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Catherine McKenna Climate Barbie Page 3 - 2019 Post Election

Climate Barbie will be around for another few years so we had to make another page. The info on her is very long.

March 29 2018

The Stunning Statistical Fraud Behind The Global Warming Scare

June 26 2018

Trans Mountain Pipeline Sale To Feds Netted Kinder Morgan A 637% Return: Report

January 11 2019

Smith: Let's celebrate that Canada is likely a 'net zero' polluter


October 22 2019

Husky Energy layoffs underway in downtown Calgary

EDITORIAL: Trudeau’s job one is pipelines

PPC votes appear to have cost the CPC some seats, but former Tory strategist isn’t sure

October 23 2019

Vancouver Island teen spearheads climate lawsuit against Canadian government

Wildfire that threatened Alberta communities was arson: RCMP, province

Why the federal carbon tax won’t work to reduce emissions

Wildfire that threatened Alberta communities was arson: RCMP, province

Husky Energy announces layoffs, many in Calgary

October 24 2019

Alberta budget introduces $1.3-billion in cuts, elimination of 2,000 public sector jobs

Youth to sue Canadian government for climate change harms, discrimination

Husky CEO says layoffs weren't due to Liberals winning election, calls social media chatter 'B.S.'

Why the federal carbon tax won’t work to reduce emissions

October 25 2019

BREAKING: Doug Ford will challenge Trudeau’s carbon tax

New machine invented in Israel turns air into water

October 26 2019

Climate change freight train accelerating, the bridge is out, and Lord of the Flies children calling the shots. Nothing to do but enjoy the scenery until the climate masterplan blows sky high

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau’s hot-air climate hypocrisy

October 27 2019

Forestry crisis has B.C. town hanging by a thread

Miner Teck Resources reports Q3 profit down, plans to cut 500 full-time jobs

WATCH: Canadian Professor Lost Her Job for Telling the Truth About ‘Endangered’ Polar Bears

October 28 2019

Californians created their current apocalypse

'It's the smart thing to do': Canadian oil driller moves all its rigs to the U.S.

October 29 2019

LILLEY: Carbon tax fight needs to keep going

China’s Rivers Are the Major Source of Plastic Entering the Oceans

October 30 2019

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau will keep pretending his carbon tax works - it doesn't

October 31 2019

Encana moving to the U.S., changing name as Canada becomes a dirty word in the oilpatch

Calgary-based Encana plans to move base to U.S., change name

Encana founder Gwyn Morgan blames 'disastrous' Trudeau policies for Newfield deal, shift to U.S. focus

'This is a tragedy for Canada': Fear and dismay as Encana chooses U.S. as its new home

Jason Kenney says Liberal energy policies to blame for Encana’s move to U.S.

A storied history: Born out of fire and explosion, Encana's roots tied to Canadian Pacific Railway's western push in the 1880s

GUNTER: No surprise Encana leaving Alberta after Trudeau's anti-oil government re-elected

Why a pipeline fight with Quebec may be looming

Posthaste: End of En(ergy)Cana(da) — why one of Canada's oldest oil and natural gas producer is moving to the U.S.

Alberta wildfires Trudeau blamed on climate change caused by arson

November 1 2019

EDITORIAL: The Encana mess is at Trudeau’s feet

Either Canadians or foreign countries will profit from oil—who do you pick?

In photos: Under a thick blanket of smog, New Delhi declares health emergency

Encana doesn’t want to be Canadian anymore, and Trudeau shrugs

LILLEY: Trudeau fiddles while Prairies burn

November 2 2019

November 4 2019

BLOC HEAD: Blanchet suggests oil development costs Quebec billions despite receiving billions from Alberta annually

Why would anyone hate Catherine McKenna?

(Tony Lam's Comments: Because she is a hypocrite)

Gwyn Morgan: Trudeau has turned Canada's most economically important industry into a pariah

'NOT GOING EXTINCT': Court documents claim Canadian polar bear population is thriving

William Watson: Killing pipelines will kill equalization. The left knows that, right?

There's a tragedy unfolding in the oilpatch, but Ottawa doesn't even seem to get it

Diane Francis: Alberta needs a new deal, fast, or separation is inevitable

November 5 2019

LEVY: Is a climate tax in the cards for Torontonians?

Alberta Oilfield worker living in Ontario feeling overwhelmed

GUNTER: Trudeau ramps up his Kiss Alberta Goodbye strategy

Two proposed LNG projects will serve as a testing ground for Trudeau’s controversial Bill C-69

November 6 2019

Calgary-based Houston Oil & Gas ceases operations, leaving almost 1,300 wells needing cleanup

Organizers of climate-emergency declaration verifying names after 'Micky Mouse' turns up as signatory

Terence Corcoran: The West doesn't need Quebec to get its oil flowing East. There is another way

Alberta Energy Company Houston Oil & Gas Shuts Down

Let's tell the whole truth about 'average' global temperature rises

November 7 2019

Earth's Mantle and Crust Are in a Fiery Battle to the Death … of Supercontinents

Climate crisis: 11,000 scientists warn of ‘untold suffering’

11,000 'scientists' warn of 'untold suffering' from climate change: Meet the Canadians who made the list!

Scientists’ petition on climate crisis blocked over fake signatories

‘Mickey Mouse’ scratched from 11,000 scientists declaring global climate crisis

November 8 2019

Struggling oil and gas industry to blame for cuts, closures at Edmonton truck dealership, president says

Alberta will be one of the coldest places on earth this weekend

The Dirty Secret of Coal Exports from the Port of Vancouver

November 9 2019

GUNTER: The futility of carbon offsets

November 11 2019

(Tony Lam's Comments: Then why is Trudeau bringing every 3rd world family into Canada with their 5 kids?)

You’re reducing your carbon footprint all wrong: The merits of one less child

November 13 2019

Posthaste: Oilpatch not the only ones struggling as insolvencies climb for first time in almost 20 years

Joe Oliver: Building pipelines will combat climate change and enrich the Canadian economy

Premier Jason Kenney vows to fight for slumping oilpatch, responds to Quebec criticism

November 14 2019

Province's growth plan includes increasing Sask. population and oil production, new overseas trade offices

November 15 2019

We need to stop pretending the Paris Agreement will fix the 'climate crisis'

Pipeline protesters block trucks headed for Burnaby tank farm

November 16 2019 GUNTER: The numbers show our green obsession is hurting Canada

November 19 2019

Monte Solberg: Quebec is as much an oil state as Alberta — they just let others produce it

Trans Mountain received $320M in government subsidies in 2019, report finds

REPORT: McKenna Out As Environment Minister

November 20 2019

China Set for Massive Coal Expansion in Threat to Climate Goals

Williams: Scientists: Dishonest or Afraid?

November 20 2019

New Posting

Jonathan Wilkinson: Minister of Environment and Climate Change

Will Continue on "Climate Ken's Page"

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