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Monies Given To UN and Foreign Countries To Date - Part 2

Tabulated from current articles.

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Total = $102,905,940,582

Everything Trudeau and the Liberals are doing is with borrowed money.

If you have any information or news stories that contain monies dispersed please email me and I will add it.

Canadians are heavily taxed. If it was up to me I would END ALL FOREIGN AID.

If you see any errors please inform me and I will correct it.

All entries are backed by a corresponding news story. See main menu and choose month.



February 10 2020 - Trudeau promises $10 million to African Nations for gender equality


February 10 2020 - The successful replenishment of the Bank’s African Development Fund 15 - to which Canada contributed substantially with $355 million - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets African leaders to advance conflict resolution and economic security (Our Comment: This may have been added to a previous African "donation" listed before.)


February 13 2020 - Trudeau is on a farm in Keri, about 50 kilometres outside the capital of Dakar, to witness how $14 million in Canadian aid over the last 10 years helped stimulate vegetable production. ($5.6 Million is Trudeau's contribution.)


February 13 2020 - $4.8 million initiative to improve sexual and reproductive health and rights for adolescent girls in Senegal


March 13 2020 - Trudeau's Liberals give “green” energy firm $40.6M — to create jobs in Texas


March 21 2020 - Liberals promise millions in foreign aid to help combat COVID-19 abroad

April 5 2020 - BREAKING: Trudeau government gives $159 MILLION to developing countries for feminism, coronavirus


April 15 2020 - Trudeau gave $830,000 for COVID-19 research to the same Wuhan virus laboratory suspected of kicking off the pandemic


April 18 2020 - Liberal Government Gave $41 MILLION Of Your Taxpayer Dollars In Foreign Aid To China


May 4 2020 - 'A global challenge': PM Trudeau commits $850 million to global fight against COVID-19


June 9 2020 - Coronavirus: Feds to spend $8.9M in foreign aid for reproductive health services


June 13 2020 - Canada’s PM announces new support program

Canada has announced a contribution FJ$15.3 million to the Network (CFAN)


June 25 2020 - Canada spends $1.5 million to fund feminist COVID-19 journalism overseas


June 27 2020 - Canada pledges $300 million to address humanitarian concerns of COVID-19 abroad


August 10 2020 - Trudeau government announces additional humanitarian aid to Lebanon




September 29 2020 - Canada pledges $400M in global humanitarian aid to help combat coronavirus


November 26 2020 - Feds ‘Creating Jobs’ In Kenya


December 14 2020 - Trudeau Liberals committing to $485 MILLION in foreign aid, vaccines for poor countries


December 21 2020 - The Honourable Karina Gould, Minister of International Development, today announced Canada’s continued support of up to $90 million over 3 years for Palestinian refugees through the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).


January 11 2021 - PM commits up to $55 million to reduce land degradation at virtual biodiversity summit

$3,000,000,000 (loan but it won't be paid back)

March 9 2021 - Trudeau Liberals' agency approve $3 BILLION in loans to China


March 13 2021 - Canada commits nearly $30-million in assistance for Colombia as country grapples with waves of migrants and internal conflict


March 17 2021 - $132.9 million to establish the Canada-African Development Bank Climate Fund


March 23 2021 - WATCH: Bergen Rips Trudeau Government For Sending $40 Million Of Your Taxpayer Dollars To Communist China


April 30 2021 - ‘A drop in the bucket’: Canada pledges $10M to India amid COVID-19 crisis, but is it enough?


May 18 2021 - Prime Minister Trudeau announces additional support for hard-hit African economies

7 million over five years for the AfDB’s Africa Climate Change Fund

$300 million recapitalization to FinDev Canada over three years, starting in 2023-24

$75.9 million facility in partnership with FinDev Canada to support low-income and underserved people

$15.2 million to the African Trade Policy Centre of the U.N. Economic Commission for Africa

$40 million in funding to GuarantCo to enhance affordable and sustainable infrastructure

$5 million to the Regional Disease Surveillance Systems Enhancement Program

$375 million proposed in Budget 2021 would be contributed to the Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT)

Since the start of this crisis, Canada has committed more than $2.5 billion to support the global COVID-19 response.

Minus - $159,000,000 March 21 2020

Minus - $830,000 April 15 2020

Minus - $850,000,000 May 4 2020

Minus - $1,500,000 June 25 2020

Minus - $300,000,000 June 27 2020

Minus - $400,000,000 September 29 2020

Minus - $450,000,000 December 14 2020

Minus - $10,000,000 April 30 2021

Remaining - $328,670,000 unaccounted for unknown.


May 28 2021 - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau commits $25M for Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank


June 30 2021 - Canada promises $100M in foreign aid to support care workers in developing countries

$ Not included in total

Backgrounder - Canada’s support for Palestinian refugees


Estimate $300,000,000 : $30 per shot at 10 million doses.

October 30 2021 - Canada will donate 10 million doses of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine to the COVAX vaccine sharing facility and donate $15 million to help make mRNA vaccines in Africa.

In all, between financial contributions and direct delivery of doses, Canada says it will help deliver at least 200 million shots of vaccine by the end of next year.


January 21 2022 - Canada loaning $120M to Ukraine, looking at further actions in face of Russian aggression


February 14 2022 - Canada Offering up to C$500 Million Loan to Ukraine, Lethal Weapons - PM

Update: June 29 2022 - It is now up to 1 Billion Loan. “Canada has already offered a $1 billion loan to Ukraine through the AA announced in Budget 2022 has already been disbursed. Canada has also fully disbursed a $500 million bilateral sovereign loan to Ukraine,” the press release said. +380 Million more.


April 7 2022 - The announcements in the federal budget mean Canada has now committed more than C$1.2 billion in direct contributions to Ukraine, as well as offering up to C$1.6 billion in loan supports.


April 8 2022 - Trudeau announces $220 million to vaccinate the third world


May 10 2022 - Canada pledges $229 million to help victims of Syria conflict, refugees


May 12 2022 - Trudeau announces $732 million in funding for global access to vaccines


May 12 - BREAKING: Justin Trudeau caught funding the World Economic Forum with tax money


May 12 - Trudeau government gave $3 million to WEF and $1.6 billion to UN in 2021


May 24 2022 - Canada makes major contribution to support small and medium-sized agri-food enterprise growth in Africa


June 23 2022 - Trudeau announces $250M in food aid, blames Russia for skyrocketing prices


June 29 2022 - “Canada will provide a total of $75 million through partners including the United Nations, Red Cross and NGOs with specific allocations to be determined based on 2023 humanitarian appeals from the UN and the International Committee of the Red Cross as well as up-to-date needs assessments,” it continued.

Other funding included $52 million in agricultural gear and mobile grain storage capacities, $15 million in de-mining equipment and $9.7 million to combat human rights violations.


August 3 2022 - Canada donates $40 million to address Ukraine grain storage shortage


September 20 2022 - Canada's $20 million "gift" to Queen's scholarship program lands Trudeau in hot water


September 21 2022 - Canada announces a $1.21-billion contribution to fight HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria and additional support to mitigate the impact of COVID-19


October 10 2022 - Canada to donate $47 mlllion to Ukraine in artillery ammunition, unmanned cameras, satellite services, winter clothing – defense minister


November 12 2022 - "This is a generational shift," Trudeau told leaders gathered in Phnom Penh for a summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. "I am announcing concrete investments that are part of our commitment to this relationship," he said, before listing $333 million in new funding.


November 12 2022 - Ottawa will also spend $84.3 million for a new Shared Ocean Fund aimed at cracking down on illicit fishing in the region, and $40 million for an engagement fund that will help public servants as well as civil society do research on the Indo-Pacific region.


November 12 2022 - The Liberals are allocating $24 million for a private-sector centre to inform businesses of opportunities in Asia, and the same amount for the Asia-Pacific Foundation to operate an office on the continent. There is also funding to run educational exchanges and to help ASEAN counties partake in trade-deal negotiations with Canada.


November 14 2022 - Today, at the G20 Summit in Bali, Indonesia, the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, announced that Canada will provide $500 million in additional military assistance for Ukraine, to assist the Armed Forces of Ukraine in defending their country against Russia’s brutal and unjustifiable invasion.


November 15 2022 - Trudeau has earmarked $750 million for a Crown corporation to finance infrastructure projects in Asia over three years, starting next March.


November 15 2022 - Trudeau also announced $80 million for global health systems, with most of the funding going to a World Bank project that helps countries prevent pandemics and respond to them.


November 15 2022 - In Bali, Canada alsoco-launched a partnership with G7 and Nordic nations to help Indonesia wean itself off coal, agreeing to put up $10 billion and soliciting the same amount from the private sector.


December 13 2022 - Canada to provide $115M to repair Kyiv's power grid


Jan 10 2023 - Canada buys Ukraine $400M air-defence system; Canadian Army still waits for such equipment


February 7 2023 - Canada providing $10 million in earthquake aid to Turkey and Syria


February 16 2023 - Canada announces $44.8 million in new funding to support the CARICOM in addressing the climate crisis


March 24 2023 - Liberal government announces $100M in aid to shore up police forces in Haiti


April 22 2023 - Canada pledges $39-million in sniper rifles, non-lethal aid for Ukraine


June 10 2023 - Trudeau gives Ukraine another $500 million in surprise trip


June 12 2023 - Canada pledges $450 million for UN climate change fund


September 5 2023 - ASEAN Region Program will deliver an additional $10 million in funding to ASEAN between 2023 and 2028.

$2.6 million to the World Institute for Nuclear Security to support sustainable nuclear security

$13 million for two development assistance sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) projects in Indonesia

$40 million loan to the Karian Serpong Water Supply Project (loan) Up solar power investments, is supported by a $64.05 million loan from Canada (loan)

Canada is also loaning Indonesia over $100 million to build green infrastructure for clean water and solar power (loan)


September 17 2023 - Canada to give $33-million to help buy air defences for Ukraine


September 19 2023 - Canada signs $3B nuclear deal with Romania, as Europe aims to wean off Russian energy (more financing wink wink which we'll never see back)


September 22 2023 - Canada commits $650M to Ukraine over 3 years: PM


October 19 2023 - Trudeau pledges nearly $90 million to fight climate change, vaccine equity in Caribbean


December 5 2023 - Philippines receives $5.3 bln climate finance commitment from Canada


December 20 2023 - 'Deepening unemployment crisis' among Iraqi youth prompts $9.9M federal investment


December 23 2023 - Ottawa spends $9.9M to create “gender-inclusive environment” for youth in Iraq


February 14 2024 - Canada announces $60M for F-16 supplies and equipment for Ukraine ahead of NATO meeting


February 22 2024 - Canada pledges $80.5M toward mission to improve security in Haiti


February 24 2024 - Canada announces additional support for Ukraine


April 11 2024 - Minister Hussen announces over $142 million in funding to support health systems and women’s health and rights and provide humanitarian assistance in Democratic Republic of Congo and in Benin


April 12 2024 - Ottawa to provide $132 million to help people fleeing civil war in Sudan


April 26 2024 - Canada to donate $3M to Ukraine drone production, buy more ammunition


May 20 2024 - Trudeau Liberals announce $65 million in aid to Gaza


June 13 2024 - Canada announces $5B contribution toward Ukraine loan as G7 leaders meet in Italy


May 26 2020

Canadian tax dollars may be funding groups with terrorist links through UN relief package

January 22 2021

China condemns Australian human rights record at the United Nations

May 25 2021

Trudeau is sticking future generations with his spending bill

November 14 2021 - Prime Minister announces additional military assistance for Ukraine and additional sanctions against Russia. This builds on the $3.4 billion in assistance to Ukraine Canada has committed so far this year, and we will continue our unwavering support for Ukraine as it defends its sovereignty, territorial integrity, and independence. We will continue to work with our international partners to increase pressure on Russian officials and hold Vladimir Putin accountable for his illegal invasion as well as the war crimes and human rights violations that have been committed by his regime.

April 13 2023

(8 billion and counting not added to above total, no breakdown)

Freeland, Trudeau say Canada will do 'whatever it takes' to support war-torn Ukraine 'for as long as it takes'


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