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May 2021 Part 2

May 2021 Part 1 - May 1 To May 15 2021

May 16 2021

Anti-lockdown protests held across Canada over the weekend

Cost of elderly benefits to balloon 70% in Canada by 2030: Fraser Institute

LEVY: Israel supporter says protest 'scariest thing I've ever endured'

Violence breaks out at pro-Palestine protest in Toronto

Shelley Fralic: Vancouver, once heaven, now merely a mess choking itself to death

Calgary pastor arrested after breaking pandemic gathering rules for months

Healthy Man Loses Much of Small Intestine After Blood Clot From AstraZeneca Vaccine

May 17 2021

Trainee nurse, 18, who received the AstraZeneca vaccine is hospitalised with THREE severe blood clots after doctors dismissed her symptoms and sent her home THREE times until she could barely breathe

FUREY: Let's face it, Ontario's stay-at-home order is effectively over

LILLEY: Bloc will back Trudeau's internet control bill

‘I’m surprised that they haven’t cut him loose’: political pressure mounts on Sajjan as military controversies pile up

Feds face calls to be more transparent about Fortin's departure, as replacement named

BONOKOSKI: Democracy Watch taking Trudeau to court over WE scandal

Vancouver police identify 6 known gangsters considered risks to the general public

John Ivison: Liberals are deaf to their own MPs, never mind the opposition

Toronto: Nazi flag at ‘Palestinian’ pro-jihad rally

CBC and other mainstream media journalists sign anti-Israel open letter

May 18 2021

Black Lives Matter Declares ‘Solidarity’ With Hamas In Israel Conflict

Quebec is lifting its nightly COVID-19 curfew

Trudeau agrees Quebec can unilaterally change constitution

Trudeau's fake MacBook photo draws hilarious reaction online

Kingston Legion flags able to fly again after community replaces stolen ropes

Finance committee greenlights $2.9M tax break for new Porsche dealership

Quebec can alter Canadian Constitution to say it's a nation and French is its official language: Trudeau

LILLEY: Trudeau can't judge others given his own past allegations

Resilience Receives USD $164 Million Investment from the Government of Canada to Modernize and Expand Its Ontario Biomanufacturing Site, Improving Pandemic Preparedness

With Bill C-10 Likely To Pass, Canada Takes Another Step Towards Authoritarian Socialism

City of Vancouver apologizes for Komagata Maru racism

REVEALED: Trudeau's COVID app was collecting your data all along

Prime Minister Trudeau announces additional support for hard-hit African economies

Ted Morton: Line 5 fiasco shows Trudeau is a failure on energy policy

Ottawa is putting up almost $200 million to help a Mississauga company mass produce vaccines

‘A very different tone this time’: Canadian Jewish leaders warn of spike in anti-Semitic violence

London, Ont. business declared 'apartheid-free zone'

More names and photos of gangsters released by B.C.'s anti-gang police

Government report calls for expansion of data collection from COVID Alert app

Ottawa school board hosts all-ages “drag storytime” and “decolonizing gender” event

Canadians can drive to U.S. for COVID-19 vax and avoid quarantine, Ottawa confirms

Former CRTC officials condemn Bill C-10 as “authoritarian”

WARMINGTON: Protesters' swastikas cross the line

Canada will need 75% vaccination before U.S. border reopens, Trudeau suggests

Liberal And NDP MPs Post Anti-Israel Claims During Middle East Conflict

Black Lives Matter Declares Solidarity with Palestinians: ‘We Are Committed to Ending Settler Colonialism’

Men Give Birth. America Was Founded in 1619. And Israel Is the Aggressor.

Defence Minister Sajjan was aware of investigation into Fortin in March, PM says he learned 'weeks ago'

Saudi Arabia dumps stake in Canada's Suncor, all 51 million shares

The Second-Largest Country in the World is Running Out of Land

Busted! Justin Trudeau Caught Using a Fake Apple MacBook

May 19 2021

MPs braced for battle with global accounting firm over naming wealthy Canadians behind offshore tax shelters

David Lametti stresses Charter rights can be limited in “public interest” at C-10 hearing

Infectious-disease scientists at Canada’s high-security lab collaborated with China

Guest Opinion: Trudeau government's new 'green' program will produce little environmental benefit

Taxpayer group calls for Ottawa to cancel $2.9M grant for Porsche luxury car dealership

Los Angeles: Muslims ask people on the street if they’re Jews and proceed to beat them up

Canada's annual inflation rate rises at fastest pace since 2011

John Robson: What part of 'Death to Jews' do Israel's critics not understand?

Malawi destroys 20,000 expired doses of AstraZeneca vaccine

May 20 2021

KINSELLA: Weak Trudeau letting Quebec roll over Constitution

Not Just Big Tech: Government Memo Shows Bill C-10 Targets News Sites, Podcast and Workout Apps, Adult Websites, Audiobooks, and Sports Streamers for CRTC Regulation

Trudeau's censorship bill would target news sites, podcasts, streamers, adult sites, audiobooks, and more

BREAKING: Seven Canadian virologists with Top Secret clearance worked with Chinese military

Canadian study to look at effects of mixing COVID-19 vaccines

Pastor Art Pawlowski Tells His Life Story: From Communism to Man of God

Our scorching housing market poses an existential threat to millions of young Canadians

New mortgage stress test rules are coming June 1

Iran shot down plane full of Canadians intentionally in act of terrorism, Ontario judge rules

Seven scientists at top virus lab in Canada collaborated with China

May 21 2021

Evening Update: Softwood lumber tariffs imposed by U.S. on Canadian products could double

Jack M. Mintz: The inflation tax is back. Americans have been hit first but soon we’ll be feeling it too

Canada’s confirmed COVID-19 vaccine deliveries so far fall short of expectations for first half of 2021

Scant Oversight Of Gov’t Lab

Surrey stores hurting after Canada imposes 295.5% tariff on China-made furniture

Just one B.C. flu case confirmed in 2020-21 season: BCCDC

GIESBRECHT: Past pandemics handled with common sense

Shih-chung Chen: Taiwan has been one of the few success stories throughout this pandemic

Rex Murphy: Justin Trudeau takes a knee to the 'nation' of Quebec

Letters to the editor: Don't promote terrorism with marches that support Hamas

2 who guarded Jeffrey Epstein on night of suicide won’t face jail time after plea deal


Anatomy of a Metro Vancouver hit: Imported hit men, kill kits, guns and fast cars

Ottawa stuck with its $160-million deal with AstraZeneca: PSPC official

Trudeau government frequently hired Liberal-linked pollster

Canadians Celebrate Tax Freedom Day on May 24, 2021

Vaughn Palmer: B.C. NDP mishandled cruise ship issue from Day 1

FUREY: Fewer Canadian kids hospitalized with COVID than previously thought, report shows

23rd Annual Gas Tax Honesty Report,%202021.pdf

May 22 2021

‘Nowhere to go’: Canadian homebuyers without family help are running out of options

Conrad Black: Quebec language law is a political gambit

Slap on the wrist for Jeffrey Epstein’s prison guards: No jail time for sleeping on the job & forging documents about it

LEVY: Virulent anti-Israel manual sent out to TDSB teachers

Deadly daylight shooting in Coquitlam Saturday afternoon

GUNTER: Canadian questions about the Wuhan Institute of Virology

FUREY: Why are so many Canadians still in favour of lockdowns?

Hamas Founder’s Son Urges Israel To Assassinate Hamas Leaders After Ceasefire: ‘Teach Them A Lesson’

SUCCESS: Two tickets for Calgary pastor feeding the homeless tossed

GUNTER: Canadian questions about the Wuhan Institute of Virology

May 23 2021

Erin O'Toole trolls haters by delivering wine to his wife after jogging

Wuhan lab staff sought hospital care before COVID-19 outbreak disclosed - WSJ

Request for CRA Investigation of CHIMP & Its Empire of 200 Vancouver Charities

Intelligence on Sick Staff at Wuhan Lab Fuels Debate on Covid-19 Origin

B.C. man who robbed Edmonton banks with homemade explosives faces sentencing next month

AOC reveals she’s in therapy, learning to slow down post-Capitol riots

NACI recommends same shot vaccine when it comes to 2nd doses

May 24 2021

Trudeau Grants Amendment Power To Only Province That DID NOT SIGN Constitution

Customers call out banks for increasing fees during pandemic while profits are up

Kelly McParland: Justin Trudeau's constitutional smorgasbord for the nation

FUREY: What would Canada do if something much worse than COVID-19 happened?

Canada is now one of the worst places to be a Christian pastor

May 25 2021

Opposition Motion (Elections during a pandemic)

Trudeau is sticking future generations with his spending bill

Suspect charged in just one in 20 rapes - why the Guardian got this story wrong

Tasha Kheiriddin: O'Toole gets last laugh over progressives' tempest in a beer can

Floyd Family Meets Biden as Congress Weighs Police Bill

Trudeau calls arrest of Belarusian journalist a 'clear attack on democracy,' threatens to impose further sanctions

Belarus closing Canadian embassy as PM Trudeau condemns regime

Rex Murphy: Singh takes a leap beyond logic on Quebec's constitutional superpowers

The RCMP Long-Gun Registry Scandal is why Gun Owners Cannot Trust “Gun Control”

BC doctor stripped of ER shifts after raising COVID vaccine side effect concerns

May 26 2021

Corbella: Closing the border to Canadians for COVID-19 shots is petty and wrong