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February 2020

February 1 2020

3 dead, 2 injured after shooting at Airbnb in Toronto, police not looking for suspects

Federal computer systems at risk of ‘critical failure,’ memo to Trudeau warns

Trudeau to visit Africa amid campaign for UN Security Council seat

Trudeau to visit Ethiopia, Senegal and Germany: PMO

Lilley: To Trudeau, Mastercards CEO is the middle class

February 2 2020

Licensing for media companies in Canada would likely be proportionate: Heritage minister

Foreign enemies 'increasingly targeting Canada,' Privy Council warns new minister

Over 50,000 immigrants ordered deported still living in Canada

February 3 2020

Minister of Middle Class tells Canadians to send kids to camp with $90/year tax cut

Middle-class Canadians will save $1.73 a week with new Liberal tax cut

Heritage minister retreats from licensing all news media

Canadian governments give Huawei millions in funding while debate rages over its 5G role

John Ivison: Rookie heritage minister retreats after stepping into news regulation minefield

Recording shows Iran knew immediately it had shot down plane: Zelenskiy

Research supports Canada’s decision to reject a coronavirus travel ban

February 4 2020

Trudeau leads the pack when it comes to raising debt - Fraser Institute


Flight 752 investigation collapses as Iran and Ukraine clash over compensation, leaked evidence

Editorial: Results matter in city's anti violence programs

Justin Trudeau is giving taxpayers’ money to Mastercard, Loblaws and BlackBerry. What gives?

Canada to collect C$2.81 billion in direct revenue from federal carbon price in 2019-20

February 5 2020

Inmates at Alberta prison will soon be allowed to possess needles to take drugs

John Ivison: Trudeau's ill-timed, and costly, quest for a UN Security Council seat

Canada's ambassador to China tells House committee there is a 'real chill' between the two countries

Vancouver to spend $1.84 million on street cleaning jobs for the homeless in 2020

Bell: Calgary's tax and spend city council learns squat

Justin Trudeau Establishes $8.2 Billion Dollar CARBON TAX-GRAB For 2022

Wind Turbine Blades Can’t Be Recycled, So They’re Piling Up in Landfills

February 6 2020

Lilley: Trudeau Liberals Off Target Again

Aurora Cannabis to take C$1 billion in charges, cuts 500 jobs as CEO exits

Google expands Canadian presence with offices in Kitchener, Montreal and Toronto

February 7 2020

Trudeau’s campaign for votes in Africa sparks concerns over human rights

Raptors team president joins Trudeau on African search for UN Security Council votes

Trudeau called ‘most dangerous man in Canadian political history’ for plan to regulate online news

Canada supports China’s ongoing response to novel coronavirus outbreak

Diane Francis: The federal government has abrogated its responsibility to hold First Nations accountable

Canada supports China’s ongoing response to novel coronavirus outbreak

Trudeau called ‘most dangerous man in Canadian political history’ for plan to regulate online news

Three found guilty of ‘horrific’ rape of schoolgirl after one robbed her with machete and held her captive

February 10 2020

UPDATE - Three Teens Arrested after a Series of Carjackings

Backlog of applications for veterans' benefits grows by the thousands

Canada’s military wants Trudeau to ban Huawei from 5G networks: report

Warren: Chair girl, coronavirus pranksters, fare evaders, send them all to jail

Canadian troops in Kuwait ‘essential’ in fight against Islamic militants: Trudeau

Are taxpayer handouts over for Bombardier?

Trudeau promises $10 million to African Nations for gender equality

WATCH: ‘You’re a bunch of losers!’ Toronto man yells at Extinction Rebellion

B.C. Lottery Corp. relents after 9-year battle to keep money laundering records secret


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets African leaders to advance conflict resolution and economic security


375 Canadians a day went insolvent last year, the most since the financial crisis

February 12 2020


Trudeau secures Senegal's vote for UN Security Council seat

PM Trudeau says it is time world admits there is too much systemic violence

Trudeau, Bill Blair fail to submit private interest reports to ethics commissioner

Terrorist in Trudeau’s India entourage arrested again in Surrey


Unifor fined $250K after second contempt of court ruling in Co-op Refinery labour dispute

Assembly of First Nations launches class action lawsuit against federal government

Justin Trudeau Is Up to His Old Tricks Again, as Canada Heads Down the Totalitarian Road

Canada: thousands of travelers affected as Indigenous-led rail blockade continues

February 13 2020


Bombardier is out of commercial aviation with plan to sell C Series stake

Justin Trudeau tours Senegal farm supported by Canadian aid

PBO slashes economic growth forecast, partly blames new virus

Prime Minister of Canada announces funding for a research initiative in Senegal

These are the fastest-growing regions in Canada

Canadian consumers stung by cellphone porting scam: ‘It’s the creepiest thing’

NORAD commander says Canada, U.S. have lost military edge over Russia in the Arctic

Trudeau willing to boost oil and gas in Africa while Canadian industry suffers

Firearm Licence Revocation Lies from Justin Trudeau

February 14 2020

PM defends not publicly supporting LGBTQ rights in Senegal, photo with Iranian minister

African president publicly rebukes Justin Trudeau for pushing ‘gay pride’ parades in Senegal

Trudeau willing to boost oil and gas in Africa while Canadian industry suffers

Trudeau criticized for shaking hands with Iranian foreign minister after deadly plane crash

#ShutDownCanada protests could cause cities to run out of chlorine for drinking water

WASTE: $1 BILLION Trudeau government grant created ‘zero’ jobs

Auditor general to scrutinize government's $187B infrastructure program

Regina police chief calls blockade tactics by Unifor ‘borderline terrorist work’

Via Rail cancels most trains across the country as CN shuts down rails in Eastern Canada


February 15 2020

Canada joins other nations pressing Iran for compensation to Ukranian jetliner victims

Scourge of meth-linked homemade guns in Winnipeg hit record high in 2019, police say


Buried By Media: African President REJECTS Trudeau’s Homosexuality Pitch

February 16 2020

PM calls off diplomatic visit to Caribbean amid ongoing rail stoppages

Inside the meeting between Mohawks and Canada's Indigenous services minister

Petition against Liberal gun ban closes and makes Canadian history

Did coronavirus originate in Chinese government laboratory?

Trudeau’s Comment To Iranian Government Reveals His FULL DEDICATION To Islam

Trudeau government will not pull $372.5 million given to Bombardier

Canada ‘not on course’ to hit 2% defence spending pledge: U.S. official

February 17 2020


Opioid vending machine opens in Vancouver

Furniture retailer Pier 1 Imports closing all Canadian stores, filing for bankruptcy protection

February 18 2020


CN layoffs hit 450 amid Wet’suwet’en protests, rail blockades

E-mails reveal network of Liberals involved in judicial appointments

12 highlights: Here's a quick summary of B.C.'s 2020-21 budget

Why the most wealthy in B.C. are being hit with a higher income tax




Canada is sinking into totalitarianism. The evidence is overwhelming


Justin Trudeau Uses Pipeline Protests To Label CANADIANS RACIST

February 19 2020

Tories give notice of non-confidence motion over federal response to ongoing protest


Interest Costs and their Growing Burden on Canadians

Via Rail temporarily lays off 1,000 people due to blockade crisis

February 20 2020

Peter MacKay deletes tweet supporting residents who dismantled rail blockade

MacKay faces backlash over now-deleted tweet that critics say promoted vigilantism


Canadians can lose Nexus passes over legal cannabis use in Canada: U.S. document


Gerretsen responds to allegations of paying for ads to quash Alberta jobs

SNC Lavalin – The Forgotten Scandal

February 21 2020

Ted Morton: The prime minister's dangerous game

February 22 2020

30-year-old man charged in fatal hammer attack in Scarborough


February 23 2020


Passenger on flight from Montreal to Vancouver tests positive for coronavirus

February 24 2020

Minister Conceals NY Donors (paywall)

3.2M Canadians, including over 560,000 children, living in poverty: Stats Canada


Canada: A Dead Country Walking

Dozens of People's Party riding associations deregistered

Scrapped: How nearly $150 billion worth of energy projects have been shelved in Canada

Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller will not disclose names of private New York donors

February 25 2020



Canada must boost foreign aid for feminist agenda to have sustained impact, experts say

Toronto’s 11th homicide being considered a terrorist attack

Brampton man facing multiple charges in Windsor shooting

People with criminal records can't be discriminated against: Human Rights Panel

Thousands STRANDED in Toronto as GO trains blocked by anti-pipeline protestors

Machete attack victim returns to murder scene bloodied and angry

February 26 2020

Freight trains moving through burning tire protest near Belleville, Ont.

February 27 2020


Canadian Taxpayers Have Been Covering Harry & Meghan’s Security Costs Since November


Vancouver port CEO warns of coronavirus woes, as China trade continues to ebb

3.2 million Canadians living in poverty: Stat

RCMP Commissioner Says “Enforcement Is The Last Option” For Illegal Blockades


Canada to stop paying Prince Harry, Meghan Markle security costs in ‘coming weeks’

February 28 2020

Federal deficit stood at $11-billion with three months left in fiscal year

KNIGHT: RCMP Commissioner misses the point of her job



Majority of ISIS terrorists released from prison in 2019 remain public safety risks


Five reasons why Canada's 'shutdown' is a big deal

February 29 2020

Canada economy puts in worst performance in almost four years as woes bite

Liberal minister won’t say who secret New York campaign donors are

13 Canadians with Alberta-based charity detained in Ethiopia

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