November 2019

November 1, 2019





November 1 2019

RCMP officer’s handgun, magazines, radio stolen at Sherway Gardens Mall


Vote recounts taking place in Quebec, B.C. could affect most major parties


TOWHEY: 3 must-learn lessons for Canada's Conservatives


'Give me a call': Lone NDP Alberta MP open to working with Liberal cabinet — but won't cross floor


RARE RULING: Judge spares pimps mandatory minimum for trafficking of minors


Chrystia Freeland has been a total failure


Conrad Black: With Trudeau re-elected, there are long years ahead

LILLEY: Trudeau fiddles while Prairies burn


John Ivison: Do we really need this travelling circus? There must be a smarter way to elect a PM


November 2 2019




LILLEY: Teachers should make do or find new work


2 shot near scenes of 2 other shooting incidents in Toronto Friday


Trudeau to hold meetings with opposition leaders


Is Justin Trudeau Simply “Following Orders” To Break Canada Apart?


LILLEY: Gun in cop cruiser shows why bans don't work with criminals


A Former Hungarian Refugee Asks: Have Canadians Lost The Will To Fight For Their Freedoms?


November 3 2019


 Trudeau loves Tofino.




Watch what you tweet: New election law 'chills speech,' say critics


Refugee advocates set to challenge Canada’s border pact with U.S. in Federal Court


Fears of election meddling on social media were overblown, say researchers


November 4 2019

Is Canada’s tap water safe? Thousands of test results show high lead levels across the country


LILLEY: Premiers look for unity while Trudeau surfs


B.C. cryptocurrency exchange shuts doors owing more than $16M to customers


BONOKOSKI: While Andrew Scheer fights the knives, Justin Trudeau’s off surfing


Elizabeth May steps down as Green Party leader


Woman who says she was raped by MS-13 gang member challenges constitutionality of Canada-U.S. border deal


Former U.S. National Security Adviser Warns Canada About Huawei


KNIGHT: Has anyone seen our Prime Minister?

Wages a major sticking point as elementary teachers eye strike


Canada is doomed under Trudeau and headed for a recession says Kevin O’Leary


November 5 2019

Children in schools and daycares across Canada are exposed to unsafe water


RCMP launches review of its social media monitoring operation


Premier Kenney says 'no way' to Alberta PST


Quebec's 'historic anglophones' will be identified by Bill 101: Legault


City's health board poised to ask province for ban on guns and ammunition


EDITORIAL: We’re still paying for Liberal hydro blunders


WARMINGTON: Callous killer guns man down at packed Etobicoke plaza


Twitter Cannot Stop Talking About Justin Trudeau's Reported Surf Trip In BC This Weekend


Only Quebecers legally entitled to go to English school have right to be served in English, premier says


It’s not business as usual when big companies leave Canada


November 6 2019

Braid: Alberta pension a serious idea that would flip out the feds


Canada worse than other wealthy countries in patient safety – including objects left in body after surgery, data show


BREAKING: Students suspended from Canadian high school for refusing to wear rainbow poppy


Meet Deborah Oguntoyinbo — accused of being a professional and prolific identity thief


Calgary-based Houston Oil & Gas ceases operations, leaving almost 1,300 wells needing cleanup

Breakenridge: Alberta has a stronger bargaining chip than an equalization referendum


One grenade, 250 guns, and 200K rounds of ammo seized from Kitchener home on Halloween


Authoritarian new election law to combat fake news


Alberta moves to prevent lawsuits against homeowners protecting property


China urges re-elected Canadian government to free Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou


Former Liberals, mayors, premiers don’t speak for Alberta


Rob Schneider mocks California voters: 'Would vote for a bowl of s--- if it had D next to it'


Sun Life boosts dividend as Q3 profit surges 20 per cent to $681 million


November 7 2019
EDITORIAL: How debt undermines our public services


Quebec families are the big winners in CAQ mini-budget


All those scandals during the federal election? Nobody really cared, new data shows


LILLEY: Trudeau, not Scheer, is weakened, and Conservatives need to act like that


Canadian Foreign Aid In Syria Stolen By Al Qaeda Aligned Terrorists


PROTECT OUR POPPIES: Grade 11 student kicked out of school after defending the red and black poppy!


Bombardier layoffs in Thunder Bay to start at end of the week


November 8 2019

Justin Trudeau Quietly Increasing Tax-Payer Funded Refugee, Family Reunification Quotas


30 years after the Berlin Wall’s fall, the dangerous ‘cuddly socialism’ myth has returned


Ukraine buys Canadian sniper rifles – delivery expected soon


Toronto man charged with 54 sexual assault-related offences


Tolko to permanently shut down operations at Kelowna mill


Richmond money-laundering inquiry hears of prostitution, birth tourism


Rex Murphy: So when will Trudeau and Singh be asked tasteless questions about their religion?


Posthaste: Canada’s job numbers land with a thud — and knock the wind out of the loonie


Postmedia Remembers: Stories of fellowship and survival from Canadian veterans


November 9 2019

Police release images of man after elderly woman is robbed in Annex


TOO MUCH WEED: Government has over 30 times more marijuana than it’s able to sell


Quebec presents $4-billion surplus for 2019-20 amid booming economy


GUEST COLUMN: The struggle is real: Canadians and their credit misadventures


November 10 2019

BLIZZARD: Freeloaders run rampant


KNIGHT: Uniting the country by fighting climate change?


B.C. coalition calls on Supreme Court to protect survivors of sexual violence from being sued


November 11 2019

WARMINGTON: No apology from Don Cherry on HNIC poppy comments


Jonathan Kay: The left’s gay-marriage jihad against Andrew Scheer is a predictable sign of our times


A village of 15 tiny houses designed for homeless veterans just opened in a Canadian city, and it charges veterans $600 a month to live there until they get back on their feet


Diane Francis: Kenney's plan to get Alberta out from under Trudeau before he completely destroys it


Polarizing Quebec MNA Catherine Dorion viewed by some as symbol of left-wing populism


November 12 2019

Moe eyes more autonomy after 'disappointing' meeting with Trudeau


Rex Murphy: This is not a standard downturn. And Albertans are not whining


Albertans worried about keeping their job, while Quebeckers concerned with climate change


November 13 2019

Scheer seeks common ground, Moe leaves disappointed after meetings with Trudeau


John Ivison: Barack Obama — the man who won the Canadian federal election


Province not ready to accept closure of Brunswick Smelter, loss of 420 jobs


Quebec provincial credit score reaches ‘remarkable’ historic high


BCE invokes Encana's move to U.S. in asking Trudeau to overrule CRTC


Kenney fires back after Bloc leader shows little sympathy toward calls for more Western independence


Personal and corporate bankruptcies in Alberta jump significantly in 2019


Canada Goose Loses Flight on Earnings Warning


November 14 2019

Don Martin: The Bloc leader stokes a Prairie fire


Ottawa’s budget watchdog downgrades economic outlook and warns of deeper federal deficits

EDITORIAL: Teacher unions are ignoring reality


Meehan: LRT – and other crises – push Ottawa toward a budget crunch


Stephen LeDrew: Handgun bans aren't real leadership


November 15 2019

CN Rail cuts jobs as weakening economy hurts freight volumes


BREAKING: 1,600 to be laid off at CN Rail due to weakening economy


How Alberta pays Quebec’s bills: Four charts that show Alberta picks up the tab


The cost of the Senate has soared in the last five years


Anti-Semitism rears its ugly head at McGill University


Trudeau's deficits likely to grow on weakening fiscal outlook


Wanted Texas murderer still loose in Canada after crossing into the country illegally


Trudeau to unveil larger cabinet in response to regional divisions revealed in election


BONOKOSKI: If Trudeau’s Canada is back, where’s the better land he promised?

Varcoe: Provincial pension plan holds 'substantial benefit’ for Albertans, internal AIMCo report shows


Baffinland cuts contracts, leaves 96 Inuit without work


Novmeber 16 2019

EDITORIAL: Violent crime’s up, time to bring back street checks


Nunavut's Baffinland iron ore mine lays off nearly 600 employees


November 17 2019

Gwyn Morgan: As Canada’s deficit soars, investors flee




Closing arguments begin in B.C. case launched in 2009 over private health care


Freeland's fingerprints to remain on foreign policy even if she's shuffled from post: analysts


November 18 2019

Trudeau, king of Jordan meet to talk refugee issues, security concerns


BONOKOSKI: Storm clouds darken over Canada's political landscape


Government did not consult with Press Gallery before banning True North


LILLEY: Economic migrants flourish, others flail in Trudeau's Canada


LAWTON: Alberta’s separation debate ramps up


Posthaste Nov 18: Rising insolvencies suggest Canadian consumers are slowly drowning in debt


November 19 2019

Toronto Star shutting down StarMetro newspapers


3 people deported amid RCMP investigation into Surrey brawls caught on camera


GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau, not Kenney, is dividing Canadians


DISGRACE: Trudeau Government Votes For Anti-Israel UN Resolution Sponsored By North Korea & Zimbabwe


Canada's support for UN resolution condemning Israel 'occupation' blasted as 'Faustian bargain'


Denley: Throwing money at Sparks Street will make the whole city 'sorry'


LILLEY: We're losers in Ontario's lottery payout


Press Release: CIJA Deeply Disappointed with Change to Canadian Vote at UN General Assembly


November 20 2019
Lowe's is closing 34 'underperforming' stores in Canada, including 26 Ronas

The Buffalo Project: Behind the powerful cabal working on a New Deal for the West


Quebec hit hardest as Lowe's plans to close 34 stores across Canada


Six of Kim Campbell’s worst moments


GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau sides with Israel's enemies




Ontario grain farmers say CN Rail strike could devastate industry


John Ivison: For the most part, bloated Trudeau cabinet is window dressing and little else


OPINION: Canadians will pay for Trudeau government’s red ink


Who's who in Justin Trudeau's 2019 cabinet


Lowe's could consider Canadian exit: retail expert


Nearly Half Of Canadians Expect To Be Working Full-Time At Age 66: Survey


Metro Vancouver bus drivers want to get paid the same as drivers in Toronto. Should they?


November 21 2019

Matt Gurney: This seems an odd time for Canada to switch from its nuanced policy on Israel


BREAKING: Trudeau announces new cabinet


Waterloo Brewing loses $2.1 million in wire transfer scam


Backlash after co-founder of Extinction Rebellion calls Holocaust ‘just another f***ery’


Toronto Star axes dozens of jobs despite taking $115K a week in federal bailout funds


Vancouver launches aggressive new plan in bid to spark rental construction


November 22 2019

Despite CN Rail strike, Parliament won't be recalled before Dec. 5: House leader


$1,500 payout over drinking fountains with English-language buttons


Quebec man awarded $1,500 due to English-only water fountain


Two in five indebted Canadians don’t ever expect to escape debt, says survey


WARMINGTON: Ugly anti-Israel protest at York University a hate crime?


So how broke is the Canada Pension Plan?


What is really going on with the CN Rail strike, the propane shortage and Quebec's 'emergency'


Rex Murphy: Forget the cabinet shuffle. What Trudeau needs is an attitude change


Ottawa should keep quiet about Hong Kong, China's new ambassador to Canada says


New shutdown to put thousands of B.C. loggers out of work Monday


Jordan Peterson: Why the Western emphasis on individuals is the ultimate in intersectionality


Canada gave work permit to Belgian wanted in $10M art fraud, money laundering case


2,000 workers impacted by Vancouver Island forestry management shutdown


Rona's tragedy in three acts: From Quebec's foreign takeover block, to deal with Lowe's, to store closures


New Liberal “Minister of Middle Class Prosperity” has trouble defining her job


November 23 2019

Sue-Ann Levy: $1 million a month for a refugee hotel in a North York office


Conservative Leader Scheer dismisses two top staff in wake of election loss


GOLDSTEIN: While Trudeau blasts Israel, China gets a pass


Varcoe: In one bleak week, almost 1,000 lost jobs


Attorney-General David Lametti invokes power to block judge-ordered disclosures


Anti-Semitic protestors at York University are pathetic scumbags


New Minister of Middle Class Prosperity declines to provide clear definition of middle class


Canada warned of fallout on Five Eyes relationship if Huawei allowed on 5G


November 24 2019

Trudeau’s U.N. rep boasts of anti-Israeli vote


EXCLUSIVE: Kathy Katula’s story – starting from town hall with Justin Trudeau


U.S. sent ‘blunt’ letter to Canada criticizing defence spending: sources


Extinction Rebellion interrupts Rex Murphy in Sidney


November 25 2019

Andrew Potter: National unity is the prime minister's main job. Trudeau needs to own it


Chrystia Freeland, Jason Kenney meet in Alberta 'to look for common ground'


November 26 2019

LILLEY: Fight with teachers gets real


Manny Montenegrino on Trudeau's cabinet shuffle: Nepotism, China and gender | Ezra Levant


BONOKOSKI: If Trudeau needs a Ministry of Whatever, he simply invents one

LILLEY: Teachers' pay and benefits at top of heap, don't let them fool you


British Columbia becomes 1st Canadian province to pass UN Indigenous rights declaration


November 27 2019

Suspect arrested in feces-throwing incidents in Toronto


BREAKING: Scheer to appoint Liberal floor-crosser as deputy leader


LEVY: No charges flow from Al-Quds rally


November 28 2019

Andrew Scheer Taps Leona Alleslev As New Deputy Conservative Leader


Canadian Governments Have ‘Failed Abominably’ On China: Ex-CSIS Director


Canadian economy faces a prolonged period of sluggish growth


LILLEY: Government workers take home more than the people paying the bills


3 youths plead guilty to London bus attack of lesbian couple


Canada Is Being Led By Clowns


Douglas Todd: Up to 1 in 3 study-visa holders in Canada not in school


Vancouver hikes empty homes tax by 25 per cent


November 29 2019

Montreal ‘bridge to nowhere’ costs city $800,000


World’s first HIV+ sperm bank opens in hopes of reducing stigma


Eaton Centre shooter Christopher Husbands sentenced to life in prison


TOWHEY: Trudeau has a rare chance to reduce gun crime


“You Win When People Who Formerly Voted Against You, Vote For You”: Laureen Harper Pushes Back Against Criticism Of Leona Alleslev As Deputy Conservative Leader


Eaton Centre shooter sentenced to life, but parole eligibility after 16 months


Supreme Court awards $20K to woman fined for refusing to hold escalator handrail


Ontario Liberals struggle to attract members: 'The party that we knew no longer exists'


GUNTER: UCP firearms motion first step in firewall against feds' meddling


'Flagpoling': How immigrants leave Canada to stay in Canada


LEVY: Refugees will cost Toronto taxpayers $75M this year


There's no free lunch at Doug Ford's Queen's Park


Anatomy of money laundering in B.C. real estate: 12 cases, $1.7 billion, 20 countries and 30 banks


November 30 2019

WATCH: female conservative journalist assaulted in Alberta by left-wing protestor


Morton: Here's how the Liberals sabotaged Alberta's historic rights









































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