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Congratulations to Jonathan Wilkinson: Minister of Environment and Climate Change

Who will now be referred to as Climate Ken.

The climate portfolio is complete garbage hence the names "Climate X"


November 20 2019

China Set for Massive Coal Expansion in Threat to Climate Goals

November 22 2019

Conrad Black: The IPCC isn't quite as apocalyptic as Greta Thunberg

David Staples: Oil and gas and cattle industries under fire at Canadian schools

Kenney to Quebec: Don't want propane shortages? Build more pipelines

U.S. government releases draft proposal for expanded Alaska oil development

November 25 2019

Alberta pipeline company with 'Canadian values' comes to Quebec's rescue with propane shipments

November 27 2019

BAMFORD: PM's green energy plan will bankrupt Ontario manufacturing

Carbon tax must hit $210 per tonne by 2030 to meet Paris targets, report concludes


November 28 2019


November 29 2019

Trans Mountain 'incredibly important' but must be sustainable: McKenna

Canada needs carbon tax of $210 a tonne by 2030 to meet Paris targets, report says

December 1 2019

British yacht skipper, 26, wiped out the carbon emissions saved by Greta Thunberg's sail across the Atlantic by flying out to the US to help her

The government of Quebec has effectively banned pipelines in that province

December 2 2019

Trans Mountain construction set to begin in Alberta, with 'pipe in the ground before Christmas'

Husky Energy cuts capital spending by $500 million over next two years in bid to increase cash flow

Husky Energy confirms 370 job cuts as it trims 2020-21 spending by $500 million

Diane Francis: Trudeau’s ridiculous, holier-than-thou climate policies are making emissions much worse

Trans Mountain construction set to begin in Alberta, with 'pipe in the ground before Christmas'

December 3 2019

Pipe for Trans Mountain expansion project to be in the ground before Christmas: CEO

December 4 2019

(Tony Lam's Comments: We've always had weather. What we didn't have was a carbon tax)

Canadian families will pay nearly $500 more in 2020 for food, report says

December 6 2019

Against the grain: For Prairie farmers, carbon tax shows how little Ottawa understands their industry

December 10 2019

Brazil president calls Greta Thunberg a 'brat'

Crews still battling fire from crude oil train derailment in central Saskatchewan

December 12 2019

As Alberta energy companies struggle to pay their bills, farmers, ranchers and counties feel the pinch

December 13 2019

B.C. Drivers Cross Border To Fill Up Tanks More Cheaply

December 15 2019

Greta Thunberg apologizes for ‘against the wall’ remark

German Railway Company Disputes Greta Thunberg’s Seatless Claim

Sales of electric vehicles plummet in Ontario now that province has cancelled rebate

December 16 2019

Trans Mountain oil pipeline faces latest legal challenge in Canada court

Rail Company Rips Greta Thunberg for Photo on Floor of ‘Overcrowded’ Train: You Rode First Class

Kenney 'not as serious about climate change,' Trudeau says in interview with Lisa LaFlamme

December 17 2019

'We're going to die': Toronto mother says young daughter terrified by school presentation on climate change

Tech giants sued over 'appalling' deaths of children who mine their cobalt

December 18 2019

Chinese oil company gets go-ahead for exploration drilling in Flemish Pass Basin

December 20 2019

Liberals hid price increase since 2017, project billions in carbon tax revenue

Irving drops pledge to cut emissions by 17% at Canada’s largest oil refinery

Irving Oil quietly changed climate change policy, scrapping plan to cut carbon emission

Bell: Trudeau takes no blame for Alberta outrage

December 21 2019

'Intimidating:' Alberta's energy war room singles out climate campaigner

EXCLUSIVE: Canada sends second-largest delegation to COP25 out of G20 countries

December 23 2019

Diane Francis: If Ottawa won't listen to the West on resources, perhaps the West should stop listening to Ottawa

December 27 2019

Braid: Kenney sees no change in fiscal or 'fair deal' plans in 2020

December 28 2019

December 29 2019

Electric vehicles are supposed to be green, but the truth is a bit murkier

December 30 2019

Albertans will see gas prices jump Jan. 1 as 2020 federal carbon tax kicks in

December 31 2019 Varcoe: A no-growth economy is Alberta's top business story of 2019

Chinese company gets green light to explore offshore of Newfoundland and Labrador

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