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February 20 2022

Letters, Feb. 20: 'This whole thing is on Justin Trudeau'


Our petulant prime minister has refused to hear the Freedom Convoy’s concerns and as a result has himself incited a public protest into a national revolt leading to the blockade of international ports of entry. And in an absurd argument over jurisdiction, Justin Trudeau has refused to protect the federally owned and legislated ports of entry responsible for our Canadian economy. Putting that responsibility on struggling provinces with limited resources has led to some of the most oppressive Third World political tactics in Canadian history. It is now a matter of public record that if you challenge a Canadian government, they can ignore you and subject you to: $100,000 fines, imprisonment, confiscation of property, revocation of personal and professional accreditations, criminal charges restricting your right to work or travel, an investigation of your family and the potential removal of your children. The sad reality is, had Trudeau met with the convoy on arrival, it’s quite possible none of this would have ever happened. Canada is in desperate need of honest, ethical leadership — the current Liberal government is in desperate need of a leadership review.


(He’s let this fester.)


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