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Prime Minister announces mandatory vaccination for the federal workforce and federally regulated t

October 6 2021

From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we made a commitment to protect the health and safety of all Canadians. That is why we worked hard to deliver safe and effective vaccines and set the stage for a recovery that benefits everyone. Thanks to the millions of Canadians who rolled up their sleeves to get vaccinated, and now with 82 per cent of eligible Canadians fully vaccinated, Canada is a world leader on COVID-19 vaccinations. As the country’s largest employer, the Government of Canada will continue to play a leadership role in protecting the safety of our workplaces, our communities, and all Canadians by ensuring that as many of them as possible are fully vaccinated.

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, and the Deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Freeland, today announced details of the government’s plans to require COVID-19 vaccination across the federal public service and federally regulated transportation sectors.

Under the new policy, federal public servants in the Core Public Administration, including members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, will be required to confirm their vaccination status by October 29, 2021. Those who are unwilling to disclose their vaccination status or to be fully vaccinated will be placed on administrative leave without pay as early as November 15, 2021.

Employers in the federally regulated air, rail, and marine transportation sectors will have until October 30, 2021, to establish vaccination policies that ensure employees are vaccinated. Effective October 30, 2021, travellers departing from Canadian airports, and travellers on VIA Rail and Rocky Mountaineer trains, will be required to be fully vaccinated, with very limited exceptions. The government is working with industry and key partners to put a strict vaccine requirement in place for cruise ships before the resumption of the 2022 cruise season.

Crown corporations and separate agencies are being asked to implement vaccine policies mirroring the requirements announced today for the rest of the public service. The Acting Chief of the Defence Staff will also issue a directive requiring vaccination for the Canadian Armed Forces. The government will keep working with employers in other federally regulated workplaces to ensure vaccination is prioritized for workers in these sectors.

By requiring vaccination from federal public servants, travellers, and employees in federally regulated transportation sectors, the Government of Canada will reduce the risk of COVID-19, prevent future outbreaks, and better protect the health of Canadians. Vaccination continues to be a priority for the government as we work to ensure a strong economic recovery and build a safer and healthier Canada for everyone.


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