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Canadian Political/Public Health advice during the great pandemic of 2020

This was started by Lorrie Goldstein from the Toronto Sun and we've been adding to it ever since.

How ridiculous the covid measures have become.

Their are so many entries now we can't use a graphic. We had to type it out.

Thank you!

And remember the classic line from Animal Farm.

"All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others"

Canadian Political/Public Health advice during the Great Pandemic of 2020

1 It is racist not to eat at Chinese restaurants

2 Don't eat at restaurants

3 The virus is contained

4 The virus is out of control

5 Wearing a mask is worse than not wearing one

6 Wear masks

7 Be tested for covid-19 if you have symptoms

8 Be tested for covid-19 if you don't have symptoms

9 Restricting air travel will not work

10 We are restricting air travel

11 Banning planes from China is racist

12 We are banning planes from the UK. Not racist.

13 You can't drive across the border

14 You can fly across the border

15 Social distance 2M

16 Social distance 2M ignored when illegally protesting

17 Mom and pop business must close to "flatten the curve"

18 Big box store stay open to "flatten the curve"

19 You can play hockey in an enclosed rink

20 You can't play hockey outside in an open rink

21 Conservatives cannot fly during the "pandemic"

22 Liberals can fly during the "pandemic"

23 Scheer doesn't wear a mask at airport making phone call. Media outrage.

24 Hajdu doesn't wear mask at airport waiting for flight. No outrage.

25 Canadian media outraged at "slow pace" of US vaccinations.

26 Canadian media silent at "slow pace" of Canadian vaccinations

27 Lockdowns don't work

28 Lockdowns do work

29 Police will drag people out of homes for social gathering

30 Police will ignore 100's of people shopping or flying together in an enclosed space

31 Quarantine is when you isolate infected people

32 Tyranny is when you threaten healthy ones with prison or fines if they don't stay home

33 Lockdown 1-5 didn't work

34 Lockdown 6 is what's needed now

35 Quebec institutes curfew

36 Because covid can tell time

37 No one is dying from the regular flu

38 With a survival rate of 99% everyone is dying from covid

39 Covid knows you are susceptible if you travel 121 miles from home

40 But you're safe at 120. Covid is amazing.

41 Quebec locks down Province 8PM

42 Forcing huge lineups in the morning for goods and services

43 To save prison inmates from covid, they were released

44 To save peoplekind from covid they get locked up

45 We can't visit our dying parents in care homes

46 Huawei CFO Meng's family granted federal travel exemption to visit Canada

47 At BLM protests, police and politicians bend the knee

48 At anti-lockdown protests, the police arrest everyone

49 The virus isn't airborne

50 The virus is airborne

51 Stay home - stay safe

52 Unless you're a liberal cramming into a campaign bus to go door knocking

53 It is not racist to call the virus UK variant or South African variant

54 It is racist to call the virus Wuhan virus or China virus

55 15 days to slow the spread of covid

56 Which somehow turned into the rest of our lives

57 First wave: Pierre Trudeau

58 Second wave: Justin Trudeau. They were right. Second wave is worse than the first.

59 We are all in this together

60 Till the politicians break their own rules repeatedly

61 Spend $2000 of your own money to quarantine in a government sponsored hotel

62 Trudeau aka Taxpayer will pay the $2000 to quarantine illegals coming into Canada

63 In Quebec, movie theatres are allowed to open with 250 people in them

64 Churches - including massive cathedrals - are only allowed 10 people

65 Covid is so deadly that hospitals will be inundated with cases

66 Hospitals are so inundated with cases that staff have time to make dancing videos

67 Covid is so deadly you have to be quarantined

68 When testing people positive with covid. You do not have to be quarantined

69 I am not covid vaccinated

70 But I "identify" as covid vaccinated

71 When Trudeau makes covid vaccinations mandatory

72 What happened to "my body my choice"

73 Returning to Canada mandatory hotel quarantine for $2000 paid by you

74 Skip mandatory hotel quarantine for fine of $880 paid by you

75 One-way shopping aisles can help reduce direct covid transmission study suggests

76 Covid the "smart" virus can now tell direction n w e s

77 Foreign diplomats among those exempt from the mandatory hotel quarantine

78 You "suckers" I mean peoplekind are not

79 No covid direction signs on floor. When we met people face to face in the aisles, the virus entered our nose and they swabbed our nose

80 With covid direction signs on floor. With everyone going in the same direction, we're nose to tail. That explains the anal covid swabs

81 Most powerful governments on Earth can't keep a virus from spreading

82 But they can change Earth's temperature if you pay more taxes

83 When the regular flu was killing 100's of 1000's of people every year

84 Where was the mask mandate? Exactly!

85 Covid vaccine comes with a warning that its experimental

86 And if it kills you, you can't sue the manufacturer

87 Covid vaccination on 2nd dose with a delay of up to 4 months or more

88 Liberals have confirmed that second dose can be administered posthumously with no adverse effects

89 All the draconian brown shirt measures used to "stop the spread"

90 And the Third Wave will be followed by the Fourth Reich

91 A virus so deadly we allowed our gov't to destroy the economy, to lock us in our homes and to mandate masks and social distancing

92 But yet those same gov'ts didn't see a need to supply biohazard disposal bins around our towns to dispose of those masks

93 Restaurants need to take down your contact information for tracing

94 But big box stores don't.

95 Open up your church. The pastor will get arrested with jail time with the book thrown at you

96 If you are a criminal shooting up your city you get nothing. Out by lunch!

97 The virus is so deadly that masks are mandated

98 The virus is so deadly that gloves aren't mandated

99 Getting the vaccine is supposed to save your life from a survivable virus

100 In reality you are a test subject with no future recourse

101 One person dies of covid and its called a pandemic

102 One person dies after taking the vaccine and its oh well it was their time to go

103 How will we know the vaccine is working?

104 Will the survival rate go from 99.7% to 99.8%?

105 If masks work . . .

106 Why do I need a vaccine?

107 To successfully fight covid and flatten the curve

108 Canada must be turned into a police state

109 So because I'm healthy and my immune system works I'm going to be banned from society

110 Unless I get a Communist Medical Passport. How does that make sense?

111 Hairdresser can't go see bank teller. Bank teller can't go to hairdressers. But both can go to Costco together.

112 Logical right? Thank you government. Yay science.

113 As the old adage says. The handling and cure for covid.

114 Is worse than the disease itself

115 Blood transfusions are now compromised by an untested vaccine in the human population

116 No vaccine for the coronavirus has been proven safe

117 Give them an inch, they'll take a mile

118 Give them 15 days, they'll take 15 months

119 RCMP puts up fence surrounding church so no one can enter

120 RCMP builds facilities to process illegals coming through Roxham Rd. Fence, what's that?

121 We follow the "science"

122 Which actually means "political science" and never forget that

123 We went from "flatten the curve" to "flatten the country"

124 And the people we elected to serve us don't seem to be too upset about it

125 Being the most "deadliest" virus in history, covid is highly contagious

126 And you can get it from just thinking about it

127 If you're wearing a mask outside

128 Be sure to also wear a helmet in case an airplane falls on you

129 Parents told us not to be Peer Pressured into taking experimental drugs

130 Now we are Peer Pressured into taking experimental drugs

131 Why would a good parent want to genetically modify their kids?

132 For a covid that can't kill them

133 Calgary Christian pastor not allowed to hold services

134 Calgary Mosques allow up to 270 people to attend

135 My right to free speech is not contingent on my private health care status

136 Only weirdos want to know about people's private health status

137 If I can see my mom at Walmart

138 I can see my mom at home

139 People are in fear of their lives with GMO products

140 People are not in fear of their lives for a GMO vaccine

141 Dear plexiglass

142 Thank you for protecting me from the cashier that just touched everything I'm taking home

143 Imagine if your grocery store arbitrarily changed the expiration dates on food and medicine

144 Your government just did that with an already experimental vaxx

145 Trudeau not arrested for bending the knee at BLM rally or vigil for slain Muslim family

146 Bernier arrested for attending anti-lockdown protest

147 Liberals: "You haven't been covid vaccinated?"

148 Me: "Nope, and I haven't been to Europe either"

149 G7 leaders meeting in UK. Off camera, no masks, no social distance, complete farce

150 This "pandemic" is now officially over

151 Friendly reminder: wearing a mask while alone in a car

152 Is really only helpful if you stole the car

153 WHO says women of childbearing age should be banned from drinking alcohol

154 But getting an experimental vaccine is fine and dandy

155 First degree murder allows you to travel anywhere you want

156 While us non-vaxxed people need a "vaccine passport" to go across the street

157 Covid 19 - Made in Canada

158 Covid 19 - Assembled in China

159 Open secret in the medical complex. "Sudden onset" seizures, neurological disorder

160 Is double speak for recently injected

161 With no vaccine. Covid didn't mutate for over a year

162 With vaccine. Covid has now mutated into every Greek letter

163 When the CDC says vaccines are "safe and effective"

164 Then says the unvaccinated are a threat to the vaccinated. So does the vaccine work or not?

165 Drug testing on animals. The outrage.

166 Drug testing on pregnant women and kids. Nothing to see here move along

167 If the vaccinated are dying because of the unvaccinated.

168 Why aren't the unvaccinated dying? I'm still here!

169 People dying of covid are older, sicker with multiple comorbidities

170 People dying of the vaccine are otherwise healthy individuals

171 The same idiots in Ontario who thought carding was infringing on peoples rights

172 Now want you carrying a vaccine passport. Yay Canada!

173 The ability for the government to convince the vast majority of people that they need a vax

174 Followed by convincing the same people that the vax actually doesn't work and need to segregate from the unvaxxed. Has to go down as the most successful swindle in history.

175 If the government wants to limit services to people who are unvaxxed.

176 Then they shouldn't have to pay taxes anymore

177 People who are against Voter ID

178 Would like to see your Vaccine Passport

179 While pushing back against further lockdowns

180 You are being conditioned to view your freedom as selfishness.

181 My freedom doesn't end

182 Because of your fear!

183 For the first time in history we can transmit a disease we don't have to those who are immunized against it

184 Make it make sense

185 How can the vaccines be effective

186 AND ineffective at the same time?

187 Vaccinated: If I got the vaccines and it turned out to be worthless

188 Then EVERYBODY has to get the vaccine that turned out to be worthless

189 All Federal employees will be required vaccinated

190 All Federal Poll workers will not be required vaccinated

191 Covid 1st 2nd 3rd . . . Was so devastating!

192 That the Taliban were able to "flatten the curve" in 2 weeks then they flattened the country!

193 So are you unvaxxed with 2 doses or are you fully vaxxed with 3 4 5 6 7 doses?

194 No one seems to know.

195 I can't wait until the 5th wave

196 When the people with 4 shots are blaming it on the people with 3 shots

197 So the magic vaccine doesn't stop the virus

198 But a magic vaccine passport will

199 We didn't overwhelm the hospitals when 100% of people were unvaccinated

200 How in the hell are we going to now that over 80% are vaccinated?

201 When did it switch from "get vaccinated to protect yourself and others!"

202 To "get vaccinated so the government will stop taking our rights away!"

203 Nobody really cares about covid

204 Or we wouldn't be holding a Federal election in a quote "pandemic"

205 Why do you have to show vaccine passport for restaurants when the staff is not vaccinated?

206 What is the sense of that?

207 To those fleeing persecution, terror and war. . . .

208 Don't come to Canada where you are persecuted for not getting an experimental vaccine!

209 Your employer can't terminate you if you're a crack addict

210 But can terminate you for not taking an experimental drug!

211 The pandemic is so deadly that we're on the BRINK! THE BRINK!

212 That hospitals are firing healthcare workers!

213 The first time in history that a medicines ineffectiveness is being blamed on people who didn't take it.

214 Either it works or it doesn't. And it looks like it doesn't.

215 The people who are banned from restaurants and other non essential places

216 Are the same people your standing next to at the grocery store or hardware store . . . . .

217 Remember when people were taking "23 and me" DNA tests and bragging that they were 13% Chilean?

218 In the future people will do DNA tests and say "I'm 13% Pfizer and 64% Moderna"

219 In Canada the covid "unvaccinated"

220 Can pay taxes but can't access community centres

221 In Canada the covid "unvaccinated"

222 You can donate your organs but cannot receive organ

223 In Canada the covid "unvaccinated"

224 Your taxes bailout restaurants but you cannot eat inside them

225 In Canada the covid "unvaccinated"

226 Your taxes bailed out transportation but you cannot travel via air/rail

227 "We're not forcing you" to take the magic vaccine the gov says

228 They're just taking away everything you can do until you "consent"

229 If doctors give you a magic vaccine exemption for actual medical reasons

230 They will be barred and censured for not towing the party line

231 I'd rather be unvaccinated with the option to get vaccinated than to be vaccinated with no option to be unvaccinated. . .

232 You can't siphon it out of you once it's in!

233 For the first time in history, the ineffectiveness of a medicine vaccine

234 Is blamed on those who don't take it.

235 If you live in Canada. You will have a QR code for the rest of your life.

236 Can I just get it tattooed on my arm.

237 The majority of people would do more research on a $100 coffee maker

238 Than they would on the covid vaccine

239 Your vaccine passport doesn't mean you're free

240 It means you're free to do what you are told

241 Most people are not vaccinating against covid

242 They are vaccinating against unemployment and the ability to travel

243 If I had 3 polio vaccines in 9 months and still got polio

244 I'd have some questions. Just saying!

245 In Canada, you can't fly on a major airline without being fully vaccinated

246 But you can charter a private plane with no vaccination

247 If being double vaxxed doesn't protect you?

248 Then how will tripple vaxxed protect you?

249 Humor : If me not wearing a mask can kill you?

250 How long long do you think that will take?

251 Governments have introduced a new police force.

252 Bars, restaurants, and the hospitality industry are now the vaccine police

253 If the "magic mRNA vaccines" are "safe and effective"....

254 Why is there a need for immunity from liability and secret contracts?

255 If you watch TV, we are in a deadly pandemic.

256 If you don't watch TV, its sunday.

257 If a Conservative is afraid of covid they stay inside

258 If a Liberal is afraid of covid they make everyone else stay inside

259 Liberals spent millions developing covid alert app

260 Which nobody uses

261 During covid peoplekind will fight and hoard toilet paper

262 But won't fight for their freedoms being taken away

263 Can a quadruple vaccinated person fearlessly go to a quadruple vaccinated restaurant?

264 And eat with his quadruple vaccinated friends?

265 Instead of achieving herd immunity

266 We now have herd mass insanity

267 You're being conditioned to believe that your freedom is something that's rewarded to you for good behavior

268 And could be removed if you don't comply with orders

269 Hospitals can't find enough nurses. Airlines can't find enough pilots. Trucking companies can't find enough drivers.

270 All three industries mandated the vaccine on their workers.

271 Are people who refuse the booster now misogynists' and racists too?

272 Or does that only apply to those who skipped the first 1 or 2 doses?

273 Can't walk our dogs outside at night in Quebec.

274 Because of a viral variant that kills no one! (rescinded)

275 One thing guaranteed. Canadians will tolerate every load of shit that is tossed at them from any level of government.

276 This has been proven now.

277 If I only receive one jab of the magic vaccine does that make me 50% racist?

278 And if I receive 2 shots but no booster. Am I now 66% racist?

279 Not vaccinated with the magic vaccine. They are not a threat to society.

280 They are a threat to authority.

281 The magic vaccine now also vaccinates against racism and misogyny.

282 Then why haven't we've been vaccinating against racism and misogyny since 2015.

283 Canada will not send diplomats to China for their Winter Olympic games.

284 But Canada will still send all their athletes. What boycott?

285 How did the virus spread around the world?

286 By bicycle? Walking? Train? By International FLIGHTS!!!

287 Only some people are picked for random testing.

288 ALL travelers should be tested on arrival at a Canadian airport.

289 We can't eat inside. But we can eat outside tent.

290 But it's cold so we set up outside tent as inside.

291 If vaccines are the only way out of this.

292 Why are we not out of this?

293 Don't worry, Canada. If our underfunded health-care system becomes overwhelmed.

294 We can always call in our underfunded military to fix it.

295 If the covid mRNA "vaccine" doesn't prevent you from getting it and only alleviates symptoms.

296 It shouldn't be called a "vaccine"

297 Are we creating an entire generation who will shite themselves in fear. . .

298 Everytime they catch a cold?

299 Never in the history has an annual virus completely disappeared.

300 To be replaced by another one with the exact same symptoms. And people fell for it.

301 Public never heard of the terms myocarditis and pericarditis.

302 Till the magic mRNA "vaccine" was introduced into the population.

303 This isn't the middle ages. We live in modern times.

304 When this "pandemic" will be coming up on 2 years.

305 Even if 100% of Canadians got double vaxxed and 3rd 4th 5th vaxxed. . .

306 These restrictions and lockdowns will continue. The government has you by the balls and they want to keep it that way.

307 “We’re all in this together”, unless your white, Christian, Jewish, an oil field worker, a restaurant employee, a senior, a veteran, a Conservative, a vax mandate protestor, a traveler, a gym patron, a hunter, or a bar patron.

308 So who’s really "All?" It’s snotty entitled Liberals.

309 The magic vaccine doesn't work

310 So what are the boosters actually boosting?

311 Once you open the door to forced vaccinations.

312 It does not end at covid. It is only the beginning. Choose wisely.

313 After taking the magic vaccine you have a small chance of myocarditis.

314 Which is then downplayed even though your heart is the most important organ in your body.

315 Question finally answered. Does the mRNA "vaccine" provide immunity?

316 Yes, but only for the manufacturer.

317 Trudeau has 3 shots and he's still isolating himself after one of his kids got covid.

318 That tells you the magic vaccine doesn't work or Trudeau was injected with saline.

319 Today you can go to the hospital to get tested and find out if you have covid.

320 Tomorrow, you can go to the cemetery to find out if you're dead.

321 The Spanish flu didn't last this long . . . .

322 With 1918 technology.

323 Remember one thing, 'keeping you safe'

324 Is code for dismantling your civil rights

325 When liberals say that 90% of the population "stepped up" and got their vax

326 They seem to forget many of those people stepped up because they had a gun to their head. Do it or else.

327 @JustinTrudeau How long do you peoplekind intend on staying in Ottawa?

328 Truckers: Two weeks to flatten Trudeau!

329 For two years Trudeau has stopped stores from opening

330 Now Trudeau is blaming truckers for stores not opening

331 Truckers protesting unlawful mandates get taken down Gestapo style.

332 This is how a "health" emergency morphs into a police state. Those who predicted this were laughed at.

333 Illegal protests and damage done past 2 years. Nothing. Protesting lockdowns and mandates. Jail.

334 RIP Canada July 1, 1867 - February 18, 2022

335 Civil liberties remain "temporarily" suspended for just two weeks

336 While we flatten the protesters!

337 If they close down your bank accounts for the crime of opposing the government

338 Then you might not live in a free country.

339 First the Canadian government threw science and the basic principles of public health out the window.

340 Now they are throwing democracy and the basic principles of human rights out the window.

341 Parliament votes on Emergency Act February 20 2022.

342 This NATIONAL Emergency was so critical that Parliament took a week off after.

343 Lets be clear. When Trudeau says, "we are in this together."

344 He is referring to the Liberals, NDP and the WEF.

345 Trudeau trying to act tough to Putin.

346 When he couldn't even handle a couple of guys honking their horns.

347 So the Emergency Act was invoked over parking and noise violations

348 Honk Honk!

349 Ukrainian Parliament member says she's armed and ready to fight

350 Our Prime Minister hears a horn and runs away

351 Trudeau lifted the EA and starting talking about Russia and Ukraine.

352 And everyone apparently forgot we still live in a communist country ourselves.

353 Why are all the people who love to "follow the science" . . . .

354 Not following all of the science Pfizer started to release. Massive side effects.

355 Why do people want help from their vaccine side effects?

356 The government told us the vaccine was safe and effective and we should be happy!

357 Chrystia Freeland’s grandfather hunted down Ukrainian political opponents for Adolf Hitler.

358 Chrystia Freeland hunted down Canadian political opponents for Justin Trudeau.

359 If you are banned from leaving and entering your country because of your medical status

360 Then you might not be living in a free country.

361 The fact that the government hasn't pulled Pfizer from the shelves

362 Shows this was never about our health

363 You still want to wear your mask. Do you want a pat on the back?

364 How did you peoplekind make it to adulthood without wearing a mask?

365 How it started: A battle against the pandemic to protect the people

366 How it's going: A battle against the people to protect the pandemic.

367 Reminder: @justintrudeau instituted the Emergency Act, not to protect Canadians

368 But to protect his government

369 Vaccinated Canadians can sit with unvaccinated Americans, British, Australians on planes, trains

370 But not unvaccinated Canadians.

371 I have COVID, thank God I’m vaccinated”

372 Is like saying, “I’m pregnant…. Thank God I used a Condom!”

373 Trudeau was scared to talk to anyone at the Freedom Convoy fearing for his safety

374 But will go to a WAR ZONE (Ukraine) to take photo ops.

375 How can @justintrudeau order the blockade removal of the entire city of Ottawa

376 But claim to be unable to close Roxham Road

377 If both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated transmit the virus

378 What possible purpose can there be for continued mandates and lockdowns?

379 We are governed by a bunch of hypocrites

380 That are incapable of following their own repressive rules.

381 Charter rights in Canada are not a reward for good behaviour from the government.

382 They are a protection from bad behaviour by the government.

383 Lying to Parliament.

384 What does the criminal code say about a PM illegally using the Emergencies Act to shut down and jail government protesters?

385 Media has not called out Justin Trudeau for invoking the EA.

386 Because Justin Trudeau invoked it using a CBC article with no police recommendation.

387 Question re Tamara Lich

388 If the EA was invoked based on lies pushed by the CBC, and the courts found the protest legal and FINTRAC found zero evidence of terrorism funding, then what criminal activity was Tamara involved in? Why is she being persecuted?

389 In a real pandemic hospitals desperately hire as many doctors and nurses as they can.

390 They certainly don't fire them. But this is not about a pandemic or public health.

391 You can't get ivermectin to fight against covid.

392 But you get/can possess heroine and meth. Canada is awesome!

393 People that are saying they did their research before getting vaccinated

394 Needed to understand that they are the research.

395 Breaking: The Government of Canada will help customers at @TorontoPearson airport.

396 Passengers can now get their first booster when they check in, and their second booster before they board their flight two weeks later.

397 2020

398 The year that common sense died!

399 People who continue to wear a mask outside.

400 There is no scientifically justifiable reason for a healthy person to be wearing a mask outdoors.

401 Wow the vaccine that was made in 5 minutes (sarcasm) doesn't work?

402 Who would have thought?

403 So, the people who were vaccinated twice and then caught Covid anyway are now being told the solution is to get vaccinated again

404 With the exact same vaccine that didn’t work the first time?

405 Justin Trudeau - How do you test positive for covid one day & get "cleared early" to travel the next?

406 Is this a made for TV diagnosis? While the rest of us have to wait 10-14 days.

407 Justin Trudeau who has 3 shots has gotten covid twice.

408 If that's not a 100% indorsement for the magic vaccine. We don't know what is. :-)

409 When Justin Trudeau got covid on the 13th and have to wait 10 days. Doesn't that make it the 23rd.

410 How the hell can he travel "next week." One rule for thee. One rule for me.

411 We could all be quadruple vaxxed in Canada & our media & Government would still continue to tell us about the next “wave”

412 They can’t & don’t want to let it go, that’s why we all must or it will never end.

413 We never seem to have a supply chain issue

414 When it comes to distributing more vaccines.

415 A PM willing to politicize vaccinations during a pandemic

416 Is a PM who will politicize anything -- including mass murders in Nova Scotia

417 Doesn't it blow your mind that Pfizer, a notoriously corrupt company, came out with a new product with relatively new tech, no longterm safety data, carrying no liability for injury/death

418 And after a brief trial, millions received it without question while shaming those who didn’t.

419 Liberals disagree with overturn of Roe Vs Wade

420 Yet why do the liberals tell women what vaccines they have to inject into their bodies? Shouldn’t they have control over their own bodies? And if you don't comply you will be fired or barred from society! Liberal hypocrites.

421 I’d had enough. I threw my television out of the window. I was traumatized to see it land on an innocent passerby's head.

422 Imagine my relief when they put Covid on the death certificate.

423 Liberals literally want to kill babies in the name of "bodily autonomy"

424 But if you tell them you don't want a state-mandated injection, you are the crazy one.

425 I'm pretty sure we threw the whole "my body, my choice" thing out the window

426 When we banned people who didn't get a shot from participating in society.

427 This is the same government now touting my body my choice.

428 That forced a vaccine on you or lose your job, restricted your activities, restricted your freedom of movement.

The hypocrisy can move mountains. Send the asteroid.

429 Canada is a country which produces citizens who will cross the country to fight for freedom

430 And a Liberal government that won't cross the street to talk to them.

431 Masks definitely work.

432 They’ve masked the truth, they’ve masked the data, they’ve masked the facts, they’ve masked the alternative narrative, they’ve masked opposing views, and they’ve masked vaxx victims.

433 Fighting for freedom in Canada. Gets you a kangaroo court trial and makes you a political prisoner.

434 Thank you Dictator @justintrudeau

435 Covid is a deadly pandemic.

436 It killed science, logic, evidence-based medicine, and common sense

437 Rogers Communications down all across Canada

438 Anyone want to guess what it’s like at Pearson Airport with ArriveCan today with Rogers down?

439 If you believe in science.

440 You don't take 75 years to release the results of studies. Pfizer. Judge forced release.

441 Comedy. Rogers Communications completely down across Canada.

442 Rogers will ultimately blame unvaccinated routers - wait for it.

443 Whatever they claim Tamara's done

444 Trudeau's done much much worse, and he hasn't seen the inside of a jail cell yet, Aga Khan, SNC, WE, Ethics Breaches.

445 In Canada we have a Prime Minister who has literally saturated himself in criminal activity walking free

446 While a Canadian protestor for freedom sits in a jail cell.

447 Tamara Lich is a mother, a musician, a patriot, and a freedom fighter.

448 Now she is a ward of the state. Her crime? Embarrassing Trudeau.

449 A "vaccine" that has to be stored at very low temperature, but now it doesn't. Can be quickly adapted, but hasn't been. Is for the vulnerable, now for everyone. Not for children, is now. Is 100% effective, but not really. Wanes after 14 days but doesn't count until 21 days!

450 What's the real story behind getting everyone injected with something that doesn't work.

451 Calling a dog a cat does not make it one. Calling a drug a vaccine does not make it one.

452 Changing the definition of vaccine does not alter the reality.

453 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau relied on political aides and not scientists to implement travel mandates which prohibited unvaccinated Canadians from boarding a plane or train domestically and internationally.

454 COVID now serves as an excuse to punish the government’s ideological enemies.

455 Now the government is recommending you get a covid booster every 90 days.

456 It started with 2 dose, a booster, 2 doses and a booster, a booster for the booster.

2 doses, a booster, a booster for the booster and then boosters every 3 months till you die!

457 Tamara Lich (political prisoner) was remanded for 48-days on her first (alleged) offence

458 Myles Sanderson (Saskatchewan Knife Killer) released into the community after his 59th conviction.

459 The government admits it’s safe for an unvaccinated person to get on an airplane

460 But unsafe for them to serve in the Canadian Armed Forces.”

461 Help me understand. The covid vaccine doesn’t prevent infection. It doesn’t prevent transmission. It doesn't prevent severe outcome, hospitalization, or death from #COVID19

462 So, what exactly does the #Vaccine do?

463 News media and Freeland telling us that the convoy cost our economy millions in trade.

464 'Despite the highly publicized blockades at Ontario’s Ambassador Bridge and Coutts crossing in Alberta, cross-border trade in Ontario and Alberta was up 16 per cent in February, compared to the same month last year, according to data from Statistics Canada.'

465 If the majority of Canadians supported a return to masks

466 They'd be wearing them now.

467 The concept that anyone needs an exemption for something that should be completely free of coercion

468 Just shows how our medical ethics in Canada are gone.

469 Remember, if someone dies suddenly it is not appropriate to ask about their vaccination status.

470 That information was only relevant for getting into restaurants and gyms.

471 Those who have not had a covid "vaccine"

472 Have an increased risk of being involved in a traffic crash in Ontario

473 Covid vaccine effectiveness is so good . . .

474 That they require media propaganda to prove they are so good

475 We do "trust" Science but . . .

476 Coercion, censorship, faked data, manipulating results, cherry picking studies, and fear mongering IS NOT SCIENCE.

477 The best part about being a "conspiracy theorist"

478 Is not having myocarditis

479 2 ways to conduct scientific experiments. A) Lab Trials. B) Field Trials.

480 The covid "vaccines" were made using option (B)

481 They actually made the cold/flu into a pandemic

482 And normalized blood clots, strokes and heart attacks.

483 Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland asked government bureaucrats to find evidence linking the convoy to acts of terrorism

484 They found no evidence but released a 'fake' security bulletin against the Freedom Convoy

485 "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others"

486 Trudeau spent over $12 million on Pride events during Covid, while Canada was locked down

487 This was the pandemic of the "Karen's"

488 Where everyone lost their minds, common sense and logic

489 Science is supposed to be questions

490 Follow the science is now follow the $cience

491 Science is not a moral prescription

492 when science is a moral prescription it is an ideology

493 Dictator @justintrudeau over bought the fake vaccines

494 And they are all expiring

495 Since the majority are no longer gettings "boosters"

496 Is it safe to say that they are now "anti-vaxxers?"

497 Doctors recommend ivermectin they get their license suspended

498 Doctor who sexually abused patients keeps his license

499 From Feb 2022. Forgot to add. Unvaccinated Ukrainians were allowed and flown into Canada witout being forced to get the covid fake "vaccine"

500 But unvaccinated Canadians were not permitted to fly. The mandates were punishment for non-compliance


And to put it all in a nutshell.

.a virus so dangerous, you had to be tested to know if you had it.

.first take the shot freely

.take whatever is available mix and match

.offer prizes and gifts to take it

.when that didn't work

.take the vaccine or else

.make draconian conflicting measures


If you are not allowed to question the science, it is not science.

If you are not allowed to have dissenting opinions, you don't live in a democracy.

If you are not allowed to speak freely, you live under tyranny.


Fake mRNA "vaccine" timeline

March 2020 - what virus

April 2020 - Development of mRNA "vaccine"

November 2020 - Finished development and doses mass produced

December 2020 - First mRNA shot given to unsuspecting citizens

What testing you ask?


March 16 2020 Border with USA closed.

March 12 2022 British Columbia Restrictions are starting to lift..

Masks removed.

April 1 2022 Fully vaccinated travelers do not need a covid test coming to Canada by land, air, or sea.

Still need the ArriveCan app.

April 8 2022 British Columbia Restrictions lifted

No proof of vaccination required to access non-essential events and services

June 20 2022

Ottawa allowing airline and railway workers as well as passengers to climb on board without being jabbed

House of Commons lifting vaccine mandate

July 14 2022

Government of Canada is re-establishing mandatory random testing offsite of airports for air travellers

The Canadian border reopened on August 9, 2021 and the U.S. reopened its border on November 8, 2021, each with different restrictions.

September 30 2022

Given choice of using ArriveCan app or not. Random testing will also end.

June 6 2023

Gov’t Faked Security Bulletin

Secret gov’t memo warns COVID-19 vaccine injuries, deaths could shake public trust



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