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Private Members Bill : M-103 Part 2

Stand Together For Canada Comments: We had to start another page because the editor cannot handle long pages of text. This is a continuation showing Islam and what it truly is about. As we said. If you want to rule the world. You do what China does and buy up everything. Terrorism is not the answer.

Part One

March 1 2019

Canada: Muslim who said “all non-Muslims should be killed” ordered to meet weekly with imam for Islam instruction

March 3 2019

March 6 2019

RCMP Recruiting From Canadian Islamic Organization Known For Hate-Preaching

March 7 2019

Sweden calls for international tribunal to prosecute ISIS fighters for war crimes

Radical Islamic Terrorism Accounts for 91 Percent of European Terror Victims

March 8 2019

'Blood up to your knees': defeated IS jihadists still defiant

March 10 2019

Trudeau Govt Hands $761,720 To Canadian Council Of Muslim Women

Why is the RCMP trying to recruit at a Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Mosque?

March 15 2019

New Zealand murders: repercussions and perspective

Nigeria: Muslims murder over 20 Christians with machetes and gunfire

PM condemns hateful, 'toxic segments' of society after New Zealand shooting

March 18 2019

All of Canada under threat for Liberals' refusal to uphold law concerning returning ISIL fighters.

March 19 2019

Toronto: Muslim arrested in second bio-weapon/bomb terror scare in as many days, Broadview station closed again

Rare protests erupt against Hamas’ 12-year rule over Gaza

FATAH: Muslims who stand up to Mullahs are no 'Islamophobes'

LEVY: City Hall turns blind eye to hateful Al Quds Day rally

March 21 2019

Italy bus fire: driver hijacks and sets fire to school coach full of children 'in retaliation' for migrant drownings

March 22 2019

Germany: 200 cops arrest 10 Muslims who were “plotting to use a car and guns to kill as many people as possible”

Ten Arrested in Islamist Plot to “Kill as Many Non-Believers as Possible” - German Police

March 23 2019

MALKIN: Never Forget: CAIR's Dirty Deeds

March 24 2019

Organization of Islamic Cooperation urges UN to declare “Islamophobia” a form of racism

Robert Spencer: Freedom of Speech Dead in UK as London’s Muslim Mayor Defends Arrest of Christian Preacher

March 25 2019

From Colombia to Lebanon to Toronto: How a DEA probe uncovered Hezbollah’s Canadian money laundering ops

March 28 2019

Brunei deems gay sex and adultery punishable with death by stoning

March 31 2019

Ayaan Hisri Ali: “No compromise with islamists”

April 1 2019

Kiwi Madness Embracing the myth of Muslim innocence.

April 3 2019

Canada: Muslim student detonates incendiary devices in college building, college evacuated and closed

Brunei implements stoning to death under anti-LGBT laws

April 8 2019

Germany gives $426,037 to Muslim group calling for Israel’s destruction, cuts funding after exposés

Toronto neurosurgeon Mohammed Shamji pleads guilty to murdering his wife

April 10 2019

INTOLERANCE: Unhinged Liberals Attack Andrew Scheer For Reaching Out To Muslim Canadians

April 13 2019

Deadly export: Canadian Muslims responsible for hundreds of Islamic terrorism deaths and injuries overseas

April 18 2019

Muslim Politician in Canada Says Notre Dame Fire Was “Divine Intervention”

April 19 2019 (Tony Lam's Comments: Yes they need a safe space. From their men!!! Islam treats women as 3rd class citizens.)

'A place where we can be safe': Women's Mosque of Canada opens in Toronto

April 20 2019

Toronto police: Uber driver charged in two sexual-assault cases

April 22 2019

Trudeau Govt Funding Canadian Mosque Investigated For Hamas Ties

April 23 2019

Justin Trudeau Turns Back On Christian Mass Murder Worldwide

April 25 2019

As Vancouver drivers suffer gas-price pain, carbon-tax backers go suspiciously quiet

April 26 2019

The ISIS mechanic: Man now living in B.C. fixed trucks for terror group. Is he complicit in war crimes?

April 28 2019

EDITORIAL: ISIS leader calls for attacks on Canada again

April 29 2019

Sri Lanka bans all face coverings for 'public protection' after bomb attacks

April 30 2019

Australia Muslim Activists: If You Oppose Chopping Off Hands, You’re Intolerant

Trudeau Govt Drop Hearing Process For Refugees From Muslim Nations

May 3 2019

WATCH: Kids In Philadelphia Muslim Society: ‘We Will Chop Off Their Heads’ For Allah

May 4 2019

Muslim American Society Statement on Anti-Israel ‘Chop Their Heads’ Off Video by Muslim Children in Philadelphia: Songs Not “Properly Vetted”

May 5 2019

Saatchi Gallery covers up SKU artworks after complaints by Muslims

May 8 2019

45,000 ISIS kids returning home a 'ticking time bomb'

May 11 2019

Islamic State claims 'province' in India for first time after clash in Kashmir

Islamic Group With Terror Ties Push For “Islamophobia Day” In Canada

May 13 2019

Kevin Johnston ordered to pay $2.5M for 'hateful, Islamophobic' remarks against restaurant chain owner

May 14 2019

Another church attack in Burkina Faso leaves 4 Catholics dead

May 16 2019

Report: Al-Qaida-Linked Charities Funded Canadian Organization, Quran Competition

May 22 2019

Trudeau government may accept roughly 30 ISIS members back to Canada

May 24 2019

MP Iqra Khalid Grants Millions To Terror-Linked Organizations In Canada

May 24 2019

MP Iqra Khalid Grants Millions To Terror-Linked Organizations In Canada

May 25 2019

Islamic-Canadian Community Leaders Blame Racists, White Supremacists For Their Troubles

May 30 2019

Committee erupts after Tory MP tells Muslim witness he 'should be ashamed'

June 3 2019

LEVY: Toronto should send organizers of hate-filled Al Quds rally an invoice

June 4 2019

Toronto Muslim: Executing gays may sound “unfair,” but that's sharia law and “it's coming to Canada”

June 5 2019

Toronto Muslim Supports Executing Gays: ‘That’s Sharia Law and It’s Coming to Canada’ (VIDEO)

Professor Jordan Peterson declares “Islam is not compatible with democracy” amid Canada’s battle for free speech

June 7 2019

“ISIS ‘No,’ Canada ‘Yes?’”: Trudeau says Canada is committing genocide while he refused to say the same about ISIS

Canadian ISIS fighter details plot to smuggle jihadis into U.S.

Canadian captured in Syria says ISIS asked him to infiltrate U.S. to conduct attacks

June 8 2019

Iran deploys 2,000 new 'morality police' units to quell hijab rebellion

June 11 2019 FATAH: Shariah law makes a comeback in Ontario

‘It burned,’ Toronto mother says of corrosive material hurled at family and stroller

June 12 2019

Islamic Terrorist Convicted For Mass Murder Plot Granted Canadian Citizenship

FATAH: Why Shariah mortgage is a deception

The Saudi government is hunting down women who flee the country by tracking the IMEI number on their cellphones

June 15 2019

Justin Trudeau Allocates $367,000 On Poetry Classes For Returning ISIS Terrorists

June 16 2019

Female transported to hospital following assault involving acid in west end

June 17 2019

Western Academics once wore rose-coloured glasses with regards to Nazism, they do with Marxism, and they’re doing the same with Islam

MP Maryam Monsef Grants $750,000 To Empower Muslim Women In Canada

June 18 2019

FATAH: Why some Canadian Muslims celebrated the Quebec hijab ban

June 19 2019