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January 2020

January 1, 2020

January 1 2020





New laws and rules coming into effect in 2020


Goodbye MSP premiums and single-use plastics: Several new laws take effect this year in B.C.


January 2 2020

Price hikes feared as province scraps OHIP out-of-country coverage


LILLEY: Sadly, communism remains alive in 2020


EDITORIAL: Act now or gun violence gets worse


Couple 'lucky' to be alive after scary Brampton highway shooting


Calgarians can now rent a sex doll from the comfort of their home


January 3 2020

Trudeau celebrates New Year in luxury as middle class struggles


Trudeau’s Costa Rica vacation enters third week


TOWHEY: Attack on Iran's terror chief justifiable


Mounties worried about anti-immigrant backlash after terrorism arrests: documents


RCMP concerned about anti-immigrant sentiment after Kingston terrorism arrest


January 5 2020

FUREY: The most scandalous story of the past decade


After Oppenheimer Park homicide, homeless camp pushes back on safety concerns


LILLEY: NDP MPPs sing and chant as dead terrorist honoured


60 people with Iranian backgrounds detained at Peace Arch Border into U.S.


January 6 2020

Trudeau’s new look matches more serious, businesslike approach to being PM


January 7 2010

CNN settles lawsuit with Nick Sandmann stemming from viral video controversy


Terence Corcoran: The Trudeau Liberals will have to live with being in breach of a UN declaration they should never have adopted


November Trade Deficit Over $1 Billion, October Deficit Far Worse Than Previously Reported


Combat birth tourism by changing immigration law, B.C. mayor says


Rex Murphy: And the award for free speech goes to Ricky Gervais


UCalgary prof: I will fail students citing Jordan Peterson


Rogers to end subsidy plans, move to only financing options on January 28


TD and CIBC say restructuring possible in 2020 but RBC and BMO say no more cuts


Almost 800 Loblaw employees to be laid off following Laval, Ottawa centre closures


January 8 2020

‘Fast And Furious’ Gunman Who Killed US Border Patrol Agent Is Sentenced To Life In Prison


Justin Trudeau Sends IRAN $2.5 Million Dollars In Foreign Aid​


Canada would like a government now, please


Completion of 2019 gun control unfinished while Liberals plan more firearm restrictions


'Bombardier sold us lemons': New York City pulls 300 of company's subway cars from service over door glitches


Credit expert warns New Brunswickers about new law allowing wage garnishment


January 9 2020

Home values tumble by up to 15% across Metro Vancouver


DISGRACE: Watch As CBC Tries To Blame Trump For Iran Shooting Down Plane Carrying 63 Canadians


Canadian housing starts miss forecasts for the third straight month


CBC journalists try to blame Trump for Ukrainian plane crash


Buried: Justin Trudeau’s Brother Alexandre Worked For IRANIAN Government


January 10 2020

Trudeau government gives $7 million to billion-dollar corporation: Report


Oops! Iran Caught Using Bomb Sniffing Dogs to Scrub Crash Site for Any Remains of a Missile or Explosives


Don Cherry’s name removed from WHL’s annual ‘Suits Up’ fundraising games


LILLEY: Ontario's job market booms


Score is Taxman 2, Taxpayers 0 in recent TFSA overcontribution cases


Why Scott Gilmore regrets Maclean's column linking Trump impeachment to Iran crash


January 11 2020

CRTC taking public feedback during CBC license renewal process


B.C. Supreme Court allows schools to hold mandatory Indigenous smudging ceremonies


Iran's president admits Iranian missile downed Ukraine Airlines jet


Government pensions: What Montrealers can expect and when


Is Canada at risk from a mysterious Chinese virus related to SARS?


January 12 2020

Federal bureaucrats charge taxpayers $12,450 for luxury party


Matt Gurney: False nuclear alert shows Canadians are on their own in case of disaster




January 13 2020

FUREY: The Iran protests – it’s about being on the right side of history


Canada 'offers to pick up Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's £500,000 security bill while the couple are in the country'


Trudeau: ‘Lots of discussions’ left on who will cover Meghan and Harry’s security costs in Canada


Without recent escalations, Iran plane crash victims would be ‘home with their families’: Trudeau


LILLEY: Trudeau effectively blames Trump for Iran shooting down plane







Canada investigates reports that Iran is harassing families trying to repatriate remains of crash victims


LILLEY: Trudeau effectively blames Trump for Iran shooting down plane


RCAF still dealing with legal issues on new rescue aircraft name – military doesn’t know when it will be able to announce a name


January 14 2020

Less Than 1% Of Canadians Watch Local CBC Broadcasts


Canadian PM Justin Trudeau blames downing of Ukraine jet on US ‘escalation’


CBC TV struggling to keep advertising dollars from falling


January 15 2020

Chris Selley: Harper misquote shows why 'regime change' needed in some Canadian newsrooms


Recurring federal deficits could be risky for future generations: Study


Trudeau government has pushed federal spending to the highest level in Canadian history


WARMINGTON: Teachers must stop holding students hostage


Prince Harry and Meghan: Welcome to Canada, but pay your own bills


LILLEY: Parents deserve a refund if teachers won't work

B.C. human rights commissioner tells Canada to obey the U.N. and shut down pipelines


January 16 2020

Indiana AG Curtis Hill: Trump impeachment not justified – He hasn’t committed any crime


Bombardier stock price drops to record low


Barbara Kay: Why won't the Liberal government make its Gender Based Analysis public?


Countries demand Iran compensate relatives of plane-crash victims


Bombardier's recent woes suggest sell-off or breakup on the table, analysts say


Swoop Airlines introduces $2.56 surcharge to offset cost of new passenger rights rules


LILLEY: Ford stands up for education, rejecting union demands


Regina ad company apologizes for anti-Trudeau billboards in Alberta


Dept. of Public Works wired $1.4 million in refunds, benefits to wrong accounts


Eddie Maurice relieved his legal woes finally over


2 GTA men indicted in U.S. for allegedly trafficking items for Pakistan nuclear program


January 17 2020

FAKE NEWS: CBC, CTV falsely claim Stephen Harper called for ‘regime change’ in Iran


Trudeau announces $25K for families of Canadian PS752 victims




BREAKING: Trudeau Government To Give $25K Per Victim To Families Of Those Killed By Iranian Regime On Flight 752


Vancouver's drug-dispensing machine: Why it exists and how it works


Iranian Foreign Minister Seen Laughing During Meeting With Canadian Officials


Sussex staff 'redeployed' as Meghan stays longer than expected in Canada


Government suspends deportation of woman living in Canada for 18 years without status


Ottawa plans to hire trainers in preparation for UN Security Council seat


Conrad Black: Ontario families deserve better than their so-called education system


January 18 2020

LILLEY: Canadians are ditching CBC, so why do we keep funding it?


Toronto police distributing 3,000 ‘winter survival kits’ to social service groups


Tommy Robinson accepts free speech award: “This is my opportunity to disgrace the media, to prove the media's lying!”


January 19 2020

As cabinet meets in Winnipeg, Trudeau government's agenda remains unclear.


Convicted murderer arguing to be moved to women’s prison


Trudeau Govt Sending BILLIONS To World’s Top Christian-Persecuting Nations


January 20 2020

LILLEY: Stupid government regulations just keep on coming


50% of Canadians face insolvency amid 'debt hopelessness': Survey


BREAKING: Covington Catholic Attorney Lin Wood Warns Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey on Continued Conservative Censorship


Personal Finance Poll Finds One-Third Of Canadians Can't Cover Their Bills


Edmonton liquor stores may soon require ID scanning prior to entry


January 21 2020

PM Trudeau insists Iran respect families' wishes when it comes to burials


Trudeau calls on Canadian spirit of solidarity in effort to make minority Parliament work


'Ashamed, embarrassed': Burnaby woman says she was paid $150 to support Meng Wanzhou outside court


Vancouver ranked world's second-least affordable housing market—again


Canadian military goods suppliers up in arms over export permit delays under Liberals


'Thank you for 74 years': Ten Thousand Villages closing Canadian corporate stores, including 2 in Winnipeg


Rex Murphy: Time was elections decided things. Apparently Trump's foes think they know better


January 22 2020

David Staples: Are Trudeau Liberals gearing up to make historic slap down of Canada's Indigenous people?


BREAKING: Rosemary Barton dropped from CBC’s The National, format scrapped


“Negative Audience Feedback”: Rosemary Barton Dropped From ‘The National’


Trudeau names third national security adviser in as many years


All Carlton Cards and Papyrus stores closing within weeks


Terence Corcoran: Unfund the CBC, Canada's Pravda and national enforcer of truth


FUREY: The Liberals don’t want to talk about China


Trudeau, Media Deceive Canadians With HIGHEST Immigration Intake IN HISTORY


TTC bus struck by bullet in slaying of teenaged boy


Unifor fined $100,000 for violating injunction limiting truck traffic delays into Co-op Refinery


Protesters who demanded Huawei CFO's release revealed to be paid actors


NDP says it wants to pay down $7M campaign debt by the end of the year


British Scientists May Have Found Cure For Cancer. By Accident.


China Silences Critics Over Deadly Virus Outbreak


January 23 2020

World leaders gather for Holocaust commemoration, 75 years after the liberation of Auschwitz


Justin Trudeau finds himself deep in doughnut drama after photo takes off online


Hamilton MP drove while suspended: court records


Ottawa subsidizing Mastercard’s new $510-million Vancouver cybersecurity R&D centre


Minister Bains announces new cybersecurity centre to help protect Canadians online


Janaury 24 2020

Holocaust survivor in famous Auschwitz liberation photo says rising anti-Semitism 'scares me'


LILLEY: Murderers getting new trials because Trudeau meddled


Conrad Black: What did Canadians do to deserve this government?


Virus-hit Wuhan has two laboratories linked to Chinese bio-warfare program


Quebec City man charged with woman's murder was on day parole for ex-spouse's brutal slaying


Omar Khadr to make first public appearance as keynote speaker at Dalhousie University event


The CRA just redesigned the T1 Personal Income Tax return form and there are some major changes


January 25 2020

Canada announces 'presumptive' 1st case of deadly coronavirus in Toronto


First case of coronavirus in Canada identified at Toronto’s Sunnybrook hospital, province says


Report reveals nepotism in Trudeau government hiring practices


Coronavirus: How can China build a hospital so quickly?


Trudeau’s record spending exceeds wartime and recession budgets


BREAKING: First Confirmed Case Of Coronavirus In Canada


January 26 2020

YUKON STRONG: The disgraceful state of the gun debate in Canada


Canadian officials grappling with how to tackle right-wing extremism, documents suggest


'It's been tough': Edmonton's job market limps into new year


Coronavirus outbreak: No plans for Canadian government to evacuate citizens from Wuhan, China on flight


Canadian officials grappling with how to tackle right-wing extremism, documents suggest


January 27 2020

Petition against Liberal gun ban signed by over 100,000 upset Canadians


WARMINGTON: No medical screening for arrivals from three China flights


Corrections Canada, parole board to jointly investigate circumstances of sex worker's death


January 28 2020 

LILLEY: Ford outraged that sex offenders can change name


Middle class prosperity minister says Canada can't measure who is in the middle class


Mexico tries to sell presidential jet to Canada, saying it's 'better' than PM's plane


Uber seeks injunction against City of Surrey


Liberal plan to raise basic personal income tax deduction to cost $21B over 5 years: PBO


Rex Murphy: The PM has changed his look. But it's a policy change that's needed


Sex offender who assaulted pre-teen girl to be released in Edmonton


Chrystia Freeland's taxpayer-funded limo goes with her, even when she flies


January 29 2020 

Beyond Meat products pulled from Tim Hortons’ Canadian restaurants


'Armed with handguns': Violent home invasion robbery in Oakville sees family of 7 tied up and 1 teenager pistol-whipped


John Ivison: Elections Canada’s use of social media ‘influencers’ a $430,000 debacle


Trudeau government paid CBC pundit Amanda Alvaro over $22,000


RCMP top brass reaffirms right to own firearms in new report


CP Rail reports $664M Q4 profit, up from $545M a year ago


Ryerson Students' Union lawyers up after audit finds group spent over $250,000 on liquor, food and more


Taxpayers billed $130,000 in Trudeau's failed attempt to blacklist Rebel News, TNC from federal debates


House backs Conservative motion calling on Auditor-General to audit federal infrastructure spending


Opposition pushes for audit of Trudeau's $187B infrastructure plans, underscoring weakened Liberal position in House


January 30 2020

Ontario faces calls to investigate money laundering at provincial casinos


Four Vancouver Islanders charged with trafficking two young B.C. girls


LILLEY: Trudeau hands MasterCard a gift of your money


Trudeau government paid CBC pundit over $22,000


Conservatives lodge complaint over RCMP's refusal to probe PM's island stays


Posthaste: Canada’s world-leading debt could be its downfall in global downturn, report warns


Ezra Levant’s Interrogation For Writing A Book Shows Dangerous Authoritarianism Of Trudeau Government


Federal investigation launched after convicted murderer on day parole charged in death of Quebec woman


Richmond city employees crack top-10 salary list


CIBC plans layoffs amid cost-cutting drive, CEO Dodig says


Feds say risk low of coronavirus outbreak in Canada, as WHO declares global health emergency


January 31 2020

Trudeau government spends $130,000 in taxpayer cash trying to ban journalists


Trudeau government wants to empower CBC to police journalists


EXCLUSIVE: Former top Liberal aide is lobbyist for MasterCard


Quebec's overflowing emergency rooms are a symptom of a deeper problem


Ajax man who built handguns, assault rifle faces penitentiary term


Gwyn Morgan: Canadians want jobs, not a UN Security Council seat


Commission calls for more CBC funding and crackdown on press freedom


Passenger with nose 'running like Niagara Falls' questions Canada's airport coronavirus screening


Liberals ran deficit five times larger than during same period in 2018


Russian bombers buzzed Canadian airspace: Norad


Trudeau says coronavirus threat remains low in Canada










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