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Canada Is Broken

June 2023

Why I always tweet that Canada is broken!

These are backed by news articles on my main page. You can search the site easily using keywords. Or all you have to do is step out your door.

High crime

High taxes

High corruption

High debt

High inflation

High hunger

Worst economy G7

Double standards hypocrisy

Failure to hold account

Canadians are genocidal

Everything is Racist

Money Laundering

Worst Housing Crisis

Political Prisoners

Invoking EA

Chinese interference

Failing medical system

Its so bad that people are making YOUTUBE videos on the subject.

And if you can find it.

"Canada is Dying" by Aaron Gunn @aarongunn on twitter

My solution to fixing Canada.

  1. Remove the Carbon Tax

  2. Remove the GST

  3. Lower Payroll Taxes

  4. If you work over 37 hrs a week or over 8 hrs a day. It is NOT TAXED!

  5. Halt ALL Foreign AID.

  6. Halt ALL Domestic GOV funding to charities, special interest groups, studies, etc.

  7. Fire half the public sector workforce. We now have one gov worker for every 112 Canadians.

  8. Remove the Governor General position. All past GG's expense accounts are now rescinded.

  9. Every member of Parliament food allowance cancelled. You can bring your own damn lunch to work.

  10. Illegal immigration is HALTED. They get deported immediately.

  11. Double production of OIL/GAS/LNG.

  12. Build pipelines.

  13. Allow legal citizens to conceal carry firearms. Stand your ground law. Castle Doctrine. Mandatory bodycam must be worn when conceal carrying (doesn't matter the size, smaller camera the better)

  14. Death penalty for murderers.

  15. Mandatory minimum 5 years in prison for committing crimes using firearms.

  16. Self Defense using any method any time against criminals, you will not be prosecuted.

  17. All transfer payments to Quebec HALTED, they are NOT a "Have Not Province."

  18. All liquor on PM flights removed. You want to drink. They can pay for it THEMSELVES.

  19. Free drugs to druggies HALTED. Safe Injection sites REMOVED.

  20. No drag story times. Kids want to be out playing not watching grown men dressed as women read to them.

And a new recent article.

Criminals, eco terrorists, corrupt Liberal politicians don't get jail time or fined. For breaking ethics laws, Dictator @justintrudeau only paid $500. Its good to be King!

Stay-at-home Ontario mom fined $37K for organizing anti-restrictions COVID protests


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