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November 2021

November 1 2021

MALCOLM: COVID-19 is not a threat to kids

Up to 27,000 federal public servants miss deadline to affirm they are COVID vaccinated

More than 3,000 unvaccinated health workers in B.C. on unpaid leave, Dix says

RMC cadets who threatened to rape, sodomize girls faced no sex misconduct charges

Canada now has over 1.3 million vacant homes: report

November 2 2021

LILLEY: Elites running Canada seem to hate what this country is

OPINION: Canada's high income taxes are making us less competitive

Metro Vancouver's living wage rises to $20.52 in 2021

B.C. surgeries delayed due to thousands of unvaccinated health care workers

World leaders fear-monger over climate change while ignoring the real issues

Two Canadians must each repay more than $100,000 in benefits for 22 fake children

Air Canada suspends more than 800 unvaccinated workers under new federal rules

Governments and public health agencies don’t make it easy to “trust the science”.

November 3 2021

Canada sent most delegates to COP26 out of G7 nations

COVID-19: Unvaccinated nurses' clinic in Kamloops evicted by building owner

‘We’re borrowing to keep the lights on’: GTAA relying on debt in pandemic recovery

Ontario won't mandate COVID-19 vaccines for hospital workers

Terence Corcoran: COPOUT26 — Face, farce and fiction, from Greta to Trudeau to Modi

Liberals won’t reveal cost of 300 officials and aides attending COP26

Vancouver councillor ‘shocked’ by preliminary budget for 2022

November 4 2021

Conservative MPs, senators forming 'civil liberties' caucus to fight for unvaccinated

Abbotsford School District will not require proof of vaccination for staff

Fully vaccinated seniors made up nearly half of B.C.’s COVID-19 deaths in October

Union seeks court injunction to stop TTC from enforcing mandatory vaccination policy

Vancouver School Board will not mandate COVID-19 vaccines for staff

COVID-strained auditor general's office played online games during work hours

Britain approves Merck's COVID-19 pill in world first

Premier John Horgan says growth in throat is cancer

Canadian Medical Association 'disappointed' Quebec, Ontario not mandating COVID-19 vaccines for health workers

Arrest illustrates how the Steele dossier was a political dirty trick orchestrated by Hillary Clinton

B.C. doctor clinically diagnoses patient as suffering from 'climate change'

Vancouver School Board won’t mandate COVID-19 vaccines for teachers, staff

November 5 2021

COVID-19: B.C. officials contacting unvaxxed health-care workers one by one

Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine doses coming soon, says Tam

COVID-19: Can doctors refuse unvaccinated patients? Reports suggest this is already happening

New Pfizer COVID-19 pill reduces hospital, death risk by 90%, company says

Canadian brands sold clothing from factory suspected of secretly using North Korean forced labour

Pipeline protesting Wet’suwet’en chief sorry for shooting neighbour's dog while drunk, must pay $1,500

B.C. to expand vaccine mandate for doctors, dentists in private practice soon: minister

Diane Francis: An interview with Bjorn Lomborg — a rare breath of fresh air in the climate debate

As O'Toole attempts to move past the vaccine mandate issue, his party has other ideas

Dozens of Unifor members protest automaker vaccination policies in Toronto

Inflation Is Far Worse Than The Government Admits

November 6 2021

'The Fight is Not Over': Federal Appeals Court Stops Biden's COVID Vaccine Mandate for Businesses

China's beloved hot pot chain closes 300 restaurants; future unclear for Richmond location

U.S. federal appeals court freezes Biden’s vaccine mandate for larger businesses

‘Next to impossible’: Kelowna company struggling to hire qualified workers

‘The Far-Left Is Right, He’s Not Woke Enough’: Bill Maher Mocks Biden For Dozing Off At Climate Summit

FUREY: It's time hospital CEOs faced some public scrutiny

November 8 2021

Why it’s so hard to trust government on vaccines after nearly two years of COVID blunders

Canadian officials who met with Ukrainian unit linked to neo-Nazis feared exposure by news media: documents

November 9 2021

WATCH: Pilot spots 'Justin Trudeau sucks a**' written in farmland in Alberta

Health Canada adds autoimmune disorder warning to AstraZeneca, J&J COVID-19 vaccines

COVID-19: About a fourth of unvaccinated B.C. health-care workers have now received a jab: Dix

Health Canada approves Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine booster

Diane Francis: The problem with electric cars

Thousands of unvaccinated health workers remain in B.C., including 906 nurses, 86 paramedics

November 10 2021

Rex Murphy: The country needs an opposition. Too bad O'Toole's Conservatives seem too gutless to provide it

U.S. court sentences 11 men for plotting to smuggle guns into Canada

Labels for J&J, AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines updated to include autoimmune disorder warning

Jordan Peterson said he was lied to: 'I'll get the vaccine, you f***ing leave me alone. And did that work? No'

Canada's unhinged housing market, captured in one chart

3 arrested after gun allegedly pulled during ice cream theft at Vancouver supermarket

November 11 2021

EU adds rare spinal inflammation as side-effect of J&J COVID-19 vaccine

SNC-Lavalin CEO postpones speech to sharpen French skills amid corporate language furore

Trudeau seen snapping selfies in front of war memorial on Remembrance Day

COVID surges in Yukon, even among double vaccinated

No one knows how $80 billion in climate financing was spent in 2019

November 12 2021

Election Chief Is Out By June

David Staples: Climate activist blasts Guilbeault in Glasgow for botched emissions plans

Chinese consulate warning to Vancouver 'not acceptable,' Taiwanese official says

Here's a look at how countries are cracking down on the unvaccinated

Employees and their workplaces set to face surge in payroll taxes in 2022

Federal appeals court keeps on hold Biden's COVID-19 vaccine-or-testing rule for large companies

Remembering the free society Canada once was

North Korean defector sees “history repeating itself” in America's fall into authoritarianism

One-third of Iowa deer test positive for SARS-CoV-2, scientists see a new stream of mutations

Brothers Keeper gangster threatened Seattle men with firearm, documents say

'I put life on hold': Woman who had delayed surgery in Alberta says she's worse off

Windsor’s unemployment rate remains highest in Canada despite decrease

November 13 2021

India Brings A Dose Of Reality To COP26

Australia vaccine-mandate protesters reportedly compare government to Nazis

Canada takes action on the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals

Iqaluit: A month without clean water in Canada's north

Rex Murphy: Stephen Harper is right — how Liberals are treating the West is inexcusable

Sabrina Maddeaux: Climate change programs are rife with corruption — the clowns are running the circus

COP26 seals breakthrough climate deal after major compromises

Toronto restaurant known for its burgers is permanently closing

The CDC Finally Admits a Massive Number of Americans Have ‘Natural Immunity’

November 14 2021

Canada does not have a climate crisis

November 15 2021

MPs making more, but sitting less: report

Ontario reports more than 500 confirmed cases of post-vaccine myocarditis or pericarditis

Inflation Gaslighting Has Begun

Liberals’ new bank tax could be implemented by start of 2022

Metro Vancouver cut off from rest of B.C. due to major highway closures

November 16 2021

The corrupt liberal media came for me, just like they came for Kyle Rittenhouse, and if he decides to sue I say go for it and hold the media accountable: NICHOLAS SANDMANN

EXCLUSIVE: Kyle Rittenhouse prosecutors HELD BACK high-def drone footage of Kenosha shootings from defense and gave them low quality video - sparking them to file mistrial motion that could see teen walk free

Rex Murphy: We need a goal of net-zero climate conferences by 2030

November 17 2021

From the Archives: The 1894 and 1948 Fraser Valley floods

O’Toole warns more expulsions in store for any MP who challenges his leadership

Texas Doctor Resigns After Hospital Suspends, Investigates Her For Warning About Covid Shots, Promoting Ivermectin

'F**k Trudeau' banner ordered to be removed from Port Colborne resident's home

Biden Administration in Full Retreat: Federal Vaccine Mandate is Now *Suspended* Due to ‘Onslaught of Legal Challenges’

Feds scrapping PCR tests for Canadians returning from short trips abroad: sources

Storm of the century cuts off traffic to Canada's biggest port in latest hit to supply chain

Mother of teen killed outside Toronto school says she wasn't notified of stabbing

November 18 2021

'I won't be here next year': Canadians robbed of life by delayed diagnoses amid pandemic

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau's reckless spending means decades of deficits

Domestic Tax “Not Fair”: PM

No dykes, no Richmond

Burnaby police, mall cops nail 16 shoplifters in Metrotown blitz

November 19 2021

Sex assault acquittal 'turns the clock back 30 years,' victims' advocate says

FIRST READING: The most expensive disaster Canada has ever faced

BC to begin restricting gas for drivers amidst shortage

All double vaccinated: Hundreds of Canadian soldiers in quarantine amid COVID-19 outbreak

Kyle Rittenhouse Found Not Guilty

November 20 2021

When ordinary people are turned one against another

November 21 2021

David Suzuki says pipelines will be ‘blown up’ if leaders don’t act on climate change

November 23 2021

'Vaccinated only' rental policy being implemented by major Alberta housing provider

Ross McKitrick: B.C. floods expose hollow 'emergency' declarations

November 24 2021

In a fiery speech, O'Toole says Canada is 'drowning in debt and division' on Trudeau's watch

KENNEY: Suzuki and CBC need to be cancelled

LILLEY: Trudeau puts out the welcome mat at Roxham Rd.

November 25 2021

Terence Corcoran: A human mistake — Why the B.C. floods are not a climate change issue

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