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October 2021

October 1 2021

Alberta Superstore workers overwhelmingly vote to strike

EU finds J&J COVID-19 shot possibly linked to another rare clotting condition

Mysterious and sudden rise in heart attacks — doctors baffled

Trudeau Tofino vacation ‘more proof’ he doesn’t care about Indigenous rights, advocate says

RCMP union says it supports a Mountie's 'right' to refuse vaccination

Dozens of Massachusetts state troopers have quit over COVID-19 vaccine mandate: union

Tens of millions lost to romance scams in B.C., RCMP say

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh tests positive for COVID-19

Michael Spavor breaks silence after returning from China, says he’s ‘overjoyed’ to be home

Accelerating toll: COVID-19 deaths hit 5 million as world battles variants

Merck pill seen as 'huge advance,' raises hope of preventing COVID-19 deaths

Canadian pastor arrested on tarmac over COVID rules says police confiscated luggage, snooped laptop

Delta COVID-19 variant has pushed vaccine target further: Tam

Heart inflammation rates higher after Moderna COVID-19 vaccine - Canada data

Ontario university will not allow unvaccinated students who normally learn in-person to take online courses

The Future Belongs To Freedom & Canada’s Embrace Of Authoritarianism Is A Huge Mistake

October 2 2021

BOOM! Sen. Ron Johnson Drops Truth-Bomb on Senate Floor – 63% of UK Delta Deaths in Last 7.5 Months Were Fully Vaccinated (VIDEO)

How many people are fed up with the government’s rules?

U.S. prosecutors accuse Canadian man of being Islamic State fighter and propagandist

Canadians may need COVID-19 boosters by Christmas, Moderna president says

October 3 2021

Israel adds COVID-19 booster shot requirement to its vaccine passport

Nearly 2 million Israelis lose Green Pass as new rules enter effect

October 4 2021

China PCR Purchases Spiked in Months Before First Known Covid Cases, Firm Says

Canadian Doctor Says ‘Something Malicious is Going On’ After He’s Punished For Treating COVID Patients with Ivermectin

Ottawa invokes 1977 pipelines treaty in bid to resolve Enbridge's Line 5 dispute

Wilfrid Laurier University bars unvaccinated students from taking online classes

Construction contractor "abandons" $1-billion North Shore sewage treatment plant project

BONOKOSKI: Our spoiled brat prime minister a ‘great’ progressive

October 5 2021

BREAKING: Alberta announces third COVID shot requirements, no gatherings for unvaccinated

Chris Selley: After Tofino, it's worth considering that maybe Trudeau really doesn't give a damn

McKenna Climate Tour Logs 22,600 km By Jet In Ten Days

Draft policy says even telecommuting public servants must be vaccinated: union exec

Facebook harms children and is damaging democracy, claims whistleblower

Zuckerberg denies whistleblower's claims Facebook prioritizes profit: "Just not true"

Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness drops after 6 months: study

How Roman Central Planners Destroyed Their Economy

DOCUMENTS: Federal government advised it could force all Canadian workers to get COVID-19 vaccine

Mark McEwan's company files for creditor protection, owing $10 million after restaurant restrictions

B.C. Education Ministry gathering committee to make a decision on vaccine mandates

When the RCMP Emergency Response Team busts down your door, who pays for it?

FUSS: Canadians should be wary about 'fair share' tax rhetoric

King County woman dies from ‘very rare complication’ from J&J vaccine

October 6 2021

Military nurses to begin work at Edmonton hospital as Alberta battles 4th wave of COVID-19

Scandinavians curb Moderna shots for some younger patients

DOCUMENTS: Chinese, U.S. scientists had plans to engineer new coronavirus

Canada on pace to fall well short of 2030 climate commitment, report says

Rex Murphy: Trudeau's Tofino romp exposed him as a hypocrite in the eyes of the public. How can he continue to govern?

Trudeau making it impossible to leave Canada without shots

Trudeau says Tofino vacation was a ‘mistake’

Vaccines won’t be needed to ride BC Ferries under new federal mandate

Canada ranks #8 for most powerful passport

How a Calgary-based proof of vaccination app was breached

Hiring sprees, worker shortages and salaries: Shifting employee priorities to impact wage inflation

Trudeau forcing Canadians who want to take a plane or train to be vaccinated

Vancouver votes down ambitious climate parking plan

Termination turmoil as workplace COVID-19 vaccine mandates take effect

COVID-19 vaccine required for most travellers within Canada

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announces new vaccine mandate

Canadians to pay significantly more at the pumps thanks to surging oil prices

Feds make vaccines mandatory for public servants, domestic travellers

Vancouver city council axes city-wide parking permit plan, mayor casts deciding vote

Aspirin lowers risk of COVID: New findings support preliminary Israeli trial

Mandatory COVID-19 vaccination requirements for federally regulated transportation employees and travellers

October 7 2021

Most federal civil service employees exempt from vaccine mandate, including politicians

WHO database reports over 2 million potential COVID jab injuries in 2021, vast majority in women

Man arrested after 'disturbing' attack at South Vancouver bus stop

U.S. Troops Have Secretly Been In Taiwan For Over A Year Helping Island Prepare For War With China: Report

Windsor boasts highest unemployment rate in Canada

Modelling shows COVID-19 cases stabilizing in B.C., but children now most at risk

Chicago gang members released without charges after deadly shootout — in part because they were 'mutual combatants' who willingly fought each other

Majority of Canadians interested in receiving a COVID-19 booster shot: Nanos

Rising Energy Costs Show Naïve Virtue Signaling Has A Serious Price

Finland joins other Nordic nations in curbing Moderna shots

Calgary restaurant loses business and liquor licences for failing to comply with COVID-19 restrictions

Burnaby co-op residents fear displacement amid looming property sale

A hospital in Windsor has fired 57 employees for not getting vaccinated

Native Women’s Association questions Trudeau’s apology for taking Tofino vacation

Young mom who died from COVID vaccine was coerced into receiving jab via government mandate, heartbreaking obituary says

Canada faces wave of terminations as workplace vaccine mandates take effect: lawyer

October 8 2021

Federal Vaccine Mandates Implicate, Infringe on Canadians’ Charter Rights: Legal Experts

WARMINGTON: Toronto cop under investigation over rally speech

ISIS bomber kills 46 inside Afghan mosque, challenges Taliban

Posthaste: One in three Canadians say they're blowing through their entire paycheque each pay period

Vancouver woman pepper-sprayed by man in process of stealing her catalytic converter

TransLink mandates COVID-19 vaccines for employees

RCMP union will support Mounties who shun COVID-19 vaccination despite federal order

Ontario lifts COVID-19 capacity restrictions for venues used for concerts, sports and movie theatres

Vaccine Collaborators

UCLA doctor ‘willing to lose everything’ escorted from work for refusing COVID vaccine

Toronto hospital network to require organ transplant patients to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19

Substance abuse correlated with higher risk of COVID-19 breakthrough infection: study

Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine: Studies confirm waning immunity from vaccine

Police seize picnic tables from Calgary pizza shop refusing to enforce vax pass

Restaurant in Hope, B.C. has business licence pulled for defying vaccine passport

Alberta government considering new supervised consumption sites in Edmonton

Trudeau 'misled' Canadians with Sept. 30 holiday: Scugog Island First Nation

Rex Murphy: The green folly about to unfold in Glasgow could leave you cold

Mississippi news anchor delivers classy response on air after losing her job over vaccine mandate: 'I may have lost my job, but I preserved my integrity'

October 9 2021

Could playing music under 120 bpm slow spread of COVID-19?

Palestinian jihadist repeatedly stabs man for being a Jew, but victim turns out to be a fellow Arab

There were almost no flu cases in Canada last year. Will that make this year’s season more deadly?

Today’s coronavirus news: Capacity limits lift in Ontario cinemas, spectator sports venues, other spaces

Trudeau meets with Afghan refugees in start to Thanksgiving weekend

Antarctica's last 6 months were the coldest on record

BONOKOSKI: Gold-plated pensions of our diligent MPs

EDITORIAL: High energy prices part of climate plan

October 10 2021

Canadians struggle while cushy government jobs grow: Canadian Taxpayers Federation

Three emergency rooms in Interior Health hospitals temporarily closed

Members of Congress and Their Staff Are Exempt From Biden's Vaccine Mandate

Vaccine mandates create system of segregation for Canadian citizens

Canadians struggle while cushy government jobs grow: Canadian Taxpayers Federation

October 11 2021

LILLEY: Trudeau government warns against travelling ... seriously

RCMP union will support members who refuse COVID-19 vaccination

MALCOLM: Equalization in Canada is fundamentally broken

GOLDSTEIN: Reports of the ‘death of oil’ greatly exaggerated

Texas governor bans all COVID-19 vaccine mandates, including by private businesses

October 12 2021

Philip Cross: If oil and gas are dead, why are exports booming?

LILLEY: Restaurant owners furious as Ford government, Minister MacLeod skips call

Kenya Investment Lost $25M

Oh, So That's Why Southwest Airlines Is Canceling All These Flights

Left behind by Canada, Kabul embassy's 'last man' in hiding from Taliban

October 13 2021

Canada supports global pledge to slash oil and gas methane

Senator Yuen Pau Woo attended celebration of Chinese Communist Party rule

Rex Murphy: This energy crisis has been 30 years in the making. Why is anyone surprised?