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Trudeau 2020 Year End Stats

We at Stand Together For Canada kept track of Trudeau's Itinerary for 2020.

Compiled from:

Trudeau listed 1 day to "pack" for his ALL Liberal meeting in Winnipeg. That sounded stupid so his handlers changed that entry.

Trudeau has had 35 instances of "Non Media" Meetings where the MSM were not present

Trudeau has had 84 Personal / Vacation days in 2020. That's 23% of the year he was gone

This has to be noted. These were not taken all at once but in piecemeal

Trudeau has had 124 instances of Photo Ops / Media Events where he was the prime shaker.

Trudeau has had 107 instances of Private Meetings. That could encompass anything which isn't specific

Trudeau earned a whopping undeserved $347,000 Gross for the year

Trudeau attended QP 34 out of *86 times making it 40% attendance

That number 86 has an asterix because covid altered the QP dates and we tried to be as accurate in counting them as possible

Due to covid his travel was limited to the early parts of the year.

Trudeau was only out of Canada for a total of 12 days.

This also impacted his flying.

Officially he flew 31 separate times in/out Canada and the world

We can track his flying because of the itinerary which lists the city he is at


And thanks to Mr Stache @MrStache9

We didn't keep track of this.

Hiding in the Cottage Bunker 95 days

And that was with whatever that bulge was in Trudeau's leg

Speculation is all over the internet on what that was



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