December 2019

December 1, 2019



December 1 2019

Trudeau Nation: Canadian TV Host Pushing For Word “Christmas” To Be Eliminated From Celebrations


Former Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney to serve as UN special envoy on climate


December 2 2019

Communist China’s CNNP Awards SNC-Lavalin With Contract For ‘Pre-Project’ Work On Heavy Water Reactor


Diane Francis: Trudeau’s ridiculous, holier-than-thou climate policies are making emissions much worse


Husky Energy confirms 370 job cuts as it trims 2020-21 spending by $500 million


Who's winning federal contracts in Ottawa-Gatineau?


December 3 2019

Rex Murphy: In this Confederation, it's the premiers who are the adults in the room


Debate commission drops appeal of court injunction forcing it to accredit Rebel Media, True North


Bank of Montreal slashes workforce in deepest cuts the industry has seen in years


'What are you at?' Trump presses Trudeau over Canada's NATO defence spending


Trudeau doesn’t remember Canadian military spending numbers, Trump calls Canada ‘slightly delinquent’


Trudeau sidesteps Trump question about Canadian defence spending


McGill student leader asked to step down for accepting trip to Israel


Further Charges Laid in Mohawk College Protest


Mayor Plante demands stricter gun laws from Ottawa after spate of shootings


Court of Appeal rules Immigration Ministry can't reject candidates who fail surprise French test


December 4 2019

FUREY: Trudeau's 'Mean Girls' act pushes U.S. away when we need them the most


Footage appears to show world leaders joking about Trump at Nato summit


LILLEY: 'Two-faced' Trudeau's screw up with Trump could cost us


Trudeau-Trump spat cast a shadow over a summit that got things done, say leaders


LILLEY: Scheer says no more 'free rides' for Trudeau


Trudeau Government Leaves $8 Billion In Defence Money Unspent, Then Blames Harper Government


Done in 90 seconds: Trump secures $2.6 billion more in military spending from Trudeau


Liberals move to deliver tax cut they say will help 20 million Canadians


December 5 2019

Donald Trump Jnr tweets infamous picture of Justin Trudeau in blackface after the President branded the Canadian PM 'two-faced' over gossip video at Nato summit


WATCH: Joe Biden Uses Footage Of Trudeau Laughing At Trump In New Attack Ad


December 6 2019

22-year-old Ontario man charged with terror offences


UPDATE: Twitter employee violated policy with tweets harassing Andy Ngo


Biggest Jobs Loss Since 2009 Tests Canadian Resolve on Rates


Canadian economy posts biggest monthly job loss since financial crisis


'The damage done is significant': Scheer blames Liberal government for national unity 'crisis'


Canada made deal with the devil by supporting anti-Israel resolution: former U.S. ambassador to UN


FIRST PHOTO: Saudi Pilot Trainee — Mohammed Alshamrani — Who Went on Shooting Rampage at Pensacola Air Station Killing 3 with Several Injured


Naval Station's Gun Restrictions Didn't Stop Shooter but Did Stop Sailors from Arming Themselves


Trudeau’s Throne Speech Already Overshadowed By Nightmare Jobs Report


3,000 sexual assaults reported in Uber rides last year the 'tip of the iceberg,' says lawyer


LILLEY: Teachers ramp up push to take more of your money


BATTLEGROUND | Keean suspended for Yaniv tweets, “Two-Faced Trudeau” and more!


Why a banana duct-taped to a wall sold for $120,000


'That’s no joke': Taking aim at Trudeau, Trump's campaign chief compares U.S. job numbers to Canadian losses


December 7 2019

CBC lost more than half its ad revenues over five years: Report


PAZZANO: Recent cases highlight failures of revolving door bail system


GWYNNE: CBC TV sees sharp decline in ad revenue – people tune out, why?


The Parliamentary Game of Thrones


Trump Jr. trashes Trudeau on Twitter


COMMENTARY: Defence spending isn’t a priority in Ottawa, but this week showed that it should be


December 9 2019

Diane Francis: The inevitable Trudeau recession will ravage the West and the middle class


LILLEY: Freeing the Michaels by hitting China where it hurts


Unemployment rate among young men in Alberta nears 20%, a level not seen since the early 1980s


Trudeau: Canada's UN vote on Palestinian self-determination is not a shift in policy on Israel


Iranian asset? Serious questions raised about Liberal MP’s ties to Islamic regime


December 10 2019

LILLEY: Province has no more money for teachers


LILLEY: Teachers' rich demands laid bare


LILLEY UNLEASHED: Buying back rifles won't curb gun violence


Trudeau's minority Liberal government survives first confidence vote


Household Debt Squeeze Drives Canadian Delinquencies Higher


'Trudeau's new plane to replace damaged 'Can Force One' could be fast-tracked for replacement'


December 11 2019

LILLEY: Trudeau to spend double disarming hunters than he’ll spend fighting gangs


John Ivison: Lost vote over special committee on China an embarrassment for Liberals


Trudeau loses vote in Parliament that promises to examine Canada's relationship with China in the public spotlight


NAFTA 2.1: The changes Democrats (and Canada) settled on


Longest wait times in BC


Patients misdiagnosed, sent home from ER a problem in Lower Mainland hospitals: advocate


Almost 14,000 Canadians killed by opioids since 2016: national study


Sudbury column: No evidence that proposed gun ban is needed


December 12 2019

Baby boomer bulge pushes percentage of seniors in B.C. higher, report says


I Critiqued Trudeau’s Blackface And Was Forced Out Of My Anti-Racism Job


Government Anti-Racism Employee Says She Was Punished For Talking About PM's Blackface


Pot has been a downer for Vancouver real estate: RE/MAX


Crown wants life in prison for Abdulahi Sharif for attempted murder


Andrew Scheer resigns as Conservative leader


LILLEY: Exasperated Scheer leaves on his own terms


December 13 2019

Nova Scotia municipality votes to erase the word “church” from bylaws and documents


Man who tried to kill Edmonton police officer, four others gets 28 years in prison


Edmonton man gets 28 years in prison for attempted murder of policeman, pedestrians


China detains Canadian CEO of U.S.-listed company Fincera for suspected financial crime


Ottawa orders teen to return to Hungary, where she has nowhere to go


December 14 2019

Chrystia Freeland is now the minister for almost everything


Butts Jokes About UK Breaking Up Following Conservative Win


EDITORIAL: Politicians in denial about growing gun violence


December 15 2019

Trudeau government gag order in CIA brainwashing case silences victims, lawyer says


MALCOLM: Conservatives need a leader with a backbone


December 16 2019

Trudeau's plan to censor Internet “hate speech” just started a trade war


4 airlines fined for breaking Canada's passenger protection rules


DIVISIVE: Trudeau Attacks Kenney In New Interview, Appears Clueless About State Of Canadian Economy


WATCH: Pierre Poilievre Slams Fiscal Update


Ottawa’s fiscal update shows billions more in deficits this year and next


Gun buyback: Two-thirds of banned firearms still circulating - gun advocates


Trudeau Begins 2nd Term Much Deeper in the Red Than Expected


Trudeau’s Red Ink Could Put Bank of Canada in Bind, BMO Says


December 17 2019

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau’s $1-billion surplus now a $26.6-billion deficit


Canadians have paid Netflix nearly $800M so far this year


Rex Murphy: A political travesty is unfolding south of the border


B.C. government targets province-wide prohibition of precision guided firearms for hunting


WARMINGTON: Danforth shooting victims hope $150M lawsuit brings change


LILLEY: Don't let Trudeau regulate Facebook and Twitter


December 18 2019

A Bank of Canada rate hike could be 'overkill' for household insolvencies: CIBC


Need a car loan? Avoid these common mistakes


Bell: Team Trudeau stiffs Alberta, no rebate cheque


Jack Mintz: Western Canadians are paying HST on investment fees when their provinces don’t even levy that tax


Woman out $1,000 after buying fake gold in Toronto parking lot


Supreme Court ruling could quell chaos surrounding administrative law


Chinese oil company gets go-ahead for exploration drilling in Flemish Pass Basin


December 19 2019

Richmond homeless camp gone, site cleaned: city


Kelly McParland: Debt? What debt? Canada's doing fine ... for now ... so don't worry


Supreme Court rules children of Russian spies are Canadian citizens


Liberal Government Says Only Quebec Shipyard Qualifies For Icebreaker Construction, Ontario Shipyard Snubbed


PBO sounds alarm on federal spending practices


China says case of detained Canadians turned over to prosecutors


Trudeau says 'frustrations' in Alberta, Saskatchewan don't amount to a national unity crisis


GUNTER: If the federal Liberals respect Alberta, they'll approve Teck Frontier


December 20 2019

Airlines want new rules about compensating passengers suspended, pending court appeal


Abbotsford woman's cellphone number stolen, e-mail and PayPal accounts hacked


Liberals are risking danger ahead with higher deficit


Trudeau to keep lower profile, be more businesslike in second mandate


Justin Trudeau says he will be lower profile, more business-like in second mandate


Trudeau wants to avoid spotlight in 2nd term as PM


It’s Yuuuuge! Top 5 President Trump Tweets of 2019


RCMP arrest 2 after alleged online threats against Justin Trudeau


Budget watchdog cautions Morneau against potentially 'cynical' accounting changes as Liberals post $26B deficit


Bell: Trudeau takes no blame for Alberta outrage


NP View: The Liberals blow another fiscal promise. No one is surprised


KNIGHT: Canadian values need to be protected in justice system


Trudeau says he won’t let provincial resistance scuttle municipal handgun bans


Edouard Maurice, Alberta man charged for firing warning shots at intruders, wants lawsuit dismissed


Will Canada’s only NDP government survive 2020?


December 21 2019

Another Ontario auto plant is closing—2,500 jobs lost just before Christmas


December 22 2019

Former NDP candidate loses mind on Twitter


Another Ontario auto plant is closing—2,500 jobs lost just before Christmas


Federal liability looms over $111.5 billion more red ink, moderate growth: Morneau’s economic update


Finance Minister Morneau won’t draw red line on how far feds willing to push deficit


Deal allows Canada to continue operating aging RCAF VIP aircraft in U.S. airspace


Keean's selfie with Rachel Notley causes an NDP meltdown


Is Trudeau finally finished with selfies?


Finance Minister Morneau won’t draw red line on how far feds willing to push deficit


Prominent Canadian conservative still banned from Twitter


Trudeau’s “buy back” is a multi-billion boondoggle


December 23 2019

Chinese embassy lashes out at 'some politicians' over talk of freeing Canadians


Low-income rates could rise as StatsCan moves to redraw poverty line


New year, new carbon tax: What Albertans need to know


Chris Nelson: The Trudeau Liberals are bottom of every class


Federal government commits to waiving citizenship application fees


Trudeau fails to explain what minister of middle class prosperity actually does


Nelson: Trudeau Liberals are bottom of every class


December 24 2019

Insolvencies in Alberta spike 15 per cent over last year


Handgun ban won't matter


Suspect named in violent Toronto gas station robbery captured on video


December 25 2019

Sheila and Keean take a look back at Rebel's best political stories


Canadian man to remain in Dubai prison after appeal partially rejected


RCAF accepts first new search-and-rescue plane despite issue with manuals


December 25 2019

Netanyahu urges Trudeau to condemn possible ICC probe into alleged Israeli war crimes


The story of 2 Trudeau boys with a Christmas birthday


Brampton man sentenced to 12 years for 2018 shooting spree of random victims in Etobicoke


December 26 2019

CBC edit of Trump scene from Home Alone 2 was done in 2014


Trump trolls Trudeau over CBC's removal of U.S. president's Home Alone 2 cameo


RCMP deny media report they were prepared to shoot Indigenous activists at Coastal GasLink pipeline protest


Trudeau’s gender parity, diversity requirements stop at cabinet door


December 27 2019

Governor General urges Canadians to enjoy the outdoors in annual New Year's message


LILLEY: CBC’s real mistake wasn’t cutting Trump, it was wasting our money


EDITORIAL: PM knows banning handguns won’t work


LEVY: Street sleepers sign of decay, not growth


Glavin: Canada's China policy in 2020 – continue to kowtow


Liberals face challenge to climate, economic policies early in 2020


December 29 2019

How liberals are allowing anti-Semitism to flourish


2019 saw a record number of women elected — but gender equity in the Commons is still far off


Atlantic Canadians changing eating habits due to rising food costs


Why Canada's cannabis bubble burst


December 30 2019

HUNTER: 'Expect more killings' in bloody GTA mob mayhem


How many private jets does Justin Trudeau need for his vacation?


Heritage minister says Liberal government will boost local journalism


LILLEY: Trudeau caps off disastrous 2019 with a beach vakay


December 31 2019

Varcoe: A no-growth economy is Alberta's top business story of 2019


Federal government suspends popular immigration sponsorship program


SAVE THE REBEL: Trudeau's lawyers are investigating me for writing a book about him!




















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