

Former cocaine trafficker and wife show up to support the candidacy of Liberal candidate


MALCOLM: Trudeau's political career should be over


Corbella: Drummond is national treasure treated like a pariah by Parks Canada


September 22 2019

Trudeau promises to raise basic personal deduction to $15K, cut cellphone bills


Liberals promise tax break for middle class, cuts to cellphone bills


Residents, workers in Downtown Eastside concerned after spate of shootings


DISTURBING: Liberals Block Canadian Journalist From Covering Trudeau Press Conference


Chris Selley: Justin Trudeau 2.0 comes bearing gifts


Angry emails to PMO question RCMP competence in hunt for B.C. homicide suspects


Chrystia Freeland's town hall cut short by protesters who call her a ‘war monger’


September 23 2019

LAWTON: I’ve been banned from attending Justin Trudeau’s campaign media events.


Why did the Trudeau government approve Bashar al-Assad’s man in Montreal?


LILLEY: Trudeau recycles old health-care promise


Federal civil servants warned to watch online posts in 'caretaker' guidelines


China buys about 10 cargoes of U.S. soybeans after trade talks


Freeland to look into approval of Syria's Assad-friendly honorary consul


Soaring rents and house prices in Canadian cities make housing a key election issue


Federal civil servants warned to watch online posts in 'caretaker' guidelines


Alberta man who fired warning shots at bandits is now being sued for damages by one of them


September 24 2019

Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou arrives at Canadian court in ankle bracelet looking for answers


Chrystia Freeland 'shocked' by pro-Assad views of Canada's new Syrian consul


Trudeau’s Refusal To Attend Foreign Policy Debate Leads To Its Cancellation


The Liberals Are Spreading More Election Disinformation Online


September 25 2019

LILLEY: Trudeau's troubling pattern with strong women


Adviser alleges Orléans Liberal nomination process was rigged


Incomes of Canada’s 1% grew faster than everyone else’s in 2017 and their taxes went down


Canada’s wealthiest 1% saw fastest income growth in 2017, overall decrease in taxes


Trudeau denies Quebec MP forced out for not lauding him as feminist


Huffington Post Slammed For Biased Hit Piece On Andrew Scheer


Terry Glavin: Apparently blind spots extend to supporters of Syrian mass murderers


Female Liberal MP Says She Was Blocked From Running For Not Sharing Message Praising ‘Feminist’ Trudeau


EDITORIAL: Trudeau needs to address his record, political and beyond


Trudeau is a liar, hypocrite and now a threat to democracy


A Foreign Policy Debate Has Been Cancelled Because Trudeau Ghosted Their Invitation







September 26 2019

John Ivison: Liberals' camping scheme an exercise in stupidity that takes nannyism to new heights


'You've got to go': Liberals apologize to conservative broadcaster banned from public rally


Hungarian Govt Family Minister: ‘Globalism Is a Bad Choice’, Slams Canada’s Trudeau


Chris Selley: Imagine telling a lower-income family you have $2,000 but have to use it camping




Liberal candidate urged to speak up against colleague accused of online abuse


LILLEY: Scheer's bold idea in enemy turf


Trudeau picks which journalists will cover his campaign


BONOKOSKI: Trudeau's long-departed grandfather likely none too happy


Justin Trudeau Thinks Veterans Are Asking For Too Much, While He Promises To Give People $2000 To Go Camping


NYT Figure Scolds Conservative for Attacking Biden's 'Child,' but Remember How the Left Treats Barron?


Conservative journalist blocked by Trudeau campaign, detained and questioned by police


'She wanted to live fearlessly': Woman killed in machete attack remembered at candlelight vigil


September 27 2019

'I hope he gets impeached,' NDP leader jokes about Donald Trump


Raymond de Souza: Yes, the world's a stage for Trudeau ... and people are just his props


LILLEY: Trudeau should choose truth for a change


Gerald Butts spreads fake news on Twitter with Hollywood & “colossal lack of knowledge” about mortgages, banking sector


EDITORIAL: Trudeau’s still stiffing us for his refugee tab


GUNTER: Trudeau's camping pledge is peak privilege


LILLEY: Trudeau should choose truth for a change


Trudeau campaign calls police on journalist they don’t like




September 28 2019
EDITORIAL: Trudeau’s still stiffing us for his refugee tab


MALCOLM: Why have the Liberals been blocking a journalist from covering them?


September 29 2019

Quebec Liberal volunteer caught disposing of Conservative campaign literature


Green party prepared to accept tens of thousands of new climate refugees


Greens propose ’robot tax’ for companies that replace workers


Liberals To Double Budget Deficit


September 30 2019

WATCH: Antifa harass senior woman in walker outside of Rubin & Bernier event


Defence minister ripped for attending gala honouring Chinese Communist Party anniversary


John Ivison: Trudeau believes Canadians no longer care about deficits – and he seems to be right


Over 50% of Canadians live paycheque to paycheque, carry credit card debt


More than a third of Canadians have no retirement savings, half live paycheque to paycheque, poll finds


LILLEY: Teachers unions are in it for themselves, not the kids


Jury selected in vehicle attacks on Edmonton police officer, pedestrians


NIAGARA NIGHTCLUB NIGHTMARE: Six injured in shootout


Maxime Bernier backs second PPC candidate who published racist, insensitive tweets


More arrests possible as police review video evidence from Bernier rally clashes


Protesters scream 'Nazi scum' as they bar way of elderly woman outside Maxime Bernier event



 And the video.

















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