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Policies from #Lib2023:

May 7 2023

Hearing ideas from Canadians is what keeps our Liberal movement strong, growing, and innovative – and this is an especially important moment to shape our future for the better. That’s why the Liberal Party of Canada has moved forward with the most open and accessible grassroots policy development process in Canadian politics.

Whether it’s attending a Forward to LIB2023 event, participating in our Open Policy Process, or registering for our Liberal National Convention: over 10,000 Canadians stepped up to shape a better future.

Policies from #Lib2023:

These are the 24 official party policies passed and prioritized by Registered Liberals at the 2023 Liberal National Convention. They appear in the order of priority.

24 Official Party Policies

Priority Title

1 Affordable Housing

2 A Windsor-Quebec City High Speed Rail Link

3 Investing in Canadian Defence and Security

4 Primary Health Care Availability

5 4 Weeks of Paid Vacation: An Overdue Reform to Catch up to Canada’s Industrialized Peers and Bring our Work-life Balance into the 21st Century

6 Climate Crisis

7 Installing Guaranteed Liveable Basic Income (GLBI)

8 Enhancing Use of Railways For Public Transportation: A Climate Change Mitigation Strategy

9 Free Movement Between Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom

10 Combatting Disinformation in Canada

11 A Citizen’s Assembly on Electoral Reform

12 Creating Livable, Walkable Cities to Fight Climate Change

13 Save Lives – Keep Seniors Home

14 Truth in Politics

15 Food Security and Agriculture Support

16 A Green Transition for the Prairie Provinces

17 Fairer Access to Telecommunications Infrastructure

18 Lifting Canadians Seniors Out of Poverty

19 Modernizing the Canadian Justice System

20 Helping Farmers Transition to More Sustainable Farming Practices

21 Improved Community Climate Resiliency

22 Canadian Wastewater Resolution

23 5-Wing Goose Bay Be Designated Primary Search & Rescue Base with Dedicated Air Resources

24 Northern Energy Solutions


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