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January 2 2020

B.C.’s Supreme court rules for $6.6-billion Coastal GasLink pipeline, against Indigenous law

January 4 2020

Taxpayer-funded electric vehicle chargers barely used: Report

GOLDSTEIN: A new Conservative climate policy -- try honesty

January 7 2020

Work must stop on Trans Mountain, Site C, LNG pipeline until First Nations approval, UN committee says

January 8 2020

Australia arrests 183 for setting bushfires that celebrities claim were caused by climate change

Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland to skip Davos this year

FUREY: Iran is withholding the black box - as Canadians we can't tolerate that

Coastal GasLink gives pipeline opponents 72-hour notice to clear way to worksite

Alberta Minister of Energy tells “unaccountable” UN to backoff on pipeline criticism

January 11 2020

Students end hunger strike after UBC clarifies position on divestment from fossil fuels

January 12 2019

Trudeau government approves hundreds of electric vehicle charging stations, audit shows operational stations barely used

January 13 2020

Province says 118 drilling rigs added last week is 'good news' for oil and gas

January 14 2020

TC Energy to resume work on Keystone XL in the United States as early as next month

Posthaste: Watch out Alberta, Quebec wants to become Canada's new energy powerhouse

Tenured McGill prof resigns over university's refusal to divest from fossil fuels

January 16 2020

Supreme Court dismisses B.C. case against Trans Mountain pipeline

Keean Bexte: If the illegal Coastal GasLink blockade isn't eco-terrorism I don't know what is

LILLEY: Canadian Tire takes Trudeau's corporate welfare for green cars

January 17 2020

Rex Murphy: We're freezing! Isn't it great? The carbon tax must be working!

First Nations chief blasts 'condescending' UN anti-racism directive that called for pipeline to be shut down

Trudeau gives Canadian Tire $2.7 million for electric car charging stations

January 18 2020

Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez Angry USMCA Doesn’t Contain ‘a Single Damn Mention of Climate Change’

Trudeau, ministers head to Winnipeg for cabinet retreat, western outreach

China reports 17 new cases in viral pneumonia outbreak

January 20 2020

Swartz Bay ferry terminal reopens after pipeline protesters delay sailings

Diane Francis: Trudeau needs to get the Teck oilsands project built

January 21 2020

Greta Thunberg’s Remarks at the Davos Economic Forum

Greta Thunberg tells Davos: You’re all talk, no action on climate change

January 22 2020

UN Human Rights Ruling Says “Climate Refugees” Cannot be Returned back to Their Home Country — US Must Open Its Borders to All Central Americans

January 22 2020

Prince Charles: We need a new economic model or the planet will burn

Janaury 26 2020

Quebec politician praises coronavirus for reducing carbon footprint in Wuhan

January 28 2020

Bell: Kenney pleads to Trudeau for Teck mine thumbs-up

B.C. First Nation chiefs opposing Coastal GasLink pipeline renew request for Horgan meeting

I Survived Communism. Now, It’s Back, Veiled as ‘Environmentalism’

January 29 2020

Bell: Trudeau arm-twists Alberta, play ball or no oilsands mine


January 31 2020

Fort Saskatchewan ethylene plant to increase capacity in US$200M expansion

February 2 2020

Fate of Frontier oilsands mine will prove whether Trudeau ‘serious’ about unity: minister

KNIGHT: Climate alarmists are all hypocrites

February 3 2020

Greta Thunberg nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

February 4 2020

$500M investment means construction to start on Canada's largest solar farm this year

Court upholds Trans Mountain pipeline approval

(And if you believe this one I can sell you a bridge)

Most Canadian households will get more than they pay from carbon tax: PBO

February 5 2020

Justin Trudeau Establishes $8.2 Billion Dollar CARBON TAX-GRAB For 2022


Wind Turbine Blades Can’t Be Recycled, So They’re Piling Up in Landfills

February 7 2020

Liberals ready aid package for Alberta as deadline for decision on Teck Frontier mine nears

Rex Murphy: The Liberals are pouring kerosene on the flames of Western separatism

Alberta urges approval of Teck oil sands mine, rejects federal aid idea

'Oil is going to move': Calls for pipelines after fiery train derailment

February 8 2020

Holy umbrella, B.C. just broke a half-century-old record

Protesters block rail line near Dupont and Dufferin in support of Coastal GasLink pipeline opponents

February 9 2020

Tensions flare as car pushes through pipeline protest blocking traffic on Albert St.

February 10 2020

Bridge at protest site damaged, tires spiked

February 11 2020

Canadian News Trudeau government pays media to write climate change articles

Liberals paid news outlets millions for climate change content

Vancouver Island man arrested for tearing down anti-pipeline blockade

Police arrest 43 Wet'suwet'en solidarity protesters at Port of Vancouver


Garneau on Indigenous protests

David Staples: Chaos has come to Canada — and it could quickly get much worse

BREAKING: Trudeau won’t intervene in protesters blocking highways and railways


Liberals paid news outlets millions for climate change content


February 12 2020


BREAKING: Anti-pipeline protestors occupy Liberal MP’s Toronto office



Granville Street Bridge reopened after pipeline protesters shut down crossing for several hours


February 13 2020

Diane Francis: Rail blockades could turn into a full-blown secession crisis — and Trudeau's government is to blame


Minister offers to meet with Indigenous leaders amid pipeline protests


Global Elites Shun Commercial Airlines, Look to Private Jets as Coronavirus Death Toll Surges

EXCLUSIVE: Left-wing websites instruct activists to use thermite to “destroy” Canadian infrastructure

Trudeau willing to boost oil and gas in Africa while Canadian industry suffers

CN Initiating Progressive and Orderly Shutdown of its Eastern Canadian Network

EDITORIAL: How to end protests - sue them

Eco-terrorist group started Australia’s devastating bushfires, senator claims


February 14 2029

Concerns raised about drinking water as chlorine delivered by rail held up by blockades

Rex Murphy: Climate zealots have taken Canada hostage and our PM is missing in action

Trudeau calls for 'dialogue' as blockade cripples rail network, while Scheer says clear out the protesters

Website calling for rail blockades instructs activists to make Molotov cocktails

WATCH: Journalist threatened with arrest AGAIN for documenting anti-pipeline protests

Canada doesn't tell police what to do, Trudeau says of rail blockades

BREAKING: Anti-pipeline protestors swarm Toronto subway, block major train tracks


February 15 2020

Wet’suwet’en protest blocking trains in Vaughan a call ‘to protect everyone’s rights to a healthy environment’

Kenney says Gerald Butts conspired with Obama to kill Keystone pipeline

February 15 2020



War of words: Experts say the Wet’suwet’en actions are being mangled with loaded vocabulary

February 16 2020

Minister reports 'modest progress' after blockade talks with First Nation

Every day rail blockade lasts, Trudeau’s stock drops lower

PM calls off diplomatic visit to Caribbean amid ongoing rail stoppages

Inside the meeting between Mohawks and Canada's Indigenous services minister


As others have noted. The head of the RCMP Brenda Lucki is not on the list.


FUREY: What is Canada going to do about the pipeline protesters?


February 17 2020


Quebec and Cree Nation sign 30-year economic development deal for James Bay territory

Anti-pipeline protesters shut down eastern Ontario border

Trudeau Has Handed Canada Over To A Small Group Of Radicals

Gas prices could spike during rail blockade by Wet'suwet'en supporters

February 18 2020

Greta Thunberg voices her support for anti-pipeline protestors

Ontario Liberal MP pays for ads to shut down Alberta jobs

Protesters blockade Premier Horgan's home ahead of B.C. budget release



Rex Murphy: This is the outcome of Justin Trudeau's disastrous sloganeering

BREAKING: Trudeau REFUSES to meet Scheer to solve illegal blockades crisis

February 19 2020

BREAKING: Quebec train derailment may have been intentional: source

Court grants CN injunction against rail blockade in west Edmonton


VIDEO: Law-Abiding Canadians Take Down Illegal Blockade

As Trudeau’s Weakness Continues, A New Illegal Blockade Has Gone Up In Alberta

HYPOCRITE: After Claiming Government Doesn’t Control RCMP, Trudeau Says They’re Considering Removing RCMP From Specific Location



TransLink granted injunction to stop protesters from obstructing SkyTrain

'Fed up' shipping line diverts cargo from Halifax over rail shutdown

'Fed up' shipping line diverts cargo from Halifax over rail shutdown


February 20 2020


Mike Smyth: As Horgan and Trudeau squirm, blockade crisis deepens

Peter MacKay deletes tweet supporting residents who dismantled rail blockade

MacKay replaces tweet about rail blockades after critics suggest he supports vigilantism




February 21 2020


Coastal GasLink environmental assessment report rejected, construction could be delayed

Roy Green: If Canada is a nation of laws, we should enforce them

Rail blockades causing containers to pile up at Canadian ports


Teck Resources warns of $1.13B charge if Frontier oilsands mine rejected

February 22 2020

Eyes now on Canadian police after Trudeau demands transport blockades torn down

Coastal GasLink sent back to the table with Indigenous leaders

Another rail blockade springs up in Saskatoon



Trudeau asks MPs to approve $2.1 BILLION for Indigenous communities

February 23 2020

'The time has come': Despite pleas from government, no sign of blockades coming down

Railroad blockades ‘setting back reconciliation 20 years,’ warns B.C. MLA Ellis Ross

For Canada's Trudeau, the $15.5 billion Teck mine decision is a lose-lose situation


Trudeau government gifted $10,000 to anti-pipeline group


Teck Resources pulls application from Frontier oil sands mine

February 24 2020

Police presence remains on Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory after morning arrests

Teck pulls application for Frontier oil sands mine in relief for Trudeau


Trudeau's 'weakness and fear' over blockades, Teck mine driving away investment, says Scheer


Federal carbon pricing law unconstitutional, Alberta Court of Appeal rules


Posthaste: Add Teck's Frontier mine to the $100Bn worth of energy projects already shelved or rejected in Canada

BREAKING: Alberta Court Of Appeal Rules Trudeau Carbon Tax UNCONSTITUTIONAL


As anti-pipeline blockades continue, grocery stores are starting to run out of goods

Loss of Teck’s Frontier project reveals the real racism of the Left and the CBC

‘Disappointment, fear and anger:” Indigenous communities blindsided by Teck's decision to pull Frontier project

Goldstein: Trudeau's policies are cutting Canada's economic throat


Carbon tax is an unconstitutional “Trojan horse”: Alberta Court of Appeal


Pipeline to Feed Proposed Quebec LNG Export Facility Advances


Hidden: Trudeau Govt Funding American ANTI-PIPELINE Group Tides Foundation

February 25 2020



Wet'suwet'en protest stops GO train service in Ontario

Behind CN, CP's quiet deal to skirt railway blockades and keep Canada's vital goods moving


February 26 2020

Freight trains moving through burning tire protest near Belleville, Ont.

Protesters at Kahnawake blockade armed with AK-47 assault rifles, Quebec premier says

$63 million lost each week: Grain producers reel as rail blockades clog supply chains

Now that Teck Frontier is dead, is there a future for Canada's oilsands?

VIDEO: Illegal Blockaders Are Trying To Set Trains On Fire

WATCH: Anti-pipeline protestors try to light train on FIRE

B.C. Liberals call for ban on foreign funds to pipeline protesters


Wet’suwet’en chiefs remove hereditary titles of three women who support Coastal GasLink pipeline

Trudeau Wants It All on Climate and Oil. It’s Not Working Out

February 27 2020

Blockades are not terrorism, says Blair following exchange with Conservative MP

Lead anti-pipeline protestor is American



Gunter: Trudeau liberals jeopardizing Alberta's economy for the sake of moral smugness

February 28 2020


Rex Murphy: Killing hope where it's most needed – among Aboriginal youth

February 29 2020

TOWHEY: It’s time Canada’s First Nations got their acts together


Protesters throwing debris, fire at moving train act of 'stupidity,' not terrorism: Lametti



Relevant to current protests:

May 20 2015

Sudbury man upset with fine after walking near CN train tracks


March 1 2020

Wet'suwet'en chiefs, ministers reach proposed agreement in pipeline dispute

Thousands in Toronto expected to protest opening of world's largest mining convention

THE REAL STORY: Many Say The ‘Chief Woos’ Negotiating With The Liberals Has A Title That Was Stripped From The Real Chief Woos – A Woman Who Supports The Coastal GasLink Pipeline

March 2 2020

CN tickets pedestrian for walking too close to train tracks

Oilpatch Trucking Company Dalmac Shuts Down As Bankruptcy Looms

BONOKOSKI: The Wet'suwet'en scenario exposed Trudeau’s weakness

MEG Energy seeks to delay oil sands project

EXCLUSIVE: Anti-plastic Trudeau Liberals spent $1M on bottled water (and that's just ONE ministry)

March 3 2020

BAMFORD: An anti-resource agenda played out before our eyes

Rex Murphy: Mr. Prime Minister, please make a choice: Paris or Calgary?

LILLEY: Historic Ontario road agreement puts First Nations in driver's seat

CN Rail faces grain export backlog of 10,000 carloads: CEO


March 4 2020

Police evacuating the area following train derailment in Kingston, Ont.

Wet’suwet’en elected council wants in on pipeline, B.C. land talks

‘Food grade product’ spilled as a result of Kingston, Ont., train derailment: city

Environmental and Indigenous groups co-ordinated blockade actions in early 2019

Greenpeace paying $70K salary for campaigner to “scandalize” fossil fuel industry


March 5 2020

Supreme Court of Canada will not hear B.C. groups' challenges against Trans Mountain pipeline expansion

Warren Buffett's company bails on Saguenay LNG project because of 'Canadian political context,' promoter says

BC exports fall $30 million a day due to anti-pipeline blockades, cargo may be diverted permanently


School Evacuated After Train Derails In B.C.

KNIGHT: Blockades descend into domestic terrorism just like RCMP internal document predicted


Police not probing recent rail disasters, crude oil derailments, deaths for possible negligence

Cabinet approves $240M Mohawk settlement for 132-year-old land claim

Updated: Trees cut in Richmond to make way for jet fuel pipeline

March 6 2020

Lawrence Solomon: The divine right of hereditary chiefs to override the desires and needs of their people

Manitoba REJECTS handgun ban: ‘Won’t make any difference whatsoever’

Warren Buffett: Reportedly pulls out of LNG project in Quebec due to challenges in Canada


EXCLUSIVE: Radical Wet’suwet’en Chief Frank Alec beats wife, negotiates with feds

Canada’s LNG Dreams Fade as Blockades Add New Costs to Industry

B.C. band cancels Kindersley, Sask., concert following public outrage over anti-pipeline views

March 7 2020

Alberta should leave Canada if 'absolute necessities' not met, Brian Jean says

March 9 2020

Diane Francis: Paris Agreement a Trojan Horse threatening the Canadian economy, national unity

March 10 2020

Pipeline project was 'hijacked' by 'group of five guys,' former Wet’suwet’en hereditary chief tells MPs

March 11 2020

Ottawa set to declare plastics as toxic substance

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau’s tactics mean more railway blockades

March 19 2020

March 21 2020 Goldstein: We gambled on the wrong threat - Climate change

March 24 2020

Trudeau government will HIKE carbon tax by 50 percent despite coronavirus nightmare

March 25 2020

Trudeau government to move forward with carbon tax hikes despite pandemic

Gov. Baker prohibits reusable shopping bags during coronavirus emergency

March 30 2020

CARBON TAX STILL GOING UP: Set to increase 50% despite global pandemic

March 31 2020

Catherine McKenna Implies Energy Sector Jobs Aren’t ‘Meaningful,’ Even Though Those Jobs Are Saving Canada From Total Collapse

April 1 2020

Canada’s carbon tax increasing April 1 despite coronavirus economic crunch

April 2 2020

Pierre Poilievre and Shannon Stubbs: Want real stimulus? Here’s $20-billion worth

April 3 2020

Shockproofing Canada: Why the Keystone pipeline is just the start of making us energy self-sufficient

April 4 2020

Feds pulled between bailing out oil and gas and moving to cleaner energy

Canada's top doctor says models are not 'crystal balls' as calls to release national projections grow

Oil and gas industry’s service sector could be ‘completely decimated’ without fast, beefed-up aid package

April 6 2020

An open letter to Canadians from oil and gas workers

April 7 2020

Alberta's patience running short for federal energy aid: Minister Savage

EU carbon market collapses as Covid-19 causes ‘perfect storm‘: IHS

Work starts in Montana on Keystone XL pipeline

GUNTER: Liberals being pushed to ignore the death of oil industry during COVID-19 pandemic

April 11 2020

Famed Anak Krakatau Volcano Is Erupting Once Again

April 12 2020 There are stories behind the numbers from COVID-19 and the oil price crash

April 17 2020

'Not going to do anything:' Oil executives say federal abandoned well program comes too late

April 20 2020

Trudeau’s energy aid called a ‘bad wedding gift’ and ‘a drop in the ocean’

Trudeau's carbon tax did not reduce greenhouse gas emissions, according to new data

April 22 2020

GOLDSTEIN: Michael Moore's new film skewers green energy

April 26 2020

Licia Corbella: If Alberta's energy sector dies every Canadian will suffer — the numbers don't lie

April 28 2020

Climate experts call for 'dangerous' Michael Moore film to be taken down

Nova Scotia writes off $48M investment in failed wind tower plant

April 29 2020

Irving Oil wants more Canadian crude for its Atlantic operations

April 30 2020

WATCH: Liberal minister posts bizarre video of her boxing with punching bag that says 'COVID-19'

May 4 2020

You Know Times Are Tough When Michael Moore Becomes Good News – David Yager

Irving Oil finally gets approval to source Alberta oil — but through the Panama Canal

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