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- All Covid Data - 

Covid data is not changing weekly as it once was. Therefore we will not waste time updating it.

You can check the data out for yourself if interested.

Known mRNA Covid Side Effects - 


This used to be updated weekly. Unless something major changes we won't be updating it anymore.


BC Gas.

March 4 2022  When gas hit $2

Gas 62% of price.
Taxes 38% of price.

Areas is $2.009 

62% of $2.009 is $1.14 Actual Cost

38% of $2.009 is $0.76 Added Taxes

If we go all electric. How will they make up the fuel $? They will tax your KM usage!!!!!

April 1 2023 - From Canadian Taxpayers Federation. In total, you’ll pay about 78 cents IN TAXES per litre of gasoline in the Lower Mainland and about 88 cents in taxes per litre of diesel.  Since gas price fluctuates I'll base that 78 cents on 1.759.  So that would make it roughly 45% of gas price.

BC Gas as of February 25 2023

Average $1.909

Point Roberts Gas

Low $1.10 USD

Simple Online Gasoline Calculator

GAS Buddy


Trudeau's Itinerary Year To Date 2021

12% Non Media Meetings

25% Personal Days

21% PhotoOp/Media

28% Private Meetings

03% QP/HOC

11% Campaigning

From Aug 15/21 Writ Dropped to Sep 21/21. 

No official data available.


Flew 54 Times 2021 not including campaigning.

Trudeau's Itinerary Year To Date 2022

11% Non Media Meetings

23% Personal Days

38% PhotoOp/Media

24% Private Meetings

04% QP/HOC

Flying 160 Times

QP/HOC 43/129

Trudeau's Itinerary Up To December 31 2023

08% Non Media Meetings

23% Personal Days

44% PhotoOp/Media

20% Private Meetings

04% QP/HOC

Flying 200 Times

"JT burns carbon so we don't have to"

QP/HOC 44/130

Days Out Of Canada 54

Salary Gross $379600 Estimate

Trudeau's Itinerary Up To February 23 2024

(changed "private meetings" to "no events scheduled" which we will now count as "personal days"

15% Non Media Meetings

38% Personal Days

43% PhotoOp/Media

04% QP/HOC

Flying 24 Times

"JT burns carbon so we don't have to"

QP/HOC 006/125

Days Out Of Canada 04

Salary Gross $56160 Estimate

List of international prime ministerial trips made by Justin Trudeau


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Canadian Government Information

Keeping Tabs On Parliament OPENPARLIAMENT.CA

- Canada's House Of Commons

- Canada House Of Commons Question Period - Videos

- Stats Canada

- Office Of The Parliamentary Budget Officer

- Canada's Debt Clock by

- Explained: Government Debt

- Constitution Acts, 1867 to 1982

- Who backs Canada's Politicians? Follow The Money Here

- CBSA Custom Tariffs 2016

- BC Business Top 100

- BC Land Title And Survey

- Newcomer entrepreneur

- Canadian Government Travel Advisories

- Canadian Citizenship Guide

- Political “Left” and “Right” Properly Defined

- Importing and Exporting Firearms, Weapons and Devices Memorandum D19-13-2

- Commissioner of Canada Elections Charges/Outcomes

- - Public Works and Government Services Canada

- Search Government Contracts over $10,000

- Grants and Contributions

- COVID-19: Travel, quarantine and borders

- Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms

- Canada Employed Persons

- Police-reported crime severity indexes, 1999 to 2022

- China’s Corporate Social Credit System: How businesses can prepare

- Canada Diagnostic Centres

- Key statistics on Canada’s charity and non-profit sector

- Search Government Travel Expenses

- Currently Listed Terrorist Entities

- Experimental estimates for business openings and closures for Canada, provinces and territories, census metropolitan areas, seasonally adjusted1, 2

- Demographics of Canada

- Section 2(c) – Freedom of peaceful assembly

- 8.1.3 What taxes you pay

- Leading causes of death, total population, by age group

- Operation UNIFIER

- Privy Council Office

- Prime Minister announces mandatory vaccination for the federal workforce and federally regulated transportation sectors

- Government of Canada to require vaccination of federal workforce and federally regulated transportation sector

- - Prime Minister announces mandatory vaccination for the federal workforce and federally regulated transportation sectors

- B.C. Public Sector Salaries Database: See how much public servants make

- Income Explorer, 2021 Census

- 2021–22 Estimates

- Justin Trudeau Ethics Breaches

- 1969 White Paper

- Insolvency Statistics in Canada

- Insolvency Statistics in Canada — 2021

- BC Your driving record

- BC Search Traffic/Criminal By Participant Name

- Canada’s ban on certain harmful single-use plastics

- The Canadian census: A rich portrait of the country's religious and ethnocultural diversity

- Bill C-238 (Historical) An Act to amend the Criminal Code (possession of unlawfully imported firearms)

- Vote #41 on January 27th, 2021 - C-238 An Act to amend the Criminal Code (possession of unlawfully imported firearms)

- Examination of Gender Diverse Offenders

- Ontario Driver's Licence Check

- BC Land Transparency Registry

- A Distributional Analysis of Federal Carbon Pricing under A Healthy Environment and A Healthy Economy

- Multiple jobholders, 1976 to 2021

- Canada’s climate finance for developing countries

- Greenhouse gas emissions

- Provincial and Territorial Energy Profiles – Canada


- Population of the Federal Public Service

- Reductions in life expectancy directly associated with COVID-19 in 2020

- First Home Savings Account (FHSA)

- Canada Dental Benefit

- Comparison Age and Gender Pyramid

- Annex I — Constitutionality of the Canadian Armed Forces COVID-19 vaccination policy

- National health expenditure trends, 2022 — Snapshot

- Understanding Systems: The 2021 report of the National Advisory Council on Poverty

- Supporting millions of Canadians with the rising cost of groceries

- The federal government is about to drop a grocery rebate to help with high food prices. Here’s who is eligible.

- Federal government Travel Advisories

- Homicide in Canada, 2021

- Section 33 – Notwithstanding clause

- Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner Public Registry Home

- Public Order Emergency Commission

- Public Order Emergency Commission FINAL REPORT February 17 2023


- National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians Annual Report 2019

- "Special Rapporteur": David Johnston

- Smart Sustainable Cities for the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development and the New Urban Agenda in selected countries in the UNECE Region

- 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

- Canadian Members of the World Economic Forum

- WEF Search results for 'Canadian members'

- WEF Leadership and Governance

- WEF New Generation Leaders

- WEF Young Global Leaders

- From Entrepreneurs to Scientists: Meet the 2022 Class of Young Global Leaders

- Known Traveller Digital Identity (KTDI) prototype

- Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

- Balance of international payments, flows of Canadian direct investment abroad and foreign direct investment in Canada, quarterly (x 1,000,000)

- Manufacturing and supply agreement between Pfizer Canada ULC and Canada - OCtober 26 2020

- Costing Support for EV Battery Manufacturing

- Here’s the Average CPP Benefit at Age 65

- Welcome to the Office of the Conflict Of Interest and Ethics Commissioner


- Indemnities, Salaries and Allowances

- Parlinfo - People

- Subsection 56(1) class exemption for adults in the province of British Columbia to possess small amounts of opioids, cocaine, methamphetamine and MDMA

- Indexing rate – Retired members – Pension

- BC Practitioner & Professional Resources - Medical

-Elections Canada Online "Disinformation" Tool (we will check for accuracy periodically)

- Canada's population clock (real-time model)

- Making a public complaint against an RCMP member

- Firearms and violent crime in Canada, 2022

- Federal Government Registry of Lobbyists

- 2024 Reports of the Auditor General of Canada to the Parliament of Canada - ArriveCan


- First Nations Financial Transparency Act (FNFTA) Search


Our Op-Eds

- Famous Quotes

- Canada's Foreign Aid

October 19 2015 to present - $97,494,040,582 Given Away

- Monies Given To UN and Foreign Countries To Date

- Monies Given To UN and Foreign Countries To Date - Part 2

- The United Nations: Aga Khan’s Throne (Part I: Money Laundering) (included for reference. not verified by us)

- The Waste Report

- Liberals to run $??? B deficit in 2021 with economy poised for stomach-churning plunge: PBO

- SNC Lavalin Scandal

- Dominion Voting Systems Voting System Documentation

- Vaccine safety and possible side effects

Terrorism Compiled

- Terrorism in Canada: A timeline of plots, attacks, and allegations

Trudeau Quotes

- Trudeau Scandals

- Everyone Who Disagrees With Me

- Private Members Bill : M-103

- Private Members Bill : M-103 Part 2

- Climate Barbie - Climate Ken - Climate Steve - Combined Links On One Page

- Justin Trudeau The Groper

- July 4 2017 - Trudeau and Liberals Do A FU to USA - Khadr

- Why The Supreme Court Erred On Khadr!

- Murder Of Marrisa Shen By Syrian Refugee

- Trudeau The Clown

- The road to Canada's COVID-19 outbreak: timeline of federal government failure

- Timeline of the 2020 Canadian pipeline and railway protests

- Canadian Political/Public Health advice during the great pandemic of 2020

- Why We Call @JustinTrudeau a Dictator

- Mass Shootings And Why Our Country Is In Decline

- Why "Climate Change" Is The Greatest Scam Of Our Time

- Canada is Broken

- Zexi Li - Chinese Activist Leading Lawsuit Against Trucker Convoy

- ArriveCan App


Relevant 3rd Party Articles and Videos

- Contributions to the CPP—comparing provinces

- UPDATE: A map of the 83 churches that have been vandalized or burned since the residential schools announcement


- Andy Lee - One White Girl's Political Opinion

- Torches And Pitchforks -USA/Canada Blog

- Julius Ruechel Blog

- The Religion Of Peace - Tracking Muslim Jihadist Attacks Since 9/11

- Jihad Watch by Robert Spencer

- Paul Young cpa, cga. -

- Convoy Reports by Rebel News

- Is Fascism Right Or Left?

- Creative Containers Lodging

- Web

- Homeless Hub

- Get Awake Crowdsourcing the Narrative

- Food Banks Canada

- Salvation Army Donate

- BBB Scam Tracker Canadian Risk Report

- The Dictator and the Truckers: A True Canadian Folk Tale

- The Dictator and the Truckers: A Grim Sequel

- Combined text only Re-printed without Permission - The Dictator and the Truckers

- The convoy crisis in Ottawa: A timeline of key events

- 15-10 Concealed Or Open Carry

- What’s the right credit score to buy a house in Canada?

- What Universities Don't Tell International Students In Canada. Big Investigation

- Top 5 reasons not to move to Canada | Why Canada is broken

- Top 10 Reasons NOT to Move to Canada

- Trudeau 'N' Friends

- Extensive Hunter Biden laptop archive with nearly 10,000 photos published on new website

- Inconvenient Truth: 32 Climate Predictions Proven False | Facts Matter

- The Aga Khan Network - He is a billionaire

- How The Prime Minister Stole Freedom

- Vaccine Definition NEW

- Vaccine Definition PREVIOUS

- What's in a Measles Vaccine?

- Convention on Cluster Munitions

- Jordan Peterson debate on the gender pay gap, campus protests and postmodernism

- Patrick Moore: Should We Celebrate Carbon Dioxide?

- Pastor Artur Pawlowski

- Stephen Moore: The malignant narcissism of Justin Trudeau

- Tamara Lich Trial - Tamara Lich has been charged with mischief, obstructing police and counselling others to commit mischief and intimidation. Rebel News is on the ground in Ottawa covering every minute of Tamara's trial.

- National Citizens Inquiry Commissioners Report

- Prime Ministers and Government Spending: 2023 Edition


- Per Person Federal Program Spending Since World War Two

- The Hamas Covenant

- A Document of General Principles & Policies HAMAS

- COP : - IEA - Shaping a secure and sustainable energy future

- 10 Key Passages of the Emergencies Act decision that all Canadians should read



Google News - Canada

Google News - USA

Google News - World


Firearms Ban - Hasn't stopped one single shooting since implemented

BILL C-21 - Firearms

- May 1 2020 - Banned the so-called “military-grade assault weapons” using an order-in-council (OIC)

- May 30 2022 - People can no longer buy, sell, or transfer handguns within Canada – and they cannot bring newly acquired handguns into the country using an order-in-council (OIC) 

- May 18 2023 - Liberal gun control legislation passes House of Commons










- Letters: Stephen Harper demonstrates what 'moral clarity' looks like

- GOLDSTEIN: Interest on government debt costing Canadians $81.8 billion this year: Report


- Environmentalists celebrate surrender of offshore oil permits in B.C.

- North York community remembers man killed in random shooting

- Trudeau signs support pact, attacks 'weakling' Putin in unannounced Kyiv visit

- Man injured in southeast Calgary alley shooting

- Canadians struggling with inflation are fundraising to cover everyday expenses, GoFundMe says

- Police say offender released back into community a ‘risk of re-offending’

- Ukrainians seeking refuge in Calgary worry about support faltering on 2nd anniversary of invasion

- Local restaurants struggle to keep doors open amid rising costs: Andrew Coppolino

- Justin Trudeau calls Putin a ’weakling,' accuses him of executing Navalny

- Burnaby councillors eye Sue Big Oil campaign

- Crime severity index and weighted clearance rates, Canada, provinces, territories and Census Metropolitan Areas

- Rahim Mohamed: Crime is rising in Canada, and Liberals can't seem to find a solution

- Ontario women’s event that canceled Jewish speaker over IDF service is itself canceled

- Canada almost wiped out syphilis. Now rates are skyrocketing — as more women, infants getting infected

- Trudeau signs $3-billion security deal for Ukraine on 2nd anniversary of Russian invasion

- Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Canada 2024 | New List

- Ottawa daycare operators say $10/day program not working, warning of closures
- In Kyiv, Trudeau signs new Ukraine security pact, marking two years since invasion
- Trudeau visits Kyiv, predicts victory for Ukraine on invasion's two-year anniversary
- ‘WORRISOME’: Federal payroll tops $67B, up 68% since Trudeau took office
- KINSELLA: It's time to go and Justin Trudeau knows it
- Canada announces additional support for Ukraine $3.02 Billion


- Search for evidence tied to people shot in north Toronto expands to Hamilton

- Tent City Nation: Are Canada's homeless encampments here to stay?

- RCMP officer charged with assault over 2020 arrest

- Poilievre blames Liberal ‘turf war’ for Windsor losing millions in federal housing funds

- HANNAFORD: Trudeau's inflation is worst in the things you can't do without

- Police pressed on public safety after terrifying White Rock shooting

- LCBO shoplifting spearheads increased calls for Ottawa police responses

- CCTV footage shows shooting that seriously injured 4 in White Rock, B.C.

- Paycheque looking smaller? This could be why your take-home pay has decreased

- Perrin Beatty: Chrystia Freeland should rethink the flawed alcohol escalator tax

- ‘Lackluster’: 6 garden suites built in Toronto since approval to address ‘missing middle’ housing

- Downtown Vancouver Eastside hotel arsonist gets six months in jail

- Large quantities of drugs, guns, cash seized in Richmond, Delta, Surrey

- Canada budget deficit over first nine months of 2023/24 jumps to C$23.61 bln

- Federal government posts $23.6B deficit for April-to-December period

- Terrorist threat agency warns Israel-Hamas war could motivate attacks in Canada

- Judith Curry: There's A Climate Change Industry Set Up To Reward Alarmism

- Ottawa appeals court decision finding its use of Emergencies Act was unreasonable
- EDITORIAL: A short lesson on the facts of life
- Information commissioner investigating allegations of destroyed government ArriveCan records
- Alberta town bans Pride flags, rainbow crosswalks after plebiscite
- KINSELLA: Star of David and hostage release plea send MLSE into a panic
- B.C. gangsters charged in RCMP probe into guns, an illicit drug lab, and murder plot
- EXCLUSIVE: Health Canada Official Deleted Scientist’s Note Saying mRNA Shots Have ‘High Level of Impurity’: Internal Emails
- Liberals and NDP reach deal on pharmacare
- Man stabbed in face and back during robbery in Mississauga, Peel police say
- RCMP confirms 'alarming' cyber event targeting its networks

(We now have ONE Federal Worker for Every 93 Canadians based on 40 million population)
- Payroll Costs Hit Record $67B

- Budgeted At $6M, Cost $60M
- ‘Unlawful Quarantine’: Application for Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Over ArriveCan Issues
- 'Freedom Convoy' organizer suing Ottawa for using Emergencies Act to freeze accounts
- ‘Freedom Convoy’ organizer Chris Barber suing Ottawa for freezing accounts
- CANADA: 6’2″ Trans-Identified Male Accused of Exposing Himself To Girls In Pool Changing Room Edited His Own Photos To Make Himself Look Like A Minor

- Vice Media says ’several hundred’ staff members will be laid off, news site shuttered
- Police release more details in death of security guard in Downtown Edmonton parkade
- Autopsy inconclusive in death of security guard killed in parkade fight
- 17-year-old boy arrested in stabbing at Wilson subway station
- Nathaniel Veltman trial: Canadian man gets life for killing Muslim family
- CLOSURE: One of the best steakhouses in Canada closes permanently in Mississauga, Ontario
- HUNTER: Pig farm killer Robert Pickton won't get out. Canadians aren't so sure
- What can $1 million buy you? In Vancouver, a whole lot less square footage
- ‘CLIMATE ENGINEERING’: Environment Canada wants to save the climate by blocking the sun
- Canada pledges $80.5M toward mission to improve security in Haiti
- 4 people seriously injured in targeted White Rock shooting: RCMP
- ArriveCAN violated Canadians’ rights, proposed class-action lawsuit alleges
- Ontario homeowner falls victim to mortgage scam, police believe there are more victims
- Jamie Sarkonak: Trudeau slides into Alberta to deny he is kneecapping the oilsands
- Federal carbon tax could raise billions in GST, HST over next seven years: PBO
- Suspended civil servants say they're being unfairly blamed, silenced over ArriveCan
- London attack deemed terrorism, Veltman gets life sentence with no parole for 25 yrs
- B.C. has longest walk-in doctor wait times in Canada, report finds
- John Ivison: Canada wavers on military exports to Israel under pressure to suspend shipments
- Canadian high schoolers given pornographic book, wooden penises, condoms for sex ed
- Details withheld on fired scientists to save health agency embarrassment, MPs say
- A 6' tall, bearded trans basketballer arrogantly slams a young girl to the ground.... she collapses in agony. RILEY GAINES hits back: We used to call this domestic abuse - so why are we now calling it 'sport'?


- 'What's the point of the Bloc Québécois in Ottawa,' Legault asks

- What is GC Strategies? A closer look at the company linked to the ArriveCan controversy

- After daughter allegedly threatened with rape, father questions B.C. ski club's response
- Fort Saskatchewan man charged after rifles, handguns, shotguns seized in INSET probe
- After daughter allegedly threatened with rape, father questions B.C. ski club's response
- Handgun found hidden in a bag of chips during traffic stop, B.C. Mounties say
- 'Heartbreaking and scary': Mayor and downtown business association respond to killing of Edmonton security guard
- Woman in critical condition after double stabbing at Surrey mall
- Kelowna mayor advocating for more tiny homes for third site
- Quebec turns to Supreme Court to stop asylum seekers' access to subsidized daycare
- Police seek suspects who stole thousands of dollars in jewelry from Nanaimo-area store
- Kelly McParland: As their party starts to crack, Liberals look the other way
- Ottawa Bylaw says police warned officers not to ticket 'Freedom Convoy' demonstrators due to 'risk of escalation'
- Calls to ban books are on the rise in Canada. So is the opposition to any bans
- Toronto has longest average wait time for walk-in clinics in Ontario
- Hamas terrorists 'systematically and intentionally' committed sexual violence during Oct. 7 attack: report
- Canada Just Saw The Largest Foreign Investor Sell Off Ever
- Mike Moffatt and Cara Stern: Bold solutions to the housing crisis must be front and centre in budget 2024
- Poilievre says female spaces should be exclusively for females, 'not for biological males'
- 3 charged after man found beaten and unconscious 
- LILLEY: TDSB calls education a colonial structure centred on whiteness
- David Eby has 'worst housing record of any politician on Earth,' Pierre Poilievre says
- More humanitarian aid needed for Gaza, Canadian minister Ahmed Hussen says during Egypt border visit (NO!)
- ‘$60M BOONDOGGLE’: Auditor General unsure ArriveCan evidence was destroyed
- Poilievre against transgender women in female bathrooms, changing rooms, sports
- FIRST READING: Canadian taxes aren't just high, they're needlessly complicated to file
- Toronto police officer docked week's pay over 'range' of inappropriate remarks
- RCMP head says force is 'vulnerable' to leaks after Mountie arrested in Alberta
- BC instructs people to stop saying “British Columbians” because it’s offensive
- Environment Canada seeking “climate-altering” tech that blocks the sun

- Ottawa's EV subsidies show tax-free fairy tales do come true for some
- Longtime Vancouver vegan restaurant closes permanently
- 2 teens arrested after South Surrey shooting: RCMP
- 3 men accused in Montreal car theft ring walk free due to court delays
- Andrea Mrozek: National daycare program builds federal monopoly at expense of parents
- GUNTER: Trudeau Liberals have become an obstacle to world investment
- CAQ warns of 'humanitarian crisis' if Ottawa doesn't give Quebec $1 billion for asylum seekers
- Ottawa wants billions more for debt, defence, Indigenous kids
- Pusateri's grocery store closing Toronto location after 20 years
- Police investigating ByWard Market shooting
- ‘Like I was in jail’: Why Halifax's homeless don’t want to leave their tents for shelters
- No tickets issued during rally marking 'Freedom Convoy' anniversary, Ottawa Bylaw says
- It's 'obvious' that rules weren't followed with ArriveCan development, Trudeau says
- Victims in North York shootings ‘completely innocent,’ police say; suspect sought
- The National | The search for a Toronto gunman
- Father of 4 killed at Toronto bus stop one of two people 'shot indiscriminately': police
- North York bus stop shootings were done 'indiscriminately,' police say
- Tasha Kheiriddin: Liberals denigrate Canada, no wonder the military can't recruit
- Police hunting for suspect after security guard killed in downtown Edmonton parkade
- Justin Trudeau boosts B.C.’s housing plan with $2 billion in federal financing
- Freeland authorizes $517 billion in federal borrowing
- 2 people injured in south Edmonton shooting on Monday: police
- Top headlines: Loblaw to build more than 40 new stores, create 7,500 jobs in $2-billion expansion
- The ‘Second Carbon Tax’ That Will Start in 2025
- Tamara Lich's lawyer provides update on trial: 'There are some very fundamental freedoms that are at stake here'
- Tasha Kheiriddin: Liberals denigrate Canada, no wonder the military can't recruit
- $10 Care Hard To Get: Memo
- NATO secretary-general says Canada must inform alliance when it will raise defence spending
- Building more middle-class homes in British Columbia
- Investigation: The antisemitism that Oct. 7 unleashed in Canada
- Liberal MP claims that MAiD has nothing to do with suicide

- Consultation: Comment period for the danger to human health or safety assessment for portable electric heaters
- ‘No more silence’: Hundreds protest in Richmond after safe consumption site debate
- Vancouver and Toronto renters lament quality of life more than homeowners: StatCan
- Canadian Armed Forces hosting job fair
- Vancouver rental asks $1,300 for studio with shower in bedroom
- Canadian Mortgage Credit Continues To Slow, Credit Card Debt Surges
- 'The past 6 years have been a marathon': Popular Metro Vancouver Italian restaurant closing after pivot, 'opportunity' offered
- Renters more likely to experience financial distress, loneliness: StatCan
- HAMAS NEEDS TO SURRENDER: Israel has every right to defend itself- Gunter
- Vancouver restaurant closures: 13 spots to say goodbye to
- Hundreds march to Richmond city hall to oppose quashed supervised consumption site
- Matt Spoke: Conservatives should end $10-per-day child care
- Man wanted on B.C.-wide warrant flees after striking cop during Delta traffic stop
- Canada sending more than 800 drones to Ukraine to support its fight against Russia
- Canadian governments lost more than $10 million to online scammers, Star analysis finds
- Vast majority of permanent residents applying to join military not accepted in 1st year of eligibility: data
- More Irregularities Overseas
- 3 arrested, including 1 teen, in Oshawa home invasion
- LEDREW: Trudeau leading Canada down woke path to impoverished nation


- Stephen Harper: Israel's war is just, Hamas must surrender or be eliminated
- Ottawa late to respond to Emergencies Act commission findings
- Alberta premier tasks jobs minister with fixing $10-day childcare grant payment system
- Suspect 'unambiguously' pointed loaded gun at RCMP officer before being shot, killed in Surrey: IIO
- Stephen Harper makes surprise 'solidarity' trip to Israel
- University of Waterloo optometry students ran charity fundraiser for UNRWA
- Feds won't pause carbon price despite inflation
- Meet some of the 6 million Canadians who don't have a family doctor
- Balkan Devlen: Liberals have irresponsibly turned foreign policy into a wedge issue
- Legacy media panicking as government’s local journalism fund nears expiry date

- Seniors lose thousands in 3 'grandparent' scams in 1 day in Port Moody, B.C.
- Man charged with 2nd-degree murder in May 2023 Vancouver stabbing
- Police investigate Saskatoon’s third homicide of the year
- "Too far underwater": Small business owner in Kitsilano forced to sell after financial stress 
- Same suspect sought in two North York shootings that left one person dead, teen seriously injured: police
- Police incident at Kelowna mall stemmed from firearms complaint that turned out to be fake gun
- Which countries are still funding UNRWA amid Israel’s war on Gaza?
- Quebec man ’not worthy’ to be parent of child fathered during sexual assault, judge rules
- NP View: 'Cheap' daycare program wastes billions to barely move labour needle
- Israel defence minister says 30 UNRWA employees participated in Oct. 7 attack

- LILLEY: Closing schools didn't stop COVID, says study. Who to blame?
- Canada's family doctor shortage: 10 million will soon lack access to primary care
- Israel reveals 12 UNRWA staffers it says took part in Oct. 7, says 30 more assisted
- Jack Mintz: 'ArriveScam' boondoggle demands government accountability
- Ottawa floats new options for electricity rules that drew ire of Alberta and Saskatchewan
- WARMINGTON: Girl, 14, charged in TTC stabbing while on bail for deadly 2022 swarming
- 'They've been heard': Guilbeault unveils potential changes to Ottawa's clean electricity regulations
- Surging rents in Canada set new record as Alberta leads increase: report
- Trudeau admits Mexican cartels are taking advantage of Canada’s asylum system
- Calgary man sentenced for killing three-year-old girl who interrupted video game play
- David Staples: Expert says green energy proponents have 'delusions of grandeur'
- Opinion: After taking the LRT, it's no wonder many Edmontonians don't use it
- COVID school closures were unnecessary, McMaster review finds
- Teen stabbed at Square One in Mississauga, 6 youths in custody
- Canada Undefended: Our military readiness is dangerously insufficient. Here’s how to fix it
- House committee tells Loblaw and Walmart to sign grocery code or risk legislation
- Howard Levitt: Are enforcing the law and denouncing terrorism too much to ask for?
- The Fall: My once-vibrant dad emerged broken from the hospital. Then he was gone.
- ArriveCan investigation: GC Strategies had dozens of government contracts. Now, it's not eligible for any
- Rahim Mohamed: Justin Trudeau keeps dancing to Hamas's tune
- Carbon Tax Rebates Reduced Due to ‘Pause’ on Home-Heating Oil
- Chris Selley: Everyone knows why protesters targeted Mount Sinai Hospital
- 2 women killed, 1 injured after stabbing attack west of Montreal
- Kingston union warns teachers they can be disciplined for “right-wing” views, saying “boys and girls”
- Ottawa promised Canadians two billion new trees, Quebec wants to cut some down
- A surge in open drug use has sparked difficult debates in cities across Canada
- Confirm Hacker Free-For-All
- 'Freedom Convoy' members returning to Ottawa two years after demonstrations ended



- Too much rental stock owned by investors, federal housing advocate tells MPs

- Canadian military police won't charge sex worker for allegedly wearing uniforms

- Man allegedly 'stabbed a number of times' following argument in Vancouver

- Twenty people sue Trudeau government over Emergencies Act misuse

- CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Poilievre asks Trudeau- WTF?!

- CBC lawsuit against Conservatives cost $400K, but cost was shielded from Parliament for years

- Donnelly Group selling 7 pubs in Vancouver and 1 in Toronto as restaurant group restructures

- BATRA’S BURNING QUESTIONS: Enviro minister Guilbeault is on the road to nowhere

- Two Toronto police officers charged after firing at occupants in stolen vehicle: SIU

- Two women dead, one seriously injured in Vaudreuil-Dorion stabbings

- Canada Undefended: Our military isn't prepared for a new era where geography doesn't shelter us
- Ottawa woman faces foreclosure and bankruptcy after Scotiabank serves her papers
- Blair announces more than $273M in air defence, drone equipment for Latvia mission
- Security and access cards, office key stolen in most recent theft of justice minister's vehicle
- Trudeau has made Canada 'weak, poor and defenceless,' Poilievre says
- $2B Break For Battery Makers
- GST on Carbon Tax to cost Canadians $486M this year
- Dramatic video shows apparent car attack on Abbotsford teens
- Ottawa Still Has Active Contracts With ArriveCan Firm Despite Ministers’ Declaration They Were All Suspended


- Barbara Kay: Defamation case against antisemitic slander only the beginning

- THOMSON: To bring the CAF back to life, pay more and drop the woke policies

- BC city closing in on Vancouver for most expensive place to rent in Canada

- ArriveCAN: Poilievre grills Trudeau over $258M awarded to GC Strategies — IT firm with 4 employees

- Lawsuit launched against federal government over Emergencies Act after judge ruled its use unconstitutional

- VCH not moving forward with stand-alone supervised consumption site in Richmond

- Homeowner claims injustice in B.C.’s use of new law to demand source of money to buy house

- Ontario homeowner says federal carbon tax now almost 25% of heating bill

- Why patients are waiting so long in emergency rooms across Canada

- Smith says Guilbeault ‘losing credibility every single day’; needs to get out of Montreal more often

- Super commuters dodging sky-high rents flying from Alberta to Vancouver for work

- BBB issues ‘sugar dating’ warning as scams rise

- Leaks, ineffective anchors, mechanical breakdowns among ongoing problems facing new Arctic patrol ships

- Terence Corcoran: Who most deserves the award for economic ignoramus — Trudeau or Eby?

- Letters: Identity politics and the Canadian Armed Forces — has Canada gone mad?
- Wasn’t Me, Pleads CBSA Exec
- Little Trust In Climate Leader
- Firm responsible for ArriveCan received $258 million in government contracts since 2015
- Tories Want Auditor General to Launch Probe Into Company Behind ArriveCan
- Regulations Amending the Income Tax Regulations (Battery Assembly and Manufacturing Production Support): SOR/2024-9
- FIRST READING: The Canadian church arsons never stopped
- John Ivison: The moral preening of Steven Guilbeault grows as insufferable as bicycling in January
- Winnipeg man dead after police try to pick him up due to mental health concerns
- Feds will stop investing in 'large' road projects, environment minister says
- London police asked to explain why 254 sex-assault reports didn’t lead to charges
- Canada suspended all contracts with ArriveCan app company late last year, minister says
- Richmond, B.C., council votes to back safe consumption site after fractious meetings
- COVID PPE makers sue Ottawa for $5B, say feds broke promise
- GOLDSTEIN: The clock is ticking down on Trudeau
- Pro-Palestinian protesters interrupt Trudeau during House of Commons question period
- Liberals rebrand Canada's carbon tax rebate
- Government announces Canada Carbon Rebate amounts for 2024-25
- Liberals announce new name for carbon rebates in effort to rebrand unpopular policy
- The cost of rent in Edmonton is rising faster than anywhere else in Canada


-  B.C. Builds plan promises housing for middle-income renters

- The company that got $250M+ in federal contracts

- At least 2 suspects sought in latest Coquitlam shooting: RCMP

- Posthaste: If Canadians think car insurance is steep now, just wait until we're driving EVs

- New downtown Vancouver office tower having difficulty keeping tenants

- Most wanted men, least wanted dates: Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers Valentine’s list

- Pandemic shuttered more than 120,000 small, medium-sized businesses: Federal data

- Winnipeg advocates hope for change after report calls homeless encampments a 'national human rights crisis'

- Police investigating after Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital targeted by Pro-Palestinian protesters

- RCMP boosting presence in Coquitlam after 4th shooting this year

- Tent encampments prove 'exactly how broken' Canada's system is, federal housing advocate says

- 13 men charged after allegedly meeting minors at a Niagara Falls hotel for sexual services

- Nicholas Neary: The government’s costly plan to purchase Canadian Mortgage Bonds is deeply misguided

- At least 2 suspects sought in latest Coquitlam shooting: RCMP

- 36 YYJ airport security screeners fired; one speaks out: ‘I loved my job’
- Gaps in oversight of ArriveCan app are ‘completely unacceptable,’ CBSA head says
- Toronto police investigating demonstration outside of Mount Sinai Hospital after Trudeau calls it 'reprehensible' antisemitism
- Pandemic Sank 120,344: Feds
- Commons staff would not have screened Yaroslav Hunka for 'reputational risks,' MPs told
- Court says Trudeau, justice minister 'failed' Canadians by letting judicial vacancies build up
- Alberta RCMP officer charged with accessing records to help foreign country
- Auditor-General’s ArriveCan report finds ‘glaring disregard’ for basic management practices
- How a shift to electric vehicles is expected to impact your car insurance
- 'No shame': Conservative MP outraged at lack of apology for PM's invitation to Nazi veteran
- ‘Profoundly disagree’: B.C. premier at odds with advocate on permitting encampments
- Pierre Poilievre asks RCMP to expand investigation of ArriveCan app
- Feds won't fund new roads, existing network 'perfectly adequate,' Guilbeault says


- CBC president claimed nearly $120G in expenses as broadcaster cried poor: Report

- 'We have a very large problem': Why Ontario is dealing with syphilis rates it hasn't seen in decades

- CPA Canada cuts 20% of workforce

- B.C. receives $733M in federal health funding for seniors' care

- 2 people hurt in Coquitlam shooting: RCMP

- Canadian professor flies to work because it's cheaper than living in Vancouver

- WATCH: Poilievre laughs at Canadian Press

- 'We're doing the best we can': Family with 1-year-old living in RV at rest area

- Video: Hundreds gather at Richmond city hall chanting 'no drugs'
- Electric vehicles not a panacea for climate change: Steven Guilbeault
- Keith Gerein: Edmonton faces questions of calculated risk following $82-million electric bus failure
- Trudeau government 'repeatedly failed' to manage ArriveCan app: auditor general report
- As the Liberals' universal daycare policy unravels, Conservatives could go on the offensive
- Glaring disregard for basic management and contracting practices surrounds the government’s ArriveCAN application
- Illegal cannabis market still flourishing despite years of licenced competition: report
- ArriveCan app so poorly managed auditor general can only guess the cost
- Bought Those $96,000 Pickups
- Student Defaults Reach $2.9B
- Lawrence Krauss: Concordia University 'decolonizes' engineering
- 'We paid too much': Canada's AG blasts CBSA over ArriveCan app
- ArriveCAN process ‘unacceptable,’ LeBlanc says after scathing audit
- Total cost of ArriveCan 'impossible to determine' due to poor record-keeping, AG report finds


- 2 charged with firearm offences after Brampton residence raided

- Montreal artists say they're being priced out of their studios

- City of Ottawa warns of toxic drug supply

- How to spot the latest scam; digging into housing affordability: CBC's Marketplace cheat sheet

- Calgary daycare reopens after inspection uncovered cockroaches, other health violations
- Canada approaching irrelevance in Africa, experts warn


- The House of Cards Crumbles: Why the Bell Media Layoffs and Government’s Failed Media Policy are Connected

- Directly beneath UNRWA’s Gaza headquarters, IDF uncovers top secret Hamas data center

- Israel unveils tunnels underneath Gaza City headquarters of UN agency for Palestinian refugees

- Jamie Sarkonak: Turns out, open hostility to white men isn't great for military recruitment
- ‘Absurd’: UNRWA denies knowledge of tunnel under its own headquarters although it was paying Hamas’ electric bill
- Justin Trudeau's attacks on Pierre Poilievre not working, poll suggests
- RCMP seek man who used ‘cloned credit card’ to make $7.3K in purchases
- Conrad Black: Justin Trudeau's debacle of misgovernment
- Worried about home invasions? Here’s what you can do to protect yourself
- LAWTON: Liberals attempt to rebrand the carbon tax (ft. Kris Sims)
- Rahim Mohamed: Canada threw money at UNRWA as other donors cut back
- Chris Selley: The notwithstanding clause in action


- Wife of Canadian PM in relationship with surgeon months before announcing separation, bombshell court docs reveal

- CANADA: Metro Vancouver Transit Police Say They “Don’t Know” Whether Sexual Assault Suspect Is Male Or Female Despite Having Semen Evidence
- EDITORIAL: Enough’s enough. It’s time for heads to roll
- Health Canada floated ban on smoking in private homes ahead of WHO tobacco summit
- I was a family doctor, until I couldn’t do it anymore. I fear that too many others will follow suit
- 'Total chaos': Pierre Poilievre weighs in on Brampton’s illegal rooming house problem
- Directly beneath UNRWA’s Gaza headquarters, IDF uncovers top secret Hamas data center
- Trudeau Liberals owe small businesses $2.5 billion in carbon rebates: report
- Vladimir Putin brings up Canada's applause for ex-Nazi in Tucker Carlson interview
- GUNTER: So-called ‘green’ energy can't meet demands of today or the foreseeable future
- Suspect charged in Chilliwack shooting that put hospital on lockdown, RCMP say
- LILLEY: Trudeau stubbornly set to punish Canadians with big beer tax hike
- Canadian universities cancel speeches over speaker's Hamas atrocities 'celebration'
- Watchdog slams new military police policy on sex assault
- Colby Cosh: B.C. prosecutors want to escape zombie downtown they helped build
- STATS CAN - GUN VIOLENCE: Violent gun crime on the increase in Canada
- Local news cuts at Bell come after it was granted $40M in regulatory relief: St-Onge
- Human trafficking case collapses in latest casualty of failure to appoint enough Toronto judges
- Carbon Dioxide Is NOT Causing ‘Climate Crisis,’ Study Warns


- Convoy organizers want Ottawa police board to pay any damages in class action
- Government of Canada announces funding as part of the Canada–Quebec Accord
- The world’s top carmaker got mocked for rejecting EV hype—not anymore. ‘I want to congratulate Toyota’
- Dental providers aren't smiling about reimbursement under federal plan
- Average rent for one bedroom in Metro Vancouver nearly $30,000 a year
- 2 Canadian Armed Forces members charged with trafficking cocaine, meth
- ArriveCAN execs got $340,000 in bonuses
- Dental providers aren't smiling about reimbursement under federal plan
- Reports of so-called 'Grandparent Scam' coming in to Vernon RCMP
- FIRST READING: Canada 'addicted' to cheap labour (says government who flooded it with cheap labour)
- Chilliwack Airport runway extension grounded after $5M estimate mistake
- Son of Hamas co-founder has reportedly joined Israeli public diplomacy campaign
- LILLEY: Trudeau and Singh lose the plot with grocery conspiracies
- Bell ends some CTV newscasts, sells radio stations in media shakeup amid layoffs
- End of an era: CTV Vancouver noon, weekend news shows axed in Bell Media layoffs
- Two nickel processing plants to be built in northern Ontario
- Your Next EV Battery Might Come From Canada, Solving A Major Concern With Electric Cars
- NDP bill to lower grocery prices in Canada and "tackle corporate greed" passes in House of Commons
- Alleged identity thieves face more than 20 charges in Richmond court
- CTV cancelling most noon and weekend newscasts as Bell cuts 4,800 jobs. Here's what shows are coming to an end
- Belleville, Ont., declares state of emergency after rash of drug overdoses
- Malice or stupidity? Canadian military in shambles under Trudeau | Lorne Gunter
- 'Too long in prison' for 'minor charges': Ezra Levant on two of 'Coutts 4' reaching plea deals
- Justice minister's government car stolen for the third time in as many years
- Feds Gave Over $144 Million to International Organizations for Climate Change Programs
- Minister ‘Pissed Off’ On Gaza
- Activists spray paint on a replica dinosaur skeleton at Canadian Museum of Nature


- Fake News - CTV As planet warms, ferocious snowfalls could increase
- Petawawa base cleaners out of jobs after firm cancels government contracts
- Trudeau Foundation probe can’t rule out possibility Chinese donations part of ‘influence scheme’ targeting Ottawa
- Allan Stratton: Next to the left, Danielle Smith is a voice of sanity on gender
- Alberta trans woman shares regrets over bottom surgery: ‘What have I done?’
- Letters to the Sun: Metro Vancouver’s high cost of housing has consequences
- Fed Tax Break Not Too Green
- Canada’s housing target falls 1.5 million units short, CIBC says
- Opinion: Ottawa’s EV timeline is way too optimistic
- Salmon Arm RCMP report extremely high volume of fraud reports as 'grandchild needing bail' scam hits local numbers
- Toronto elementary school delayed telling parents about #KillTheJews graffiti, mother says
- B.C. courthouse security company let go after lawyer attack
- Brampton home renting out multiple rooms, people living in car on driveway
- Varcoe: Provincial report warns of $600B hit to Canadian economy from federal emissions cap
- Notorious B.C. sex offender keeping overnight leave privileges ‘not acceptable’: B.C. premier
- Statistics Canada reports $312M merchandise trade deficit for December
- High cost of living forces majority of Ontarians to put necessities before retirement savings
- Despite concerns, nearly all Alberta child-care operators remain in subsidy program
- Hospital staffing shortages could be due to COVID-19 vaccine mandates, some experts say
- Poilievre says he’s opposed to using puberty blockers to treat young people
- Governments helping food processors boost efficiency
- Pastor beats trespass charge and fine for praying inside Calgary City Hall
- NDP bill would prescribe jail terms for speaking well of fossil fuels
- LEVY: Car thefts are organized crime, not property crime, Toronto cop says


- WARMINGTON: Justice Minister curses out Poilievre, calls him 'f***ing tool'
- Liberals break NDP promise with delay in dental plan expansion deadline
- Pickering councillor faces backlash after penning op-ed criticizing Black History Month celebrations
- N.W.T. announces carbon tax exemption on diesel for home heating
- Ex-B.C. cabinet minister's office vandalized after she stepped down over Palestine comment
- Canada sanctions Hamas leaders as Joly says more aid must reach Gaza Strip
- RCMP search for man suspected of December sexual assault in Leduc
- Poilievre calls Trudeau a liar after PMO invitation to Ukrainian Nazi veteran is revealed

- Fake News - LOL China is still no.1 but they ranked Canada no.1 on its future "potential" WTF!!!!
Canada beats China in global battery supply chain ranking

- Rahim Mohamed: Selina Robinson's ouster shows NDP has no place for Jews who don't submit
- Shoplifting in Richmond up by 50% in 2023: RCMP
- UBC student commutes from Calgary -- cheaper than paying Vancouver rent
- Jamie Sarkonak: Danielle Smith, the Galileo of our time
- EDITORIAL: $200 billion spent on 'climate action’ — for what?
- 2 of 4 men accused of conspiring to murder RCMP during Coutts protest plead guilty to lesser charges
- Trudeau Liberals spent half a million dollars at lavish Charlottetown cabinet retreat to discuss affordability crisis
- Bank of Canada can't solve housing crisis, Tiff Macklem says
- David Staples: Danielle Smith drops sovereignty act bomb on Steven Guilbeault on his home turf
- Prime Minister invited Waffen-SS veteran Hunka to his official reception for Zelensky


- Adam Zivo: Ukraine suffers as Liberals fail to deliver on air defence pledge
- Fake News - Snowstorms should be less not more - As planet warms, ferocious snowfalls could increase
- EDITORIAL: $200 billion spent on 'climate action’ — for what?
- Hamilton cops release video footage, seek tips after violent home invasion
- WARMINGTON: Nice thing about free speech is we can say this: Happy 90th birthday, Don Cherry!
- LAWTON: Why environmentalists are wrong about coal
- Person seriously injured in Scarborough stabbing
- Personal insolvencies 'moving up the income curve': study
- Romance scammer reveals how he tricks women after failing to fool Go Public reporter
- Whopping 352 charges laid against 3 people in Calgary fraud investigation
- Affordable to who? Councillor critical of townhouse development previously slated for affordable housing