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November 2020

November 1 2020

McGill law students plan Monday sit-in outside courthouse to protest Bill 21

Quebec City stabbing suspect attacked victims at random, police say

Man charged with first-degree murder in Quebec City attack

Tensions still high at Rideau Hall as workplace review begins, say sources

'Stood there and cried': Two southwestern Ontario churches destroyed in fires

Liberals want new plan to declassify Canadian national security documents

Prince George student reprimanded for blackface Trudeau Halloween costume

November 2 2020

Chris Selley: Trudeau's 'watch your tongues' advice is offensive on many levels

Canadian military wants to establish new organization to use propaganda, other techniques to influence Canadians

Without a path to fiscal recovery, we’re lost

Omar Khadr's sister suing federal government after she was barred from flying back to Canada

Kelly McParland: Chrystia Freeland and her meaningless slogans

Quebec stabbing: Man charged over deadly Halloween sword attack

OPINION GRAFTON: Trudeau has shown poor risk management skills

ROXHAM ROAD: Refugees STILL WELCOME at illegal Canada/U.S. border crossing

November 3 2020

RCMP withheld data showing Canadian dissatisfaction with RCMP Commissioner

Councillor REMOVED from Calgary Police Commission for not supporting BLM narrative

We Call Bull$hit: Joe Biden Couldn’t Get 10 People at a Campaign Rally But He Somehow Breaks the Record for the Most Candidate Votes in US History? No Way

Taxpayers billed half a million dollars for renovations to Rideau Hall

Incompetent Commie Jagmeet Singh Slammed For Praising Communist Fidel Castro While Attacking US President Donald Trump

November 4 2020

Parliamentary budget officer rebukes Trudeau government over spending secrecy

Liberals propose bill to regulate internet and streaming services

Manitoba's SECRET COVID-19 camp: what's going on here?

Parliamentary Budget Office Slams Trudeau Government’s Spending Secrecy

MORE Dead Voters Caught Voting in Michigan — Many Are Older than the Oldest Human Alive Today

'They profited off this pandemic': NDP to push for wealth tax to go on Commons agenda, Singh says

November 5 2020

Canada's Bombardier faces UK bribery probe; shares fall

DEAD people registered to vote in Michigan database

Bell: Nenshi-led city council takes first step in cop defunding

Public Can Afford Fed Raises

Damage Control: Trudeau & Macron To Speak As PM Tries Reversing Backlash

'Air hugs only': B.C. government encourages people to connect from a safe distance

Treasury Board president slammed for transparency gaps in spending following ‘damning’ PBO reports

PBO releases damning reports calling out Liberal spending secrecy

GOLDSTEIN: How could anyone vote for Trump? Ask Trudeau's apologists

November 6 2020

EDITORIAL: Liberals mum on hiking carbon taxes

Whole Foods grocery chain bans employees from wearing poppies

Montreal police bust party in parking garage before it begins

Federally funded “Muslim Voting Guide” broke elections laws

BREAKING: Trudeau says Whole Foods 'made a silly mistake' that he 'hopes' they 'will correct'

Liberal MP says taxpayers are able to bear the cost of public sector raises

LILLEY: Whole Foods gets schooled by Canadians

Story changes on why COVID camp is lined with barbed wire

Whole Foods Reverses Ban On Wearing The Poppy

Rex Murphy: The modern-day soothsayers and their political narrative pushers

Toronto's unusual van attack trial set to begin — without a courtroom or any doubt who the killer is

Food emissions could push Earth past global warming limits (STFC comment: fake news from communist television CTV)

Opinion: Trudeau can no longer use Trump as a political bogeyman

Mortgage deferrals, arrears way up in Alberta as the economic downturn continues

November 7 2020

Dutch Teacher Forced Into Hiding Over Islam Cartoon In Classroom

Canada not on track to hit 1st electric vehicle target by 2025

EDITORIAL: Biden could damage our energy sector

GOLDSTEIN: If there's nothing to hide, where's Trudeau's budget?

Toronto’s top health official calls for decriminalizing hard drugs

Did Canada help rig the Election?

November 8 2020

WARMINGTON: Gutless shooting of 12-year-old boy, three others in North York

‘Deeply concerning’: CBSA’s use of surveillance still has no federal guidance, experts warn

Halifax doughnut shop says farewell to Trump, proceeds donated to N.S. immigration centre

Only 17% of Canadians support Liberal immigration plan

$672 billion: The energy sector’s revenues to Canadian governments 2000–2018

Gun control advocates making a huge mistake going after gun owners

FUREY: The bias is real, and it’s also here in Canada

November 9 2020

UN agency for Palestinians may defer salaries for workers

WATCH: Finance Minister Has Trouble Saying How Big The Debt Is

‘13 Hours: Inside the Nova Scotia Massacre’ podcast explores Canadian tragedy in-depth

Air Canada reports $685M loss in third quarter amid COVID-19 pandemic

Feds add $750M in funding to broaden access to high-speed internet in Canada

BREAKING: Legally-Ordered WE Documents Destroyed

PM Trudeau first world leader to speak with Biden, raises key issues

Vancouver-based biotech company central in development of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

Liberal MP Hired Her Sister, Paid Her From Public Funds, Had Sister Use Fake Name

Records of Trudeau’s WE speaking engagements destroyed, committee hears

Liberal MP out of caucus after employing sister for years using public funds

Trudeau Liberals say health minister is 'extremely busy,' cannot provide two-hour testimony to committee

Estonian Govt Minister Resigns After Calling U.S. Election ‘Falsified’, Joe and Hunter Biden ‘Corrupt Characters’

Liberal MP out of caucus after employing sister for years using public funds

EDITORIAL: Canada still lacks a COVID-19 strategy

Air Canada reports $685M loss in third quarter amid COVID-19 pandemic

November 10 2020

LILLEY: Liberal MP shows same questionable ethics as Trudeau

Battle to save Keystone XL from Biden cancellation underway

Gov’t Criticism Is ‘Unethical’

COVID-19 transmission on flights 'extremely rare,' Dr. Tam says

WARMINGTON: Two charged in quadruple shooting that wounded 12-year-old

Killer drunk driver Marco Muzzo a step away from full parole

Trudeau says it was ‘unacceptable’ for Toronto MP to hire sister with public funds

MP who left Liberal caucus made offensive remarks and mistreated staff, former employees allege

Immigration detention centres emptied over fear of possible COVID-19 outbreaks

Chrystia Freeland’s policy adviser agrees to ethics screen related to lobbyist spouse

Trudeau Has Enabled A Culture Of Disrespect For Our Taxpayer Dollars

Nancy Pelosi’s Chief of Staff Is Chief Executive and Feinstein’s Husband a Major Shareholder at Dominion Ballot Counting Systems With Ties to the Clinton Foundation

Trudeau “disappointed” by Liberal MP who hired sister using taxpayer dollars

So Yasmin Ratansi, the Liberal MP who employed her sister off and on since 2005, scolded Conservatives in 2006 about employing their friends. Here she is, from the Rebel News archives, preening about accountability in 2006. Shameless hypocrites.

CLEMENT: A plastics ban will only make the pandemic consumer pinch worse

Trudeau “disappointed” by Liberal MP who hired sister using taxpayer dollars

Trudeau Has Enabled A Culture Of Disrespect For Our Taxpayer Dollars

Trudeau calls on premiers and mayors to 'do the right thing' as COVID caseloads rise

Five years' worth of documents ordered in WE probe on Trudeau's speaking fees destroyed

Speakers' agency purged some records of Trudeau family events related to WE Charity controversy

New B.C. COVID-19 restrictions having a devastating impact on tourism industry

The story of mRNA: How a once-dismissed idea became a leading technology in the Covid vaccine race

November 11 2020

WARMINGTON: Suspects in quadruple shooting had court-ordered firearm prohibitions

LILLEY: Trudeau minister opposed to cars racks up kilometres on your dime

Man convicted of trying to join ISIS granted overnight privileges to visit ski resort with girlfriend

Until our leaders have 'skin in the game,' the corruption will continue

RCMP theory of when Nova Scotia gunman escaped scene of first killings has changed

New closures will be 'fatal' for thousands of small businesses, advocate warns

Terry Glavin: When will Canada join the rest of the democratic world in standing up to China?

High-risk ISIS terrorist granted parole leave to visit ski resort with girlfriend

Florida introducing new laws allowing citizens to shoot ‘looters and rioters’

Imagine no possessions: Watch the deleted World Economic Forum 2030 video

Guilbeault put 21,000 km on government vehicle despite opposition to cars

How Canada's emergency virus spending is leaking to other countries

Mark Zuckerberg donated $400M to help local election offices during pandemic

Police takedown of suspects in Toronto shooting that wounded 12-year-old caught on video

November 12 2020

hell gives customers option to offset their carbon emissions for two cents per litre

Anti-oil Liberal cabinet minister churning out the mileage in government limo

China Envoy Wants Respect

Canada's “Muslim Voting Guide” designed to create an ENEMIES LIST for Justin Trudeau

Suspect fled Mississauga restaurant in Porsche after waitress spotted him drugging drink: police

MANDEL: Grieving grandson wants Minassian imprisoned forever

Former ISIS recruit reportedly living in Calgary granted new freedom to overnight at ski resorts

Liberals set to miss 2020 emission targets by up to 99.2%

2019 election fraught with unregistered voters, difficulty proving ID: Elections Canada

Canada's Hong Kong immigration plan benefits asylum seekers too, minister says

Chinese 'cartels' quietly operating in Mexico, aiding US drug crisis

November 13 2020

WARMINGTON: Video shows evil gunmen open fire with reckless abandon killing boy, 12

Ethics committee warns consumers of slave labour in Chinese products

Opioid deaths up 38% in Ontario since coronavirus pandemic began

Dominion Voting Systems Shares Floor Space With Soros Group, Partnered With Soros’ Friend

Limit spread of coronavirus or no Christmas: Trudeau

Trudeau says holiday gatherings are on the line unless people act now

Charges laid after statue of fallen officer vandalized

Justin Trudeau blames the provinces for Canada’s inaction on municipal handgun bans

BONOKOSKI: A self-righteous Liberal elite forced to walk the plank

While Politicians Focus On Law-Abiding Gun Owners, Gang Crime Surges & Innocent People Are Paying The Price

Rex Murphy: Archive those Trumpists before it's too late!, and other thoughts on the U.S. election

Dozens speak against Edmonton's mask bylaw at city hall meeting

Alberta has reported 0 cases of influenza so far this season

November 14 2020

Report: Anti-Trump Dominion Voting Systems Security Chief Was Participating in Antifa Calls, Posted Antifa Manifesto Letter to Trump Online

EDITORIAL: Freeland plans a budget — next year

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau blames Ford for Toronto's gun violence

EXCLUSIVE: Trudeau government gives $500 MILLION in coronavirus aid to groups that promote antifa and sex work

Tax filings reveal Biden cancer charity spent millions on salaries, zero on research

November 15 2020

BONOKOSKI: Now this is going to tick off China’s Ambassador to Canada

‘Slightly tone-deaf’: Passport Canada tweet draws criticism amid coronavirus pandemic

Trudeau Gives Away The Game: Says Pandemic Is Opportunity For “Reset”

Okotoks dad stunned at daughter’s school work praising the Keilburgers as ‘heroes’

Biden's Cancer Charity Took In Millions, Spent Big On Salaries But Nothing On Research

November 16 2020

Canadian military prepares to help with COVID-19 vaccine distribution

Poilievre Slams Liberals As They Try Blocking Document Release Rather Than Helping Desperate Small Businesses

Liberal WE Charity document filibuster is harming Canadians: Poilievre

BREAKING: Tucker Carlson slams Justin Trudeau and the 'great reset'

Liberal minister caught on hot mic referring to her $250K salary

Joe Oliver: Trudeau's character must be called into question

Rex Murphy: Why does the CBC care what Mary Trump has to say?

Former finance minister Bill Morneau takes fellowship at Yale

November 17 2020

Matt Gurney: Monsef’s live mic adventure highlights lack of competent cabinet ministers

GUNTER: When it comes to lockdowns, the cure would probably be worse than the disease

LILLEY: Trudeau has eyes set on a great reset for Canada

Vancouver City Council approves planning for road tolls into downtown and Central Broadway

Anand denies knowing former MP, whose company got $237-million contract: Report

November 18 2020

WATCH: In Finance Committee, Poilievre Slams Trudeau “Reset” & “Power Grab”

John Ivison: The Liberal MP Justin Trudeau couldn't control. Memoir reveals final, angry call with PM

Liberals showered magazines, other periodicals with $85M in funding

November 19 2020

Trudeau health minister flew friendly skies more than thought during COVID lockdown

LILLEY: Tens of thousands of federal workers on paid leave at home over COVID while private sector workers lose jobs

Taxpayers billed $36 million for new home office equipment

‘Shame on us’: RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki apologizes after report outlines toxic culture in force

John Kerry Talks ‘Great Reset’: ‘We’re at the Dawn of Extremely Exciting Time’

Chrystia Freeland implies Israel is an 'authoritarian,' 'anti-democratic' regime

Breakfast Television Vancouver cancelled, staff let go at Jack FM and News 1130

Posthaste: Canada is leading the 'debt tsunami' now sweeping the world

Trudeau unveils new net-zero emissions plan to meet climate change targets

November 20 2020

'It's time to tighten up': PM says as modelling shows COVID-19 cases 'spiking massively'

‘Normal Christmas’ off the table, Trudeau says amid coronavirus spike

UPDATE: This Seems Important – Dominion REFUSED to Testify Before PA House Committee Today — Lawyered Up Instead

Tam warns of ‘urgency’ to lower infections as forecast paint dire scenario

Supreme Court rules sex offender registry unfair to mentally ill

Conrad Black: Trudeau's 'reset' aims to revisit the failed policies of yesteryear

High Hopes For Crown Bank

Arrest at Edmonton Costco after man refuses to wear mask

Infrastructure Bank builds nothing in over three years despite $35 BILLION in investments

Gatherings at Christmas: Justin Trudeau holds back from criticizing Quebec’s plan to loosen restrictions

19 public servants are working part-time on Morneau's OECD bid

Indigo, Penguin Random House want Ontario to deem bookstores essential amid COVID-19 shutdown

Health minister flew home eight times while telling Canadians not to visit family

Canada Post Group of Companies reports $216-million pre-tax Q3 loss

They were mocked on TV, but BC Ferries' accidentally adult signs are sticking around for now

Canada losing billions of dollars to offshore tax havens

Trudeau turns to the bully pulpit as the pandemic surges — because that's what he has left

Justin Trudeau refrains from criticizing Quebec Christmas plan

Apple lobbying against bill aimed at stopping forced labor in China

High Hopes For Crown Bank

November 21 2020

LILLEY: Memo shows Trudeau knew Nova Scotia gunman used smuggled guns

Chris Selley: Canadians seem happy to tolerate government ineptitude as COVID restrictions get worse

WARMINGTON: Does Ontario government think COVID-19 respects borders and can tell time?

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau misleads Canadians about his new climate bill

Rex Murphy: Conjuring up an even greater reset

COVID TRUTHS Covid stats revealed: 95% of deaths had underlying health conditions and ICU hospital beds LOWER than 5-year average

Taxpayers paying to support Bill Morneau’s OECD secretary-general bid

November 22 2020

Rex Murphy: Conjuring up an even greater reset

EDITORIAL: Trudeau, Great Reset not part of conspiracy — but also not beyond critique

Smoking and Mortality

WATCH: Video from 'overflowing' Steinbach Hospital shows empty waiting rooms

Canada's top public health officer urges COVID-19 caution ahead of holiday season

Trudeau joins G20 in promising COVID-19 aid to poor nations

Trudeau joins G20 in promising COVID-19 aid to poor nations, rejecting protectionism

Lockdown Politics: The Great Travesty

Debate over decline of French language in Quebec boils over after politician doubts whether there is a crisis

November 23 2020

CSIS alleges Iran used Toronto company to wire millions to Canada despite sanctions

$203M In Loans Unexplained

Church minister fined twice for breaking Manitoba's public health order

Diane Francis: The Liberals eat the cake. We get the crumbs

COVID-infected flights fall sharply across Canada

Windsor mayor breaks COVID restrictions at restaurant, just hours after urging zero tolerance

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau's a globalist who supports 'The Great Reset'

November 24 2020

'Could be an Achilles heel': Why COVID-19 vaccines requiring two doses worry some experts

LILLEY: Unfair, confusing restrictions clobber small businesses

Vancouver home, business owners can expect property tax to rise five per cent in 2021

Dance, yoga, martial arts among latest activities suspended in B.C. under COVID-19 guidelines

Toronto restaurant issued closure order after defying lockdown rules

LILLEY: Under Trudeau, Canada shifts in its stance with Israel

Rex Murphy: The 'great reset' no one asked for

COMMENTARY: What’s the deal with ‘The Great Reset’?

Trudeau Calls Great Reset A “Conspiracy Theory,” Despite It Being Mentioned In Official Government Documents And His Own Statements

Cops Swarm Toronto BBQ For Defying COVID Lockdown, Shut It Down

Dominion Voting Systems CEO is a DONOR to Justin Trudeau

Trudeau warns COVID-19 vaccine will come later to Canada than other countries

November 25 2020

You can get slapped with a $150 fine for not wearing a mask on Burnaby-New Westminster transit

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau falls for Greta Thunberg prank

Trudeau Blames Conservatives For Canada’s Vaccine Manufacturing Decline

Trudeau tasks Chrystia Freeland with Canada’s comeback

Rex Murphy: A pathetic display by an anti-Jordan Peterson woke mob

Adamson BBQ hit with multiple charges after reopening for 2nd-straight day\

WATCH: Michelle Rempel Garner blasts Trudeau over costing Canadians 'their lives and their jobs'

BREAKING: Crowd chants 'CBC sucks' as restauranteur who broke lockdown orders kicks media off his property

MP says he was unaware of CSIS allegations against Iranian businessman when they met

November 26 2020

Why Were Rail Blockades Allowed To Go On For Weeks, While Adamson BBQ Gets Such A Massive Show Of Government Force?

LIVE UPDATES: Adamson Barbecue owner put in handcuffs

Estimated Influenza Illnesses, Medical visits, Hospitalizations, and Deaths in the United States — 2019–2020 Influenza Season

Ford government giving schools in 'red' zones $13.6M; allowing asymptomatic testing in hotspots

Etobicoke restaurant owner facing new charges for again defying COVID-19 lockdown rules

Feds ‘Creating Jobs’ In Kenya

Flights to Vancouver and Vancouver Island added to COVID-19 exposures list

Feds to keep more bureaucrats at home, overhaul property portfolio to get to 'net zero' emissions

As Canadian and U.S. oil producers slash investment, OPEC members double-down on spending

Bjorn Lomborg: The electric car won’t get us very far

November 27 2020

Russia to vaccinate armed forces against COVID-19 as new cases hit daily record

Trudeau Liberals spend $12.8 million to create jobs in Kenya, layoffs immediately follow

Trudeau’s Vaccine Procurement Failure May Be The Most Costly Mistake In Canadian History

Trudeau's office botches press statement calling out O'Toole for spreading misinformation

Rex Murphy: The showdown at the Barbecue Corral

Trudeau Government Spreads Misinformation, Publicizes Fake Readout Of Call Between Trudeau & O’Toole, BEFORE The Call Even Took Place

Trudeau feels most Canadians could be vaccinated by September 2021

Barbecue Rebellion Day 3: owner Adam Skelly ARRESTED at Adamson BBQ

WARMINGTON: Out of jail on bail, Skelly's BBQ revolt rolls on

KINSELLA: Trudeau government dropped the ball with Canada's vaccine plan

Bill Blair Says Mass Gun Confiscations Won’t Be Run By Police; Ministry Q&A

Matt Gurney: What happened to the domestic vaccine production we were promised?

By Blaming Stephen Harper For The Vaccine Debacle, Justin Trudeau Only Brings Attention To His Own Total Absence Of Leadership Ability

Peru secures 23.1 million future coronavirus vaccine doses from Pfizer, COVAX

Adamson BBQ legal defence fund receives over $200K in donations

ATRS Sues RCMP, Alberta CFO Staff for $70 Million in Gun-Confiscation Damages (Correction)

FUREY: Patty Hajdu thinks my COVID writing is 'fake and dangerous'

By Blaming Stephen Harper For The Vaccine Debacle, Justin Trudeau Only Brings Attention To His Own Total Absence Of Leadership Ability

Trudeau says $542M to be sent to Indigenous groups to set up child welfare services

Trudeau government continues to dodge democratic accountability

November 28 2020

LILLEY: Trudeau fumbles on vaccines while telling Canadians to look toward finish line

PMO sends readout of Trudeau scolding O'Toole over 'COVID misinformation' in phone call. But the call hadn't happened

Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine is reportedly being flown by United Airlines chartered flights to distribution hubs, in anticipation of FDA approval

Feds unveil more funding for dairy, poultry and egg farmers hurt by free trade deals

'Won't strap people down': Kenney dismisses idea of mandatory COVID-19 vaccination

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister is the “Premier Who Stole Christmas”

Calgary mall swamped with shoppers, police called in

WARMINGTON: Out of jail on bail, Skelly's BBQ revolt rolls on

Hundreds pack Winnipeg church parking lot for drive-in service, breaking pandemic restrictions

DZSURDZSA: Out of touch mainstream media has lost the trust of Canadians

Jason Kenney says COVID-19 vaccination will not be mandatory in Alberta


PM put all vaccine 'eggs' in one China basket, didn't consider other options: O'Toole

Lobbying watchdog says three cases have been sent to RCMP for criminal investigation since start of pandemic

Mount Sima ski hill gets funding to cut diesel use by 90%

November 29 2020

FUREY: Enforcing nonsensical coronavirus rules

Manitoba church continues to defy lockdown restrictions

PM only turned to Pfizer, Moderna after vaccine deal with China failed: O'Toole

November 30 2020

Feds keep spending taps open, put off big-ticket promises

Alberta human rights commission tosses case by man offended he was asked if he had children

Jagmeet Singh shares platform with gamer cited for homophobic, racist behaviour

Diane Francis: A 'Great Reset' isn't the problem. The 'great rerun of stupid handouts' is

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