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Zexi Li - Chinese Activist Leading Lawsuit Against Trucker Convoy

October 16 2023

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We know who the communists are now.

Zexi Li, 'Freedom Convoy' lawyers spar over use of the word 'occupation' in court

From Wikipedia

Zexi Li (born 2000 or 2001) is a Canadian government data analyst who lives in Ottawa and who was the lead complainant of the Freedom Convoy class action lawsuit.

Early life and education

Li was born in Fuzhou, China, and moved with her parents from to Canada at the age of two.[1][2] Her family initially moved to Scarborough before her parents divorced, one moving to downtown Toronto, the other to Montreal.[1]

Li attended the University of Ottawa, where she initially studied commerce and accounting, later changing to business technology management.[1]

Adult life

Since graduation,[1] Li has worked as a data analyst for Shared Services Canada,[3][4] and previously worked as a concierge in two residential high rise buildings in Ottawa.[1]

During the Canada convoy protest in 2022, Li lived in a high rise building in the centre of Ottawa.[3] She subsequently became the lead complainant the Freedom Convoy class action lawsuit that was served on Canada convoy protestors.[5][6]

In March 2022, Li was given the City Builder award by the Mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson.[7]

On 14 October 2022, Li testified at the Public Order Emergency Commission, and spoke of how the noise of the protest interrupted the sleep and lives of Ottawa's residents,[3] and the harassment she encountered from protestors.[8] Li has been the target of harassment in response to news coverage about her.[4]

Li was 21 years old in 2022.[9]

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Video from @super_spreaders

First Day Of Testimony

October 20 2023

EXCLUSIVE: Lead plaintiff against Canadian Freedom Convoy leaves court in tears after contradicting previous testimony


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