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April 2021

April 1 2021

NDP to debate phasing out Canada’s Armed Forces at policy convention

Vancouver restaurant owner defying public health order banning indoor dining

Former prime minister Jean Chrétien part of secretive project to store nuclear waste in Labrador, emails show

Tucker: Canada sending COVID positive citizens to 'internment' facilities


The many scandals of the PCR test: Part 3

In Defense of Former CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield on a Wuhan Lab Leak

April 2 2021

Health Canada issues advisory for face masks containing graphene

‘We’re coming to get you’: China’s critics facing threats, retaliation for activism in Canada

LILLEY: Trudeau continues to hide from the WE Scandal

Smith: Notley is the last person who can complain about rising utility bills

Record-high lumber prices add as much as $30K to the cost of building a house

Vaccination Passports: The Cornerstone of a Totalitarian State

April 3 2021

Conrad Black: A serious conversation for a serious country

BONOKOSKI: We're all guinea pigs now thanks to Justin Trudeau

'I've lost my house for this': Frustrated business owners defy shutdown

Fact or Fiction: Are news reporters straying from the ethics and standards of journalism?

April 4 2021

Toronto restaurant bills Doug Ford for beer spoiled by lockdowns

Who wants to abolish billionaires? A look at the federal NDP's convention resolutions

April 5 2021

Refusal By Health Officials & Politicians To Emphasize Link Between Obesity & COVID-19 Outcomes Is Inexcusable

John Ivison: Preposterous NDP policy resolutions suggest the inmates are taking over

Anti-Semitic graffiti continues to spread across Toronto: Canadian Jewish group

Diane Francis: Canada is ignoring the science on second doses

‘Get out!’: Crowd chants health inspectors out of B.C. restaurant breaking COVID-19 health order

Report: China detaining, torturing Christians to force them to renounce their faith

Trudeau gov't spent $13m flying old Australian CF-18s to Canada

Vancouver suspends business licences of 2 restaurants that defied COVID-19 closure orders

18 Reasons I Won't Be Getting a Covid Vaccine

April 6 2021

P.E.I. woman hospitalized over 'extremely rare' COVID-19 vaccine allergy shares her story

CBC Bureaucracy Is Detailed

The “Vaccines in Freezers” Fallacy

EMA official sees clear 'association' between AstraZeneca vaccine and rare blood clots in brain

O'Toole promises a public inquiry into Liberal government's pandemic response if elected

Study: Moderna COVID-19 vaccine lasts at least 6 months

Canadian firm Spartan filing for creditor protection amid inconsistencies with rapid COVID-19 test

Guelph hair salon owner faces court summons if she opens again during 'emergency brake'

Law society suspends MPP Goldie Ghamari's licence over professional misconduct

Clear link between AstraZeneca vaccine and rare blood clots in brain, EMA official tells paper

FUREY: 'Very few' examples of in-school transmission, says top doc

April 7 2021

Canada No Longer Feels Like A Free Country

Health Canada wants influencers to help spread messaging

BREAKING: GraceLife Church RAIDED by police — fencing went up at dawn

CBC spends $900,000 on five person “strategic intelligence” department

WARMINGTON: Politicians fiddle with failed shutdowns while Ontario burns

Failed Vendor Had ‘Couple Of Good Meetings’ At PMO

'We don't have the data to support it': Alberta Hospitality Association disappointed with province reverting to Step 1

WARMINGTON: No patients at Sunnybrook's COVID field hospital?

FUREY: Lockdowns cause immense harm — why keep doing them?

WATCH: Why is nobody talking about Canada's disastrous government overspending?

BONOKOSKI: Justin Trudeau’s guinea pigs respond not so kindly

April 8 2021

Top Liberal MPs fail to show up to emergency meeting on vaccinations

Get ready for inflation! Why your dollar could soon be hemorrhaging value

Exhausted and discouraged, victims of military sexual misconduct plead their case to Parliament — again

Some U.S. areas stop using J&J COVID-19 vaccine after ‘adverse reaction’ reports

Elementary school teacher who showed class 'To Kill a Mockingbird' suspended

Vaccine mixing ‘possible’ in Canada as countries revamp AstraZeneca plans: Njoo

WARMINGTON: Pandemic rules essentially unfair for small biz

Liberals look to sharpen their pre-election message as convention opens

KINSELLA: CDC's travel advisory to Canada creates bad PR for Trudeau

Universal basic income would cost over $85 billion per year: PBO

LEGAL DOCS: I’ve officially appealed my $3,000 fine for writing a book about Justin Trudeau

The head of YouTube brags about how brutal they’ve made their censorship

Canada on track to surpass U.S. in number of new COVID cases relative to population

Liberals slammed for refusing again to allow staffer to testify on WE Charity scandal

Posthaste: Canadians on brink of insolvency at five-year high, survey finds, as pandemic hardship finally hits home

53% of Canadians on the brink of insolvency: MNP survey

Rex Murphy: Jordan Peterson is the real hero in the Captain America comic book attack

Province allows broad mail-in voting in Richmond byelection

Top cop defends response to call from Burnaby dad who tracked down suspect with baseball bat

April 9 2021

All tents, shelters, structures must be removed from Strathcona Park by end of April

Expired AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccines given to 10 customers at Burnaby pharmacy

Will Censor Political Taunts

Face masks are polluting the world's beaches and oceans, pose potential health risks to humans: 'Really concerning'

Toronto real estate board ditches term “master” bedroom over “offensive undertones”

Chinese ambassador: Canadians won't be kidnapped by police if they visit China

So-Called Federal Government ‘Anti-Racism’ Training Is Actually Deeply Anti-Canadian

BLM Co-Founder Buys Million-Dollar Home in Neighborhood with Black Population of Less Than 2%

EXCLUSIVE: Pastor And Lawyer Defiant After Canadian Police Raid, Barricade Church At Dawn

Nonprofit involved with 1,400 California schools being investigated by Canadian parliamentary committee

Trudeau’s Liberals say they will legally censor anyone who “taunts” them — so, it was nice knowing you!

Burnaby man and stepdad charged after organized-crime probe

Surrey RCMP seek public's help to identify bank robbery suspects

10 people given expired COVID-19 vaccines at a Burnaby Save-On-Foods

34 elementary teachers to get notices they're being laid off by HWDSB

O Canada: Woefully Behind On Vaccinations, And Seeing A Surge In Cases Of Variants Of Concern

Trudeau minister promises she won't award her boyfriend federal contracts

April 10 2021

Trudeau government funds program teaching teens how to know they are trans

Tracking Coronavirus Vaccinations Around the World

Liberal delegates endorse a universal basic income, reject capital gain tax hike

Rex Murphy: The facts in the WE scandal are clear. It's not complicated

BONOKOSKI: Trudeau still more electable than O'Toole? Incomprehensible!

Crown and Anchor Pub & Grill in north Edmonton remains open for indoor dining

Blood clots in Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine recipients under investigation

Inside BLM co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors’ million-dollar real estate buying binge

April 11 2021

Trudeau government threatens Halifax Security Forum over proposed Taiwan award

Policies from #Lib2021:

After the Most Corrupt Election in History, Apple CEO Tim Cooke Thinks It’s a Good Idea to Have People Vote from Their iPhones

More than 100 passengers arriving in Vancouver refuse 'mandatory' hotel quarantine

Liberal members approve universal basic income during convention

April 12 2021

Old Montreal business owners frustrated by damage done during anti-curfew riot

Liberals and Bloc shut down probe of sexual misconduct allegations in Canada’s military

Man who spent $1,500 to stay at Toronto quarantine hotel got COVID-19 anyway, infected whole family

Costs for consultants hired by government rise by $6 billion under Liberals

Trudeau Minister Bill Blair's team endorses ban on criminal background checks

BREAKING: Trudeau Liberals vote to shut down probe into sexual assault in the military

LILLEY: Trudeau bows to Beijing, Ottawa blocks Taiwan leader's award

Would Limit Criminal Checks

Diane Francis: The Liberal government is Canada's biggest problem

DAILY | Montreal police seize Rebel News' houseboat Airbnb

China’s sanctions on me and others are a clumsy attempt to silence debate

Liberals plan to wrap up committee probing Gen. Vance’s sexual misconduct allegations

City of Calgary employee charged nearly $95K in overtime

Like Many Statist Politicians, Chrystia Freeland Seems Quite Excited About The “Political Opportunity’ A Year Of Suffering Has Created To Push An Agenda

Poll shows Trudeau on course for majority election win

KINSELLA: Trudeau proves he's no feminist

Canada emitted one million tonne more greenhouse gases in 2019 than 2018: Report

Here’s how home prices compare to incomes across Canada

Air Canada, Canadian government reach agreement in $5.9-billion 'liquidity program'

Travellers can avoid paying for Canada’s hotel quarantine

18 Reasons I Won’t Be Getting a Covid Vaccine

April 13 2021

We Can’t Trust What The Government Says About The Inflation Rate

MPs refuse to show support for politician salary reduction during COVID-19

US will temporarily halt use of Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine

CNN journalist humiliates Trudeau over failed vaccine rollout

EDITORIAL: 'Great Reset' not so great with Canadians, polling shows

BREAKING: CNN director admits network is anti-Trump propaganda: 'Our focus was to get Trump out of office'

KINSELLA: Damning CNN report scrapes off some of Trudeau's glitter

Canada Confirms First Case Of Deadly Blood Clots Tied To AstraZeneca Jab

LILLEY: Trudeau Liberals always viewed the pandemic as 'opportunity'

Kelowna gym refusing new member applications from anyone who’s been vaccinated

Canadian Pastor Pawlowski shows how American churches should have responded to closures

Conservatives call on McKenna to come clean with project list

Vancouver Pride apologizes for not banning police from its parades sooner

The Islamic holy month of Ramadan starts

April 14 2021

Vaccinated Manitobans should be cautious while COVID-19 immunity builds after deaths reported: province

Italian-Canadians to get formal apology for treatment during Second World War

Trudeau minister introduces bill to protect French from 'ocean' of English

Hajdu announces $7.7 million fund to deal injectable drugs to Toronto addicts

WATCH: Tucker Carlson SLAMS Justin Trudeau for saying vaccinations 'are not enough to keep us safe'

Terry Glavin: Canada humiliates itself once again with its shameful treatment of Taiwan's Tsai

CNN admits leading interview guests 'before they even open their mouths'

National Assembly can't agree on motion denouncing Old Montreal vandalism

Yukon's election shows why every vote matters — especially for Justin Trudeau's Liberals

Procurement minister says federal government has committed $8B on COVID vaccine deals

Sabrina Maddeaux: Canada’s 2021 Olympic outfits have one message — we’re a joke

Approximately 4,600 file claims of sexual misconduct or discrimination against Canadian military

Feds have spent $126m on COVID travel measures, isolation sites

George Floyd died of heart disease, auto exhaust fumes: defense expert

April 15 2021

Video: Naked MP scolded in House of Commons by Canadian politician and speaker

Trudeau 'supportive' of restricting interprovincial travel

Vancouver biggest source for domestic COVID infected flights: Health Canada

Opinion: How an attempted Canadian concession to China backfired

O’Toole mocked by conservatives for lying about carbon tax

How Justin Trudeau lost his looks: Greying and tired-looking Canadian PM, 49, looks a far cry from his heart-throb heyday after a year in lockdown

First-ever human-monkey hybrid created in ‘chimera’ embryo experiment

Court rules agreement allowing Canada to return asylum-seekers to U.S. is constitutional

Twitter Permanently Blacklists James O’Keefe After CNN Expose

Vancouver Aquarium sold to U.S. tourism company

Carson Jerema: Trudeau government failed to keep out the variants tearing through Canada

April 16 2021

China is a “near-peer competitor” continuing to challenge U.S., national intelligence report says

Why the Liberals Have Become the Most Anti-Internet Government in Canadian History

Trudeau government knowingly paid $500 MILLION to uneligible people

Covid Statistics by Province

Rex Murphy: O'Toole is digging a political Grand Canyon there will be no getting out of April 2021 Rent Report

Canadian Crude Shipped from Newfoundland to U.S. West Coast in Unusual Demand Shift

LILLEY UNLEASHED: CNN's Jake Tapper calling Justin Trudeau supporters 'Tru-Anon' is perfect

Court rules Canada can turn away asylum seekers entering from the United States

Ottawa overpaid for 20 million AstraZeneca vaccines: PMO email

Rex Murphy: O'Toole is digging a political Grand Canyon there will be no getting out of

Canada Is Not A Serious Country

OPINION: A plan to reduce emissions while growing our economy

Windsor, Ont., store posts sign barring those who received the COVID-19 vaccine from shopping inside

BLM co-founder defends buying four homes despite identifying as “trained Marxist”

Diane Francis: Liberal vaccine failures could be the biggest scandal in Canadian history

April 17 2021

Many Ontario police services refuse to enforce Ford government's new random stop laws

KINSELLA: No credible explanation for Freeland callously calling pandemic 'a political opportunity'

April 19 2021

Did Absolute Best Says Hajdu

Budget vows to build 'for the long term' as it promises child care cash, projects massive deficits

WATCH: Quebec restaurant owner reacts to airports allowing dine-in while his doors are shut

Liberal budget promises new funding for the CBC

Jack M. Mintz: There are no more fiscal anchors holding back the Liberals after this budget

Few Canadians miss out on federal budget bonanza, from students to the unemployed

GOLDSTEIN: Freeland unveils Trudeau's $100-billion election bribe

April 20 2021

20-year-old dies after daytime shooting in Coquitlam park

B.C. budget big on social and health care spending

Herpes infection possibly linked to COVID-19 vaccine, study says

MPs hear harrowing account of sexual assault in the military

Bell: Trudeau tries to buy four more years in power, it could work

Corbella: Trudeau's reckless budget burdens the kids he claims he's helping

Trudeau's budget includes new legal support for asylum seekers

5 things in the Trudeau government's budget that have nothing to do with spending

Canada 'rolling the dice' on big-spending federal budget as debt total set to climb beyond $1.4 trillion

April 21 2021

EXCLUSIVE: U.N. Elects Iran to Commission on Women’s Rights

“Don’t be silenced”: Pierre Poilievre says Canadians must call out failures in pandemic response

IN HER WORDS: The woman behind 2018 Vance allegation tells her story

FACT CHECK: Trudeau falsely claimed Harper cut support during 2008 recession

Richmond rental prices among top 10 in Canada

Trudeau gov't: Don't call vaccines a “treatment” for COVID

‘Practically impossible’ to keep COVID-19 variants out, officials say, as flights from hotspots continue

Opinion: Net-zero won't cure the climate but it may kill Canada

April 22 2021

Canada plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 45 per cent by 2030

As Canadians Suffer, Trudeau Gaslights The Country & Puts His Open Borders Ideology Ahead Of Our National Interest

COVID-19 can't stop Burnaby one-bedroom rents from continuing to climb

Cathay Pacific to close pilot bases in Canada, Australia, New Zealand - SCMP

Pierre Poilievre’s Speech On Modern Monetary Theory Is Something All Canadians Should Watch

Maj. Kellie Brennan tells MPs Vance said he was ‘untouchable,’ fathered 2 of her kids

Trudeau minister mocks Erin O'Toole by wearing 'Climate change is real' shirt for Earth Day

Trudeau to receive 1st dose of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine on Friday

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau's latest climate pledge has a distinct odour

Canadian Healthcare Vs. American Healthcare

April 23 2021

Rex Murphy: Renewing vows in the church of climate change

April 2021 Canadian Rent Report

Jonathan Kay: Oh look: Now the ravines are racist, too

LILLEY: Trudeau has failed at every turn during COVID despite his claims to the contrary

'Kids have them': How guns end up on Toronto's streets

Liberals survive 2nd of 3 confidence votes on federal budget

Trudeau Liberal MP calls Antifa 'far-left extremists'

The Liberals made hundreds of budget promises. Now they have to cram them through the bureaucracy

CBC prez Catherine Tait expensed Emmys parking to Canadian taxpayers

'More people are catching on': Travellers using U.S.-Canada land border to avoid quarantine hotels

ANALYSIS: 16 million pencils, 18.8 million masks — Canada prepares for a pandemic election

PM's chief adviser knew of 'misconduct' allegation against top military commander, committee told

Patty Hajdu’s Dismissal Of Vitamin D Is Another Example Of Her Dangerous Incompetence

Lockdowns will only end if 75% get vaccinated: Public Health Agency

Evidence suggests outdoor COVID-19 transmission is low. Here's what you need to know

Trudeau's chief of staff was aware of misconduct allegation against Vance, former adviser tells MPs

No silver bullet: Bill C-21 won’t stop Canada’s illegal gun problem, groups say

Ottawa inks deal with Pfizer for millions of COVID-19 booster shots through 2024

April 24 2021

Iran's Election to UN Women's Body Draws Outrage From Rights Activists, US Silence

Opinion: Desperate landlords resort to promotions to lure you - maybe just drop sky-high rents

Video captures another violent altercation at downtown Vancouver supermarket

Opinion: Burnaby's best Italian restaurant adds sudden patio just to survive

MALCOLM: No, Minister Hajdu, the Vitamin D conversation isn't 'fake news'

NP View: Chrystia Freeland's shortsighted, selfish budget

Conrad Black: Erin O'Toole's tacit support for COVID policy has been a grievous mistake

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau's carbon tax, global emissions keep rising

April 25 2021

Canadians Avoiding Hotel Quarantines for Air Travellers Fuel Taxi Boom on U.S. Border

Opinion: The Canadians Trudeau's government enrols in daycare today will be the ones paying for it tomorrow

Ten times the Liberals dismissed facts as “fake news” or “disinformation”

Doctor says younger people may experience more severe vaccine side effects — and it’s a good thing

Families upset with lack of information about mystery New Brunswick brain illness

April 26 2021

TV Ratings: Oscars at All-Time Low in Early Numbers

Catherine McKenna vows to 'do a better job' over lost billions


Diane Francis: Pandemic failure is Trudeau's biggest scandal yet

Matt Gurney: Justin Trudeau’s feminists go AWOL

Disney to Close All Stores in Canada Amid Retail Strategy Shift: Sources

April 27 2021

Liberals say they want to control just a little bit of the Internet

Number of mysterious brain disease cases in New Brunswick now at 47

PM says his office didn't know Vance allegations were about sexual misconduct

Quebec woman dies from blood clot after receiving Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine

Rex Murphy: Minister of middle-class prosperity? How about a minister of middle-class anxiety?

Vaccine passports 'to be expected' but Canada not ready to set terms yet: Trudeau

Trudeau says no one knew Vance allegation was ‘Me Too’ complaint – records raise questions

Canadian Anti-Hate Network forced to apologize for saying that Rebel News incited Christchurch terrorist

April 28 2021

'Reasonable and sustainable': Chrystia Freeland says spending won't dent Canada's brand

With Bill C-10, Trudeau & Guilbeault Show They See Themselves As Rulers, And See You As A Powerless Subject

Trudeau to appear at virtual pro-vaccination event alongside Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez

BONOKOSKI: Lisa Raitt kicked off riding executive by new candidate

Rex Murphy: We care nothing for free speech — Trudeau plan to regulate the internet is but a symptom

More than 200 Seattle police officers quit over the last year, many citing anti-police climate

CBC Tried to Smear Derek Sloan as Racist and Failed...Twice

Quebecer dead from blood clot identified as Francine Boyer

Hundreds of travellers to Canada test positive for COVID-19 variants

Feds face growing questions over misconduct in the military, as documents show hundreds of cases since 2016

Inflation pressure hits consumers as firms pass along higher costs

In Vancouver and Toronto, as many as 1 in 5 homeowners own more than one property

11 Largest Oil Reserves by Country in the World in 2021

Trudeau to speak at star-studded virtual concert promoting vaccine equality

April 29 2021

LILLEY: Trudeau's internet censorship bill must be stopped

Bill C-10: Justin Trudeau is a DICTATOR - Viva Frei Vlawg

Matt Gurney: Desperate Liberals hire judge to shield Trudeau from Vance allegations

Here’s what we know about how the military sexual misconduct review will work

Health Canada issues failure warning for Canadian-made COVID-19 antibody treatment

Nearly 500 British Columbians died from drug overdoses in first three months of 2021: coroner

Activists, experts and policy makers speak out on Chinese state influence in Canada

Old Age Security costs more every year. The Trudeau government’s budget is making it worse

April 30 2021

COVID-19 vaccine maker Providence says it's leaving Canada after calls for more federal support go unanswered

Rex Murphy: A pandemic's not an ideal time to hold an election. But can Trudeau resist?

MPs receiving THOUSANDS of angry emails over Trudeau Liberals' internet censorship bill

LILLEY: Trudeau's internet bill would take Canadians off the web

Diane Francis: With more seats than it deserves Atlantic Canada is awash in federal handouts

Joel Trenaman: Canada goes it alone on taxing tech

WARMINGTON: You can't eat in your favourite restaurant. But actors in a movie can

Here is what police will ask to see at the new road checks in B.C.

Head of anti-gang agency says more players involved in current conflict

PNE at risk of folding without $8M provincial bailout, says fair and Vancouver mayor

Canada pausing distribution of Johnson & Johnson vaccine

‘A drop in the bucket’: Canada pledges $10M to India amid COVID-19 crisis, but is it enough?

Steven Guilbeault says only “extremist element” opposes internet regulation bill

Heritage committee won't reverse change to Bill C-10 despite public outcry

New Brunswick opens clinic for patients with mysterious brain disease


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