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July 2021 Part 2

July 20 2021

Feds pour $120 million into affordable housing in Brampton; 300 families moving in

Feds looking into Muslim charities' concerns: PM

ILLEY: Trudeau ignores Liberal Party's racist and anti-immigrant past

Vancouver city councillor helps hand out $3,000 worth of free meth, heroin and cocaine

Liberals add $1.4 billion to climate change mitigation fund: McKenna

Need ‘Special’ Fix For French

Bill Gates- and George Soros-Backed Organization Buys Out COVID-19 Testing Company

‘Segregation’: Toronto restaurant loses business after refusing to serve unvaccinated people

Trudeau says he’s not angry no one told him about 2018 Vance allegation

Posthaste: You need to plunk down at least $175,000 and 40% of your monthly income to afford a home in these cities

EDITORIAL: Study blows hole in PM's climate plan

Vancouver least affordable Canadian city: RE/MAX

Trudeau says he’s not angry no one told him about 2018 Vance allegation

EDITORIAL: Study blows hole in PM's climate plan

July 21 2021

Quebec rejects $9-billion LNG export project, citing environmental concerns

Etobicoke gym bans vaccinated people

North America about to turn into a graveyard of mega pipeline projects

Canadian travellers frustrated as U.S. cruise lines won’t recognize mixing-and-matching COVID-19 vaccines

Pfizer recalls anti-smoking drug Chantix due to cancer-causing chemical

Rex Murphy: Desecration of 48 churches is a national tragedy, yet government seems to care little about Christians

Vancouver real estate: vacant detached home on West Side lot sells for less than $1 million

LEVY: Shameful double standard in how police, politicians and the media cover terror attacks

148 acres of Lower Mainland public lands transferred to First Nations

Islamic scholar: ‘The husband’s beating of his wife should be a therapeutic beating’

Canada spends another US$71M on F-35 amid calls to cancel fighter jet purchase

07/21/2021: Lab Alert: Changes to CDC RT-PCR for SARS-CoV-2 Testing

Braid: Another battle looming with Ottawa over worker transition from oil and gas

Crown-Indigenous Minister Carolyn Bennett's office is a 'toxic' workplace, ex-staffers claim

July 22 2021

4,000 Afghans who helped military going abroad to complete visas to U.S.

Zero Job Creation For $595M

ANALYSIS: Four Major Stories That Were Considered ‘Disinformation’ Until They Weren’t

Innu council says province, Hydro-Québec ignored their concerns about reservoir

Gwyn Morgan: Net zero is fantasy. Net reductions are easy — with LNG

The More Canada Abandons Personal Responsibility, The More Authoritarian Our Government Becomes

Alyssa suffered a stroke after her COVID-19 jab, but still thinks vaccination is the solution to the pandemic

TERRAZZANO: Each Canadian owes $57,000 in government debt

Trudeau says federal security, tax agencies must do more to end Islamophobia

Vancouver police billboard urging caution being labelled dystopian by critics

Sabrina Maddeaux: Justin Trudeau's sociopathic dismissal of sexual misconduct in the military

Sajjan directed military to provide him with aide in Vancouver: documents

COVID19 vaccine mixing is leading to major travelling mix-ups

Foreign Affairs praised Cuba for 'strong commitment to economic and social rights': Report

Waterloo MP Chagger says she won't resign over WE Charity scandal

Longer gap between Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine shots boosts antibodies higher, study finds

Chris Selley: Bilingualism is the enemy of Ottawa's inclusivity agenda

Federal budget won’t be balanced until 2070: PBO

Liberals' attempt to shield documents on fired scientists violates parliamentary privilege, Speaker

New Auditor General delays many audits 'indefinitely' and seeks more funding to deal with pandemic

July 23 2021

YVR arrivals terminal splits passengers by COVID-19 vaccination status

West Kelowna man caught on video setting fire re-arrested, charged with arson

Algerian judoka quits again rather than face Israeli foe at Olympics

Rex Murphy: Dany Fortin's reputation torched by troubling witch hunt

Anniversary of Faisal Hussain’s Murder Of Teenage Girls Reveals Deception of Public

Canada offers ‘path to protection’ for Afghan interpreters amid ‘critical’ situation

Trudeau government silent on whether it will sanction Cuba

Senator Is Also A Contractor

Lawyer for accused in cop's murder asks public to keep an open mind about 'tragic case'

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan faces another scandal, former aide investigated for workplace relationship

Meet Ben & Jerry’s Board Chair: Anti-Israel Activist Has Published Defenses of Hezbollah, Hamas

Toxic workplace in office of indigenous minister, say ex-employees

July 24 2021

Toronto man wanted after two women forcibly confined, assaulted

12 arrested at climate protest that blocked Burrard Bridge

GOLDSTEIN: UN to hold annual 'private jets for climate change' gabfest

HMO: Early vaccinees are twice as likely to catch COVID as later recipients

The FDA announced that the CDC PCR test for COVID-19 Emergency Use Authorization has been REVOKED!

Doctors Raise Awareness on Ivermectin Treatment for COVID-19

Why you can't just blame climate change for B.C. being on fire

July 25 2021

WATCH: Police VIOLENTLY ARREST Rebel security at Freedom Day protest

MALCOLM: Churches are burning in Canada – where’s the outrage?

FUREY: A permanent domestic vaccine passport?

July 26 2021

AVIATION YVR no longer splitting passengers at arrivals terminal by COVID vaccination status

Mapped: GDP per Capita Worldwide

Charges approved against Canadian ISIS fighter detained in Syria, documents reveal

“Immense Pressure” At CBC

Ontario asks Ottawa to work with WHO on ensuring mixed vaccines recognized abroad

Trudeau government claims the CBC is under immense financial pressure

Canadian Mortgage Quality Has “Deteriorated”: Bank Of Canada

Tory wants action on bail as shootings continue

July 27 2021

COVID-19 linked to 'significant' drop in intelligence: research

SURPRISE! Hunter Biden’s Art Dealer Has Ties To China

Canada approved deal to sell $74-million worth of explosives to Saudi Arabia

Prime minister rips Montreal Canadiens for drafting scandal-hit prospect Logan Mailloux

ISLAM London Mayor Sadiq Khan Completely Ignores Speaker’s Corner Stabbing of Woman Wearing Charlie Hebdo T-Shirt

Not vaccinated against COVID-19? B.C.'s health officials say there will be 'consequences'

Stephen Harper says Canada's pandemic spending has been 'overkill' in podcast appearance

Canada Isn’t Just Seeing A Surge In Highly Indebted Buyers. They Have Little Equity

July 28 2021

Kelly McParland: Justin Trudeau hypocritically punishes others for past mistakes, while brushing off his own

England, Scotland exempt some countries from travel quarantine, but Canada not among them

Must “Reduce Air Pollution”

Fall election likely as Trudeau bets big on COVID-19 rebound, reopening: sources

Kielburger Off Federal Board

Without fiscal course correction, Ottawa could be posting deficits until 2070, PBO says

Pfizer claims 3rd dose 'strongly' boosts protection against Delta variant

Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine generated $7.8 billion in revenue in the second quarter

AstraZeneca to seek US approval for COVID-19 vaccine by second half of 2021

Canadian airports quickly abandon vaxxed/unvaxxed screening lanes

Rex Murphy: Starship Canada takes the federal budget where it's never gone before

Terry Glavin: Coal-spewing China has taken the world's climate hostage

July 29 2021

Millions of AstraZeneca doses shipped to Canada from U.S. plant before complete inspection

Sajjan calls feds' 72-hour application deadline for Afghan interpreters a 'mistake'

Banff Mayor Karen Sorensen appointed to Senate

Send a message to Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig as they near 1,000 days in detention in China

Trudeau skips elections, appoints Alberta fangirl as Senator

Glass houses, Prime Minister

'A roll of the dice': New report raises alarm over mounting federal debts as Ottawa seeks economic growth

Douglas Todd: Vancouver still suffering fallout from 'students' buying mansions

July 30 2021

Canada extends pandemic benefits through to Oct. 23

Gov’t To Name Chief Censor

If Coal Is Dead, Then Why Are Ships So Full Of It?

Ottawa to give ArcelorMittal Dofasco $400M to phase out coal-fired furnaces

Canada to appoint a Chief Censor

CPC MP calls out legacy media for ignoring Trudeau’s treatment of women

Vaccinated people spreading Delta variant just as quickly as the unvaccinated: Leaked CDC document

Posthaste: Canadian businesses say they can't find employees because applicants are lacking these crucial skills

Nearly 1.6 billion disposable masks polluted oceans in 2020, will take 450 years to decompose

Wrong Predictions Don't Deter The Predictors

U.S. events led to massive COVID-19 outbreak – mostly among fully vaccinated

B.C. lawyer suspended after millions deposited into her firm's trust accounts

'Its ethics are entirely nihilist': Stephen Harper slams 'woke' left in rare interview

July 31 2021

Disney To Require Employees Be Vaccinated Against COVID-19

GOLDSTEIN: Why China makes Trudeau's carbon tax irrelevant

Toronto man does all the right things when crossing the Canada/U.S. border — but still gets stung with a $6,200 fine!

WARMINGTON: Boy, 12, injured in city's latest wild west shootout

EDITORIAL: Huge public debt risks Canada's future

SHEPHERD: Regulating Canadians’ “incorrect” opinions

Newly appointed “independent” senator made multiple donations to the Liberals

BONOKOSKI: Beating back of sensical thinking during pandemic crisis

Twitter Suspends Science Writer After He Posts Results Of Pfizer Clinical Test

Trudeau government ran a $24 billion deficit in first two months of fiscal year


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