August 2020

August 1 2020

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau's student 'volunteer' plan a train wreck from start

How Julie Payette's time running the Montreal Science Centre foreshadowed trouble at Rideau Hall

LILLEY: For Trudeau, Morneau and Kielburgers, apparently rules don't apply

WATCH: BLM protestors stage 'die-in' on downtown Toronto street

August 2 2020

Man accused of kidnapping for ISIS released on bail by Calgary judge

CRIME BRIEFS: Man wounded in Mimico shooting

NYC has had more shootings so far this year than in all of 2019

The Dirty Secrets Of ‘Clean’ Electric Vehicles

Canadian lab's shipment of Ebola, Henipah viruses to China raises questions

August 3 2020

Canada extends peacekeeping mission despite Security Council loss

Op-ed: Nova Scotia mass shooting smells like a cover-up

B.C. professor says one-year suspension over Facebook post 'violates his academic freedom'

[VIDEO] Leaked Bodycam Footage Shows Moment-By-Moment Arrest Of George Floyd For The First Time

Feds keep lid on company names, dollar amounts in some COVID-19 contracts

August 4 2020

Try to see WE from 35,000 feet

Prime minister’s cottage renos cost more than disclosed to Parliament

Don’t Let The Trudeau Government & The Media Rewrite History On Their CCP Virus Pandemic Failures

COMMENTARY: Trudeau’s weak case for WE looks weaker under scrutiny

Hidden Hand: How the Chinese Communist Party is reshaping the world

Quebec company with no factory in Canada lands 10-year $133M sole-sourced federal deal to make PPE

CBC-TV Breaches Ethics Code

BONOKOSKI: Morneau should be fired as finance minister

Mandatory COVID-19 vaccines? Trudeau ordered a Chinese syringe for every person in Canada

Quebec company with no factory snags $133M contract to make PPE

CBC BUSTED: Panelist who defended WE Charity was paid $40,000 by Trudeau government

Stars, Golden Knights Players Kneel During American and Canadian National Anthems

Police say 3 incidents involving LGBTQ2S+ Calgarians believed to be hate-motivated

Physical distancing, mask-wearing could be in place for 2-3 years even with vaccine, Tam warns

August 5 2020

Despite federal government claims, police never investigated allegations military tried to hide documents in Mark Norman case

Ethics sink Justin Trudeau every time

Woman seriously injured in downtown shooting

Business Closures Doubled in Canada During Height of Pandemic

August 6 2020

Trudeau Liberals give $1M a year to WWF to undermine oil and gas industry

Canada will not offer direct aid to Lebanese government, funds will go to 'trusted' partners

BREAKING: Trump Bringing In 10% Tariff On Canadian Aluminum

Saudi Crown Prince sent hit squad to Canada, exiled spy chief alleges

Military police couldn’t find enough evidence to lay charge in Mark Norman document case

More than $250K spent on Gov. Gen. Julie Payette's demands for privacy at Rideau Hall

EXCLUSIVE: PR firm that would've administered WE's Quebec contract has extensive Liberal ties

Trudeau government failed to pre-order vaccines from countries other than China

Bombardier warns of challenging times ahead after posting second-quarter loss

Julie Payette Was A Good Astronaut, But She’s An Absolute Disgrace As Governor General

August 7 2020

Conrad Black: WE scandal shows government's true character


Only 4% of Canadians have downloaded the COVID-19 tracing app

Trudeau government refuses to support Gov. Gen. Julie Payette while under scrutiny

The Canada Student Service Grant’s unusual cabinet ride

The Governor General spent $250 thousand in taxpayer money trying to hide herself from plebs

Rex Murphy: Hatred toward Donald Trump knows no bounds

August 8 2020

Trudeau government paying $84M to firm employing Katie Telford's husband to manage rent assistance aid program

The Liberals Have Contempt For You

Caught Lying: Brampton Ontario Mayor Patrick Brown Breaks His Own Pandemic Rules

Thousands rally in downtown Montreal to protest Quebec mask rules

The Trudeau government’s total disregard for the taxpayer

COMMENTARY: Canada needs a new Governor General. Julie Payette needs to resign

Trudeau government giving $84 million to Chief of Staff's husband's company

August 9 2020

COMMENTARY: New guidelines reduce the stigma of obesity in health care

Canada launches Lebanon fund that includes group with alleged Hamas ties

August 10 2020

Ottawa police investigating invective-laced verbal assault aimed at MP Catherine McKenna

Democracy Watch leader grades Justin Trudeau an 'F' in ethics

Quebec Contract Was $382M; Zero Masks Received To Date

Red Deer doctor dies after attack at walk-in medical clinic

Bloodied men detained at Toronto beach menaced people with chainsaws: eyewitness

China Is Dismembering The Remnants Of Hong Kong’s Democracy

Chainsaw-wielding men at Cherry Beach charged

LILLEY: Trudeau takes his Gatsbyesque life and RCMP to Georgian Bay

If Trudeau Wants A ‘Bold Change’ To ‘Remake’ Canada, He Should Resign

Canada welcomed over 19,000 immigrants in June

Trudeau government announces additional humanitarian aid to Lebanon

Passengers with COVID-19 keep arriving in Canada on international flights

DEBUNKING Patrick Brown’s 5 Lies: Mayor caught breaking own lockdown rules at hockey rink

August 11 2020

Studin: Tariffs on aluminum illustrate why Chrystia Freeland must resign

Doctor killed in Red Deer attack was targeted by assailant, RCMP say

Ottawa police investigating invective-laced verbal assault aimed at MP Catherine McKenna

#WheresTheMoneyCatherine Is Trending

After Murder Charge, African Migrant Returns To Canada, Charged With SECOND Murder

Eight recent flights to Pearson carried passengers with COVID-19

Rex Murphy: Police officers deserve our gratitude

Canada's Trudeau says he has confidence in finance minister after report of policy clash

BREAKING: Trudeau minister says WE Charity has not returned money it received for cancelled programs

7 Examples Of The Liberals Demonizing Canadians & Purposely Stoking Anger

First-degree murder charge laid in Red Deer, Alta. doctor's death

#WheresTheMoneyCatherine Is Trending

PCO clerk: Scrutiny of WE deal focused on charity's ability to deliver program, not its financial affairs

LILLEY: Yes, the public does get to know where Trudeau vacations

Federal minister in charge of student volunteer grant program can't say how much of $30 million paid to WE has been reimbursed

Serving military member sues DND over mould exposure on warship

PMO, Morneau won't say if Katie Telford's husband communicated with them since joining private mortgage company

Buried By Media: How PM Justin Trudeau’s DESTRUCTIVE Personality Is Destroying Canada

August 12 2020

Blanchet will push for election if Trudeau, Morneau, Telford won't resign

Manitoba MP submits motion to convert CERB benefit to permanent basic income

Bloc leader vows to seek fall election unless Trudeau, Morneau resign

We Charity Was Called Early

Is Canada on its way to becoming a Third World country?

Brampton man, 22, and teen boy accused of human trafficking

Psychologists speaking to Rideau Hall staff following harassment claims

Toronto Mayor John Tory moves forward with plan to defund the police

Trudeau skips Scheer's last day as Opposition Leader in House, repeating election night snub

Pierre Poilievre Calls For Suspending Justin Trudeau’s Pay Until He Shows Up To Work

John Ivison: Ottawa's fig-leaf excuse for inviting Chinese X-rays into Canada's embassies just blew away

Scheer marks final day in House of Commons as Conservative party leader

Youth Minister does not remember details of phone call with WE days before proposal submitted

Justin Trudeau to get his own comic book chronicling his life

DISLOYALTY: Trudeau Liberal Government Gave Huge Embassy Security Contract To China Communist Party-Controlled Company, Even Though A Calgary Company Offered A LOWER PRICE

WE Charity says it will pay back remaining money for student volunteer program as soon as Ottawa can take it

Biden VP pick Harris promoted group that put up bail for alleged violent criminals

August 13 2020

WATCH: Candice Bergen Absolutely Shreds Trudeau’s Record Of Failure & Scandals

A WE Bit Of Trouble: WE Charity Making Layoffs, Selling Off Real Estate

WE Charity laying off dozens in Canada and U.K., looks to sell real estate

Borrow Half-Trillion In Days

WE Charity laying off staff, looking to sell real estate in Toronto

Our ‘China Virus‘ billboard was vandalized — but Rebel News will not be censored

Government paid $8.6 million for help sourcing Chinese pandemic supplies

Trudeau has taken 48 personal days in 2020, 91 personal days in 2019

LILLEY: Kielburgers and WE fall to earth after getting burned by Trudeau

WE Charity registers to lobby federal government, discloses dozens of interactions with officials

WE Out-Lobbied General Motors

Ex-MP’s Firm Gets $696,183

August 14 2020

WE lobbied government 43 times in months leading up to cancellation of $543 million volunteer grant program deal

EXCLUSIVE: Trudeau gov't gave $20 million to company that paid Liberal minister

Roy Green: Ethical behaviour should not be negotiable

Canada's correctional institutions released thousands of inmates in the early days of COVID-19

Fatal car explosion outside Kitchener courthouse caused by suspected I.E.D.

REPORT: WE did more lobbying in Ottawa than GM

Rex Murphy: Could this actually sink Trudeau?

Justin Trudeau Has Taken 139 DAYS VACATION Since January, 2019: Media Report

George Soros: A Lifetime Fortune Spent on Liberal Influence

WE Charity registers as lobbyist, lays off staff, looking to sell real estate

This MP Was Shamed For Wearing A (Very Nice) Dress In Parliament

August 15 2020

By Scapegoating & Demonizing Law-Abiding Canadian Gun Owners, The Trudeau Liberals Are Inciting More Hate & Division In Canada

'No further concern for public safety' after man dies in Kitchener car explosion

Fatal car blast in downtown Kitchener possibly caused by IED, police say

Saviour Of Somalia: Why Justin Trudeau Is The MOST HATED Canadian Who Ever Lived

#TrudeauWorstPM Is Trending As Canadians Criticize Unpopular, Divisive ‘Leader’

August 16 2020

Two women stabbed in Walmart parking lot in North York

BREAKING: Pierre Trudeau statue vandalized again, this time with 'pedo' graffiti

Man in custody after machete attack in Moncton

Immigrants urge government to deliver on promise to wipe out citizenship fee

Trudeau, Morneau clash over green plans, soaring deficit

Canada's Trudeau, finance minister clash over green plans, soaring deficit

Failte Irish Pub announced on social media on August 12 that they'd be permanently closing.

RCMP senior management under investigation by the OPP

August 17 2020

CFL cancels 2020 season during pandemic

Diane Francis: New Tory leader will be the beginning of the end for Justin Trudeau

Bill Morneau to resign as finance minister, MP following breakdown in relations with Trudeau over COVID policy, WE scandal

Governor General's disregard for RCMP security detail driving up costs, sources say

Finance Minister Bill Morneau resigns amid reports of tension with Trudeau

Bill Morneau's legacy to Canada: one very, very costly pipeline project

500% more CBC headlines about Kamala Harris than Leslyn Lewis

August 18 2020

Bill Morneau: Canada finance minister quits amid charity probe

We Charity Claims Minister

Freeland sworn in as federal finance minister as PM set to seek prorogation

BREAKING: Trudeau gov't closes Parliament until October amid WE Charity scandal

BREAKING: 5,000 pages on Trudeau WE Scandal will be locked down if prorogue goes forward

Morneau died for Trudeau's sins

PM Trudeau prorogues Parliament until Sept. 23

Trudeau proroguing Parliament ahead of new throne speech this fall

More drama for the Gov.-Gen: Reports of expensive jet flights and hiding from RCMP security

Trudeau accused of attempting to cover up scandal by proroguing parliament

Prorogation halts WE Charity hearings, potentially ends China probe by special committee

Julie Payette, rebellious and embattled Governor General, rubber-stamps prorogue request

August 19 2020

Man critically injured in Rustic neighbourhood shooting

LILLEY: Trudeau tries to find his way out of chaos

WATCH: Poilievre rips Trudeau for attempted cover up, blacked out WE Charity documents

Newly released documents suggest bureaucrats were nudged to look to WE Charity for student program

WATCH: Liberals Engaged In Desperate COVER-UP, Huge Portions Of Documents Blacked Out

TRUDEAU ETHICS SCANDAL: Documents Prove Trudeau Cabinet & Political Staff Pushed For WE, False Blaming Of Bureaucrats Debunked

RCMP ‘examining’ decision to give WE Charity deal to run student service program

BREAKING: Treasury Board officials told Trudeau that WE Charity did not have capacity to handle contract

REPORT: Trudeau Planning Massive Spending, Shift To Far-Left ‘Green’ Policies

LILLEY: Documents show politicians, not civil servants brought in WE

Matt Gurney: Finally, the truth behind the WE scandal. It doesn't look good for the Liberals

LILLEY: Trudeau signals big changes are on the horizon

Conservatives claim 'coverup' after Trudeau shuts down Parliament

Fence erected on stretch of Canada-U.S. border near Vancouver

Jack M. Mintz: Warning! Liberal spending blitz ahead

Never Forget the Massive Lie Joe Biden Told About the Number of College Degrees He Has

August 20 2020

COVID-19: Canada to replace CERB with new benefit, simplified EI at cost of $37B

Liberals extend CERB by one month as part of $37B pandemic relief spending package

Admiral Mark Norman calls out Trudeau on prorogation

Six wounded in multiple shootings in northwest Toronto

Rex Murphy: Prorogue Parliament? What Parliament?

Diane Francis: Trudeau's autocratic proclivities a clear and present danger to Canadian democracy

Canadians want government to take care of them, but someone will have to pick up the bill

Documents suggest Bill Morneau’s office played key role in WE decision

RCMP “examining” Liberal government’s WE Charity decision

Liberals to spend $600,000 on “safe” opiates for Toronto addicts

China Readies for Record-Breaking U.S. Oil Haul in September

“Money. Meh. No problem ;),”: bureaucrats dismiss cost of WE Charity contract

Canada’s GDP dropped at annualized rate of 38.7% between April and June: StatCan

LILLEY: RCMP probe into Trudeau gov't shows real problems with ethics, corruption

The Great Reset

August 21 2020

Corbella: New EI program will be a disaster for Canada and our youth

Spouse of Trudeau’s Chief of Staff Lobbied for COVID Wage Subsidy Program Changes to Benefit His Company

Canada doesn't need a wealth tax

WE Charity feared potential 'scandal' due to Trudeau family ties—officials dismissed concerns

Trudeau's self-serving corruption is not the leadership Canadians deserve

William Watson: The line on Bill Morneau

Procurement ombudsman opens investigation into six sole-source contracts awarded to WE by Trudeau government

Fed Deficit Nears $400 Billion

The Liberals Are Moving Canada Towards Full-Blown Socialism

Derek Sloan Gets It Right On Confronting China

Rex Murphy: The prorogation of the talented Mr. Poilievre

Trudeau, Ford unveil deal to produce N95 masks at Brockville, Ont., 3M plant

Anti-vaxxers, anti-maskers file $11M lawsuit against Trudeau

BREAKING: Trudeau dismisses severity of WE scandal at press conference with Premier Ford

SNC-Lavalin has landed more than 100 government contracts since Trudeau ethics controversy

Watchdog reviewing report that Rob Silver contacted senior Liberal staff on behalf of employer

Smith: Build Back Better really means an end to Alberta's fossil fuel future

Katie Telford's husband pressed Trudeau government to make changes to wage subsidy law to benefit his employer: sources

Liberals give risky $86 million loan to billionaire Ottawa developers

Procurement ombudsman to investigate six contracts federal government awarded to WE

The Liberals Are Moving Canada Towards Full-Blown Socialism

The media covers for Justin Trudeau

August 22 2929

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau makes corruption the new normal in politics

Trudeau government seeking contractor to transport asylum claimants to temporary residences

FUREY: If Trudeau wants a more socialist Canada, he has to take it to voters

Talks needed on decriminalizing hard drugs to address opioid crisis, Tam says

Mining group, once a key backer of Bill C-69, now has 'deteriorating confidence' in new project assessment regime

August 23 2020

BIAS: State Broadcaster CBC Has Given Kamala Harris Nearly Four Times As Much Coverage As Leslyn Lewis

Police search for three suspects after midtown shelter client stabbed

August 24 2020

Nearly two dozen more flights land in Canada with passengers infected with COVID-19

'Good morning. I'm Erin O'Toole': new Tory leader wins after hours-long delay

On China, Erin O’Toole’s Tougher Approach Represents The Vast Majority Of Canadians. Trudeau’s Pathetic Weakness Represents A Mere Fringe

Diane Francis: Erin O'Toole is the best man for the job

Defund the CBC and shower parents with cash: Four things Erin O'Toole has promised to do

O'Toole pledges to restart WE committees that Trudeau closed


55 flights into Canada in August carried passengers infected with COVID-19

Contact-tracing app faces big technological problems in urban environments, studies say

CDC guidelines say wearing a mask during prolonged exposure to coronavirus won't prevent possible infection


August 25 2020

BREAKING: 'I've never seen the country more divided after four years of Trudeau': O'Toole addresses media for first time as leader

Gregory John: First Nations don't oppose energy projects

Catherine McKenna hangs up after Keean Bexte asks about “missing” infrastructure projects

Jesse Kline: Canada's crisis of leadership

Military intelligence probes far-right activity in Canadian Ranger unit

House law clerk raises alarm about pre-redacted WE Charity docs

Trudeau minister accuses O’Toole of “muzzling scientists”

Doug Ford refuses to campaign for Erin O’Toole

Mall security allegedly harass, assault couple for sitting on steps, citing COVID-19 rules

August 26 2020

Federal Court rejects Meng Wanzhou’s request for redacted CSIS documents

Ontario woman arrested for attempting to join ISIS

Morneau Bills $81K On Travel

Canadian COVID-19 clinical trial scrapped after China wouldn't ship potential vaccine

LILLEY: Trudeau's campaign-like school announcement all about politics

Commons law clerk challenges government’s redactions of WE Charity docs

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau's big plan is to spend ourselves rich

City of Edmonton facing $565-million lawsuit over COVID-19 mandatory mask bylaw

Media study says hundreds of Canadian radio stations, TV outlets risk closure

Quebec says no to Canada’s COVID-19 exposure notification app

August 27 2020

Conservatives ask speakers agency to release records on WE payments to Trudeau, his wife, mother and brother

Prime Minister Trudeau’s brother paid $67,255 by WE

WE Charity paid Trudeau's brother $67,000 in just six months

Gwyn Morgan: Minister Freeland, private investment drives the economy

Up to $22 billion in COVID aid may have gone to high-income Canadians: Fraser Institute study

LILLEY: Trudeau rules like a king sneering at Parliament

Auditor questioning Environment Ministry's contract award practices

Commons law clerk says government went too far in redacting WE Charity documents

Rex Murphy: Trudeau's 'brutal' attempt to use COVID to push his green agenda

Randall Denley: Ontario parents don't deserve school fearmongering whipped up by union politics

Rare earth element processing facility to be built in Sask.

Saskatchewan building rare earth processing plant, capitalizing on emerging industry

$22.3 BILLION of Trudeau's health crisis spending 'potentially wasted,' says new report

Auditor questioning Environment Ministry's contract award practices

China refuses to ship COVID-19 vaccine for Canadian trials, ending partnership

August 28 2020

Coronavirus: Federal government ran $120.4B deficit from April to June

Ontario MP Marwan Tabbara makes court appearance over assault, break and enter charges

NHL players group demands league pay $100 million and change blue line to 'black line' for racial equality

Man seriously injured in shooting in North York

John Ivison: Free-spending Trudeau government floats into choppy seas without fiscal anchor

Rex Murphy: The folly of green economics

BRUTAL: Jagmeet Singh Attempts To Incite Division & Rage By Falsely Blaming Police For Death Of Regis Korchinski-Paquet, Totally Contradicting Facts Of Investigation

Trudeau hiring 24/7 nursing staff for Roxham Road's illegal border crossing

August 29 2020

Protesters in Montreal topple John A. Macdonald statue, demand police defunding

Jagmeet Singh makes false claims about deceased accident victim on Twitter, gets called out

GOLDSTEIN: When police are accused of racism, facts don't matter

WATCH: Chrystia Freeland Interviews George Soros About Bringing Communist China Into “New World Order”

Jason Kenney tells Montreal to send toppled Sir John A. MacDonald statue to Alberta

Justin Trudeau Accused Canada Of Participating In Genocide Under His Watch. Now, Radical Extremists Are Emboldened By His Demonization Of Our Country

NDP & Establishment Media Refuse To Denounce Jagmeet Singh’s Anti-Police Conspiracy Theories

Conservative MP Kerry-Lynne Findlay apologizes for tweet linking Freeland with billionaire Soros

As O’Toole Denounces Destruction Of John A. Macdonald Monument, Trudeau Is Silent

Ontario universities to teach COVID-19 related courses in the fall

FUREY: We can't allow the carnage in America's streets to come to Canada

August 30 2020

WATCH: Man filmed raping woman, 25, on Upper East Side Manhattan subway platform at 11am as she screams in terror

Altercation at Toronto demonstration leaves 7 officers injured, 2 arrested

Tories call on WE to release documents requested by parliamentary committee

Trudeau Liberals Under Fire For Refusal To Fight Antisemitism In Their Own Ranks

With new benefits plan, Liberals move toward guaranteed basic income

FUREY: The push for political violence in Canada

WE calls latest Conservative request for documents ‘politics’

August 31 2020

Senior RCMP officials ignored warnings about alleged mole Cameron Ortis, employees claim

Alberta quietly removes physical distancing rules for classrooms

Feds face growing frustration over Trudeau’s promise to help Hong Kong

Parkdale church devastated after statue of Virgin Mary 'decapitated'

CBC-TV's ad revenue drops by 20% in first quarter

Trudeau 'deeply disappointed' after demonstrators topple John A. Macdonald statue

These flights touched down in Toronto carrying passengers infected with COVID-19

Diane Francis: Canada's pandemic response is a fiscal mess

Biased Attacks On Conservative MP Kerry-Lynne Findlay Represent A Tipping Point In The Deepening Corruption Of The Establishment Media

Jerry Dias, Unifor members facing additional charges

Ontario woman kicked out of bingo hall for not using mask to cover breathing hole in her neck