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KINSELLA: Ottawa 'freedom fighters' think they know more than experts - Rebuttal

February 9 2022

We at Stand Together For Canada would like to offer our rebuttal.

Kinsella's original article will be in bold. Our responses will be italics text.


Okay, you guys win.

No more masks. No more vaccinations. No more social distancing. No more vaccine passports.

Get rid of ’em all. You win.

Whether you’re a freedomer up in Ottawa, with your kids tucked beside some Jerry cans of diesel in the cab of your truck, or if you’re a Liberal backbencher nobody has heard of before and who decided to speak up only after concluding you’re unlikely to ever be in cabinet, you win. We give up.

Great. At the beginning of the "greatest" pandemic to ever hit the planet. No one knew what it was and how bad it would become. Its two years later now. And body bags aren't lining up the streets. In Canada, you have a 98% chance of surviving covid. Which we know is a flu virus.

Just forget what millions of doctors and nurses have been saying about COVID-19 — about how transmissible it is, how it’s a shape-shifter virus, one that requires us to accept that it can’t be beaten overnight.

Again two years later now. We're still here. Its a flu virus. Of course its going to be "transmissible." Of course it will mutate. That's why the cold and the flu have not been eradicated.

About how it is so deadly — killing at least six million people so far — and how it has made more than 400 million people really, really sick.

Indeed. That sounds horrible. But if you do the math and divide by 7.75 billion people. 6 million people comes to 0.00077419354 of the total population. And 400 million people equates to 0.05161290322 of the total population. Those are actually very good odds for a flu virus.

Humans come in all shapes and sizes. Definitely a certain group of the population will succumb to covid. Just like cancer and every other disease out there. People can go their whole lives without getting cancer. While others get cancer repeatedly.

Forget about all that. Forget, too, that the real experts — not the ones on Twitter with a Viking for a profile picture, and the name “Freedom” followed by a lot of numbers — sound scared, really scared, that we are pretending that the war against COVID is won.

We always laugh when we see "experts" giving their opinion. Majority of the time they are wrong. Just look at Dr. Tam.

If you mean "won" as total eradication of covid. Never going to happen. You can't put the genie back in the bottle.

The best way would be to open everything up and let the virus run its course. Yes a certain part of the population will get covid. Just like they do everything else. Otherwise why aren't we locking down the country for EVERY virus and disease that kills.

When it isn’t, and when it has killed at least 35,000 men, women and children in Canada so far — the equivalent of the entire population of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, or Grand Prairie, Alberta, where the governments just lifted basic pandemic protections.

35k out of 38 million Canadians equates to 0.00092105263

I don't know about you but that percentage is not zombie apocalypse.

Forget about all that. Forget, as well, what it does to you when you get it — which you still really, really could. The chances of which are greater than ever before, because we’re apparently getting rid of masks and vaccines and mandates.

Masks are a placebo. If you really wanted to protect yourself you would also be wearing gloves. Which aren't mandated by the way. To truly protect yourself from a virus you to need to wear this.

Why are masks mandated anyways? Canada is 81% 2x mRNA vaccinated. And 44% 3x mRNA vaccinated. If the "vaccine" works why do you need mandates? With those numbers Canada has reached herd immunity. The problem which no one in the MSM or anywhere else will admit. The mRNA vaccine doesn't work.

There’s three stages to it, really, when you get COVID.

Stages for Cancer, alzheimer's, etc etc etc, really, when you get those viruses, diseases and afflictions. This is supposed to scare us into complying.

Sandra Pearce is an American respiratory specialist. She’s been on the front lines of caring for patients with COVID since the beginning.

The truth is covid is survivable if you are healthy and have no comorbidities. This will mostly affect the elderly. As you get younger, the survival rate increases.

Here’s what she says you can expect.

As we said. These stages could be said of any virus, disease, affliction. Yet you don't hide in your basement.

In the first stage, Pearce says symptoms range from mild to severe — and can include fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion, runny nose, nausea or vomiting, and diarrhea.

Half the time, she says, people are asymptomatic, meaning they are spreading the disease without even knowing it.

In the second stage, the virus has crept into your lungs, freedom fighters, and it causes pneumonia. That’s when you will have trouble breathing, chest pain and even confusion.

“When you’re constantly coughing and can’t take deep breaths, your oxygen level can decrease,” Pearce says.

At this stage, she’s seen a lot of people who can’t even walk across the room without getting winded. COVID is starting to kill them.

Stage three is the worst, of course, but all those truckers and nobody MPs in Ottawa know better.

In stage three, Sandra Pearce says, your body starts to shut down. This is the stage when your lungs go into what is called a hyperinflammatory response, which usually leads to sepsis and total organ failure. It’s ugly. It’s painful.

Often, in this stage, they’ll put you on a ventilator because you can’t breathe on your own anymore. Sometimes they’ll stick a tube through your rib cage, because too much pressure has built up in your lungs.

“This is when we call your family because it may be the last time you’re able to talk to them,” Sandra Pearce says.

She adds: “I’ve cried. It’s hard to watch when they are close to the end.”

But those folks up in Ottawa — waving Confederate flags and swastikas, and blaring their horns all day and all night, and pissing on the War Memorial — they know better than experts like Sandra Pearce. They say it’s a hoax, or it’s overblown, or it’s Justin Trudeau’s way of controlling all of us for a Great Reset or One World Government. Something like that.

I've only seen one person all hooded up waving the Confederate flag. And the group took care of him/her real fast. As for swastikas. The left are sneaky now. They will plant people and stir things up. To think otherwise would be naïve. Who's flying these Nazi flags? You would think you could unmask them and get an identification on who they are. Especially when everyone has a cellphone camera.

When swastikas' were shown at the Pro Palestinian protest in Toronto. I don't recall the outrage except from Joe Warmington.

So they’ve won. Because they’re afraid to get a little needle. Because they don’t like a little bit of inconvenience. Because they are disinterested in treating the lives of friends and family with reverence. Even though life should always be revered.

That needle doesn't work. Because we're still on the brink, The Brink, THE BRINK. Forever damaging our Charter Rights is not what we would call "inconvenient."

So, you’ve won. Get rid of the masks. Get rid of vaccines. Get rid of the things we know help to protect us and those we love. Get rid of all of that.

Open everything up. People will always get the flu. No matter what you do.

And when you are in an intensive care unit in a hospital somewhere, drowning in your own bodily fluids, gasping your final breath, someone like Sandra Pierce will be looking down on you. And she will be crying.

That could be said of anything. You do know Toronto is the shooting capital of Canada. You don't cry for them?

But me? I won’t be.

Do you cry for car accident victims, shooting victims, subway accidents, etc etc etc. No you don't. Saying you do is lying.

Finally if you want to know where we get our information from. We have collected over 6 years of articles pertaining to Trudeau and what he's done to Canada.

You can find it at

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