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May 2021

May 1 2021

FUREY: Liberal election law changes bring back vouching, fail to outright ban foreign funds

LILLEY: Trudeau's blind eye on military sexual misconduct

Conrad Black: Canada needs a new path forward

MALCOLM: A complete lack of restraint is the essence of Liberal budgeting

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau's absurd blame game on greenhouse gas emissions

Justin Trudeau’s mishandling of sexual misconduct in the military strikes yet another blow to his feminist credentials

May 2 2021

Proud Boys Canada dissolves itself, months after designation as terrorist entity

Sexual assault victims complain of 'rude' treatment by MPs at committees

LILLEY: Evidence shows Mounties kept a copy of the gun registry

Sajjan refuses to say whether he knew 2018 Vance complaint was sexual in nature

Looming showdown as Michigan governor orders Line 5 pipeline to Ontario shut down

KERRY SPIRALS: Papers Show ‘Climate Czar’ Invested in Oil Companies Before Joining Biden Admin

May 3 2021

Former military ombudsman says he brought Vance allegations to Sajjan in 2018

Lady reduced to tears after a York Region officer charges her for protesting peacefully!

Guilbeault used info by lobby group paid by his department to defend Internet restrictions

Relatively few COVID-19 cases reported after receiving first vaccine dose, data show

Got Help From Paid Lobbyist

LILLEY: Trudeau's coverup of Vance allegations matches his own coverup

Opposition parties frustrated after debate regarding Trudeau's top aide abruptly cancelled

John Ivison: It's clear that the military sexual misconduct crisis is Sajjan’s mess

Guilbeault claims Conservatives are spreading “fake news” about Bill C-10

Woman dies of cancer after surgery was delayed three times due to pandemic

Rex Murphy: Liberals' dangerous arrogance didn't begin and won't end with internet-regulation bill

Pastor James Coates Trial Report Day 1

LILLEY: Thousands of COVID-infected travellers enter Canada

19-year-old shot and killed in Surrey Friday afternoon, homicide team confirms

Suncor posts $821 million first-quarter profit on higher output, better oil prices

More than 5,000 international air travellers positive for COVID-19 since February

May 4 2021

Climate Leader Emissions Up

BREAKING: Trudeau seeks international allies for vaccine passport implementation

Trudeau, Tam say all vaccines are safe and effective after NACI guidance causes confusion

Justin Trudeau says MPs from all parties must do better to support assault victims

Ottawa adds five years to end water advisories for First Nations

Eyes roll as stressed Liberal staffers offered free yoga class led by Sophie Grégoire Trudeau

John Ivison: Hajdu fails to walk the line on COVID vaccines after advisory committee's muddled message

Data shows carbon tax not working in BC

GUNTER: Liberals are feeling the heat over Bill C-10

May 5 2021

WATCH: RCMP seize Whistle Stop Cafe, removing owners from their property

As clock ticks down on Enbridge's Line 5, anxiety grows in Sarnia and Michigan

MPs shoot down Conservative motion to fire PM's adviser over military misconduct scandal

Alberta Government’s own data shows hospital bed and ICU utilization at five-year low

LILLEY: Trudeau is no feminist and neither are the women enabling him

France loses a religious building every two weeks

NP View: Bill C-10 is a mess — culture is dictated by the masses, not crusading Liberals

Sajjan and Liberals badly let down women in the military

May 6 2021

GASLIGHTING: Trudeau accuses Canadians concerned with internet censorship of wearing 'tin foil hats'

Web Critics Are ‘Tinfoil Hats’

Edmonton woman who died of vaccine-induced blood clot was turned away from ER, friend says

Diane Francis: Trudeau is experimenting on his people — and the world is watching

Kelly McParland: 'Shhhh. Don't tell the prime minister …'

China’s greenhouse gas emissions exceed those of U.S. and developed countries combined, report says

Seaspan Shipyards to build Polar Icebreaker for Canadian Coast Guard

Union slams Loblaw over pandemic pay as company reports nearly $400M profit

May 7 2021

Antifa, other violent left-wing groups not considered for Canadian terror list

LILLEY: PM's chief of staff clueless on Vance sexual misconduct probe?

Charge laid in fatal shooting of young woman in Surrey

COVID-19 Death Toll Now at 6.9 Million: China Should Pay at Least $19 Trillion in Damages for ‘Mass Murder’

Joe Oliver: Will Liberal failures and lapses never end?

OPINION: O’Toole’s carbon taxes would come with big costs for families

I guess we know who cheated now

Lockdowns lead to 207,000 jobs lost in Canada

Telford repeatedly dodges questions about not telling Trudeau of 2018 Vance allegation

Trudeau non-committal on waiving intellectual property rights for COVID-19 vaccines

China's emissions now exceed all the developed world's combined

May 8 2021

Communist China: World's Biggest Climate Polluter Keeps Polluting

WARMINGTON: Nearly 25,000 have died of COVID -- 50 after vaccination

Tam warns that full vaccination does not equal immunity from COVID-19

POLICE STATE: Watch the moment a SWAT team arrests a Canadian pastor

Calgary Police arrest Pastor Artur Pawlowski following church service

BREAKING: Calgary Pastor Artur Pawlowski ARRESTED moments after church today

KINSELLA: Trust in government has 'collapsed' during the pandemic

FERNANDO: Trudeau And Guilbeault Can't Be Trusted To Amend Bill C-1

Northern Chamber head blasts new public health restrictions

Rex Murphy: It's 'hard, hard times' in Newfoundland. And it doesn't look hopeful

Conrad Black: The climate of fear that gave way to unjustifiable environmental policies

GOLDSTEIN: Internet censorship only part of Trudeau's vision

Restaurant giant in Burnaby sees sales crater 28% amid COVID-19

COVID-19: Vancouver International Airport lost $380M in 2020

Mohammed Bin Salman attempts to reform Islam

May 9 2021

Minister suggests with Bill C-10, regulations could apply to accounts with a large enough following

Opinion: Canada's muddled pandemic communications

Canadian pastor whose Easter confrontation with police went viral arrested after holding church service

What are the odds? OLG declines to pay out a winning ticket AGAIN because it doesn’t like Rebel News

It’s Nanny State Politics All The Way Down

May 10 2021

Gang member shot dead at Vancouver airport | Suspects fired at police after slaying

YVR shooting: 28-year-old victim understood to be UN gang member

Jagmeet Singh says link exists between anti-maskers and far-right extremism

Size of federal budget deficit concerns 74 per cent of Canadians, according to Nanos poll

NDP join Liberals to cut short debate, move pandemic election bill forward

Pastor Artur Pawlowski's release DELAYED officials at Remand Centre

Trudeau Liberals push bill that would allow mail-in ballots to be received one day after election day

GOLDSTEIN: Pandemic exposes divide between public, private sectors

Rex Murphy: Happy Birthing-Person Day — and other woke language abominations

Huawei’s ability to eavesdrop on Dutch mobile users is a wake-up call for the telecoms industry

May 11 2021

COVID-19: Ontario pausing AstraZeneca first dose vaccine use; Woman in her 20s now Ottawa's youngest COVID death

Gov’t Speeds Mail Ballot Bill

Stephen Harper condemns Hamas attack on Israel as Trudeau remains silent

GUNTER: It’s the COVID-zero zealots who will howl against reopening

Ontario will no longer offer first doses of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine

BREAKING: Michigan governor orders closure of pipeline that provides half of Ontario and Quebec's oil

Woman who refused to wear mask in viral video on SkyTrain ordered to pay over $400 in fines

Canada's largest province halts AstraZeneca first doses

Opposition right to be wary of Liberals withholding details about fired Canadian scientists with Wuhan links: expert

John Ivison: Down the rabbit hole with a federal budget fuelled by fantasy

From the 'principled' ramsomware hackers who took down Colonial Pipeline: We regret it

PM defends foreign minister travel as 'essential'

Liberal MP questions Justice Department's legal advice on fired scientists

Manitoba Chief Microbiologist and Laboratory Specialist: 56% of positive “cases” are not infectious

May 12 2021

Advocacy group calls N.S. COVID travel ban unconstitutional, says should be scrapped

Trudeau silent on Israel, Harper calls on allies to condemn attacks by Hamas

Is it possible that maybe Steven Guilbeault hasn’t actually read Bill C-10?

N.S. pauses AstraZeneca rollout, citing concerns over blood clots

Audit finds Ontario failed to track $4.4B in COVID-19 pandemic relief spending

EDITORIAL: Trudeau's 'one dose summer' failure is on him

Almost a third of int'l air travellers allowed to skip quarantine hotel

B.C. to refuse driver’s licence renewals to people with unpaid COVID-19 fines

Canada could be mixing and matching COVID-19 vaccines by the summer: Tam

John Robson: Speaking of raging public-sector incompetence – I told you so!

GUEST COLUMN: Trudeau is sticking future generations with his spending bill

Rex Murphy: When the woke come for conservatives of colour

BREAKING: Maricopa County Elections Officials DELETED ENTIRE DATABASE DIRECTORY from Voting Machines – Including “All Election Information” from Main Database — With Copy of Senate Letter

Federal employees working from home bill taxpayer thousands for desk, foot mats

Marc Garneau’s frequent flying draws attention to discrepancy in quarantine travel rules

Warning: Pfizer's Experimental, "Emergency Use-authorized" mRNA Vaccine Carries Serious Risk of Prion-Associated Spongiform Encephalopathy/Dementia

Nearly 200 passengers arriving at YVR fined for refusing mandatory hotel quarantine

May 13 2021

Trudeau III Ethics Report WE

PM Trudeau cleared, but Morneau broke ethics law over WE Charity contract: Dion

BREAKING: CBC loses lawsuit against CPC for using clips in ads

Ethics commissioner clears Justin Trudeau in WE charity scandal

LILLEY: CBC loses lawsuit against Tories while wasting your money

CSIS first alerted Ottawa to national-security concerns of two scientists at top disease laboratory

Dismantled B.C. drug lab could have produced enough fentanyl in 3 weeks to kill everyone in Canada, police say

Greyhound Canada to cut all bus routes, end operations

The Rest Of Canada Could Learn A Lot From How Quebec Defends Their Interests

LILLEY: CBC loses lawsuit against Tories while wasting your money

Corbella: The best thing for Canada would be to shut down Line 5 pipeline — just for a while

Posthaste: The backlog of debt put off by pandemic aid is catching up with Canadians

More than 84 downtown Vancouver businesses closed their doors forever in 2020

Pearson Airport in Mississauga dealing with 9 flights with 89 rows affected with COVID-19

Canada reports 28 cases of rare blood clots following AstraZeneca vaccinations

Biden gives money to Palestine, rockets fall on Israel | Joel Pollak on Gaza conflict

May 14 2021

Canada’s COVID-19 hotel-quarantine program is a farce, and it should be scrapped

WARMINGTON: Family left with questions after Brampton senior's death

Redbridge creates a buzz in Squamish with striking design, waterfront location

B.C.'s Lower Mainland gang war erupts with another public shooting

Restrictions to lift once 75% of Canadians get 1 shot, 20% fully immunized, feds say

Man killed in Lower Mainland's latest public shooting had gang ties, police say

Bill Maher tests positive for COVID-19

All major summer events, including CNE, Caribbean Carnival, cancelled again this year, city says

Church Leaders Arrested As Mosques Welcome Hundreds To Celebrate End Of Ramadan

EDITORIAL: How much did CBC lawsuit folly cost?

No Sin To Agree With Beijing

Ontario judge forces Aylmer church to lock doors for skirting lockdown measures

Heritage minister ignored his own officials over controversial Bill C-10, documents reveal

Military head of Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout steps aside amid investigation

Maj.-Gen. Dany Fortin leaves vaccine rollout post pending military investigation

WATCH: Jailed Alberta Pastor Released On Bail; Recounts Harsh Imprisonment And Blasts ‘Evil’ Canadian Politicians


Pro-Palestinian, Israel demonstrators meet in front of Manitoba legislative building

Trudeau's apology to Italian-Canadians for Second World War internment coming May 27

Could Bill C-10 regulate your social media algorithm? Minister responsible won’t say

O’Toole accuses Liberals of refusing to affirm Israel’s right to defend itself

Colonial Pipeline Has Been a Lucrative Cash Cow for Many Years

Innocent bystander struck by bullet during fatal shooting in Burnaby

May 15 2021

REAL SCOOP: Brothers Keepers gangster shot to death in Burnaby mall parking lot

AstraZeneca-Oxford developer blasts Canada's approach to vaccine, says 'messing around is going to cost lives'

Protest in support of Palestinians held in downtown Toronto

John Ivison: Flat-broke Newfoundland is a cautionary tale for other big spending governments in Canada

LILLEY: Trudeau's big three lies on Canada's leaky border

General in charge of vaccine logistics under military investigation for alleged sexual misconduct, source says

John Ivison: Flat-broke Newfoundland is a cautionary tale for other big spending governments in Canada

Conrad Black: Canada, the international laggard

The life and loneliness of youth under pandemic restrictions

REVEALED: Trudeau government trains diplomats to believe that 'objectivity' and 'individualism' are 'white supremacist'

‘It’s become the Wild West’: Why Vancouver region is seeing so many deadly gang shootings

Langley-area man loses 2 metres of intestine after a blood clot following his AstraZeneca jab

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