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Why Our Countries Are In Decline

June 1 2023

- people are willing and able to kill kids

- no moral or ethical standards

- no accountability

- respect was earned

- lies are now the truth

- soft on crime system

- no manners

- only 2 genders not every letter of alphabet

- everyone is offended by everything

- mRNA "vaccine" does not work

- climate change is fake

- life lessons not taught

- woke indoctrination in school system

- everything is racist when it is not

- drag shows for kids

- And the people defining the "hate" is typically any opinion that contradicts their own

- banning straws when everything in the grocery store you buy is covered in single use plastic

- no such thing as "zero emissions" you need fossil fuels to mine transport build run your ev, windmills, etc

- when our society is willing to bring into the mainstream the ridiculous notion that a person can "identify" as whatever they want

- science has become political science - "trusting the science" is the most anti science statement ever. Questioning the science using the scientific method is how you do science - "all" scientists are in "agreement" except the ones who disagree and are censured

- LoL only in Canada they are doing everything they can to get you to stop smoking.

But give you hard drugs willy nilly. In Vancouver, smoking cigarettes is becoming more and more limited while you can do crack and heroin right out in the open. Police won't stop you. Bizarro world.

- Canada is broken

"it’s about a country that’s so broken, it’s unwilling, or unable, to celebrate its very existence"

- Our society has gone to hell.

- Yes stop catering to the idiot left who destroy everything they touch

- Yes Everyone who disagrees with a lefty is a racist.

- Then VS Now!

- Go Woke Go Broke

- And last of all. I mentioned pedophiles should be "castrated" and someone ACTUALLY complained. And you wonder why our world is in decline.

And final final. I don't know her name but she sums up the USA (and Canada) perfectly.


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