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Why We Call @JustinTrudeau a Dictator

Updated January 2024

We called it in 2015. Justin Trudeau is now the worst PM in Canadian history. If people don't believe this we have all the information on our main page

We await what 2024-2025 holds. . .

2015 best looking pm

2016 most photographed pm

2017 most divisive pm

2018 most embarrassing pm

2019 most unethical pm

2020 most incompetent pm

2021 most authoritarian pm

2022 most corrupt pm

2023 . . . . I would say "most protected" pm in Canadian history. Both physically and criminally.

2024 most hated pm ever

Here are the reasons why he deserves the title of Dictator. You can be elected and still act like a Dictator as Justin Trudeau has done. (not in order of date)

- Wasn't prosecuted for Aga Khan, SNC, or WE scandal because he had Brenda Lucki in his pocket

- When your government uses billions of tax dollars to fund another countries war without your permission

- When your government censors what you see online because they don't want you knowing the truth

- When your government passes bills without debate

- When your government openly belittles it's people by labeling them as a misogynistic fringe minority and terrorists with unacceptable views

- Eritrean rioters armed with clubs and knives fighting each other. No charges laid. No bank accounts frozen.

- Yes you protest lockdowns and mandates you get the gestapo treatment. You support Hamas and openly fly their flags. Nothing to see here move along. No arrests. No bank accounts frozen.

- You know what kind of countries’ governments summon businesses to demand price controls? Dictatorships.

- Trudeau wants to add a grocery tax to "lower" food prices when it will do the opposite

- Never before seen government overreach

- Weaponizing and using Order In Councils. He has used more OIC's than any other PM in history

- Invoking the EA using it as a nuclear option when all he had to do was start a dialogue with the truckers

- Freezing bank accounts

- Repeatedly violates ethics rules

- Giving one of his favored companies a special pass on criminal charges which caused the Minister Of Justice to resign

- Spending on himself like he was a King while his people starve

- Taxing the people into oblivion while he lives like a King

- Forcing his population to get an untested vaccine or lose their jobs and he made it so you couldn't get EI

- Giving money away to every foreign country and entity on the planet regardless of consequences or accountability

- Banning certain media from events when they are critical of him and his government

- Using the RCMP as his personal Gestapo

- Lockdowns and mandates for 2 years when it wasn't necessary

- Pushing a fake environmental agenda that claims CO2 the giver of life is a "pollutant"

- Destroying our oil and gas sector for fake environment reasons

- Banning tanker traffic on the west coast. East coast allowed.

- Allows mass illegal immigration

- RCMP under his control, would not charge him for Aga Khan or SNC Lavalin

- Never before seen corruption

- Most divisive PM in history, calling Canadians everything under the sun

- Every institution in Canada now corrupted and incompetent

- Running deficits bankrupting Canada

- Pushing woke agenda's like trans people and using it to divide Canadians

- Paid media doing his bidding and carrying water for him

- Running people over with horses

- Freezing gofund accounts because he disagrees with it

- Presenting bills to Parliament that will allow him to control speech

- Controlling the movement of his people

- Jail opponents with fake charges while letting actual protesters destroy at will

- Has a rapidly increasing armed security force following him everywhere using weapons that he "prohibited" from Canadians

- Everytime he goes on "vacation" it turns out to be controversial. Doing things that he shouldn't.

- Prorogued Parliament to hide his WE scandal

- Penalizing police officers for donating to the Freedom Convoy

- Had banned tax paying citizens from leaving their country

- Had banned people from participating in society

- Had banned attending the funerals of their loved ones

- Had banned people from visiting dying loved ones in hospitals over a vaccine that didn't stop or reduce transmission

- Had forced people to produce a special government issued "vax status" card or be barred from society

- Whistle blowers behind the foreign interference leak will be punished, shoot the messenger

- Failed government forcing high inflation and interest rates that do not affect him or his elite buddies

- Ignored foreign interference in our elections

- You write a accurate book on Trudeau called "The Libranos," Trudeau will send his gestapo after you and take you to court to stop you from telling the truth

- Trudeau spied on Canadians throughout the pandemic

-.Invited SS NAZI to HOC, only he would do that

-.Forced federally mandated businesses to put feminine hygiene products in both mens and womens washrooms

And as Dictator he also supports terrorists.

- Funds UNRWA

- Gave 10.5M to terrorist

- Gave summer jobs funding to mosque with terror ties.

- Gave 2x award to terrorist supporter

- Invited terrorist to India

- Invited wife Beater to PMO - Guy married to khadr sister

- Terrorists keep Canadian Citizenship

- Iran downs airliner. Trudeau pays reparations to Canadian families. Not the other way around.

And as Dictator he lets criminals run amok in Canada.

- Bans guns from legal gun owners while he has ARMED security. They should switch to slingshots.

- Dictator @justintrudeau has a 10+ car motorcade full of ARMED security using weapons that he has banned from the general population

- Reduced sentencing for criminals using firearms

- Catch and release system now worse than ever

- Tried to use a mass shooting to further his gun control agenda

- Weekly shootings occurring all over Canada even with guns banned since May 2020

- Random attacks now on the rise

- Knife attacks on the rise

And as Dictator these protests were allowed even in full view of police presence. He even bent the knee at a BLM gathering.

- Train derailments

- Forest fires

- Church burnings

- Illegal blockades

- Statue tear downs

- Destruction of property

- Allows HAMAS terrorist supporters to roam our streets

-.Allows HAMAS supporters to take shots at Jewish institutions

If you peacefully protest his woke agenda you will be jailed.

- Christian Pastors peacefully protesting are jailed

- Tamara Lich embarrassed @justintrudeau and was jailed for "mischief" and held in irons

And as Dictator he gives a free pass to China and everything they have done.

- Foreign aid to China

- Buys our care homes

- Trains troops on CA soil

- Holds Canadians hostage

- Espionage our virus labs

- Wuhan virus

- Police stations

- Election interference

- Spy balloons

- Donations to Trudeau Foundation and MP's

- Interrogate relatives of MP Chong

- Install Chinese police stations in Canada

- Take donations to the Trudeau Foundations

- Chinese companies to buy Canadian assets

- Continue human rights abuse

And as Dictator he pushed an untested "vaccine" on the population.

- No liability to companies involved with the production of the mRNA "vaccine"

- Complete failure to provide immunity, should not be called a "vaccine"

- Fast tracked "emergency use"

- Unproven

- Long term side effects unknown

- Future drug interactions unknown

- Boosters required forever or else

- Short term side effects now known

-.Forced vaccine on government controlled industries or ELSE

-.If you didn't take the vaccine and lost your job you couldn't get EI

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And videos: I just added the name. If anyone wants them I can post them on Twitter. It slows the page down when I have tons of videos on one page.

- Trudeau confirms vaccines will not be mandatory

- Not Mandatory till he makes it Mandatory

- Trudeau to the unvaccinated you can't go on planes or trains and put people at risk

- Brian Lilley - While talking about how everyone should follow public health guidelines, Liberal Leader @JustinTrudeau packed people into an indoor event against Ontario public health guidelines

- Swat team take down of Pastor Artur and his brother Dawid like they were drug kingpins

- Andrew Lawton - REMINDER Ottawa's interim police chief Steve Bell was the one who told convoy protesters he would hunt them down after the fact and continue charging them

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- Justin Trudeau behaved like a dictator of the worst kind

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- The Post Millennial - Tucker Carlson blasts Justin Trudeau for seeking to take Canadians' guns away as part of a power grab, while ignoring larger causes of death

- Tucker Carlson and Lauren Southern SLAM Canadian "dictator" Justin Trudeau.

- funniest vid we had to add it

How The Prime Minister Stole Freedom

- Have Canadians Lost Their Freedom? By Viva Frei

And last but not least. . .

- The Dictator and the Truckers: A True Canadian Folk Tale

- The Dictator and the Truckers: A Grim Sequel

- Combined text only Re-printed without Permission - The Dictator and the Truckers

- How The Prime Minister Stole Freedom

And last last but not least. The current state that Canada is in. It only took a few years under Dictator @justintrudeau

high deficit

high crime

high homelessness

High corruption

High taxes

High hunger

High inflation

High scandals

Everything is racist

Political prisoners

Worst housing crisis

•Debt for generations

•Making themselves & their cronies rich on the taxpayers dime

•Ethics breaches

•Violating Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

•Billions in reckless spending with no accountability

•Dividing the country

•Coerced medical procedures

•Broken promises

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