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Private Members Bill : M-103 Part 2

Stand Together For Canada Comments: We had to start another page because the editor cannot handle long pages of text. This is a continuation showing Islam and what it truly is about. As we said. If you want to rule the world. You do what China does and buy up everything. Terrorism is not the answer.

March 1 2019

Canada: Muslim who said “all non-Muslims should be killed” ordered to meet weekly with imam for Islam instruction

March 3 2019

March 6 2019

RCMP Recruiting From Canadian Islamic Organization Known For Hate-Preaching

March 7 2019

Sweden calls for international tribunal to prosecute ISIS fighters for war crimes

Radical Islamic Terrorism Accounts for 91 Percent of European Terror Victims

March 8 2019

'Blood up to your knees': defeated IS jihadists still defiant

March 10 2019

Trudeau Govt Hands $761,720 To Canadian Council Of Muslim Women

Why is the RCMP trying to recruit at a Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Mosque?

March 15 2019

New Zealand murders: repercussions and perspective

Nigeria: Muslims murder over 20 Christians with machetes and gunfire

PM condemns hateful, 'toxic segments' of society after New Zealand shooting

March 18 2019

All of Canada under threat for Liberals' refusal to uphold law concerning returning ISIL fighters.

March 19 2019

Toronto: Muslim arrested in second bio-weapon/bomb terror scare in as many days, Broadview station closed again

Rare protests erupt against Hamas’ 12-year rule over Gaza

FATAH: Muslims who stand up to Mullahs are no 'Islamophobes'

LEVY: City Hall turns blind eye to hateful Al Quds Day rally

March 21 2019

Italy bus fire: driver hijacks and sets fire to school coach full of children 'in retaliation' for migrant drownings

March 22 2019

Germany: 200 cops arrest 10 Muslims who were “plotting to use a car and guns to kill as many people as possible”

Ten Arrested in Islamist Plot to “Kill as Many Non-Believers as Possible” - German Police

March 23 2019

MALKIN: Never Forget: CAIR's Dirty Deeds

March 24 2019

Organization of Islamic Cooperation urges UN to declare “Islamophobia” a form of racism

Robert Spencer: Freedom of Speech Dead in UK as London’s Muslim Mayor Defends Arrest of Christian Preacher

March 25 2019

From Colombia to Lebanon to Toronto: How a DEA probe uncovered Hezbollah’s Canadian money laundering ops

March 28 2019

Brunei deems gay sex and adultery punishable with death by stoning

March 31 2019

Ayaan Hisri Ali: “No compromise with islamists”

April 1 2019

Kiwi Madness Embracing the myth of Muslim innocence.

April 3 2019

Canada: Muslim student detonates incendiary devices in college building, college evacuated and closed

Brunei implements stoning to death under anti-LGBT laws

April 8 2019

Germany gives $426,037 to Muslim group calling for Israel’s destruction, cuts funding after exposés

Toronto neurosurgeon Mohammed Shamji pleads guilty to murdering his wife

April 10 2019

INTOLERANCE: Unhinged Liberals Attack Andrew Scheer For Reaching Out To Muslim Canadians

April 13 2019

Deadly export: Canadian Muslims responsible for hundreds of Islamic terrorism deaths and injuries overseas

April 18 2019

Muslim Politician in Canada Says Notre Dame Fire Was “Divine Intervention”

April 19 2019 (Tony Lam's Comments: Yes they need a safe space. From their men!!! Islam treats women as 3rd class citizens.)

'A place where we can be safe': Women's Mosque of Canada opens in Toronto

April 20 2019

Toronto police: Uber driver charged in two sexual-assault cases

April 22 2019

Trudeau Govt Funding Canadian Mosque Investigated For Hamas Ties

April 23 2019

Justin Trudeau Turns Back On Christian Mass Murder Worldwide

April 25 2019

As Vancouver drivers suffer gas-price pain, carbon-tax backers go suspiciously quiet

April 26 2019

The ISIS mechanic: Man now living in B.C. fixed trucks for terror group. Is he complicit in war crimes?

April 28 2019

EDITORIAL: ISIS leader calls for attacks on Canada again

April 29 2019

Sri Lanka bans all face coverings for 'public protection' after bomb attacks

April 30 2019

Australia Muslim Activists: If You Oppose Chopping Off Hands, You’re Intolerant

Trudeau Govt Drop Hearing Process For Refugees From Muslim Nations

May 3 2019

WATCH: Kids In Philadelphia Muslim Society: ‘We Will Chop Off Their Heads’ For Allah

May 4 2019

Muslim American Society Statement on Anti-Israel ‘Chop Their Heads’ Off Video by Muslim Children in Philadelphia: Songs Not “Properly Vetted”

May 5 2019

Saatchi Gallery covers up SKU artworks after complaints by Muslims

May 8 2019

45,000 ISIS kids returning home a 'ticking time bomb'

May 11 2019

Islamic State claims 'province' in India for first time after clash in Kashmir

Islamic Group With Terror Ties Push For “Islamophobia Day” In Canada

May 13 2019

Kevin Johnston ordered to pay $2.5M for 'hateful, Islamophobic' remarks against restaurant chain owner

May 14 2019

Another church attack in Burkina Faso leaves 4 Catholics dead

May 16 2019

Report: Al-Qaida-Linked Charities Funded Canadian Organization, Quran Competition

May 22 2019

Trudeau government may accept roughly 30 ISIS members back to Canada

May 24 2019

MP Iqra Khalid Grants Millions To Terror-Linked Organizations In Canada

May 24 2019

MP Iqra Khalid Grants Millions To Terror-Linked Organizations In Canada

May 25 2019

Islamic-Canadian Community Leaders Blame Racists, White Supremacists For Their Troubles

May 30 2019

Committee erupts after Tory MP tells Muslim witness he 'should be ashamed'

June 3 2019

LEVY: Toronto should send organizers of hate-filled Al Quds rally an invoice

June 4 2019

Toronto Muslim: Executing gays may sound “unfair,” but that's sharia law and “it's coming to Canada”

June 5 2019

Toronto Muslim Supports Executing Gays: ‘That’s Sharia Law and It’s Coming to Canada’ (VIDEO)

Professor Jordan Peterson declares “Islam is not compatible with democracy” amid Canada’s battle for free speech

June 7 2019

“ISIS ‘No,’ Canada ‘Yes?’”: Trudeau says Canada is committing genocide while he refused to say the same about ISIS

Canadian ISIS fighter details plot to smuggle jihadis into U.S.

Canadian captured in Syria says ISIS asked him to infiltrate U.S. to conduct attacks

June 8 2019

Iran deploys 2,000 new 'morality police' units to quell hijab rebellion

June 11 2019 FATAH: Shariah law makes a comeback in Ontario

‘It burned,’ Toronto mother says of corrosive material hurled at family and stroller

June 12 2019

Islamic Terrorist Convicted For Mass Murder Plot Granted Canadian Citizenship

FATAH: Why Shariah mortgage is a deception

The Saudi government is hunting down women who flee the country by tracking the IMEI number on their cellphones

June 15 2019

Justin Trudeau Allocates $367,000 On Poetry Classes For Returning ISIS Terrorists

June 16 2019

Female transported to hospital following assault involving acid in west end

June 17 2019

Western Academics once wore rose-coloured glasses with regards to Nazism, they do with Marxism, and they’re doing the same with Islam

MP Maryam Monsef Grants $750,000 To Empower Muslim Women In Canada

June 18 2019

FATAH: Why some Canadian Muslims celebrated the Quebec hijab ban

June 19 2019

Barbara Kay: Why Quebec's immigration and secularism bills get it right

Thousands of ISIS sleeper agents pose deadly threat for West

June 20 2019

Why the word ‘Islamophobia’ is a tool of jihadists

Hezbollah operative collected information on Toronto’s Pearson airport

June 22 2019

KINSELLA: Federal leaders silent as Quebec bans wearing religious symbols at work

June 25 2019

Ottawa unveils anti-racism strategy, which includes definition of Islamophobia

The federal government has also chosen a definition of Islamophobia. It defines Islamophobia as “Includ(ing) racism, stereotypes, prejudice, fear or acts of hostility directed towards individual Muslims or followers of Islam in general

June 26 2019

Justin Trudeau Unrolls New “Islamophobia” Agenda, Cracks Down On Freedom Of Speech

June 29 2019

Trudeau Govt Deny Christian Bible Camps Funding, Approves For Muslim Organizations

Tony Lam's Comments: Pretty much sums it up.

July 11 2019

The child sex victims betrayed by police who were afraid of being called racist: In our final extract from her book, ex-police officer MAGGIE OLIVER reveals what happened after she exposed the Rochdale grooming gang

July 18 2019

Wife of jailed Saudi blogger hails U.S. vice-president's call for husband's release

July 19 2019

Canada: Muslim Gangs Threaten Coptic Christian Refugee with Death

Ottawa commits nearly $15,000 for security upgrades at Halifax mosque

July 20 2019

What In The World? Miss Michigan Had Her Crown Stripped Because She Refused To Wear A Hijab

July 25 2019

ISIS affiliate releases video of Nigerian aid workers begging for their lives

Egyptian minister's laughing vow in Canada to 'slice up' anyone who criticizes her country alarms immigrant groups

July 29 2019

Canada should use the notwithstanding clause to prosecute returning ISIS fighters

July 30 2019

Switzerland suspends payment to UNRWA after misconduct report

'Absurdity': UN Condemns Israel as World's Only Violator of Women's Rights - Completely Ignores Iran

July 31 2019

Canada 'concerned' by allegations of misconduct at UN agency for Palestinian refugees

August 4 2019

(Tony Lam's Comments: Like hell. )

Muslim group calls on Conservative candidate to step down over social media posts

Muslim group calls on Conservative candidate to step down over social media posts

Montreal: Muslim cabbie screaming “dirty Jews! I’m going to f–ing kill you!” assaults Jewish man

August 5 2019

Canada: ISIS jihadi deemed a danger to the public to be released anyway, will live near one of his intended targets

August 6 2019

GUNTER: Funding UNRWA is one of Trudeau's biggest and smuggest blunders

August 7 2019 Canadian-funded UN agency accused of abusing power

August 8 2019

Muslim Brotherhood Has “Infiltrated Canadian Government, Society”: Ex- Muslim Journalist

Man Who Stabbed Canadian Soldiers & Wrote “I Have A Licence To Kill,” Approved For Day Passes To Visit Toronto

U.S. extradition postponed for Edmonton cousin of ISIS recruits

August 9 2019

“Islamophobia” Study BLAMES White Men For Muslim Community Oppression

Augutst 10 2019

“Palestinian” Muslims hand out candy and shoot fireworks to celebrate jihad murder of 19-year-old Israeli student

August 11 2019

National Council Of Muslims Pushes Six Canadian Cities To Adopt “Islamophobia” Charter

August 16 2019

Green candidate forced to resign after criticizing mosque leader

August 21 2019

Toronto man who tried to join ISIS released from prison, official says

August 29 2019

FATAH: Rejecting hijab dooms woman to 24 years in prison

Trudeau Government SILENT As Iran Gives Woman 24-Years In Prison For Hijab Removal

August 31 2019

Delayed by Obama, Trial of 9/11 Plotters Finally Set for 2021

September 1 2019

Quebec mosque provides links to anti-Jewish imams

September 3 2019

Sweden: Municipality inundated with Muslim migrants in money crisis as taxpaying natives flee

September 10 2019

Canada searching for links to notorious West Bank 'honour killing'

September 12 2019

Canada: Muslim teen forced to wear hijab, marry much older man

Australian and British bloggers held in Iran named

September 13 2019

Western Couple Travel to Middle East to Prove It ‘Gets a Bad Rap’ — End Up in Iranian Prison

September 26 2019

Iran Executes 11 People Including a Woman in Two Days

September 27 2019

Iqra Khalid Reappears with Radical Activist Despite Past Apology

What the Golan Heights Can Teach Us About Peace for Israel

September 28 2019

Liberal MP seen with radical activist once again despite past apology

October 4 2019

Australian Jewish boy forced to kiss Muslim classmate’s shoes, drawing outcry

Undercover with Imams: little girls sold for sex in temporary ‘pleasure marriages’ that can last as little as an hour – cleric says ‘no problem at all’ to wed a nine-year-old

October 5 2019

Young boy at refugee camp says he wants to join the Islamic State and kill infidels

October 7 2019

Ottawa police release mugshots of wanted rapists believed to have fled Canada

October 9 2019

Iran’s Regime Ranks First for Executions per Capita

October 18 2019

UK: Muslim gets 1-year “community order” for “appalling damage” of church, non-Muslim got prison for bacon at mosque

October 21 2019

Liberal candidate involved in anti-semitic riot wins Montreal seat

October 25 2019

Three Ottawa men accused of sexually assaulting teen girl

October 27 2019

WOW! Talk About Poor Timing!… SNL Hacks Play ISIS Terrorists – Thank Trump ‘For Bringing Back Jobs to ISIS’ in SNL Cold Open Skit… As Trump Sends Al-Baghdadi to Hell

Terrorist leader Baghdadi killed in Syria raid, Trump says

REPORTS: ISIS Leader Killed In US Operation, Trump Says “Something Very Big Has Just Happened”

October 28 2019

Stuck in an airport for almost two weeks, Iranian beauty queen says she will be killed if she is deported

October 29 2019

Levin: Trump handled mission to kill ISIS leader Baghdadi ‘brilliantly,’ while the WaPo ‘hates America’

Not Forgotten: President Trump Calls Parents of Kayla Mueller, American Victim of al-Baghdadi

October 31 2019

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi paid protection money to rival armed groups, but was given up by an ISIL insider

5,000 ISIS militants with AIDS, hepatitis and 'organs spilling out of open wounds' plead to be sent to their home countries – including Britain – as they rot in Syrian prison hellhole

November 6 2019

Edmonton man accused of funding ISIS recruits extradited to U.S

November 7 2019

Hamas bans rally to commemorate Yasser Arafat

November 8 2019

Canada-funded UN agency, UNRWA, paid for Chief’s mistress

Toronto man charged with 54 sexual assault-related offences

November 10 2019

US offers $4 million reward for jihadi whom Obama freed from Guantanamo

November 18 2019

Toronto man who tried to join ISIS was freed a month after his release was declared an ‘undue risk’

November 19 2019

Suddenly, Iran is aflame with protest

November 20 2019

Opinion: Trudeau shouldn't ignore Iran's brave protesters again

November 21 2019

Netherlands cuts aid to Palestinian Authority over terrorist salaries

November 22 2019

UK: Muslim migrant avoids jail after showing neighbor video of four-year-old girl being raped, saying “she loves it”

November 23 2019

FUREY: The rise of the organized Muslim vote in Canada

November 28 2019

Terrorists sentenced for plotting attack at Melbourne's Federation Square

November 30 2019

London Bridge terrorist 'preached with ISIS flags after being bullied at school'

November 30 2019

UK: London Bridge jihad murderer was released from prison after asking for “deradicalization” program

December 6 2019 22-year-old Ontario man charged with terror offences

FIRST PHOTO: Saudi Pilot Trainee — Mohammed Alshamrani — Who Went on Shooting Rampage at Pensacola Air Station Killing 3 with Several Injured

Naval Station's Gun Restrictions Didn't Stop Shooter but Did Stop Sailors from Arming Themselves

December 9 2019

Iranian asset? Serious questions raised about Liberal MP’s ties to Islamic regime

December 13 2019

Edmonton man gets 28 years in prison for attempted murder of policeman, pedestrians

December 27 2019

Islamic State in Nigeria 'beheads Christian hostages'

Islamic State Films Gruesome Beheadings In "Message To Christians All Over The World"

December 29 2019

Almost 500 children in Birmingham sexually groomed in last 12 months, shock figures reveal

January 5 2020

Supporters of Iranian general rally outside Alberta legislature

January 8 2020

Justin Trudeau’s Legacy? Importing The PROBLEMS of The Middle East Into Canada

January 13 2020 FUREY: The Iran protests – it’s about being on the right side of history

January 15 2020

Britain hit by another Asian grooming gang scandal as report exposes child sex abuse in Manchester

Terry Glavin: There's a revolution going on in the Mideast. Why doesn't the West see that?

January 17 2020

Two more Australians stripped of citizenship for Islamic State links

January 18 2020

Trudeau Appoints Islamic Fundamentalist MP As His Parliamentary Secretary

February 4 2021

Convicted Canadian Bomb Plot Terrorist Shareef Abdelhaleem Granted Parole

February 16 2020

Sweden: 14 year old girl DRUGGED and RAPED

February 20 2020

GANG RAPE ORDEAL Asian grooming gang victim was raped by 300 men before she was 15 and often ‘ten at once’

February 28 2020

Majority of ISIS terrorists released from prison in 2019 remain public safety risks

March 3 2020

Canadian Arabic Newspaper Runs Terrorist Official’s Antisemitic Article

March 4 2020

EXCLUSIVE: Islamic speaker who defended pedophilia and slammed Christians invited to speak at York University

March 15 2020

ISIS Tells Its Terrorists Not To Travel To Coronavirus-Hit Europe: Report

Muslim faithful still able to pray at northeast Calgary mosque for now

March 16 2020

3 human traffickers each jailed 125 years for drowning of refugee boy

March 24 2020

Planned Attacks by Muslim Brotherhood in Africa Strengthen Case for Terrorist Designation

March 25 2020

Some Toronto-area mosques remain open despite dire warnings about COVID-19

April 3 2020

Edmonton woman with alleged terrorist ties refused Canadian passport

April 4 2020

Knifeman in France kills two in attack, terrorism inquiry opened

April 8 2020

April 29 2020

May 6 2020

Group warns Mississauga council not to 'give in to hate' amid push to reverse decision allowing mosques to broadcast call to prayer

May 6 2020

Brampton school council chair fired over tweet called Islamophobic

May 23 2020

France: police arrest 28 in Paris suburb in ongoing Muslim migrant gang wars

May 24 2020

Woman allegedly raped, abused by grooming gang arrested by UK police after she posted ordeal online

May 27 2020

Iran: Father Beheads 14-year-old Daughter as She Slept in Honor Killing

June 30 2020

Canada's first Muslim lieutenant governor appointed in Alberta

Jul 13 2020

Ottawa terror suspect Mohamed Harkat denied state-funded lawyer in extradition fight

July 28 2020

“I will do another terrorist attack”: Toronto ISIS attacker tells parole officer

August 2 2020

Man accused of kidnapping for ISIS released on bail by Calgary judge

August 4 2020

Police say 3 incidents involving LGBTQ2S+ Calgarians believed to be hate-motivated

August 26 2020

September 7 2020

The UN and EU's Silence on Iran's "Shocking Human Rights Violations"

September 14 2020

Militant Islamists Slaughter More than 500 Christians in Ethiopia

September 21 2020

The answer is that few modern religions are as fragile as Islam.

September 25 2020

RCMP arrests ‘Abu Huzayfah’ for allegedly faking his past with ISIS

October 16 2020

BREAKING: Man beheaded by suspected Islamist terrorist in France

Teacher beheaded in Paris suburb after recently showing cartoons of Prophet Mohammad in class

October 17 2020

NY Times turns Islamic terrorism story into a police shooting story

Teenager asked pupils to identify French teacher before beheading him

October 18 2020

France moves to expel 231 radicalized foreigners after assassination of teacher

October 29 2020

PATHETIC: Trudeau Statement Refuses To Say “Islamist,” Pushes Political Correctness Instead

October 31 2020

Trudeau says 'freedom of expression has limits' after French terror attacks

Priest Killed In Lyon As France Rocked By 3rd Terror Attack This Month

November 3 2020

Vienna terrorist Kujtim Fejzulai took selfie with AK-47, machete before attack

November 7 2020

Dutch Teacher Forced Into Hiding Over Islam Cartoon In Classroom

November 9 2020

UN agency for Palestinians may defer salaries for workers

November 11 2020

Man convicted of trying to join ISIS granted overnight privileges to visit ski resort with girlfriend

Suspect fled Mississauga restaurant in Porsche after waitress spotted him drugging drink: police

High-risk ISIS terrorist granted parole leave to visit ski resort with girlfriend

November 12 2020

Former ISIS recruit reportedly living in Calgary granted new freedom to overnight at ski resorts

December 9 2020

'I will be the model citizen': Architect of Toronto 18 terrorist plot wins parole while serving life sentence

December 18 2020

Freed from Boko Haram: Hundreds of Nigerian schoolboys huddle in a government building as they return from their ordeal with Islamist captors

December 21 2020

Canada continues its support of Palestinian refugees

December 31 2020

Saudi women’s rights activist sentenced to nearly 6 years

January 15 2021

30 Taliban militants are killed in explosion during bomb-making class at Afghan mosque

March 23 2021

Accused Boulder shooter ranted about Trump and Islam on social media

Boulder jihad mass murderer had planned to hit Trump rally, also checked churches as potential targets

March 24 2021

Indonesia forcing Christian women and girls to wear hijabs: report

May 8 2021

Mohammed Bin Salman attempts to reform Islam

May 13 2021

Biden gives money to Palestine, rockets fall on Israel | Joel Pollak on Gaza conflict

Police charge 29 men over child sexual exploitation in West Yorkshire

May 14 2021

Church Leaders Arrested As Mosques Welcome Hundreds To Celebrate End Of Ramadan

May 15 2021

Protest in support of Palestinians held in downtown Toronto

May 17 2021

Toronto: Nazi flag at ‘Palestinian’ pro-jihad rally

May 19 2021

Los Angeles: Muslims ask people on the street if they’re Jews and proceed to beat them up

May 22 2021

Hamas Founder’s Son Urges Israel To Assassinate Hamas Leaders After Ceasefire: ‘Teach Them A Lesson’

May 25 2021

Suspect charged in just one in 20 rapes - why the Guardian got this story wrong

May 28 2021

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau commits $25M for Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank

Radical Soros-Backed Group Supporting Legal Bail Fund for Violent Pro-Palestinian ‘Activists’

Turkey: Muslim stabs his wife 46 times, killing her, gets sentence reduced because she ‘provoked’ him

June 10 2021

AGAR: Hate the action, not the illness

Mentally ill Canadian convicted in terror probe lands in U.S. supermaximum security prison

Third Mississauga restaurant shooting suspect arrested in Montreal

June 12 2021

Italy: Muslim migrants kidnap German teen and sexually abuse her for months

June 21 2021

Guelph, Ont., man pleads guilty to leaving Canada to join ISIS

Imran Khan again blames women's clothing for rapes in Pakistan

June 22 2021

RCMP preparing charges against Toronto IT worker who became ‘voice of ISIS,’ document reveals

June 28 2021

Canadian woman released from ISIS detainee camp in Syria, lawyer says

July 1 2021

Canada: MPs vote unanimously to hold ’emergency summit on Islamophobia’ before August

July 3 2021

Toronto Cop Murder Charge Against Umar Zabeer Reveals Canada’s Double Standard

July 7 2021

Canada: Court imposes total information ban on Umar Zameer, charged with first-degree murder of policeman

Armed Afghan women take to streets in show of defiance against Taliban

Iran: Couple who committed three honor murders has no regrets, ‘I killed people who were very morally corrupt’

July 11 2021

Sweden: Authorities Are Punishing Me for Criticizing Islam

July 16 2021

Surrey Mounties investigating several incidents of hate graffiti in central Newton

July 20 2021

Feds looking into Muslim charities' concerns: PM

July 21 2021

Islamic scholar: ‘The husband’s beating of his wife should be a therapeutic beating’

July 22 2021

Trudeau says federal security, tax agencies must do more to end Islamophobia

July 23 2021

Algerian judoka quits again rather than face Israeli foe at Olympics

Lawyer for accused in cop's murder asks public to keep an open mind about 'tragic case'

Meet Ben & Jerry’s Board Chair: Anti-Israel Activist Has Published Defenses of Hezbollah, Hamas

July 26 2021

Charges approved against Canadian ISIS fighter detained in Syria, documents reveal

July 27 2021

ISLAM London Mayor Sadiq Khan Completely Ignores Speaker’s Corner Stabbing of Woman Wearing Charlie Hebdo T-Shirt

August 2 2021

Report: UN Teachers Celebrate Deaths of Israelis

Backgrounder - Canada’s support for Palestinian refugees

Extremists behead Christian man and 7-year-old son in Nigeria

UN-paid teachers celebrate deaths of Israelis, support terrorism, study finds

UK: Muslim rape gang police whistleblower says rape gang activity ‘is going on everywhere in the UK’

August 3 2021

Imam holds madrasa student captive, rapes her for two days

August 7 2021

Honor killing in Germany: Muslim migrants murder their sister because of her Westernized lifestyle

Germany does nothing as German women’s rights activist arrested in Iran, sentenced to 10 years in prison

Convicted Ontario terrorist receives four-year peace bond with 26 restrictions

August 10 2021

Former ISIS recruit allowed to finish 7-year sentence living with wife

August 13 2021

Austria: Funeral of 13-year-old raped and murdered by Muslim migrants gets police protection as family gets threats

September 27 2021

October 2 2021

U.S. prosecutors accuse Canadian man of being Islamic State fighter and propagandist

October 8 2021

ISIS bomber kills 46 inside Afghan mosque, challenges Taliban

October 9 2021

Palestinian jihadist repeatedly stabs man for being a Jew, but victim turns out to be a fellow Arab

October 19 2021

CCTV footage shows suspect in slaying of British MP Amess hours before stabbing

October 7 2023

Hamas launches unprecedented attack into Israel

And people in Canada are marching with HAMAS. Canada is full of terrorist supporters and jew haters.

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