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ArriveCan App

$54 million tax dollars paid to contractors for the ArriveCan app.

$54 million for an app that tech experts say shouldn't have costed more than $250,000.

$54 million for an app that an amateur developer replicated on his own in a weekend.

$54 million paid to contractors who paid subcontractors to do the actual work.

Millions paid to middlemen. Then millions paid to companies who claimed they never received any cash, nor do they operate in the field they were claimed to have been paid for. More millions funneled into "ghost companies"- that is, companies that don't even exist.

$54 million for an app designed to infringe on Canadians' rights to move freely.

It's estimated the Canadian government has paid these contractors upwards of half a billion dollars over the last ten years.

But here's the real anvil on the head: this isn't the only circumstance in which millions of dollars have disappeared. Under the Trudeau Liberals there have been a number of scenarios where hundreds of millions of tax dollars have evaporated into nothing. Nobody knows where the money went or where it was spent.

I would venture to guess there are some shell companies and offshore accounts that would probably give us a hint as to where that money is. And I would also imagine there are members of this Liberal government who would have some sort of relation to these companies and accounts.

How do I know this?

The exact same thing happened under Chavez in Venezuela. Billions of dollars from nationalized corporations disappeared and ended up in accounts belonging to members of his government.

I'd also imagine some of that money made its way to Chavez himself.

That's how one of the most oil rich countries on earth went bankrupt.

History doesn't repeat, but it rhymes.

Canada seems to be a poem following the same scheme as Venezuela. Almost perfectly symmetrical.

February 12 2024

ArriveCan recap:

* an $80k app ballooned to $54M

* Auditor General now says the true cost is $60M and could be more.

* GC Strategies - who couldn't explain what they do for a living, got $20M.

* Auditor General says the true cost is impossible to determine because of such poor record and financial management - that's how the public sector and Liberals treat tax payer $.

* over 1,700 emails deleted by a bureacurat in regards to the ArriveCan in an obvious cover up attempt.

* there are allegations of bribes ans winning and dinning around the contracts.

* Destruction of evidence and such blatant misuse of tax payer dollars isn't considered criminal by Liberals.

* Liberals, NDP and Bloc have tried to prevent an investigation into ArriveCan.

Oh and we still don't know what is happening with the data from the app, where it's stored, how it's stored and who has access to it - this wasn't event talked about.

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