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 Covid Data - Where and How to Open Multiple Tabs at Once.

May 14 2022 World

67% Vaccinated

61% Fully Vaccinated

25% Additional Doses

May 14 2022​ Canada

Deaths 0.00104515789 with people with underlying conditions

87% Vaccinated 1st Dose 25th in World

83% 2nd Dose 18th in World

54% Additional Doses

Survival Rate 99% (doesn't say with vaccinations or without)

Most Cases = Ontario

Cases % Population = 0.09941157894

May 14 2022​ USA


Deaths 0.00297811433

78% Vaccinated 1st Dose 51st in World

66% 2nd Dose 69th in World

30% Additional Doses

Survival Rate 99% (doesn't say with vaccinations or without)

Most Cases = California

Cases % Population = 0.24561136827

February 24 2022 Ukraine (due to war, not updated)


Deaths 0.00253795603

36% 1st Dose 133rd in World

34% 2nd Dose 126th in World

1.7% Additional Doses

Survival Rate 98%

Cases % Population = 11%


Known mRNA Gene Manipulation / Covid Vaccine Side Effects:


Up to April 2022

Blood Clots

Heart Inflammation Myocarditis

Bell's Palsy



Transverse Myelitis

Immune thrombocytopenia

Cutaneous Vasculitis


- Pfizer Documents Produced by the FDA in FOIA Litigation

6+ pages of mRNA vaccine side effects

Being reported:

Up to May 2022


Menstrual issues.

Guillain-Barré syndrome.

Hearing Loss.


Known Drugs not used to fight Covid-19

Up to March 2022




Cholesterol Statins

Canadian Vaccine Covid Side Effects

April 29 2022

44511 People
35690 were considered non-serious

9421 were considered serious

USA Vaccine Side Effects

May 6 2022
27968 Post-COVID Vaccine Reported Deaths / 37380 Total VAERS Reported Deaths

155633 Post-COVID Vaccine Reported Hospitalizations/ 238216 Total VAERS Reported Hospitalizations

1261147 COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports


BC Gas.

March 4 2022  When gas hit $2

Gas 57% of price.
Taxes 43% of price.

Areas is $2.009 

57% of $2.009 is $1.14 Actual Cost

43% of $2.009 is $0.86 Added Taxes

If we go all electric. How will they make up the fuel $? They will tax your KM usage!!!!!

BC Gas as of May 14 2022


Simple Online Gasoline Calculator

GAS Buddy


Trudeau's Itinerary Year To Date 2021

12% Non Media Meetings

25% Personal Days

21% PhotoOp/Media

28% Private Meetings

03% QP/HOC

11% Campaigning

From Aug 15/21 Writ Dropped to Sep 21/21. 

No official data available.


Flew 54 Times 2021 not including campaigning.

Trudeau's Itinerary Year To Date 2022

As of May 14 2022

22% Non Media Meetings

17% Personal Days

23% PhotoOp/Media

33% Private Meetings

05% QP/HOC

Flying 32 Times

QP/HOC 20/48


Diversity and Exclusion: Confronting the Campus Free Speech Crisis - Order Now!


Now that Biden (Jan 2021) has officially won.  We are including some of his articles as it relates to Canada.  Because Trudeau and Biden are two peas in a pod.  We tried our best to warn Americans what's in store for them.  All you have to do is look at Canada for the past 5 years.


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Table Of Contents:

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Globe & Mail, Blacklocks, Rebel Media and Western Standard articles are behind paywalls. Included for reference.

Canadian Information

Keeping Tabs On Parliament OPENPARLIAMENT.CA

- Canada's House Of Commons

- Canada House Of Commons Question Period - Videos

- Stats Canada

- Office Of The Parliamentary Budget Officer

- Canada's Debt Clock by

- Explained: Government Debt

- Constitution Acts, 1867 to 1982

- Who backs Canada's Politicians? Follow The Money Here

- CBSA Custom Tariffs 2016

- BC Business Top 100

- BC Land Title And Survey

- Newcomer entrepreneur

- Canadian Government Travel Advisories

- Canadian Citizenship Guide

- Political “Left” and “Right” Properly Defined

- Importing and Exporting Firearms, Weapons and Devices Memorandum D19-13-2

- Commissioner of Canada Elections Charges/Outcomes

- - Public Works and Government Services Canada

- COVID-19: Travel, quarantine and borders

- Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms

- Canada Employed Persons

- Police-reported crime severity indexes, 1999 to 2019

- China’s Corporate Social Credit System: How businesses can prepare

- Canada Diagnostic Centres

- Key statistics on Canada’s charity and non-profit sector

- Search Government Travel Expenses

- Currently Listed Terrorist Entities

- Experimental estimates for business openings and closures for Canada, provinces and territories, census metropolitan areas, seasonally adjusted1, 2

- Demographics of Canada

- Trudeau Causing Disaster Post Election 2019

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- Trudeau Causing Disaster Post Election 2021

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We ended putting article titles here in November 2021

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- Canada's Foreign Aid

- $61,915,342,715

- Monies Given To UN and Foreign Countries To Date

- Monies Given To UN and Foreign Countries To Date - Part 2

- IEA - Shaping a secure and sustainable energy future

- The Waste Report

- 1969 White Paper

- Liberals to run $??? B deficit in 2021 with economy poised for stomach-churning plunge: PBO

- SNC Lavalin Scandal

- Dominion Voting Systems Voting System Documentation

- Vaccine safety and possible side effects

Terrorism Compiled

Trudeau Quotes

- Trudeau Scandals

- Everyone Who Disagrees With Me

- Private Members Bill : M-103

- Private Members Bill : M-103 Part 2

- Climate Barbie - Climate Ken - Climate Steve - Combined Links On One Page

-  Catherine McKenna Climate Barbie
(This page was one of the main ones that was screwed up by the editor conversion.  The links are no longer clickable. To make the links clickable again we would have to split the page and relink them one by one which is too time consuming.)

- Catherine McKenna Climate Barbie Page 2 - 2019

- Catherine McKenna Climate Barbie Page 3 - 2019 Post Election

- Jonathan Wilkinson Climate Ken Page 1

- Jonathan Wilkinson Climate Ken Page 2

- Jonathan Wilkinson Climate Ken Page 3

- Jonathan Wilkinson Climate Ken Page 4

- Climate Steve - Page 1


- Justin Trudeau The Groper

- July 4 2017 - Trudeau and Liberals Do A FU to USA - Khadr

- Why The Supreme Court Erred On Khadr!

- Murder Of Marrisa Shen By Syrian Refugee

- Trudeau The Clown

- The road to Canada's COVID-19 outbreak: timeline of federal government failure

- Canadian Political/Public Health advice during the great pandemic of 2020

- Andy Lee - One White Girl's Political Opinion

- Torches And Pitchforks -USA/Canada Blog

- Julius Ruechel Blog

- The Religion Of Peace - Tracking Muslim Jihadist Attacks Since 9/11

- Jihad Watch by Robert Spencer

- Paul Young cpa, cga. -

- Convoy Reports by Rebel News





News Stories 2022 - 
- She was sterilized without her consent at 14. Now she wants the practice made a crime
- The future is coming to Broadway, but the fate of existing apartment renters is uncertain
- Fuel taxes pay for highways. EV drivers shouldn't get a subsidized ride
- Letter: Where is Wilson Miao?

- Vancouver police seek witnesses to Pacific Centre mall assault
- Conrad Black: Canada's support for Ukraine shows we can be a powerful force for good (tell that to Afghanistan)
- Letters to the editor: Lament for a lost Canada
- Joly says Canada ready to help ship Ukrainian grain as G7 warn of global crisis
- Weekend gas prices on the rise across Canada as experts urge motorists to reduce travel (this is a rules for me but not for thee)
- So much for the electric vehicle revolution. You cannot make the machines without the metals that power them
- Man in life-threatening condition after stabbing at Main Street subway station

- Low vacancy rates, high rental costs forcing more Island seniors into homelessness
- Pete McMartin: Canada's home-ownership class war is just getting started
- Victoria police say groups of youth are randomly attacking people, openly consuming drugs​
- Engineer who designed Sask. bridge that collapsed hours after opening facing disciplinary hearing
- Feds seek dismissal of planned class action against RCMP over facial recognition tool
- Opinion: Decision to build new $789M museum is out of touch with reality
- Cineplex reports Q1 loss as revenue soars with customers returning to theatres
- Chrystia Freeland feels the heat over $10B Trans Mountain loan guarantee​
- ‘The hurt in their eyes’: Overwhelmed Vancouver charity forced to turn food-seekers away
- Hi, my name is Canada. I’m an oil superpower
- Twitter’s top lawyer long weighed safety and free speech. Then Elon Musk called her out.
- Peterborough police investigating after protesters hurl insults at NDP's Singh
- Justin Trudeau says it is ‘completely atrocious’ that Taliban is targeting Afghans who worked for Canada
- FIRST READING: Why does Trudeau go maskless overseas (but not in Canada)?
- LILLEY: Roxham Road is back and Trudeau still has no plan to act
- Jay Goldberg: Ottawa looking at a wealth tax to pay for soaring spending
- Supreme Court rules extreme intoxication can be defence in violent crime cases
- The World Economic Forum wants to create a climate change treaty
- IS TRUDEAU AN 'F'N DICTATOR'? Joe Rogan slams Canadian PM over Emergencies Act again!

- Canada to host Iran for men's soccer friendly in Vancouver in June
- Canada’s Future Prime Minister Needs to Come Clean About Her Nazi Collaborationist Grandfather
- Closing Roxham Road border crossing will not stop arrival of asylum seekers: Trudeau
- RCMP wanted 2011 tip about N.S. gunman to 'go away': Truro police chief
- Canada to deploy CAF general, staff officers to join NATO headquarters in Latvia
- Daughters of murdered Abbotsford couple 'shattered' by loss
- Man targeted in shooting earlier this year arrested while carrying gun, drugs: Surrey RCMP
- After a 5-year fight to lower drug prices, Ottawa's pledge quietly falls apart
- Alberta man conned out of thousands of dollars thanks to new twist on old scam
- Cities are so unaffordable that young Canadians run deficits: report
- Billionaire's association with luxury B.C. mansion highlights property tax loophole
- Woman pushed onto tracks at Bloor-Yonge station sues TTC for $1 million
- Chinese company buys 60% stake in Canadian lithium mines
- Rex Murphy: If Liberals are 'rigging the system,' why are you supporting them, Jagmeet Singh?
- ILLEY: Horwath and her expensive clothing budget can't criticize other MPPs
- Trudeau announces $732 million in funding for global access to vaccines
- Student hurt after being shot outside Victoria Park Collegiate
- The Afghan Resistance Is Still Fighting
- Canadian soldier charged for speaking against COVID-19 vaccine mandate in uniform
- SNC-Lavalin gets a deferred prosecution agreement – a first in Canada
- Federal charter flights for Ukrainians who want to come to Canada 
- FIRST READING: Quebec to pass unbelievably onerous language law
- BREAKING: Justin Trudeau caught funding the World Economic Forum with tax money
- How much do you need to earn to buy a home in Toronto? Even more than you’d think
- Flight schedules, out-of-practice travellers contributing to long lines at Canadian airports: minister

- U.S. Senator: Canada's a freeloader on defence and it's getting tiring
- Priced out: Richmond small business owners hit by soaring rental costs
- Renting in Metro Vancouver predicted to get even more costly in 2022
- B.C. man denied $5,000 payout after customer's speaker fell on him at SkyTrain station: CRT decision
- Trudeau Cabinet approves C$10B loan guarantee for TMX
- John Robson: Congrats to the Trudeau Liberals for making their dream of high gas prices come true
- A B.C. township sold off a man's property over $6,700 in unpaid taxes. Now it's been ordered to pay him $350K
- Majority of Canadians support federal government’s plan to regulate internet, poll shows (no we don't)
- Trudeau government gave $3 million to WEF and $1.6 billion to UN in 2021
- Canada pledges $229 million to help victims of Syria conflict, refugees
- GUNTER: The Liberals have sneakily brought back the gun registry

- John Ivison: Sorry Canada. You're still unlikely to snag cheap child care, no matter governments' promises
- Trudeau meets with Zelenskyy in Kyiv, announces more military supports for Ukraine, sanctions on Russians
- B.C. Ferries is more than doubling its fuel surcharge starting June 1
- Coastal GasLink pipeline builder fined thousands over erosion and sediment control on B.C. project
- Windows smashed 8 times in 6 months: Vancouver businesses fed up with rampant vandalism
- Liberal MP apologizes after he was caught bringing the House of Commons to the bathroom via Zoom
- Several cases of severe acute hepatitis reported at Toronto SickKids

- 'If I lived in Toronto, I would be broke': How owning a home feels increasingly unaffordable for many
- Man fatally stabbed at Vancouver park
- After months in pain, these patients paid thousands for surgery outside of B.C.
- Freedom Convoy protesters struggling to get seized items back from police
- Vancouver Island has the ‘lowest’ fertility rates in the nation: Statistics Canada
- Trudeau: Canada to be good energy partner with Europe but won't compromise climate goals
- Trudeau makes surprise visit to Ukraine to reopen Canadian Embassy, meet Zelenskyy

- Richmond ranks in middle of B.C.’s urban cities for number of repeat offenders
- The Real Costs of Electric Car Ownership
- Police investigating ‘serious incident’ at Vancouver’s Crab Park
- Opinion: These are the mediocre Burnaby suites going for outrageous sums
- ‘Significant’ number of firearms stolen in southern Alberta gun club break-in: RCMP
- Suspect in Surrey bus attack on teenager arrested days after police share video
- SNC-Lavalin to pay $30M under agreement with Quebec over bridge bribes
- Canada’s COVID-19 supports have come to an end. Businesses say they still need help
- Canada dumps billions of litres of raw sewage into natural waterways annually. How can we stop?
- Richmond ranks in middle of B.C.’s urban cities for number of repeat offenders
- Toronto police looking to identify suspect after assault at TTC station
- Ontario Liberals vow to add COVID vaccine to school immunization list
- Stephen Harper: Why it’s time to stop negotiating with Iran
- Federal Judge Reduces Ghislaine Maxwell’s Max Prison Sentence By 10 Years
- C.D.C. Is Investigating 109 Cases of Hepatitis in Children, Including 5 Deaths
- MARCEAU: Holocaust denial should be outlawed in Canada
- Taliban to force Afghan women to wear face veil

- Sex worker's screams lead police to violent assault in Surrey
- 'Accurate': Hilarious viral image shows reality of Vancouver 'seasons'
- ‘Record after record’: Brazil’s Amazon deforestation hits April high, nearly double previous peak
- Customers frustrated as Canada Post's fuel surcharge hits 31 per cent
- RCMP lay terrorism charges against teen for alleged neo-Nazi ties in Canadian first
- Gas prices hit record highs across the country
- 14-year-old girl hit and killed by dump truck in Burnaby
- Applying for a passport in Canada? What you need to know
- Gen. Jonathan Vance stripped of Order of Military Merit after guilty plea, discharge
- Canada makes US$99M payment as part of deal to foot more of bill for developing F-35
- Burnaby resident calls neighbourhood a 'garbage dump’ filled with used needles
- China sends 18 jets into Taiwan's air defense zone
- Canadian Real Estate Has A Money Laundering and Fraud Problem: Intelligence Report
- Nearly 50 per cent of Ottawa residents working from home
- The business cost of crime and public safety: A CTV News analysis
- Trudeau spied on Canadians throughout the pandemic
- STUDY: masks might make COVID worse
- Judge Dismisses Trump Suit Against Twitter Over Censorship Claims
- NYC judge’s son who stormed Capitol on Jan. 6 in ‘caveman’ costume gets prison
- WARMINGTON: Expect to get hosed at pumps with $2 per litre gas
- SNC-Lavalin could pay $29.6M to settle Jacques-Cartier Bridge bribery case
- Lightfoot’s Chicago: Armed Robbers Shoot Man 3 Times on Street After Demanding Phone Password (Video)
- 81 Million Vote Recipient Joe Biden Arrives to Greater Cincinnati Area to Zero Fanfare (VIDEO)
- Former staffer fired after convoy donation sues Ford government, media


- Shopify shares plunge as Canada's tech champion reports big quarterly loss

- Teen punched, kneed in head on bus in Surrey

- B.C. calling in experts to help deal with 'catch-and-release' criminals

- Rupa Subramanya: India's courts get it right on vaccine mandates — and Canada doesn't

- Vancouver's infamous 'Penis Satan' statue can now be erected anywhere through augmented reality

- Heiltsuk man, granddaughter reach settlement in human rights complaint against BMO

- Drugs, gold and silver seized from Vancouver, Victoria homes in trafficking investigation involving FBI

- Group suing Dr. Bonnie Henry can move forward with class-action case

- Windowless room barely larger than a twin mattress renting for $750 a month in downtown Vancouver

- On #WorldPressFreedomDay, I would like to remind all that in 2014, Justin Trudeau accepted donations to the Trudeau Foundation from CCP officials, putting him into a conflict of interest.

- LILLEY: PM Justin Trudeau's disinformation campaign more worrisome than F-bomb

- While Canadians Struggle, Trudeau Government Giving $42,000 Raise To Pro-Liberal Senate Group Head

- Canadians' trips to liquor stores, pharmacies tracked via phones during pandemic


- Trudeau quotes his father after Conservative MP alleges he 'dropped an F'bomb' in Parliament

- Canada Post posts $490 million loss in 2021

- These two Burnaby restaurants saw a profit turnaround but one of them may still close

- Missed breaks, low pay: CATSA staff speak out over conditions at Canadian airports

- BC Hydro's anti-gas meme childish and out of line, say local MLAs

- Rex Murphy: The Roe leak wouldn’t matter to us if Canada had its own legal system

- Conservatives accuse PM Trudeau of uttering expletive in heated House exchange

- Military dealing with gap in search and rescue services due to procurement delay

- EDITORIAL: Where are the parents?!

- Pfizer coronavirus vaccine revenue is projected to hit $26 billion in 2021 with production surge

- Biden says MAGA ‘most extreme’ group in recent US history, warns gays may face segregation

- Crowdfunding platforms now required to report transactions, after truck convoy protests

- LILLEY: Trudeau doesn't really believe people should have a choice in medical decisions

- Canadian shoppers shift to discount stores, No Name brand amid high inflation: Loblaw

- Doctor With Contrarian Views on Pandemic Policy Approach Gets Licence Suspended

- Liberals bury Senate rule changes, pay raises for some caucus leaders, in budget bill


- Starbucks Canada is increasing employee wages, improving benefits

- Travellers face 30-hour waits at Vancouver passport office

- Wait time at B.C. Children’s Hospital emergency department exceeds nine hours over weekend

- Former Vancouver airport screener says she quit over poor working conditions, low pay

- Steven Guilbeault says government hasn't decided what to do with carbon tax after 2030

- Mass shootings caused by 'masculinity,' says report commissioned by Nova Scotia inquiry

- Canada Post union loses arbitration case on mandatory vaccines, which 1,200 workers refused

- Battle over secret CRA tax deal divided staff, launched complaints, documents show

- Cannot Explain Kabul Flight

- Canada & The United States Are Different Countries

- LAU: Trudeau government peddles junk climate science, junk economics

- Surveillance aircraft over Ottawa during 'Freedom Convoy' protest operated by Canadian special forces, DND confirms

- Justice Roberts 'likely' to order FBI investigation into Roe draft opinion leak


- Liberal proposal to allow midnight Parliament sittings faces pushback

- Here's how much it costs to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Metro Vancouver this May

- The Trudeau Liberals’ ‘clear overreach’ to control the internet: Full Comment with Anthony Furey

- N.B. man faces 14 additional charges after allegedly pointing a gun at RCMP officer

- Burnaby company that just hired 60 new workers gets $10M from the feds

- The key minerals in an EV battery

- Unviable business climate prompts Vancity Sports to leave Vancouver

- Woman says she was scammed almost $7K by fake taxi operation in Richmond, B.C.

- Pattie Lovett-Reid: Why is real estate so expensive in Canada?

- Canada’s health care system is crumbling at the worst possible time

- How the Nova Scotia mass shooter smuggled guns into Canada

- Drone carrying bag of handguns from United States to Canada intercepted by tree

- Excerpt: How WE Charity says it became a victim of Trudeau Liberals' errors

- Almost $6M in Freedom Convoy money captured as months-long injunction ends

- AGAR: The constant disparaging of conservatives has to stop

- LILLEY UNLEASHED: Trudeau still pushing for secrecy inside his government

- Pfizer Documents Produced by the FDA in FOIA Litigation

- Rex Murphy: Pierre Poilievre's appeal is fuelled by Trudeau's never-ending sanctimony

- Fredericton university student remembered as a 'fabulous' force


- VGH and UBC Hospital foundation buys Vancouver property for $100 million

- Anti-capitalism protest turns violent against Montreal police

- California just shy of 100% powered by renewables for first time

- Mendicino vows to work with Emergencies Act commissioner, but won't commit to sharing cabinet secrets

MAY 2022


- How the Vancouver Special, once described as bland, holds a key to solving B.C.'s housing crisis

- Moderna Montreal factory will make Canada an mRNA 'leader,' says Trudeau

- Surrey mosque incident not 'racially motivated hate crime,' RCMP say

- Conrad Black: Let the baseless attacks against Poilievre begin!

- Covid 19: Government releases social media 'listening reports'

- GUNTER: Liberals continue to spread falsehoods about the convoy

- UPDATE: Ottawa police begin arresting Rolling Thunder demonstrators


- Surrey woman will wait in line for your passport renewal, for a fee

- 63% of Canadian non-owners have ‘given up’ on ever buying a home: Ipsos

- Elon Musk says the far left ‘hates everyone, themselves included’

- Ottawa police arrest 7, tow vehicles on Day 1 of weekend rally

- “Environmental Racism”: Guilbeault Now Fusing Identity Politics & Climate Policy

- Rex Murphy: Please prove me wrong about this farce of an inquiry into the Emergencies Act

- Bill Maher rips Twitter for flagging Babylon Bee amid Elon Musk takeover: 'You do need a new sheriff'

- John Ivison: Trudeau government ponders national handgun ban
- FLASHBACK: New disinfo board head said executive branch shouldn’t have the power to determine fake news


- Vancouver's empty stores tax doesn't get to root of the problem, say opponents

- RCMP officers quit after being asked to arrest national security target with no details, report says

- Michael Taube: Trudeau may have avoided an RCMP fraud charge, but Conservatives should not let him off the hook

- (LOL) Unvaccinated people increase risk of COVID-19 infection among vaccinated: study

- Hamilton will move ahead with plans to terminate unvaccinated employees next month

- Ottawa Police Services Board approves as many as 800 RCMP reinforcements for 'Rolling Thunder' rally

- Russia bans entry to nearly 600 Canadians including Trudeau, Freeland

- Calgary man pleads guilty to terrorism charges after fighting as ISIS sniper in Syria

- Libs demand 19 months to provide docs on Freeland's WEF relationship


- Canada's working-age population is older than ever, StatsCan says

- False Convoy Claim Repeated

- Woman in Surrey spends 12 hours in passport line ‘for nothing’

- Canadians Took Out $2 Billion In HELOC Debt Over Just 28 Days, Most Since 2012

- Over 800 RCMP officers approved to aid Ottawa police ahead of motorcycle convoy

- Rex Murphy: What the Emergencies Act inquiry will likely (not) reveal

- RCMP surprised by New Brunswick's concerns about top cop

- Vancouver mayor proposes empty store tax as vacancy rates surge

- Rupa Subramanya: Why is Canada dragging its feet on getting back to normal from COVID?

- Convoy organizer Tamara Lich to receive George Jonas Freedom Award

- Four protesters arrested after blocking major intersection on Vancouver-Burnaby border

- Fake taxi driver in Richmond bilks seven victims of hundreds of dollars

- Russia doubles fossil fuel revenues since invasion of Ukraine began

- Conservatives call on RCMP to take another look into Trudeau's 2016 Aga Khan trip

- Liberals propose temporary new power to adjourn House 'without notice' and revive late-night sittings

- EDITORIAL: Trudeau is not above the law

- Liberals plan committee to review secret lab documents -- with or without Tories

- Elon Musk receives multiple death threats after purchasing Twitter


- Two B.C. fugitives added to the list of Canada’s most wanted

- Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich to get award

- Government had no choice but to invoke Emergencies Act, Liberal ministers tell committee

- John Ivison: Emergencies Act inquiry is designed to find just what the Liberals want


- COVID-19 vaccine can elicit a distinct T cell-dominant immune-mediated hepatitis

- Feds refuse to disclose justification for Emergencies Act

- Trudeau faces backlash in House over inquiry into Aga Khan trip

- Government calls inquiry into use of Emergencies Act against Truckers

- BREAKING: IT'S OFFICIAL! Elon Musk buys Twitter

- Trudeau traveled 50,000 km by plane in past 7 weeks to talk carbon emissions

- FUREY: The inquiry is about holding Trudeau to account, not the convoy


- SIMS: Feds still studying home equity tax

- The standard home in Canada now costs twice as much as in the U.S. A plan to rein in the ‘stunning’ boom is a test for both housing markets

- Trudeau flew over 50,000km in the past seven weeks to talk carbon emissions

- 10 Leading Causes of Death, United States

- SNC-Lavalin affair - Britannica


- B.C. studio, one-bedroom apartments the most expensive per square foot

- 2 old-growth logging protesters charged over Vancouver Island highway blockade

- Trudeau government targets grain growers as worst emissions offenders

- Twitter bans ads that deny climate change

- Former Guantanamo Bay detainee sues Canada for $35 million over 14-year imprisonment

- RCMP monitored Conservative media after leaked anti-Convoy messages

- Wikipedia deletes entry for Hunter Biden investment firm Rosemont Seneca Partners

- LILLEY: Beer now a culture war battle in Conservative leadership race

- Ottawa cites cabinet confidentiality over decision to invoke Emergencies Act, court filing shows


- Freeland stays in wrong city for climate conference, drops over $3,000 on luxury chauffeur service

- Discussion Document: Reducing emissions arising from the application of fertilizer in Canada's agriculture sector

- SHOCK: RCMP cover up after leaked messages bragging about trampling convoy protesters

- If The Establishment Wants People To Stop Criticizing The Bank Of Canada, The Bank Of Canada Should Stop Getting Things Wrong

- Ottawa cites cabinet confidentiality over decision to invoke Emergencies Act, court filing shows

- Trudeau appoints another Liberal Party donor as judge

- LILLEY: Trudeau hid public criticism of his online censorship plan

- EXCLUSIVE: RCMP monitored journalists, scrubbed social media accounts after leaked messages of cops bragging about trampling convoy protesters

- Housing crisis: Vancouver falls short of being family-friendly

- Vancouver Has The Least Affordable Housing Market In Canada & It's Now Impacting All Of BC

- Rex Murphy: Attempts to colour-code politics don't belong in Canada

- LILLEY: Trudeau celebrates Earth Day in true Liberal fashion -- by flying across country


- Netflix cancels multiple shows amid huge subscriber loss

- Ottawa feared repeat of 2020 rail blockades before B.C. pipeline arrests last fall, documents show

- Old-growth logging protesters dragged off road by frustrated drivers after blocking major bridge

- Winnipeg man in custody after gun incident at shopping mall

- ‘Living in pain’: Canadians travel across the world to avoid surgery backlog

- An old clip of Justin Trudeau saying he can't do simple math is making rounds (VIDEO)

- Chris Selley: Roxham Road is back in business, and Canada is already out of ideas

- Ottawa struggled to block unvaccinated from accessing EI benefits: documents

- Canadian military getting advanced spy planes in $247-million deal

- Trudeau burns the jet fuel, flying equivalent of three trips around the Earth over past 10 months

- Carson Jerema: Inflation and the official Liberal plan to make life more expensive

- 'Frankly unacceptable': About 70,000 farmers and teachers' tax returns frozen as tax credits stuck in Parliament


- Chris Selley: Even in downtown Toronto, Pierre Poilievre's 'freedom' message resonates

- Tougher gun rules to thwart B.C. gang violence in works, says federal safety minister

- Rex Murphy: The United States is adrift and Joe Biden is no captain

- LILLEY: Skyrocketing inflation will only go higher but Trudeau still fails to act

- Myocarditis Higher With Moderna COVID Vax in Young Men

- Canadian Inflation Hits Highest Growth In 31 Years, Experts See Interest Rates Surging

- Abbotsford police searching for man after two alleged gunpoint robberies

- 'Freedom Convoy' leader Tamara Lich appears in court seeking new bail conditions

- The crowd goes wild when Pierre Poilievre mentioned defunding the CBC during an event in Toronto

- WATCH: Trudeau receives vulgar goodbye from New Brunswick resid

- Quebec judge bans father from taking son to protests against COVID-19 health orders


- Lithium costs a lot of money—so why aren’t we recycling lithium batteries?

- Canada Is the World’s Largest Prison

- Vancouver is the third least-affordable city in the world: Survey

- B.C. teacher gets 10-year ban after trying to pursue romantic relationships with multiple students after graduation: agreement

- At least 20% of Canadian MPs hold rental, investment real estate amid housing crunch – Global News

- Canada wide warrant issued for arrest of shooting suspect

- “Relentless” low supply, high demand to drive Vancouver home prices up 15% this year

- Rex Murphy: You could drive an 18-wheeler through our Charter of Rights and Freedoms

- Rupa Subramanya: Smearing Pierre Poilievre because many of those at his rallies are white is itself racist

- Ottawa to maintain mask requirement for travellers after U.S. drops rule: transport minister

- “Canada is moving in the right direction,” Guilbeault lauds lockdowns for cutting emissions

- NEWS BC to attract foreign nurses, will not allow unvaccinated to return to work

- Ottawa convoy protest leader charged with perjury, obstruction of justice


- Canada-wide arrest warrant issued for ‘armed and dangerous’ suspect in Surrey, B.C. shooting

- Can Canada really afford the ships and jets that the military has bought?

- LILLEY: Trudeau government screws up on cheap flights for Canadians

- Canada has three 'embassies' in Moscow, and spends millions of rubles on their upkeep

- Posthaste: Canadians are already feeling the pinch of rising debt payments

- 31% of Canadians don't earn enough to pay their bills: Survey

- Canadian Real Estate Prices Are Growing Over 10x The Rate of Incomes

- City Council agrees on need to improve Chinatown public safety, but not free parking

- LILLEY: Premiers call for health funding, Trudeau offers more talks

- How much COVID-19 vaccine is Canada throwing out? Secrecy surrounds the real answer


- Woman injured after being pushed onto tracks at Toronto subway station


- A Typical Canadian Mortgage Went From Less Than $300k to Over $600k In Five Years

- Five men attacked in drive-by shooting near Scarborough mosque during Ramadan: police

- 'Dark days indeed': Vancouver video rental store closing after 26 years of business

- 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan – Canada’s Next Steps for Clean Air and a Strong Economy

- 2030 EMISSIONS REDUCTION PLAN Canada’s Next Steps for Clean Air and a Strong Economy PDF

- Rex Murphy: What right does the government have to judge Rebel News?


- Video evidence shows chaotic sequence that led to B.C. mother’s death

- Opinion: ‘McLovin’ wannabe tries to fool Burnaby cops with fake driver’s licence

- Daily poll: Do you support an increase in Vancouver's Empty Homes Tax?

- Twitter Board Approves ‘Poison Pill’ After Musk’s $43 Billion Offer to Buy Company

- Douglas Todd: Trudeau's crackdown on real-estate investors won't work. Here's why.

- AIR TRUDEAU: COFFEE, TEA OR CARBON? More climate hypocrisy from jet-setting Liberals


- FDA and Pfizer Knew COVID Shot Caused Immunosuppression

- Rex Murphy: Flashbacks of the truckers' protest are 'haunting us still'

- How Much Radiation is Emitted by Popular Smartphones?

- Kelly McParland: Steven Guilbeault finds himself the Liberal front man for a Canada awash in oil revenues

- Canada Post suspends delivery in Downtown Eastside due to ‘health and safety’ concerns

- Bail review for convoy organizer Pat King abruptly adjourned

- U.S. man arrested after crossing B.C. border with loaded handguns

- LILLEY: Trudeau Liberals swear they won't tax pickup trucks. Don't believe them

- Biden shakes hands with thin air after North Carolina speech


- Roughly one-third of Liberal cabinet ministers own rental, investment real estate: records

- Visualizing the Distribution of Household Wealth, By Country

- National Muslim charity launching legal challenge of CRA audit, calling it Islamophobic

- LILLEY: Trudeau a climate hypocrite and his carbon footprint proves it

- Settlement services offered to Ukrainians arriving at three airports in Canada

- Rupa Subramanya: Pierre Poilievre is popular for a reason

- SIMS: Trudeau is planning a tax on trucks


- FIRST READING: Canadians now seem to be tearing down statues for no reason

- Thousands still on unpaid leave as Liberals late updating federal public service vaccine mandate: unions

- Police focus on van renter in Brooklyn subway shooting probe

- Multiple-property holders own upwards of 41 per cent of housing in some provinces: StatCan


- Here is how much it costs to rent in each Vancouver neighbourhood this April

- Be careful what you sign: Ontario man fighting for home after private mortgage gone wrong

- Sky-high home prices in Canada are ‘intergenerational injustice,’ Freeland says

- John Ivison: Ottawa is buying armoured vehicles for Ukraine, but they won’t be enough

- Rex Murphy: Pierre Poilievre draws rock star crowds of people tired of Trudeau

- Accused 'Freedom Convoy' leader Tamara Lich hires Lawrence Greenspon as defence lawyer

- Neptune just experienced an unexplained temperature shift

- Minister Anita Anand to Make an Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Announcement


- 'There's nothing like it': Beloved Vancouver brunch spot closes after 25 years

- Young Canadians avoid home buying, see wealth fall for first time since pandemic started: StatCan

- ‘I’m cashing out’: Burnaby house owners rush to sell as price benchmark hits $2M

- Police identify man killed in weekend shooting downtown

- ‘My lungs hurt': Vancouver SkyTrain car pepper sprayed

- Freeland's budget leaves out a number of major Liberal campaign promises

- Canadian pastor who was jailed for 51 days after speaking to trucker convoy alleges mistreatment in prison


- Conrad Black: Government has no business in the bank accounts of the nation

- Trying to buy a microSD card proved to me that Amazon is becoming a scammers' paradise

- Bittersweet farewell: Vancouver chocolatier to close Robson Street location after 41 years

- Parker Donham: The hot mess that is the inquiry into a murder spree and the RCMP response

- This tax ‘loophole’ has helped rich Canadians avoid millions in taxes for their private corporations. Now the government wants to shut it down

- Sure, buy an electric car, but what happens if you live in a condo?

- Moderna recalls thousands of vaccine doses

- GUNTER: Liberal tax on banks really a tax on Canadians' retirement

- Foreign affairs minister Joly heading to Indonesia, Vietnam to expand partnerships

- Bill Maher cheers on Elon Musk joining Twitter: He wants to fix social media's 'control' of free speech

- Victim of Surrey shooting dies, identified as 33-year-old White Rock man

- GOLDSTEIN: Replacing fossil fuels with green energy trades one dictator for another

- Budget 2022 and Canada’s incredible disappearing deficits


- Canada clawing back settlement to RCMP officer who was sexually assaulted on the job

- Matt Gurney: Liberals spending $8 billion for defence won't fix dysfunctional military systems

- Elon Musk has 3 rules for managers: show why he's wrong, ask for clarification, or execute the order. Here's a closer look at his leadership style.

- Canadian Real Estate Buyers Are Facing The Highest Mortgage Rates In A Decade

- RCMP investigating after 'suspicious package' triggers temporary Trans Mountain pipeline shutdown

- Automakers say federal budget not doing enough to hit new electric vehicle targets

- Guilbeault asks Alberta minister Nixon to 'correct' column on emissions reduction

- Amazon raises Prime membership rates for Canadians for 1st time

- Investors flock to Vancouver property market

- ‘Devastated’: Beloved Burnaby restaurant known for spicy dishes closing after 20 years

- The BC Vaccine Card program is over and here's what you should know

- Cryptocurrency review, free tampons — and other things you might have missed in the budget

- Windsor's unemployment rate tops major cities in Canada

- A Plan to Grow Our Economy and Make Life More Affordable

- Holocaust denial — and downplaying the Nazis’ murder of Jews — to be outlawed

- Rex Murphy: Will anyone apologize for falsely accusing truckers of attempted arson in Ottawa?

- SUN JURY: CANADA'S MONEY PIT Fiscally responsible? Generations will have to pay for Liberal-NDP budget

- New bill means more expensive homes for everyone

- This Ottawa home sold for more than $800,000 over asking

- Here's who can get free dental care under Canada's new budget

- Trudeau announces $220 million to vaccinate the third world


- Canada approves $12 bln Bay du Nord offshore oil project

- Canadian military budget will grow by $8B as policy review seeks to reset defence vision

- RCMP dismantles task force dedicated to stopping phone scammers

- Canada to Ban Blind Bidding As Part of Home Buyers’ Bill of Rights

- Liberals to 'go further' targeting high-income earners with budget's new minimum income tax

- Woman held against her will in vehicle driving across Metro Vancouver

- 12 things you may have missed in the federal budget

- FIRST READING: Canada left out of an Anglosphere defence pact (uh, again)

- Federal Budget - Canada's Leadership in the World

- Philip Cross: Those 'working hard to join' the middle class betrayed by Liberal budget contradictions

- RCMP launching investigation into war crimes in Ukraine

- Trudeau takes aim at foreign homebuyers, promises support for first-time buyers in budget 2022

- Budget 2022: Feds create new tax-free account for first-time homebuyers

- Ban on foreigners buying residential properties not likely to have an impact on Metro Vancouver prices, experts say

- New tax-free home savings account, foreign buyer ban top budget plan to tackle housing affordability
- Rex Murphy: Trudeau-Singh marriage will have grave consequences for the country


- Second man charged in Ottawa arson case has no link to 'Freedom Convoy' protest: police

- West Shore RCMP take woman into custody who had seven warrants out for arrest

- Canadians cutting back on groceries due to inflation: Yahoo/Maru survey

- Letter: Burnaby police should crack down on Metrotown drug dealers so I can feel safe

- GOLDSTEIN: Keystone killer Joe Biden now wants more of Canada's oil

- NP View: The right approach to countering Big Tech's monopolistic practices

- Ruling: Two Vancouver cops ‘recklessly’ used unnecessary force to arrest Indigenous man and granddaughter

- Man charged with murder of UBC Okanagan security guard

- LILLEY: Trudeau's plan to tax Canada into prosperity will fail

- Trudeau hesitant to expel Russian diplomats due to likely cost of retaliation from Moscow

- Vancouver unveils long-term plan to increase density, improve affordability by 2050

- Man charged with murder of UBC Okanagan security guard

- More Canadians putting home buying plans on hold: Scotiabank

- Federal budget set to include surtax on big banks' pandemic profits

- Federal government approves controversial Bay du Nord oil project

- Canadian airlines among carriers asking appeal court to quash passenger rights rules

- Trudeau Budget Will Complicate Bank of Canada Inflation Fight

- Trudeau Approves Equinor’s $12 Billion Offshore Oil Plan


- RCMP Applications Plummet

- Vancouver man gets conditional sentence for advertising woman's sexual services

- Hatchet attack and robbery in downtown New West send victim to hospital

- B.C. to end vaccine card, rollout fourth doses

- Peter principle

- U.S. Wants More Oil From Canada but Not a New Pipeline to Bring It

- Opinion: Liberal plan to compel Big Tech to share revenues a lifeline for news publishers

- Toronto police's financial crimes unit to investigate former union head Jerry Dias

- Trudeau environment minister says climate change is killing Canadians, blasts premiers for lowering gas prices

- Is Justin Trudeau a dictator?

- John Ivison: Ukraine asked us for missiles. We sent words

- Feds consider definition of 'fully vaccinated' in review of federal worker mandate

- CRTC can regulate the internet and protect free speech, its chairman say

- Ontario COVID death rate among vaccinated and boosted surpasses unvaccinated

- The unintended consequences of the Trudeau government banning gas-powered cars by 2035

- No justice after stabbing Family of man stabbed to death on Richmond bus begs for answers

- No way for Canadian military to match Russian footprint in Arctic, says CAF commander

- Winnipeg woman arrested for early morning carjacking of mall security guard

- North Vancouver man gets 3 years for homemade gun
- B.C. 'fraud ring' busted: Victims in 8 cities targeted by 4-person 'crime network,' Mounties say


- Exclusive: Canada to invest C$2 billion on mineral strategy for EV battery supply chain

- Vancouver home prices soar more than 20% though sales off record highs

- No jail time for BC women who vandalized church—will be made to apologize and pay fine

- Vancouver home prices soar more than 20% though sales off record highs

- GOLDSTEIN: Canada's climate emperors have no clothes

- Bill C-11: An Act to enact the Consumer Privacy Protection Act and the Personal Information and Data Protection Tribunal Act and to make related and consequential amendments to other Acts

- Major Holders Twitter

- Elon Musk becomes Twitter's biggest shareholder after buying $2.9bn stake

- COVID-19 vaccinations data Ontario

- FIRST READING: The Liberals' weird obsession with censoring the internet

- $10,000 wire transfer disappears after bank puts it in wrong account

- High-speed internet at $20 a month for low income seniors, families to be announced

- 'Many men become disposable': The painful demographics of homelessness

- Heads up! Your carbon tax rebate has been pushed back to July

- Kretzmar and McCuaig-Johnston: Why Canadian pension plans should divest from China

- Zelensky Rejected German Security Proposal Before Russian Invasion

- Protesters cause traffic chaos on Iron Workers Memorial Bridge


- Some patients at Winnipeg's Health Sciences Centre wait 10 hours or more for a bed

- Shopify's 48% stock slump proves that it's no Amazon

- Police response to Nova Scotia mass shooting was ‘textbook,’ RCMP union boss says

- Three women sexually assaulted by a stranger near Metrotown

- Suspension Of Russian Oil, Gas Threatens Germany With Recession

- Latest climate report is a 'file of shame,' UN chief says

- COVID-19 update for April 4: Government holds back new deaths data as hospitalizations rise | B.C. Premier John Horgan tests positive | New vaccine policy for federal workers expected Wednesday

- Canada to spend C$2 bln on mineral strategy for EV battery supply chain

- Trudeau taps former premier to take over selection process for next Supreme Court justice

- Troubling trend as more of Vancouver's retail spaces sit empty


- Vance’s discharge after guilty plea ‘devastating’ to push for accountability: expert

- Ottawa says billions in investments will pay dividends. So show us the money

- New  Gas-Powered Cars Are Set To Be Banned In Canada & Here's Everything We Know So Far


- COVID-19 free: How have so many people escaped the virus? Here’s what we know

- Biden Leaks – Reports From the Hard Drive From Hell

- ‘We’re fighting’: B.C. woman brings MMIWG2S crisis to doorstep of the Vatican

- Hajdu hopes long-term boil water advisories lifted by 2025, end of Liberal-NDP deal

- EXCLUSIVE: Canadian military and Department of National Defense members told performance “will be evaluated on whether they demonstrate inclusive behaviours”

- Texts, emails show what Ottawa police told convoy organizers ahead of protest

- Why Canada should have known Big Tobacco ties would risk COVID-19 vaccine approval

- Hajdu hopes long-term boil water advisories lifted by 2025, end of Liberal-NDP deal

- EDITORIAL: Canada's economic growth dead last

- Hundreds protest remaining restrictions outside Calgary City Hall

- Burnaby’s Glenburn Soda struggles to stay afloat as rent grows nearly 60%

- Conrad Black: The Liberal-NDP conveyor-belt to socialist oblivion

- Canada just made it easier than ever to renew your passport

- $100K seized after B.C. Highway Patrol pulls over speeder

- For Trudeau, There Are Only Canadians Who Agree With Him—and Nazis | Opinion


- How this former Secret Service agent learned you don't always need respect

- Crown seeks 60 days in jail for convicted Burnaby anti-pipeline protester

- Full human genome mapped for 1st time in major scientific breakthrough

- ‘Not an April Fools’ Day joke’: Chocolate bunny used as weapon in Manitoba store theft

- How will carbon tax increase affect B.C. gas prices?

- Man wanted on provincewide warrants in connection with 2021 shooting in Edmonton

- Liberals Side With Iranian Regime In Court Over Flight PS752 Victims

- Saskatchewan Scraps Digital ID

- Will Smith resigns from film academy over Chris Rock slap

- Senator sorry for saying former MP lied about Chinese influence on campaign

- Jack M. Mintz: The budget we could have but likely won’t

- Alberta drops gas prices by more than 10 cents thanks to province's fuel tax strategy

- STUBBS: The carbon tax hike is cruel, and the whole tax needs to be axed

- The Chinafication of Canada

- Facebook accounts disabled for no apparent reason, users complain

- Industry looks to budget for help on supply chain problems, domestic production

- 'I prayed for it': Emotions, tears as Pope apologizes for residential schools

- Projected food shortages imminent, Trudeau says

- The carbon price rises today — here's what you can expect

- Eleven times left-wing politicians and the legacy media called Harper a dictator

- Gas prices climb 6 cents across GTA as new carbon tax kicks in

- Here are Canada's rules for fully vaccinated travellers as of April 1

- Lawyer fears 'slippery slope' after identity of N.L. man facing sexual assault charges shielded

- Backpay for unvaccinated Richmond city workers

- Carbon price rises by $10, adds 2.2 cents to a litre of gas amid pressure for a break

- Putin May Collect $321 Billion Windfall If Oil and Gas Keep Flowing

- 2 arrested in Surrey shooting that left man with life-threatening injuries: RCMP

- NP View: The Liberal plan to smother the energy industry

- As Mounties celebrate pay raise, municipalities look to upcoming budget for federal help

- Trudeau announces $214M for Iqaluit water system after fuel contamination

- FIRST READING: B.C. purging its laws of "outdated" terms such as "father" and "herself"

- Trial begins for former Alberta chief medical examiner's wrongful dismissal lawsuit

- The Unstoppable Flow Of Russian Gas

April 2022 


- Value Village facing backlash for spike in prices

- UN seeks record $4.4B for Afghans struggling under Taliban

- Canada's defence spending fell behind NATO's forecast last year, alliance says

- Toronto police make another arrest in widespread 'grandparent scam,' fraud totals over $1.1M

- GUNTER: Trudeau Liberals going to hit pickup truck purchasers in the pocketbook

- Asian Canadians dismayed by lack of hate crime charge in assault on elderly man

- 'Brazen machete attack' at Metro Vancouver transit station leads to arrest of 2 teens

- Justin Trudeau pays a visit to Kozak Ukrainian Eatery in Vancouver

- Canada's Supreme Court upholds C$9m fine on maple syrup thief

- Catherine McKenna to chair UN panel on climate change progress at corporate, local levels

- Justin Trudeau receives cold welcome from pro-freedom protesters in Vancouver

- Eleven times left-wing politicians and the legacy media called Harper a dictator

- NOT A JOKE: On April 1st, taxes on gasoline and alcohol increase, MPs get a raise

- Ukrainian MPs urge Canada to send ‘heavy weaponry’ to help defend against Russian invasion

- Feds spent more than $600K hiring influencers in 2021

- As Economy Worsens, The Liberals & NDP Are Increasingly Disconnected From Canadians

- Tanzania Had No C0VID Restrictions During 2020 and 2021. No Masks. No Social Distancing. No Lockdowns

- Canada's oil industry at odds with Trudeau over new 2030 climate plans

- 'I know my worth': Indigenous singer explains decision to turn down Vancouver Canucks anthem offer

- Brace yourself: Interest rates could be headed up even faster and higher than we thought

- As another school takes down Sir John's A's name, Canadians don't support 'rewriting' history

- Canadian songwriters made on average $67 in royalties from digital platforms in 2021

- Pfizer Vaccine Potentially Linked to Hearing

- Pfizer, Moderna vaccines aren’t the same; study finds antibody differences


- Lethbridge MP says ‘many Canadians’ view prime minister as dictator

- A serial robbery suspect already sought by Richmond RCMP for a string of five incidents in that city earlier this year


- Lawyer for group of protesters wants Trudeau to waive cabinet confidence for Emergencies Act documents

- Matt Gurney: Liberal emissions plan sounds like every other. All of which failed

- Etsy sellers threaten strike, ask customers to boycott site

- Sex offender caught by Burnaby pool gets house arrest, probation

- 'This is a living nightmare': Metro Vancouver renter says man who assaulted her lives above her

- Trudeau gives himself a raise the same day as carbon tax hike

- Former Liberal MP falsely says Poilievre photoshops supporters into campaign rally pictures

- Lethbridge MP says ‘many Canadians’ view prime minister as dictator

- Trump brazenly asks Putin to release dirt about Biden's family

- RBC warns on 'worst-ever affordability' ahead for homeowners

- Rex Murphy: Ignore what's happening in the world. The Trudeau government does

- University of Toronto drops vaccine mandate after being hit with human rights complaint

- Brampton brings in tax levy after promissing 0% tax increase

- Federal Liberals look to protect carbon price from any future attempts to cancel or lower it

- Lauren Boebert declares runner-up to transgender swimmer Lia Thomas 'rightful winner'

- Washington Post joins New York Times in finally admitting emails from Hunter Biden laptop are real

- Ottawa announces $2.9M in funding as Williams Lake First Nation investigates potential burial sites

- B.C. strata turns off power on electric vehicle owner

- 'I'm mostly here to listen:' Trudeau announces $2.9M in funding as First Nation investigates B.C. residential school deaths

- Out-of-province property investors make it tough for some 1st-time Edmonton homebuyers

- Canadian Real Estate Is “Worrisome,” “Grim,” and “Impossible” To Buy: RBC

- Canada extends electric vehicle rebate, but few cars available for B.C. buyers

- Red Burrito permanently closes North Vancouver location after 16 years

- Toronto police identify homicide victim found in bag as 46-year-old woman

- Rupa Subramanya: Canada's woke Liberal government is driving immigrants away


- 20 arrested, $70M in drugs seized after years-long international investigation: RCMP

- FIRST READING: Ottawa's pointless odyssey to replace the F-35 with the F-35

- Canada's new climate roadmap will require oil and gas sector to slash emissions 42% by 2030

- Trudeau visit to Vancouver.  Met with Protesters.

- GOLDSTEIN: Environment minister's climate math doesn't add up

- Canada lays out C$9.1 bln roadmap to meet 2030 climate targets

- BREAKING: Trudeau blames Harper Conservatives, says 10 years were lost in fight against climate change

- Oil and gas sector emissions need to be cut two-fifths by 2030, new climate plan says

- Holt Renfrew denies tax exemption to Indigenous customer

- Canada releases plan for a 40 per cent cut in carbon emissions by 2030

- Hundreds of “F*ck Trudeau” protesters gather outside Hotel Vancouver (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

- Canadian Real Estate Is About To Experience A “Full-Scale Attack,” Warns Big Six Bank

- Douglas Todd: 'People are dying' — Canada must expose dirty money now

- Surrey, B.C. cat shelter seeking food donations for starving cats

- Conservatives support 2030 emissions-reduction target set by Harper, not Trudeau

- Major layoffs announced for Vancouver-based tech company

- Taliban’s latest rules: Parks segregated by sex, media access cut, men’s grooming policed

- Trudeau Climate Plan Seeks 42% Cut in Oil and Gas Emissions
- Real estate company collapses, 500 homes affected, $10M from investors across Canada missing

- Liberal Climate Plan Doubles-Down On Policies That Are Making Canadians Poorer

- Number of people who left Canada in the 4th annual quarter at almost 50-year high

- EDITORIAL: More Liberal online censorship?

- Trump asks Putin to release info on Hunter Biden business deal

- John Robson: The Liberals behaved like fools over F-35 jets for years


- Trudeau’s Gun Control: A Brief Respite for Law Abiding Canadians

- Prairie premiers urge Prime Minister Trudeau to stop carbon tax in joint letter

- Demand Wartime Censorship

- Canada chooses to buy F-35 fighter jet: CP sources

- Seven years after vowing not to purchase F-35 jets, the Liberals are now buying them

- GOLDSTEIN: Canada gets new climate plan — after 34 years of failures

- Canada the target of 'thousands' of cyberattacks every day, CSIS reveals

- 35% of government-sponsored refugees still on welfare after 10 years

- FIRST READING: Is Trudeau the lefty-est prime minister in Canadian history?

- Liberal MPs say Trudeau has pushed party 'ultra left' with NDP deal

- Adam Pankratz: Is Jagmeet Singh a Liberal mole?

- EXCLUSIVE: Interview with independent journalist dramatically arrested during Calgary protest

- MPP Randy Hillier released after being charged with assaulting a peace officer

- Taliban reportedly barring government employees without beards as restrictions on daily life mount

- How the $10-a-day child-care deals will work in your province or territory

- Post-secondary students turn to food banks for first time amid high inflation

- Surrey RCMP investigate more gunfire in Whalley amid string of targeted shootings

- Analysis: Will billions of dollars in new funding for the Canadian military be wasted?

- Rex Murphy: Which of these woke follies is the greatest — Earth Hour or not knowing what a woman is?

- Ontario reaches $10.2B child-care deal: Here's what parents need to know

- Trudeau's foreign affairs minister says her job is to censor Canadian media

- Alberta cancer treatments could suffer with exodus of key staff, doctors warn

- How the Liberal-NDP deal could damage democracy: Full Comment with Anthony Furey

- 'It's frustrating': A Manitoba mom's fight to tame her family's grocery bill as inflation spikes


- ICRC asks Canada not to mix Ukraine aid promises with military support, sanctions

- Ontario signs $10.2 billion child-care deal with federal government: sources

- LILLEY: Suzuki, celebrities want to keep you down while living high life

- Workers are being priced out of Victoria

- No arrests, no updates nearly 40 days after Coastal GasLink attack

- CBC's 'regretful' trucker convoy protester story falls apart

- Photojournalist 'surprised and disappointed' NBC altered Lia Thomas photos

- Roxham Road sees record number of asylum seekers

- Zack Slater (co-author of standtogetherforcanada) - Account Suspended
- Taliban blocked unaccompanied women from flights: officials
- 'For God's sake, this man cannot remain in power': Biden says Putin should no longer be leader of Russia in fiery speech in Poland - but the White House is forced to walk back his comments and insist he's NOT calling for regime change
- Rex Murphy: Justin Trudeau has become a punchline on the world stage — for good reason
- Trudeau's evisceration in EU Parliament: His foreign critics are more effective than Canadian ones

- How happy is your country?

- Afghanistan ranked as the unhappiest country in the world — UN report

- BREAKING: Elon Musk confirms he’s ‘giving serious thought’ to building Twitter alternative

- Leaders of Canada and Europe To Host Ukrainian Relief Fund-Raising Event

- Convoy returns to the capital weeks after the end of the 'Freedom Convoy' protest

- Violent night in Metro Vancouver as police investigate homicide, shooting in Langley, Surrey

- Priced out: Some Richmond middle-class families are losing ground giving the rising living costs

- Coquitlam RCMP investigate targeted shooting in same block as December incident

- Letter: ‘Gropers’ at Burnaby’s Metrotown SkyTrain station have me ready to move


- Ottawa convoy organizers Tamara Lich, Chris Barber face new criminal charges

- Two-thirds of Americans say Hunter Biden laptop ‘important’ story: poll
- Trudeau faced harsh critics in the EU Parliament this week. Here's who launched the attacks
- Joint Statement of Female Foreign Ministers on the occasion of the re-opening of schools in Afghanistan
- European MPs blast PM Trudeau for handling of Freedom Convoy after Brussels speech
- European MPs denounce Trudeau's handling of convoy protest after surreal speech in Brussels
- Jerry Dias case highlights need for code of ethics in workplaces: experts
- Poilievre vows to ban oil from 'polluting dictatorships,' double production in Newfoundland
- WHO refuses to accept Quebec's Medicago COVID-19 vaccine over company's tobacco ties
- Rex Murphy: Liberal-NDP ‘coalition’ will make Canada worse off. But that’s just fine for Singh and Trudeau

- Justin Trudeau boasts about 'successful' trip to Europe despite getting called a dictator to his face

- Persistent Cardiac MRI Findings in a Cohort of Adolescents with post COVID-19 mRNA vaccine myopericarditis

- Controversial Calgary street preacher Artur Pawlowski granted bail

- BC's fuel rebate is nothing but political smoke and mirrors

- Trudeau says Canada Ready to Help With Supply Amid Global Food Security Concerns

- CHARLEBOIS: Statistics Canada's quiet mea culpa

- ‘I just froze. It broke my heart,’ says Afghan émigré Roya Shams of Taliban’s decision to cancel girls’ higher education

- Dozens of charges laid in Peel robberies targeting business employees entrusted with carrying large sums of cash

- (BS Article) Climate protests held in cities across Canada: ‘Don’t be a fossil fool’

- Canada takes aim at ‘ghost guns’ made with 3D printers

- WHO rejects Quebec's Medicago vaccine over tobacco ties

- Canadian creators could lose global revenue with new streaming bill, YouTube warns

- Canada's military is adopting a gender-neutral dress code. What was so gendered about it before?

- Drivers to receive $110 rebate through ICBC to offset gas prices

- Carson Jerema: Parliament was already neutered — just the way Trudeau likes it

- Ontario just released its 2021 Sunshine List of $100K+ earners. See it for yourself

- Canada lauds NATO, but won't commit to alliance's spending target


- Masks don’t do anything. Stop wearing them.
- Canadian media ignores scolding of Trudeau while rest of world reports it
- 'DICTATORSHIP OF THE WORST KIND': European MPs blast Trudeau for COVID 'rights violation'
- 'There is going to be a cost': Federal carbon pricing to generate 'net loss' for most households, PBO finds
- Doctor criticizes Trudeau's 'unhelpful' comments on unvaccinated
- LILLEY: Trudeau warns Canadians and European leaders against politicians acting just like he does
- The clock is ticking on the Emergencies Act
- CBC claims Trudeau got a standing ovation, doesn’t mention empty parliament or denouncement
- European MPs denounce Trudeau's handling of convoy protest after surreal speech in Brussels
- Canada 'fairly close' to a debt crisis, warns Magna founder Frank Stronach
- EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden Bio Firm Partnered With Ukrainian Researchers ‘Isolating Deadly Pathogens’ Using Funds From Obama’s Defense Department.
- Romanian parliamentarian boycotted Trudeau EU speech

- Canadian media ignores scolding of Trudeau while rest of world reports it

- NATO summit: Trudeau announces sanctions on more Russian federation council members

- Liberals table bill to protect number of Quebec seats in Parliament, a condition of deal with NDP

- Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich to appeal bail conditions: lawyers

- Canada working on getting more weapons to Ukraine, Trudeau says

- Only 2,385 Afghan nationals who assisted CAF mission relocated to Canada

- One month after UBC Okanagan security guard killed, suspect remains in hospital

- Nanaimo man arrested after taking dog on hours-long crime spree: RCMP

- Economists say Liberal-NDP deal raises deficit, inflation alarm bells

- 124 child care spots in Richmond as part of $10 a day initiative

- Subs, jets, sleeping bags with functioning zippers: Where Canada could put $16B in additional defence spending

- Inside the $11M renovations to the prime minister’s official country home

- Canada under the gun as NATO allies to present defence spending plans by June

- Protest organizer Tamara Lich produces membership card for Métis Nation of Alberta

- Alberta woman conned out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by online lothario

- Two men launch lawsuit against vaccination travel requirement

- Ottawa Police chief admits no firearms discovered at Freedom Convoy

- Former Liberal leader calls alienation of truckers a “failure of liberal democracy”

- World leaders see through Justin Trudeau

- Canada bars its soldiers from joining Ukraine’s foreign legion

- Home Depot Responds After 'Unpacking Privilege' Sign At 'Woke' Calgary Store Goes Viral


- FUREY: Feds paid for online influencers to promote COVID-19 vaccines
- Liberals gave $600,000 to influencers to praise government
- Jerry Dias accepted money from COVID-19 rapid test supplier, Unifor alleges
- Majority of seats empty during Trudeau's speech to European Parliament
- Kelly McParland: Liberal 'convening' power is an embarrassment
- FINTRAC Destroys Liberals’ Narrative - Convoy Funding Not “Terrorism” Or “Money Laundering”
- John Robson: Liberal-NDP deal is little more than congealed fog with a slimy aftertaste

- Alberta man charged after RCMP seize 3D-printed guns, suppressor, counterfeit cash

- NDP expects phased-in approach to national pharmacare promise in deal with Liberals

- Suspect identified, charged after man pushed down SkyTrain station stairs in caught-on-camera attack

- Convicted Toronto 18 terrorist allowed to practice law in Ontario

- Record number of people left Ontario for other provinces last year

- Majority of Canadians support defunding the CBC: poll

- LEVY: Convoy organizer calls success in Ottawa just the start

- Sun Life imposing vaccine mandate on all in-person staff

- “Dictatorship of the worst kind” – Trudeau lambasted by European parliamentarian


- G20 cannot function with Russia at the table, Canada says
- Liberals agree to launch dental care program in exchange for NDP support
- Frank Stronach: Out-of-control government spending hurts average Canadians
- Trudeau confirms Liberals, NDP governance deal until 2025

- 'This is amazing': Vancouver dentist likes new federal program, but questions remain
- Delivering for Canadians Now

- B.C. spends at least $27M at private clinics to catch up on surgical backlog

- Three in 10 Canadians say they would never vote Conservative: Nanos survey

- Reporter Savanah Hernandez suspended from Twitter after viral Lia Thomas coverage

- First year of pandemic created 20,000 new federal jobs

- Liberals rethinking decriminalization of hard drugs

- Plenty of Twitter “experts” unhappy with end of mask mandates

- Legacy media had dismissed NDP-Liberal deal as Conservative rumour

- The Liberal-NDP coalition wasn’t a conspiracy theory

- Trudeau announces “supply and confidence agreement” with the NDP

- COVID-19: About 2,500 B.C. health-care workers lost jobs over refusal to vaccinate

- NDP deal in effect gives Trudeau a majority government to ‘get things done for Canadians’

- BREAKING: Freedom Convoy arson hoax spread by Canadian media DEBUNKED
- Wife of ex-Ukraine MP tried to flee the country with $28 million, 1.3 million euros in cash
- Roughly $400,000 worth of cocaine seized in Markham: police
- Matt Strauss: I'm a doctor. Here's why I'm done with masking

- Matt Gurney: We are not a peacekeeping nation

- Man gets conditional discharge for assault of 92-year-old Asian man in Vancouver

- Tentative deal to keep Canada's Liberals in power until 2025

- Canadians cutting back spending as inflation keeps skyrocketing: poll

- Senator gripes about protests against Chinese communism, Trudeau

- Victoria property owners to pay voluntary reconciliation tax

- Ottawa Police admit Freedom Convoy unconnected to arson attempt

- LEVY: Trump rally in Florida held lessons for Canada



- Zelensky suspends 11 Ukrainian political parties with Russian ties

- Virginia Tech swimmer bumped from finals chastises NCAA over transgender policy

- Point Roberts: 'Economic recovery is beyond our reach and no relief is in sight'

- We Will Delete You


- History Shows: Most People Won't Fight Evil (September 09 2021)

- Zack Slater (co-author of standtogetherforcanada) put in Twitter Jail 7 days - Censored

- The Banks Went After Journalist Andy Lee For Covering the Freedom Convoy

- CBC’s Rosemary Barton will talk “mean tweets” on university journalism panel

- GOLDSTEIN: Canada -- The Great Convenor of the Great Reset

- CBC Retractions Demonstrate The Manipulative Circular Logic Behind Trudeau’s Imposition Of Emergencies Act

- Conrad Black: No exaggeration needed

- Man arrested for 'possible hate-motivated' attack at Canadian mosque, police say - Mohammad Moiz Omar

- North Vancouver jewelry store thief gets suspended sentence after trying to pawn stolen bracelets

- Vancouver and Victoria rents jump 20% in 6 months as thousands move to B.C.


- Judge denies bail for girl, 15, co-accused with boyfriend in 'vicious' Winnipeg homicide

- Yuri Gagarin's name censored from Space Symposium conference

- Western Weapons Shipped to Ukraine Could End Up on Black Market: Warning

- City of Ottawa scrapping mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy

- Leonardo DiCaprio, Scarlett Johansson And More Stars Sign Open Letter Calling On RBC To Stop Financing Controversial Canadian Pipeline

- Backpacks, beans and 60s-era rocket launchers: The military gear Canada pledged for Ukraine

- LILLEY: Canada more than scheduler in chief when it comes to pushing back Putin

- North America vulnerable to Russian and Chinese hypersonic weapons: NORAD commander

- Rex Murphy: Putin is surely trembling over Canada's 'convening' power

- BREAKING: Calgary court grants injunction on Freedom protests

- Tam says the federal government is 'examining' all vaccine mandates

- Spies who lie: 51 ‘intelligence’ experts refuse to apologize for discrediting true Hunter Biden story

- Mark Ruffalo ‘saddened’ by John Horgan’s response to anti-Coastal GasLink campaign

- Suspect charged with sex trafficking, killing cats

- 'Second Is the New First': Meet the Athlete Who Came in Second After Trans Swimmer Lia Thomas

- MPs told of confusion, panic after Liberals' financial crackdown on convoy

- Calgary police vow to end Beltline protests Saturday after city granted temporary court injunction

- The world's happiest countries for 2022

- Emma Weyant: Second-place finisher in Lia Thomas' NCAA championship race won Olympic medal in 2021

- MAPS Mapped: Global Happiness Levels in 2022


- 11 notable Vancouver restaurants that closed this winter

- Hollywood celebrities call on RBC to stop financing B.C.’s Coastal GasLink project

- B.C.'s family doctor shortage exacerbated by pandemic exhaustion, cost of living

- Patients at Burnaby, B.C. skincare business urged to get checked for STIs ‘immediately’

- 60 or 70 shots fired in Edmonton 'mass shooting event,' 2 charged: police chief - Mohamod Mohamod, 22, and Said Ibrahim, 23

- Cabinet Admits Hunters’ Ban

- LILLEY: Hulk star and other Hollywood celebs have it wrong on Canadian oil and gas

- Canada’s travel rules just changed. What’s new, and what’s the same?


- Government takes action to prevent gun violence with $250 million Building Safer Communities Fund

- Vancouver Aquatic Centre outdoor wall falls off, building temporarily closed

- Government of Canada reinforces support to organizations to help counter harmful disinformation

- Peace out, plastics: A new single-use bylaw is about to take effect in Richmond

- Canadian Households Reversed Progress On Debt, Hits A New Record High

- Magic mushroom dispensaries operating openly in Vancouver

- Liberal government extends amnesty on 'assault-style' firearms until 2023

- Suspected killers dumped vehicle in North Vancouver after fatal shooting: IHIT

- 1.7M Canadians on the hook for 2020 CERB repayments, says Ottawa


- Gas station owners say thieves stole more than 4.5K litres of fuel

- INTERFERENCE: Freeland’s office “pressured” legacy media to change critical stories

- Trudeau and almost every Canadian MP banned from Russia

- Justin Trudeau among 313 Canadians banned from Russia

- Retired union leader Jerry Dias under investigation for allegedly breaching Unifor constitution, union says

- Rex Murphy: Claiming the Trucker Protest Was an Attempted Government Coup Is Beyond Ridiculous (paywall)

- Gas price spikes create carbon-tax turmoil for politicians

- FIRST READING: What Trudeau accomplished in Europe (aside from all the photo ops)

- Ukraine war: Zelensky asks Canada's parliament to ‘Please close the sky'

- Opinion: The sad decline of Victoria’s Douglas Street

- CSIS repeatedly warned space agency about engineer facing breach of trust charge


- Federal minimum wage is increasing next month, but not to a living wage

- Opinion: With pets and kids, the search for a family rental home is "unbearable"

- Peterson says Trudeau would resign if he had 'an ounce of integrity'

- EDITORIAL: Don't forget about Emergencies Act inquiry

- Employers will need to revoke immunization demands as the government drops vaccine mandates: lawyer

- Here’s how much minimum wage is increasing in BC this June

- B.C. minimum wage to go up to $15.65/hr on June 1

- Everybody (except Ottawa) is declaring an end to the COVID-19 pandemic

- 'Impossible': Burnaby family stuck finding new rental home as prices soar

- ‘This should be the jewel of Vancouver’: Gastown store’s windows broken 7 times in 3 months

- Matt Gurney: The military discussion we need to have


- Pfizer CEO says a fourth booster shot 'is necessary'

- Canada promised to bring in 40,000 Afghan refugees. Only 8,500 have arrived


- Tamara Lich returns to Medicine Hat

- GUNTER: More falsehoods about the convoy are now being retracted

- Man shot dead in Superstore parking lot in North Van identified as a high-level gangster

- It's not lit: Vancouver bakery turns "Russian" off on sign to avoid backlash

- WATCH: Bill Maher says it's 'worth asking' why Putin invaded Ukraine under Biden—not Trump

- BREAKING: Convoy Leader Tamara Lich welcomed home from prison as a hero

- GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau delays billions in military spending while touring NATO

- Letter: I’m leaving Burnaby’s Metrotown after having my purse stolen by some 'sicko'

- Uptick in number of serious assaults in Richmond


- Psaki Wants You To Believe That Inflation Numbers Have Gone Down Month To Month. Here’s Proof That She Lied. AGAIN.

- About 6 people died per day in January from toxic illicit drugs in B.C.

- Shooting in North Vancouver Superstore parking lot leaves man dead

- Planned vaccine mandate for some B.C. health workers replaced with 'informed consent' system

- Suspect cut hole in grocery store ceiling, climbed inside with ladder to target ATM: Surrey RCMP

- No vaccine mandate for regulated health professionals, B.C. officials confirm

- US media continues coverup of State Department admission of biological weapons labs in Ukraine

- Rex Murphy: Canada's big banks have much to answer for after blindly following Trudeau's emergency orders

- Butts’ Attack On Poilievre Backfires

- Oil and gas here to stay for ‘decades’ despite demand for green energy: Alberta energy minister

- CBC admits running fake news about Freedom Convoy

- Russia-Ukraine conflict: Trudeau says Canada doesn’t have oil and gas infrastructure to replace Russia’s exports to Europe


- Russia says the U.S. is making bioweapons in Ukraine. Here’s the reality (fake news confirmed by Sec State)

- Chris Selley: Ukraine doesn’t need Trudeau’s hypocritical sermons about talking out our disagreements

- LILLEY: Trudeau's trip to Europe heavy on photo-ops, light on substance

- COVID-19 pandemic has brought out the worst in people, pulled Canadians further apart, survey suggests

- Mask mandate repealed BC

- Cafe that supported 'Freedom Convoy' says it's been evicted

- Opinion: First-time buyers should try to enter the housing market while they still can

- Bell Media layoffs: CTV Vancouver anchors and radio hosts let go

- B.C. takes next step in balanced plan to lift COVID-19 restrictions

- North Vancouver RCMP release photos of suspect after woman sexually assaulted in Lynn Canyon

- Moderna Will Develop mRNA Vaccines for 15 of the World’s Worst Diseases

- Don’t Let The Media Give The Liberals A Free Pass On How They’ve Damaged Our Economy


McDonald's, Starbucks, Coke, Pepsi join exodus out of Russia

- Facts Matter (March 9): Docs Show Government Paid 100+ Media Outlets to Advertise Vaccines, Coinciding With Positive Stories

- Trudeau told an international audience Wednesday there needs to be a recommitment to democracy in the face of Putin's invasion of Ukraine.

- FIRST READING: Canada's perennial status as a NATO freeloader is getting awkward

- European politician condemns Trudeau’s “human rights violation” against convoy

- Can Ukraine win the war with Russia? PM Trudeau says 'yes'

- Carbon dioxide will have to be removed from air to achieve 1.5C, says report (fake news CO2 is not a pollutant)


- McDonald's temporarily closes all of its restaurants in Russia

- Daylight savings may increase chance of heart disease, strokes: Studies (fake news)

- Money drain: Canadian families and entrepreneurs are fleeing for better climes

- Rex Murphy: 'Slippages' in democracy? Justin Trudeau knows a lot about that

- Afghans promised safety by Canada have had agonizing, dangerous and long wait

- Sabrina Maddeaux: Canada's dismal record of enforcing sanctions shows clear need for financial reforms in wake of Ukraine crisis

- Colby Cosh: Are Canadians just too cheap to buy their prime minister a modern aircraft?

- Kelly McParland: Putin's war is another obstacle to Liberals' wishful budgeting

- Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum headed for five-day trial on mischief charge

- Order in place forcing B.C. health care professionals to disclose COVID-19 vaccination status

- Teen robbed at knifepoint in New Westminster

- LILLEY: Trudeau moves to reduce Canada's oil workforce as world looks for new oil sources

- Trudeau announces ‘multi-year’ renewal of Canada’s mission on NATO’s eastern flank


- High gas prices, inflation increase driving more clients to Metro Vancouver food banks

- 'Freedom Convoy' leader Tamara Lich released from custody

- Russia includes Canada on list of 'unfriendly countries'

- RCMP gave banks police info on Ottawa protesters with list of accounts to freeze

- Queen meets Trudeau in first in-person meeting since catching COVID-19

- Nanaimo couple helps catch thief after he returns to the scene of the crime

- "F**k Trudeau": Canada's prime minister gets less-than-warm welcome in UK

- Banks went beyond RCMP list of names in freezing a ‘small number’ of accounts under Emergencies Act: Bankers Association


- As provinces lift mandates, federal officials say mask-wearing a 'personal choice'

- GOLDSTEIN: Gun violence in Toronto is skyrocketing — again

- EDITORIAL: Lack of pipelines costing us billions


- Ukrainians Coming To Canada To Escape War Must Leave Within Two Years

- Quick-thinking Richmond girl, 13, thwarts would-be kidnapper

- Better public transit for Mississauga

- Pfizer Canada recalls blood pressure drug Accuretic on potential cancer-causing impurity

- Poilievre promises to repeal bills C-69, C-48 in bid to encourage pipeline development

- Pfizer Documents Produced by the FDA in FOIA Litigation
- The WEF and the Liberals’ agenda for Canada


- GiveSendGo says Ottawa protests were 'peaceful,' Trudeau should have met truckers

- Aircraft carrying Russian foreign nationals held in Yellowknife

- $10 toothpaste? Colgate sets high U.S. price for premium product

- ‘Everything is going up right now’: B.C.’s high gas costs driving consumer costs higher

- Concerns remain after Vancouver police recruitment video deleted

- Random stalker forcing Richmond female victim to leave the city

- For Trudeau, There Are Only Canadians Who Agree With Him—and Nazis | Opinion Melissa Lantsman

- Rupa Subramanya: Trucker convoy exposed hypocrisy of Canada's left-wing elite

- Trudeau calls for stop to attacks on nuclear plant in Ukraine

- Four Cape Breton women to face trial on $3.6M in fraud charges


- B.C. woman sues after husband dies of undiagnosed flesh-eating disease

- Police grappling with members who allegedly donated to 'Freedom Convoy'

- Tamara Lich says Liberal judge should have recused herself from bail decision

- Political prisoner Tamara Lich shackled in Canadian court

- Convoy organizer Tamara Lich to remain in jail at least 5 more days

- Ontario replacing three Ottawa police board members after one attended 'Freedom Convoy' protest

- FDA dumps 55,000 pages of Pfizer safety data per judge's order

- 47 Canadians arrested, 6 in Toronto, following New Zealand-led probe into 'horrific' online child abuse

- Convoy organizer Tamara Lich wants out of jail, appeals bail denial

- The 'grey zone' hindering efforts to count Canada's COVID-19 deaths

- Rising diesel prices could see cost of food go up 30 to 35 per cent: petroleum industry analyst

- Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency Documents PFIZER DATA RELEASE

- EDITORIAL: The convoy donor witch hunt is un-Canadian


- Community Safety Notification, High-Risk Offender Release, Robin Walker, 56

- Free online video game costs Alberta father thousands of dollars

- Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine less effective in children aged 5 to 11: study

- Huawei opens its first experience store in Toronto

- Study shows Canada’s high pandemic spending achieved low results

- ‘We don’t have all the answers’: Deputy police chief on rise of unprovoked attacks in Vancouver


- Intracellular Reverse Transcription of Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 In Vitro in Human Liver Cell Line

- North Korea: 8 Things to Know Before You Go

- The Strategic Threat from Net-zero Emissions

March 2022


- Vancouver carjacking suspect charged after violent Sunday morning incident

- Many Predicted NATO Expansion Would Lead to War. Those Warnings Were Ignored

- Trudeau’s public safety minister claims truckers were rapists

- 'Freedom Convoy' donations frozen, could flow to Ottawa residents

- FINTRAC deputy director says Trucker Convoy funding came from widespread public support, not “terrorism funding”

- Trudeau announces ban on Russian crude oil imports

- Court extends rare order to freeze up to $20M in crypto, cash donations to 'Freedom Convoy'

- Freeland caught holding pro-Nazi banner at Ukraine protest

- Pfizer's COVID vaccine is just 12% effective in preventing Omicron infection in children aged five to 11, new study reveals - so why ARE health officials pushing parents to get their kids shots?


- 40 minutes of terror: Women chased, assaulted in another Vancouver stranger attack

- Security threats pose post-pandemic recovery risks: memos to PM

- New Study Finds COVID-19 DNA Linked to Moderna Patent Filed in 2016, Sparks Discussion on Lab Leak Theory


- Rex Murphy: Trudeau's inexplicable use of the Emergencies Act must not be forgotten

- Taiwan Issues Official Statement: 'Lol We Are So Screwed'

- Trump tees off on Canada over trucker protest

- Labour Program Forward Regulatory Plan: 2021 to 2023

- The trucks have left Ottawa, but 'phantom honking' lingers for many downtown

- Conrad Black: The vassalization of Ukraine and the fall of western civilization

- Lab leak theory: Study finds Covid DNA linked to Moderna patent


- Canadian PM Trudeau’s actions against truckers exposed Great Reset plan for entire world

- Ontario gov’t shuts down 39 trucking businesses for taking part in Freedom Convoy

- Convoy supporters' bank accounts still frozen

- Here is a list of Russian allies during the Ukraine invasion and the reasons why

- Public health mandates could return, Tam warns, but favours lighter touch in future

- Documents show Trudeau warned of issues linked to 'build back better' pledge

- Raymond J. de Souza: In arguing for emergency powers, Jagmeet Singh threw workers and the rule of law under the bus

- Wokeness makes America appear weak to our adversaries

- Regulator says money to Freedom Convoy honest outpouring of support

- Ottawa convoy protest organizer Pat King denied bail

- Adam Pankratz: Ukraine invasion shows why Canada needs to become an energy superpower

- Yet another anti-Semitic incident involving Toronto students

- Debriefing abuse of Ottawa protesters, from trampling to vandalism

- Calls Convoy Cash Harmless

- GOLDSTEIN: Federal intelligence expert says Freedom Convoy donors no threat

- Edmonton police officers who joined 'Freedom Convoy' now suspended without pay

- Bank accounts still frozen and financial investigations still underway, despite revocation of the Emergencies Act

- Convoy donations came from fed-up people, not terrorists: FINTRAC


- Largest ever family tree of humanity reveals our species' history

- Edmonton police say innocent man killed after officers fire on robbery suspect

- Court petitioned to stop termination of B.C. public servants who didn't comply with vaccine mandate

- Tracking what we know — and don’t know — about the attack on a Coastal GasLink worksite

- Climate change prompts removal of historic site in Banff National Park

- Parties clashing over makeup of Emergencies Act review committee

- Obama's White House doc says 'incoherent,' 'confused' Biden not fit for president during historic Russia-Ukraine war crisis

- Medicago’s Canada-made COVID-19 vaccine approved by Health Canada

- John Kerry urges Putin to not let Ukraine invasion distract from combating climate change

- 39 Ontario trucking businesses shut down after freedom convoy protests

- Nolte: You Can Thank Environmentalists for the Invasion of Ukraine

- Raymond J. de Souza: In arguing for emergency powers, Jagmeet Singh threw workers and the rule of law under the bus



- GUNTER: Trudeau's about-face on Emergencies Act the move of a shameless political plotter

- Rex Murphy: Praise for Justin Trudeau, in an alternate universe

- Kelly McParland: The Liberals cheer Justin Trudeau. The world thinks he blew it

- Government to Withhold Classified Information Justifying Emergencies Act From Parliamentary Review Committee

- Canada: Google Maps Location Data of Freedom Convoy Donors

- Matt Gurney: Unless Trudeau can explain what the emergency is, he is abusing his power

- 'Freedom Convoy' cost city of Ottawa $30 million: city manager

- Conservative senator says 'friendly ... patriotic' Ottawa protesters have been demonized

- Residents recover from 'Freedom Convoy,' while many fear it may return

- Under the sea: Vancouver predicted to be one of the first cities underwater

- A Major Backfire - Is the Canadian Financial and Banking System in Serious Trouble as a Result of Their Attack on Private Bank Accounts?

- LILLEY: Trudeau drops emergency powers less than 24 hours after defending them

- Justin Trudeau revokes Emergencies Act: 'Existing laws and bylaws are now sufficient'

- LILLEY: World laughs as Trudeau claims to 'stand against authoritarianism'

- Kyle Rittenhouse wants to take LeBron James to court for defamation

- B.C. now firing government employees put on leave over COVID shots

- More evidence Covid was tinkered with in a lab? Now scientists find virus contains tiny chunk of DNA that matches sequence patented by Moderna THREE YEARS before pandemic began


- FLASHBACK: Trudeau praised judge who denied freedom convoy organizer bail

- Visualizing Literacy Rates Around the World

- Key convoy organizer Tamara Lich denied bail while Patrick King appears in court

- Canadian MP: Struggling single mom had bank account frozen over $50 donation to 'Freedom Convoy'

- 'Freedom Convoy' protest organizer Tamara Lich denied bail

- Judge who denied bail to Freedom Convoy organizer ran for Liberals in 2011

- Most bank accounts frozen under the Emergencies Act are being released, committee hears

- GUNTER: Trudeau is making a mockery of Canada’s democratic institutions

- Trudeau government has shown ‘absolutely totalitarian behaviour’: Douglas Murray

- J.N. v. C.G., 2022 ONSC 1198 (CanLII) Ontario Superior Court Of Justice

- Mills: First order of business after the Ottawa protest — ban all trucks on Wellington Street

- Is Canada sliding into a form of fascism?

- FUREY: Liberals cite CBC 'analysis' to justify freezing bank accounts

- Terence Corcoran: In Canada, follow the money + the ideas

- Diane Francis: The Freedom Convoy isn't what's ailing Canada. Justin Trudeau is

- Here's exactly how many hours you need to work to afford rent in Canada

- Trampling The Truckers – The Great Reset Becomes The Great Awakening

- Why debt-burdened Canadians should take a pass on RRSP contributions

- The Future of Global Coal Production (2021-2024F)

- SIU investigating serious injury reported during Ottawa protests

- What you need to know about mischief charges and the Ottawa protests

- Class-action complainant alleges trucker threatened her by backing pickup onto sidewalk

- Conservative senator MacDonald derides Ottawa residents in video

- Elias Sare's Post - Candice Sero Trampled by Police Horses

- Convoy protests: King, Lich to remain in custody as bail hearing moved to Tuesday

- Board of Directors - CBC

- LEAKED RCMP MESSAGES: “Time for the protesters to hear our jackboots on the ground”

- Rupa Subramanya: Chrystia Freeland's side gig with the WEF is endangering Canadian democracy

- Raymond J. de Souza: CBC bias on full display in coverage of Freedom Convoy, Coastal GasLink protests

- Sell towed trucks to pay down costs of policing convoy protest, Ottawa mayor suggests

- No bail decision yet for Tamara Lich, convoy protest organizer

- Emergencies Act passes crucial House of Commons vote with NDP support

- GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau doubles down on taking away our rights

- The Catastrophe of Canada | Rex Murphy and Jordan B Peterson

- The Emergencies Act is far more dangerous than you think: Full Comment with Anthony Furey

- 'We will actively look to identify you': Ottawa police chief warns departed protesters

- Chrystia Freeland closes the door on new funding for Trans Mountain as project costs surge

- Robson Street Cactus Club set to close at the end of March

- Canadian Mortgage Debt Reached 96% Of GDP, Growth Beginning To Slow

- Opinion: Burnaby’s Metrotown is a crime-ridden mess. I got spit on and so I’m leaving

- VOTE NO. 32 44TH PARLIAMENT, 1ST SESSION - Emergency Act

- Canada loaning $120M to Ukraine, looking at further actions in face of Russian aggression
- Burnaby protest against Jagmeet Singh destroying Jack Layton’s legacy of the NDP
- David Frum triggered by Elon Musk for comparing Trudeau to Hitler, after he compared Trump to Hitler for YEARS
- 191 arrests later, Ottawa police remove remaining 'Freedom Convoy' vehicles
- Behind Aubrey Cottle, the Man Claiming Credit for the GiveSendGo Hack
- Freedom Convoy leader Tamara Lich arrested by Canadian police

- GUNTER: The Liberals' biased, subjective, politicized response to two different protests
- Ottawa issues new regs targeting ‘illegal blockades’ but legal, implementation questions remain
- Health Canada says heroin is now a 'new' treatment option in Canada
- At least 76 financial accounts frozen since Emergencies Act invoked: Mendicino
- Ukraine receives shipment of machine guns and surveillance gear from Canada
- Rex Murphy: Trudeau's wild misuse of state authority
- 'We saw $0 in support,' claims Canadian skeleton Olympian Mirela Rahneva
- 'We saw $0 in support': Top Canadian skeleton racers claim they had to self-fund Olympic pursuit
- Calgary police shoot man dead on 17th Avenue S.E. in Forest Lawn
- Feds Probe Uncounted Ballots
- Gerald Butts' employer granted $310k USD in new Trudeau contracts
- Canada plans to bring in over 1.3 million immigrants by 2024
- Trudeau’s totalitarian turn
- FUREY: The system fights back as Trudeau faces legal challenges
- ‘Huge loss’: Beloved Burnaby pizza place closing and customers are so sad
- Liberals offer $750 million to cities to make up for transit-fare shortfalls
- "Be aware": UBC RCMP have a warning after sex assault in Pacific Spirit Park
- MPs defeat Conservative motion calling for federal plan to end vaccine mandates, restrictions
- Gassy Jack statue in Vancouver’s Gastown toppled during women’s memorial march, video shows
- Two weeks in jail for trio of women who breached Burnaby Trans Mountain injunction
- Canada's Emergencies Act Infographic
- Canada’s Emergencies Act

- Canada says it will freeze the bank accounts of 'Freedom Convoy' truckers who continue their anti-vaccine mandate blockades

- Justin Trudeau Has Disgraced His Office

- Rogers increased several plan prices by $5 or $10 per month

- B.C. awaiting recommendations to regulate gas prices as more records broken

- 'It's been beyond frustrating': B.C. man fighting for compensation after rare vaccine injury

- Price Tag on Trudeau’s Oil Pipeline Project Soars to $17 Billion

- Canadian Parliament Warns Real Estate Prices Are Up To 50% Overvalued

- High housing prices may push middle class out of market, PBO warns

- String of armed Burnaby, BC carjackings prompt RCMP warning – BC

- Waning Immunity: Study Shows Declining Effectiveness of 3rd Dose of mRNA COVID Vaccines

- Canada Inflation Reaches 30-Year High, Placing Spotlight on Central Bank

- Israel Develops Implants to Help Paralyzed People Walk Again

- Barbara Kay: Trudeau's hypocrisy regarding foreign funding should be evident to all

- BREAKING: Rebel News journalist Alexa Lavoie attacked by Ottawa police

- Police officer injured in ‘escalation’ of violence at northern B.C. pipeline site

- Police move in on Ottawa protesters, 3rd convoy organizer arrested

- Canadian ATMs Now Asking Your Political Views Before Allowing You To Withdraw Money

- Terence Corcoran: In Canada, follow the money + the ideas

- Bell: Trudeau's emergency and the convoy, Alberta MP speaks out

- BC leaders condemn ‘vile’ attack on Coastal GasLink pipeline workers
'I hope they are charged with attempted murder'

- Trudeau’s Destructive ‘Emergency’

- Canadian clergy rebuke Trudeau for invoking Emergencies Act, other 'tyrannical actions'

- Canada condemns harsh sentencing of Cuban protesters following sedition convictions

- Trans Mountain expansion update - delay, budget blowout, Ottawa pulls funding

- Freeland says some protesters' accounts have been frozen, more to come

- Police respond to acts of violence on the Marten Forest Service Road near Houston

- Candice Bergen: Trudeau's sledgehammer tactics to deal with protest must be rejected

- Violent overnight attack at Coastal GasLink site in B.C. leaves workers shaken, millions in damage

- FUREY: Liberals cite CBC 'analysis' to justify freezing bank accounts

- Gassy Jack statue in Vancouver’s Gastown toppled during women’s memorial march, video shows

- El Salvador President on Ukraine: ‘The Real War Is in Canada’

- Health Canada approves Novavax’s COVID-19 vaccine for people aged 18 and older

- Emergencies Act: Ottawa Aims to Seize Pittance From Protesters, Yet Ignores Flood of Dark Money for Years

- Rex Murphy: Trudeau's monumentally misguided emergency measures are an insult to Canadians

- Order In Council - Emergencies Act

- Canada to give $500M loan, send $7.8M in lethal weapons to Ukraine: Trudeau


- WARMINGTON: Accusing Jewish MP of 'standing with swastika' new low for PM

- FUREY: Legal voices have big concerns with what Trudeau has done

- BREAKING: CBC uses leaked GiveSendGo info to contact donors

- First anniversary of Declaration Against Arbitrary Detention in State-to-State Relations

- EDITORIAL: Trudeau has gone too far

- TD Bank freezes 2 personal accounts that had $1.1 million paid into them to support Canadian trucker protests

- Clinton campaign paid tech workers to dig up Trump-Russia connections: Report

- FUREY: The Emergencies Act inquiry must probe PM's convoy spin