March 2020

March 1, 2020





March 1 2020

Canadian farmers losing $63 million a week due to ongoing rail blockades


Coronavirus Could Be The End Of China As A Global Manufacturing Hub


Chinese scientists destroyed proof of virus in December


March 2 2020

Trudeau to speak at mining convention targeted by weekend protests






Coronavirus fears: Empty shelves as Canadians heed health minister's advice to stock up




March 3 2020 

Ex-university student acquitted in naked, magic mushroom-fuelled attack on professor


The Elites’ Obsession With Open Borders




March 4 2020

PM creates COVID-19 cabinet committee to deal with novel coronavirus​


John Ivison: Liberals are about to find out why open-ended deficit spending is so dangerous


Conservative MP Michael Chong URGES Canadians to reject Trudeau’s attack on free speech


Federally-imposed deadline approaching for Saskatchewan to stop private MRIs


Bank of Canada cuts rate by half point, stands ready to cut more in face of coronavirus threat
First cut in four years lower key interest rate to 1.25%


YVR sees dip in revenue, travellers amid COVID-19 fears


Six things you need to know about Trudeau’s radical heritage minister


March 5 2020

Why Democracy DIED THE DAY Justin Trudeau Became Prime Minister Of Canada


Trudeau Doubles Down On Refusal To Close Borders As Coronavirus Spreads, Risking More Canadian Lives




Toronto teen abducted as retribution over drug debt, $4M worth of cocaine taken: police




Canada’s Big 3 telecom firms will get 2 years to cut rates by 25 per cent


149 staff laid off as Cathay Pacific Airlines closes Vancouver base


George Soros, Justin Trudeau, Tides Foundation And The DEMISE OF DEMOCRACY In Canada


March 6 2020

BLOCKED: Trudeau-Appointed Senators Are REFUSING To Pass A Bill That Bans Foreign Money In Canadian Elections


BC exports fall $30 million a day due to anti-pipeline blockades, cargo may be diverted permanently


Liberal MP introduces bill to decriminalize heroin, crack cocaine and meth


Twitter’s new rules: ‘OK Boomer’ not OK but Trump-bashing may continue


Police search for 4 teenage boys accused of robbing 3 Etobicoke pharmacies at gunpoint


Jack M. Mintz: Expect more broken promises in federal budget as spending grows faster than economy




'When he woke up he found himself in the barn,' uncle of abducted North York teen says




Government of Canada invests $27M in coronavirus research


Omar Khadr’s lawyer appointed judge by the Trudeau government in Alberta


Scientists make cake with butter from bugs instead of cows


2 Western University COVID-19 response projects receive federal funding


March 7 2020 

Statistics Canada 2018 Hate Crimes Report: The most victimized group isn’t who you think it is…


Alberta should leave Canada if 'absolute necessities' not met, Brian Jean says


Violent anti-Semitic antifa activist avoids jail time, released for treatment


KNIGHT: A lack of leadership is costing us billions






March 8 2020

MALCOLM: Docs show asylum-claimant health access expanded to 20 years




March 9 2020 





Feds leading bulk buy of personal protective equipment amid coronavirus outbreak: PM


Liberals hold onto economic optimism in the face of worrying signs


Liberals spend $2.6 million on COVID-19 anti-racism and social media research


Conservatives say Liberal government's 'job-killing' policies behind Buffett exit from LNG project


Diane Francis: Paris Agreement a Trojan Horse threatening the Canadian economy, national unity


Rex Murphy: With Buffett's exit, those behind the real energy blockade can claim success


Canada plummets as place for investment in mining industry ranking


State of local emergency declared after train hits propane tanker in southern Alberta


Coronavirus shows Donald Trump was right all this time about China


March 10 2020

The Great Recession nearly killed Harper's government — and COVID-19 could be worse


$760K To Dig Up Parking Lot (paywall)

'Liberal-Bloc coalition' has returned, Tories say after MP blocks study of SNC-Lavalin scandal


GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau’s Indigenous rights law will cause ‘chaos,' study says


March 10 2020

John Ivison: Trudeau is facing the most critical test of his political career. Can he rise to the challenge?


Via Rail said lengthy delays on its flagship train were an international ‘embarrassment’


Lorrie Goldstein: Trudeau’s Indigenous rights law will cause ‘chaos,' says study


March 11 2020 

Canada has reported more than 100 cases of novel coronavirus disease


US and Canadian jets intercept Russian reconnaissance aircraft off Alaska


New Trudeau law could jail parents who oppose gender conversion


Canada 'pulling out all the stops' to fight COVID-19: Trudeau on $1B plan


As NHL announces ‘pause’ on 2019-20 season, next steps remain unclear


Budget day 2020 will be March 30, Morneau announces amid coronavirus spread


Passengers from Italy faced no screening


March 12 2020

Justin Trudeau and wife Sophie in self-isolation as she's tested for COVID-19


Trudeau self-isolating after wife Sophie develops fever, gets tested for coronavirus


COVID-19 forces Ontario government to extend school March break by 2 weeks


'The threat is real,' top-secret committee says of foreign interference in Canada


China, Russia interfering with Canadian affairs, watchdog report says


Washington did not inform Ottawa in advance of European travel ban: Freeland


RCMP issues dire warning about its ability to police terrorism, foreign interference and cybercrime


‘We’re hustlers’: Amid coronavirus fears, this couple has made more than $100,000 reselling Lysol wipes


Ontario's hospital logjam brings record wait times, before arrival of COVID-19


Suspected gunman arrested in shooting of Hamilton boy, 7


Commissioner of Canada Elections Enters into Compliance Agreement with Sonny Moroz


March 13 2020

RBC, CIBC, Bank of America join economists predicting Canada will slump into recession this year



Sophie Grégoire Trudeau diagnosed with COVID-19; PM to remain in isolation




Trudeau shut down Parliament and put himself in self exile isolation because he had "contact" with Sophie.


On the 16th he made a public announcement out in the open.  His self isolation lasted only 2 days.


So his reaction was a sham all along.



LILLEY: Trudeau government sends mixed signals on the border


Trudeau's Liberals give “green” energy firm $40.6M — to create jobs in Texas


Federal ministers announce international travel restrictions to prevent coronavirus spread


Parliament suspended 5 weeks amid COVID-19 concerns after passing trade deal, spending bills


These Canadians who caught novel coronavirus say they barely knew they were infected


Coronavirus: Ottawa is supposed to be in charge, but this week, it looked like a bystander


March 14 2020

Amazon blocks thousands of resellers during COVID-19 crisis, including Vancouver couple


B.C. budget could plunge into deficits amidst economy getting hard hit by COVID-19


GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau’s ‘fiscal firepower’ against COVID-19 limited


Quebec to receive $13.2 billion in equalization payments while Alberta in midst of crisis


Canadian recession is likely without fiscal stimulus - Scotiabank


Coronavirus: Trudeau announces economic aid package to help Canadians amid outbreak


KNIGHT: Do you trust the government?


BC Ferries cancels numerous Vancouver to Victoria sailings amidst pandemic


Amazon Prohibits Man from Selling over 17K Bottles of Hand Sanitizer


March 15 2020











Travellers at Pearson airport complaining about lack of COVID-19 screening


Frustrated with Trudeau government inaction, three provinces deploy officers to airports


10 B.C. casinos shut down until further notice due to COVID-19


CBSA officer at Toronto's Pearson airport tests positive for coronavirus


Coronavirus: The major breakdown at Canadian airports




March 16 2020




Trudeau Covid 19 Test.



Canada closing borders to non-citizens, Americans exempted


Stop with the stockpiling, we're not running out of food!


Panicked Leftists Surprised They Can’t Just Purchase a Gun Online Like They Were Told


LILLEY: Trudeau shuts our borders too late


Border agency adds screening questions after complaints about airport disarray


WARTIME SPENDING: Parliament grants cabinet power to spend at will during coronavirus pandemic


Five things Justin Trudeau could do to stop the spread of coronavirus


MALCOLM: Canada has a two-tier healthcare system


Trudeau announces new travel measures to slow spread of COVID-19


Canada to close borders to most non-citizens, stop ill travellers from boarding inbound flights, PM announces


Tim Hortons Closes In-Store Seating, Shifts Focus To Drive-Thru


There Will Be A Harsh Reckoning For The Liberal Government’s Failure To Shut Our Borders


World’s top airlines, including Air Canada, call for emergency aid to offset coronavirus impact


Idris Elba reveals he’s tested positive for coronavirus


Suspect’s alleged statements about ISIS led to terrorism charge over Toronto hammer attack: sources







March 17 2020 

Ottawa to buy up to $50-billion in mortgages in move that harkens back to the crisis of 2008


GTA COVID-19 outbreak sparks ‘explosion’ in sales for Canadian gun stores


Trudeau will continue to allow illegal border crossers into Canada


Chris Selley: On COVID-19 crisis, the Liberals' credibility is hanging by a thread


BREAKING: Trudeau announces emergency loans for residents stuck abroad, closes down Parks Canada


Amazon suspends non-essential shipments


BREAKING: Trudeau government continues to allow illegal border crossers into Canada despite travel restrictions


As Covid-19 Rages,Trudeau Govt Announce HIGHEST IMMIGRATION INTAKE In History.


REPORT: Liberal Government Leaving Roxham Road Border Open To Illegal Crossers, Contradicting Trudeau’s Previous Claims


Blockade targets tourists trying to reach western Vancouver Island amid COVID-19 fears


Thousands of federal employees to receive paid vacation since they can't work from home


This virus should be forever linked to the regime that facilitated its spread


Idris Elba suggests he contracted COVID-19 from Sophie Trudeau as star admits he tested positive after coming into contact with Canadian PM's wife who ALSO has the virus on same day


Lessons on handling the COVID-19 outbreak from Taiwan


COVID-19 Is the Chinese Government’s Curse upon the World


March 18 2020

Big banks to allow delayed mortgage payments to some in unprecedented response to coronavirus crisis


No bottom in sight as market’s 7% plunge halts trade on Wall Street


Canadian oil plummets to lowest level on record, TSX halted as market rout continues


Trudeau Unveils Massive $82 Billion Coronavirus Response Aid Package


Trudeau pledges $82B in economic supports in COVID-19 fight


FUREY: Canada just gave 16 tonnes of medical supplies to China -- let’s hope they return the favour


Notorious Twitter troll wishes coronavirus on prominent conservatives


The latest on the coronavirus: Trudeau unveils sweeping new aid package; U.S.-Canada border to close to all non-essential travel


Trudeau unveils $27-billion in aid, $55-billion of tax deferrals in coronavirus response


B.C. declares state of emergency in response to coronavirus pandemic


Richmond Centre turns ghost town as stores shutter during COVID-19


Lilley: Border closure threatens farmers and food supply


Ford, GM confirm North American factory shutdowns due to virus


Coronavirus travel limits have not stopped asylum-seekers walking into Canada at Roxham Road


Nolte: 53 Times the Establishment Media Said ‘Chinese’ or ‘Wuhan’ Virus


The CBC temporarily scrapped most of its local TV newscasts to consolidate resources at CBC News Network amid the COVID-19 crisis on Wednesday

First Nations welcome $305 million COVID-19 fund, wait for details


March 19 2020




Canadian companies begin laying off thousands of employees in first wave of pandemic job losses


Ottawa prepares multibillion-dollar bailout of oil and gas sector


More than 5,100 Air Canada flight attendants to be laid off amid massive COVID-19 slowdown


Laid off due to COVID-19? Don't expect government cheques right away


Foreign affairs minister says his COVID-19 test result is negative


Liberals still searching for facility to quarantine illegal border crossers


Ottawa to increase foreign aid as part of the fight against COVID-19 spread


John Ivison: Trudeau navigating between two monster problems – COVID-19 and Canada's economy


China Is Avoiding Blame by Trolling the World


March 20 2020 

Temporary foreign workers exempt from some COVID-19 travel restrictions


Conrad Black: Getting a handle on covid-19's economic fallout


Rex Murphy: Just hen the CBC could really help Canadians it lets them down




Coronavirus: 500,000 Canadians have filed for EI this week


Canada to block asylum seekers from U.S. due to COVID-19


Canada to spend millions in foreign aid to fight spread of coronavirus abroad


Coronavirus: Firearms and ammo sales spike across Canada amid COVID-19, gun law fears


True North Update: Closing the illegal border is possible after all


How Taiwan and Singapore managed to contain COVID-19, while letting normal life go on


Coronavirus deaths top 10,000 worldwide as lockdown measures tighten further


5 things more likely to kill you in Canada than coronavirus


Costco Won't Take Returns on Hoarded Items

Chris Selley: First we beat COVID-19, then let's finally fix CBC television


Salmon Arm hotel guest isolates as bus tours continue





March 21 2020

Inside Taiwan during COVID-19: How the country kept schools and businesses open throughout pandemic


Canada-U.S. land border closes to all non-essential travel


Former PM Stephen Harper joins Alberta's new 12-member economic recovery council


Liberals promise millions in foreign aid to help combat COVID-19 abroad




Tucker Carlson: The coronavirus pandemic was avoidable. China hid the truth about it from the beginning


This pandemic is redefining what qualifies as a political 'crisis'


Patty Hajdu Said Border Controls In A Pandemic “Can Create Harm.” Three Days Later, Trudeau Closed The Borders, Saying It Would “Help Save Lives”


Goldstein: We gambled on the wrong threat  - Climate change


Coronavirus: how Asian countries acted while the west dithered


Loblaw to increase frontline worker pay due to coronavirus: union


Inside Taiwan during COVID-19: How they keep schools and businesses open


Parliamentarians to receive combined $2.5 million pay raise during COVID-19 crisis

EDITORIAL: It’s OK to criticize Trudeau, even in a crisis


COVID-19: Canada will make sure Chinese masks meet quality standards, Trudeau says, after Dutch government recalls 600,000


March 22 2020

Hajdu looking at criminal penalties for travellers who disobey quarantine advice


Consumers could face hit to credit scores, jump in payments from mortgage deferrals


March 23 2020 

McDonald’s stops dine-in, take-out service during coronavirus crisis


‘Enough is enough’: Trudeau warns Canadians flouting coronavirus social distancing


Liberal Coronavirus Crisis Power-Grab Faces Swift Backlash Among Canadians


Liberals back down on proposed bill to broadly tax and spend without parliamentary approval


Liberal bill on coronavirus would give feds power to spend, tax without parliamentary approval


LILLEY: We can't shred the constitution to fight the virus


CBSA ‘looking into circumstances’ of traveller who died of COVID-19 hours after landing in Toronto

COVID-19: Trudeau to Canadians: 'Enough is enough. Go home and stay home'


B.C. announces $5-billion action plan to deal with COVID-19


March 24 2020

FUREY: All of a sudden, the post-national state is dead and borders matter again


WestJet laying off 6,900 workers amid worsening COVID-19 crisis


WestJet announces layoffs for nearly 50% of staff due to COVID-19, Air Canada reduces pilots

John Ivison: Liberals can't help being opportunistic with their COVID-19 aid bill


Trudeau leaves door open to using smartphone data to track Canadians' compliance with pandemic rules


Trudeau's spending bill still unconstitutional despite embarrassing retreats


OLIVER: Trudeau just tried to overturn the election results


John Robson on COVID-19: We revert to type in a crisis — Trudeau reverted to authoritarian


Coronavirus: Nearly 1 million Canadians applied for EI last week


Trudeau says sweeping coronavirus bill powers needed given ‘exceptional situation’


Liberal bill on coronavirus would give feds power to spend, tax without parliamentary approval


Trudeau government will HIKE carbon tax by 50 percent despite coronavirus nightmare


Liberals Hold Up Speedy Passage Of Emergency Coronavirus Aid

Parliament deadlocked over Liberals' $27B COVID-19 aid package as opposition cries foul


Federal Court rules in favour of injured veteran's class-action suit

The Coronavirus Cover-Up

How the West’s fear of appearing racist obscures the blunders at the beginning of this outbreak


Stockpiling In Alberta Has Shifted From Toilet Paper & Hand Sanitizer To Bullets & Guns


Coronavirus: Trudeau rules out phone-based surveillance for now


#TrudeauDictatorship Is Trending Amid Backlash To Dangerous Liberal Power Grab


March 25 2020

Canada to spend millions to help world’s poor amid COVID-19 pandemic: minister


Coronavirus: Montreal has close to 50% of Quebec’s COVID-19 cases

FUREY: Teachers' union discouraging online learning during COVID-19, doc reveals


Dan Robertson: COVID-19 will change the world — businesses and governments need to prepare


Gov. Baker prohibits reusable shopping bags during coronavirus emergency


David Staples: WHO policy fuelled Canada's failure to slow COVID-19 at borders


N.W.T. investigating after 7 Hong Kong tourists who visited Yellowknife test positive for COVID-19


BONOKOSKI: Trudeau blows his rising PR rating by sinking to new low


PHOTO: Chart Shows How Terrible The Trudeau Liberals Coronavirus Response Has Been


GOLDSTEIN: We can't afford the PMO's partisan games


Ottawa faces criticism for sending 16 tonnes of personal protective equipment to China in February


Trudeau’s Coronavirus Power Grab


Trudeau government to move forward with carbon tax hikes despite pandemic


Canada’s failure to save for a rainy day has put us all at risk


It’s safe to conceive a child during coronavirus pandemic, says B.C.’s top doctor


Bell: COVID-19 and Trudeau, the trust is broken


Spain, Europe's worst-hit country after Italy, says coronavirus tests it bought from China are failing to detect positive cases


LILLEY: Canadians thrown out of work by a virus can't wait for help


Double-digit unemployment rates are a certainty: RBC’s Dawn Desjardins


B.C. suspends evictions, offers renters' rebate of up to $500 a month


Senate passes emergency aid bill after overnight House compromise


Amid coronavirus pandemic, air travellers raise questions about health screening at airports


Some Toronto-area mosques remain open despite dire warnings about COVID-19

Laura Tennant: Canada sent masks and protective equipment to China—and now we're running out


A 2nd wave of COVID-19 is possible. Here’s what that means for Canada


BREAKING: Trudeau government announces additional aid for Canadian media it considers 'authoritative'


Two weeks too late, Ottawa finally orders overseas travelers to self-isolate


Eighty percent of coronavirus tests ‘donated’ by China to Czechs are faulty


China's Media Censorship Could Have Cost Thousands of Lives by Preventing Early Coronavirus Warning, Journalism Watchdog Argues


March 26 2020

U.S. troops at the Canadian border? PM says it 'needs to remain' unmilitarized


Ottawa shuts Service Canada centres after employees refuse to work

Kelly McParland: Was the Liberals' attempted power grab really about the coronavirus?


Trudeau says Canada will do “whatever it takes” to help other countries during pandemic


How Doug Ford passed the test that Justin Trudeau failed


Federal Government closes all Service Canada centres during COVID-19 pandemic


B.C. assumes power to take over supply chains amid COVID-19


The Second Virus Shockwave Is Hitting China’s Factories Already


$20 trillion lawsuit against China! US group says coronavirus is bioweapon


China Supplied Faulty Coronavirus Test Kits to Spain, Czech Republic


March 27 2020 

'No person or industry has been spared': YVR CEO predicts about 13,000 layoffs due to COVID-19


BAD TO WORSE Spain bought 640,000 FAULTY coronavirus testing kits from China that can’t even tell whether a patient is sick


Violence erupts in China as people try to leave coronavirus-stricken Hubei province


Morning Update: Service Canada Centres shut down; Conservatives pause leadership race as COVID-19 crisis continues


Conrad Black on COVID-19: The world succumbed to a pandemic of hysteria, more than a virus


LILLEY: Economic models look dire


'Show some compassion': Nurse fined $80 for forgetting to pay in hospital parking lot


Infected pregnant women may pass coronavirus onto babies, small study suggests


Liberals to run $113B deficit in 2021 with economy poised for stomach-churning plunge: PBO


Government boosts wage subsidy to 75% for small, medium businesses to avoid layoffs during COVID-19 crisis


March 28 2020

'April 1st is looming’: Mass layoffs, uncertain upcoming for B.C.’s hospitality personnel


The road to Canada's COVID-19 outbreak: timeline of federal government failure at border to slow the virus


Could a borderless pandemic drive a surge in 'Canada-first' isolationism?


Coronavirus conspiracy theories test government, evidence: experts


FUREY: Don't forget, Canadian officials first under-reacted to COVID-19

LILLEY: Trudeau does to domestic flights what he refused to do to international ones


‘All clear’: Sophie Grégoire Trudeau thanks well-wishers after recovering from COVID-19


Armed Citizen Shoots, Kills Active Shooter At Tulsa Shopping Center


UPDATE: Passengers from China to Toronto board connecting flights without testing


March 29 2020

LILLEY: COVID crisis reveals divide over who gets paid at home


Trudeau Is Putting Restrictions On Canadian Citizens That He Claimed For Weeks Wouldn’t Work On Foreigners


CORONAVIRUS RISK — U.S. reporter: Still no fence at Roxham Road!


Canada keeps up push for UN Security Council seat during COVID-19 crisis


Netherlands recalls hundreds of thousands of defective Chinese face masks


Canada keeps up costly campaign for UN Security Council seat amid COVID-19 crisis


FUREY: The last thing we need now is a carbon tax


Donald Trump refuses to pay security bill for Harry and Meghan


Trudeau pledges more help for vulnerable Canadians struggling with coronavirus crisis


Real Virus Death Toll in Wuhan Could Be 12 Times Official Figure


Devastating Timeline Reveals Total Incompetence Of Theresa Tam’s Virus ‘Response’


Trudeau says he'll keep self-isolating, announces new help for charities


Countries reject China pandemic product batches


March 30 2020 

Andrew Scheer, Other MPs Pledge To Donate April 1 Pay Hike To Charity


Ahmed Shah on COVID-19: The World Health Organization has let us all down


Freed prisoner charged with attempted murder after police officer viciously attacked


CARBON TAX STILL GOING UP: Set to increase 50% despite global pandemic


EXCLUSIVE: Doug Ford personally delivered 90,000 surgical masks to Ontarians in his truck


BREAKING: Canadians can get $847 PER WEEK due to coronavirus


LILLEY: Crisis reveals divide over who gets paid at home


Truckers & Oil Are Keeping Canadian Society From Collapsing


REPORT: UK Government Enraged At China, Believes There Could Be 40 Times More Virus Cases There Than CCP Says


SHEPHERD: Are we being too amenable to the limitation of our freedoms?


BONOKOSKI: Under Trudeau Liberals, seniors have become pandemic’s irrelevant


Canadians who didn’t have a job even before coronavirus: what help can they get?


DISHONEST: Trudeau Falsely Claims He Set Aside Money For “Rainy Day”


Chris Selley: Official nonsense on masks, travel bans is killing Ottawa's COVID-19 credibility


Coronavirus: Countries reject Chinese-made equipment


Trudeau Announces Nearly 400,000 IMMIGRANT INTAKE For 2022


March 31 2020 

China to resume imports of Canadian canola - sources


AGAR: It's only fair to ask public sector workers to share in these hardships


Canada’s GDP up just 0.1% in January, before coronavirus hit


BREAKING: Conservative Party demands Trudeau govt cancel carbon tax hike


Power to raise taxes at will in COVID-19 aid bill was whip Morneau wanted to have against banks: sources


Rex Murphy: It's the ordinary Joes, not the liberal elites, who are allowing society to continue to function during COVID-19


RBC expects home sales to dive 30 per cent because of coronavirus


U.S. has dropped idea of placing troops near Canadian border: official


Bank of Canada expected to buy $200-billion of debt as it embraces quantitative easing


Canadians stuck in India told to pay $2,900 for special flight home


Bill Blair asks prison, parole heads to consider releasing some inmates to stop spread of COVID-19


Trudeau government wanted to POLICE online content


Let the truckers have a break: Ford


Coronavirus: Counterfeit Chinese-made face masks pulled offline after Global News probe














































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