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 Covid Data - Where and How to Open Multiple Tabs at Once.

The numbers are not changing as frequently as before


We will update Covid numbers once a month.

November 5 2022 Covid World 

71% Vaccinated

65% Fully Vaccinated

33% Additional Doses

Nov 5 2022 Covid Canada 

Deaths 0.0012297 with people with underlying conditions

90% Vaccinated 1st Dose 21st in World

84% 2nd Dose 25th in World

Survival Rate 99% (doesn't say with vaccinations or without)

Most Cases = Ontario

Cases % Population = 0.11

Health Canada - Vaccination Coverage - Full Data

Nov 5 2022​ Covid USA

​Deaths 0.01

80% Vaccinated 1st Dose 50th in World

68% 2nd Dose 66th in World

Survival Rate 99% (doesn't say with vaccinations or without)

Most Cases = California

Cases % Population = 0.29

February 24 2022 Ukraine (due to war, not updated)


Deaths 0.003

36% 1st Dose 133rd in World

34% 2nd Dose 126th in World

1.7% Additional Doses

Survival Rate 98%

Cases % Population = 11%

- Health Canada updates Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccine labels to include information on myocarditis and pericarditis


Known mRNA Side Effects:


Blood Clots

Heart Inflammation Myocarditis

Bell's Palsy



Transverse Myelitis

Immune thrombocytopenia

Cutaneous Vasculitis


- 'Data is power': Experts weigh-in on court-ordered release of Pfizer vaccine documents

- Pfizer Documents Produced by the FDA in FOIA Litigation

6+ pages of mRNA vaccine side effects

- ICAN Pfizer's Documents

Being reported:


Menstrual issues.

Guillain-Barré syndrome.

Hearing Loss.

Ramsay Hunt syndrome

Disrupts natural immunity


Known Drugs not used to fight Covid-19




Cholesterol Statins

Canadian mRNA Vaccine Covid Side Effects

Oct 14 2022

Total Doses Administered 91350384

0.0006 of all doses administered

51714 People
41213 were considered non-serious

10501 were considered serious

USA mRNA Vaccine Covid Side Effects

Oct 21 2022
31696 Post-COVID Vaccine Reported Deaths / 41351 Total VAERS Reported Deaths

181555 Post-COVID Vaccine Reported Hospitalizations/ 265407 Total VAERS Reported Hospitalizations

1447520 COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports


BC Gas.

March 4 2022  When gas hit $2

Gas 62% of price.
Taxes 38% of price.

Areas is $2.009 

62% of $2.009 is $1.14 Actual Cost

38% of $2.009 is $0.76 Added Taxes

If we go all electric. How will they make up the fuel $? They will tax your KM usage!!!!!

BC Gas as of Nov 26 2022

High $1.699

Low $1.659

Simple Online Gasoline Calculator

GAS Buddy


Trudeau's Itinerary Year To Date 2021

12% Non Media Meetings

25% Personal Days

21% PhotoOp/Media

28% Private Meetings

03% QP/HOC

11% Campaigning

From Aug 15/21 Writ Dropped to Sep 21/21. 

No official data available.


Flew 54 Times 2021 not including campaigning.

Trudeau's Itinerary Year To Date 2022

As of Nov 26 2022

12% Non Media Meetings

20% Personal Days

39% PhotoOp/Media

25% Private Meetings

04% QP/HOC

Flying 144 Times

QP/HOC 38/114

List of international prime ministerial trips made by Justin Trudeau


Diversity and Exclusion: Confronting the Campus Free Speech Crisis - Order Now!


Now that Biden (Jan 2021) has officially won.  We are including some of his articles as it relates to Canada.  Because Trudeau and Biden are two peas in a pod.  We tried our best to warn Americans what's in store for them.  All you have to do is look at Canada for the past 7 years now.


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Table Of Contents:

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Globe & Mail, Blacklocks, Rebel Media, Epoch Times and Western Standard articles are behind paywalls. Included for reference.

Canadian Information

Keeping Tabs On Parliament OPENPARLIAMENT.CA

- Canada's House Of Commons

- Canada House Of Commons Question Period - Videos

- Stats Canada

- Office Of The Parliamentary Budget Officer

- Canada's Debt Clock by

- Explained: Government Debt

- Constitution Acts, 1867 to 1982

- Who backs Canada's Politicians? Follow The Money Here

- CBSA Custom Tariffs 2016

- BC Business Top 100

- BC Land Title And Survey

- Newcomer entrepreneur

- Canadian Government Travel Advisories

- Canadian Citizenship Guide

- Political “Left” and “Right” Properly Defined

- Importing and Exporting Firearms, Weapons and Devices Memorandum D19-13-2

- Commissioner of Canada Elections Charges/Outcomes

- - Public Works and Government Services Canada

- Search Government Contracts over $10,000

- COVID-19: Travel, quarantine and borders

- Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms

- Canada Employed Persons

- Police-reported crime severity indexes, 1999 to 2022

- China’s Corporate Social Credit System: How businesses can prepare

- Canada Diagnostic Centres

- Key statistics on Canada’s charity and non-profit sector

- Search Government Travel Expenses

- Currently Listed Terrorist Entities

- Experimental estimates for business openings and closures for Canada, provinces and territories, census metropolitan areas, seasonally adjusted1, 2

- Demographics of Canada

- Section 2(c) – Freedom of peaceful assembly

- 8.1.3 What taxes you pay

- Leading causes of death, total population, by age group


- Canada's Foreign Aid

October 19 2015 to present - $73,696,357,646

- Monies Given To UN and Foreign Countries To Date

- Monies Given To UN and Foreign Countries To Date - Part 2

- The United Nations: Aga Khan’s Throne (Part I: Money Laundering) (included for reference. not verified by us)

- IEA - Shaping a secure and sustainable energy future

- The Waste Report

- 1969 White Paper

- Liberals to run $??? B deficit in 2021 with economy poised for stomach-churning plunge: PBO

- SNC Lavalin Scandal

- Dominion Voting Systems Voting System Documentation

- Vaccine safety and possible side effects

Terrorism Compiled

Trudeau Quotes

- Trudeau Scandals

- Everyone Who Disagrees With Me

- Private Members Bill : M-103

- Private Members Bill : M-103 Part 2

- Climate Barbie - Climate Ken - Climate Steve - Combined Links On One Page

- Justin Trudeau The Groper

- July 4 2017 - Trudeau and Liberals Do A FU to USA - Khadr

- Why The Supreme Court Erred On Khadr!

- Murder Of Marrisa Shen By Syrian Refugee

- Trudeau The Clown

- The road to Canada's COVID-19 outbreak: timeline of federal government failure

- Timeline of the 2020 Canadian pipeline and railway protests

- Canadian Political/Public Health advice during the great pandemic of 2020


- TRUE NORTH: UPDATE: A map of the 68 churches that have been vandalized or burned since the residential schools announcement


- Andy Lee - One White Girl's Political Opinion

- Torches And Pitchforks -USA/Canada Blog

- Julius Ruechel Blog

- The Religion Of Peace - Tracking Muslim Jihadist Attacks Since 9/11

- Jihad Watch by Robert Spencer

- Paul Young cpa, cga. -

- Convoy Reports by Rebel News

- Is Fascism Right Or Left?

- Creative Containers Lodging


Google News - Canada

Google News - USA

Google News - World



News Stories 2022 - 

- Justin Trudeau talks allyship during appearance on 'Canada's Drag Race' spinoff
- BC bank unveiled “carbon footprint” tracking credit card
- Justin Trudeau Preaches Diversity on Canadian RuPaul’s Drag Race Spin-Off
- BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: TGP Caught Corrupt FBI Inserting Docs during Mar-a-Lago Raid to Make Trump Look Bad – But Now They’re Gone!

- Victoria businesses consider moving amid spiralling random violence
- Metro Vancouver's cheapest neighbourhoods to rent (MAP)
- Most BC homeowners are government workers: StatCan data
- Average rent in Canada up 15.4 per cent in 2022: monthly report
- Income tax pushes B.C.'s surplus to $5B above estimate, finance minister says
- Patients injured, needed reversal of procedures after illegal injections from B.C. woman, doctors allege
- Canada's lettuce problem: What a $15 bag of romaine says about our food system
- B.C. used car buyers furious over provincial tax changes that have them paying more
- City of Vancouver ends $320,000 Block Stewardship contract awarded to VANDU
- Ottawa, Gatineau among Canada's weakest for the return of downtown workers
- Protestors “Used Children As Human Shields” Says Trudeau On Emergencies Act
- LILLEY: Over last 20 years, school staffing has increased 25% while enrollment remained flat
- REVEALED: Biden ordered Trudeau to END freedom convoy over fears US car plants would close within hours - before the Canadian PM invoked emergency powers to quash it
- Trudeau says he invoked Emergencies Act to protect a grandmother
- Rex Murphy: Liberals make a mockery of Canadian democracy

- Hot liquid thrown at two people in downtown Victoria: police
- Victoria police say wanted man is immediate threat to public
- New 48-Volt Quant supercar can go 600 miles on a tank of ‘salt water’
- RCMP respond to 'serious incident' at Air North complex in Whitehorse
- Only weeks after launch, TD hits pause on loan program partnering with Canada Post
- LILLEY: Trudeau government won't share secret legal basis for invoking Emergencies Act
- Carson Jerema: David Lametti couldn't care less about your Emergencies Act questions
- Another Canadian Forces member alleges Veterans Affairs offered assisted death as 'support'
- An economic threat is a national threat, Freeland tells inquiry into Emergencies Act

- Watch: Caught in gunfire, B.C. family recounts chaos in Coquitlam
- Low but increased risk of myocarditis after 2nd Moderna COVID-19 shot, B.C. study finds
- Protesting workers beaten at Chinese iPhone factory
- Canadian airport crowned the "most stressful" in North America
- Vancouver council bans staff from work on any future ‘road tax’
- LILLEY: Trudeau targets hunters with gun bill changes that assault Canadian heritage
- TRUDEAU'S GOV'T LOST ITS MIND: Liberals think their opinions supersede the law of the land- Gunter
- Vaccinated Americans a majority of COVID deaths for first time in August: analysis
- Rex Murphy: Trudeau's national 'emergency' was a pure concoction of political convenience
- Canadian murder rates reach new highs — and it's mainly due to gang violence

- Surrey school stabbing leaves 18-year-old dead
- Workers at Canadian Tire factories overseas paid poverty wages, labour groups allege
- No reports of Chinese interference in Canadian election, chief electoral officer says
- Assault-style firearm definition draws applause from gun-control group, ire of Conservatives
- RCMP looks to speak with anyone harassed by alleged Chinese 'police service stations' in Toronto area
- Manitoba municipality loses half a million dollars in alleged e-transfer fraud
- Comparative Risk of Myocarditis/Pericarditis Following Second Doses of BNT162b2 and mRNA-1273 Coronavirus Vaccines
- Belarusian opposition leader asks for more Canadian assistance during visit to Ottawa
- Observed versus expected rates of myocarditis after SARS-CoV-2 vaccination: a population-based cohort study
- Terra Breads to close Kitsilano location after 30 years of business
- The Andrew Lawton Show | Convoy lawyer Brendan Miller kicked out of Public Order Emergency Commission
- Liberals attempt to sneak in Bill C-21 amendment to further restrict access to firearms

- Vancouver police investigate armed raid on busy east Vancouver restaurant
- Fed Payroll Up To $55 Billion
- Last year saw highest rate of gang-related homicides in 16 years: Statistics Canada
- Ontario senior scammed out of $800,000, police say
- Ontario officer forced to work 60 unpaid hours after post about wife's 'Freedom Convoy' video
- EDITORIAL: Dangerous logic used to invoke EA
- LILLEY: Trudeau government uses own wording to justify Emergencies Act
- Elon Musk keeps the layoff axe swinging, cuts more Twitter workers
- Trudeau spy accused of knowing — and hiding — identity of racist flag waver at Freedom Convoy
- Ryan Alford: David Lametti must explain why he didn't resign over bad Emergencies Act advice

- 4 charged with stolen firearms, vehicles after 3-hour police standoff in Lethbridge
- Haitian political parties must all agree to Canadian military intervention: Trudeau

- Climate damage fund for poor nations approved at COP27 — but no deal on emissions reduction
- Here's how much it costs to rent a one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartment in Ottawa and Gatineau
- 3 arrested after kidnapping in Merritt, B.C., RCMP say
- Rex Murphy: Justin Trudeau makes headlines again — not necessarily good ones
- Carson Jerema: Trudeau adviser decided to pretend Freedom Convoy was a security threat
- Man arrested after allegedly spitting on baby at Vancouver bus stop
- LILLEY: Trudeau's top bureaucrat tries to change meaning of law to justify Emergencies Act
- Province Begins Distributing Cost of Living Benefit Cheques
- A Canada Housing Benefit 'Top-Up' Means Eligible Renters Will Officially Get An Extra $500

- Tucker Carlson Presents a Look Back at Pelosi's ‘Greatest Hits’
- It now costs nearly as much to rent a one-bedroom in Victoria as it does in Toronto: report
- Amazon layoffs spill into Canada as tech giant terminates as many as 10,000 workers
- Defence minister vows increased military presence in Asia and Europe despite troop, equipment shortages
- This is how much money you need to make to live alone in Kelowna
- Special Abbotsford police unit tamps down gang violence in the Fraser Valley
- Mother of sick 2-year-old leaves Burnaby ER after waiting 6 hours to see doctor
- Sending a package any time soon? Brace for an expensive surprise
- 'No idea too crazy': Cabinet given suite of options before invoking Emergencies Act
- SIMS: The CBC is a government monster gobbling up tax dollars
- $100 BC Hydro and FortisBC credits announced for all B.C. households
- Nativity scene banned from B.C. town’s city hall after decades-long run
- City of Edmonton opts out of Christmas tree due to environmental factors
- LILLEY: Trudeau needs to level with Canadians on China's interference
- Fake News Friday | The media rushes to defend Trudeau’s latest international blunder
- Day 26 Recap of Emergencies Act hearings | Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act without recieving a detailed threat assessment
- Liberal MP ‘disappointed’ as Tories ask about alleged China interference
- David Eby announces 2 tax credits after being sworn in as new B.C. premier
- Mother of sick 2-year-old leaves Burnaby ER after waiting 6 hours to see doctor
- Trudeau, top PMO staff and ministers to testify at Emergencies Act inquiry next week
- Nativity scene banned from B.C. town’s city hall after decades-long run
- Vancouver just tied for the coldest November day since records began
- Grandparent scam victim speaks out to Global News then gets money back

- Canadian Mortgage Lenders See Larger Loan Losses, Average Value Soars 68%
- Investigating Chinese police stations operating on Canadian soil
- The Rupa Subramanya Show | The Unjust Invocation of the Emergencies Act? (Feat. Ryan Alford)
- Ratio’d | Xi Jinping HUMILIATES Justin Trudeau
- Day 25 Recap of Emergencies Act hearings | Banks froze some accounts without RCMP direction
- “He told the truth by mistake,” MP says of CRTC chair’s Bill C-11 remarks
- FUREY: Xi’s just upset Trudeau doesn’t follow the notorious Document No. 9
- Smith fires 11-member AHS board, replaces them with lone administrator
- Carbon tax will cost farmer $136,000 per year by 2030
- TD Bank donated $500,000 for child gender transitions
- Mississauga food bank reports 60% spike in clients
- 'Every option is on the table' as Canadians face higher variable-rate mortgage payments
- After testy exchange, China calls Canada's manner 'condescending'
- Oops, He Did It Again: CRTC Chair Ian Scott Tries to Walk Back Bill C-11 Comments, But Officials Confirm Power to Regulate User Content is in the Bill
- Toronto Homicide 63 – Abel Gime was fatally shot and three injured in South Parkdale
- G20 countries commit to WHO-facilitated global health passports 
- Canadian military members banned from wearing uniforms, medals in civilian courts
- 'You're on your own': B.C. woman without family doctor trapped in medical limbo after cancer diagnosis
- 'I had to fight them': Ont. boy with RSV almost taken to U.S. hospital amid pediatric ICU bed shortage
- Violence at Vancouver General Hospital highlights need for security improvements
- National security officials wanted CSIS threshold for Emergencies Act 'reconsidered'
- B.C.'s living wage increases amid grocery and housing costs: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
- Canadians have lost more than $131 billion investing in cannabis companies: firm
- Amazon workers in major Canadian cities impacted by mass layoffs
- A new bankruptcy filing shows the value of FTX's crypto holdings is just $659,000, after Sam Bankman-Fried said they were worth $5.5 billion
- A national dental-care benefit is now law; here's who is eligible
- "Today was hard": BC-based Coast Capital Savings announces layoffs
- FUREY: Xi’s just upset Trudeau doesn’t follow the notorious Document No. 9

- Vancouver General Hospital staff call police after man high on drugs pulls knife
- Toronto businessman allegedly focus of Chinese interference probes: sources
- Struggling Canadians need HELP not HOMICIDE
- Day 24 Recap of Emergencies Act hearings |StatsCan data shows blockades didn’t hurt Canadian trade
- A-G report says no evidence $4B fed housing fund helps homelessness
- Feds to spend $20 billion on EV charging stations
- Think house prices are too high? The rental market is even worse — with no relief in sight
- Xi angrily rebukes Trudeau over ‘leaks’ to media about Canada-China relations
- Charted: Healthcare Spending and Life Expectancy, by Country
-These 10 vehicles were the most targeted by thieves in Canada last year
- RCMP have suspects in mind in Merritt, B.C. shootings, but no arrests yet
- Toronto police appeal for info about outstanding assault, harassment suspect as more victims come forward
- Mass layoffs at Amazon hit Vancouver offices
- Adam Zivo: Trudeau on 'Drag Race' another cringey token gesture to LGBTQ people
- Here's the annual income required to buy a home in Ottawa
- Do you use these passwords? So do millions of others, according to a top 200 list
- North Van fentanyl dealer sentenced to 34 months in jail
- Poland, NATO say missile strike wasn't a Russian attack

- Drug shortages worsen across Canada, extend beyond children's pain and fever meds
- Worker at Canada's largest electricity producer charged with spying for China, police say
- Day 23 Recap of Emergencies Act hearings | RCMP had a plan to clear Convoy but did not communicate to government
- Indigenous creator says she was “gas-lit” by feds over her Bill C-11 concerns
- The Daily Brief | CSIS told government Convoy was not a threat to national security
- Liberals “benefit from” Chinese election interference: Conservative MP
- Retired general's speech slamming Canada's climate change policies, cancel culture and weak leaders applauded by officers
- Trudeau pledges cash for infrastructure and making vaccines in developing countries
- After spending billions, federal government doesn't know if it's reducing chronic homelessness: AG
- Ottawa’s $4-billion boost to workers benefit to go mostly to Canadians no longer eligible, PBO says
- Drug shortages worsen across Canada, extend beyond kids' pain and fever meds
- Scary and detailed employment scam targeted Vancouver tech company applicants (PHOTOS)
- Oily liquid thrown at Klimt painting in Vienna in latest climate protest
- Canada places 58 out of 63 in climate change performance ranking
- Tom Mulcair: National unity is on the table as Parliament discusses Bill C-13
- A 'big bill' for tow trucks, 'threat to democracy': What we learned from top RCMP officials' convoy commission testimony
- Health evidence doesn't support another mask mandate, says Fitzgerald
- Visualized: FTX’s Leaked Balance Sheet
- Concern about political interference with RCMP spotlighted at Emergencies Act inquiry
- LILLEY: Lucki didn't think to tell cabinet new information before Emergencies Act invoked
- Federal NDP call for inquiry into Liberal pandemic response
- Calgary police arrest man who allegedly assaulted numerous people Tuesday morning
- B.C. family awarded $33,700 for wrongful eviction
- 'Sextortion' scams on the rise, say North Cowichan/Duncan RCMP
- GUNTER: Paying taxes on tips a ridiculous idea
- BREAKING: G20 panel calls for global digital health passports
- Shady Crypto Cash Fueled Their Campaigns. Will They Keep It?
- Vitamin D can reduce severity and spread of COVID-19

- Burnout, low wages are taking a toll on B.C.’s ambulance paramedics and emergency dispatchers
- LILLEY: CSIS told Trudeau government convoy no threat to national security
- Hinshaw fired as Alberta’s chief medical health officer
- Prime Minister announces additional military assistance for Ukraine and additional sanctions against Russia
- Federal government formally bans top echelons of Iranian regime from entering Canada
- Australian government says vaccine risk too high for people under 30
- CSIS didn't feel convoy protests constituted a national security threat under the law: documents
- 'Freedom Convoy' did not pose threat to the security of Canada: CSIS director
- New tents pop up in CRAB Park as incoming premier plans to address DTES encampments
- Risk of heart inflammation higher with Moderna vaccine: study
- Two convoy organizers say they can't afford to defend class-action lawsuit
- Police ID suspects who poured maple syrup on Emily Carr painting in Vancouver
- Canada Border Services Agency misses deadline to hand over ArriveCan invoices, declines to identify subcontractors
- CSIS told government Freedom Convoy didn't pose national security threat day before Emergencies Act invoked
- CLUELESS: Freeland Claims Carbon Tax Is “Helpful” To Canadians
- KINSELLA: We deserve to know which federal candidates got cash from China
- Toronto burger joint that's been around for 50 years is shutting down

- Laurier student leads “peaceful revolution” against mask mandate
- With day-to-day costs rising, these retirees are facing tough choices
- Raymond J. de Souza: Like everything Trudeau does, his latest world tour will be all about himself
- How Canada has taken on more mortgage debt than any other G7 nation, explained in 5 charts
- Tow truck driver face charges after allegedly firing shots at rival company
- Quebec nursing students cry foul after more than half fail licensing exam
- More adverse reactions following bivalent COVID-19 mRNA booster vaccine
- Liberals unveil dental care details, boosts to rent benefit and GST rebate in NDP-backed affordability package

- The Alberta Roundup | Unvaccinated woman denied organ transplant
- LEVY: The latest alarming school board edict on prosthetic breast teacher
- Shots fired, multiple injuries near Collège Montmorency in Laval, Que.
- Trudeau Liberals to facilitate suicide for the mentally ill starting in March
- The Bank of Canada is warning Canadians to brace for a rough winter
- At least one victim in shooting near Laval college linked to a gang: police
- EDITORIAL: UN climate bash merits extinction
- KINSELLA: Identities of candidates paid by China during election remain secret
- Ontario's licensed cannabis producers losing revenue to black market
- GOLDSTEIN: Liberals said greenhouse gas emissions would drop but they're up
- Former Liberal Party President Rips Trudeau For Dividing The Country
- One person dead after shooting in Scarborough
- Myocarditis after Covid vaccination: Research on possible long-term risks underway
- Trudeau puts cash behind Indo-Pacific pledges during visit to Southeast Asia summit

- Court ruling states anti-hate network “did in fact assist Antifa”
- Ottawa spends while Canadians pay (ft. Franco Terrazzano)
- More than 400 private jets flew in for UN climate conference
- Cruise ship with estimated 800 COVID cases to dock in Sydney
- Ontario man calls for change after spending nearly 24 hours waiting in ER
- Toronto SickKids reducing surgeries to preserve ICU space with hospital at capacity
- Hamilton police investigating two targeted shootings Thursday night
- Trudeau Feared an ‘Armed Insurrection,’ Said Freedom Convoy Wouldn’t Be Resolved by ‘Talking’
- Pearson airport head earned $2 million in 2021 — making her one of the highest-paid airport CEOs in North America
- Federal government throws away millions more COVID vaccines due to lack of demand
- Massive Delegation At COP27 Is An Insult To The Canadian People
- Rex Murphy: COP27's great pyramid scheme
- Trudeau hides itinerary on Remembrance Day
- Canada bought maple leaf pins made in country condemned for genocide

- The Rupa Subramanya Show | A national inquiry into Canada’s pandemic response (Ft. Preston Manning)
- Ratio’d | Canada is not a serious country
- Danielle Kubes: Tylenol shortage shows 'feminist' Trudeau lets women's issues fester
- Woman pushed off bike, injured during bizarre incident on North Vancouver trail
- Black market 'ghost gun' manufacturing operation busted in Woodstock, Ont.
- Harry Rakowski: When it comes to vaccine safety, let’s examine the evidence, not demonize the questions
- “Mask mandate is a joke” – Waterloo students rebel against return of masking
- Iran Votes to Execute 15,000 Participants in Women's Rights Protests
- Federal government tried to 'wash its hands' of responsibility in convoy protests: Ontario deputy minister
- Rex Murphy: Freedom Convoy was perfectly Canadian in its moderation
- B.C.'s winter shelter system hits breaking point as operators back out, citing lack of funding, staff
- Facebook parent company Meta lays off 11,000 people

- Coutts blockade made up of “neighbours”, supported by residents, says mayor | Day 20 Recap of Emergencies Act hearings
- China is infiltrating, exploiting Canada, says former MP allegedly targeted by CCP
- Poilievre reiterates support for “peaceful and law-abiding” Freedom Convoy protesters
- How many private jets were at COP27?
- Public warned after rash of alleged ‘inappropriate’ actions against women in Burnaby, B.C. park
- Terry Glavin: What's it going to take for the Liberals to crack down on Chinese subterfuge?
- Douglas Todd: Luxury homeowners in Metro Vancouver pay low income taxes, says UBC study
- LILLEY: Will the Trudeau government stick taxpayers with $6,000 hotel rooms at UN climate conference?
- Glavin: Trudeau still inexplicably blasé about China's interference in Canada's elections
- Guelph cop who assaulted teen has cost taxpayers over $644K since suspension
- 'Everything is broken in this country' Pierre Poilievre says, blaming PM Trudeau
- Trudeau to miss national Remembrance Day ceremony due to summit in Cambodia

- Day 19 recap of Emergencies Act hearings | Trudeau told Ford “no additional legal tools” required to clear protest
- The Daily Brief | Did Trudeau want the Freedom Convoy to be violent?
- LEVY: My tour of Vancouver’s depressing, horrifying Downtown Eastside
- Taxpayers billed $156 million in bonuses and raises for CBC staff since 2015
- BC projected to pass 2,000 toxic drug deaths second year in a row
- Let Them Cancel Disney+: Canadian Finance Minister Issues Bizarre Inflation Advice
- Michael Higgins: It is Trudeau, not Poilievre, who is cold hearted about rising food prices
- Long wait times at hospitals, shortage of medication causing stress for B.C. parents, doctors
- LILLEY UNLEASHED: Trudeau will remain a lapdog to the leaders in Beijing
- Joe Oliver: Emergencies Act inquiry shows we can't be selective on civil liberties
- Trudeau told Ford police didn't need more powers to clear protesters, who weren't 'very smart people'
- Unvaxxed, unionized City of Toronto staff to get jobs back
- Canada ruffles some feathers at COP27 by including oil and gas representatives in its delegation
- Justin Trudeau to become 1st world leader to appear in ‘Drag Race’ franchise

- Day 18 recap of Emergencies Act hearings | CSIS warned Trudeau of potential repercussions
- Rent, food bills pushing more Ottawa families into debt
- 'Just don't use the notwithstanding clause, proactively': Trudeau says after Ford calls out PM
- Man sleeping in his car says tenants owe more than $31K, won't leave his rental property
- Feds hold groundbreaking ceremony for Moderna’s mRNA vaccine factory in Montreal area
- What are share buybacks and why is Ottawa taxing them?
- 'Unsustainable' theft at cashier-free convenience store may force its closure
- Vancouver’s social safety net costing $5B per year: VPD-commissioned report
- Reality Check | The government should leave the internet alone
- KINSELLA: Out-of-touch Chrystia Freeland and her Disney gaffe
- Only 32% of COVID-19 fines paid to date: ICBC
- Canadian intelligence warned PM Trudeau that China covertly funded 2019 election candidates: Sources
- John Ivison: While Canada dithers over building warships, exploding drones are devastating the Russian fleet

- Oil heating prices on the rise ahead of winter
- $84B plan to replace Canada's warships is 'ludicrous'
- Canadians confused by finance minister's tip to cut Disney+ to fight rising living costs
- Man who was subject of public warning re-arrested within 24 hours of release: Vancouver police:
- Researchers compare the risk of myocarditis between Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines

- The Alberta Roundup | Premier Smith attacks “extreme left” climate policies
- BONOKOSKI: The shocking value of contraband making its way into Canada’s prisons
- GUEST OP-ED: Suzuki and the enviro-movement failed because they ran out of good ideas
- Canadian Armed Forces now allowing permanent residents to enlist amid low recruitment
- Polarizing 'Vancouver Is Dying' documentary amasses 2 million views
- GOLDSTEIN: Freeland’s clean energy plan blows a lot of hot air
- OPINION: Trudeau carbon taxes leaving Canadians out in the cold
- LILLEY: Facts don't back up school union claims on wages or cuts to education
- What the tragic death of a Mountie trying to help says about the homelessness crisis
- Rex Murphy: Who stayed in $6K hotel suite? Justin Trudeau's not saying
- Soaring food prices could have major impact on Canadians' health
- 9 months later, convoy organizers express little sympathy for downtown dwellers
- Covid amnesty? Why we must never forgive or forget

- Day 17 Emergencies Act hearings Recap | Former RCMP Officer says Convoy “restored my faith in Canadians”
- Fake News Friday | The legacy media is FREAKING out over Musk’s Twitter takeover
- Premier Smith pledges to fight back against environmental policies of “extreme left”
- Raised $25M In Thirty Days
- Canada-wide amoxicillin shortage has pharmacists looking for alternatives
- Canada probes reports China is trying to pay British, Canadian and other fighter pilots to train its air force
- ‘Livid’ B.C. paramedics say they’ve yet to see promised new pay hikes
- Terence Corcoran: Chrystia Freeland brings Chinese-capitalism to Ottawa
- WATCH: Lantsman criticizes Canadian government for funding anti-Israel publications
- 'We gave them hope' Tamara Lich describes support for Freedom Convoy during Emergencies Commission
- Moe says to 'hell' with Trudeau's environmental goals
- Making Life More Affordable (when he actually isn't)
- Claim China Meddled In Vote
- Jack Mintz: Trudeau follows Biden down the path to economic ruin
- Pfizer study says updated COVID-19 boosters rev up protection
- Canadian dollar posts biggest gain in 12 years as jobs surge
- BC Children's Hospital seeing up to 150 emergency department visits per day
- Canadian staff included in mass layoffs at Twitter
- Tesla applies for telecom licenses in Canada
- Millions of Canadians will get GST credits starting Friday. What to expect
- The Canada Workers Benefit Is Set To Change & Families Could Get Almost $2,500 In Advance

- Emergencies Act inquiry: Majority of funds raised for protest were returned or confiscated
- STUDIN: Why Canada must never close its schools again
- Liberal MP doubles down on need for pandemic review
- Liberals project $36.4 billion deficit in fall economic statement, unveils $30.6 billion new spending
- Recap Day 16 of Emergencies Act hearings | Convoy organizer Tamara Lich opens up about life after arrest
- Trudeau’s crumbling case against the Freedom Convoy Pt. II (Ft. Ari Goldkind)
- $42M to help CBC recover from the pandemic, and other fiscal update highlights
- The Liberals’ new era of fiscal restraint that never seems to come
- Rex Murphy: Energy crisis the inconvenient consequence of demonizing the oil and gas industry
- Vaccine-doubting doctor ordered to pay $1M in legal costs after her libel suit quashed
- Rex Murphy: Energy crisis the inconvenient consequence of demonizing the oil and gas industry
- Musk Was Right: Bombshell Leak Reveals Fired Twitter Exec Met with Biden Admin to Discuss Censorship Plans
- Family of 4 must pay more than $1,000 per month for healthy food, study finds
- Alberta Halloween candy package 'presumptive positive' for fentanyl: RCMP
- I'm in need of a food bank. What do I do?
- John Ivison: Winter is coming, and Freeland’s not prepared to deal with it
- Fatal stabbing in East Vancouver marks city's 10th homicide
- Caught on camera: Black-clad man rushes at victim moments before Surrey, B.C., shooting
- Chrystia Freeland details financial help for students, low-income Canadians and homeowners, as deficit projected at $36.4B in fall economic statement
- Ontario seeks to have education worker strike declared illegal; CUPE says walkout 'indefinite'
- Accidents up, payouts down 30% since ICBC brought in Enhanced Care: IBC

- Recap Day 15 of Emergencies Act hearings | Room erupts during Pat King’s testimony
- The Andrew Lawton Show | Convoy organizer blows off legacy media after Emergencies Act testimony
- Kelly McParland: Chrystia Freeland and her meaningless slogans
- $111,000 in drugs, firearms seized by police following search warrant
- B.C.'s new payment model for family doctors could lure out-of-province physicians
- Port Coquitlam medical clinic tells 2,000 patients they no longer have family doctor
- John Ivison: Lametti lights a match under the notwithstanding clause
- Trudeau, in call with Ford, says use of notwithstanding clause is 'wrong and inappropriate'
- Taxpayers billed $1.3 million for Governor General’s 2020 Dubai trip
- China Targets MPs, Senators
- It’s time to open the AstraZeneca files
- Gurski: So far, no evidence supports using the Emergencies Act against the convoy last winter
- Ottawa to introduce 2% tax on stock buybacks starting in 2024

- BONOKOSKI: Will Trudeau come clean on $6,000 per night hotel stay?
- Head of RCMP union says Liberal gun ban fails to address crime
- Taxpayers billed $411m on travel mandate Covid-19 testing
- Liberals unveil plan for 500,000 immigrants per year
- Recap Day 14 of Emergencies Act hearings | Convoy organizers testify for the first time
- The Andrew Lawton Show | Trudeau thought convoy was political opportunity, not national emergency
- New analysis on the risk for myocarditis or pericarditis after mRNA COVID-19 vaccination
- Canada could hire 100,000 nurses and provide First Nations universal clean water with far less than a year of LNG royalties/taxes from a single pipeline
- Conservatives' Poilievre pushing for federal audit of ArriveCan app contracts
- Layoffs coming to another Vancouver-based tech company
- Canada Plans to Welcome Record Half Million Immigrants in 2025
- Richmond trick-or-treater ends up in hospital after eating THC candy
- The environment minister is threatening oil and gas companies. That’s bad news for all of us
- Man sentenced for dealing fentanyl already serving life for Burnaby murder

November 2022

- Reality Check | “Corporate greed” isn’t why groceries are so expensive
- Emergency Planned For Days
- COVID Alert App (now ended)
- Joel Kotkin: Biden, Trudeau choose green war on oil and gas over working class
- 2 injured after reported shooting, Toronto high school in lockdown: police
- Austria: Muslim migrant, allegedly 12 years old, rapes woman in public toilet facility
- AGAR: Trudeau keeps making life easier for criminals
- Premier Smith says cabinet, unlike caucus, won’t have free vote on Sovereignty Act
- Coastal GasLink Halts Work on Pipeline Section
- John Ivison: Chrystia Freeland’s fiscal update peers into the Truss trap

- Chris Selley: $7K hotel suites. $93K catering bills. Trudeau's buying himself a populist backlash
- Shellenberger: Pelosi & Kavanaugh Murder-Plots Expose Media Double-Standard

- GOLDBERG: Opposition growing to Trudeau’s dangerous censorship bill
- WARMINGTON: New approach enables cops to track people on bail for gun charges
- Canada’s Liberals are an empire in decline with a leader in trouble
- Smith vows to ban mask mandates in Alberta schools; explores appeal of judge’s ruling
- HYPOCRITE: After Voting For Liberal Plan To Triple Carbon Taxes On Home Heating, Jagmeet Singh Tries Rebranding As Tax Cutter
- Early morning sexual assault at Richmond bus stop prompts police warning
- 'Canada’s “curse” is not oil, but our misguided federal government'
- 'I was made for insurrections, not towing': Inside the thoughts of the Emergencies Act
- Jane and Finch food bank looks for new home after getting priced out of headquarters
- N.S. RCMP investigate origins of 3D-printed firearm after shooting incident
- Team Canada Olympian Lynda Kiejko says Bill C-21 will end Canada's future 'Shooting Star' athletes
- No-show Joe: Biden leaves Trudeau, Canada hanging
- Rex Murphy: Canada's obsession with trees delves into the absurd
- 15K Burnaby Metrotown residents without family doctor now have health centre

- Rupa Subramanya: Ludicrous to call the Freedom Convoy an occupation
- Response to The Globe and Mail's attack on Rebel News
- World Economic Forum calls to reduce private vehicles by eliminating 'ownership'
- Ottawa police circulated report full of false claims about Freedom Convoy
- Farmers “very nervous” about fertilizer emission targets: Ontario Federation of Agriculture
- One teen dead, at least five recovering after mass drug overdose incident in Victoria
- Visualizing America’s Most Popular Fast Food Chains
- RCMP probe in Golden leads to arrest and seizure of firearms, weapons and ammunition
- OPP apologized to convoy organizers after fuel raid
- Day 12 Recap of Emergencies Act hearings | Sloly says mainstream “misinformation” on convoy was “unrelenting”
- Fake News Friday | CTV News is LITERALLY fake news!
- Kelowna woman says she was escorted out of KGH by police for being unvaccinated
- Rupa Subramanya: Ludicrous to call the Freedom Convoy an occupation
- FIRST READING: Joe Biden stayed in London for free. Why did it cost Canada $400,000?
- COVID-19 Origins: Investigating a “Complex and Grave Situation” Inside a Wuhan Lab
- Prime Minister announces new measures to support Ukraine
- Macron Admits Half The Crimes In Paris Are Committed By Foreigners
- Canadian Freedom Convoy Protest Week#1 - Small Fringe Minority with UNACCEPTABLE VIEWS
- Canadian Freedom Convoy Protest Week#2 - Jim Watson Called A State of Emergency For This ?!?
- Public Order Commission document confirms Liberals' crackdown on convoy met their 'political objectives'
- Canada restricting foreign state-owned firms from critical mineral industry
- 348 people wanted on warrants arrested in Hamilton Police's Project KORA
- Vancouver food bank sues donation platform operator for $143,000
- Pluto’s will permanently close its doors in Victoria after 34 years in business
- Supreme Court strikes down law requiring sex offenders to be automatically added to registry
- Toronto 18 terrorist leader gets parole after RCMP interrogation to show he isn't a threa​t
- Attacks ignite concerns that enviro-violence is returning to B.C.'s pipeline country
- University student randomly bear-sprayed outside Edmonton transit centre
- EU regulator recommends adding heavy periods to side effects of mRNA COVID shots
- WARMINGTON: Canada's top cop considered soldiers undercover as Mounties at Freedom Convoy
- Canada’s ‘Non-Politicized’ Supreme Court Is Just A Liberal Court In Disguise
- PICTURED: Hemp jewelry maker, 42, at nudist wedding who 'broke into 82-year-old Paul Pelosi's $6million San Fran home in his UNDERWEAR, fractured his skull with a hammer after shouting 'Where's Nancy' and had 'hitlist of other politicians'

- Chinese 'Police Stations' In Canada Under Investigation
- Canada sends delegation to Haiti to ‘assess’ security crisis
- ‘Begged Us To Take Funding’
- Day 11 Recap of Emergencies Act hearings | Lucki considered bringing in the military
- Ratio’d | Justin Trudeau is laughing at you
- China 'no longer deserves benefit of the doubt': Bombshell Senate report concludes that COVID 'most likely' leaked from lab - as lawmakers point the finger at Beijing
- Police agencies say they don’t have resources for federal gun grab scheme
- mRNA Vaccines Injure the Heart of ALL Vaccine Recipients and Cause Myocarditis in Up to 1 in 27, Study Finds
- 'Girl with a Pearl Earring' targeted by climate activists in Dutch museum
- More Canadians are turning to food banks than ever before, new report says
- 'The bird is freed:' Elon Musk takes over Twitter with brutal efficiency, firing top execs and declaring himself 'chief twit'
- Elon Musk completes Twitter purchase, fires top execs
- New frigates will cost Canada more than $306 billion over lifetime, budget watchdog says
- Man shoots at officers, paramedics outside Trail, B.C. hospital and ambulance station
- Rex Murphy: Singh betrays NDP with pledge to grant Trudeau parliamentary immunit​y
- FIRST READING: Ottawa police used Rex Murphy columns as intelligence on Freedom Convoy
- Gas Analyst Calls on Governments to Slow Carbon Tax Implementation
- Richmond candidate's feelings 'badly hurt' by misinformation post on WeChat

- KINSELLA: Bad events for Trudeau nudge Poilievre closer to power
- The Andrew Lawton Show | More testimony proves Emergencies Act was unnecessary
- Canadian Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez’s Credibility Problem, Part Two: Misleading and Missing Data on Bill C-18
- 2 women arrested in Canada after coming home from Syrian camp for ISIS fighters' families
- Bank of Canada raises interest rate again — but the pace of hikes may be slowing
- RCMP running short of officers to protect cabinet ministers from a growing number of threats
- Opinion: Ottawa has 13% support on its oil and gas policies
- RCMP investigating Chinese 'police' stations in Canada
- Vancouver woman followed several blocks, forced to hide in store from stranger
- Ivison: It's becoming clear the federal government overreached to shut down 'Freedom Convoy'

- BONOKOSKI: Another interest rate hike – a dire scene from many Canadians
- Lawyers want CBC, other outlets, to testify over Freedom Convoy “misinformation”
- City lawyer nixed Jim Watson’s plan to seize and sell convoy trucks
- Day 9 Recap of Emergencies Act hearings | Feds had plan to meet truckers before invoking Emergencies Act
- Truckers Only “Felt” Violent
- City lawyer nixed Jim Watson’s plan to seize and sell convoy trucks
- Like Foreign Student Subsidy
- Canada backs nuclear power project with $970M financing
- Ottawa police thought allowing protest trucks on Wellington Street would protect rest of the city
- Mendicino says email from Lucki doesn't mean Emergencies Act was unnecessary
- Twitter Employees Sign Open Letter Demanding Musk Let Them Keep Their Jobs
- An exiled actress stars in a piercing portrait of Iran
- Victoria 7-Eleven using drip line to deter loiterers sparks concern from homeless advocates
- Soldier facing more charges after speaking out against military's vaccine requirement

- Police Destroy Need for Emergencies Act
- Alberta premier exploring 'pardons' for COVID-19 related fines and arrests
- Ottawa's pandemic hiring boom adds billions to federal payroll
- Canadian military to replace weapons sent to Ukraine, but could face problems buying new howitzers
- Not For Sale: Canada Closes The Door To Foreign Home Buyers
- Justin Trudeau billed taxpayers $1,000 for 'drink box water bottle sorta things'
- Poilievre radio campaign takes Trudeau to task over home heating price hikes
- Scam alert: RCMP warn of 'elaborate' cash-for-gold ruse in Lower Mainland
- RCMP chief told feds not all police resources used hours before Emergencies Act invoked
- Alberta government to cut ties with 'offensive' World Economic Forum, premier says
- Top general was warned military's COVID vaccine mandate was unnecessary, possibly illegal: memo
- LILLEY: Canada's delegation to Queen's funeral spent almost $400,000 for hotel rooms alone
- CITY GUN VIOLENCE RAMPANT: Man seriously injured in Scarborough shooting

- Spike Protein Disrupting Immunity in Millions After COVID Infection or Vaccination: Here’s How It’s Being Treated
- Police report details RCMP Const. Shaelyn Yang’s fatal interaction with homeless man
- EDITORIAL: Handgun ban won’t work
- 6 arrested following series of shootings in Peel Region
- How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Battery in an Electric Vehicle (EV) That’s Not Under Warranty?

- Conservatives demand answers about 500 foreign criminals roaming free
- TERRAZZANO: Trudeau deliberately lowering Canadians' living standards
- Canada's ban on all handgun sales goes into effect
- Series of break and enters targeting salons and spas in downtown Victoria, police say
- Coastal GasLink in hot water over pipeline environmental violations
- Arson suspects caught in Richmond charged for UBC murder
- Three men armed with handguns invade Simcoe home
- Man accused of killing Burnaby RCMP officer was filmmaker with roots in Toronto
- Facebook Says It Is Prepared to Block News Content in Canada
- Man shot dead in downtown Toronto as bullets fly across the city
- Covid Added to the Childhood Vaccine Schedule: No Science, No Rationality, No Morality
- Rex Murphy: Skipping the Press Gallery dinner? Pierre, what are you thinking?
- Myocarditis after BNT162b2 Vaccination in Israeli Adolescents

- ArriveCan app contracts under scrutiny
- Three people charged in B.C. University Golf Club killing
- Rex Murphy: Even green zealots fear the cold more than the evils of natural gas
- Pfizer says COVID-19 vaccine will cost US$110-$130 per dose
- 15 stolen bikes found in Vancouver, man arrested
- In Stunning Turn Of Events, Criminals Don’t Seem To Be Complying With Liberal Handgun Ban
- National handgun sale freeze 'the final culmination of disappointment' for Alberta retailer
- Two owners of IT firm made up to $2.7 million for hiring team that helped build ArriveCan
- Rupa Subramanya: Justin Trudeau's case against the Freedom Convoy falls on its face
- 'Zero tolerance' for fireworks scofflaws in Richmond
- Funding offered to downtown Vancouver businesses for vandalism repairs and security upgrades
- Emergencies Act not required: OPP officer | Day 7 recap of Emergencies Act hearings
- Fake News Friday | True North fact-checks Reuters fact-check
- Justin Trudeau spotted at much-loved Lower Mainland Indian restaurant
- 'Freedom Convoy': Public safety minister stands by comments about extremist elements after OPP critique
- National handgun sales 'freeze' takes effect
- Alberta Premier Danielle Smith tees off on WEF globalists
- WARMINGTON: Bullets fly in Toronto soon after Trudeau implements handgun freeze
- Tories call for resignations after release of audio by Nova Scotia shooting inquiry
- Voted 6-5 Against Disclosure

- Israeli Guard Takes Out Fugitive Killer During Second Attack
- Thousands of first responders line streets to honour RCMP officer Const. Shaelyn Yang
- Planned cuts to Twitter workforce could grow to 75% if Musk takes over: report
- Model X key malfunction forces Glenn Howerton to give up on Tesla after support couldn't help and tow mode didn't work
- Recording of RCMP meeting that sparked political interference allegations released
- Galen Weson Jr. blassted for tone-deaf email about No Name price freeze at Loblaws.
- Testimony By OPP Intelligence Officer Demolishes Liberal Narrative On The Emergencies Act & Freedom Convoy
- ‘Absolute agony’: Surrey senior with broken leg waits hours for ambulance

- Two men charged with arson, flight from police in gang murder probe
- MOST WANTED: Multiple murderer’s three brothers killed in separate shootings
- Four 'persons of interest' sought in connection with fatal triple shooting at Toronto sports facility
- Families shocked when battery replacement for electric vehicle tops $20,000
- Suspect charged with first-degree murder in stabbing death of Burnaby RCMP Const. Shaelyn Yang
- Man charged in Burnaby RCMP officer's death was wanted for assault
- CSIS told cabinet convoy wasn’t foreign funded days before Emergencies Act

- Opposition MPs question silence from PMO on derogatory tweets from government contractor
- Freeland says comments about Africa aid were not meant to offend
- Rex Murphy: Mr. Trudeau, the truckers deserved a meeting
- It’s Not News, Nor ‘Scandalous,’ That Pfizer Trial Didn’t Test Transmission
- B.C. arcade gains extra life after winning long battle for liquor licence
- ‘It was very difficult’: Electric vehicle owner took 15 hours to drive 178 miles
- Electric Car Subsidies Are A Bad Investment | Opinion

- Guilbeault Wants Canadian Banks To Push The Liberal Narrative
- Nokia receiving $72M in government funding to expand Ottawa facility
- No Name brand product prices frozen until end of January 2023
- France in shock: 4 Algerian migrants arrested for brutal rape and murder of 12 year old Paris girl.
- Boston University researchers claim to have developed new, more lethal COVID strain in lab
- Orlando store owner's message to criminals: 'There's a really good chance you're gonna get shot'
- Diane Francis: Canada is a lightweight nation
- Jamie Sarkonak: The non-scandal over Poilievre's YouTube tags and society's contempt for men
- Initial ArriveCAN costs were $80,000. Here's how it got to $54M
- Carson Jerema: Trudeau Liberals know using the Emergencies Act was an overreaction
- Suspects from car fire near UBC shooting crash into police in Richmond
- Doug Ford says he backed Justin Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act to end the ‘Freedom Convoy’
- Moderna CEO: Not everyone will need an annual COVID booster

- Polls Project A Poilievre Majority Government And Canadians Want to Defund The CBC
- Feds facing questions over whereabouts of 469 missing foreign criminals
- Conrad Black: Trump-haters gonna hate
- B.C. municipal election 2022: Richmond results
- Ken Sim defeats Kennedy Stewart to become mayor as ABC party sweeps Vancouver election

- David Suzuki goes on profanity-laden rant at federal government news conference
- RCMP issue warning after increases in robberies, property crimes, fires
- 20 Years of Top Trending Google Searches
- ‘Very, very sad’: Capital Iron closing its doors after nearly 90 years in business
- Canada, host of the UN biodiversity summit, is struggling to meet its own targets
- Procuring vaccines for COVID-19
- Quebec Korean restaurant owner closes dining hall after threats over lack of French
- How will you know if you are being hit with a credit card surcharge?
- Barbara Kay: U.S. Army forced to admit that male and female soldiers are not equal

- Vax Mandate Unlawful: Feds
- Freeland Inflated Losses: Data
- Canadian home energy costs to spike by up to 100 per cent on average this winter: analyst
- Fact Check-Preventing transmission never required for COVID vaccines’ initial approval; Pfizer vax did reduce transmission of early variants
- VPD release photos of man who allegedly assaulted a stranger on Granville Street
- CBC Journalist Defends Freelancer Who Glorified Palestinian Terrorism
- Rex Murphy: The Night of the Long Honks — an imaginary Trudeau memoir
- Mortgage fraud caught on camera: Undercover Investigation
- "Vancouver Is Dying": New documentary sheds light on crime and overdose crisis (VIDEO)
- New Westminster's Waffle House is closing after nearly 70 years
- Chris Selley: Liberals congratulate themselves for the ArriveCAN debacle
- Military eases vaccine mandate, presses ahead with discipline for unvaccinated troops
- John Ivison: Liberals make little progress on exposing nefarious foreign money
- Climate protesters douse Vincent van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ with tomato soup
- Annoyed you have to pay to use your credit card? You should be
- Canadian home energy costs to spike by up to 100 per cent on average this winter: analyst

- Two provinces say they were blindsided by decision to invoke Emergencies Act
- Opinion: Yet again, IPCC’s climate math doesn’t check out
- Ottawa preaches diversity yet practises homogeneity
- Will Musk "End Twitter As We Know It"? I Sincerely Hope So...
- Douglas Todd: Hate crimes against Catholics almost tripled. Do Canadians care?
- Two Victoria restaurants charge extra fees to cover provincially mandated employee health care
- Here are the key arguments presented on the first day of the Emergencies Act inquiry
- Officials monitoring Freedom Convoy admitted “no violence took place”
- Surging costs, lack of volunteers shutters South Surrey-White Rock Meals on Wheels
- Surrey RCMP warn public after men using escort service drugged, robbed
- Sabrina Maddeaux: Climate hypocrites keep trying to turn farmers, and their cows, into villains
- Vancouver mayor Kennedy Stewart missed 75% of Metro Vancouver Regional District's meetings over four years
- Posts mislead on Pfizer COVID vaccine’s impact on transmission

- Deaths of people suffering homelessness in B.C. rose by 75% in 2021
- Ann Coulter: For More Crime, Vote Democrat!
- Canada Post is now offering loans: Here is how the program works
- No Convoy Scare, Say Memos
- MPs opt not to study allegation of ‘obstruction of justice’ against Mendicino
- Opinion: Plastic ban means higher prices, fewer jobs, more garbage and GHGs. Congratulations, Ottawa!
- ‘Words cannot describe our grief’: Gunman identified in killings of two South Simcoe police officers
- Why Canada’s loonie is no longer a petro-dollar
- B.C. woman shocked to find a charge for employee health benefits on restaurant bill
- Rex Murphy: Danielle Smith isn't threatening our Confederation. She may be saving it
- MPs opt not to study allegation of 'obstruction of justice' against Mendicino
- GOLDSTEIN: Freeland's political rhetoric ignores Canada's reality
- Trudeau On The Stand: Emergencies Act Inquiry Begins This Week
- Civil liberties group concerned Liberals will not share all evidence with public during Emergencies Act inquiry
- Danielle Smith Has Nothing To Apologize For
- 40% of pandemic federal deficit spending had “nothing to do” with Covid: study
- How a fake climate emergency created a real energy emergency

- Trudeau, Freedom Convoy leaders included on witness list for Emergencies Act commission
- ArriveCan cost $54M. A programmer was able to duplicate it in two days
- CSIS memo rejects Trudeau’s Freedom Convoy swastika narrative
- Nazi Flag Overblown: Memo
- Jesse Kline: Armed Forces admit there's no one left to use its rusted out gear
- Trudeau announces $222M for Quebec firm producing minerals for electric cars
- Sabrina Maddeaux: Thanksgiving, when Liberals want you to insult your Conservative relatives
- Charted: The World’s Most Populous Countries (1973–2023)

- Electric Vehicle Manufacturer Forced to Recall Nearly All of Its Vehicles - Stock Price Plummets
- The NDP Has Decided To Pretend They Aren’t Propping Up The Trudeau Liberals
- Police hunt for BMW after gunfight broke out when RCMP stopped it for stolen plate

- Violent weekend in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside prompts concerns about crime as local elections approach
- 53 year-old-man arrested after man injured in shooting at Quebec resort
- 1 dead, 2 injured in triple shooting at North York sports complex
- Twitter blocks — and then restores — Covid-19 vaccination post from Florida's surgeon general

- Suspect arrested, police seek additional victims after CRAB Park 'stabbing spree'
- Vancouver police release video of alleged bear-spray assault inside boutique
- Interim board chair Andrea Skinner resigns amid Hockey Canada sex assault scandal
- Canada’s recession will hit earlier, harder and last longer than expected. The Star talked to economists to find out who is most at risk
- She became homeless in her 60s. Here's why her story's becoming all-too common in Toronto
- Rex Murphy: Canada's Green party withers on the vine

- Vegas stabbing suspect attacked women dressed as showgirls after asking to pose with them, police say
- Woman sleeps in tipi outside Coquitlam City Hall with two kids
- Supreme Court of Canada restores murder conviction for B.C. man who killed exchange student
- Vancouver police arrest bank robbery suspect fleeing in a taxi
- FDA, CDC Urge All Adults to Get 5th COVID Shot Despite No Safety or Efficacy Data
- CRA has identified more than $76 million in unpaid taxes from Panama, Paradise papers leaks
- Liberal MP calls for independent inquiry into pandemic response

- Comment: My friend Ray vs. the B.C. medical system
- Chronic offender arrested over stranger assault in Downtown Vancouver
- (FAKE NEWS: It's caused by the mRNA vaccine) - Strokes, heart attacks, sudden deaths: Does America understand the long-term risks of catching COVID?
- Rex Murphy: Britain's Home Secretary is right — the climate 'mob' needs to be stopped
- B.C. serving up permanent delivery fee cap to support restaurants
- 'Shattered beyond recognition:' Woman sexually assaulted by Jacob Hoggard speaks at sentencing hearing
- Conservative MP's bill on conscience rights fails, but gets Poilievre's support
- Dozens of RV dwellers at Vancouver beach threatened with being towed
- Military chief warns China and Russia are 'at war with the West' and Canada is not ready
- 'Shark Tank' investor Kevin O'Leary says Twitter isn't even worth $10 billion and Elon Musk should start from scratch if he wants to make his money back
- Kelowna RCMP seeking public's help in finding convicted killer who jumped bail on recent charges
- MPs unanimously vote to temporarily double GST rebate for lower-income Canadians
- New Westminster's Tamarind Hill to permanently close
- Joe Biden in New York: “Since I Came Into Office, Our Economy Has Created… 668 Manufacturing Jobs” (VIDEO)
- HUNTER: Ghislaine Maxwell has until June 2023 to name names, but will she?
- Kanye West on Instagram: 'Breonna Taylor's mom said it first,' BLM is a 'fraud'
- Ottawa police officer pleads guilty to misconduct for Freedom Convoy donation
- One Lie Too Many

- BREAKING: EXPOSED: $105 million Liberal partnership with WEF laid bare
- Conservative MP’s bill on conscience rights fails, but gets Poilievre’s support
- Browns Socialhouse closes Kitsilano location after 16 years
- Paying by credit card? Most businesses in Canada can soon add surcharges for that
- Sabrina Maddeaux: Living in tool sheds won't solve housing crisis
- MPs to grill Rideau Hall again over 'misleading' testimony on GG's $100K flight tab
- Canada’s trade surplus shrinks as WTO warns of slowdown in global trade
- Loblaw launches driverless trucks for PC Express food delivery
- Following Trevor Noah’s Daily Show Exit News, Megyn Kelly Fires Shots At The Host: ‘He Was A Ratings Killer’
- Alec Baldwin, ‘Rust’ producers settle with Halyna Hutchins’ family
- Unparliamentary language alert! Rempel tells Liberals to cut the “woke s—t”
- BREAKING: EXPOSED: $105 million Liberal partnership with WEF laid bare
- WATCH: Large Garbage Bag Used To Transfer Stacks of Absentee Ballots From Detroit Drop Box…Is This What SOS Benson Means When She Says MI Elections Were “Most secure in history”?
- Liberal gov confesses to $105M World Economic Forum Digital ID contract
- FATAH: Why weren't Canada's feminists and leftists at the big Iran protest?

- Canada loses $ 150 bn of its worth because of Trudeau’s green energy madness
- Justin Trudeau will take the stand at inquiry into Freedom Convoy response
- Prime minister announces $300M recovery package for Atlantic Canada in wake of Fiona
- Mainstay Vancouver café announces permanent closure after nearly 30 years
- Alghabra left speechless, Conservatives talk Western Canada, Health Minister pressed on ArriveCAN
- Twitter says it plans to close deal with Elon Musk
- Mendicino’s department back-dated documents to mislead the court
- Federal government executives collect $190 million from pandemic profit
- FUREY: Freedom is a growing concern for Canadians

- Alleged killer tricked targets into meeting before fatal shooting: Crown
- "Results aren't looking good": Half of BC residents can't make ends meet
- Nearly half of Canadians on the brink of insolvency: MNP survey
- Justin Trudeau bungee jumping video shows prime minister taking a plunge
- Bombshell Texts Show Milwaukee Mayor Colluding With Democrats To Rig 2022 Election
- BREAKING: Trudeau goes bungee jumping as Canadian economy plunges
- Police And Feds Given A Fail
- North Korea sends missile soaring over Japan in escalation
- Rex Murphy: The Liberals are so far out of touch it probably can't be measured
- Nearly 4,500 Canadian Armed Forces members, families waiting for military housing
- Evan Solomon exits CTV's 'Power Play' for a publishing role at digital media company

- Inflation hits international students hard, with some turning to food banks
- Police investigating after gunshots fired overnight in Scarborough
- NP View: Well done everyone, we’ve let China become the real energy superpower
- Population Growth in Canada 95% Immigration, 5% Canadian-Born

- Alberta's resistance to federal gun buyback plan is 'reckless' and 'a political stunt': minister
- Dozens of Afghan school girls massacred by targeted bombing of Shi’ites
- Trudeau Permits China’s Government To Influence Canadian Media
- Sabrina Maddeaux: How hard can it be for the Liberals to say Chinese laws don’t apply in Canada?
- WARMINGTON: New rules for media at airport should not be allowed to fly in a free country
- Woman Dies In Shoppers Drug Mart 7 Minutes After COVID-19 Vaccine Booster

October 2022

- LILLEY: Actually, MPs can say 'Justinflation,' as long as they pronounce it properly
- LILLEY: Trudeau's nanny state says more than two drinks a week is too risky
- Trudeau Says Canada Belongs “More To Immigrants Than Canadian-Born”
- Mothers Oppose Cabinet Bill
- TERRAZZANO: Payroll taxes are taxes -- and Trudeau shouldn’t be raising them
- China has opened overseas police stations, including three in Toronto: Report
- Two more provinces join in opposition to gun buyback program that 'unnecessarily targets lawful gun owners'
- Brave high school girls' volleyball players who object to trans teammate using their locker room now reportedly under investigation by school: 'My mom wants me to do this interview to try to make a change'
- Canada headed for 'severe' and 'inevitable' recession in 2023: economist
- China has opened police stations in US and Canada to monitor Chinese citizens: Report
- Legault attacked for paying millions to U.S. consulting firm during COVID pandemic
- Effectiveness of mRNA-1273 against infection and COVID-19 hospitalization with SARS-CoV-2 Omicron subvariants: BA.1, BA.2, BA.2.12.1, BA.4, and BA.5
- How inflation, rate hikes and a looming recession could push a wave of cash-strapped Canadians to bankruptcy
- Toronto won’t back down on firefighter vaccine mandate
- Regan Lewis, nursing student from Grinnell, KS has sadly passed away on September 27, 2022.
- Proposed pricing model for the assault-style firearms buyback program
- 'Justinflation' can't be said in the House of Commons, but MPs are trying anyway

- The Invention of the SD Card: When Tiny Storage Met Tech Giants
- Concern grows over increase in sudden death of young and healthy around the globe
- BREAKING: Manitoba doesn’t want RCMP aiding Trudeau’s gun grab scheme
- More Ontarians are leaving for Alberta, StatCan data show
- Police officer who donated to Freedom Convoy protest was praised for dangerous rescue
- Judge upholds B.C. employer's mandatory COVID vaccination policy
- Small Coquitlam condo snapped up for $367K in just one day
- Jeremy Mackenzie, leader of the controversial Diagolon movement, arrested on Canada-wide warrant
- Jeremy MacKenzie, leader of online group 'Diagolon,' arrested in Nova Scotia: RCMP
- Ontario plans to extend life of Pickering nuclear plant, eyes refurbishment
- There is a national shortage of children's pain medication. Ottawa families are feeling the pinch
- Why are Chinese police operating in Canada, while our own government and security services apparently look the other way?
- Gwyn Morgan: Net zero has been a boon to dictators
- Calgary police searching for newly released high-risk offender
- Liberal MP Chris Bittle allegedly intimidated witness testifying on Bill C-11
- CSIS persuaded Turkey to hide recruitment of operative who trafficked teens to Islamic State
- LILLEY: Trudeau is about to raise taxes three times but hopes you won't notice
- Defence minister stands by military's vaccine mandate amid months-long review
- Liberals, NDP and Bloc vote in favour of increasing carbon tax
- FDNY lt. stabbed to death in Queens as she was grabbing food
- Green party downsizes its leadership race after resignations
- Despite Relentless Attacks By Liberals & The Media, Poilievre Leads Trudeau As Choice For Best PM
- EXCLUSIVE: FDA Withholding Autopsy Results on People Who Died After Getting COVID-19 Vaccines

- Biden's Leadership So Weak, Trump Offers to Jump in and Help Strike a Peace Deal: 'Entire World Is at Stake'
- Police rescue passengers from powerless electric ferry
- Conservatives' attempt to cancel carbon tax hikes fails in House of Commons
- Here's where families earning $200K+ live in Vancouver (MAP)
- Surrey, B.C. anesthesiologist charged with sexual assault
- John Ivison: Surely nothing could go horribly wrong with Trudeau’s hastily cobbled-together dental-care plan
- Canada Post quietly moves into banking with national launch of personal loans
- Toronto rent prices soar past homeownership costs + why you can’t use your phone on the TTC
- Suspected sabotage of Nord Stream pipelines has energy prices climbing again
- Closed and closing soon: 9 Vancouver restaurants to say goodbye to
- Federal court throws out lawsuit of Ontario illegal pot farmer who sued CRA for $10M
- Terry Glavin: Khomeinist agents are spying on Iranian-Canadians, but Trudeau is doing nothing
- BREAKING: Trump calls for peace, offers to broker deal between US, Russia, and Ukraine to end war
- Enbridge to sell stakes in seven pipelines to Indigenous groups for $1.12 billion
- Kelly McParland: How to govern like the Trudeau Liberals: talk big, do little and spend lots of money
- Matthew Lau: Cutting CBC would give twice
- LILLEY: Report shows Ontario government workers are very well paid after all
- CBC reporter posts disingenuous tweet about Ottawa’s gun grab scheme
- Trudeau government allows China to open police stations in Canada to monitor Chinese nationals
- GOLDSTEIN: How to fight climate change without national carbon tax
- Group of First Nations and Métis communities acquires minority stake in 7 Enbridge pipelines

- (FAKE NEWS) - Canada just lost its title as the best country in the world — here's why
- Visualized: The World’s Population at 8 Billion
- EDITORIAL: Label Iran's security thugs as terrorists
- Food bank use triples, hits record almost every month: Daily Bread Food Bank
- Hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 antivirals are sitting on shelves across Canada
- 'Completely unjustifiable': Feds paid out $191 million in bonuses to public servants
- Crown drops charges against former MP, MPP, pastor in Aylmer, Ont. COVID-19 rally
- Toronto hospitals must hire thousands to keep ERs open, warns union
- ‘Real disconnect’: Provinces and feds point fingers as Canada’s ER crisis continues
- Is the FBI descending into a smash-and-grab gang?
- More than 1.6 million travellers arrived at border without using ArriveCAN but fewer than 200 were fined
- “Arrogant,” “dishonest” and “corrupt” among top words Canadians use to describe Trudeau
- Updated: Sask. won't allow feds to use RCMP to confiscate firearms
- New Zealand Calls It Quits On Aiding Ukraine's Military

- ‘Lightning just struck me’: Why Costco’s CFO says the price of the $1.50 hot dog and soda combo is ‘forever’
- North Vancouver RCMP release photos of alleged bail scammer
- Foreign Minister Melanie Joly raises abortion in UN speech, as Trudeau sanctions Iran
- Relentless prolific offender sentenced in Nanaimo for egregious crime spree
- Appeal dismissed in shooting death of Yosif Al-Hasnawi
- 'No one should face this abuse': Rape threats about Poilievre's wife referred to RCMP
- Feds lift border vaccine mandates, mandatory masks on planes and trains
- Crown drops Covid charges against Derek Sloan, Randy Hillier, and other protestors
- BREAKING: Kenney Commands Alberta RCMP to Ignore Trudeau’s Gun Laws
- Peer-reviewed Paper - Curing the pandemic of misinformation on COVID-19 mRNA vaccines through real evidence-based medicine
- Why are Chinese police operating in Canada, while our own government and security services apparently look the other way?
- Doctor Turns Against Messenger RNA COVID-19 Vaccines, Calls for Global Pause

- A secret Chinese police force in Trudeau’s Canada
- Military sounding alarm over recruiting problems as Canadians steer clear
- LEAKED: Bombshell Video of Israeli Researchers Discussing Pfizer Vaccine Side Effects, Warning of ‘Medical-Legal’ Consequences
- ArriveCAN delayed U.S. crews trying to help Canada as Fiona wreaked havoc: N.S. premier’s office
- Military sounding alarm over recruiting problems as Canadians steer clear

- Governor General’s office won’t reveal individual menu items on $100K catering bill
- Six Months After the Freedom Convoy, Trudeau's Lies and Cowardice Are Clearer Than Ever | Opinion
- Hundreds march to protest growing gun violence in Toronto
- More than 50 people pushed out after fire at SRO in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside
- Hillary Clinton compares Trump's Ohio event to a Nazi rally
- WATCH: Leaked 'Liberal' report blows Trudeau's narrative apart
- NDP's attacks are proof that Pierre Poilievre is eating their 'lunch': John Baird
- Governor General’s office won’t reveal individual menu items on $100K catering bill
- EDITORIAL: Yes, Trudeau is raising taxes
- FUREY: Biden admits COVID is over — but Trudeau just can’t let go
- GUNTER: Trudeau travels the world, while regular Canadians struggle
- The ArriveCAN app is about to become optional. Will anyone use it?
- Judge rejects students' challenge of Western University COVID booster rules
- FUREY: Biden admits COVID is over — but Trudeau just can’t let go
- Canadian Blood Services welcomes unvaccinated donors

- Coquitlam RCMP flag crime hotspots in these two Tri-City neighbourhoods
- Victoria clinics charge subscription fee for access to a family doctor
- FBI misled judge who signed warrant for Beverly Hills seizure of $86 million in cash
- FIRST READING: To countries considering legal euthanasia, Canada a model of what not to do
- LILLEY: If House of Commons doesn’t need masks, airplanes shouldn’t either
- Liberals lavished public sector managers with $190 million in bonuses
- Canadians Can Now 'Rent-To-Own' A Home & An Expert Broke Down Exactly How It Works
- Brace For Impact, Because There’s No Retreat From A Hard Landing : BMO
- JIVANI: Trudeau misrepresents Canadians who disagree with him
- Beef wellington, $230 flowers: More details on how Governor-General spent $99K on Middle East trip
- Trudeau says he “strongly supports” Iran protests
- Oakville teacher's attire warrants professional standards review: Lecce
- Sask. woman dies allegedly after COVID booster: Daughter in shock
- Mahsa Amini's Murder Revealed the Truth: Hijab Is a Tool of Oppression | Opinion

- Vaccine-injured and coerced join #TrudeauMustGo trend
- Sask. woman dies allegedly after COVID booster: Daughter in shock
- High-level gangster vanishes while on parole in B.C.
- Liberal who flipped Richmond riding in 2021 got help from pro-China activists (with video)
- Police arrest 3 B.C. residents, alleged associate linked to Japanese Yakuza
- Video: Thief walks through shattered glass door during Richmond break-in
- Provincial, federal help needed to address homelessness, recurring vandalism on B.C. fairgrounds: councillor
- Microsoft Teams deemed unsafe to use by security researchers
- Sorry For Misguided Dealers
- New taxes on banks and life insurers will generate $5.3 billion over five years: PBO
- Canada ending requirements for COVID-19 vaccines, ArriveCan app at border Sept. 30
- What’s the point of the NDP?
- Global Affairs Canada admits some costs on nearly $100k in-flight catering tab for GG trip were 'problematic'
- Poilievre blasts Trudeau over 'tax hikes' in first question period clash as leader
- Feds say they don't track if foreign aid goes to terror groups
- RCMP sent Freedom Convoy blacklist to lobbyists
- Public Safety Canada admits that RCMP didn't ask for the Emergencies Act
- FIRST READING: Months after everybody knew it was pointless, the Liberals finally kill ArriveCan

- GUEST OP-ED: Historic septic dig casts doubt on Kamloops residential school burial site claims
- Fraser Institute News Release: The average Canadian family paid more in 2021 on taxes than it did on housing, food and clothing combined
- ‘It’s terrible.’ Buying groceries increasingly more difficult for many Torontonians
- B.C. report on prolific offenders says hardline enforcement is not the answer
- Outcomes at least 90 days since onset of myocarditis after mRNA COVID-19 vaccination in adolescents and young adults in the USA: a follow-up surveillance study
- Suspect in Chinatown delivery driver stabbing charged in 2nd stranger attack
- Wrong-way driver involved in crash that injured 6, closed West Vancouver highway, police say
- Video shows Vancouver police cruiser crashing into pedestrian
- 'It was the scariest moment of my life': Vancouver woman describes being chased by a stranger
- Telus customers ‘flabbergasted’ over new bill payment fee
- Coastal GasLink warned more than 50 times over environmental violations during pipeline construction
- Specialist doctors report 1 million B.C. patients on waitlists
- 23-Year-Old 'Crypto King' Has Luxury Cars Seized After $35 Million of Investor Money Vanishes
- Justin Trudeau's team defends singing Bohemian Rhapsody before Queen's funeral
- Meghan McCain: Trudeau offends millions belting out Bohemian Rhapsody as world mourned Queen's death
- LILLEY: Poilievre seeks unity, reaches out to rivals and former leaders
- Canada announces a $1.21-billion contribution to fight HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria and additional support to mitigate the impact of COVID-19
- Eight times international media has lashed out at Trudeau

- Catalytic converter thefts in Winnipeg plummet after new scrap metal rules, arrests: police
- Vancouver Police charge suspect after man threatened with loaded gun
- Jesse Kline: Sobeys is not to blame for high food prices — government is
- Kelly McParland: No one spends 24 hours in line for a monarchy that doesn't matter
- John Ivison: Uh-oh, Trudeau's back to not thinking about monetary policy again
- 'They missed their flight': Traveller spots mice at Vancouver International Airport
- How to Blow Up a Pipeline (not illegal if they do it)
- William Watson: CBC searched high and low for Marxist profs to speak ill of the Queen
- Nearly a quarter of Canadians cutting back on food purchases amid high inflation: survey
- Justin Trudeau’s Half-Brother Turns On ‘Morally Repugnant’ Sibling As Hashtag Backlash Grows
- Canada's $20 million "gift" to Queen's scholarship program lands Trudeau in hot water
- Economic stimulus should have stopped earlier to tame inflation, Bank of Canada says

- #TrudeauMustGo trend continues to grow on Twitter
- 'BE PREPARED': Big changes coming to No Frills, Food Basics, Metro, Shoppers Drug Mart, Longo's, Real Canadian Superstore and other grocery stores that will impact shoppers
- Rioters trash venue after Lil Baby performance cancelled in Vancouver
- Protester who glued himself to Nanaimo bank sentenced with condition he cannot possess adhesives
- Why is Killing Eve actress Sandra Oh at the Queen’s funeral?
- GOLDSTEIN: PM slammed for ‘tone deaf’ musical performance
- John Ivison: Scaremongering about Poilievre could be the only move Trudeau has left
- #TrudeauMustGo trend continues to grow on Twitter
- CRINGE: Trudeau sings Freddie Mercury at Queen’s funeral 
- LILLEY: Liberals dismiss the very real #TrudeauMustGo campaign
- Poilievre turns conservatism into ‘a choice, not an echo’: Full Comment with Anthony Furey

- Comment: Canada has an unfair public/private compensation gap
- B.C. government going after millions in assets linked to Downtown Eastside pot shop
- Multiple shots hit Surrey home early Sunday morning
- Michael Taube: How Pierre Poilievre can become Canada’s next prime minister
- How Pierre Poilievre is winning new support among young, diverse voters

- 'The boat’s sinking': Unvaccinated Kelowna healthcare workers want back into the workforce
- Convicted killer granted bail on new charges, jumps bail six days later
- Rex Murphy: The Trudeau factor in Pierre Poilievre's big win
- Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attends Queen's lying-in-state, meets King Charles III
- EDITORIAL: Group-think in universities
- Conrad Black: A measure of dissent
- Vancouver police seize cache of weapons from Hastings Street encampment
- Canada's Month-By-Month Winter Forecast For Each Province Reveals When Snowstorms Will Hit
- Feds struggled to find businesses harmed by Freedom Convoy to compensate

- Global News begs for government money as it faces imminent collapse
- Coquitlam RCMP investigate Thursday night gunfire between 2 vehicles
- Tough milestone for Vancouver renters
- ‘Trudeau Must Go’ hashtag movement keeps growing on Twitter
- Spy who smuggled teens to join Islamic State while working for Canada could be returning here
- The loonie has fallen to its lowest level in almost two years — here's why
- The Bank of Canada is losing money for the first time ever on rising rates
- Walking 10K a day is a health sweet spot, study finds — and walking faster is even better
- Over 2,000 'potentially fatal doses' of fentanyl, thousands in cash seized from Surrey convenience store
- Trudeau government considering end to COVID-19 vaccination mandate at border and random testing: sources
- Ottawa police officer charged for allegedly donating $50 to Freedom Convoy
- Nineteen-year-old male shot dead in Mimico on Thursday night
- Taiwan created a successful health-care system by learning from Canada. We should now be learning from them
- ‘Punitive and ridiculous’: Vancouver business questions dumpster graffiti fine
- MORGAN: Canada's fake economic recovery is going to crash
- CHARLEBOIS: The restaurant bleeding continues
- Ottawa cop faces misconduct charge for allegedly donating to 'Freedom Convoy'
- WATCH: Spanish TV Reporter Says Martha’s Vineyard Residents Privately Admitted They ‘Don’t Want Migrants Here’
- THAT WAS QUICK: Buses Arrive at Martha’s Vineyard and DEPORT Illegals Off the Island (VIDEO)
- ‘Trudeau Must Go’ hashtag movement keeps growing on Twitter

- Ontario Covid ‘expert’ exposed as a pedophile
- Serious hit-and-run puts man in ICU, police seek driver and witnesses
- Cochrane senior issues warning after scammers robbed him of nearly $10K
- This woman entered the U.S. with an expired passport, but lawyer doesn't recommend trying it
- Ottawa won’t say if CSIS operative who trafficked teens to Islamic State militants is now in Canada
- Shoplifters nabbed with thousands of dollars in clothes at Richmond outlet mall: RCMP
- Sea to Sky Gondola's new security system failed during 2nd cable-cutting incident, lawsuit says
- Richmond store staff chase suspect who ran off with pricey Cartier shades (PHOTOS/VIDEO)
- Gun ownership laws in Canada are about to change. Here's what is happening in Alberta
- These are the 15 Canadians who get to attend Queen Elizabeth's funeral in London
- Canada's restaurants look to raise prices amid inflation, global challenges
- Woman charged in Canada Day incident wanted B.C.-wide, Victoria police say
- Prolific offenders are committing an outsized amount of crime in B.C. What can be done to solve the problem?
- Scotiabank fires back at Trudeau’s claim that new spending won’t drive inflation
- Martha's Vineyard homeless shelter coordinator Lisa Belcastro on the migrants flown
- Victoria police seek wanted woman who’s also a council candidate
- “According to Trudeau I’m an extremist” Twitter trend goes viral 

- Vaccine Narrative Collapses as Harvard Study Shows Jab More Dangerous than COVID
- Carbon tax and rebates cost Ontario families hundreds every year
- Soon we’ll all work part-time as a grocery cashier
- Canadian Tire’s rise in past-due accounts might be a big red flag
- Canada-wide warrant issued for man wanted by Correctional Service of Canada
- HELP! Trudeau’s 'disinformation' czar served us with a lawsuit
- One man is dead after shooting in Burnaby
- RCMP release thermal image, profile of suspect who cut Sea to Sky Gondola cable
- Richmond attempted robbery suspect sought
- Nanaimo residents rally outside courthouse, saying they're fed up with crime
- Suspect in GTHA shootings had long criminal history: parole docs
- Opinion: Draconian COVID measures were a mistake, let's not repeat them
- Denmark bans COVID jab for most people under 50
- Opinion: Ten reasons Canadians are unhappier
- 2000Mules Texas Style: Newly Discovered Police Body Cam Footage Implicates Top Tarrant Co. Texas Democrat Officials in Ballot Harvesting
- 'Today is important; targeted supports for Canadians who need it most': Associate finance minister.
- Federal tourism executives took $32K in bonuses while industry crashed
- Illegal Immigration Under Biden Admin Costs Taxpayers More Than Trump’s Border Wall: Report
- LILLEY: Trudeau runs on populist slogans so why shouldn't Poilievre?
- Why Liberals should fear Poilievre: Like Diefenbaker, he’s a master communicator

- Smashing spree causes more than $50,000 in damage in Downtown Eastside
- B.C. to close schools, give public workers day off Monday to mourn Queen
- Richmond MP yet to open local office - a year after getting elected
- RCMP says recording of disputed Lucki phone call did exist but has been deleted
- The Very Good Butchers pulls plug on Mount Pleasant flagship store
- Metro Vancouver brewery restaurant shuts down suddenly after 23 years of beers
- Vancouver mayor promises 200,000+ homes over 10 years if re-elected, opponents slam proposal
- Quebec MP quits Conservative caucus after Poilievre win, to sit as an independent
- Liberals unveil dental care details, boosts to rent benefit and GST rebate in NDP-backed affordability package
- Trudeau says new spending won’t fuel inflation. Scotiabank disagrees
- Prime Minister says Sept. 19 will be federal holiday to mark Queen's state funeral
- Canadians Saw Their Net Worth Fall By Nearly $1 Trillion, Biggest Drop In History
- WATCH: Trudeau Media Member Heckles CPC Leader Pierre Poilievre
- 4th suspect wanted in connection with 2021 triple shooting in Regent Park
- Global News chief political correspondent says Pierre Poilievre should 'go f*ck himself': staff
- WARMINGTON: Despite violent criminal career, system didn't keep cop killer locked up

- In response to Leith Marouf scandal, Hussen outlines new training, protocols for Heritage funding
- Freelance journalist challenges City of Vancouver's demand for $260 plus GST for report into Value Village fire
- Toronto officer killed in 'ambush' attack identified as 22-year veteran, father of 2
- 43-year-old man charged with aggravated assault after stabbing meal-delivery worker in Chinatown: police
- (fake news) Trudeau on the attack against Poilievre's 'irresponsible' politics
- B.C. woman who suffered stroke waited over an hour for an ambulance. Now she's partially paralyzed
- Man owing $1.3M to nurse he attacked walks out of court saying he could 'snap again'
- Canada is losing jobs — but the economy is losing more workers to retirement, too
- Smashing spree at Vancouver bank totals $70K of damages
- Debt-to-disposable income ratio rises to 182%, StatsCan says
- Suspect killed after shootings in Mississauga, Milton leave 2 dead including Toronto police officer
- Poilievre says 'Canadians are hurting', promises to transform 'hurt into hope'
- LILLEY: Poilievre a threat to Jagmeet Singh's NDP
- Rupa Subramanya: The best critique of the World Economic Forum came from Chrystia Freeland herself
- Poilievre demands new tax moratorium from Trudeau
- Rex Murphy: Prime Minister Pierre Poilievre is something to look forward to
- Amid Failed Trudeau Government Policies, Canadian Household Wealth Falls By Largest Amount In Canadian History

- Public assistance required in search for wanted man: Sask. RCMP
- Barbara Kay: The private organizations trying to get to the bottom of the Marouf affair
Energy crisis to cast Eiffel Tower into early darkness
- LILLEY: Can Poilievre beat Trudeau? Of course he can and here's how
- North Van police warn public after 6 seniors scams in 2 days
- Update: Beheaded Mom Identified and Guess What? The Killer Is an Illegal Immigrant with an Expired Visa

- GOLDSTEIN: Poilievre says he can win despite a hostile media
- Pierre Poilievre elected new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada
- Thousands of LADWP customers without power in L.A.
- POILIEVRE: Canadians need a PM who hears them and offers hope
- Pentagon Tells Struggling Army Soldiers, Families To Apply For Food Stamps

- Victim of Burnaby shooting was suspect in Coquitlam murder, court hears
- Increasing number of UBC students facing housing affordability issues
- Rex Murphy: Queen Elizabeth II was an anchor in an angry and unsettled era
- 22-year-old man arrested for hate crime after incident that targeted Jewish community in Hamilton
- ‘I feel my life is less-than’: Woman says she’s stuck abroad after Air Canada ‘broke’ her wheelchair
- 61% of Vancouver residents considering leaving region due to housing affordability: survey
- Residents of newly built Toronto building are outraged over massive rent increases
- Canada lost 40,000 jobs in August, 3rd monthly decline in a row
- Posthaste: Latest Bank of Canada rate hike to squeeze already struggling small businesses
- B.C. man found guilty in 1978 murder of 12-year-old girl loses appeal
- Trudeau had ‘epic battle’ with former finance minister over budget spending, new book says
- Fire breaks out in Vancouver’s Chinatown following explosions: police
- Dollarama posts higher sales, profit as shoppers look for cheaper prices amid inflation
- Carnegie Mellon University disavows professor who called for the Queen's death to be 'excruciating'
- Winnipeg babysitter accidentally shot while taking loaded gun from toddler
- Man accused of attacking Chinatown security guard now wanted on B.C.-wide warrant
- Peckford defends Danielle Smith's sovereignty law

- John Ivison: Remember Canada's fight against Venezuela's dictator? We lost
- Vancouver police search for 3 suspects after Downtown Eastside church fire ruled an arson
- Two arrested in fatal Nanaimo stabbing released without charges
- Feds have ‘questions’ about Myles Sanderson’s death in RCMP custody: Mendicino
- Queen Elizabeth II has died, aged 96
- ArriveCan must be used by all runners crossing border for Detroit marathon
- Laid off? Cut spending, take advantage of severance and apply for EI, say experts
- LEVY: Canadians should tune out the public health fearmongers

- Man charged after 26 transit buses shot with BB gun: VPD
- ROWAN: I crossed the border using Trudeau’s Blackface Photos
- Thieves steal $16K in electronics from Colwood, B.C., store: RCMP
- Man charged after 26 transit buses shot with BB gun: VPD
- B.C. premier announces financial aid for cost-of-living increases
- NDP leader says party will 'force' government to move on dental care, housing
- Tyre Extinguishers claim more than 600 SUVs ‘disarmed’ in one night
- Some condo prices in Burnaby's Metrotown beginning to exceed downtown Vancouver
- 2 men wanted Canada-wide after they didn't return to B.C. psychiatric hospital: RCMP
- LILLEY UNLEASHED: Homeowners will feel the pain as interest rates rise, yet again
- Joe Oliver: Liberals risk drowning in the Poilievre wave
- LILLEY: Trudeau punishes home owners rather than cut spending to fight inflation
- Saskatchewan stabbing suspect raises concerns on parole release

- Feds announce $1.4 billion loan for Squamish Nation’s Sen̓áḵw project
- Strapped for cash: Vancouverites among the worst in Canada for debt
- Canada comes second last in global ranking on electric vehicle 'readiness'
- Gwyn Morgan: Canada’s unfair public-private compensation gap
- SHOCKING VIDEO! Via MC4EI and Gateway Pundit — 13 Minutes of Never-Before-Seen Footage of Ballot Trafficking in Detroit, Michigan – Including Postal Workers!
- PM Trudeau holding affordability-focused cabinet retreat in Vancouver

- Comment: We failed to invest in the medical system, and now we pay
- Jamie Sarkonak: How many spree killings does it take for the RCMP to be frank, honest and timely in telling people what’s going on?
- Canada is buying into the rent-to-own concept. Here's how it works
- Kelly McParland: Unfairness in Canada's Parliament is congenital and incurable
- Saskatchewan stabbings: What happened throughout 4-day-long manhunt
- Crime Stoppers: Four on wanted list (from May 27 2022)

- Factbox: Canada's worst mass killing incidents
- Push is on to hire more paramedics in B.C., but some veterans say barriers remain
- Nanaimo business owners frustrated with growing social disorder
- By the Numbers: Canada's worst mass killings
- FBI agent Timothy Thibault hid intel from whistleblower on Hunter and the ‘Big Guy’ Joe Biden
- Conservatives React to Biden Calling Them a ‘Threat’ to the Nation: ‘I Go to Work… Pay My Taxes and Don’t Break the Law’
- 3 suspects sought in downtown sexual assault investigation
- California Extends ‘Flex Alert,’ Warns Drivers Not to Charge Electric Cars
- Amazon temporarily shuts down solar rooftops at all US facilities due to fires
- Most Canadians agreed Emergencies Act was an overreach: internal polling
Send in a public comment to the Emergencies Act Inquiry
- RCMP looking for suspects after 10 dead, 15 injured in stabbings in Saskatchewan
- Man found with gunshot wound outside Mississauga nightclub

- Canada stabbings suspect has 59 prior convictions, documents show
- 'Untenable': long-standing Vancouver pub shuts doors from rising prices
- Electric vehicle facts the establishment doesn’t want you to know
- Investigation highlights concerns over fighter pilot nicknames tradition in Canada
- Rex Murphy: The Liberals and an incomparable travesty of hate

- Alberta Lieutenant-Governor donated $27K to Liberals 
- Getting a booster is like recharging a “phone battery”: Health Minister
- Fake News Friday | CBC fails to debunk “bugs conspiracy theory”
- Health Canada considering recommending a booster every three months
- Emergencies Act inquiry delayed four weeks as commissioner undergoes surgery
- Ottawa man among seven charged as drugs, weapons seized
- NACI now suggests Canadians consider a COVID-19 booster every 90 days
- Testimony from key RCMP officer at mass shooting inquiry can't be broadcast
- Canada: Why ERs are struggling to stay open nationwide
- Etobicoke father of 2 'lucky to be alive' after road rage incident leaves him severely injured
- Hackers stole CERB benefits of at least 12,700 Canadians, alleges class-action lawsuit
- Surrey, B.C. anti-gang advocate killed in ‘altercation between 2 neighbours’
- Surrey RCMP say gangster Shakiel Singh Basra arrested again in Surrey
- Man tries to open car doors at red light in downtown Vancouver (VIDEO)
- Man wanted on B.C.-wide warrant for bear spray attack on senior in Chinatown
- Convoy organizers want funds unfrozen to pay for role in upcoming inquiry
- Most of the crime guns seized in Toronto are smuggled into Canada from U.S.: Police
- NP View: Liberal incompetence + identity politics = Laith Marouf affair
- Alberta Lieutenant-Governor donated $27K to Liberals 

- Canadians are angry because of “climate change” says Trudeau
- Ratio’d | Canada isn’t a serious a country
- California is the first state to make electric cars mandatory. Now it’s telling owners not to charge them
- Filmmaker Mani Amar killed in dispute between Surrey neighbours
- GOLDSTEIN: Pandemic employment recovery almost all gov't jobs, report says
- Metro Vancouver renters are spending nearly 40% of their monthly income on rent
- Two-hour wait for ambulance after stroke just blocks from New Westminster hospital
- Canada’s Economy Is Still 30% More Dependent On Real Estate Than The US In 2006
- Some B.C. doctors shorted 'significant' amount on paycheques
- 'I feel safe here finally': LGBTQ2S+ refugee from Afghanistan resettled in Canada, thousands more still trapped
- 'There's a child in that vehicle,' officers told before fatal shooting of toddler and father, audio reveals
- LILLEY: Trudeau and Freeland bring in luxury tax saying the rich don't pay their fair share
- Californians told to stop charging EVs days after state moves to ban sale of gas vehicles
- New Electric Mustang Only Lasted 6 Months Without Dangerous Complications - Ford Announces Major EV Recall
- LILLEY: Academics and medical experts seem to like hurling vitriol and abuse at Dr. Moore over relaxing COVID guidance

September 2022

- Trudeau’s deputy prime minister tried to hide Nazi family history and mother’s ties to George Soros
- PM Trudeau to shuffle cabinet on Wednesday
- YVR security employees absent without cause on Sunday could be fired, disciplined: memo
- No need to isolate for 5 days if COVID-positive as long as symptoms improve: Ontario top doc
- Man jumps out of van, tries to grab woman walking in New Westminster
- Rex Murphy: The Trudeau government's hypocritical stance on hate and its targets
- Rent-to-own a path to homeownership for some, but not a ‘magic solution’: experts
- A Saanich doctor is not backing down; charging patients $1,500 annual fee
- Comment: Access to health care in Victoria is at a third-world level
- Freeland attends events in Alberta as Mounties investigate harassment
- B.C. now has the lowest fertility rate in Canada. Home prices are (partly) to blame
- Russia ups ante in gas showdown halting Nord Stream flows to Europe
- Bigot ‘Slipped Thru’ Says PM
- 300 apartments evacuated after electric vehicle catches fire in Quebec City
- YVR security employees absent without cause on Sunday could be fired, disciplined: memo
- Sky high food prices at the CNE
- Opinion: Civic election outcome will determine road tolls for downtown Vancouver
- PHAC is hiring security guards for ‘quarantine facilities’

- RCMP investigating after man accosts Freeland in Alberta
- Former Liberal MP “utterly disheartened” over Liberal inaction on Laith Marouf
- The Rupa Subramanya Show | Everything wrong with mandates and lockdowns (ft. Dr. Neil Rau)
- GUNTER: Trudeau's 'green' obsession is Canada's nightmare
- Police issue warning after Nanaimo store staff stop scam in progress
- Canada to fund 'rent-to-own' program under C$2 billion housing plan
- Vancouver high-risk sex offender arrested after Canada-wide warrant
- B.C.'s posts $1.3B budget surplus for 2021-22, contrary to big deficit forecast
- Florida man goes viral over car dealership quote showing absurd cost to replace electric vehicle battery
- B.C. sets up $60-million back-to-school affordability fund for families

- Trudeau spends $22,000 on bill for food for two months on taxpayers dime
- Danielle Smith would invoke Sovereignty Act to bar federal ‘climate cops’
- First person to receive compensation for COVID vaccine death discusses Canada’s Vaccine Injury Support Program
- 'Heartbreaking loss': B.C. agency looks into ambulance call after infant death report
- Simmering rift between RCMP, municipal police, boils over in N.S. inquiry
- 'You should know your full name:' How one Oakville grandmother was scammed out of $10K by man posing as grandson
- Trudeau residence spent $12K on groceries, boutique goods in one month
- Elon Musk Says That Civilization 'Will Crumble' If We Transition From Oil and Gas Too Quickly
- FBI's Brazen Response to Zuckerberg Claim About Hunter Biden Just Makes the Bureau Look Worse
- Kelly McParland: Is there a 'business case' for defending Canada?
- LILLEY: If Justin Trudeau wants Canadians to show each other respect, he should lead by example
- Vancouver Pride week assault suspects identified
- Passengers stranded on cruise ship in Vancouver after tugboat workers strike
- UBC student plans daily commute from U.S. after failing to find Metro Vancouver rental
- Guy Who Invoked The Emergencies Act & Then Lied In An Attempt To Justify It Is Now Lecturing The Country About Threats To Democracy
- B.C. Mountie charged with possessing restricted firearm while off duty
- Trudeau targets $2B in spending to fix Canada’s housing supply, affordability issues
- AGAR: Politicians aren't listening to people — no wonder so many are angry
- Canada had twice as many government employees working from home than US
- Justin Trudeau's hands-off approach to inflation is becoming untenable
- Ridiculous rentals: $2,100 gets you a sink and toaster oven in Vancouver (PHOTOS)
- The Andrew Lawton Show | Why university vaccine mandates are harmful and unnecessary
- EDITORIAL: Trudeau's LNG stumble isn't helping Europe

- Passengers face long lines at Vancouver airport amid security screener shortage
- ‘We’ve lost our park’: Nearby residents raise concerns about sheltering at Victoria’s Stadacona Park
- Canadians wait in pain for orthopaedic surgery amid record backlogs: ‘Only getting worse’
- Canada invests $100M in 'historic' action plan for 2SLGBT communities
- GOLDSTEIN: Canada’s divider-in-chief is Trudeau, not Poilievre
- Long delays at Vancouver airport due to security staff shortages
- SLOBODIAN: Freeland just playing victim card
- mRNA shots are the gift that keeps on giving

- Canadians are resorting to debt to pay bills amid high inflation
- Vivian Bercovici: Laith Marouf embodies critical race theory that is so popular in Ottawa
- (You reap what you sow) Deputy PM Freeland verbally attacked in Alberta; politicians condemn abuse
- Beloved Sidney restaurant closes amid staff shortage, pandemic challenges
- GOLDSTEIN: Kissing off oil and gas sector cuts our economic throat
- Private Jets to Ibiza, Paris Surge as Rich Evade Travel Chaos
- EDITORIAL: Another disgraceful attack by a Liberal
- Canadians are resorting to debt to pay bills amid high inflation
- Bill Maher Clashes With ‘Meathead’ Rob Reiner Over Media’s Burial Of Hunter Biden Laptop Bombshell
- NP View: Sorry Trudeau, the case for LNG is clear, now get out of the way

- 'Powerful tools of White Supremacy': Embattled anti-racism group speaks out to supporters
- The FBI Colluded with Facebook to Interfere in the 2020 Presidential Election | Guest: Steve Bannon
- Germans are looking to firewood for energy as natural gas prices soar
- Omicron Boosters Are Coming, But They Weren’t Tested on People. Here’s What You Need to Know
- Moderna is suing Pfizer over its coronavirus vaccine
- Opinion: Canadian renters face unfairness as prices continue to climb
- Vancouver Police search for high-risk offender wanted Canada-wide
- B.C. cannabis stores close, lay off staff as job action prevents pot deliveries
- Two suspects arrested in Saanich dating app extortion
- Carson Jerema: We're about to learn how wrong it was to use the Emergencies Act

- Pronouns caused Agriculture Canada systems to crash
- Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz boost efforts to secure EV raw materials in Canada
- Saskatoon tech company Vendasta fires about 5 per cent of employees
- Canadian Mortgage Debt Is Rising A Half-Billion Dollars Per Day On Average
- ‘The Taliban don’t know how to govern’: the Afghan women shaping global policy from exile
- Top Mountie says she doesn't always agree with RCMP's discipline process
- Kelly McParland: How decades of Liberal indifference created Danielle Smith
- Series of Downtown Eastside building fires alarm residents, advocates
- OPP issue warning after 19 people killed in collisions last week
- Patients forced to wait inside ambulances outside overcrowded Montreal-area hospital
- Health Canada and the 35,000 missing computers
- Nanaimo drug users, mayor welcome funds to house eviction-bound tenants as homelessness crisis grows
- Man who threatened to kill Vancouver pizza server arrested 4 times in 2 months
- Rex Murphy: What's the Liberals' excuse for hiring an 'anti-racist' who spews antisemitism?
- Teen charged, Canada-wide warrant issued for second teen in death of woman found in apartment
- KRAYDEN: Trudeau’s digital ID is coming and it’s coming for you
- Canadians must cut meat consumption by half to reach climate goals: report
- The Line Between Anti-Racism and Racism Keeps Getting Fainter - Laith Marouf
- Toronto teachers’ union files grievance as influx of Ukrainian children fleeing war boosts class sizes beyond caps

- Bank Will End Loans for New Gas and Diesel Cars, Buyers Will Only Get Loans for Right Decision
- 40 East Hastings residents willing to accept housing as 'challenging' street-clearing work continues
- 2 caught in stolen pickup truck after it broadcasts location to police
- Canada will return remaining gas turbines covered under sanction exemption, Joly says
- Canada just missed possibly one of the greatest opportunities in its history
- Six Months After the Freedom Convoy, Trudeau's Lies and Cowardice Are Clearer Than Ever 
- Feds try to prevent disclosure of 'sensitive' details in turbine court case
- The dangers of centralized digital ID: Why government has no business knowing so much about us
- Justice Centre brings legal challenge against ArriveCAN and quarantine measures

- Canada’s Inflation Revisions Show Something Is “Really Wrong”: National Bank
- Code Blue: A Global News series delving into Canada’s health-care crisis
- 'I'm just at a loss for words': Newlyweds' luggage, valuables stolen in Stanley Park
- BC's last remaining Swiss Chalet location has officially closed
- Prolific offender charged 64 times since 2016 back in Kelowna, police warn
- Fraser River sockeye closed to Island fishers, as U.S. fleet nets B.C. bound fish
- EXCLUSIVE LEAK: Trudeau installing weapons armouries, interrogation rooms for Ministry of Climate Change
- LILLEY: Man out of jail year after conviction for smuggling 248 guns into Canada
- 7 times Trudeau met with pedophiles, terrorists and extremists
- Ukraine Aid Now Up To $3B

- Canadian soldier suffering with PTSD offered euthanasia by Veterans Affairs
- 'I thought I might die at home': Canada's health-care system is crumbling, experts say
- RCMP commissioner, former top N.S. Mountie set to testify at public inquiry
- Retired top N.S. Mountie outlines 'failures' in mass shooting response
- Victoria mother struggles to find housing after losing business during pandemic
- Surrey shootout reported in Newton, car found burned Sunday
- Danielle Smith: Alberta sovereignty is a constitutional right
- Western University reinstates masks, mandates Covid boosters

- Emergency rooms close in B.C., paramedics union says ambulances unstaffed
- B.C. paramedics union voice concern over lack of ambulance staff
- This Week’s Top Stories: Canadian Real Estate Now Requires 64% of Income & “Excess” Demand Is Gone
- Moving to Canada was harder than I thought. I'm not sure I'd do it again
- 75 years of Nuremberg

- NP View: Canada must slow down and reform transgender treatments for minors
- Toronto's Pearson airport now 2nd worst in world for delays. Ottawa says travel woes on the mend
- Colby Cosh: The mystery of COVID's origin may never be solved. China might like that
- Brampton woman, 86, says scammers threatened her after she refused to send them $10K
- Two dead, ten hospitalized after vehicle crashes into West Vancouver wedding party: Police
- Assault of 3 young women, 1 bystander on Vancouver transit under investigation
- Fatal stabbing in Surrey came after confrontation with 'group of youths': IHIT
- Most B.C. residents say homelessness a major problem, governments doing bad job addressing it
- Conrad Black: Is this a return to global MADness?
- Toronto's Pearson airport now 2nd worst in world for delays. Ottawa says travel woes on the mend
- Rex Murphy: A foul-mouthed 'anti-racist' worthy of the Liberal government
- GUNTER: Political interference should cost commissioner her job

- Fake News Friday | Journalists cry over mean tweets
- Dartmouth woman's painful struggle highlights N.S. paramedic shortage
- Mayor asks province to fund 42 paramedic jobs to stave off 'level zero' incidents
- FIRST READING: How Canada ignored warnings that euthanasia would immediately go too far
- 'No evidence whatsoever' that ArriveCAN app causes problems, transport minister tells MPs
- Fake News Friday | Journalists cry over mean tweets
- Escort clients being drugged, robbed, warns Surrey RCMP
- Vancouver cyclist warns others after bike stolen from TransLink bike parkade
- Richmond RCMP investigating shots fired; abandoned truck in Surrey believed to be connected
- JIVANI: Do Trudeau Liberals even know what racism is anymore?
- RCMP investigating gun shots fired in Richmond
- 3 suspects wanted after saws used to open ATM: Mission RCMP
- PM Justin Trudeau says decline of French in Canada ‘extremely troubling’
- Richmond RCMP investigating shots fired; abandoned truck in Surrey believed to be connected
- MPs will have to to consider all possible consequences of trade trip to Taiwan: Trudeau
- Rupa Subramanya: How Ottawa exploited our fear to limit our liberties
- Niagara police officer with history of violence charged in suspected road rage incident
- Busted generator forces Canadian warship to quit mission to the High Arctic: navy
- Vancouver police investigate three violent stranger attacks in Fairview neighbourhood
- LILLEY: Alghabra denies federal government's role in border bottlenecks
- BLM activist accused of using donations to fund lifestyle seeks unemployment benefits
- Lantsman accuses government of misleading public on airport delays
- BC Liberal MLA ejected from party for questioning climate change
- Feds probe 'disturbing' tweets by consultant on government-funded anti-racism project

- (Rachel Gilmore sued for slandering Topp) ‘Good PR’: Why anti-hate experts are urging politicians to step up vetting practices
- Inside the controversial FBI unit behind the Trump raid
- RCMP investigating after shots fired in residential Richmond, B.C. neighbourhood
- Mandarin now Toronto's 2nd-most common first language, reflecting years of demographic change
- Sabrina Maddeaux: Tiff Macklem wants workers to keep paying for his mistakes
- Rex Murphy: Of 'rad-trad' Catholics, 'battle beads' and belly laughs
- Survival 'the only concern' as Canadian tenants struggle to pay rent
- 3 arrested in New Westminster for pointing bear spray at girl
- Chris Sankey: Liberals only consult with Indigenous people who agree with them
- Minister Claims ‘Record Year’

- 1.3M Canadians Have Fallen Behind on Housing Payments Due to Inflation
- The government can’t create jobs!
- Vancouver rents: $1,450 a month for a loft bed in a living room shared with 1 woman, 3 rabbits
- Surrey woman with broken hip waits nearly 12 hours for ambulance
- You'll need a household income of over $320K to afford a home in Vancouver
- Island Health issues overdose advisory for Greater Victoria
- Federal government announces 4 new passport service sites as backlog continues
- B.C. Professional Employees Association threatens strike, warns of 'costly delays'
- Canada’s Real Estate Bubble Is So Big Households Need 64% of Income For A Mortgage
- (fake news: the convoy was 100% peaceful) Intelligence memo flagged possible 'violent revenge' after Ottawa protest shutdown
- Ottawa shrugs off past SNC-Lavalin criminality and misconduct

- Trudeau’s mandates were political…now what?
- ‘Where are we supposed to go?’ Downtown Eastside rally opposes tent city eviction
- Man arrested twice in 48 hours, this time for assault
- Ian Mulgrew: Charter of Rights and Freedoms a mirage?
- Canada is rife with rental scams and they've risen 15% since last year
- Greater Vancouver Zoo closed without warning
- Veterans Affairs says worker ‘inappropriately’ discussed medically assisted death with veteran
- Government employee offered euthanasia to veteran struggling with PTSD
- GUNTER: More stats showing Canada doesn't have gun crime problem

- Wet’suwet’en pipeline protest blocks Vancouver traffic
- Threatening flyers distributed throughout Vancouver tent encampment: police
- Without a doctor, B.C. woman hits the road to get a diagnosis for ‘excruciating pain’
- Not everyone is happy with the newest rule impacting air travel in Canada
- LILLEY: Number of Ontarians dying while waiting for surgery spiked in pandemic
- Canada’s Digital ID plans “uncomfortably close” to Chinese social credit: report

- Feds quietly change rules to allow one-time ArriveCAN exemption at land border crossings
- Tamara Lich: Political Prisoner?

- Canadians disapprove of Justin Trudeau’s job as prime minister and feel he is divisive, national opinion survey says
- Rex Murphy: That sound you hear could be the country fragmenting
- Conrad Black: Donald Trump will be a successful president again
- Trudeau knew about convoy talks but wanted his “emergency” anyway
- More than 10,000 Canadians received a medically-assisted death in 2021: report
- 'So very tired': Inside the thoughts of Justin Trudeau’s official jet

- fake news by Globe and Mail - Stats Can shows trade up for Feb 2022. And Gov provided "estimates" as if this Gov has never lied before. Convoy blockades cost Canadian economy billions in reduced GDP, documents show

- LILLEY: Trudeau was never interested in 'breakthrough' with Freedom Convoy
- No rooms available, so Vancouver tent city residents scramble to find a home
- More than half of B.C. residents say state of downtown core has declined in last year: poll
- Canada's no-fly list for suspected terrorists survives constitutional challenge by two men trying to get off it
- “Post-apocalyptic scenes": Poor tourist reviews hurt Chinatown businesses
- Canadian Airport Authority rejects “Ban ArriveCan” billboard
- After Ruthlessly Dividing The Nation & Encouraging Unhinged Rage Towards Millions Of Canadians, The Media Is Shocked To Discover Canada Is Divided And Rageful
- Trudeau told cabinet that allies were concerned about Canada's 'ability to handle' convoy protests
- Canada considered jobs, inflation in decision to return Russian turbine: document
- Trudeau government was told of ‘potential for a breakthrough’ with protesters a day before it used Emergencies Act, cabinet documents reveal
- Trudeau government invoked Emergencies Act despite ‘potential for a breakthrough’ with convoy protesters, documents show
- Man who killed his wife and left body in a garbage container gets full parole
- The tyranny of Justin Trudeau has finally been exposed - and by two Brits, no less
- Cabinet heard of potential 'breakthrough' with 'Freedom Convoy' protesters before Emergencies Act was invoked: documents

- Vancouver hiring lifeguards committed to “decolonization and equity”
- The RCMP is tapping cellphones but wants us to trust them
- 'A tough pill to swallow': More families living in tents, RVs on South Shore
- B.C. cop stalked ex-girlfriend for years using police computers, misconduct probe finds
- Vital agency or unnecessary bureaucracy? B.C.’s $10M department you’ve never heard of
- Sabrina Maddeaux: ArriveCAN's a menace. It needs to be shelved
- Scientists march on Parliament Hill with 60-metre-long open letter demanding pay raises
- Catecholamines Are the Key Trigger of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis: A Compelling Hypothesis Supported by Epidemiological, Anatomopathological, Molecular, and Physiological Findings
- ‘Dehumanizing’: B.C. woman outraged her mother placed in hospital sunroom with no call button
- Across Canada, cities struggle to respond to growing homeless encampments
- Police Officer Ticketing Cyclists in Park Hits Cyclist in Bike Lane with His SUV
- 'Worst in the world': Here are all the rankings in which Canada is now last
- Canada seeks to boost annual foreign aid budget as food security concerns rise, Sajjan says
- Hunter Biden laptop repairman John Paul Mac Isaac says FBI agent threatened him to hush up
- Vancouver hiring lifeguards committed to “decolonization and equity”

- Reality Check: Why is housing unaffordable? Too much government
- ‘Bulls**t!’: Megyn Kelly Goes Ballistic Over FBI’s Raid Against Trump, Says ‘It’s About Jan. 6’
- Trudeau’s intelligence agencies spying on politicians, opposition MP says
- Heavier flow, breakthrough bleeding reported among some individuals after COVID-19 vaccine: study
- LILLEY: Last thing we need to solve health staffing crisis is more highly paid bureaucrats
- 'Waiting for our death': Afghan military lawyers beg Canada for help to escape
- Judge refers Nova Scotia murderer to restorative justice program in provincial first
- 'Red flags' for money laundering raised in B.C. misconduct findings on honorary consul for Ukraine
- Bobacabana is "closing its doors for good" in New West
- Public servants earning over $100K grew by 39,000 last year: Canadian Taxpayers Federation
- Brian Bird: Pierre Trudeau and Pierre Poilievre would have been friends in freedom
- Number of personal bankruptcies in Toronto up by 22.2% in just three months
- LILLEY: Court records show Trudeau brought in vaccine mandates for travel purely based on politics
- Rex Murphy: NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh may also be its destroyer
- Party of five: How one Canadian family is coping with the highest inflation in years
- 45,000 more federal bureaucrats receiving six-figure salary than before pandemic
- Trudeau Liberals defend RCMP's frequent use of spyware tools on Canadians
- How Anti-Israel Activists Use And Abuse International Law to Defame Israel: A Fireside Chat with Yifa Segal, International Director of UK Lawyers for Israel
- Globe & Mail Attacks Poilievre On Polio & Vaccine Mandates, While Completely Neglecting To Mention His Legislation Was Specifically Focused On Covid-19

- Multiple arrests following violence with police as tents removed from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside
- David Rosenberg: Roof is about to cave in on the Canadian economy
- 2 seniors taken to hospital after break-in attempt near Richmond park
- Canadian tech company Hootsuite laying off 30% of staff
- FIRST READING: The NDP sold out to Trudeau and all they got was some free dental care
- Canadian frigates absent from NATO naval forces for first time since 2014
- GOLDSTEIN: Canadian medicare — high costs, long waits, mediocre outcomes
- LILLEY: Trudeau doesn't like the opposition to his fertilizer plan

- Trial postponed again for murder of 13-year-old girl Marrisa Shen found dead in B.C. park
- Global tech slump leads to growing number of layoffs in Vancouver
- LILLEY: Canadian energy company building pipelines again, in Mexico
- The open-minded Canada I immigrated to is no more: Full Comment with Anthony Furey
- Suspect already in handcuffs stole Toronto police SUV with two dogs inside
- FUREY: When hospitals can't keep doors open, it's time to fire people
- Vaccine rules lifted for some travellers over others, new evidence shows
- House of Commons transport committee to investigate Pearson’s airport delays
- Ottawa police detective faces misconduct charges for allegedly seeking links between COVID vaccine and child deaths
- Ontario hospitals plan to uphold COVID-19 vaccine policies amid 'crisis' staffing shortages
- Federal Court publishes vaccine mandate trial documents after media report

- Downtown Vancouver machete attack sends four to hospital with life-altering injuries
- VITAL SIGNS OF TROUBLE: Many Ontario nurses fleeing to take U.S. jobs
- GUEST OP-ED: “Virtue science” reigns

- Mom raises red flag over staff shortage at Kingston hospital
- Vancouver police identify discovered body as missing Indigenous woman
- Conrad Black: Pierre Poilievre the man to raise Canada out of its infantile stupor
- Senegalese government says diplomat 'savagely beaten' by Gatineau police
- Police arrest pair who tried to scam $15K from Cambridge senior
- ‘Paycheque to paycheque.’ Inflation is hitting low-income Canadians hard — and its effects are likely to be long-lasting
- GUEST OP-ED: Trudeau delaying his second carbon tax is good news for Canadians

- Massage therapist charged after sexual assault of woman in North York
- Police still investigating officers' donations to Freedom Convoy fundraiser
- LILLEY: Trudeau's latest gun measure more about votes and election posturing than safety
- ‘End of an era’: No buyer means beloved Central Saanich restaurant closing after 43 years
- Swiss Chalet's last remaining BC location is closing soon
- Hate crimes have surged in Canada since the start of the pandemic: StatCan
- Renters are feeling the pinch nationwide. These 5 charts break it down
- Suspect pictures released after stabbing in St. Catharines
- Canada has 22 cases of acute hepatitis in children, all of them hospitalized
- Raymond J. de Souza: Trudeau condescendingly tried to make papal visit all about him
- B.C. 911 dispatch operators plead for more staff amid rising emergency call wait times
- Gatineau man receives conditional discharge after pleading guilty in domestic assault case
- Homicide police identify victims in fatal South Surrey shooting
- Affordable rental units for seniors sitting empty in North Vancouver
- Metrotown stabbing: Two hurt after fight in Burnaby's Station Square
- Trudeau Liberals' ban on handgun imports set to take effect August 19
- Major immigration backlog in Canada leaving thousands of trained health-care professionals on the sidelines
- Canada to temporarily ban import of handguns without approval of Parliament
- Sabrina Maddeaux: The incredibly incompetent Mélanie Joly
- Public Schools Indoctrinate Canadian Students With Transgender Propaganda
- Liberals Bypass Parliament To Ban Handgun Imports
- The legacy media defends Trudeau’s “well-deserved” vacation
- Elderly patients with nowhere else to go are crowding hospitals. How Ontario aims to solve the crisis

- Toronto senior diagnosed with rare disorder after COVID vaccine last summer still waiting for compensation
- More People Should Watch the Hulu Sci-Fi Gem That 'Out Star Treks' Star Trek
- Watch: Dramatic police takedown at Burnaby SkyTrain station captured on video
- Jesse Kline: Does Freeland actually mean it when she says she wants LNG projects?
- Vancouver's mayor says feds and B.C. need to step up funding for homeless people
- Man gets jail, probation after jaywalking with DIY stun gun in Burnaby
- Returning one turbine to Russia 'failed,' Ukraine ambassador says in urging Canada to keep others
- Status of Canadian deal to buy artillery shells for Ukraine is uncertain
- Alleged gangsters named in public safety warning from B.C. police
- Oil shipments propel Canada to sixth consecutive trade surplus
- Man suspected of fatally shooting three people in Montreal killed by police
- Canadian Armed Forces to start training Ukrainian soldiers in U.K.
- Tire-deflating climate activists coming to Vancouver 'soon,' group says
- Suspect in three homicides was released from institution despite 'significant risk'
- Court documents show Trudeau travel mandates were purely political
- YOU SAID IT: Lead by example

- Canada donates $40 million to address Ukraine grain storage shortage
- Judicial inquiry into Trudeau’s use of Emergency Powers will cost taxpayers roughly $19 million dollars
- Paladin Security raises B.C. healthcare pay rates to livable wage
- Removal of tents in Downtown Eastside postponed as city attempts to find storage options
- BC overhauls EV rebates after years of the rich drawing public subsidies for luxury vehicles
- Police seize 3D-printed 'ghost guns' in B.C. Interior
- B.C. man convicted of killing pregnant wife granted day parole
- TERRAZZANO: Not all Conservatives oppose second carbon tax — but they should
- In one month, Trudeau used enough fuel to power a trucker convoy

- Trudeau slammed for hypocrisy over celebration of Emancipation Day
- Ukraine president asks gov't to study legalizing same-sex marriages
- Court Documents Reveal Canada’s Travel Ban Had No Scientific Basis

- ‘A Valuable Backstop’: California Turns To Jet Fuel-Burning Power Plant To Keep The Lights On
- Dr. Hinshaw sees massive bonus for extra COVID-19 pandemic work
- Prime minister spent all but 11 days last month in the air
- Trudeau leaves Canada for two-week tropical vacation in Costa Rica
- Records show Trudeau is routinely offered portraits of himself as gifts
- Study finds vaccinated people spread COVID for a longer period of time
- WARMINGTON: Eight people wounded in wild west — and east — GTA shootings on long weekend
- Ontario healthcare system on life support: Why are ER wait times so long?
- Trudeau spent more time in the air in July than all of last summer

August 2022

- Activist group claims tires deflated on 34 SUVs in Victoria and Oak Bay
- Trudeau and family head to Costa Rica for 2-week vacation

- Environmental activists are deflating tires on SUVs in Greater Victoria
- Sing Tao, Canada's largest Chinese-language newspaper, to end print edition
- FUREY: It feels like so many things are falling apart in Canada

- 'Grandparent scams' on the rise with more than $2.7 million lost across Canada this year
- NP View: Trudeau ploughs ahead with fertilizer cut, while turning a blind eye to human suffering
- Advice: Eat With Your Hands
- 30 people block RCMP vehicle at northwest B.C. pipeline site as protests continue
- U of T students living in residence will have to be triple vaccinated against COVID-19
- Supreme Court rules condom use can be condition of sexual consent in assault cases
- Comment: The basic health question: Who owns our bodies?
- East Hastings Street tent city still there as deadline to clear it passes
- Former police watchdog head denies directing RCMP not to reveal N.S. shooter's guns
- P.E.I. pub pulls Trudeau's photos after barrage of hate-filled comments 
- WEF proposes using “wind-powered boats” to decarbonize the shipping industry
- Metro Vancouver woman robbed, dragged on street by four men
- Canada’s ambassador to Ukraine working off-site in Kyiv due to security concerns
- Despite PM's 'surprise' photo op, Canada's Kyiv embassy remains shuttered
- Privacy commissioner investigating Trudeau’s ArriveCAN app
- U.S. judge gives Canadian man life in prison for aiding Islamic State

- 'Crisis stage': Food banks in Canada stretched thin amid high inflation, increased demand
- Blair and Lucki offer new details, deny interference in RCMP N.S. mass shooting investigation
- Metro Vancouver gym closes and keeps members' pre-paid fees
- RCMP issue warning after indecent act on Galloping Goose Trail
- Ottawa offers $1,337 apiece for AR-15 rifles under mandatory buyback program
- Mark Rutte calls farmer protests “small” and “unacceptable”
- Airport COVID measures derail Israeli terror survivors’ trip to Canada’s Wonderland
- Franco Terrazzano: Taxpayers shouldn’t pay more for Ottawa's poor performance
- EDITORIAL: Federal Indigenous funding a black hole
- Alberta agriculture minister says Ottawa’s fertilizer reduction target is ‘pulled out of the air’

- Family told autopsy results for 14-year-old who died unexpectedly could take up to a year
- Former NCAA swimmer forced to compete with Lia Thomas details 'extreme discomfort' in the locker room
- Family told autopsy results for 14-year-old who died unexpectedly could take up to a year
- A huge Canadian tech company just cut thousands of jobs in Toronto
- Royal Bank ordered to reveal who's behind 97 offshore accounts
- 'It's a mess': Why Vancouver council meetings are seen by some as the most inefficient in Canada
- B.C.'s 2nd-ever active shooter alert was sent during the Langley attacks. Why no alerts for other shootings?
- City of New Westminster gains $26 million from selling low-carbon credits
- VPD gang investigation yields major seizure of cash and drugs
- "I called back in tears": Injured Vancouver woman shares struggles with 911 response
- Freedom Convoy Organizer Tamara Lich Released on Bail Again
- Ethics committee votes to investigate whether RCMP spied on MPs
- Jordan Peterson: Worst is yet to come from Trudeau Liberals
- Police Had Funding Blacklist
- Canadian federal bank tracked customers supporting Freedom Convoy: internal documents
- WARMINGTON: Hospitals confirm deaths of four physicians but deny vaccine-related

- Nanaimo judge finds man not guilty of cocaine importation, trafficking
- Lions Gate patient who died in ER got 'significant care': B.C. health minister
- Convoy organizer Tamara Lich again granted bail
- Crime spree spans View Royal, Sooke, Ucluelet, Port Alberni
- Gulf Islands ferry cancellations linked to lack of affordable housing for ferry workers
- ArriveCan app non-compliance causing headaches for understaffed border officers
- CBC salaries include 125 senior directors earning up to $186,000 each
- Sport Canada was aware of Hockey Canada allegations in 2018, but didn’t tell minister
- U.S. to sell additional 20M barrels of oil from strategic reserve
- 'Freedom Convoy' organizer Tamara Lich freed on bail for second time
- Ex-Liberal MP accused of using office for personal gain sees trial extended to fall
- 'Enough is enough,' Tamara Lich's lawyers tell fifth judge in arguing release

- Huang's Beef Noodle: Long-time restaurant closed after more than 25 years
- Four victims shot in Langley, B.C., over six-hour period: RCMP
- Canadian Cities Have Seen Investors Buy Up To 100% of Newly Constructed Condos
- Man arrested after 'crime spree' across southern Vancouver Island
- Alleged night-prowler in east-end Toronto neighbourhoods charged again
- Fire department orders removal of tents, structures from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside
- With ERs on the brink, doctors explain what patients should consider before they go
- B.C. man watches luggage go on whirlwind European tour without him courtesy of AirTags
- 3 dead including suspect in string of shootings in Langley, B.C.: Shooter’s identity released
- Top British Communist appointed to WHO Chair
- Rex Murphy: Food and energy — the Liberal government's attack on life's essentials
- WEF calls for an end to private car ownership
- EDITORIAL: It's time to cool down Canada's climate zealotry
- Diane Francis: Justin Trudeau is letting down Canadians (and doesn't seem to care)
- CBC employees earned $30 million in Covid bonuses during pandemic

- Tears galore as popular Kitsilano diner serves up its final meals, Nelly's forced to close due to rent increase
- Roadside incident leaves one man dead after police-involved shooting in Nanaimo
- EDITORIAL: Things are a mess -- Trudeau needs to get to work

- GUNTER: The truth about electric vehicle numbers in Canada
- Catherine McKenna Reveals The True Liberal Agenda Behind Social Media ‘Regulation’: Silencing Their Opponents
- GOLDSTEIN: Stop taking Trudeau’s farcical climate targets seriously
- GUNTER: The truth about electric vehicle numbers in Canada
- Vindication: Pastor Artur Pawlowski on His Massive Court of Appeal Victory
- EDITORIAL: Lack of pipelines costing us billions
- Russian attack kills Canadian, two Americans and Swede in eastern Ukraine: report
- Barbara Kay: The once mighty Amnesty International has sunk to irrelevancy
- Canadian Mortgage Debt Tops $2 Trillion, Likely To Soon Eclipse Size of GDP
- Canada Set Up To Be Worst-Performing Western Economy For Decades

- Trudeau says sports organizations have work to do to restore Canadians' trust
- Calgary preacher's Artur and Dawid Pawlowski public gathering violation conviction set aside, fine reimbursed
- Canada working to help move grain from Ukraine, but faith in Russia ‘nil,’ says Trudeau
- CBC paid $30 million in bonuses during first two years of COVID-19 pandemic
- Trudeau pushes ahead on fertilizer reduction as provinces and farmers cry foul
- FIRST READING: Is Ottawa trying to cover up Trudeau’s embarrassing flight habits?
- Up to 40% of people arriving at Windsor border don't have ArriveCAN filled out: CBSA union
- Police patrolling Superstore locations in Halifax has some customers concerned
- LA highway heist: Thieves make off with millions in gems, gold
- ATM stolen from building, police investigating
- Ottawa admits some travellers were incorrectly told to quarantine due to ArriveCAN app glitch
- Nowhere to live: Rents in Canada surge as home prices fall
- B.C. Ferries fires president and CEO after 173 cancelled sailings in 28 days
- Inmate escapes Port Coquitlam pre-trial facility, considered 'dangerous'
- Old age security to rise 10 per cent for Canadians 75 and older
- These airports are the world's worst for delays and cancellations this summer
- Rex Murphy: Jagmeet Singh's perplexing support for a government he seems to despise
- Trudeau pushes ahead on fertilizer reduction as provinces and farmers cry foul
- BREAKING: Pastor Art Pawlowksi’s contempt conviction set aside on appeal
- Police search for accused murderer and 2 alleged accomplices after escape from B.C. jail
- A moment of laughter: Politician's catching Covid after claiming the vaccines stop transmission.
- Flight-tracking enthusiasts set up Twitter account to track PM’s plane

- Ottawa asks FAA to block military planes — including PM and GG flights — from flight trackers
- Over $500K raised for pizza delivery man who saved 5 from burning house
- ALLRED: The West wants out!
- 6 Degrees Eatery closes in Vancouver's Coal Harbour
- 'You give up a lot': B.C. real estate market forces Langley family to relocate to buy a home
- Rogers replaces chief technology officer in wake of nationwide outage
- Man wants answers after wife released from ER with stroke symptoms
- Rapper wants justice after Ottawa police 'tore house apart' in failed no-knock raid
- Medical schools in Ontario didn't want her. So this aspiring family doctor is training in the U.S.
- Sri Lanka implements QR code digital ID fuel rationing
- Fully vaccinated senior ordered into 14-day quarantine for not using ArriveCAN
- Piedmont saw its official homeless count spike. Now its unsheltered residents are nowhere to be found
- 2 Windsor, Ont., residents charged with being 'leaders' in Ambassador Bridge blockade, police say
- Income of over $220,000 needed to buy home in Vancouver, Toronto: new data
- Rex Murphy: The appealing ordinariness of Pierre Poilievre
- Ottawa asks FAA to block military planes — including PM and GG flights — from flight trackers
- Joe Rogan destroys ‘creepy dictator’ Justin Trudeau

- Vancouver City Council greenlights up to $700,000 on lawsuit against oil firms
- Canadian military looking at blocking real-time tracking of flights, including PM’s plane
- Only 1 out of 65 childcare providers in Waterloo region have signed on to $10-a-day plan
- Speculation and vacancy tax will help housing affordability in new communities
- Fake cop conducts fraudulent traffic stop in North Vancouver: RCMP
- Lessons on inflation and rates from the 21.25% mortgages and 19.5% Canada Savings Bonds of 1981
- Five things to know about the turbine controversy between Canada and Ukraine
- Buyers of pre-construction townhomes in Mississauga hit with 6-figure closing costs
- Serial Richmond thief “sick to his stomach” after admitting breaking into multiple condo towers
- Canada Child Benefit Is Getting Another Boost & Families Can Get Up To $6,833 Per Year
- Inflation Rises Again, As Canadians Continue To Pay The Price For The Liberal Agenda
- Business booms for coffin manufacturer
- High Inflation Makes Trudeau’s Spending Habits Harder to Justify
- Catholic nurse had right to Covid shot exemption: Ontario arbitrator
- Trudeau's Harrington Lake beer fridge cost the taxpayer $4000
- Karamveer Lalh: Our obsession with 'wokeness' is poisoning our politics
- Reporters banned from asking questions at Trudeau event
- Wads of cash. ‘Relentless’ pressure. Infighting at Unifor. Leaked investigation findings reveal new details of Jerry Dias scandal
- Canada inflation hits 8.1 per cent year over year in June
- LILLEY: Trudeau still won't act as inflation hits another 40-year record
- China orders 300 million more tonnes of coal to be mined a year
- Man back in custody in connection with woman, toddler knocked over in Chinatown

- ‘Tamara Lich is an enemy of the state’ (feat. Ari Goldkind)
- Soaring rents price out some Canadians
- Nova Scotia mass killer accumulated cash through 'illegitimate or suspicious' means
- Tenants face displacement after Vancouver Island RV park more than doubles rent
- Patient lying on Drayton Valley hospital ER floor prompts call for change
- Woman dies of heart attack in Ashcroft, B.C. after ER closed, ambulance unavailable
- The New York Times published a piece titled "Turbulence on the Ground at Toronto's Pearson Airport" on Saturday
- Vancouver Police investigation leads to charges in Yaletown homicide
- John Williamson: High gas prices have been the plan all along  
- Indigo won't put a book about the Freedom Convoy in stores, despite it being a bestseller
- Trudeau, one of the only Western leaders to mandate masks on trains, spotted maskless on train
- 'Completely dropped the ball': Transport Canada's endless delays ground pilots
- Bestselling book about Freedom Convoy kept off shelves at Indigo

- Vancouver councillor wants city to allocate $600,000 toward class-action lawsuit against Big Oil
- Hundreds of BC Ferries employees out sick at any given time, company says after latest cancellations
- Doctors say health system has ‘collapsed’ as patient surges fuel ER closures
- Closed and closing soon: 5 Vancouver restaurants to say goodbye to
- Man threatened to stab fast food worker over $2.90 slice of pizza: VPD
- Richmond rental rates among top three in Canada last month
- Johnny Rockets has closed locations, paused operations in Canada
- 'We will truly miss seeing you': Kitsilano restaurant closing after over 30 years of breakfasts
- Police, mall heap praise on armed man who stopped Indiana mass shooting despite mall's policy against guns
- What we know about the armed civilian who killed Greenwood gunman
- Tamara Lich paying the price for humiliating the government
- ArriveCan ‘glitch’ ordering vaccinated Canadians into quarantine without reason
- (fake news) Trudeau's muted trip to Kelowna a Liberal success
- Elderly man threatened with $5K fine at Pearson Airport over ArriveCAN app (VIDEO)

- New GST rates to come into effect from Monday: Complete list of items set to get dearer

- Germany's Scholz says switch back to coal and oil 'temporary'
- Trudeau greets crowds at Junior Carnival parade in Scarborough
- Incarcerated transgender woman Demi Minor impregnates two inmates at NJ prison
- Veteran nurse shares why some are leaving patient care
- Chris Selley: Steven Guilbeault's train in vain
- Trudeau hops out of brewery appearance after protestors gather outside

- Vancouver police release photo of suspect after another senior scammed out of $10,000
- Quarterly federal carbon price rebates appear in bank accounts with vague labels
- Ottawa should stay out of food labelling business
- B.C. nurse loses licence for 6 months after helping create fake vaccine cards
- G20: Canada claims Russian delegation are personally responsible for ‘war crimes’ in Ukraine
- Refugee family claims Canadian tax dollars are being wasted on overpriced temporary home
- Alberta NDP promoted MLA one month after he breached provincial vaccine records
- Gwyn Morgan: The disastrous consequences of the green movement
- PETITION: Save Jose Alba — drop the murder charges against bodega clerk who defended himself
- 25 arrested, $1.7M in drugs seized in Ontario-wide drug trafficking investigation
- Majority Of Canadians Disapprove Of Trudeau, See Him As Divisive
- Stunning official Canadian data show vaccines now RAISE the risk of death from Covid
- Trudeau event at brewery cancelled as apparent convoy protesters set up outside
- JOE ROGAN: Canadians gotta get rid of 'f*cking dictator' Trudeau
- ‘They’re F*cked’: Joe Rogan Says Canada has Gone ‘Communist’, Rips ‘Gross’ Trudeau as ‘Dictator’
- Opinion: A $100-million hummingbird nest and other Trans Mountain absurdities
- Canadian Taxpayer Federation says Trudeau carbon tax rebates won’t offset the cost
- Rex Murphy: Justin Trudeau on a hot tin roof
- Edmonton church, pastor fined $80K after obstructing COVID-19 health inspection
- Canada restricts import of chicken, eggs from a number of U.S. states

- BATRA’S BURNING QUESTION: What is Justin Trudeau doing right? Interest and inflation are rising.
- Government of Canada is re-establishing mandatory random testing offsite of airports for air travellers
- Health Canada approves first COVID-19 vaccine for kids under 5
- Severe allergic reactions potential side effect of Novavax COVID vaccine: EU
- Health Canada approves Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine as first for youngest kids
- Seniors being tricked by scammers pretending to be police: VPD
- Union’s case against Coca Cola’s mandatory vaccination policy dismissed, again
- Median rent in Vancouver reaches new record for a one-bedroom apartment
- Toronto man wanted after allegedly choking, punching woman and possessing a handgun: police
- Twitter finally bans group that encouraged harassment of Supreme Court Justices
- BREAKING: Tamara Lich reportedly to be held in jail until at least July 25
- FIRST READING: Canada's chronic inability to keep its most dangerous citizens behind bars
- Ripudaman Singh Malik, acquitted in Air India bombing, killed in Surrey
- 'Tough' 6-12 months ahead for Canadians amid inflation, rate hikes: expert
- Court documents detail RCMP hacking investigation into Alberta politician Thomas Dang
- Over 60% of Canadians say Trudeau is divisive, many want him to resign
- Health Canada approves COVID vaccines for babies
- Leaked internal video shows Starbucks CEO blaming local government for crime shutting down 16 stores: 'America has become unsafe'

- Canadians disapprove of Justin Trudeau’s job as prime minister and feel he is divisive, national opinion survey says
- Punched 7 times in the face - Vancouver mom outraged after daughter attacked
- 'A very difficult decision': PM Trudeau defends returning Russia-Germany pipeline turbines
- Median income of people living in four major Ontario cities revealed
- LILLEY: Trudeau fiddles while economy burns amid rising inflation, interest rates
- 'Very difficult decision' to return turbine for Russian pipeline -Canada's Trudeau
- More price hikes coming to Canadian grocery stores this fall, food suppliers say
- Guilbeault's cross-country climate train tour derailed by lack of service

- Police say no charges forthcoming in hate incident involving drivers on Hamilton’s east side
- Record number of Nova Scotians looking for a family doctor
- Canadian military breaks with tradition, changes dress codes
- The impossible green dream
- Charter not violated in denying transplant to patient who refused COVID-19 vaccine, court rules
- KRAYDEN: Mainstream media created Stampede story to inflate Trudeau's ego
- Exclusive — Donald Trump on Joe Biden Selling U.S. Oil Reserves to Chinese Company Linked to Son Hunter: ‘Terrible’
- ‘File Shuffling’ Cost Millions
- Report: W.H.O. Guidance Claims ‘Sex Not Limited to Male or Female’
- Opinion: Canada’s economy is decapitalizing
- Pierre Poilievre: Canadians' trust in the news media has reached an all-time low

- Canadian charities hit by double whammy of rising costs, more demand
- Man in his 50s comes from the U.S. to meet girl at Nanaimo park, RCMP investigating
- EDITORIAL: We should scrap the app, not make it permanent
- Canadian health care on ‘brink of disaster,’ nurses say
- U.S. man ordered to leave Canada after potential child-luring incident in Nanaimo
- Tamara Lich’s imprisonment is an affront to justice
- Adam Zivo: Liberals mock sanctions, enable reliance on Russian gas
- LILLEY UNLEASHED: Farmers revolt in Holland, will Canadian farmers be next?
- Conservatives call on privacy watchdog to investigate convoy account freezing

- (fake news was not mobbed, private liberal function offsite) Prime Minister mobbed by admirers at Stampede pancake breakfast
- Trudeau references Ukraine, inflation at Calgary Stampede pancake breakfast
- OPINION: High gas prices hurting? That’s exactly what Trudeau wants
- Teen monsters laughed as they beat elderly man to death
- Bergen takes aim at the legacy media during Calgary Stampede
- The Unconscionable Persecution of Tamara Lich

- With P.E.I.'s inflation rate the highest in Canada, what should happen to the minimum wage?
- MUST WATCH: Angry Canadians heckle Justin Trudeau, call him a ‘communist pig’
- GUNTER: The problem with the Canadian Armed Force's new dress code
- Liberal links to the political persecution of Tamara Lich
- US cruise ships using Canada as a ‘toilet bowl’ for polluted waste
- Moiz Karimjee Assistant Crown Attorney Attorney General - Lich Prosecutor
- BUSTED! Is Mayor Patrick Brown using City of Brampton employees for work on CPC leadership campaign?
- Canada's public service is collapsing. Let us count the ways
- Any and all records of adverse events/injuries from the sars cov-2/covid 19 vaccines that are being administered in British Columbia.
- The Dutch people are rising up to protest destructive WEF climate law. We are going to share their story with the world.
- Canada to use traditional spelling of 'Turkiye' following UN move
- Police looking for boy alleged to have sexually assaulted two women on public trail in 24-hour span

- Trudeau’s nitrogen policy will decimate Canadian farming
- Watch: Greenwald Slams Hunter Biden Laptop Coverup As "Biggest Media Fraud" In A Decade
- Rex Murphy: Liberal ineptitude reaches a new low with the great passport drought
- Surrey woman hurt after shots fired at Fleetwood home
- Wanted man poses public safety risk, Vancouver police warn
- VPD searches for man wanted Canada-wide
- More than 40,000 jobs lost in June: Statistics Canada
- Rogers outage: Telecom says it’s ‘fully engaged’ to fix issues; Fido, Interac customers also impacted by network outages
- Trump praises ‘great man and leader’ Abe after assassination
- Montreal bail hearing on sex charge for Peter Nygard delayed by Rogers outage
- BREAKING: Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich DENIED bail
- Tamara Lich denied request for bail
- Haiti Did Not Vaccinate Its Citizens, The Current Vax Rate is 1.4% — Yet Country Has One of Lowest COVID Death Rates in the World — Weird, Huh?
- Elon Musk terminates $44 billion Twitter acquisition deal
- Business community taking massive hit due to Rogers outage
Trudeau’s nitrogen policy will decimate Canadian farming
- Liberals want perpetual government assistance for legacy media
- EU Declares Fossil Fuel To Be “Green” Energy As ‘Climate Change’ Narrative Self-Destructs
- John Ivison: The rot in Canada’s dysfunctional government is coming from the top

- Toronto homeowners can now legally build apartment suites in their backyard
- Taxpayers billed $1.6 billion in overtime for federal workers between 2019-2021
- Vancouver has a new tent city. This time it’s in the street, not a park
- Barrie man arrested twice in less than 24 hours
- All the Vancouver restaurant closures so far in 2022
- Quebec tourist waited a week for emergency surgery after B.C. doctor refused to operate over billing
- Canadian swimmer says she was drugged at world championship event
- Wet'suwet'en leader charged with criminal contempt over Coastal GasLink pipeline blockade
- Nova Scotia mass shooting: Public inquiry issues RCMP new subpoena for information
- Rex Murphy: The Liberals are out to lunch on high gas prices
- Franco Terrazzano: Nothing prudent about Trudeau government’s budgeting
- Two men injured in overnight shootings on Toronto highways
- CFB Borden-based military officer faces life in prison for anti-vaccine speech

- This article is included because it shows the Media really are biased.  Guilt by association only applies to Conservatives.
- How close is too close to the far-right? Why some experts are worried about Canada’s MPs

- Woman injured in random attack at TTC's Kipling Station
- Canada to send 39 London, Ont.-made armoured vehicles to Ukraine to help war efforts
- Top Democrats, Staffers Fume Over White House's Chaotic Impotence
- Elon Musk slams Twitter over Jordan Peterson 'deadnaming' suspension
- EDITORIAL: Liberal nobodies cower before Trudeau
- Tucker Carlson calls to impeach Biden after release of millions of barrels of oil from Strategic Energy Reserves for export to China, India and Europe
- 'Free Jose Alba,' New Yorkers up in arms as DA Alvin Bragg charges bodega worker for murder
- Biden Admin Sold Nearly 1 Million Barrels Of Oil To Chinese State-Owned Company Tied To Hunter Biden
- Assembly of First Nations chiefs vote for financial audit at its annual gathering
- Feds threaten to fine Canadian travellers for not using ArriveCAN app
- LILLEY: Dutch farmer protest sparked by policy Trudeau wants for Canada
- Poilievre slams Global News as “Liberal mouthpiece” over biased reporting
- Woman taken to hospital after another apparent random attack at Toronto transit station

- RCMP says Coastal GasLink contractor injured by lone man blocking Lamprey Creek bridge
- Nearly half the police department in Nelson, B.C. under investigation: sources
- American burger chain leaves Western Canada after closing all its Vancouver locations
- Canada to throw out 13.6 million doses of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine
- FIRST READING: Everyone's blaming Ottawa for tourism still being a disaster
- Deaths with unknown causes now Alberta's top killer: province
- EXPOSED: Canadian claiming to be fighting in Ukraine revealed as fraud
- Would Censor Political Posts
- Looking Like Trump Was Right: Report Says Hunter Biden Under Fed Surveillance for China Ties
- Posthaste: 'Forever renters:' Nine million Canadians have given up on homeownership
- Dutch farmers protest across the country in response to proposed environmental laws
- WATCH: In Condescending & Elitist Remarks, Chrystia Freeland Makes It Clear The Liberals Want Higher & Higher Fuel Prices
- Trudeau and Rutte ‘golden pin-up boys’ for World Economic Forum: Rowan Dean
- Liberal Government Now Looking At Regulating “Private Communications”
- James Topp says he'll continue his anti-vaccine mandate march to Newfoundland
- Lich crown prosecutor donated $17K to Liberals, attended Trudeau fundraiser
- Timothy Denton: Our government is censoring us, and with Bill C-11 it will get worse

- LILLEY: Customs backlog at Pearson declared a fire hazard but Trudeau government buries head in the sand
- Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly won't shake Sergey Lavrov's hand at G20
- More than half of Canada's AstraZeneca vaccine doses expired, will be thrown out
- Randy Hillier’s daughter Chelsea Hillier ordered to pay $97,000 for defamatory tweets
- Pat King involved in early Freedom Convoy protest planning, court documents show
- William Watson: Airports, passports and now productivity
- Bank of Canada's rapid rate hikes likely to cause recession, study finds
- 52 shot in New York City over July 4 weekend
- Homicide investigation underway after woman set on fire at Kipling Station dies of injuries
- GUNTER: Lich being persecuted, not prosecuted
- Canadian mountain no longer named for Nazi collaborator thanks to father and son
- N.B. woman shocked at four-year wait time to see dermatologist
- Court martial planned for soldier who criticized vaccine mandates, led march to Ottawa
- More than 100 WestJet employees suing company over vaccine mandates
- LILLEY: Feds allow illegal immigration to flourish while the legal system fails
- Global News journalist smears Pierre Poilievre and James Topp
- ‘All Going Down The Drain’: 100-Year-Old WWII Veteran Breaks Down In Tears, Issues Warning To Americans

- TERRAZZANO: Each Canadian owes $56,000 in government debt
- 'TWO DOSES ARE NO LONGER ENOUGH': Canadians required to get COVID shot every nine months
- Canadian commandos to get new pistol but exact type is secret — except for anyone with access to the internet
- Trudeau government to ship Roxham Road illegal border crossers to Ontario
- Some emergency rooms across Canada shutting down amid staff shortages
- Police on the lookout for man accused of indecent exposure... but what if it was just Pride?
- Expert sees similarities between botched B.C. bank robbery and 1997 North Hollywood shootout
- Man who allegedly exposed himself to mother, two young children in Richmond Hill wanted
- The Most Patriotic and Accomplished President in Modern Times

- One of two suspects killed in bank robbery was rejected from Canadian Armed Forces

- Hunter Biden’s laptop had contacts for Google execs, US officials for China policy
- Some emergency rooms across Canada shutting down amid staff shortages
- 'Everyone is broke’: Popular Vancouver Diner announces it is closing down
- McDonald's Canada to end 'free hot drink' stickers on cups
- Twin brothers identified as armed bank robbers killed by police in Saanich, B.C.
- KRAYDEN: Chris Scott calls Trudeau “spoiled brat,” says he knows why Tamara Lich rearrested
- Chicago 4th of July weekend violence begins with 22 people shot, 4 fatally, in 20 hours
- B.C. 911 operators forced to work more overtime than ever before due to 'critical' labour shortage
- 22-year-old twin brothers identified as Saanich bank shooting suspects
- GOLDSTEIN: PM’s carbon taxes disconnected from reality

- Twitter ‘Silenced’ Physicians Who Posted Truthful Information About COVID, Lawsuit Alleges
- Canadian flag represents promise of a better life, Trudeau says in Canada Day message
- SHOCKING: Altercation occurs between individuals and police near War Memorial
- Ottawa Police Arrest Four People Amid Protests
- Inside the chaos of the Assembly of First Nations national chief's office
- The J6 Show Trial Is Lying About Election ‘Fraud’
- Jordan Peterson: I’d Rather Die Than Delete Truthful Tweet For Cancel Creeps
- 93-Year-Old Man Gets Fed Up After Repeated Break-Ins, Grabs His Shotgun and Makes Intruder Pay
- Under pressure: Canadians are losing trust in their governments, adding stress to our public institutions
- WATCH: Stephen Harper’s 2015 Canada Day vs Trudeau’s 2022 Canada Day
- The misery of waiting overnight in line in hopes of getting a passport
- ‘Up Yours, Woke Moralists’: Jordan Peterson Responds To Twitter Ban After Comments About Trans Actress Elliot Page

July 2022

- U.S. Supreme Court limits federal power to curb carbon emissions
- Air Canada cancels 154 flights a day this summer amid 'unprecedented and unforeseen strains'
- Canada will be at G20 summit this fall even if Putin attends: Trudeau
- Royal Canadian Navy relieves Pacific fleet ship commander for 'inappropriate conduct'
- More Canadian troops headed to Latvia, Trudeau says at NATO summit
- Cruiser 'riddled with bullet holes' after shots fired at officers: Penticton RCMP
- A two-bedroom in Richmond listed for $3,000/month has would-be renter fuming
- BREAKING: Tamara Lich to remain behind bars until July 5
- Ottawa must act fast to avoid another economic catastrophe
- CRTC Ruling Signals How Bill C-11 Could Be Used To Regulate Internet Content
- James Topp leads crowd at the National War Memorial in singing O Canada
- New clean fuel regulations to raise gas prices, affect low-income Canadians most
- What the hell has happened to Parliament Hill?
- Woman with 'full goatee' has gone missing in Toronto: police
- Pierre Poilievre joins James Topp on march into Ottawa

- Top N.S. Mountie wanted an officer dismissed for sexual misconduct — but Commissioner Lucki disagreed
- Health-care workers sue province, top doctor over mandatory COVID-19 vaccination, testing
- CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Pearson Airport chaos-good luck finding your bag!
- EDITORIAL: Federal services collapsing under Trudeau
- OPINION: As doctors, we say Canada's federal COVID-19 policies need to go
- All speech to be monitored and approved by police in Ottawa
- LILLEY: Do you believe RCMP members or the weasel words of denial from politicians?
- Affordability expected to get worse for renters in Vancouver this summer
- B.C. old-growth forest protesters to stop blocking roads, group says
- Trudeau to send another $350 million to Ukraine
- MORE LIES: Cassidy Hutchinson ALSO Lied about Handwritten Note in Testimony — And Liz Cheney KNEW IT WAS A FALSE because the Actual Author of the Note Testified It Was His!
- Big Tech banned claims vaccinated could spread Covid. Now the government admits it was “hope” not “science”
- Border restrictions to enter Canada extended until at least Sept. 30
- RCMP admits to remotely turning on phone cameras, mics of criminal suspects
- Justice Centre statement regarding Tamara Lich
- Teen Who Had Double Mastectomy Regrets ‘Gender Journey’
- RCMP admits they hack Canadians’ devices to spy on them
- Dangerous and Ineffective: Experimental Pfizer Vaccine Causes Nearly FIVE “SERIOUS Adverse Events” Per Every ONE Person it Kept From Being Hospitalized with Covid, Study Finds
- John Ivison: Transport minister thinks he's done all he can to alleviate airport chaos. He's wrong
- EDITORIAL: Federal services collapsing under Trudeau

- Do the Liberals really have a 'National Apology Advisory Committee'?
- Surrey RCMP seizes gun, cash and drugs
- LILLEY: Trudeau talks a lot on the world stage but says nothing and has no one listening
- Surrey RCMP investigation into stolen vehicle leads to drugs, cash, handgun
- B.C. Premier John Horgan to step down before next election
- ArriveCan app could have use beyond pandemic, public safety minister says
- Who’s Still Buying Fossil Fuels From Russia?
- Lucki cited ‘pressures’ from Blair amid Nova Scotia shooting probe: RCMP official
- Egypt: ‘Extremist’ Muslim tries to kill Christian woman by cutting her neck with a sickle
- Canada pledges more aid and loans to Ukraine as G7 targets Russian oil
- Letter to RCMP Commissioner Lucki rebuked her for trying to influence messaging after mass murders
- Government of Canada agrees to release Cabinet documents to the Public Order Emergency Commission
- Liberals waive cabinet confidence for Emergencies Act evidence
- Lawsuits Pile Up Against BC COVID-19 Mandates
- Socialite sex 'monster' Ghislaine Maxwell jailed 20 years
- LILLEY: Tamara Lich nabbed for breach of bail while repeat violent offenders use revolving door of court system
- 6 officers injured in shooting at Saanich, B.C. bank, 2 suspects killed
- RCMP official: Lucki claimed direct pressure from federal minister to name guns
- Six injured in late-night Scarborough shooting
- 2nd RCMP staffer suggests commissioner under political pressure after N.S. mass shooting
- RATH: Tamara Lich is a political prisoner once again
- Emergencies Act inquiry to 'shortly' receive cabinet documents from Liberal government
- Skyrocketing house prices force Okanagan family to leave B.C. for Alberta

- GOLDSTEIN: Record spending isn’t helping Canada’s Indigenous people
- Kelly McParland: Trudeau can't be taken at his word on Brenda Lucki scandal
- More Warnings that Biden Is Hiding His Plans to Steal the 2022 Midterm Election
- Joe Biden unwittingly helped finance Hunter's trysts with Russia-linked escorts
- Joe Oliver: Lament for a misgoverned nation
- LILLEY: Trudeau appointing cabinet committee to fix passport issues laughable
- The CRA is asking more than a million Canadians to pay back their CERB. We spoke to three to find out why that’s tough
- Crop inventory to reach “record low level” by end of year: Agriculture Canada
- FUREY: How many Liberal ministers does it take to change a light bulb?
- Netflix, YouTube preferred choice over CBC for Canadians
- LILLEY UNLEASHED: How many Trudeau cabinet ministers does it take to issue a passport?
- Voicemail indicates Joe Biden knew of Hunter deals with ‘spy chief of China’
- John Ivison: The benefit of the doubt deserts Justin Trudeau
- Nova Scotia mass shooting: Rebel News heading to Halifax to report on Trudeau-RCMP scandal
- Liberal MP falls for fake Freedom Convoy account, gets called out by Poilievre
- Tamara Lich arrested in Medicine Hat

- WATCH: Candice Bergen SLAMS Evan Solomon for lying about Freedom Convoy
- Special Guest Journalist Andy Lee Reveals The Truth Behind Rapid Tests & Live Q&A
- This is how much money you need to make to live alone in Richmond