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- All Covid Data - 

Covid data is not changing weekly as it once was. Therefore we will not waste time updating it.

You can check the data out for yourself if interested.

Known mRNA Covid Side Effects - 


This used to be updated weekly. Unless something major changes we won't be updating it anymore.


BC Gas.

March 4 2022  When gas hit $2

Gas 62% of price.
Taxes 38% of price.

Areas is $2.009 

62% of $2.009 is $1.14 Actual Cost

38% of $2.009 is $0.76 Added Taxes

If we go all electric. How will they make up the fuel $? They will tax your KM usage!!!!!

April 1 2023 - From Canadian Taxpayers Federation. In total, you’ll pay about 78 cents IN TAXES per litre of gasoline in the Lower Mainland and about 88 cents in taxes per litre of diesel.  Since gas price fluctuates I'll base that 78 cents on 1.759.  So that would make it roughly 45% of gas price.

BC Gas as of November 25 2023

High $1.779

Low $1.699

Simple Online Gasoline Calculator

GAS Buddy


Trudeau's Itinerary Year To Date 2021

12% Non Media Meetings

25% Personal Days

21% PhotoOp/Media

28% Private Meetings

03% QP/HOC

11% Campaigning

From Aug 15/21 Writ Dropped to Sep 21/21. 

No official data available.


Flew 54 Times 2021 not including campaigning.

Trudeau's Itinerary Year To Date 2022

11% Non Media Meetings

23% Personal Days

38% PhotoOp/Media

24% Private Meetings

04% QP/HOC

Flying 160 Times

QP/HOC 43/129

Trudeau's Itinerary Up To November 25 2023

08% Non Media Meetings

21% Personal Days

47% PhotoOp/Media

20% Private Meetings

04% QP/HOC

Flying 189 Times

"JT burns carbon so we don't have to"

QP/HOC 38/115

Days Out Of Canada 48

Salary Gross $342160

List of international prime ministerial trips made by Justin Trudeau


Table Of Contents:

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Canadian Government Information

Keeping Tabs On Parliament OPENPARLIAMENT.CA

- Canada's House Of Commons

- Canada House Of Commons Question Period - Videos

- Stats Canada

- Office Of The Parliamentary Budget Officer

- Canada's Debt Clock by

- Explained: Government Debt

- Constitution Acts, 1867 to 1982

- Who backs Canada's Politicians? Follow The Money Here

- CBSA Custom Tariffs 2016

- BC Business Top 100

- BC Land Title And Survey

- Newcomer entrepreneur

- Canadian Government Travel Advisories

- Canadian Citizenship Guide

- Political “Left” and “Right” Properly Defined

- Importing and Exporting Firearms, Weapons and Devices Memorandum D19-13-2

- Commissioner of Canada Elections Charges/Outcomes

- - Public Works and Government Services Canada

- Search Government Contracts over $10,000

- Grants and Contributions

- COVID-19: Travel, quarantine and borders

- Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms

- Canada Employed Persons

- Police-reported crime severity indexes, 1999 to 2022

- China’s Corporate Social Credit System: How businesses can prepare

- Canada Diagnostic Centres

- Key statistics on Canada’s charity and non-profit sector

- Search Government Travel Expenses

- Currently Listed Terrorist Entities

- Experimental estimates for business openings and closures for Canada, provinces and territories, census metropolitan areas, seasonally adjusted1, 2

- Demographics of Canada

- Section 2(c) – Freedom of peaceful assembly

- 8.1.3 What taxes you pay

- Leading causes of death, total population, by age group

- Operation UNIFIER

- Privy Council Office

- Prime Minister announces mandatory vaccination for the federal workforce and federally regulated transportation sectors

- Government of Canada to require vaccination of federal workforce and federally regulated transportation sector

- - Prime Minister announces mandatory vaccination for the federal workforce and federally regulated transportation sectors

- B.C. Public Sector Salaries Database: See how much public servants make

- Income Explorer, 2021 Census

- 2021–22 Estimates

- Justin Trudeau Ethics Breaches

- 1969 White Paper

- Insolvency Statistics in Canada

- Insolvency Statistics in Canada — 2021

- BC Your driving record

- BC Search Traffic/Criminal By Participant Name

- Canada’s ban on certain harmful single-use plastics

- The Canadian census: A rich portrait of the country's religious and ethnocultural diversity

- Bill C-238 (Historical) An Act to amend the Criminal Code (possession of unlawfully imported firearms)

- Vote #41 on January 27th, 2021 - C-238 An Act to amend the Criminal Code (possession of unlawfully imported firearms)

- Examination of Gender Diverse Offenders

- Ontario Driver's Licence Check

- BC Land Transparency Registry

- A Distributional Analysis of Federal Carbon Pricing under A Healthy Environment and A Healthy Economy

- Multiple jobholders, 1976 to 2021

- Canada’s climate finance for developing countries

- Greenhouse gas emissions

- Provincial and Territorial Energy Profiles – Canada


- Population of the Federal Public Service

- Reductions in life expectancy directly associated with COVID-19 in 2020

- First Home Savings Account (FHSA)

- Canada Dental Benefit

- Comparison Age and Gender Pyramid

- Annex I — Constitutionality of the Canadian Armed Forces COVID-19 vaccination policy

- National health expenditure trends, 2022 — Snapshot

- Understanding Systems: The 2021 report of the National Advisory Council on Poverty

- Supporting millions of Canadians with the rising cost of groceries

- The federal government is about to drop a grocery rebate to help with high food prices. Here’s who is eligible.

- Federal government Travel Advisories

- Homicide in Canada, 2021

- Section 33 – Notwithstanding clause

- Public Order Emergency Commission

- Public Order Emergency Commission FINAL REPORT February 17 2023


- National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians Annual Report 2019

- "Special Rapporteur": David Johnston

- Smart Sustainable Cities for the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development and the New Urban Agenda in selected countries in the UNECE Region

- 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

- Canadian Members of the World Economic Forum

- WEF Search results for 'Canadian members'

- WEF Leadership and Governance

- WEF New Generation Leaders

- WEF Young Global Leaders

- From Entrepreneurs to Scientists: Meet the 2022 Class of Young Global Leaders

- Known Traveller Digital Identity (KTDI) prototype

- Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

- Balance of international payments, flows of Canadian direct investment abroad and foreign direct investment in Canada, quarterly (x 1,000,000)

- Manufacturing and supply agreement between Pfizer Canada ULC and Canada - OCtober 26 2020

- Costing Support for EV Battery Manufacturing

- Here’s the Average CPP Benefit at Age 65

- Welcome to the Office of the Conflict Of Interest and Ethics Commissioner



Our Op-Eds

- Canada's Foreign Aid

October 19 2015 to present - $79,894,692,715

- Monies Given To UN and Foreign Countries To Date

- Monies Given To UN and Foreign Countries To Date - Part 2

- The United Nations: Aga Khan’s Throne (Part I: Money Laundering) (included for reference. not verified by us)

- IEA - Shaping a secure and sustainable energy future

- The Waste Report

- Liberals to run $??? B deficit in 2021 with economy poised for stomach-churning plunge: PBO

- SNC Lavalin Scandal

- Dominion Voting Systems Voting System Documentation

- Vaccine safety and possible side effects

Terrorism Compiled

- Terrorism in Canada: A timeline of plots, attacks, and allegations

Trudeau Quotes

- Trudeau Scandals

- Everyone Who Disagrees With Me

- Private Members Bill : M-103

- Private Members Bill : M-103 Part 2

- Climate Barbie - Climate Ken - Climate Steve - Combined Links On One Page

- Justin Trudeau The Groper

- July 4 2017 - Trudeau and Liberals Do A FU to USA - Khadr

- Why The Supreme Court Erred On Khadr!

- Murder Of Marrisa Shen By Syrian Refugee

- Trudeau The Clown

- The road to Canada's COVID-19 outbreak: timeline of federal government failure

- Timeline of the 2020 Canadian pipeline and railway protests

- Canadian Political/Public Health advice during the great pandemic of 2020

- Why We Call @JustinTrudeau a Dictator

- Mass Shootings And Why Our Country Is In Decline

- Why "Climate Change" Is The Greatest Scam Of Our Time

- Canada is Broken

- Zexi Li - Chinese Activist Leading Lawsuit Against Trucker Convoy

- ArriveCan App


Relevant 3rd Party Articles and Videos

- Contributions to the CPP—comparing provinces

- UPDATE: A map of the 83 churches that have been vandalized or burned since the residential schools announcement


- Andy Lee - One White Girl's Political Opinion

- Torches And Pitchforks -USA/Canada Blog

- Julius Ruechel Blog

- The Religion Of Peace - Tracking Muslim Jihadist Attacks Since 9/11

- Jihad Watch by Robert Spencer

- Paul Young cpa, cga. -

- Convoy Reports by Rebel News

- Is Fascism Right Or Left?

- Creative Containers Lodging

- Web

- Homeless Hub

- Get Awake Crowdsourcing the Narrative

- Food Banks Canada

- Salvation Army Donate

- BBB Scam Tracker Canadian Risk Report

- The Dictator and the Truckers: A True Canadian Folk Tale

- The Dictator and the Truckers: A Grim Sequel

- Combined text only Re-printed without Permission - The Dictator and the Truckers

- The convoy crisis in Ottawa: A timeline of key events

- 15-10 Concealed Or Open Carry

- What’s the right credit score to buy a house in Canada?

- What Universities Don't Tell International Students In Canada. Big Investigation

- Top 5 reasons not to move to Canada | Why Canada is broken

- Top 10 Reasons NOT to Move to Canada

- Trudeau 'N' Friends

- Extensive Hunter Biden laptop archive with nearly 10,000 photos published on new website

- Inconvenient Truth: 32 Climate Predictions Proven False | Facts Matter

- The Aga Khan Network - He is a billionaire

- How The Prime Minister Stole Freedom

- Vaccine Definition NEW

- Vaccine Definition PREVIOUS

- What's in a Measles Vaccine?

- Convention on Cluster Munitions

- Jordan Peterson debate on the gender pay gap, campus protests and postmodernism

- Patrick Moore: Should We Celebrate Carbon Dioxide?

- Pastor Artur Pawlowski

- Stephen Moore: The malignant narcissism of Justin Trudeau

- Tamara Lich Trial - Tamara Lich has been charged with mischief, obstructing police and counselling others to commit mischief and intimidation. Rebel News is on the ground in Ottawa covering every minute of Tamara's trial.

- National Citizens Inquiry Commissioners Report

- Prime Ministers and Government Spending: 2023 Edition


- Per Person Federal Program Spending Since World War Two

- The Hamas Covenant

- A Document of General Principles & Policies HAMAS


Google News - Canada

Google News - USA

Google News - World


Bill's Currently Under Review

BILL C-21 - Firearms

- May 1 2020 - Banned the so-called “military-grade assault weapons” using an order-in-council (OIC)

- May 30 2022 - People can no longer buy, sell, or transfer handguns within Canada – and they cannot bring newly acquired handguns into the country using an order-in-council (OIC) 

- May 18 2023 - Liberal gun control legislation passes House of Commons

BILL C-11 - Broadcasting Act - PASSED

- An Act to amend the Broadcasting Act and to make related and consequential amendments to other Acts

- Stop C-11!

BILL C-36 - Criminal Code / Human Rights Act

BILL C-18 - Online News Act




- Last minute edits to data prevents “technical” recession, so everything is fine
- China says Canada is distorting facts over jailing of ‘Two Michaels’
- Boeing receives $5.9B order for 16 sea-patrol planes from Canada
- Big banks announce layoffs and more bad loans as TD, Royal and CIBC post quarterly results
- Calgary sees jump in income required to qualify for mortgage
- B.C. Hyundai Plug-In Hybrid owner hit with $15,000 electric battery cost
- Canadian single mom takes second job as mortgage rises from $1,700 to $3,200 monthly
- TD cuts thousands of jobs, takes restructuring charge as earnings miss
- 'No concessions' St-Onge says in $100M a year news deal with Google
- Second additional CPP contribution (CPP2) rates and maximums
- Harm reduction gone rogue: I worked at a safe injection site and it was disturbing
- Raymond J. de Souza: The climate farce in the air-conditioned desert
- Committee Calls In Auditors
- TD cutting jobs as profit down by 57%, missing forecasts amid rising expenses
- Sabrina Maddeaux: Meek Singh unwilling to stand up to Trudeau as he spits on parties' pact
- Chiefs of Ontario says Justin Trudeau’s carbon price is discriminatory and demand a review
- BC public servants group initiates class action lawsuit over vaccine mandate
- Bad loans piling up at big banks as TD, Royal and CIBC reveal quarterly numbers
- More than 2,000 British Columbians have died from toxic drugs this year
- Rupa Subramanya warns 'free speech' at stake if America goes down authoritarian route
- QUAY: The Legacy Of BLM Is Clear — A Few Banked Millions While Literally Everyone Else Is Worse Off
- Ottawa family doctor denied permanent residency over marital status, age

- Canadians increasingly turning to charities to meet essential needs, but cost of living also hitting donations
- Feds select Boeing in sole-source deal for military planes, bypassing Bombardier
- On average, electric vehicles are less reliable than other cars and trucks, Consumer Reports finds
- Smith, Freeland announce new $8.9B Dow investment in Alberta
- Opinion: The wheels are falling off Canada's diversity bus
- Rosenberg sees Bank of Canada slashing interest rate to avert household debt crisis
- As B.C. moves towards encampment injunction change, homeless people call for moratorium on winter evictions
- Tools capable of extracting personal data from phones being used by 13 federal departments, documents show
- Labour shortages cost small businesses $38 billion in lost sales last year: CFIB
- Capital Power CEO says Ottawa’s regulations mean no new gas-fired plants in Canada
- Mazda CEO says electric car inventory is piling up. EVs other than Teslas ‘are not taking off’
- Woman arrested during Wet'suwet'en pipeline blockade found not guilty
- Feed Ontario warns food bank networks could collapse
- Poll says three in four want Trudeau to go, but Trudeau insists he’ll stay
- Ottawa, Google reach deal framework over Online News Act. What to know
- Most nearing retirement will need to make ‘significant’ lifestyle cuts: report
- Federal government reaches deal with Google on Online News Act
- U.S. indictment alleges multiple Indian assassination plots across North America
- Violent, rampant shoplifting plaguing popular BC retailer London Drugs
- What Are They Hiding? Liberals Filibustering In Attempt To Stop Massive EV Battery Contracts Given To Companies Bringing In Foreign Workers From Being Released
- PETITION: Stop Mainstream Media Lies
- CBC spent $75,000 on an ‘executive chauffeur’ in 2019
- Kraft Dinner reduces portion sizes and Canadians are calling out shrinkflation

- Volkswagen invested billions in EVs following Dieselgate scandal—now, its brand is ‘no longer competitive’: ‘Other manufacturers would close plants in such a situation’
- Trudeau's attack on short-term rental owners will encourage them to not report income
- Provincial government uses Sask. First Act for 1st time to review federal electricity regulations
- Growing number of homeless people turning to ERs for shelter and warmth in Ontario, study says
- ‘Critical state’: Top Royal Canadian Navy officer sounds alarm on fleet’s readiness
- High rates untenable amid household 'debt crisis': Rosenberg
- Scotiabank expects credit losses to worsen with over $200B in mortgages coming up for renewal by 2026
- Frank Stronach: Small business owners persecuted by red tape
- Canada is facing an extreme contraction in credit
- Sask. restaurant facing possible bankruptcy as pandemic loan payments approach
- Poilievre calling on 'unelected' Senate to 'immediately' pass farm fuels carbon tax bill
- FIRST READING: Why Canada’s debt problem is worse than Ottawa is letting on
- Defence begins its case in criminal trial of high-profile 'Freedom Convoy' organizers
- Independent grocers fear they’ll be stuck with the bill for push to rein in big chains’ prices
- Diane Francis: Trudeau tries to loot charitable sector to fund his high-spending government
- Liberal MP Apologizes for Linking Poilievre to Shooting in Winnipeg
- Organizing a protest is not illegal — not even the Freedom Convoy, defence’ lawyers argue at trial
- Police charge 10 more people in connection with brawl at Eritrean event in Calgary

- Mounties target shoplifter blamed for $20K of retail losses
- Manufacturer's bankruptcy stalls repairs to Edmonton's electric bus fleet
- 'A $2,000 loss': Maritime Fuels customers still worried about what comes next
- Taxpayers treated like ‘second class shareholder’ over Stellantis contract: Conservatives
- Alberta to defy Canada power rules in face-off with Trudeau
- Lorraine Explains: Ontario man quoted $50,000 to replace an EV battery
- Diane Francis: Trudeau tries to loot charitable sector to fund his high-spending government
- Life expectancy for Canadians fell in 2022 for third year in a row, says StatCan
- Ranked: Share of Global Arms Exports in 2022
- Montreal police investigating after 'Molotov cocktail' thrown at Jewish centre
- More Canadians experiencing ‘inflation isolation,’ cocooning at home
- 'Everyone deserves to have a roof over their head': How some are turning to motels and campgrounds for housing
- Canada's big banks face more credit losses amid mortgage renewal crunch
- Jewish centre hit by Molotov cocktail, school target of graffiti
- Small grocers see risk in Ottawa's push to rein in prices
- Four Chinese students killed in fatal crash in Huntsville, Ont.
- The Conservatives may be headed for their best fundraising year ever
- Trudeau offended Israel with call for 'maximum restraint,' says Israeli president
- Free Homes For All: Minister
- Attorney General Arif Virani has rejected a standalone registry of foreign agents despite repeated appeals by MPs from all parties
- The fate of tax-funded Sustainable Development Technology Canada is uncertain following an upheaval over inside dealing
- SICK: Liberal MP Ken Hardie Attempts To Blame Pierre Poilievre For Winnipeg Mass Shooting
- Steven Guilbeault hasn’t paid Ezra Levant court-ordered legal costs as deadline looms
- CBC called out for not reporting October 7 killing, kidnapping of Jews as 'terrorism'
- Justin Trudeau boasts about plan to implement MORE internet censorship at Canada-EU summit
- Meet the man Justin Trudeau hired to clean up his image
- B.C. woman gets surgery in U.S., says wait times at home could have cost her life

- More BC Seniors facing homelessness than ever before
- Canadian business owner shares struggles in honest letter, receives outpouring of support
- Man shot in parking lot of Earls restaurant in southeast Calgary late Saturday afternoon
- India co-operating with U.S. investigation but not Canada's due to difference in evidence shared, high commissioner says
- Homicide Investigation – C23-286453
- LILLEY: Trudeau Liberals reek of desperation
- Cannabis use may raise risk of heart failure, strokes and heart attacks: Studies

- 'Well, you broke me; congratulations': Inside the thoughts of the Canadian economy
- Meta ban has been rough, but Google ban would be worse, say small news outlets, analysts
- LACKIE: Variable rate mortgages back in play
- Statistics Canada: Nearly one in four study permit holders do not enroll in post-secondary education institutions
- NP View: Congratulations, academia, you've gone and radicalized the students
- Majority want to deport Hamas supporters, question benefits of 'diversity' amid Gaza protests: poll
- WILD RIDE: Two men charged in brazen gunpoint carjacking in Brampton
- RCMP search for suspects after three people stabbed at CrossIron Mills
- EDITORIAL: It’s time to stop tolerating intolerance
- GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau’s green energy policy means more mining
- PMO announces new staff for branding and marketing as Liberal minority slumps in polls
- Exclusive: CSIS report says China infiltrated Provincial and Federal Party leadership races in 2022

- Winnipeg-based business owner hopes for local support during holidays amid inflation
- Trudeau Liberals vow to fight 'environmental racism' in fiscal update
- Canadian Rents Outpace Income For The First Time In 60 Years: BMO 
- NDP government admits it doesn't know how many homeless live in an Abbotsford highway rest stop
- 'Homeless overnight': She works full time, and sleeps in her car
- Rob Shaw: Leaked memo reveals BC NDP having trouble squaring energy ambitions with reality
- Fraudsters are getting better at what they do, and it's costing Canadians billions
- Kelowna RCMP raid psilocybin mushroom store Friday morning
- Police name New York couple killed in fiery Rainbow Bridge car crash that shut borders with Canada
- FIRST READING: Federal commission declares Christmas holiday is 'religious intolerance'
- Text of the 2023 Canada - Ukraine Free Trade Agreement
- Public service higher-ups awarded over $130 million in bonuses
- Foreign workers at subsidized EV battery plant a ‘slap in the face’: union
- Chris Selley: Trudeau attempts leadership, with middling results at best
- Ottawa giving Peel Region $7M for reception centre and shelter for refugees and asylum seekers
- Lagging in the polls, PM Trudeau brings on marketing and branding specialist Valiquette as new executive director of PMO communications
- EU and Canada launch Digital Partnership to strengthen strategic cooperation
- Chapter 13: Environment – Text of the 2023 Canada - Ukraine Free Trade Agreement
- Tasha Kheiriddin: Africans are being slaughtered, but with no Jews to blame, the left shrugs
- Danielle Smith to invoke Sovereignty Act on Ottawa power rules Monday
- Trudeau criticizes Conservatives on Canada-Ukraine trade deal in front of European leaders
- Canada has already delivered more than seven thousand tons of military aid to Ukraine
- CSIS warns of Chinese recruitment campaign targeting Canadian government employees
- Senate defers vote on bill to exempt farm heating from carbon tax until next week
- If The Legacy Media Wanted To Salvage Their Credibility, They Should Have Refused Trudeau’s Bailout Money
- Media Unfairly Targets Pierre Poilievre, Overlooks His Vision for Canada

- The Top 50 Largest Importers in the World
- Canadian Interest Rates 2 Points Higher Due To Gov Spending: Scotiabank
- Poilievre rips reporter's question about fiery crash in Niagara Falls
- B.C. municipalities calling for province to withdraw bill that would limit forced displacement of homeless encampments
- 2 Montreal-area men facing fraud and terrorism financing charges for alleged money-moving scheme
- Here are the B.C. neighbourhoods with the highest percentage of electric vehicle owners
- Defence minister insists budget cuts won't affect military members
- 'I haven't said I would be resigning' over carbon pricing, Guilbeault tells Senate
- Extending CEBA forgiveness deadline another year would cost Ottawa $907M: PBO
- New VPD contract would make officers the highest paid in Canada
- Federal COVID loan repayments could put St. Clair West store out of business: owner
- Canada giving small businesses free money to help Toronto's empty streets recover
- Ukraine's ambassador hopes Canada's support stays strong amid carbon tax trade bill acrimony
- “Doesn’t seem right”: Canadian sells condo as mortgage payments set to double
- More than half of Edmonton's $60-million electric bus fleet not roadworthy
- Toronto police arrest 11 activists suspected for antisemitic vandalism at Jewish bookstore
- Canadian FM Freeland Was Going to Be George Soros' Authorized Biographer
- Unprecedented tensions lead to 'staggering' hate crime increase: Toronto police chief
- Single department spent $160K at Liberal cabinet's 'affordability retreat'
- LEVY: More union members complaining about antisemitism in leadership ranks
- Law enforcement should target those calling for violence, says Pierre Poilievre
- B.C. woman pens letter to Adrian Dix after receiving ‘live-saving’ cancer treatment in U.S.

- Thief caught in the act by Calgary homeowner's daughter: police
- Canadian Forces service members living in cars, unable to afford groceries
- Two people dead in Rainbow Bridge vehicle explosion
- Press Gets More Pre-Vote Aid
- Manitoba RCMP officer keeps job after 3rd finding of misconduct
- Law society disbars Vancouver lawyer who used 20 burner phones, helped clients launder $31M
- Kelowna RCMP share photo of man arrested for shoplifting, say he may be responsible for 'a number of other thefts'
- Canadian former intelligence chief found guilty of leaking state secrets
- No evidence to support conspiracy between 'Freedom Convoy' organizers: defence
- GOLDSTEIN: Harper had moral clarity about Israel that Trudeau lacks
- Windsor police officer challenges discipline for Freedom Convoy donation
- Letters: Freedom of speech doesn't have a prayer in Canada
- John Robson: An ideology that claims to overflow with love yet excuses genocidal rape is truly evil
- Breaking: Taxpayers pay $326.4 billion for Trudeau';s inflationary deficits, deemed not worth the cost
- No answers yet about Winnipeg virus lab and firing of China-linked scientists
- FERNANDO: Another Bill Comes Due For Liberal Failures
- Ontario man’s EV battery replacement cost $50,000
- John Ivison: Trudeau's Liberals just made sure carbon pricing will live on after they’re gone
- Cannot Find Bob’s Thank You
- Boy charged with murder in Mississauga carjacking that killed food delivery driver
- Crown closes its case against accused convoy leaders Lich, Barber
- Defence team argues there’s no evidence to support conspiracy between ‘Freedom Convoy’ organizers
- Ford CEO Jim Farley slashes plans for new battery cell plant in latest sign the EV sales bonanza may be over

- What October's inflation data could mean for mortgage renewals
- Antarctica Ice Retreated Thousands of Years BEFORE CO2 Rise, Say Scientists
- Canada to begin financing carbon capture, says it will ramp up contracts for difference
- More than 2 million Canadians scammed on Black Friday and Cyber Monday
- 2023 Fall Economic Statement
- Roommates to extensions: How Vancouverites are dealing with mortgage rate hikes
- Feds set aside $7B from Canada Growth Fund for carbon-price contract guarantees
- Canada fiscal update sees higher deficits and debt, adds housing measures
- Iconic Toronto diner is permanently closing after 45 years
- 'Your priorities are backwards,' Bell tells CRTC during Online Streaming Act hearing
- Billions for home building back-loaded, deficit projected at $40B in 2023-24: fall economic statement
- Dodgy Toonies from Quanzhou: How CBSA says it nabbed man with 26,630 fake $2 coins from China
- Joe Oliver: The Trudeau climate plan runs into reality
- Matthew Lau: Here’s a laugh: Ottawa claiming it supports entrepreneurship
- Feds Create Jobs For Koreans
- Call Christmas Colonial Bias
- Secret Warnings About Wuhan Research Predated the Pandemic
- DISGUSTING: Victoria Mayor Claims She Doesn’t “Have Enough Information” To Say Whether She Believes The Undeniable Evidence That Hamas Terrorists Raped Israeli Women
- Canada's aid for Ukraine set to surpass $800 million this year

- Mounties seek rightful owner of cocaine found in bathroom ceiling
- Farmers have no alternative but to use greenhouse-gas producing grain dryers, says southern Alberta scientist
- Changing Armed Forces policies is slow and labour-intensive, external monitor says
- Public servants, RCMP and military members exposed in data breach
- International students, advocates say Canada should permanently lift 20-hour work cap
- Jules Bistro to close its doors after 16 years of operation in Vancouver
- Here’s where vehicles are stolen across Ottawa: Thieves have been busy in Barrhaven
- Freeland's economic update to include new housing loans, short-term rental tax changes
- She's a grad student juggling 3 jobs. Canada's cost of living may force her to move elsewhere
- If your mortgage renewal is coming up, look at options now
- Arrests made at Israel/Gaza demonstrations Sunday
- CRA claws back $458 million in pandemic wage subsidies after partial audit
- Police looking for three suspects in October Chinatown statue vandalism
- Rex Murphy: Trudeau would fail miserably if we faced half the crisis Israel has
- FIRST READING: Canadians appear to have stopped caring about climate change
- Canadian MPs arrive in Israel for solidarity trip as tensions between Trudeau and Netanyahu remain high
- GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau 'excited' to show Canadians his fiscal responsibility
- LILLEY: Liberals need to give sober second thought to booze tax hike
- Now $50B For Electric Cars
- Matthew Lau: Trudeau Liberals economic update will make the bad even uglier
- Dep’t Fails Big Security Audit
- Trudeau devotes a quarter of his time to 'personal days': data
- Electric car shock: Ontario man told new battery would cost more than $50,000
- Over half of Canadians want carbon tax removed from all residential heating: poll
- Taxpayer-funded Stellantis EV project using temporary foreign workers

- Canada’s Michael Spavor blames fellow prisoner Michael Kovrig for China arrest
- Top 1 per cent wealthiest responsible for same amount of carbon emissions as bottom 66 per cent
- 'He does not deserve this': University of Ottawa criticized after medical resident suspended for pro-Palestine posts
- Man arrested after Sunday morning shelter-in-place order in Fort Saskatchewan
- ‘A real threat to democracy’: Iranian-American activist urges Trudeau to act
- NDP demands federal intervention to thwart UCP’s healthcare reform
- Prime Lending Rate Canada: What is the Prime Lending Rate in Canada as of now?
- Electricity Rates Canada: What are Province Wise Electricity rates in Canada (Nov 2023)?
- OAS Increase 2024: How Much will CPP and OAS Increase in 2024? Detailed Analysis
- Average Income in Canada: What is the Monthly and Annual Average Income in Canada?

- Ukrainians fleeing war say there are barriers to starting new life in Canada
- A federal pandemic business loan is coming due. Some in N.S. can't afford to pay
- Canadian-made fentanyl is an international problem, RCMP says
- Suggestion Kovrig, Spavor involved in espionage perpetuating 'false narrative,' GAC says after report
- APEC: Trudeau and Xi share frosty formal exchanges amid ongoing diplomatic struggles
- Vancouver Starbucks employee who organized for union now out of a job
- CRA Medical Expenses: What Medical Expenses are tax Deductible and How Much Can You Claim?
- Trudeau’s $1 Billion Green Slush Fund under investigation
- GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau 'excited' to show Canadians his fiscal responsibility
- Adam Zivo: It turns out it was one Michael and another Michael
- Canadian Detainee in China Accuses Fellow Prisoner of Espionage
- Carbon tax pause on home heating oil will cost federal government $755M: PBO
- University of Alberta fires Sexual Assault Centre head who signed letter calling Hamas rape reports 'unverified accusation'

- UK Foreign travel advice Canada
- F-35 Helmet Costs $400 000
- A Toronto realtor says the rental market is 'unhinged' after someone lists the other half of a bed
- Federal government loans EverWind Fuels $125M for proposed green hydrogen plant
- Provincial crackdown on scrap metal thieves ruled unconstitutional
- Calgary Co-op asks feds to reverse ban on compostable bags after court ruling on plastics
- Pfizer Vaccine Contract Shows Ottawa Accepted Unknown 'Efficacy' of COVID Vaccines
- Delinquencies rising for borrowers with $400k+ mortgages, CMHC report shows
- Man arrested after large seizure of drugs, firearms in Surrey: RCMP
- Real cost of EV battery plant subsidies $5 billion higher than government estimates: PBO
- Canada's profligate spending forced interest rates higher, Scotiabank says
- 3 arrested in Richmond car heist attempt, dash cam video sought: RCMP
- John Ivison: Ottawa's latest major IT project, ballooning by billions, presages another Phoenix debacle
- NDP agree to help pass Liberal 'affordable housing and groceries' bill in exchange for amendments
- What Xi said: Trudeau urged Chinese president to maintain an open channel with Canada
- UPDATE: 1,000 students evacuated as bomb threat called in to Toronto Jewish school
- MSM Admits "Magical Thinking" Guided Its Reporting On Ukraine... Many Thousands Of Deaths Later
- To Spend or Not to Spend? That is the Monetary Question
- Jamie Sarkonak: Muslim charity under CRA microscope for ties to alleged Hamas front
- ‘Death by fire’: Police evacuate Jewish school in North York following emailed bomb threat
- Trudeau declines to echo Biden’s dictator comment about Xi
- Trudeau says his government has 'always exercised fiscal restraint' as Poilievre pushes for balanced budget
- Jewish high school closes early after bomb threat
- Toronto police seize nearly $100M in cocaine, crystal meth in ‘staggering’ record drug bust
- Ottawa’s exclusion from Indo-Pacific talks worries business group
- SCUMBAG MOVE: Amid Rampant Anti-Semitism, Trudeau Attacks Israel Again, Claiming They Are Making Two-State Solution “More Difficult”
- “Anti-racist consultant” Laith Marouf suspended from social media again following antisemitic outbursts
- SickKids anesthesiologist investigated for anti-Israel comments
- Canada launches new humanitarian migration pathway for Colombians, Haitians and Venezuelans
- Trudeau says Israel hurting peace prospects in Gaza, decries Canadians ’lashing out’
- Chinese-owned illegal bio lab uncovered in California, hidden viruses found

- Don't count on seniors to sell their homes anytime soon, CMHC report finds
- Vancouver's "out of control" living cost is why this renter is moving to Langley
- Exclusive: Even renters making $100,000 are being evicted in Vancouver, new data shows
- Fort St. John seeks exemption from carbon tax, rental act
- Sask. government introduces law to stop collecting carbon tax on natural gas
- 2 arrested, 1 seriously injured after Guildford Town Centre stabbing: police
- LILLEY UNLEASHED: Trudeau lectures Israel, did it really work?
- The Federal Court just overturned Ottawa’s single-use plastic ban
- Carbon-Capture Firm Deep Sky Gets $55 Million of Fresh Capital
- ‘He’s a big part of the problem’: Is the end near for Justin Trudeau?
- Cost of energy forcing many to go without necessities, StatsCan survey says
- 'Such a difficult life in Canada': Ukrainian immigrants leaving because it's so expensive
- Pro-Palestinian protest against Trudeau outside Vancouver cocktail bar required 100 officers; demonstrator stunned with a Taser
- Man accused of assaulting police officer at pro-Palestine protest appears in court - Released till Court Date Dec 6 2023
- Guilbeault's ban on plastics ruled 'unconstitutional' as it undermines provincial jurisdiction
- Canada is so expensive that some Ukrainian immigrants are leaving
- Trevor Tombe: Canada has a serious fiscal challenge looming as the federal debt explodes
- SNOBELEN: Trudeau’s faith in Climatology will cost him his government
- The Federal Court just overturned Ottawa’s single-use plastic ban
- Liberals block ventilator contract access filing for three years
- LILLEY: Justin Trudeau's words, and socks, show he's not a serious leader
- Pro-Palestinian protesters disrupt Pierre Poilievre's Ontario rally
- Trudeau family billed taxpayers $75,000 in vacation flights following separation announcement: report

- 6 Ways To Tell If You’re Middle Class or Upper Middle Class
- PST Canada: What is PST and How Much is PST in BC, NS, NB, Ontario, Alberta, Quebec?
- Filipinos in Canada demand more affordable housing
- Park ranger, police officer assaulted in cleanup at CRAB Park, police say
- Former Canadian soldier fined $4K, given severe reprimand for anti-vax videos
- CRA claims audit reveals Muslim group has alleged Hamas ties
- Smith says pension exit debate opened Canada’s eyes to Alberta’s grievances
- Why Canadians should expect 'big increases' to mortgage rates
- Braid: Manning COVID-19 study urges major change to prevent future pandemic shutdowns
- Carbon price carve-out for heating oil muddied waters in Senate on other bill: Simons
- Loblaw investing to combat 'organized retail crime' that is 'significant problem'
- 30 Calls On Unethical Dealing
- Netanyahu rebukes Trudeau after Canadian PM urges Israel to use ‘maximum restraint’ in Gaza war
- 'Maxed out my savings': Some Canadians are waiting months for employment insurance cheques
- Gad Saad: Concordia University is unsafe for Jewish students and professors like me
- BREAKING: Charges dismissed for Calgary pizzeria owner who served unvaccinated customers during lockdown
- Pro-Palestine demonstrator punches, gouges eyes of police officer while surrounding restaurant with Trudeau inside
- FIRST READING: India presses Canada to deal with another alleged Khalistani terror threat
- Health Canada says ‘NO’ to disclosing ‘critical’ COVID audits into pandemic response
- 100 officers deployed after Trudeau surrounded at Vancouver restaurant (100 officers too many!!!!)
- The Candice Malcolm Show | Trudeau sides with Hamas
- LILLEY UNLEASHED: Does Trudeau get it? People are done with him
- CRA claims audit reveals Muslim group has alleged Hamas ties

- Opinion: Alberta’s case for taking half CPP’s assets
- Why so many Montreal business owners say they need urgent help to survive
- Poilievre, Guilbeault point fingers over Conservative farm fuel carbon tax bill
- Vancouver woman stressed over steep mortgage rate hike offered by broker
- Canadian military veteran who criticized COVID-19 vaccine mandate pleads guilty
- You can live in Canada for under $900 a month: Ottawa to international students
- Justin Trudeau in B.C. Tuesday, hoping to turn Liberal’s fortunes around
- David Rosenberg: Canada's menacing mortgage math means crisis looming
- Facing China Bank Questions
- Gov’t Hides Pandemic Audits
- Canadian military veteran who criticized COVID-19 vaccine mandate pleads guilty
- Netanyahu attacks Trudeau over Gaza comments, says Hamas must be defeated
- Federal government spent $1.5M to lodge 400 delegates during Montreal biodiversity summit
- Trudeau, Eby announce $1-billion battery plant in Maple Ridge, B.C.
- Australian Senator compares Trudeau’s handling of Freedom Convoy to communist China

- Bad Boy furniture files notice under bankruptcy act, unable to give refunds
- Police seek to identify person of interest after shooting outside of Halloween party
- A Tesla owner said he heard a 'hissing' sound from the battery before it caught on fire in his garage
- Hilarious skit about food prices at Canadian grocery stores is too relatable
- Montreal police investigate after cars set on fire in TMR
- Misunderstanding from social media spurs rise in international student food bank visits
- Female powerlifter issued 2-year ban for advocacy against trans-women in competitions
- Judges Won’t Hear Vax Cases
- 'A courageous peace activist': Son of Vivian Silver says she was murdered by Hamas on Oct. 7
- Poilievre calls for Trudeau to stop importing violence
- Thefts, assaults, intimidation: B.C. business owners detail rise in crime that's terrifying staff, customers
- EDITORIAL: Tone-deaf Liberals lost touch with Canadians
- Average Canadian rent price hits new high for sixth consecutive month: report
- “No assurance of safety,” says Poilievre as manhunt for high-risk BC predator underway
- ‘Kick them out’: Poilievre responds to revelations on Iranian interference in Canada

- Visualizing $233B in Ukraine Aid
- What about the rebates? BC's fast and furious electric vehicle targets questioned
- Tesla Model 3 Owners Get Candid About LFP Battery Health And Degradation
- Electric-vehicle batteries need nickel, and Indonesia has the biggest reserves. Now it wants a partnership with U.S., and the Biden admin is listening
- MALCOLM: Journalists partly to blame for Trudeau’s Nazi tribute
- Ottawa man arrested after allegedly inciting hate, antisemitism
- Hate condemned after Montreal Jewish school struck by gunfire for 2nd time this week
- Montreal Jewish school targeted by gunfire for second time in four days
- Jewish school targeted again by gunfire in Montreal
- Drug users have legal right to use anywhere, says B.C. harm reduction nurses' lawsuit
- Germany: Muslim youth say ‘First we cut the throats of the Jews, then the gays and finally the Christians!’

- ‘Far worse than you can imagine’: How Iran’s regime has ‘spread its tentacles’ in Canada
- UPDATE: Chinatown triple stabbing suspect was on day release from psychiatric facility, VPD chief says
- Billion-dollar renovation of the Supreme Court of Canada running over budget
- 85% of small businesses reject federal carbon tax, survey shows
- Fired health workers launch suit against Dr. Bonnie Henry, led by canned Vernon lab tech

- 2.2M mortgage holders will face ‘interest rate shock’ in next 2 years: CMHC
- Another fast-food operator files Chapter 11 bankruptcy
- Head of federal green fund targeted by whistleblowers resigns
- Toronto doctor who sexually abused patients has ‘greatly’ harmed medical profession, but will keep license after third suspension
- Beloved Vancouver board game cafe suddenly closes
- 7 Vancouver restaurant closures we learned about this week
- Child deliberately killed during gang-related shooting in Edmonton, police say
- Military families among Canadians caught up in benefits mess
- ‘Interest rate shock’ ahead, with nearly half of Canadian mortgages up for renewal within 2 years: CMHC
- Average Credit Score By Age in Canada In November 2023
- 'I felt very, very unsafe': Top Conservative says senators, MPs 'under attack' by pro-Palestinian protesters in Ottawa
- Federal government will spend $900M to build housing in Quebec, matched by province
- WARMINGTON: Tolerance of racism against Jews has Toronto at turning point and police on hot seat
- Montreal university cancels class of teacher filmed at Gaza protest insulting Jews: 'Go back to Poland'
- A Liberal pollster does the unthinkable and actually asks Canadians why they hate Trudeau

- We're Going To Have To Cut Down A Lot Of Big Trees To Upgrade The Electric Grid For EVs
- Not-so-happy new year: The BC rent increase is just two months away
- Jesse Kline: Trudeau's failure of moral leadership on violence against Jews
- Trudeau announces $900M to build housing in Quebec
- Calgary police make arrests in violent Falconridge clash
- National Defence receives largest cut in first wave of federal spending review
- Pause on Home Heating Oil Carbon Tax Now in Effect
- Protest staged at Vancouver offices of Israel-based shipping company
- Canadian Tire cuts about 3% of workforce as customer spending slows
- FIRST READING: The man who led a street full of cheering Montrealers in prayer to 'kill them all'
- Interest rates may stay higher for good: Bank of Canada's Carolyn Rogers
- Freeland, Kinew sidestep carbon tax questions as they share podium to announce Hydro projects
- A food bank in Ontario is turning away international students looking for free food
- Major Toronto developer could go bust with over $200 million in debt
- MPs grill federal green fund chair who took part in decision to grant her own firm $217,000
- Self-Dealing Worth $217,000 Annette Verschuren
- Mustn’t Criminalize Hunters
- Father, child killed in ‘serious, targeted’ shooting at shopping complex in southeast Edmonton

- Quantitative evaluation of whether the Nobel-Prize-winning COVID-19 vaccine actually saved millions of lives
- Holland tells provincial dental groups to sign confidentiality agreements for more details
- 'End of an era': Cartems donut shop to close its original Vancouver location
- The Bank of Canada’s latest rate hold wasn’t unanimous, meeting minutes show
- Submarines: Canada’s underwater prospects foundering
- No more sentence change for Richmond man who caused havoc with a hammer
- Ontario joins federal vaping tax. What about other provinces? 
- As bad debts soar, Canadian banks eye asset sales to boost capital
- English Montreal School Board sues Quebec after it's forced to communicate in French
- Visualizing All the World’s Carbon Emissions by Country
- East Vancouver brewery listed for sale as owners call for change to B.C.'s 'archaic' liquor regulations
- Grocer code of conduct could fuel food inflation, Loblaw argues
- Manulife reports net income of $1 billion in third quarter
- Frank Stronach: A lifeline for small businesses
- ‘I’m on the verge of losing my house’: Man’s attempt to earn extra income leads to financial ruin
- Morning Update: Federal chief technology officer lied about ArriveCan app, MPs hear
- Jewish community 'outraged' after suspected arsons at Montreal-area synagogue, institution
- Canada plans to convert public buildings into new 2,800 homes amid shortage
- Ottawa paid nearly $670,000 for KPMG’s advice on cutting consultant costs
- Federal chief technology officer lied about ArriveCan app, MPs hear
- Politicians, Jewish groups outraged by Montreal imam's prayer at pro-Palestinian protest

- Hamas leaders worth staggering $11B revel in luxury — while Gaza’s people suffer
- Canada on track to miss 2030 climate target due to government delays
- 'Alienated, isolated and alone': Jewish union members launch human rights claim against CUPE
- 41% of Windsor households find it difficult to meet financial needs, StatsCan survey says
- Cows and plows: Manitoba First Nation will get $205M windfall if community supports settlement
- Trudeau government failing to meet emissions target for 2030, audit finds
- Quebec to spend billions to try and tackle homelessness, rising food costs
- Posthaste: The risk of forced home sales is rising in Canada, warns economist
- Bell cutting ‘a minimum of $500 to $600 million’ in 2024 network investments following CRTC decision
- Tom Mulcair: Trudeau in a tailspin as his carbon tax blows up
- Immigrants explain why they're leaving Canada
- 2 dead in encampment fires as Edmontonians living on the street brace for winter
- Ontario man on the hook for almost $7,000 after car repossessed for missing loan payments
- Trudeau’s halt on carbon tax could undo years of his tentpole climate policy
- Buyers take ‘upper hand’ in some of Canada’s most expensive housing markets
- NDP-backed Conservative motion to expand carbon tax carve-out to all home heating defeated in the House
- Feds delay unveiling of controversial Memorial to the Victims of Communism yet again
- Alberta Premier Danielle Smith to share stage with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson
- Tucker Carlson coming to Calgary for live speech and conversation with Premier Danielle Smith

- Business group wants extension of pandemic loan repayment deadline, saying downtowns in trouble
- Opinion: Western Canada left out of federal energy efficiency supports
- ‘We need help’: Vancouver park rangers crews disassemble CRAB Park encampment
- Halifax set to host national conference with goal of ending homelessness
- Ottawa charts path for spotlight on shady B.C. companies
- Canadian downtown business associations call for action on growing vacancy rates
- 'Rising inflation and real estate prices:' Vancouver coffee shop closing one of its locations
- "That is absolutely sick": Canadian mom frustrated with cost of a grocery trip
- Majority of Canadians have difficulties discussing financial problems: survey
- Canadian military begins investigation into allegation officer threatened to execute sailors on supply ship
- Government documents project Liberals' gun 'buyback' to cost nearly $2B, double minister's estimates
- UNRWA teachers praise Oct. 7 massacre
- Hired Consultants For Tips
- MP Lobbied For Party Donor

- Toronto restaurant known for its burgers has permanently closed
- ‘More buying power’: Co-ownership could make Vancouver real estate more affordable, realtor says
- Some legions struggling to pay the bills as membership declines
- Business insolvencies in Canada up 42%
- Why Toronto's housing crisis could become a 'vulnerability' for one downtown college
- Popular Vancouver restaurant closes due to failed pandemic recovery
- This photo was taken in Toronto, not Syria or Gaza. Is diversity truly Canada’s strength?
- Fearful female jiu jitsu fighters skip event over transgender athletes
- Barbara Kay: Canadians should expect better of those tasked with fighting antisemitism
- Five Brampton men charged with firearm, drug offences
- Hamilton cardiologist faces criticism over comment about pro-Palestinian protest
- Many veterinarians in Canada are facing extreme burnout and declining mental health
- Man shot in east Montreal; police investigating 3 crime scenes

- Average rental prices in Canada surge to record highs in October 2023: report
- Scotiabank marks several branches for closure across Atlantic Canada
- B.C. residents who heat their homes with oil say it's unfair they won't get federal carbon tax break
- Man allegedly brandishes knife at security guard
- P.E.I. Premier says homeless support centre must move, but cannot close
- Average rental prices in Canada surge to records highs in October 2023: report

- Downtown Toronto pro-Palestinian rally and sit-in draws large police presence
- Demonstrations in support of Gaza take place in at least two dozen Canadian cities
(where is the EA, where are the frozen bank accounts, where are the stomping ponies, where are the arrests with "mischief" charges, who knew Canada was full of terrorist supporters)

- Vancouver police say notorious sex offender wanted Canada-wide
- 2 'shots-fired' calls in 10 minutes in Abbotsford, police say
- 1 in 3 Canadians are living in households with financial difficulties: StatCan
- Daring thieves drill through museum floor to steal 'priceless' silver artefacts
- Father of sisters who tore down Israeli hostage posters while yelling 'F-k Israel' insists they are 'good girls'

- ‘We don’t feel safe’: Brampton residents terrified after string of break and enters caught on camera
- Conservatives, Bloc call for emergency committee meeting over 'squandered' $150M contract loss with no details
- Freeland says she's asked chief actuary to determine Alberta's share of CPP
- Bank of Canada's Carolyn Rogers urges 'close look' at negative-amortization mortgages
- Hôtel Shediac files for bankruptcy
- Canadian business insolvencies surge almost 42 per cent from last year
- More than half of Canadian restaurants are losing money
- India envoy tells Ottawa to produce evidence that New Delhi was behind killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar
- Restaurant industry facing bleak outlook, as costs mount even faster than skyrocketing prices
- Canadian Navy helicopter subject of ‘unsafe’ intercepts by Chinese fighter jets was from CFB Esquimalt
- P.E.I. photographer handcuffed, fined after taking pictures of Quebec City's iconic Château Frontenac
- EXCLUSIVE: Judge in freedom truckers trial orders prosecution to reveal redacted emails to police
- Ministry reveals $150M PHAC loss was from 'unfulfilled' COVID-19 vaccine deal with Quebec company Medicago
- Trudeau: Palestinians need protections from 'extremist' Israeli 'settlers'
- Tribunal Finds Ontario Doctor Critical of COVID Measures Committed Professional Misconduct
- TERRAZZANO: Liberal MPs must vote to give all Canadians relief
- Supreme Court says mandatory minimum sentences for child luring unconstitutional
- Supreme Court stands up for child predators, bans minimum sentences
- Incentive programs for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in Canada
- 'The most toxic place': Foreign-trained doctors file human rights complaint, alleging discrimination
- Chinese jets intercept, fire flares near Canadian helicopter in ‘significantly unsafe’ moves

- WARMINGTON: Dragging Terry Fox statue into pro-Palestine protest disrespectful
and from earlier last year - put a Canadian flag on him.  Evil incarnate.  Put Hamas flags on him the left say nothing.
- Anger over defacement of Terry Fox statue a sign of his 'unique' legacy, says mayor of icon's hometown

- Senator accuses public safety minister of 'disinformation' over gun control bill
- 3 million more Canadians in housing need than CMHC estimates suggest: report
- Cocaine use rising in Canada, new data suggests, as researchers link stimulants to drug deaths
- Hundreds march in support of safe supply following arrests of 2 Vancouver drug activists
- We shouldn’t tax buildings in a housing crisis
- F-35 fighter jet to cost Canada $74 billion, says PBO
- LILLEY: Trudeau squeezed from all sides – especially by his own Liberals
- Ontario’s hopes for a Toyota EV factory in jeopardy after Justin Trudeau says no more massive subsidies
- Canada's public health agency lost $150 million on an unfulfilled contract last year. It won't say why
- OPP seize 326 cases of beer destined for wedding after van breaks down
- Three men wanted on Canada-wide warrants in relation to kidnapping

- Canada Revenue Agency announces maximum pensionable earnings and contributions for 2024
- Breaking: Trudeau's Green Slush Fund under investigation
- Canada to import 1 million new permanent residents in 2025-2026
- Posthaste: These three provinces are the best places to weather Canada's coming storm
- Tax avoidance: Canadian companies transferred $120B to Luxembourg, study says
- Top analysts break down the 'meltdown' of the global electric vehicle market
- Australian regulator highlights risks of electric vehicles aboard ferries
- Vancouver police raid trio of magic mushroom dispensaries
- 'Goodbye old friend': Downtown Vancouver bakery closes after 20 years
- Former B.C. premier Horgan is Canada’s next ambassador to Germany: Trudeau
- Poilievre wants a 'carbon tax election,' Liberals say bring it on
- Long-term opioid users suffer with crumbling bones, brain injuries and little hope of treatment
- Surging prices just dealt a severe blow to housing affordability and the outlook is ‘moribund’
- 'Bomb threats' target schools in northern and eastern Ont., provincial police say
- Washago, Ont. family targeted with hate-motivated vandalism, threatening letter
- LILLEY: Poilievre's brilliant move forces Trudeau's hand on carbon tax
- With plunging polls and ongoing chatter, Trudeau could finalize future plans by February, says Liberal stalwart and Senator Percy Downe

November 2023

- Canada’s immigration planning will now take into account housing, health care and infrastructure, minister says
- Canadian city named the "rattiest" in the country for second year in a row
- Immigrants leaving Canada at faster pace, study shows
- VPD investigates targeted shooting at Gallery nightclub
- Conservatives allege foreign interference by Trudeau Foundation
- Dany Fortin retires from Canadian Armed Forces after reaching settlement in lawsuit
- Ontario college revokes international student admissions again — leaving hundreds scrambling
- Frank Stronach: Thank red tape for making Canadian entrepreneurs a dying breed
- GOLDSTEIN: Electric vehicles subsidies costly and ineffective, says study
- Canada's stalling economy on track for technical recession
- ‘Freedom Convoy’ trial: Officer who interacted with Barber back on the stand
- Some Canadians not adequately heating, cooling homes as energy bills soar: StatCan

- 250K Canadians have opened a first home savings account: Freeland
Which means you can only afford something in the $300,000 range.  And could take you 5-10 years to save that 40k

- Canada bans WeChat, Kaspersky applications on government devices
- No more carve-outs coming, Trudeau tells Canadians hoping for carbon tax pause on all home heating types
- No jail time for B.C. shoplifter busted days after release from $37K art theft
- Freeland to meet finance ministers on Alberta’s proposed CPP withdrawal
- Judge in trial of ‘Freedom Convoy’ organizers orders access to internal police docs
- Man Arrested & Charged for Honking Horn During Freedom Convoy Sees Charges Dropped

- FIRST READING: The Harper law that would have stopped all these pro-Hamas rallies
- Nearly 1 in 3 COVID-19 Vaccine Recipients Suffered Neurological Side Effects: Study
- Youth who killed Sgt. Andrew Harnett doesn't appeal sentence, can now be named
- Saskatchewan promises law to prevent poppy bans ahead of Remembrance Day
- ‘We’ve had enough:’ Nanaimo group leads new B.C.Coalition demanding social disorder action
- It takes less than four years to save up for a down payment in this Canadian city
- Federal Court dismisses applications against Trudeau's 2020 firearms ban
- About 60% of outstanding mortgages facing payment shock in next 3 years: RBC
- McDonald's customers decry price of fast food in 2023: 'No longer a poor man's food'
- CRTC issues $40,000 penalty in phishing campaign
- Despite opposition and environmental violations, major B.C. pipeline project nearly complete
- Conservatives go hard in the House on minister's 'elect more Liberals' carbon pricing comment
- Can the Government Take My Property? You Bet it Can.
- Windsor tenants trapped by high rates despite lower rental costs compared to other Canadian cities
- Toronto restaurant has permanently closed less than a year after opening
- Who holds the blame for problems with the Public Service Health Care Plan?
- Nova Scotia emergency alert lifted after man arrested in alleged axe attack
- OPP recover 36 smuggled guns in Port Lambton area near St. Clair River
- Canadian special forces members on the ground in Israel, DND confirms
- Must ‘Do Better’ Says CMHC (building 12 homes in eight years under a federal program)
- Minister Anand announces a ban on the use of WeChat and Kaspersky suite of applications on government mobile devices

- Parker v. Canada (Attorney General)
Firearms decision.  You do not own any private property in Canada.  Thanks Dictator @justintrudeau

- Feds hiking alcohol taxes by 4.7 per cent
- The Liberals’ credibility on the carbon tax has gone up in smoke
- Tamara Lich’s lawyer unpacks trial of Freedom Convoy organizers
- Canadians Could Soon Receive A Guaranteed Basic Income & You Could Be Eligible For Payments

- Vancouver-area health authorities issue toxic drug warnings, remind people to sign up for text alerts
- B.C.'s big retailers send urgent message to governments: Get street crime under control
- Independent Vancouver pizza place shuts down operations quietly
- Carbon price could be 'off the table' by the next election after rollback for heating oil: Liberal strategist
- Vandalism rebates available to B.C. small businesses
- Small team of Canadian special ops deployed to Israel after Oct. 7 attack: sources
- Ottawa says lawyers don't deserve $80 million for First Nation child welfare settlement
- Anger over the Israel-Hamas conflict spilled onto the streets of downtown Toronto for the third straight day
- B.C. announces funding for small businesses with vandalism-related costs

- RCMP Investigating Muslim Preacher’s Call for Allah to Eradicate ‘Zionist Aggressors’
- BCTF assault on student testing out-of-step with most B.C. parents
- Column: Homeless people living in tents need somewhere to live
- Mixed emotions as Port Credit pizzeria closes after three-plus decades
- Steveston restaurant closes after 20 years
- Conrad Black: Dany Fortin persecution exposes DND's pattern of abuse and deception
- B.C. ministers surprised by federal tax exemption on home heating oil, which excludes B.C.
- Prairies should elect more Liberals if they want voices heard on carbon pricing: rural economic development minister
- Justin Trudeau just axed his own carbon tax
- Cory Morgan: Implementing a Guaranteed Basic Income Would Be a Fiscal Disaster for Canada
- Thousands more EV charging stations needed in Metro Vancouver to meet growing demand: report

- SECRET DOCS: Environment minister signs deal to 'share experts' with China
- Vancouver is the worst major Canadian city for housing affordability
- The cost to protect the prime minister has shot up to more than $30 million a year
- Permanent residents subject to foreign buyers tax because they used China-based company to purchase B.C. building
- Electric vehicles: insurers balk at battery fires and write-offs
- Councillors approve $2.5M in climate change initiatives after debating e-bike pilot
- Unique Nanaimo bakery shutting down due to economic challenges
- Directives to military chaplains urge expunging God, religion from Remembrance Day, public ceremonies
- To buy, or not to buy: Renting in Canada is starting to look like a steal
- Study: ‘True Costs’ Of Electric Vehicles Far Higher Than Most Believe
- How far is too far when it comes to stopping shoplifting in stores?
- Saskatchewan and Alberta premiers say home heating oil carbon tax exemption unfair to rest of country
- ‘Things are hard’: Navy sails into cost of living crisis at CFB Esquimalt
- Vancouver police announce 258 arrests in latest violent shoplifting crackdown
- B.C.’s economic outlook is dismal as public sector debt skyrockets
- Former Ford CEO has a blunt warning for the electric vehicle industry
- Don Martin: It's flip-flop or die as Trudeau retreats on universal carbon pricing
- As inflation pressures grow, Bank of Canada execs take home millions in bonuses: CTF
- Bank of Canada hold means 'suffocating' mortgage payments to stick around
- Atlantic Tax Cut Worth $250
- WARMINGTON: Real or not, cops closely monitoring potential 'Bikers for Hamas' ride
- ‘We expect better partnership’: Feds’ heating oil carbon tax freeze catches B.C. by surprise
- Tech Entrepreneurs Testify They Witnessed Corruption, Fraud, Extortion During ArriveCAN Development
- The cost to protect the prime minister has shot up to more than $30 million a year

- Shooting at Langley Starbucks drive-thru sends one person to hospital
- Vandalism, social posts, shooting among potentially hate-motivated Winnipeg incidents: police
- Justin Trudeau announces major changes to carbon pricing program after months of pressure
- COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Reduce a Major Beneficial Bacteria, Gut Biodiversity: Research
- Getting flu and COVID shot together still reasonable amid safety review of potential stroke risk: Experts
(You have a 99% chance of surviving covid, you do not need the fake "vaccine")
- Three generations of Canadians are struggling paycheque to paycheque: report
- 'Thanks for the support': Vancouver taco restaurant quietly closes permanently
- By 2035, all new vehicles sold in B.C. must be electric. Is it achievable?
- More Canadians struggling with car loans as debt load becomes ‘too much’
- Defence to argue for more information in 'Freedom Convoy' organizers' trial
- Justin Trudeau announces major changes to carbon pricing program after months of pressure
- Entrepreneurs warn MPs of extortion risks in federal contracting
- Wave of job cuts ‘probably just the beginning’ at Canadian banks
- Auto execs are coming clean: EVs aren't working
- She worked full time and after monthly bills, there was $9 left for food
- Canada doubling carbon price rebate rural top-up, pausing charge on heating oil: Trudeau
- VPD executes search warrants in Downtown Eastside drug investigation
- Russia and China at war with Canada, says Gen. Wayne Eyre
- Didn’t Expect That: Macklem
- Desperate Liberal Government Suspends Carbon Tax On Home Heating Oil For Three Years
- Ottawa exempting home heating oil from carbon tax for 3 years, Trudeau says

- Inside Newfoundland and Labrador’s private, for-profit homeless shelter system
- Toronto police recover more than 1,000 stolen cars, lay hundreds of charges
- What a weaker loonie means for Canadians
- Calgary’s housing crisis: Those left behind share their stories
- Canadian industry challenges claims by top DND bureaucrat in battle over new surveillance plane
- More alarm bells sound on slowing demand for electric vehicles
- ‘Buying groceries is terrible’: Canadian TikToker decries everything from self-checkout to no plastic bags
- As cost of living soars, millions of Canadians are turning to food banks
- Unmask Foreign Agents: MPs
- As cost of living soars, millions of Canadians are turning to food banks
(2 million people using food banks in march, basically per month now)

- Xi Van Fleet on Maoist Revolution and Cultural Marxism in North Americ​a
- Ottawa doctor starts relationship with Sophie Trudeau
- 2nd reading of Bill C-278, An Act to prevent the imposition by the federal government of vaccination mandates for employment and travel
- Sophie Grégoire Trudeau 're-partnered' with Ottawa doctor, ex-wife claims in divorce petition
- TransLink facing $4.7B cash crunch, report to Mayors’ Council says
- Gregoire Trudeau 're-partnered' months before separation announced: Report
- Cost of living and housing driving young Canadians towards Conservatives

- Posthaste: Canadians finding mortgage payments ‘very difficult’ have doubled since March
- Man wanted Canada-wide appears to mock Toronto police in now-viral TikTok video
- Surveillance aircraft Canada wants to purchase in $8-billion deal facing problems with parts and reliability
- Judge approves historic $23B First Nations child welfare compensation agreement
- 3 children among victims of intimate partner shooting in northern Ontario, police say
- Federal Court approves $23B First Nations child-welfare settlement
- Protect children’s innocence: Parents and advocates rally to reject radical sexual indoctrination in publicly funded schools
- Senate continues study on viability of universal basic income
- LILLEY UNLEASHED: Liberals and NDP join forces to keep Canadians from getting the truth
- Two Calgary men charged for conversation on transit en route to 1 Million March 4 Children

- A force for good: New study shows how Walmart Canada drives positive impact nationwide
- The human side of Ottawa's fentanyl crisis
- This senior sold his home due to interest rate hikes. Now, he can't find an affordable rental
- Foreign control in the Canadian economy is shrinking: StatCan
- 'I have no fixed address': A look at encampments for homeless across Canada
- Poilievre gets international attention for apple-eating viral moment

- NP View: In Israel's time of need, our frequent-flyer PM opts for a staycation
- Grocery prices are going to get worse in Canada and it's not because of inflation
- Trudeau government’s own polling program is saying it’s in trouble

- NEURO-COVAX: An Italian Population-Based Study of Neurological Complications after COVID-19 Vaccinations
- Researchers Find Pfizer Excluded Clinical Trial Deaths From FDA COVID Vaccine EUA Request
- Vivian Bercovici: The Trudeau Liberals' deafening silence in the face of Hamas horrors

- Knife-wielding man arrested at Bridgeport Canada Line station
- RCMP investigation prompts MPs to call on contractors, government staff as ArriveCan probe continues
- Beloved B.C. eatery fined $7K for serving minor
- Agency Lost 29,248 Fugitives
- CRTC might ease Corus' Canadian content spending requirements after profit plunge
- Donations dry up for Victoria group helping Ukrainians ‘arriving with 1 suitcase’
- 'Panic' as people line up round the clock at Brampton's Indian visa office
- Workers at 2 B.C. long-term care homes walk off the job after 2 years without a deal
- B.C. premier sends Trudeau letter asking for CEBA repayment extension
- Donations ruined outside Richmond thrift store's doors
- Chrystia Freeland's Dark Nazi Past
- Health Canada’s startling admission confirms secret DNA contamination discovered in COVID-19 vaccines

- NCC paid over $8 million to replace a barn at Rideau Hall, records show
- DNA fragments detected in monovalent and bivalent Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna modRNA COVID-19 vaccines from Ontario, Canada: Exploratory dose response relationship with serious adverse events.
- Desjardins to cut nearly 400 jobs, citing economic uncertainty
- Layoffs and loan losses: It’s a bad time to be a big bank in Canada
- ‘It hurts bigger’: Vancouver small businesses hit hard by shoplifting
- Applications for personal use eviction are up 77% in Toronto, worrying advocates
- Trudeau pledges nearly $90 million to fight climate change, vaccine equity in Caribbean
- Large number of Canadian diplomats left India overnight amid high tensions with New Delhi: source

- Canadian prime minister says blast at Gaza hospital is unacceptable (it was Hamas rocket)
- Many Canadians 'uncomfortably close to broke': MNP
- 'Where am I going? To pitch a tent somewhere else': Homeless camp shut down in Abbotsford
- Scottish couple facing $33k repair bill after driving Tesla in heavy rain
- Daytime shooting in Ottawa's ByWard Market
- Scotiabank cutting 3% of global workforce, will take $590M Q4 charge after tax
- Living in his broken-down car, homeless man says he has until Thursday to move
- Ottawa to press ahead with oil and gas emissions cap despite Supreme Court decision
- Majority say Justin Trudeau should go as his approval rating tumbles: Poll
- EXCLUSIVE: Lead plaintiff against Canadian Freedom Convoy leaves court in tears after contradicting previous testimony

- Advocates sound alarm at growing number of homeless seniors in Metro Vancouver
- Trudeau’s Digital Services Tax to cost Canadians $7.2 billion
- London Drugs considering closing a downtown Vancouver store citing crime concerns
- Top headlines: Freeland announces steps to make banking more affordable
- B.C. government buys burned-out Chinatown hotel

- Family pizzeria in Westmount closes after 42 years in business
- Canada, Ontario governments put nearly $1B toward EV battery parts plant
- Chef Hung Taiwan Bistro quietly closes in downtown Vancouver
- Canadian Forces personnel leaving the ranks over lack of affordable housing, senior officer warns
- A Tesla owner says his 'heart missed a beat' when he received a $21,000 bill after the battery was damaged by rain
- ‘Freedom Convoy’ trial: Lead plaintiff in proposed class action testifies
- Homeowners on the brink face tough choice of selling home as mortgage payments climb
- Zexi Li, 'Freedom Convoy' lawyers spar over use of the word 'occupation' in court
- Pfizer cuts full-year outlook due to declining sales of COVID-19-related products
- Fear Incorrect Political Beliefs
- Zexi Li, lead plaintiff in proposed class-action, testifies in 'Freedom Convoy' trial
- WARMINGTON: Machine-gun earrings, terrorist flags — anti-Semitism rampant
- Documents reveal why RCMP didn’t pursue criminal probe of Justin Trudeau in SNC-Lavalin affair
- LILLEY: Trudeau refused to give Mounties access to docs in SNC-Lavalin case
- Liberals Block Effort To List IRGC – A Key Funder & Supporter of Hamas – As A Terrorist Organization
- Zexi Li - Chinese Activist Leading Lawsuit Against Trucker Convoy

- Carbon tax is costing families more than rebates can compensate: taxpayer group
- 4 couples living in tent encampment given housing, but advocates say the fight isn't over yet
- Beloved Vancouver corner store Union Market to close after three decades
- EDITORIAL: We need answers on ArriveCan app


- Trans Mountain pipeline to be complete in the 'coming months,' Wilkinson says
- Coquitlam RCMP postpones drag queen story time due to anti-SOGI rally
- TWO FOR ONE: Transgender cyclists take gold and silver medals at Chicago women's race
- 'THIS IS GARBAGE': NDP split on their deal with Liberals, seek harder line from Singh
- Vancouver asks B.C. for $3.8 million to improve washroom access for homeless people
- Canada’s Supreme Court Voids Most of Trudeau Environment Law
- Canada’s cannabis industry burning out 5 years after legalization
- 'Fed up' with decline of French, Quebec seeks tuition hike for out-of-province students at English universities
- Economy to 'stagnate,' federal deficit expected to balloon to $46.5B this year: PBO
- Joly rebukes critics over Canada's response to Israel-Hamas war: 'I am a busy woman'
- Israel at war: IDF continues airstrikes, world leaders to arrive in Israel
- Supreme Court majority rules against federal impact assessment law
- FIRST READING: The Canadian taxpayer money funding and enabling Hamas
- Auditors allege Canadian charity helped Hamas financier

- Trans Mountain pipeline has cost Canada $35B. Can Ottawa make it back?

- FATAH: Shariah law makes a comeback in Ontario
- City moves to clear tents from portion of Vancouver’s CRAB Park
- ‘A risk to public safety’: Councils issue warning to electric car owners
- Vancouver among top 50 cities with highest number of ultra-rich millionaires
- Vancouver would 'absolutely' dismantle another encampment, mayor says after latest homeless count
- Liberals extend amnesty order for 'assault-style' firearms until after next election
- Judge to allow Ottawa residents to testify in 'Freedom Convoy' organizers' trial
- SIMS: CBC provides no value at huge expense to taxpayers

- As energy use grows in B.C., electricity production falls
- Five years later, researchers say the impacts of legalizing cannabis in Canada have been mixed
- Canadian Restaurants on the Brink: Skyrocketing Costs, Labour Shortages and Mounting Debt Threaten a $100 Billion Industry
- Secret memos detail allegations of police dishonesty, misconduct
- Show, don’t hide, the Carbon Tax
- Closure of mobile home park in West Kelowna amid housing crisis puts residents in difficult spot
- Tuesday's letters: Federal gov't to blame for high food prices
- The housing crisis is a sign of worse things to come: Full Comment podcast
- Canadian Armed Forces members asking for donations to help with housing, food costs: memo
- LILLEY: Canada excluded from 'Quint' statement on Israel for a reason

- High stakes for homeowners facing choice between fixed- or variable-rate mortgage
- Demand soaring at B.C. food banks, even among double-income families
- Canadians stuck in Israel as flights are cancelled, embassy closed for Thanksgiving
- Israel's defence minister orders 'complete siege' of Gaza as Hamas threatens to kill hostages
- Canada absent from major nations’ statement on Israel violence

- 'Most challenging Thanksgiving:' Long weekend marked with soaring food bank use
- Woman on P.E.I. approached by man impersonating police officer, RCMP say
- Canada's developers are building less housing despite crunch, a new study says. That could keep prices up
- Terry Glavin: As Israeli innocents are hunted and murdered, certain Canadian ‘progressives’ choose to celebrate

- Liberals, unions, and CBC minimize the slaughter of Israeli citizens
- Conrad Black: Trudeau has overseen the chronic backsliding of this once-great nation
- Israel announces 'state of war' following massive Hamas attack
- Richmond hotel, liquor store fined for selling alcohol to a minor
- Hamas surprise attack out of Gaza stuns Israel and leaves hundreds dead in fighting, retaliation