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June 2020

June 1 2020

WATCH: Trudeau asked about his blackface habit after denouncing anti-black racism

The Liberal Party Of Blackface Is Now Lecturing Canadians On Racism

Kathryn Marshall: Trudeau cancelled scrutiny of his government, and Singh was happy to help

Coronavirus outbreak reported among migrant workers at Ontario farm

WATCH: Dr. Tam says go out and protest, just don't yell

Rex Murphy: Canada is not a racist country, despite what the Liberals say

Kathryn Marshall: Trudeau cancelled scrutiny of his government, and Singh was happy to help

Trudeau says anti-black racism is alive in Canada and 'we need to be better'

June 2 2020

Bell and Telus ditch Huawei for 5G network development

Unifor President calls for FASTER media bailout funding from Trudeau government

Trudeau government fails to provide proof of billions of dollars worth of Canadian investments

June 3 2020

Trudeau’s 21-Second Pause Becomes the Story in Canada

Liberal gun ban quietly expanded, potentially putting owners unknowingly on wrong side of the law

GOLDSTEIN: Is Trudeau's denouncing of Israel about his Security Council seat bid?

Thou Doth Protest Too Much

Audit of $187 billion worth of Liberal infrastructure spending finds 20,000 missing projects

Trudeau warned over violating Charter freedom of the press

June 4 2020

Trudeau government to spend more than $88M on COVID-19 ads

CBSA warned Bill Blair that organized crime groups may be corrupting border officers

Jack M. Mintz: Now more than ever, Canada needs a statutory fiscal rule

LILLEY: Liberals call for censoring the Internet again

BREAKING: Nova Scotia shooter's guns were all obtained illegally

Trudeau urges shared COVID-19 vaccine at global summit in a week amid UN run

State Department says U.S. will reassess intelligence-sharing with Canada if it lets Huawei into 5G

James Corden Fills In 21-Second Pause With More Hard-Hitting Questions For Justin Trudeau

University of Alberta fires anthropology professor for saying biological sex is real

June 5 2020

US Will Reevaluate Intelligence-Sharing with Canada if Huawei Participates in Country’s 5G: State Department

Ontario MP Marwan Tabbara 'stepping back' from Liberal causcus after assault, criminal harassment charges

Justin Trudeau takes a knee at anti-Black racism protest in Ottawa

Trudeau Trashes “White Politicians”, Canada RACIST NATION Say Federal Party Leaders

Liberal MP facing assault charges 'stepping back' from caucus

MP Marwan Tabbara leaving Liberal caucus after charges laid

HYPOCRISY: After Saying ‘Stay Home, Save Lives,’ And Shutting Parliament, Trudeau Attends Packed Protest Without Social Distancing

Trudeau gets heckled, kneels before protesters

NP View: As Ottawa dithers, Canada's major cellular providers shun Huawei

Bombardier under fire over former CEO's $17.5-million compensation package

Man arrested after attending Toronto anti-Black racism protest in blackface: police

Provincial border bans during COVID-19 spark lawsuits, anger from Canadians denied entry

WARMINGTON: Anti-racism protests provoke necessary discussion

Toronto man is arrested for turning up to an anti-racism protest in BLACKFACE and yells 'I got a tan' as he is escorted away by cops after demonstrators attacked him

GOLDSTEIN: Media deliberately distorted what Trump said about George Floyd

Feds sign $105-million deal with Bombardier for two new Challenger jets

June 7 2020

Government’s gun legislation leaves confusion, says Lone Butte club

Ottawa restaurant fined $880 for opening patio, days after Justin Trudeau and thousands protest in the streets

Restaurant in Ottawa's ByWard Market fined for opening patio during pandemic

June 8 2020

Politicians will lose the public with COVID double standard

Virtual citizenship ceremonies CONFIRMED! Rebel had it first (and we predicted CBC's exact response)

Corrupt World Health Organization Does a 180 – Now Says Asymptomatic Spread of Coronavirus is “Very Rare” (VIDEO)

Scheer says people are 'upset and confused' by Trudeau's decision to attend a protest during the pandemic

Pushing A Divisive Racial Guilt Narrative Is A Disastrous Mistake. We Need Optimism, Unity, & Patriotism Instead

June 9 2020

Wendy Mesley removed as host of her CBC show for using a word that no one 'should ever use'

Coronavirus: Feds to spend $8.9M in foreign aid for reproductive health services

Canadian military to crack down on leaks of unclassified information after recent embarrassments to government

Humpback whale that thrilled Montreal reported dead in St. Lawrence

Diane Francis: Jason Kenney is filling the foreign policy void left by Justin Trudeau

LETTER: Liberals whittling away at gun owner rights, Langley man says

Don't expect fiscal update anytime soon, says Trudeau: 'Any prediction will be widely unreliable'

Winnipeg police make first ever seizure of 'ghost guns' in city; one man arrested

LILLEY: Liberals can't use pandemic as blank cheque

Lorne Gunter: Where's the outrage at the Liberals crushing parliamentary procedure?

BREAKING: Trudeau can't put figure on debt, says projects require 'invention and imagination'

June 10 2020

EXCLUSIVE: 76% of Canadians want a total pause on immigration

OOPS: After Shutting Parliament, Liberals Find It’s Tough To Pass Legislation Through Parliament When Parliament Is Shut

Antifa Releases List of Demands After Taking Over 6 Square Block Section in Seattle and Setting Up Armed Security Watch — List Includes Reparations and Ending Police Dept.

Trudeau uses commencement speech to compare youth today to Greatest Generation

FUREY: Why isn’t parliament sitting?

Antifa Organizer in Seattle’s “Autonomous Zone” Begs For ‘Vegan Meat and Soy’ to ‘Keep Area Operational’ After Homeless People Take All Their Food

Foreign Affairs Minister has two mortgages with state-run Bank of China

John Ivison: Canada’s most senior diplomat owes China $1.2 million. He’s vulnerable

RCMP commissioner welcomes 'thoughtful' discussions on defunding the police

FATAH: The death of journalism as we knew it

Police no longer welcome in Vancouver Pride Parade, organizers say

Man, 20, killed, three others wounded in two separate Toronto shootings

Trudeau's 2000 monthly for Foreign students upsets locals

Historic First: Under Trump, Half Of National Security Council Leaders Are Women

June 11 2020

Police release image of suspect wanted in fatal downtown Toronto shooting

Elizabeth May accuses the RCMP of being a ‘racist institution’

Elizabeth May Demonizes Entire RCMP As ‘Racist’

Canadians Can’t Trust Francois Philippe-Champagne

Rex Murphy: A tidal wave of overlapping crises

Joe Oliver: Brace yourself for brutal tax hikes — and not just for the rich If the Liberals were to win a hastily called election this fall, look for a rise in income tax on the middle class or increase to the GST

June 12 2020

More than 60 rounds were fired at memorial for slain Toronto rapper Houdini: police

Establishment Media Shares Shortened Clip Of Chief Allan Adam Arrest In Attempt To Generate Rage & Divide Canadians

FULL CLIP: The arrest of Chief Allan Adam

After Criticism For Spreading Short Video Clip, CTV News Exec Deletes Tweet & Network Shares Full Video

BREAKING: Trudeau government to introduce airport temperature screening despite previously dismissing the practice

Cop, 9 others charged in underage human-trafficking probe

Top Conservatives attack Trudeau minister for dodgy China dealings

Ex-local Liberal candidate Gerry Hawes facing child porn charges

After Committing Wrongthink Thoughtcrime, RCMP Commissioner Reverses On ‘Systemic Racism’

Raymond J. de Souza: It's time to stop pretending our politicians 'follow the science'

Toronto cop among 10 charged in human trafficking probe

The National Post Is Surrendering To Far-Left Radicals As ‘Conservative’ Paper Moves Towards Betraying Their Readers

CBC suspends remaining episodes of The Weekly after 'incident' with host Wendy Mesley

Bell: Hey Trudeau, where's the Alberta oilpatch help?

Guelph police defend decision not to publicize MP Marwan Tabbara's arrest

Scheer wants Francois-Philippe Champagne to answer for his million-dollar Chinese mortgages

Systemic racism exists in the RCMP, Commissioner Brenda Lucki says

June 13 2020

Rex Murphy: What gives Antifa the right to take over Seattle?

Chantal Hébert: Justin Trudeau has two sets of pandemic rules: one for Parliament, and one for himself

Chris Hall: Kevin Page isn't buying the government's excuse for withholding a fiscal update

Public safety minister broached systemic racism with RCMP head before course reversal

Second suspect arrested in shooting of Hamilton boy, 7

KNIGHT: The RCMP is not systemically racist

Canada’s PM announces new support program

Canada Pension Plan touts climate leadership while investing millions in Chinese coal

Public safety minister broached systemic racism with RCMP head before course reversal

Chris Hall: Kevin Page isn't buying the government's excuse for withholding a fiscal update

June 14 2020

Canadian scientist sent deadly viruses to Wuhan lab months before RCMP asked to investigate

Auditors target Defence Department for poor oversight of military-spending plan

Liberals' half-trillion-dollar military revamp plan poorly managed by Defence Department: Audit

Considering How Corrupt The System Has Become, We Can’t Trust Elections Canada

June 15 2020

As Ontario MP Marwan Tabbara sat in jail over Easter, there was no backlash because nobody knew

McKenna's Enviro office expensed more than $100,000 on Ottawa taxis

Seattle's occupied zone sees chaos, assaults, and medical emergencies overnight

NPR: ‘Mounting Evidence’ Shows COVID Not Nearly As Deadly As Thought

Kelly McParland: Justin Trudeau's anti-democratic agenda

Tides Canada rebrands following ‘smear campaign’

June 16 2020

Trudeau suffers blow to security council dreams as India supports competitors

MPs Probe 100% Job Grants (Paywall)

Trudeau's former environment minister spent over $100,000 on Ubers, rideshares

June 17 2020

WARMINGTON: Hero cops save boy being dangled out window

BREAKING: Trudeau says Opposition parties calling him a dictator is 'irresponsible'

Jack M. Mintz: Erin O'Toole is right: We need tax reform

Trudeau cares more about a worthless UN seat than he does about Canadians

Canada loses high-profile bid for United Nations Security Council seat

Singh removed from Commons after calling BQ MP racist over blocked RCMP motion

Trudeau government's pandemic advertising to surpass $120 MILLION

FAIL: Trudeau Got FEWER UN Votes Than Harper Did

#TrudeauWorstPMever Is Trending On Twitter

Statue of Pierre Trudeau spray-painted in blackface

Scandal brewing as Trudeau minister still can't provide proof of projects worth billions of dollars

The Nova Scotia killer had ties to criminals and withdrew a huge sum of cash before the shooting

Trudeau slams Bloc leader for suggesting he’s ruling country like a ‘king’

June 18 2020

Federal deficit could hit $256 billion, PBO says in new report

HYPOCRITE: After Epic UN Vote Failure, Liberal MP Slams Conservatives For ‘Gloating,’ Only To Be Reminded Of His Tweets Attacking Harper Government For Exact Same Thing

Trudeau blames failed UN Security Council bid on late entry to race, others blame 'superficial' foreign policy

Conservatives support Singh’s motion calling RCMP systemically racist

COMMENTARY: Trudeau’s UN vote loss is rebuke of his ‘preachy’ foreign policy

June 19 2020

The Nova Scotia shooter case has hallmarks of an undercover operation

Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor: China charges Canadians with spying

China charges two detained Canadians with alleged espionage

Liberals allowed MP Marwan Tabbara to run in 2019 despite sexual harassment investigation

Trudeau says he's 'disappointed' after China charges two Canadians with spying

Rex Murphy: Maybe CHAZistan will give Canada a seat

Trudeau says he’s ‘continually informed’ of Liberal Party sexual harassment investigations

Facing spending attacks, federal minister Catherine McKenna doubles down on 'social infrastructure' aims

Canadian arrested in U.S., faces murder charges in India for Mumbai terror attacks

Toronto doctor gets no professional penalty for sex assault on 16-year-old after panel finds he was ‘struggling to express’ gay identity

MALCOLM: Canada's back? More like increasingly irrelevant

Trudeau's federal debt reaches a stunning $1 trillion

Analysis: Media hounded Harper for UN Security Council loss, but gives Trudeau a pass

June 20 2020

'They are applying pressure,' Bains says of China's push for Canada to adopt Huawei's 5G tech

SNC-Lavalin to pay $1.9M for rigging bids on Quebec municipal contracts

LILLEY: Trudeau shielded MP now facing charges

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau's erstwhile left-wing allies scuttled his UN bid

Canada’s failed UN security council bid exposes Trudeau’s 'dilettante' foreign policy

June 21 2020

Ottawa has failed for months to serve plane crash lawsuit on Iran, as legally required, lawyer says

LILLEY: MPs need to get serious on sexual harassment

Rex Murphy: The right to your own opinion is a keystone of a true democracy

FUREY: Why does Canada even want a seat on the UN security council?

June 22 2020

Elections Canada dismisses complaints against Trudeau minister without interviewing him

Pandemic has provided chance to reshape Canada's future, PM says

Kelly McParland: Apparently for our PM, 'zero tolerance' doesn't apply to hypocrisy

China detained Kovrig, Spavor in ‘political decision’ over Meng arrest: Trudeau

SNC-Lavalin under fire for getting federal contracts despite bid-rigging

Trudeau Just Announced A $100 Million Investment Into Plant-Based Food In Canada

June 23 2020

Foreign affairs minister has repaid mortgages held with state-run Bank of China

SNC-Lavalin awarded $6.8 million in federal contracts since pleading guilty to fraud

John Robson: When rules are just for the little people, injustice prevails

Liberal government nearing revived trade spat with U.S. as tensions mount over dairy, aluminum

June 24 2020

Canada loses AAA rating, Fitch downgrades amid virus costs

Morneau Shredded By Poilievre After Claiming Liberals Were ‘Fiscally Responsible’ Amid Credit Rating Downgrade

Fitch strips Canada of AAA rating as finances deteriorate

LILLEY: Roxham Road crossing goes from deluge to trickle

June 25 2020

Terence Corcoran: The precautionary disaster

Trudeau's Public Health Agency pays non-refundable $300,000 deposit during global pandemic for ski resort trip

Gerald Butts tweets US map that labels states “white Congo” and “rape central”

Canada spends $1.5 million to fund feminist COVID-19 journalism overseas

Butts Expels More Crap

BREAKING: Joe Biden ancestor owned slaves, according to genealogist, census records

Ottawa outsources student-grant program to a Toronto charity that works with Justin Trudeau’s wife

Dean Del Mastro sentenced to month in jail, 4 months house arrest for election overspending

Man avoids jail after being caught with large child porn cache

June 26 2020

Public Health Agency booked $300,000 conference after telling Canadians to cancel events

Trudeau accused of cronyism over giving WE Charity a contract to run $912-million student volunteer program

Trudeau says charity with ties to him and his wife 'only one' that could run COVID-19 student volunteer grant program

Trudeau says civil service chose WE Charity for partnership on student grant program

Warning—Apple Suddenly Catches TikTok Secretly Spying On Millions Of iPhone Users

June 27 2020

Canada pledges $300 million to address humanitarian concerns of COVID-19 abroad

Trudeau BFF Gerry Butts tweets anti-Christian, racist map of the USA (so we contacted his boss)

Crown says release of N.S. mass shooting details could harm 'massive' probe

June 28 2020

Volunteer Canada declined to work for WE Charities over wage concerns with student grant program

June 29 2020

Trudeau to end daily coronavirus briefings as country moves to reopen

SHOWDOWN: Rebel News vs. Antifa (and politically correct police) at Toronto autonomous zone

Conservative MPs demand investigation into 900 MILLION dollar contract awarded to Trudeau’s favourite charity

Rex Murphy: There's nothing charitable about circumventing Parliament

Undercover FBI employee on the Dark Web nabs Winnipeg woman trying to buy chemical weapon

Environment minister to let municipalities dump raw sewage into waterways until 2040

Albertans kicked out of a B.C. provincial park by RCMP

Trudeau says only WE Charity can administer $900 million student grant program

June 30 2020

Canadian citizen sentenced to eight years by China is latest victim of Huawei feud, Beijing lawyer says

Kelly McParland: Trudeau drives straight into another pothole with the WE controversy

WE Charity co-founder said PMO 'called' to award $900M student-grant program, contradicting Trudeau

Records show charity closely linked to Trudeau has received multiple sole-source contracts from Liberal government

Kielburger backtracks after saying PMO contacted WE about student-aid program

Canada's first Muslim lieutenant governor appointed in Alberta

Canadian sentenced to eight years in jail by China, renounces citizenship

Trudeau’s handpicked Lieutenant Governor donated thousands to Trudeau, Notley

How Justin Trudeau’s Third World ELITISM AGENDA Marginalizes “Old Stock” Canadians

Nova Scotia senators renew call inquiry into April mass shooting

VIA Rail losing one-third of a million dollars each day due to rail blockades and coronavirus

Half a dozen religious statues beheaded in Sudbury

Teachers to be paid $12K to recruit and manage students under government program with WE Charity

Liberal government provided Trudeau's favourite charity with multiple sole-sourced contracts

We Charity offers 450 ‘virtual volunteering’ positions at own organization while running $900-million grant program

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