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Why "Climate Change" Is The Greatest Scam Of Our Time

June 2023

We have been tracking Climate Barbie and her successors since she took office. You can find all those climate articles on our main page.

In no particular order:

- “The climate change will expand to meet the needs of the climate change.”

That’s the rub. Climate change will NEVER be solved. It’s a pathway to totalitarianism, via eco-fascism. Nothing more.

-Dictator @justintrudeau carbon tax slogan "you get back more than you pay" 100% false.

- “In the last 8 years (2023) the carbon tax has mitigated climate change impacts by ____%”

They can’t, and won’t, ever tell you that. The ANSWER IS ZERO.

- Oxymoron: Politicians jetting off to international meetings to 'fight' climate change.

-@justintrudeau is taxing Canadians to save the "environment." I went outside and waved a $50 bill around. Doesn't look like the climate is changing. Its a tax grab and you don't "get back more than you pay" on the "carbon tax."

-Canada somehow lost count of our incoming refugee's and have absolutely no idea what the actual count is? This is the same Government that wants your money to control the temperature?

- I love when rich elites that fly all over the world in private jets tell me that I'm the one that needs to cut down on carbon emissions

- I love when rich elites that use more energy in a month than I do in a year tells me I'm the one that needs to cut down on carbon emissions

- I love when rich elites that eat like royalty every month tell me that I have to cut back on meat and eat bugs

- Chretien signed up Canada to Kyoto and immediately ignored it. Dictator @justintrudeau signed up Canada to Paris and completely ignored it. And our emissions are going up. Well done!

- does not follow the "scientific method" instead based on computer generated prediction models

- if you can't question it, its not "science"

- forget “energy transition” and “just transition” to describe the transformation of our energy systems. Call it the “boondoggle transition” because that’s what it is turning into.

- climate change is being used to control us through fear

- carbon is not a pollutant, we are carbon based lifeforms

- every "prediction" made has been incorrect

- the people who shout climate change the loudest don't live their lives like its the greatest danger of our time

- your EV is not "net zero" it is built the same way a regular gas car is built and everything that entails then that electricity used to charge the EV is powered by fossil fuels

- the scammers changed the name to "climate change" which could mean ANYTHING

- Canada taxes the air called a "carbon tax" which does nothing for the environment but drives up the cost of living

- "carbon offsets" are another scam used to fool the gullible into thinking they are making a "difference"

- Canada's "emissions" are not a world ending problem at 1.6% you could shut down everything in Canada and it won't make a difference

- the "science" is now "political science"

- it is now very lucrative $$$ to be on the "climate bandwagon"

- the EARTH has been around for billions of year yet the climate changers are always basing things on decades which end up incorrect

- first it was the ice age, then global warming, then global cooling, then climate change, what's next, which were all incorrect

- Canada has an abundance of forests which are now being set on fire by arsonists to push the climate agenda

- Dictator @justintrudeau who says climate change is the greatest danger of our time flies everywhere and drives with a fleet of SUV's everywhere he goes

- if you disagree with the climate change narrative you are censured

- ev batteries last a "decade" or less and need to be disposed of

- when fake dire climate predictions turn out to be wrong, they just come up with new scare tactics

- the sun and moon affects the Earth but are never mentioned

- China and India are the biggest polluters but given a free pass, where are their carbon taxes?

- if you don't believe in the climate scam you are labeled a "denier," that's not how science works

- Canada will cripple its own oil industry while importing oil from Saudi Arabia

- instead of building pipelines from coast to coast, Canada has to ship its crude from the WEST down through the Panama Canal and back up to the EAST coast to be refined

- Dictator @justintrudeau will ban tanker traffic on the WEST coast but won't ban tanker traffic on the EAST coast

- children in schools are now being indoctrinated to believe that climate change is the greatest threat to the planet when it isn't

- everything about "climate change" is either hypocritical or contradictory

- when we don't even have enough power to run things now, how will they get power to millions of future EV's or other electric devices, they have no plans on upgrading the power grid

- allow dumping of RAW sewage into our rivers, that's not bad for the environment

- a government that can’t balance a budget or resolve homelessness yet there’s people who believe they can change the weather, smarten up!

- climate change is where your money CHANGES from your hand to the governments pocket. THE WEATHER STAYS THE SAME.

- Canada's oil is not "dirty" compared to what? Dirty Russia oil? Dirty Saudi oil? Dirty middle eastern tyrant oil?

- Bill 69 - no more pipelines bill with gender nonsense

- Bill 48 - no more tanker ban

- lunatic left hijacked the environment cause for anti-capitalist ends

- Carbon is not a pollutant. Even if it was a pollutant Canada's forests naturally offset our 1.6% emissions

- Shutting down coal fired plants in Canada while China is continuing to use and build coal fired plants. While Canada ships them coal via the PORT OF VANCOUVER. Where is the outrage from the environmentalists?

- how can carbon be a pollutant when humans exhale co2 then that means WE are the pollutants

And when you can make comedy out of how absurd the climate cultists are.

Top 10 High paying green jobs:

1. Solar panel washer

2. Rickshaw puller

3. Cricket farmer

4. Learn to code

5. Body heat warmer

6. Windmill dead bird collector

7. Wool sweater & mittens maker

8. Carbon tax collector

9. Manual rare-earth mineral miner

10. Recycling wagon pusher

11. Virtue signaler

And a winning tweet from Jordan Peterson

And remember:

It’s hot - climate change

It’s cold - climate change

It’s raining - climate change

It’s not raining- climate change

It’s snowing - climate change

It’s not snowing - climate change

It’s a flood - climate change

It’s a drought - climate change

See how it works?

The climate has been changing since the Earth was formed. We will be fine. Humans have always adapted.


1. Putin is to blame for everything.

2. Biden is in the prime of his life.

3. Climate change is going to kill us all.

4. The vaccines were safe & effective.

5. Sports: Men with wigs are women.

6. Weather: hottest day ever somewhere at the end of the world.

And more on CO2

Patrick Moore: Should We Celebrate Carbon Dioxide?

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