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February 2021

February 1 2021

BREAKING: Trudeau condemns Myanmar coup, calls for release of those detained by military

PMO e-mails reveal frustration with Public Health Agency as pandemic worsened

EVs are so heavy Continental had to invent a new weight rating for its tires

Air Canada, Suncor and other companies launch ‘rapid screening consortium’ to test for coronavirus

Rideau Hall won’t say how much Canadians paid for travel by spouses of former GGs

We Must Draw The Line Against The Growing Assault On Our Rights & Freedoms

Canadian Politics Has An Authoritarianism Problem

MSNBC Condemns ‘Violence’, But Urges ‘Drone Strike’ On President Trump

AGAR: Elites who have it easy want everyone else to stop complaining

Vaccinated Canadians not exempt from travel restrictions: Liberal minister

Six billion dollars and counting: Major tax battle between the CRA and Canada's big banks shows no signs of abating

Two male suspects posing as Vancouver police assault 78-year-old woman at home

February 2 2021

Rupa Subramanya: Chrystia Freeland's side gig with the WEF is endangering Canadian democracy

Former top soldier Gen. Jonathan Vance facing allegations of inappropriate behaviour with female subordinates: sources

WARMINGTON: Bread and water in locked room during forced detention after landing at Pearson

We Cannot Let Fear Be Used To Erode Our Freedom

We will all pay for Freeland’s plan to max out Canada’s credit cards

REVEALED: Trudeau staff discussed keeping COVID response information secret from Canadians

Spymaster hiding in Canada alleged to have stolen $4.5B from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in new lawsuit

February 3 2021

Canada the only G7 country to take vaccines from fund for developing countries

House committee changes rule to prevent MPs from hiring their in-laws

WARMINGTON: Man in forced detention in a Canada COVID hotel

Kielburger brothers say WE Charity controversy left them 'political roadkill'

LILLEY: Trudeau turns to the equivalent of the vaccine food bank

Oilsands giant Suncor Energy notes fourth-quarter loss on lower revenue, writedowns

MP Morrison disappointed Bill C-238 defeated in House of Commons

China Built Three Times as Much Coal Power in 2020 as the Rest of the World Combined

February 4 2021

WARMINGTON: Toronto man 'won't ever forget' forced hotel quarantine

Minister’s office knew of concerns about Vance in 2018: sources

Trudeau says feds having ‘great discussions’ with airlines on COVID aid package

Trudeau's mistake in trusting China has put Canada in a desperate position—the Novavax deal doesn't change that

Prime Minister Trudeau rejects plea from premiers to release details of vaccine contracts

Nunavut hunters block mining road, airstrip in protest

Rex Murphy: This is the worst Canadian government ever. Can there be any question?

How Ottawa utterly botched Canada's COVID vaccine acquisition

Contracts Are Secret ‘By Law’

Absolute Proof with Mike Lindell

FAUL: Retired Toronto Police officer's view on enforcing stay-at-home order

Oxfam reaction to Canada taking COVID-19 vaccines from COVAX program

Diane Francis: Made-in-Canada vaccine announcement was little more than smoke and mirrors

Government of Canada announces one-year ban for pleasure craft and cruise vessels

Trudeau's convicted criminal in cabinet wants to regulate your news and Netflix

Convicted Canadian Bomb Plot Terrorist Shareef Abdelhaleem Granted Parole

Don't show a photo of David Suzuki: How WE Charity tried to keep its donors happy

February 5 2021

Canada’s economy sees sharp job losses, spiking unemployment rate as lockdowns hit hard

Senior bureaucrats managing problem-plagued Phoenix pay system received nearly $2M in bonuses

December COVID-19 vaccine deliveries cost Canada about $16-million: StatsCan

“Fake as f**k”: Ex-Liberal MP calls out Trudeau’s diversity bona fides

Government backtracking: Trudeau mistakenly claims Canada will receive 20M shipments of AstraZeneca vaccine

SHOCK: TIME Magazine Article Admits How the 2020 Election Was “Fortified” Against President Trump

There Is Growing Criticism Of Liberal Government Decision To Tap Into Vaccine Fund Meant For Poor Nations

Time Reveals ‘Shadow Campaign’ of Corporations & Left-Wing Groups Ensured Democracy Didn’t Prevail in Trump Re-election Bid

WARMINGTON: Those held in COVID-detention preparing class-action suit

GOLDSTEIN: How Trudeau changed his tune on Canada's vaccine shortage

Biden upholds U.S.-first vaccine policy, shutting door on Canada, for now

Canada contractually bound to keep COVID-19 vaccine contracts secret, Anand says

Ex-Liberal MP Brands Trudeau’s Diversity Agenda A GIANT FRAUD

Bell Media layoffs: The List

How Ottawa utterly botched Canada's COVID vaccine acquisition

TRUDEAU TRAINWRECK! Despite his vaccine malfunction, he'll be re-elected!

February 6 2021

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau government has become the things it despised

Anti-vaxxers, anti-maskers file $11M lawsuit against Trudeau

Senior Liberal staffers discussed withholding details about COVID-19 response: Internal emails

Ontario loses 153K jobs in January as government considers extending stay-at-home order

Government destroys kids toboggan hill on Okotoks man’s property

KNIGHT: Canadians’ rights are at risk

FUREY: Canada made pandemic playbooks -- and we're not following them

February 7 2021

Canada’s defence minister won’t say if he told PM, cabinet about Vance allegations in 2018

KINSELLA: Magnitude of Trudeau's incompetence now seen by all thanks to vaccine foibles

Kerry doesn't follow his own rules because he doesn't believe climate rhetoric

Facebook, not Parler, played the largest role in the Capitol Hill riot, new documents show

Liberal candidate breaks voting rules, as over 30,000 advance ballots cast

February 8 2021

WATCH: Elizabeth May Slammed In Parliament For Celebrating Loss Of Energy Sector Jobs In Western Canada

Beijing demands Canadian media do more to promote China

WARMINGTON: COVID hotels against Charter of Rights, Justice Centre says

Trudeau's office was hands-on with story on buying faulty KN95 masks about to break

Beijing 2022: ‘China will seriously sanction’ any country that boycotts Winter Olympics, says state-backed media chief

Chinese satirist depicts Justin Trudeau as supervillainess Harley Quinn

FLASHBACK: Kamala Harris Joked About Killing Trump, Pence, and Jeff Sessions

Ottawa lays out criteria for quarantine hotels as it inches toward new travel rule

Canada’s visa application centre in Beijing run by Chinese police

Canada's terrible vaccine rollout is putting the economy at risk and we should be outraged

As polar vortex arrives, Canada logs coldest temperature in years

Two Scientists Fired From Top Canadian Laboratory Amid Police Investigation

February 9 2021

China and Russia ‘aggressively’ targeting Canadians, CSIS director warns

Diane Francis: Questions mount over Trudeau's vaccine dealings with China

Ignored Mask Offer 8 Days In

John Robson: Smug Liberal government is too incompetent to get vaccination right

A rare glimpse inside Calgary's COVID-19 isolation hotel, as travellers share concerns

Planned Enbridge Line 5 shutdown causes job-loss worries for Sarnia

Never Helped Friend: Telford

Canadian embassy in China apologizes for 'Wuhan' T-shirt worn by staff

Wildebeest has permanently closed its doors in Vancouver

Bell cancels all-sports radio format on channels in Vancouver, Winnipeg and Hamilton

Yukon continuing care workers forced to take sick days for vaccine side effects, union says

Alaska lashes out after Canada extends cruise ban until 2022

Ineligible self-employed Canadians who received CERB due to 'unclear' information won't be forced to repay

February 10 2021

Rex Murphy: How cold is it in Saskatchewan? Colder than a carbon-tax-loving politician's heart

Calgary businessman sues Nenshi for defamation for allegedly suggesting he's a gangster

“We are not detaining people”: Trudeau on federal quarantine sites

LILLEY: Trudeau tries to distract from abysmal record on pandemic

Patrick Moore: De-bunking climate and other varieties of alarmism

Lib Lobbyist Boasted In Email

Poilievre Removed From Finance Critic Role

Chris Selley: Hotel quarantine plan is a test of Ottawa's seriousness. It has failed every other one

LILLEY: Trudeau needs to stand up to the bully that is China

BONOKOSKI: Evolving resume of PM Justin Trudeau

February 11 2021

Conservative election campaign ads violated copyright, CBC says

Ottawa announces $55 million in clean tech funding for 20 companies

Trudeau's criticism of Trump cited at U.S. impeachment trial

Opinion: Canadians get answers from India that they can't get from their own prime minister

Gina Carano wasn’t fired over a Holocaust meme

THEY GOT CAUGHT: Dominion Owned Machines Removed 6% of Votes from Each Windham, New Hampshire GOP Candidate – Same Machines Used in 85% of Towns (VIDEO REPORT FROM NEW HAMPSHIRE)

Former Liberal MP's gambling addiction in 'remission' as he waits for fraud trial, law society hearing told

Opinion: Trudeau has presided over worst business investment growth of past five prime ministers

Bracing for 'a tax season like no other,' CRA hires private firm to answer Canadians' questions

N.L. election delayed for nearly half the province due to COVID-19

Emails reveal even some Liberals having trouble trusting Trudeau's pandemic plan

The Scallops Were $39 A Plate

GOLDSTEIN: Canada entered the pandemic in bad shape under Trudeau, says new report

B.C. records 1,716 overdose deaths in 2020, most in a year

India will 'do its best' to send vaccines to Canada, Modi tells Trudeau

February 12 2021

Contraband cellphone video shows prisoners partying behind bars at Toronto South Detention Centre

Gerald Butts' employer granted $310k USD in new Trudeau contracts

Retirement home removed door handles ‘trapping’ COVID-19 positive residents in rooms: whistleblower

CBC argues that CPC election ad “degraded” broadcaster’s reputation

Canadian economy lags behind US for fourth straight year

Mississippi Senate: Ban transgender athletes on female teams

Canada welcomed 184,000 new immigrants in 2020

Liberal Hollywood celebrities, who are known private jet flyers, demanding Biden kill Dakota Access Pipeline

Rioters in Portland Caused $2.3 Million in Damage to Federal Buildings: Official

Aurora Cannabis received $23.7-million in federal wage-support funding last year while laying off hundreds

Trudeau government poised to introduce new gun-control legislation

‘Hypocrisy’: Trump Team Shows Videos of Democrat Lawmakers During Impeachment Trial

Payette scandal sours Canadians on perks, expenses for former governors general: Ipsos

Government missed out on an offer of N95 masks at the start of the pandemic: documents

Drivers fleeing and business plummeting for Metro Vancouver taxi industry, association says

Diane Francis: Under Trudeau CERB stands for Canada's Easy Ripoff Bank

US To Outpace Canada In GDP Growth For Fourth Year In A Row

North Dakota House passes bill restricting girls’ sports to biological girls

Liberal MPs filibuster Conservatives’ attempt to seek release of vaccine contracts

Restaurant king Charles Khabouth deep-fries Justin Trudeau over Canada’s slow vaccine rollout

Federal NDP propose doubling gas-tax funding to cities to aid economic recovery

Laurentian University can cut programs, lay off faculty as part of restructuring, court rules

February 13 2021

Kelowna 'mega rally' draws about 250 protesters against public health orders to combat COVID-19

GOLDSTEIN: Why does Trudeau not want us to see vaccine deals?

WARMINGTON: COVID hotels -- violation of rights or necessary public safety measure?

Why Canada is falling behind in Covid vaccinations

WestJet Comes Out Strongly Against Air Transat-Air Canada Deal

Big Telecom Lobbied Trudeau Government 577 Times In Past Year, TekSavvy Says

Canadian Lawyer magazine pulls article criticizing mandatory pronouns in BC courts

SMEAR: Trudeau gov't handed out official talking points to criticize The Epoch Times

February 14 2021

Ottawa still blocking provinces from ordering vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna: Pallister

‘Document dump’ of thousands of pages reveals federal government’s behind-the-scenes scramble on COVID-19

Canadian military short thousands of troops as COVID-19 impedes training efforts

$400M available in next round of funding to clean up inactive Alberta oil, gas sites

Starbucks Closing Dates

World’s ‘solar and wind capital’ freezing due to snow ‘blanketing millions’ of solar panels

Twitter Bans Three More Dissenters

Huawei Canada VP defends Meng Wanzhou, won’t condemn detention of two Michaels

WATCH: Video montage shows famous Dems telling people to 'fight like hell'

Canada’s main small arms manufacturer sold to Czech firm

O’Toole Can’t Win by Trying to Out-Liberal the Liberals

February 15 2021

Trudeau Government Partnering With Huawei On Research At Canadian Universities

30 Taliban militants are killed in explosion during bomb-making class at Afghan mosque

Don’t Regret Emails Says MP

A Liberal MP who sent internal emails criticizing federal pandemic management says he has no regrets the correspondence was made public. “Damn right,” MP Dr. Marcus Powlowski (Thunder Bay-Rainy River, Ont.) told the Commons health committee: “What are you supposed to do, not send such things to your own Party?”

Nearly Half Of Texas’ Wind Turbines Frozen In Winter Storm, Limiting State’s Power Output

Toronto rapper among 2 charged as accessory to January murder

Racialized adults on revised federal COVID-19 vaccination priority list

Where CERB went: It wasn’t rural Canada

How COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’ May Destroy the Lives of Millions

February 16 2021

Feds table firearms legislation and plan optional gun buyback program

'The vast majority of gun crimes are committed with illegally obtained firearms': Conservatives respond to Trudeau gun ban

BREAKING: O'Toole calls for relocation of Olympic Games from China, citing Uyghur genocide

Welcome to hotel of last resort, the government-run quarantine you really want to leave

Trudeau unveils details of ‘assault-style’ gun buyback program, municipal gun ban

EDITORIAL: Act like a PM: Pull up your socks

CANADA: Cost of mandatory quarantine for newly arrived refugees to be covered by government

Over 5,000 Canadians sent to secret COVID-19 facilities since pandemic began

Federal data gives most detailed picture yet of where CERB went in Hamilton

Ex-GG Julie Payette's legal bills nearly topping $250Gs: Report

Vancouver, Surrey mayors vow to ban handguns if new federal legislation passes

Reparations for slavery could have reduced Covid-19 transmission and deaths in the US, Harvard study says

February 17 2021

LILLEY: Trudeau misfires with proposed gun-control measures

Chris Selley: When it comes to China and 'genocide,' Trudeau is a panda in the headlights

Three men, 18, one boy, 17, accused of armoured car and bank heists

Moe criticizes federal firearms bill consultation process

BREAKING: Edmonton-area pastor jailed for breaching COVID regulations

Despicable: After Roman Baber Asks Ontario MPPs To Live On CERB, Legislature Gives Unanimous Consent To Cutting Only Baber’s Salary

Glavin: The jig is up on genocide, Mr. Trudeau

Terry Glavin: Of course Trudeau refused to say 'genocide.' He has zero credibility on China

Ontario judge presided over Toronto-area court cases from the Caribbean

Canada owes $200M across 3 provinces after underestimating carbon tax revenue

SPENDING AT THE TNRD: The gift of giving

February 18 2021

Devastating Ontario job numbers show it’s time to reduce politician and government employee pay

Cost of mandatory quarantine for newly arrived refugees to be covered by government

FUREY: Toronto's top doc keeps the city locked down with fearful rhetoric

Liberals LOSE IT Over Lauren Boebert's Case Against Gun Control

China hits Canada for statement against arbitrary detention

DND team that organized drunken, $337,000 VIP junket lacked proper oversight: audit

Trudeau’s pre-recession period marked by weak economic numbers


Rex Murphy: As Texas winter storm shows, hurling public money at renewable energy is pure folly

Plunging revenues and sky-high deficits could turn catastrophic for Canadian governments, report warns

LILLEY: Trudeau reduces sentence for serious gun crimes

Don't Accept 100% Of The Climate Change Story And You Get Labeled A Racist

Liberals kill Tory bill to protect property rights

Carbon tax proponent misses mark—several times

Matt Gurney: Trudeau’s gun control fizzle

CRA suspends online accounts of over 100,000 Canadians after login credentials found for sale on dark web

Diane Francis: By unfriending Australia, Facebook proves it is 'dangerously under-regulated'

CBC president Catherine Tait gets a big back-dated pay raise

February 19 2021

BREAKING: Trudeau says it's a 'fact' that Harper harmed indigenous and black communities

Federal government unveils 56 proposals to modify Official Languages Act

Trudeau Shifts Into Election Mode As He Accuses Conservatives Of Hurting Minority Groups

Liberals' proposed language reforms seek 'equality' of English and French in Canada

Police chiefs won’t back Trudeau handgun ban

Minister Sajjan slams “toxic masculinity” in army during General Vance testimony

Bloc vows to defeat budget if it helps oil and gas sectors

No Proof January 6 Was an ‘Armed Insurrection’

February 20 2021

Health officials can't explain Dr. Tam's 'rocket ship' modelling

Federal workers paid $819 million to stay home during the pandemic under '699' clause

Western Canadian oil arrives in New Brunswick — by ship

MPs pass motion requiring Liberal government to let them see COVID vaccine contracts

FUREY: Public health officials need to be transparent and accountable

Rex Murphy: The electric snowmobile will save us all. The Liberals have said so

Firearm Buyback Program announcement leaves local business owner in the dark

You've got mail, overflowing U.S. post office near Canadian border tells Ontario customers

LILLEY: Prime Minister's gun moves leave John Tory scratching his head

KINSELLA: Unlike other countries, Canada hasn't learned from COVID mistakes

Taxpayer group slams “shameful” Ontario MPPs who voted against pay cut

YouTube AI Blocked Chess Channel after Confusing 'Black' and 'White' for Racist Slurs

February 21 2021

WATCH: Adamson Barbecue owner defends his 'civil disobedience'

Quebec actress dies while waiting for surgery delayed by COVID-19

IN HER WORDS: One of the women behind Vance allegations tells her story

Liberal MP suggests criminal charges for provincial officials who lift lockdown measures

Coca-Cola, Facing Backlash, Says 'Be Less White' Learning Plan Was About Workplace Inclusion

Quebec signing more contracts with private clinics to help clear surgery waitlists

February 22 2021

Liberal cabinet to abstain from vote on declaring China's treatment of Uighurs a genocide

Are Face Masks Effective? The Evidence.

Manitoba increases investment in program to get people to stay home


MPs vote to label China's persecution of Uighurs a genocide

New Covid travel rules violate Canada’s Charter

FUREY: Trudeau refuses to stand up to China

City looking to recoup $187K it spent enforcing closure of Etobicoke BBQ restaurant in November

Ottawa says it didn’t know of Chinese police link to Beijing visa centre

AGAR: It's the private sector that's sacrificing everything

Adamson Barbecue billed $187,000 by City of Toronto for November protests

Trudeau gov. grilled over construction firms hired for First Nations infrastructure projects

From vaccines to pipelines to clean water on reserves, why Canada can't seem to get anything done

Environmentalists Spent a Record $2.4 Billion Pushing Global Warming Ideology

February 23 2021

Foreign diplomats among those exempt from the mandatory hotel quarantine

Gov’t Silent On Deficit Target

International travelers are walking out of Mississauga's Pearson Airport and ignoring quarantine rules

John Robson: Justin Trudeau and his cabinet show cowardice by hiding from genocide vote

AHS drops case, pays legal fees of Alberta café that reopened in spite of COVID-19 rules

WATCH: Poilievre schools Liberals on economy, says Trudeau needs to 'stop making excuses' for job losses

COVID-19 vaccines could allow toughest restrictions to lift before September: Tam

WATCH: Poilievre schools Liberals on economy, says Trudeau needs to 'stop making excuses' for job losses

Former Liberal MP calls Trudeau a ‘fool’ unconcerned with increasing costs

‘It doesn’t make sense’: Feds pledged spend billions on First Nations water plants, but not on the pipes to carry fresh water to homes

February 24 2021

How Ottawa's mistakes ensured you'll likely be vaccinated six months later than everyone else

KINSELLA: Prime Minister, shame will follow you after Uighur genocide cowardice

MANDEL: Marco Muzzo still has 'concerning' lack of empathy for victims, parole board says

Man accused of sexual assault quarantined at hotel

Bill Bewick: Robbing the West to pay for the rest — exposing the unfairness of equalization

Some travellers walking out of Pearson airport instead of paying for quarantine hotel

Trudeau’s Bill To Euthanize Mental Illness Sufferers Passed By Senate

February 25 2021

Canada is leaderless, rudderless and sinking fast.

Too many First Nations lack clean drinking water and it's Ottawa's fault, says auditor general

David Staples: We've spent like crazy on COVID policies but a reckoning will come

Conservatives call for suspension of COVID facilities after alleged sexual assault at Trudeau airport

Due to the pandemic, small businesses now owe an ‘alarming’ total of $135 billion

EDITORIAL: Canada, U.S. may impose carbon tariffs

GOLDSTEIN: Interest on gov't debt costing us $50 billion a year

Some Travellers Skipping Mandatory Hotel Quarantine For $880 Fine

McKenna condemns Islamophobia days after abstaining from Uyghur genocide vote

Report: Under Armour Forced White Employees to Undergo ‘Antiracist’ Reeducation Program

Chris Selley: A few days in and 'mandatory' hotel quarantines are already a debacle

Diane Francis: Why it's time to resurrect Energy East

Rex Murphy: The advisers of strong premiers deserve special praise. Especially in Newfoundland!

Best Buy just laid off 5,000 workers and will close more stores

Public health agency investigating reports of 2 quarantine sexual assaults

February 26 2021

Trudeau's Canada: Low achievement, high self-esteem

Liberal lobbyist contacted PMO but didn’t report it

AG Defends Ties To Lobbyist

Terence Corcoran: The fiscal monetary dragons

Workers at federal quarantine hotel in Richmond vote to strike

Vancouver Island fish farm begins euthanizing 1M salmon ahead of federal phase out

WATCH: Conservative MP asks why $237 million contract was awarded to former Liberal MP, receives no response

Feds’ bank has $35 billion, but after four years nothing has been built

Canadian Banks Urged To Cut Rates, Suspend Payments As Profits Soar

Infrastructure Minister defends crown corporation that has never completed a project

WE Charity held 2 fundraised openings for same Kenya school, former donor says

Report: Facebook a ‘Hotbed of Child Sexual Abuse Material’ with 20M Incidents


Trudeau's Canada: Low achievement, high self-esteem

Trudeau government backpedals on investigating human rights complaints against mining companies

The story of Lexi Daken and a New Brunswick mother’s fight to fix a ‘completely failing’ system

Saskatchewan Trumps Municipalities Regarding Handgun Ban

This Woman Experienced Lip Swelling After She Got the COVID-19 Vaccine—Here’s What to Know

February 27 2021

WE Charity had multiple 'opening' ceremonies for Kenya school: former donor

'62 per cent effectiveness is still better than zero': Ottawa's top doctor addresses concerns about COVID-19 vaccine efficacy

February 28 2021

NEWS Ombudsman admits she’s hasn’t produced a report in two years – despite being paid $432,000

WATCH: Footage shows long waits, no food at Trudeau COVID quarantine camps

Gummed-up bills in House of Commons: harbinger of a federal election?

LILLEY: Trudeau makes Canada 'vaccine pirate,' stealing from poor nations

MP joins former donor in calling for RCMP investigation into WE Charity following testimony

Richmond Boston Pizza location says final goodbye

Taxpayers on the hook for $50 billion worth of interest on government debt

Donor calls for investigations of WE Charity’s finances in Canada and U.S.


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