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March 2020

March 1 2020

Canadian farmers losing $63 million a week due to ongoing rail blockades

Front Street blocked as hundreds protest mining convention

THE REAL STORY: Many Say The ‘Chief Woos’ Negotiating With The Liberals Has A Title That Was Stripped From The Real Chief Woos – A Woman Who Supports The Coastal GasLink Pipeline

Canadian farmers losing $63 million a week due to ongoing rail blockades

Coronavirus Could Be The End Of China As A Global Manufacturing Hub

Chinese scientists destroyed proof of virus in December

March 2 2020

Trudeau to speak at mining convention targeted by weekend protests


CN tickets pedestrian for walking too close to train tracks


Coronavirus fears: Empty shelves as Canadians heed health minister's advice to stock up

Diane Francis: How many more resource wake up calls will our Prime Minister snooze through

Oilpatch Trucking Company Dalmac Shuts Down As Bankruptcy Looms

BONOKOSKI: The Wet'suwet'en scenario exposed Trudeau’s weakness

Coronavirus fears: Empty shelves as Canadians heed health minister's advice to stock up


EXCLUSIVE: Anti-plastic Trudeau Liberals spent $1M on bottled water (and that's just ONE ministry)

March 3 2020

BAMFORD: An anti-resource agenda played out before our eyes

Ex-university student acquitted in naked, magic mushroom-fuelled attack on professor

The Elites’ Obsession With Open Borders


Rex Murphy: Mr. Prime Minister, please make a choice: Paris or Calgary?

CN Rail faces grain export backlog of 10,000 carloads: CEO

March 4 2020

Police evacuating the area following train derailment in Kingston, Ont.

PM creates COVID-19 cabinet committee to deal with novel coronavirus​

Environmental and Indigenous groups co-ordinated blockade actions in early 2019

John Ivison: Liberals are about to find out why open-ended deficit spending is so dangerous

‘Food grade product’ spilled as a result of Kingston, Ont., train derailment: city

Greenpeace paying $70K salary for campaigner to “scandalize” fossil fuel industry

Conservative MP Michael Chong URGES Canadians to reject Trudeau’s attack on free speech

Federally-imposed deadline approaching for Saskatchewan to stop private MRIs

Bank of Canada cuts rate by half point, stands ready to cut more in face of coronavirus threat

First cut in four years lower key interest rate to 1.25%

YVR sees dip in revenue, travellers amid COVID-19 fears

Six things you need to know about Trudeau’s radical heritage minister

March 5 2020

Why Democracy DIED THE DAY Justin Trudeau Became Prime Minister Of Canada

Supreme Court of Canada will not hear B.C. groups' challenges against Trans Mountain pipeline expansion

Warren Buffett's company bails on Saguenay LNG project because of 'Canadian political context,' promoter says

Trudeau Doubles Down On Refusal To Close Borders As Coronavirus Spreads, Risking More Canadian Lives

BC exports fall $30 million a day due to anti-pipeline blockades, cargo may be diverted permanently


Joe Oliver: Trudeau's panicky give away to hereditary cheifs creates more chaos and confusion

School Evacuated After Train Derails In B.C.

Toronto teen abducted as retribution over drug debt, $4M worth of cocaine taken: police


Canada’s Big 3 telecom firms will get 2 years to cut rates by 25 per cent

KNIGHT: Blockades descend into domestic terrorism just like RCMP internal document predicted

Why Democracy DIED THE DAY Justin Trudeau Became Prime Minister Of Canada

Diane Francis: Canada is a giant carbon sink why are we not getting credit for it

Bonokoski: Pretending to be PM not as easy as Trudeau thought

149 staff laid off as Cathay Pacific Airlines closes Vancouver base

George Soros, Justin Trudeau, Tides Foundation And The DEMISE OF DEMOCRACY In Canada

March 6 2020

BLOCKED: Trudeau-Appointed Senators Are REFUSING To Pass A Bill That Bans Foreign Money In Canadian Elections

BC exports fall $30 million a day due to anti-pipeline blockades, cargo may be diverted permanently

Liberal MP introduces bill to decriminalize heroin, crack cocaine and meth

Twitter’s new rules: ‘OK Boomer’ not OK but Trump-bashing may continue

Police search for 4 teenage boys accused of robbing 3 Etobicoke pharmacies at gunpoint

Police not probing recent rail disasters, crude oil derailments, deaths for possible negligence

Jack M. Mintz: Expect more broken promises in federal budget as spending grows faster than economy

Lawrence Solomon: The divine right of hereditary chiefs to override the desires and needs of their people

Warren Buffett: Reportedly pulls out of LNG project in Quebec due to challenges in Canada

WARMINGTON: Four suspected bandits nabbed on a dog day afternoon in Toronto

'When he woke up he found himself in the barn,' uncle of abducted North York teen says

EXCLUSIVE: Radical Wet’suwet’en Chief Frank Alec beats wife, negotiates with feds

Rex Murphy: Bloomberg insulted the entire United States. He deserved to lose

Government of Canada invests $27M in coronavirus research

Canada’s LNG Dreams Fade as Blockades Add New Costs to Industry

Omar Khadr’s lawyer appointed judge by the Trudeau government in Alberta

Scientists make cake with butter from bugs instead of cows

2 Western University COVID-19 response projects receive federal funding

March 7 2020

Statistics Canada 2018 Hate Crimes Report: The most victimized group isn’t who you think it is…

Alberta should leave Canada if 'absolute necessities' not met, Brian Jean says

Violent anti-Semitic antifa activist avoids jail time, released for treatment

KNIGHT: A lack of leadership is costing us billions


FERNANDO: A Prime Minister and a Weakling

March 8 2020

MALCOLM: Docs show asylum-claimant health access expanded to 20 years

March 9 2020

Opinion: Cost of cancelled projects is equal to building a new arena every day for a year


Feds leading bulk buy of personal protective equipment amid coronavirus outbreak: PM

Liberals hold onto economic optimism in the face of worrying signs

Liberals spend $2.6 million on COVID-19 anti-racism and social media research

Conservatives say Liberal government's 'job-killing' policies behind Buffett exit from LNG project

Diane Francis: Paris Agreement a Trojan Horse threatening the Canadian economy, national unity

Rex Murphy: With Buffett's exit, those behind the real energy blockade can claim success

Canada plummets as place for investment in mining industry ranking

State of local emergency declared after train hits propane tanker in southern Alberta

Coronavirus shows Donald Trump was right all this time about China

March 10 2020

The Great Recession nearly killed Harper's government — and COVID-19 could be worse

$760K To Dig Up Parking Lot (paywall)

'Liberal-Bloc coalition' has returned, Tories say after MP blocks study of SNC-Lavalin scandal

Pipeline project was 'hijacked' by 'group of five guys,' former Wet’suwet’en hereditary chief tells MPs

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau’s Indigenous rights law will cause ‘chaos,' study says

March 10 2020

John Ivison: Trudeau is facing the most critical test of his political career. Can he rise to the challenge?

Via Rail said lengthy delays on its flagship train were an international ‘embarrassment’

Trudeau poised to match one of his father’s worst achievements

Ottawa set to declare plastics as toxic substance

Lorrie Goldstein: Trudeau’s Indigenous rights law will cause ‘chaos,' says study

March 11 2020

Passengers from Italy faced no screening

Canada has reported more than 100 cases of novel coronavirus disease

US and Canadian jets intercept Russian reconnaissance aircraft off Alaska

New Trudeau law could jail parents who oppose gender conversion

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau’s tactics mean more railway blockades

Canada 'pulling out all the stops' to fight COVID-19: Trudeau on $1B plan

As NHL announces ‘pause’ on 2019-20 season, next steps remain unclear

Budget day 2020 will be March 30, Morneau announces amid coronavirus spread

March 12 2020

Justin Trudeau and wife Sophie in self-isolation as she's tested for COVID-19

Trudeau self-isolating after wife Sophie develops fever, gets tested for coronavirus

COVID-19 forces Ontario government to extend school March break by 2 weeks

'The threat is real,' top-secret committee says of foreign interference in Canada

China, Russia interfering with Canadian affairs, watchdog report says

Washington did not inform Ottawa in advance of European travel ban: Freeland

RCMP issues dire warning about its ability to police terrorism, foreign interference and cybercrime

‘We’re hustlers’: Amid coronavirus fears, this couple has made more than $100,000 reselling Lysol wipes

Ontario's hospital logjam brings record wait times, before arrival of COVID-19

Suspected gunman arrested in shooting of Hamilton boy, 7

Commissioner of Canada Elections Enters into Compliance Agreement with Sonny Moroz

March 13 2020

RBC, CIBC, Bank of America join economists predicting Canada will slump into recession this year


Sophie Grégoire Trudeau diagnosed with COVID-19; PM to remain in isolation


Trudeau shut down Parliament and put himself in self exile isolation because he had "contact" with Sophie.

On the 16th he made a public announcement out in the open. His self isolation lasted only 2 days.

So his reaction was a sham all along.


LILLEY: Trudeau government sends mixed signals on the border

Trudeau's Liberals give “green” energy firm $40.6M — to create jobs in Texas

Federal ministers announce international travel restrictions to prevent coronavirus spread

Parliament suspended 5 weeks amid COVID-19 concerns after passing trade deal, spending bills

These Canadians who caught novel coronavirus say they barely knew they were infected

Coronavirus: Ottawa is supposed to be in charge, but this week, it looked like a bystander

March 14 2020

Amazon blocks thousands of resellers during COVID-19 crisis, including Vancouver couple

B.C. budget could plunge into deficits amidst economy getting hard hit by COVID-19

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau’s ‘fiscal firepower’ against COVID-19 limited

Quebec to receive $13.2 billion in equalization payments while Alberta in midst of crisis