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- All Covid Data - 

Covid data is not changing weekly as it once was. Therefore we will not waste time updating it.

You can check the data out for yourself if interested.

Known mRNA Covid Side Effects - 


This used to be updated weekly. Unless something major changes we won't be updating it anymore.


BC Gas.

March 4 2022  When gas hit $2

Gas 62% of price.
Taxes 38% of price.

Areas is $2.009 

62% of $2.009 is $1.14 Actual Cost

38% of $2.009 is $0.76 Added Taxes

If we go all electric. How will they make up the fuel $? They will tax your KM usage!!!!!

April 1 2023 - From Canadian Taxpayers Federation. In total, you’ll pay about 78 cents IN TAXES per litre of gasoline in the Lower Mainland and about 88 cents in taxes per litre of diesel.  Since gas price fluctuates I'll base that 78 cents on 1.759.  So that would make it roughly 45% of gas price.

BC Gas as of September 25 2023

High $2.069

Low $2.019

Simple Online Gasoline Calculator

GAS Buddy


Trudeau's Itinerary Year To Date 2021

12% Non Media Meetings

25% Personal Days

21% PhotoOp/Media

28% Private Meetings

03% QP/HOC

11% Campaigning

From Aug 15/21 Writ Dropped to Sep 21/21. 

No official data available.


Flew 54 Times 2021 not including campaigning.

Trudeau's Itinerary Year To Date 2022

11% Non Media Meetings

23% Personal Days

38% PhotoOp/Media

24% Private Meetings

04% QP/HOC

Flying 160 Times

QP/HOC 43/129

Trudeau's Itinerary Up To September 25 2023

07% Non Media Meetings

23% Personal Days

48% PhotoOp/Media

19% Private Meetings

03% QP/HOC

Flying 156 Times

"JT burns carbon so we don't have to"

QP/HOC 27/81

Days Out Of Canada 44.5

Salary Gross $278720

List of international prime ministerial trips made by Justin Trudeau


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Canadian Government Information

Keeping Tabs On Parliament OPENPARLIAMENT.CA

- Canada's House Of Commons

- Canada House Of Commons Question Period - Videos

- Stats Canada

- Office Of The Parliamentary Budget Officer

- Canada's Debt Clock by

- Explained: Government Debt

- Constitution Acts, 1867 to 1982

- Who backs Canada's Politicians? Follow The Money Here

- CBSA Custom Tariffs 2016

- BC Business Top 100

- BC Land Title And Survey

- Newcomer entrepreneur

- Canadian Government Travel Advisories

- Canadian Citizenship Guide

- Political “Left” and “Right” Properly Defined

- Importing and Exporting Firearms, Weapons and Devices Memorandum D19-13-2

- Commissioner of Canada Elections Charges/Outcomes

- - Public Works and Government Services Canada

- Search Government Contracts over $10,000

- Grants and Contributions

- COVID-19: Travel, quarantine and borders

- Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms

- Canada Employed Persons

- Police-reported crime severity indexes, 1999 to 2022

- China’s Corporate Social Credit System: How businesses can prepare

- Canada Diagnostic Centres

- Key statistics on Canada’s charity and non-profit sector

- Search Government Travel Expenses

- Currently Listed Terrorist Entities

- Experimental estimates for business openings and closures for Canada, provinces and territories, census metropolitan areas, seasonally adjusted1, 2

- Demographics of Canada

- Section 2(c) – Freedom of peaceful assembly

- 8.1.3 What taxes you pay

- Leading causes of death, total population, by age group

- Operation UNIFIER

- Privy Council Office

- Prime Minister announces mandatory vaccination for the federal workforce and federally regulated transportation sectors

- Government of Canada to require vaccination of federal workforce and federally regulated transportation sector

- - Prime Minister announces mandatory vaccination for the federal workforce and federally regulated transportation sectors

- B.C. Public Sector Salaries Database: See how much public servants make

- Income Explorer, 2021 Census

- 2021–22 Estimates

- Justin Trudeau Ethics Breaches

- 1969 White Paper

- Insolvency Statistics in Canada

- Insolvency Statistics in Canada — 2021

- BC Your driving record

- BC Search Traffic/Criminal By Participant Name

- Canada’s ban on certain harmful single-use plastics

- The Canadian census: A rich portrait of the country's religious and ethnocultural diversity

- Bill C-238 (Historical) An Act to amend the Criminal Code (possession of unlawfully imported firearms)

- Vote #41 on January 27th, 2021 - C-238 An Act to amend the Criminal Code (possession of unlawfully imported firearms)

- Examination of Gender Diverse Offenders

- Ontario Driver's Licence Check

- BC Land Transparency Registry

- A Distributional Analysis of Federal Carbon Pricing under A Healthy Environment and A Healthy Economy

- Multiple jobholders, 1976 to 2021

- Canada’s climate finance for developing countries

- Greenhouse gas emissions

- Provincial and Territorial Energy Profiles – Canada


- Population of the Federal Public Service

- Reductions in life expectancy directly associated with COVID-19 in 2020

- First Home Savings Account (FHSA)

- Canada Dental Benefit

- Comparison Age and Gender Pyramid

- Annex I — Constitutionality of the Canadian Armed Forces COVID-19 vaccination policy

- National health expenditure trends, 2022 — Snapshot

- Understanding Systems: The 2021 report of the National Advisory Council on Poverty

- Supporting millions of Canadians with the rising cost of groceries

- The federal government is about to drop a grocery rebate to help with high food prices. Here’s who is eligible.

- Federal government Travel Advisories

- Homicide in Canada, 2021

- Public Order Emergency Commission

- Public Order Emergency Commission FINAL REPORT February 17 2023


- National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians Annual Report 2019

- "Special Rapporteur": David Johnston

- 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

- Canadian Members of the World Economic Forum

- WEF Search results for 'Canadian members'

- WEF Leadership and Governance

- WEF New Generation Leaders

- WEF Young Global Leaders

- From Entrepreneurs to Scientists: Meet the 2022 Class of Young Global Leaders

- Known Traveller Digital Identity (KTDI) prototype

- Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank


Our Op-Eds

- Canada's Foreign Aid

October 19 2015 to present - $79,804,692,715

- Monies Given To UN and Foreign Countries To Date

- Monies Given To UN and Foreign Countries To Date - Part 2

- The United Nations: Aga Khan’s Throne (Part I: Money Laundering) (included for reference. not verified by us)

- IEA - Shaping a secure and sustainable energy future

- The Waste Report

- Liberals to run $??? B deficit in 2021 with economy poised for stomach-churning plunge: PBO

- SNC Lavalin Scandal

- Dominion Voting Systems Voting System Documentation

- Vaccine safety and possible side effects

Terrorism Compiled

- Terrorism in Canada: A timeline of plots, attacks, and allegations

Trudeau Quotes

- Trudeau Scandals

- Everyone Who Disagrees With Me

- Private Members Bill : M-103

- Private Members Bill : M-103 Part 2

- Climate Barbie - Climate Ken - Climate Steve - Combined Links On One Page

- Justin Trudeau The Groper

- July 4 2017 - Trudeau and Liberals Do A FU to USA - Khadr

- Why The Supreme Court Erred On Khadr!

- Murder Of Marrisa Shen By Syrian Refugee

- Trudeau The Clown

- The road to Canada's COVID-19 outbreak: timeline of federal government failure

- Timeline of the 2020 Canadian pipeline and railway protests

- Canadian Political/Public Health advice during the great pandemic of 2020

- Why We Call @JustinTrudeau a Dictator

- Mass Shootings And Why Our Country Is In Decline

- Why "Climate Change" Is The Greatest Scam Of Our Time

- Canada is Broken


Relevant 3rd Party Articles and Videos

- UPDATE: A map of the 83 churches that have been vandalized or burned since the residential schools announcement


- Andy Lee - One White Girl's Political Opinion

- Torches And Pitchforks -USA/Canada Blog

- Julius Ruechel Blog

- The Religion Of Peace - Tracking Muslim Jihadist Attacks Since 9/11

- Jihad Watch by Robert Spencer

- Paul Young cpa, cga. -

- Convoy Reports by Rebel News

- Is Fascism Right Or Left?

- Creative Containers Lodging

- Web

- Homeless Hub

- Get Awake Crowdsourcing the Narrative

- Food Banks Canada

- Salvation Army Donate

- BBB Scam Tracker Canadian Risk Report

- The Dictator and the Truckers: A True Canadian Folk Tale

- The Dictator and the Truckers: A Grim Sequel

- Combined text only Re-printed without Permission - The Dictator and the Truckers

- The convoy crisis in Ottawa: A timeline of key events

- 15-10 Concealed Or Open Carry

- What’s the right credit score to buy a house in Canada?

- What Universities Don't Tell International Students In Canada. Big Investigation

- Top 5 reasons not to move to Canada | Why Canada is broken

- Top 10 Reasons NOT to Move to Canada

- Trudeau 'N' Friends

- Extensive Hunter Biden laptop archive with nearly 10,000 photos published on new website

- Inconvenient Truth: 32 Climate Predictions Proven False | Facts Matter

- The Aga Khan Network - He is a billionaire

- How The Prime Minister Stole Freedom

- Vaccine Definition NEW

- Vaccine Definition PREVIOUS

- What's in a Measles Vaccine?

- Convention on Cluster Munitions

- Jordan Peterson debate on the gender pay gap, campus protests and postmodernism

- Patrick Moore: Should We Celebrate Carbon Dioxide?

- Pastor Artur Pawlowski


Google News - Canada

Google News - USA

Google News - World


Bill's Currently Under Review

BILL C-21 - Firearms

- May 1 2020 - Banned the so-called “military-grade assault weapons” using an order-in-council (OIC)

- May 30 2022 - People can no longer buy, sell, or transfer handguns within Canada – and they cannot bring newly acquired handguns into the country using an order-in-council (OIC) 

- May 18 2023 - Liberal gun control legislation passes House of Commons

BILL C-11 - Broadcasting Act - PASSED

- Stop C-11!

BILL C-36 - Criminal Code / Human Rights Act

BILL C-18 - Online News Act






News Articles 2023 - 






- Carson Jerema: Maybe now the Trudeau Liberals will stop ignoring national security
- Russia blasts Canada over 'outrageous' reception in Parliament for Ukrainian who served in Nazi unit
- Trudeau skips Question Period amidst growing Nazi scandal
- Vivian Bercovici: Trudeau's blunder becomes Zelenskyy's crisis
- EDITORIAL: Canada embarrassed on world stage — again
- House Speaker Anthony Rota apologizes after inviting man who fought for Nazis to Parliament
- WATCH: Parliament gives standing ovation to Ukrainian Nazi
- KINSELLA: Forget the Commons, how did Nazi end up in Canada in first place?

- Related to SS Ukranian Division
- Massacres of Poles in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia
- Zamość uprising
- Huta Pieniacka massacre
- Pidkamin massacre
- Palikrowy massacre

- WARMINGTON: A Nazi being cheered in the House of Commons a dark day
- Jewish group demands apology after parliament celebrates man who fought with Nazis

- FSWC Appalled by Standing Ovation in Parliament for Ukrainian Veteran Who Served in Nazi Military Unit
- 2 killed, 2 injured in north Etobicoke shooting
- Trudeau facing cold reality after lonely week on world stage

- Man allegedly impersonated police officer, sexually assaulted 13-year-old girl in Brampton
- Canada leads UN declaration to fight online disinformation
- How Hardeep Singh Nijjar's assassination confirmed a community's fears and sparked a diplomatic crisis between India and Canada
- TDSB trustee says parental rights don’t exist in response to One Million March for Children

- Search Warrant Leads to Seizure of Firearm
- B.C. politicians vote against lifting vaccine mandate for health-care workers
- Zelenskyy accuses Russia of genocide, calls on world to reject Russian energy in Canadian speech
- Reminder Victoria Police were no where to be seen for statue tear downs
Victoria statue of Captain Cook pulled down, thrown into harbour
- Police shut down Victoria parental rights march within 15 minutes

- Longer mortgage amortizations put cash-strapped homeowners on a treadmill
- Cancers Appearing In Ways Never Before Seen After COVID Vaccinations: Dr. Harvey Risch
- Why it's taking up to 10 months to issue a building permit in Vancouver
- RCMP officer Rick O'Brien dead, 2 officers injured in Coquitlam shooting
- Cost of foreign interference probe nears $1.9 million; $1.7M goes to law firm
- Visa fears weigh heavy on minds of Indian students headed for Canada
- 'Shared intelligence' from Five Eyes informed Trudeau's India allegation: U.S. ambassador
- Suspect in 4 violent incidents on Vancouver’s west side arrested, released again
- Housing crisis finally pushes Canada's economy into recession: report
- Canadian military sets stage for purchase of drones and Hellfire missiles; program could cost up to $5 billion
- Conrad Black: Trudeau's attack on grocers is absurd
- 'Freedom Convoy' did not get a heads-up about city injunction, court hears
- Coquitlam police arrest, charge man after 'brazen stranger assault'
- Canada commits $650M to Ukraine over 3 years: PM
- Photos + Video: Mountie killed, two others officers in Coquitlam City Centre shooting
- 1 RCMP officer killed, 2 seriously injured while executing search warrant in Coquitlam, B.C.
- MacDougall: Trudeau is asking for trust when there’s little left

- COOPER: The Chinese interference inquiry
- BANANA REPUBLIC: I’m on trial today for writing a book about Trudeau called “The Libranos”
- As 'perfect storm' pushes more Canadians to the brink, here's what to know about bankruptcy
- Freeland tables 'affordable housing and groceries' bill, Trudeau calls for all-party backing
- Posthaste: Ouch — variable-rate mortgages have cost Canadian homeowners big money
- Canadians trying to travel to India now face having their plans ruined
- 'They started crying:' Ontario international students finding it difficult to land work
- Protesters, counter-protesters shut down Ottawa streets over LGBTQ rights in schools
- Richmond RCMP asks for public’s help in identifying body found in Fraser River
- Firearms rights group to file injunction to extend amnesty on AR-15 ban
- The curious case of 4 Khalistani terrorists dropping dead in 6 months
- Islamic Republic Pakistan lone nation to support Trudeau after assassination claim
- Majority of individuals given deportation orders remain in Canada since Trudeau became PM
- Trudeau seeks India's help on probe of B.C. killing, India says Canada gave no info
- Foreign Interference: RCMP investigate death of B.C. man targeted by China
- Trudeau declines to offer more evidence on Indian accusations
- Is free speech dead? My depressing day in court

- Man pulls person through Vancouver restaurant window: police
- Ottawa police say man wanted for attempted murder arrested
- More than $1M worth of luxury watches, cash stolen in downtown Toronto heist: police
- As Indo-Canadian relations sour, anxiety grips Indian students, residents who wish to settle in Canada
- I bought groceries in Europe and here's how prices compare to Canada
- Sleeping at the beach in my van revealed some hard truths about affordability in Vancouver
- Younger Canadians are not having children. Here's why, according to Statistics Canada
- Canada Post breaking law by gathering info from envelopes, parcels: watchdog
- India urges its citizens to exercise ‘extreme caution’ in Canada
- Poilievre tables housing bill aimed at speeding up construction of new homes
- The Rupa Subramanya Show | Has Trudeau politicized Canada’s relationship with India? (Ft. Abhijit Iyer-Mitra)
- Okayed Millions In Contracts

- Calgary police arrest man at 6 Avenue station
- Man charged after elderly women, driver punched aboard West Vancouver bus
- Federal probe angers one of Canada’s largest mortgage broker networks 
- ‘It’s a shame’: Vancouver builder says red tape killed DTES social housing project
- Hardeep Singh Nijjar: Why Western nations fear India-Canada row
- HMCS Windsor forced to return to Halifax after trouble during training exercise; minor injuries reported
- Police charge 18-year-old in connection to shooting in Foster Farm area
- Canada signs $3B nuclear deal with Romania, as Europe aims to wean off Russian energy
- One day after explosive allegation, Trudeau says he's not trying to 'provoke' India
- WARMINGTON: Even as 'spies' try to derail it, Hands Off Our Kids protest is set for Wednesday
- London, Ont. police defend clash with 'abusive' Justin Trudeau protesters
- LILLEY: Inflation spikes two months after Liberals declared victory
- VIDEO LEAK: Arrested child trafficker admits to boarding school used as front for organ harvesting network in Ukraine
- Terry Glavin: After Trudeau alleges murder plot, Canada-India relations may be irreparable
- Don Martin: Canada is back on the world stage. And mostly alone.
- Canada Vs India 101: By Daniel Bordman Via TWITTER

- Man arrested after Toronto students recorded, videos posted online: police
- Province doesn't know where extra carbon charge on gas is going
- Don't get caught short with tighter regulations for home-equity line of credit
- Minimum income to buy a home in Vancouver rises to $246,100: Report
- Pierre Poilievre is the man who could beat Trudeau
- Newspapers Want More Cash
- Broke Promise, Hikes EI Rates
- Matthew Lau: Battery plant 'investments' confirm Liberals' financial illiteracy
- "We're doing our best": Chinatown business defiant despite string of break-ins
- Trudeau says intelligence links Indian government to B.C. Sikh leader’s murder
- Jordan Peterson steps up battle against College of Psychologists sanctions

- Nearly half of Canadians targeted by fraud in first half of 2023: TransUnion survey
- Amazon’s Whole Foods has been a bust for Canadians
- Armed man arrested during Russell Peters performance in Vancouver
- Upscale Italian restaurant in downtown Vancouver quietly closes down
- Canada to give $33-million to help buy air defences for Ukraine
- The anti-Guilbeault: Alberta environment minister battles Ottawa's 'activist' counterpart
- Chris Selley: Astonishing scenes from Justin Trudeau's flailing Liberals
- UVic rainbow crosswalk consultation attracts two people

- Trial by social media: Court struggles under weight of ‘Freedom Convoy’ evidence
- Officer injured, several people assaulted at TTC's Kipling Station: Cops
- LOW CHARGE I was thrilled when I bought my first EV – it’s way more ‘stressful than I imagined,’ I spend all my time worrying
- Trudeau calls for better progressive messaging at summit in Montreal
- COLUMN: Think Again – Pierre Poilievre will be the next prime minister
- Poilievre takes verbal shots at Liberal MP while claiming to back hunters at Yukon rally
- Canada hits pause on trade mission to India after tensions at G20 summit
- Early-stage delinquencies for all credit products are on the rise: Equifax
- KINSELLA: Trudeau has just about run out of time
- Sir John A. Macdonald statue in Montreal not to be replaced after being vandalized
- GOLDSTEIN: We're all polluters under Trudeau's climate change plan
- Canada's housing crisis will take years to solve -finance minister
- Saskatchewan will invoke Constitutional protection to make sure schools don't leave parents in the dark about children's sex changes

- Tamara Lich trial could last weeks longer, defence warns
- LILLEY: Three levels of government, three different messages on masks
- WARMINGTON: This could be police across Canada's biggest challenge since Freedom Convoy
- Police arrest man after 4 assaults in 45 minutes in Vancouver
- 'They're not looking at the unintended consequences': Study highlights concerning toxins found in paper straws
- As Canada's navy arrives in Japan, Tokyo begins largest military buildup since Second World War
- There’s an affordable EV out there displacing twice as much oil as electric cars
- Canada Postpones Trade Mission to India With Tensions On Rise
- GST removal on rental builds won’t lower prices any time soon, experts say
- Canada to increase Employment Insurance rate next year
- Expanding carbon tax exemption would save farmers $1 billion: PBO
- Toronto Star owner cutting 600 jobs at regional papers, seeking bankruptcy protection for unit
- Katie Telford, long-serving chief of staff, is the last woman standing in Justin Trudeau’s inner circle
- Estimated 11,000 Ontarians died waiting for surgeries, scans in past year
- Pierre Poilievre says WestJet passengers were 'delighted' by impromptu speech
- The Dire Need for a Full Public Inquiry into Canada's Catastrophic Pandemic Response
- Has Canada actually undercounted its population by a million?
- Still no date for Canada’s retail gun buyback as amnesty deadline nears

- Quebec's homeless population almost doubled in 4 years, report says
- ‘We cried every day’: Calgarians share housing struggles on first day of marathon public hearing
- The Andrew Lawton Show | Journalists are still obsessing over Poilievre’s Westjet speech
- B.C. mayor says new drug ban near child play areas remains limited
- Trudeau heads to USA after issuing a warning for LGBTQ travellers
- Tamara Lich has been charged with mischief, obstructing police and counselling others to commit mischief and intimidation. Rebel News is on the ground in Ottawa covering every minute of Tamara's trial.
- Federal government extends 'temporary' $595 million media slush fund
- If Canadian Unemployment Is So Low, Why All The Long Job Lines?
- 2nd fire at Vancouver apartment building likely caused by squatters, firefighters say
- "City of broken dreams": New Vancouver resident struggling to find a home
- Man found with guns and drugs after calling in overdose has sentence overturned due to Good Samaritan Act
- Richmond the 2nd most expensive mid-sized rental market in Canada: Report
- Canadian shook after comparing price of basic grocery item in 2022 to 2023
- Guilbeault Finally Pays Taxes
- LILLEY: Maybe it's time to get rid of school boards in Ontario
- VW lays off workers at key EV factory over cratering demand
- Joe Oliver: Liberals on the same path of self-inflicted ruin as the Soviets
- Quarantine hotel co-owner misappropriated almost $16M of public funds, lawsuit alleges

- Guilbeault's China Council backed by an organization that funded eco-terrorists
- U.K. soldier charged with 2nd-degree murder in fatal Toronto assault, British Army says
- The Andrew Lawton Show | Banned from covering Liberal caucus retreat
- Opinion: Media training for Jordan Peterson? Really?
- ‘No walk-in traffic’: Vancouver business owner frustrated by crime, red tape
- Vancouver hiking short-term rental license fees by 800%
- Vehicles impounded after teens race 180 km/h on North Vancouver highway
- First Nations group slams Quebec's Indigenous health-care bill, walks out of commission
- 'They're ramming it down our throats,' Cold Lake First Nation Chief says of Pathways carbon capture project
- Canadians are sharing what's actually worth buying at Dollarama
- The housing market is about to get a lot more expensive for millennials and Gen Z
- Long hair, signing bonuses and 'try before you buy': How Canada's military is responding to a staffing crisis
- Settlement finalized in $283M disabled veterans class action, but benefits policy changed
- Sabrina Maddeaux: Pierre Poilievre's conservatism is shockingly cool
- Hint Temporary Bailout Stays
- SLOBODIAN: Karens not on a plane upset with Poilievre, WestJet
- Carson Jerema: Jann Arden for Liberal leader — who better to lead a party of trolls?
- China excluded from the latest elections commissioner report
- French LGBTI Organization Calls For Gynecologist To Be Condemned After He Stated He Only Serves “Real Women”
- GOLDSTEIN: Climate change no longer winning issue for Trudeau
- Truck convoy trial continues with video of accused
- Kamloops council votes in bylaw banning drug use in public
- Ottawa school trustee slams board for not reprimanding Nili Kaplan-Myrth
- Opinion: Climate censorship is worse than you think
- Union demands apology from WestJet after Pierre Poilievre speaks on flight’s PA system

- A tale of two Trudeaus and Canada's mollycoddling of Khalistani terror
- EDITORIAL: PM’s green plans will raise cost of housing
- Mortgage interest costs now up over 80% since the start of the BoC’s rate hikes
- New TIFF documentary shines a light on boil water advisories across Indigenous communities
- Mario Canseco: Significantly more B.C. families are struggling to make ends meet
- SNC-Lavalin changing name to AtkinsRealis in rebranding move
- Rent is going up more than $100 a month right now, pushing average asking price to new record
- GREEN: Trudeau’s plastic ban plan — stunningly poor and deceptive policy
- Vancouver City Council to consider reducing single-family detached house sizes by 14%
- Letters, Sept. 12: Newcomers to Canada must respect our laws
- U.S. police say Canadian used sleight of hand to steal more than US$60,000 in cash from 43 Walmart stores
- CIA tried to pay off analysts to bury findings that COVID lab leak was likely: whistleblower
- Retired veterans share their perspectives on the Freedom Convoy and Justin Trudeau!
- Environment minister must unblock Rebel News founder Levant on X under court order
- Vivek Dehejia: Leave it to Justin Trudeau to further degrade Canada-India relations
- B.C. premier 'white hot' angry over hospital release of accused in Vancouver triple-stabbing
- True North denied media access to Liberal caucus retreat
- Privy Council asked feds to 'downplay' vaccine-related deaths and injuries: memo
- No mixed-gender bathrooms in Quebec schools, education minister says
- LILLEY: Time to mask up again? Dr. Tam can pound sand
- Liberal MPs confronted outside Conservative Party convention

- TikToker on rampage doesn’t understand why paper straws are served with plastic cups
- What homes can median income earners afford across Canada?
- P.E.I. renter urges caution after scammer uses Airbnb unit to dupe multiple people
- EDITORIAL: Our housing shortage is a long-term problem
- Home prices in Canada are so stretched that even owners want them to fall
- Loblaw investigates after TikToker discovers chip rip-off when weighing bag
- Rise in interest rates leave Calgary landlords struggling to pay mortgages and cover costs
- N.S. women fleeing domestic abuse decry lack of affordable housing
- Indian prime minister scolds Trudeau over Sikh protests
- Trudeau and Canadian delegation stranded in India for at least one more night as backup plans sought
- Jordan Peterson: Trudeau and the equity tyrants must be stopped
- Trudeau’s environment minister crashes Conservative Party convention to call Poilievre a climate change denier
- Jann Arden boycotts WestJet for allowing Poilievre to use PA to joke with passengers

- Two men shot in East Vancouver early Sunday
- Is Canada underestimating the cost of living for international students?
- Incandescent light bulbs are now largely banned, so one fan spent a paycheck stockpiling 3,500 bulbs he said should last 75 years
- Canada Calling: Indian students facing homelessness protest in Ontario and trouble for Trudeau
- PM Trudeau stuck in India following G20 summit due to 'technical issues' with plane
- From foreign interference to war in Ukraine, Trudeau pushes rule-of-law agenda at G20
- LILLEY: Trudeau Liberals show they are desperate and out of touch

- Mounting concerns from renters after release of Calgary housing report
- GOLDSTEIN: Canada a global leader in defusing the real carbon bomb — coal
- Ottawa man arrested after police seize multiple handguns, drugs at traffic stop
- Opinion: Ottawa's 'bizarre' ban on Co-op compostable bags fails to address any issue
- China claims ownership of the Taiwan Strait. Canada just sailed a warship through it
- Barbara Kay: Like Jordan Peterson, these medical professionals won't be silenced
- WARMINGTON: Politicians always have lots to say about wildfires, except when arson charges laid
- How more homeless encampments in Ontario signal a housing crisis out of control
- Letters: North Richmond is akin to the Downtown Eastside
- Rebel News is being raided— we need your help!

- Homeless camp residents say they don't know where to go as Prince George issues eviction, evacuation orders
- It’s been more than 6 months of drug decriminalization in B.C. What’s changed?
- Conservatives say Trudeau “tried to do everything” to avoid China inquiry
- The U.S. Housing Market vs. The Canadian Housing Market
- Once homeless, Vancouver couple find comfort, stability in tiny-home community
- ‘I don’t want to die in this street’: Woman homeless in DTES due to paperwork issue
- People have been getting unexpectedly sprayed with ink on Toronto streets this summer, police say
- Vancouver gets top five spot on another sad list for global affordability
- WD-40 says it will not be banned, will change formula to satisfy Ottawa's new rules
- Douglas Todd: How to really change zoning to increase housing affordability
- Here's how much it costs to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Metro Vancouver this September
- Ex-military general says Canada being destroyed by 'woke movement'
- Prime Minister advances trade ties, investment, and innovation with Singapore
- 'I won't say any more:' Trudeau mum on paused trade talks with India
- Quebec man charged with arson in connection with numerous forest fires in Chibougamau
- VIDEO: Steven Guilbeault Refuses To Say Whether He Brought Up Communist China’s Interference In Canada’s Democracy During His Trip To Beijing
- EXCLUSIVE: Freedom truckers trial judge slams prosecution for introducing 'chat' messages without disclosing them to defense
- Opinion: Pierre Poilievre would unite Canada as a common-sense PM
- LILLEY: Kerry Lemieux has shown what a joke Ontario's school system is
- China threatens 'consequences' over Canadian inquiry into alleged meddling

- Governments of Canada and British Columbia invest over $58 million to bring high-speed Internet to over 5,400 households
- Changes to minimum tax to add $2.6 billion over five years for feds: PBO
- City of Vancouver considers hiking fees to avoid tax increase
- International students in Canada living on the side of a road come to a solution with local college
- POLL: Trudeau’s Disapproval Rating Hits 63%
- Canadian General denounces Trudeau regime, calls for new leadership
- Homeless international students in North Bay reach agreement with Canadore
- Don Braid: As Trudeau's popularity falls, Danielle Smith smells blood and prepares for all out battle
- Joseph Chiummiento: Selection of judges in Jordan Peterson case raises troubling issues
- Justin Trudeau hammered by devastating polls just before Parliament set to reconvene
- Why are clashes between Eritrean groups breaking out in Canada and across the globe?
- CBC stands to get largest share of cash from Online News Act, experts say
- EXCLUSIVE: Freedom truckers' lawyers say trial of Tamara Lich, Chris Barber is about Canadians being 'shamed and vilified' for protesting Trudeau's Covid lockdowns
- Quebec man, 37, charged with arson in connection with wildfires in province’s north

- Douglas Todd: Warnings of today's foreign-student exploitation began a decade ago
- FIRST READING: Who started calling residential school burial sites mass graves?
- Canadian MP says rent payment history should be mortgage qualifier
- Frank Stronach: To support small businesses, exempt them from corporate income tax
- FIRST READING: Who started calling residential school burial sites mass graves?
- Interest rate hikes pushed a B.C. couple's mortgage payments up $2,700 a month
- UPDATED: Victims of weekend shooting in Ottawa were not the intended targets, police say
- Douglas Todd: Warnings of today's foreign-student exploitation began a decade ago
- International students pay sky-high fees. Whose job is it to house them?
- Ottawa awards docking contract to same company it's suing for negligence over damaged Coast Guard ship
- Crews remove 153 propane tanks, begin pulling down structures in Vancouver's Vanier Park

- Canadian TikToker who drives to the US for groceries shows how much money she saves
- Why isn't Canada an economic giant?
- Falling 'dominoes': Nanaimo latest B.C. municipality to ban natural gas heating in new homes
- Starbucks is closing its Dunbar location later this month
- RCMP investigates ex-RCAF pilots reportedly training China’s air force
- Here’s what happened on Day 1 of the ‘Freedom Convoy’ trial
- Toronto patient waiting for hospital bed watched for 48 hours as ER staff dealt with flood of sick patients
- Canada's promised Indo-Pacific trade representative to be based in Jakarta
- Prime Minister visits Indonesia, welcomes a new chapter in the Canada-ASEAN relationship
- Why Eritrean immigrants are brawling on the streets of Calgary and around the world
- I’m being professionally canceled for my moral stance on trans butchery

- Buyer’s Remorse: Why Are 20% Of Early EV Adopters Now Defecting to Internal Combustion?
- AGAR: Purchasing away our rights
- Assessing the impact of the carbon tax on business costs in B.C.
- High rents, scams and paperwork make housing a struggle for international students in Winnipeg
- 'Hold the line': Freedom Convoy organizers' criminal trial begins Tuesday
- Seven top economists who are warning the Liberals about immigration

- Downtown Vancouver restaurant quietly closes after 35 years
- How Tamara Lich transformed from spokeswoman to symbol of 'Freedom Convoy' movement
- Hand gun, illicit drugs seized by out-of-town RCMP officers near West Kelowna
- 'Violent conflict' in Calgary involving 150 people may be linked to clashes within Eritrean community: police
- Why it's so much cheaper to ship stuff from China than within Canada
- Families awaiting deportation face emotional roller-coaster that can lead to 'chronic stress'
- Shooting at Ottawa wedding leaves two men dead, six hurt
- Toronto residents express concern over air show noise for those with PTSD, pets
- Police investigation underway into parking lot clash in northeast Calgary
- NP View: Jordan Peterson doesn't need to be cured of expressing opinions

- 'Better to burnout than fade away': Vancouver's motorcycle-themed cafe to close
- EV OUT I’m so done with EVs and going back to gas – I loved the tech but there’s a key feature that lets them down every time
- 'So what if we’re toxic?' Inside the thoughts of Canada’s paper straws
- Canada shut its land border to asylum seekers. More refugees came anyway
- Almost half of Canadians living paycheque to paycheque, while support grows for Poilievre's Conservatives: poll
- Toronto church Revivaltime Tabernacle says it will no longer shelter asylum claimants
- Melissa Mbarki: Trudeau’s net-zero policy violates UNDRIP, poverty reduction strategy
- Conrad Black: Canadians must stand behind Jordan Peterson's fight for free expression
- Hundreds rally in Regina against new pronoun, name policy for Sask. schools
- CLASSIFIED: Document implicates Trudeau in housing crisis, blames immigration policy for unaffordability
- Canada's envoy to Ukraine says Canadian support will outlast Russian invasion
- UPDATED: Charges pending after violent conflict with 150 people erupts in Calgary Saturday

- School stands by its decision to hire drag queen previously arrested for child pornography charges
- 3 Calgary restaurants that have closed their doors recently
- Editorial: Difficult measures needed as Greater Victoria densifies
- Move-in bonuses, free parking offered by ‘desperate’ Victoria landlords
- Canadian government offering exemption to Google, Meta in draft Online News Act regulations
- Carbon credit market confidence ebbs as big names retreat
- N.L.'s sugar tax is a year old. The government collected $11M but can't — or won't — say if it's working
- Work on Coastal Gaslink project nears completion
- Meta and Alphabet would owe at least 4% of annual revenue in Canada to news outlets under draft regulations pushed by Justin Trudeau
- Colby Cosh: UBC covers for bad science in homeless cash transfer study
- Canadians blast Marci Ien for saying parental rights are “life or death”
- Public and Private Sector Job Growth in the Provinces during the COVID-19 Era
- More than 1,600 scientists, including two Nobel laureates, declare climate 'emergency' a myth
- CRA fires 120 employees, staff ‘inappropriately claimed’ CERB
- Online News Act could see Google, Meta pay combined $230 million to Canadian media
- GOLDSTEIN: Report finds pandemic fuelled an explosion in public sector jobs
- CRA fires 120 employees after review of 'inappropriately claimed' CERB payments
- Colby Cosh: UBC covers for bad science in homeless cash transfer study
- Facebook Posts Not A Crime

September 2023

- Paul Sullivan: How city permits and fees help create unaffordable housing
- How Shell Found an Even Bigger Problem with Carbon Offsets
- Police investigating eight potentially linked South Surrey break-ins
- Feds bust gun running operation from Toledo to Canada
- 'Be Pragmatic And Realistic': Kevin O'Leary Says You Should Do This Before Buying A House In The Current Market
- B.C. financial statements don't follow 'generally accepted accounting principles,' auditor general says
- Buyback program for prohibited guns facing public resistance: Report
- 10 reasons affordable housing is hard to deliver
- Housing construction crisis ahead, says B.C. home builder
- Alleged mass grave of indigenous children at Catholic schools across Canada contains NO BODIES, excavation shows - as experts suggest it's proof the stories were fabricated
- Why Canada's estimate of temporary residents could be off — by 1 million
- B.C. sunshine list shows big swing in government communications spending 
- Millennials’ debt has 'ballooned': RBC economist
- Calgary’s rental supply can’t keep up with skyrocketing demand
- Canadian gov't issues update on implementing Emergencies Act inquiry calls for change
- Vehicles rammed into 8 Surrey businesses in string of likely related incidents: RCMP
- Canadian Army surveillance vehicle project costing $533 million is now years behind schedule and facing 'multiple deficiencies'
- Opinion: Is Vancouver planning for a no-kid city?
- People are buying property with friends, family to afford a home in Canada
- "Unwinnable odds": Major BC cannabis producer gets acquired, owes millions to creditors
- Bank of Canada to hold rates steady on Sept. 6; home prices to fall in 2023
- 39% Of Desk Phones Unused
- Canada has underestimated non-permanent resident count by almost one million
- No human remains found 2 years after claims of ‘mass graves’ in Canada
- U.S. politicians want to hear from MP Michael Chong on threats from China
- City of Edmonton sued over homeless encampment evictions
- Life in prison, no parole for 15 years for North Vancouver mass stabbing killer
- B.C. Premier David Eby asks Bank of Canada to freeze hikes to interest rates
- Conservatives maintain months-long lead over Liberals, as Canadians' economic anxiety rises: Nanos

- Closed and closing soon: 14 Vancouver restaurants to say goodbye to
- Egypt imposes new restrictions on Canadian travellers
- Cobalt Carnage, Child Labor, And Ecological Destruction
- Saskatoon on track for record year for homeless encampments
- "Another really crappy day": Vancouver video game studio hit with layoffs
- Canada is sitting on one of the largest housing bubbles 'of all time,' an analyst says. What happens if it bursts?
- Scotiabank continues to slow its mortgage business in favour of multi-product clients
- Non-permanent residents in Canada undercounted by one million: CIBC
- 'Getting squeezed on both sides': Liberals a distant third among younger voters
- ‘Very sad’: Downtown Eastside Street Market holds last day outdoors
- Canadian Armed Forces doing away with mandatory duty to report policy
- David Staples: Justin Trudeau's support has cratered with young Canadians for one obvious reason
- Pastor Tim Stephens exonerated from public health infractions
- Dan Fumano: Some new Vancouver condos held empty for years: internal city memo
- In Disgraceful Move, Steven Guilbeault Criticizes Canadian Energy Sector While In Communist China
- Transgender customer files complaint against Montreal Walmart after alleged harassment over using women's bathroom
- What happened to Canada’s ‘mass graves’?
- UPDATED: Smith shreds Guilbeault over Suncor comments, emissions cap
- GOLDSTEIN: China says its coal emissions are no big deal — over to you, Steven Guilbeault
- Less than one in five federally funded EV charging stations are operational: new data

- My mortgage is coming up for renewal – what should I do now?
- ‘People should be valued’: B.C. on pace for deadliest year in drug crisis
- Dollar Tree Threatens to "Discontinue" Products Over Theft Concerns
- Canadians turn to credit cards as many face payment shock: TransUnion report
- Canada's landlords now asking a record-breaking average of $2,078 per month: rental report
- Best Buy Canada a drag on parent company’s sales
- Canadians frustrated as new passports prone to bending: 'something coming out of a washing machine'
- Carson Binda: Seriously, something needs to be done about gas taxes
- BMO, Scotiabank miss profit estimates as bad loan provisions, costs rise
- It turns out all those paper straws are bad for the environment too
- Lowertown residents overwhelmed by fentanyl crisis plead for help
- More Government Intervention Isn’t The Answer To A Cost-Of-Living Crisis Caused By Excessive Government Intervention
- Freeland defends Ottawa's advisory cautioning LGBTQ Canadians travelling to U.S.
- Suncor's revised focus on oil production proof of need for emissions cap: Guilbeault
- ‘Vile behaviour’: Retail chain demands accountability for B.C. shoplifting violence
- Canadian universities don’t want a cap on international students. Here’s why
- CBSA issues 300 arrest warrants for foreign offenders facing deportation

- More than half of charges recommended in VPD shoplifting crackdown not approved
- Crown says it 'may apply' for court order quashing pandemic-related convictions, returning fines
- Grocery prices in Canada: Reddit users are shocked that same items at Dollarama are going for double at Loblaws
- North York hotel employee alerts police to 28 'crime guns'
- Why an Ontario city is now permitting homeless encampments and tiny homes in parks
- High-level judges may have paid to meet Trudeau before their appointments
- LILLEY: Trudeau's Liberals at third among younger voters must sting
- AGAR: Trudeau should do right by Liberals and step down
- FIRST READING: For the first time, Canadians suspect their children will be poorer than they are

- Magnitude of credit losses will depend on BoC’s ability to orchestrate a soft landing: RBC
- B.C. drug trafficker caught with 23kg of fentanyl faces forfeiture of $365K
- Advocate shows ‘real’ DTES after Vancouver real estate TikTok goes viral
- Letters: Wanted — a GG who doesn't treat the public treasury like a personal piggy bank
- LILLEY: Government replaces Big Pharma in pushing opioids
- EDITORIAL: Put down the lobster and get back to work

- HMCS Haida — the 'fightingest' ship in the Royal Canadian Navy — turns 80
- GUNTER: Canadian cities on low end of employment income scale
- Canada reviewing international student programme to weed out unethical recruitment practices
- ‘It’s happening right now’: World leaders in B.C. for climate change meeting
- Family evicted from townhouse awarded $27.7K to be paid by the buyer after sale falls through
- Furey Pens Letter to Trudeau, Doubles Down on Fuel Tax Opposition
- TERRAZZANO: More proof carbon taxes make life more expensive
- Trudeau brings daughter to Edmonton fundraiser to show her he isn't hated
- He was scammed $16K from his BMO line of credit. The bank is charging him interest anyway
- 40 per cent of B.C. Ferries cancellations due to crew shortages
- Joly heads to Slovenia, North Macedonia, Albania as Canada tries for more UN presence
- EDITORIAL: Liberals can’t read the room
- GOLDSTEIN: Liberals talk tough on climate change – but not to China

- Letters, Aug. 25: Doctor pleads for safer streets around injection site
- This N.L. woman says lack of affordable housing is forcing her to leave the province
- Two kilos of suspected cocaine, loaded handgun seized in Smyth Road raid
- “Living in our van lets us travel the world. Here’s how we do van life while holding jobs in Toronto”
- Four suspects sought after allegedly posing as GTA homeowners to sell property, take out second mortgage
- B.C. considering reforms to 'eliminate' bad-faith evictions for landlord's use
- ‘Now I’m angry’: N.W.T. premier calls on Ottawa to provide services in the North
- Canada Post loses more than $250M in second quarter
- Un-scene: Vancouver film workers finding gig work to sustain themselves
- LNG Canada wants to go electric. The B.C. government wants taxpayers to cover the cost
- 'You have to throw everything at them': Vancouver company sees 100 per cent increase in mouse infestations
- Homeowner stress bursts into view in Canada banks' mortgage data
- U.K. police say 88 people who bought lethal substance from Canadian websites have died
- Sutcliffe and Carr: Ottawa needs permanent solutions to address homelessness, lack of affordable housing
- 'Eco-Friendly' Paper Straws Contain Harmful PFAS Chemicals
- More trouble in the polls for Justin Trudeau, Liberals
- New Brunswick refuses to back down on parent’s rights policy
- With Ongoing Refusal To Hold A Public Inquiry, The Federal Government Has Abandoned Brave Canadians Like Mayor Brad West
- Vax Firing Was ‘Reasonable’
- ‘Appalling’: B.C. mayor unimpressed with Ottawa amid foreign meddling claim
- Poilievre says parents should have final say about what is taught to children
- Ottawa police identify Barrhaven robbery suspect
- Few X-Rays Of Guns By Mail
- Justin Trudeau should step down before next election, majority of survey respondents say

- Peterborough shooting suspect taken into custody after barricading himself inside Sault Ste. Marie residence: police
- Drugs, taser, brass knuckles, pepper spray seized during traffic stop: OPP
- Douglas Todd: The curious rise of currency exchanges across Canada
- Ottawa police shut down magic mushroom shop
- International student forced to leave Montreal school because of Bill 96
- More Ukrainians ditching Canada due to high cost of living
- TRUDEAU’S DOUBLE STANDARD: Green rules crushing to Canada’s economy, while China pollutes at will
- Ukraine wants Canada to use ’diplomatic muscle’ to sell peace plan to skeptical countries
- RBC plans thousands of job cuts after profit beat; TD misses on higher expenses
- International student in Toronto speaks out on 'nasty' housing conditions
- Grab a tissue while you can: Kleenex tissues to be discontinued in Canada
- TD Bank misses estimates as expenses, loan losses climb
- Calgary couple loses $5,400 in Metro Vancouver rental scam
- LILLEY: Calls for huge tax hikes as Toronto begins budget planning
- Returning home amid the war: Why some Ukrainians are choosing to leave Toronto
- Bruce Pardy: Jordan Peterson against the tyranny of the administrative state
- Rahim Mohamed: Ontario to Jordan Peterson — you have the right to remain tweetless
- LILLEY: RCMP again falsely claimed politicians under investigation
- Anatomy of an Ukraine prosecutor’s ouster: the Joe and Hunter Biden timeline
- Recall House Now: Poilievre
- Governor General spent $3 million in travel during first full year in office
- Canadian court upholds Jordan Peterson forced to undergo 'social media training' over controversial posts
- BREAKING: CDC admits COVID infection could be more likely among vaccinated individuals
- Controversial pastor pleads guilty to violating COVID rules, fined $52K
- EDITORIAL: Jordan Peterson targeted for ‘wrongthink’
- Ontario school board director’s salary increased almost 25 per cent despite provincewide wage freeze

- 'Completely unbelievable': B.C. tenant facing eviction doubts landlord's daughter wants cramped basement
- Albertans worried about making mortgage, rent payments as affordability crisis continues
- A LUXURY vehicle dealer has shared numerous reasons that car buyers sometimes regret buying electric automobiles.
- CTV News Fails To Identify Palestinian Killed By Israeli Forces As A Terrorist
- ‘It’s just ridiculous’: Post-secondary students struggling to find and afford housing on Vancouver Island
- Seniors struggle to downsize due to Nova Scotia’s hot rental market
- Debt among Canadian millennials at record levels, while earnings haven't kept up: RBC report
- Three arrested by RCMP tactical team charged with attempted murder
- 'Affordability continues to deteriorate': GTA condo sales hit 23-year low in July, building association says
- Three vehicles a day stolen in Ottawa as vehicle thefts continue to rise
- TikTok showing $2K/200-sq. ft. rental meant to show ‘crazy’ Vancouver market, creator says
- 'I'm consistently shocked': Some students in Calgary contemplate homelessness as fall semester begins
- Softer Jobs Data May Mean Lower Rates in Early 2024, CIBC Says
- 6 Most Expensive Car Repairs for Hybrids and EVs
- Renewed calls to remove GST from rental housing construction costs in Canada
- Analysis: Little relief for indebted Canadian homeowners as mortgage rates seen higher for longer
- Trudeau wraps retreat with message to millennials, no new housing plans
- WARMINGTON: Think times are tough? PM says not 'easy' for him either
- LILLEY: Trudeau Liberals link housing crisis and immigration
- LILLEY: Peterson denounces court's attack on free expression
- Terry Glavin: Steven Guilbeault goes to China and burns his climate credibility
- CBC Won’t Count Corrections
- Says “Savings” Will Be Spent
- Ontario court rules against Jordan Peterson, upholds social media training order

- Brother of teen found dead in B.C. park tells jury they spoke the day of her death
- Overdoses now the leading cause of death for youths in B.C. as services fall behind
- What is affordable housing? Province updating definition to ease access to construction incentives
- GOLDSTEIN: We pay more in taxes than on housing, food and clothing combined, says report 
- From living in a garage to a tent: Calgarians continue to struggle to find affordable housing
- Frank Stronach: High interest rates and inflation has put Canadians on a financial precipice
- Canada likely sitting on the largest housing bubble of all time: Strategist
- 'How to get free food in Canada': YouTubers criticized for encouraging international students to use food banks
- She was hit by an e-scooter despite Toronto's ban. The city needs to step up regulation, she says
- Police continue to search for suspects in West Edmonton Mall shooting
- 2 men arrested at Canadian border with fake permanent resident and social insurance cards
- International students say they want to study in Canada, but staying is a problem if they can't find housing
- China’s EV Disposal Problems Will Be Everyone’s Problems Soon
- Electric Cars Poised to Surpass Petrol Vehicles in Costs: Unveiling the Reasons Behind It
- Do the Trudeau Liberals truly believe they’re protecting Canada’s safety and security?
- Ben Eisen: B.C.’s pending debt boom – and why elections matter
- 'There was blood everywhere:' Man stabbed multiple times while pushing granddaughter in a stroller
- EXCLUSIVE: Chrystia Freeland CHARGED for near-criminal speeding
- Recent Comments By McKenna & Guilbeault Show The Liberals Have Fully Embraced ‘Post-Truth’ Politics
- WARMINGTON: Deputy Prime Minister fined $273 for speeding in rental car
- Illegal Voting For Liberal MP
- EDITORIAL: Trudeau Liberals are gaslighting Canadians
- ‘CERB Vacation’ Pay Is Gone

- More licensing, more enforcement: There are real solutions to gun violence that won’t divide Canadians
- Rising rents pushing people into poverty and desperation
- Salvation Army Thrift Store in Canada Faces Unprecedented Donation Slump Amid Consumer Shift [Interview]
- SNC-Lavalin wins first big EV-related project in Canada
- Military officer AWOL from Ukraine mission returns to Canada; DND confirms he has been released from the Canadian Forces
- Ottawa Food Bank says it’s short on food: ‘Never seen anything like this’
- 2 critically hurt in downtown Ottawa stabbing
- Opinion: How to bridge the housing affordability gap for a generation without a home
- Calgary police investigate stabbing which closed 8 Street CTrain station for hours
- Every developer has opted to pay Montreal instead of building affordable housing, under new bylaw
- Provincial regulator orders Granville College to refund $10K after misleading an international student
- Nobel Prize winner Dr. John F. Clauser signs the Clintel World Climate Declaration
- LEVY: TDSB teachers say curriculum has taken a back seat to DEI training
- Trudeau denounces Meta's news block as fires force evacuations
- Every developer has opted to pay Montreal instead of building affordable housing, under new bylaw

- Jamie Sarkonak: Trudeau's 'nonpartisan' Supreme Court advisory panel skews left
- Letter: Electric vehicles an emerging safety concern on our ferry system
- Feds need to turbocharge construction innovation to get homes built faster: experts
- Justice minister says Canada remains 'open' to criminalizing coercive control
- Eight years of hurt: Canada’s growing fury with Justin Trudeau
- Liberal cabinet hopes to restore confidence in government at three-day retreat

- BREAKING: ‘Unmarked graves’ discovery at Manitoba residential school turns out to be hoax — no bodies found, only rocks
- Oshawa man faces charges after gun shot during argument: Cops
- B.C. prisoners seek extension of jail time to stay housed, avoid overdose
- Ottawa Detective was singled out by police leadership for her opposition to Covid mandates
- The Rupa Subramanya Show | The woke takeover of Canada (Ft. Ari Goldkind)
- Ford CEO hit with 'reality check' when trying to charge EV truck on US road trip
- The money from the two billion trees will be used to plant fewer

- Jagmeet Singh under fire over wife’s rental property in British Columbia
- Sophie Gregoire Trudeau shares family vacation photos from Tofino trip
- Dropping prices and heavy tax burden will mean cannabis industry bankruptcies, warns producer
- How Long Do EV Batteries Last?
- Rental housing tower approval rescinded after developer paid supporters in public hearing
- Posthaste: Some Canadians are regretting their mortgages amid high interest rates
- Taxpayers federation says Sask. and feds are collecting too much money at the gas pumps
- Microsoft pulls article recommending Ottawa Food Bank to tourists
- Two Ontario cities bordering each other ranked rudest, politest cities in Canada: survey
- Minister Guilbeault to visit China as Ottawa negotiates foreign interference inquiry
- Freeland Friend Is Appointee
- GUNTER: Steven Guilbeault's trip to China raises questions about divided loyalties
- Terry Glavin: Mélanie Joly pushes conspiracy theories about Pierre Poilievre
- Excavation after 14 anomalies detected at former residential school site found no evidence of graves: Manitoba chief
- Jay Bhattacharya: Canadian courts complicit in failed lockdowns that violated rights
- Jagmeet Singh under fire over wife’s rental property in British Columbia
- LILLEY: Joly says Canada is planning for Trump. What about Biden?

- 'I'm a mechanic - I’ll never buy a used electric car because of a vital battery issue'
- Lack of affordable housing forcing B.C. municipalities to take matters into their own hands
- Landlord's "use of property" forces tenants out of rental which gets relisted
- Video promoting $2,000 rent for 200-square-foot Vancouver apartment widely criticized
- Higher parking fees and a luxury home levy could ease Toronto’s budget woes, says staff report
- Foreign Agent? To Protect Canadian Democracy & National Security, Steven Guilbeault Has To Go

- Adventures in Real Estate: “I see now why landlords target international students—it’s easier to take advantage of us”
- Ottawa drops the hammer on four provinces reliant on fossil fuels
- LILLEY: Guilbeault wants China as ally, serves as adviser to Beijing
- Housing crisis requires ‘war-time' effort, say authors of new report
- Need a charge? Canada’s $5-billion battery plant is looking for employees
- Loaded handgun, Fentanyl, Cocaine seized in Drug Warrant Execution
- China leaves Canada off list of countries approved for group tours
- No new money for housing in Hamilton coming from Trudeau or Ford
- Scotiabank, TD latest Canadian banks to offer FHSA
- ICBC loses appeal in case where employee sold data used in shootings
- CRAB Park residents call for Port of Vancouver parking lot to be used as site for tiny home village
- Ex-CRA employee allegedly embezzled almost $20,000 in CERB, CRCB scam: RCMP
- Ottawa to provide nearly $500 million in loans for new rental housing in Vancouver
- Victoria rent stays steady at over $2,000 per month while other cities’ prices soar
- CCP 'smear campaign' against Conservative MP Michael Chong tied to Chinese news organizations
- Canada needs a foreign-agent registry (still)
- Riley Gaines blasts Trudeau’s 'radical disdain for women' after Canadian man takes top prize in women's powerlifting championship
- Free Ventilators For Ukraine
- Matthew Lau: Polls suggest Trudeau Liberals are hitting the brick wall of reality
- More people than expected are dying in Canada in 2023 for reasons that are not yet clear
- LILLEY: Guilbeault wants China as ally, serves as adviser to Beijing
- RCMP investigating 2 arson calls in Yellowknife as wildfire looms on city's west flank

- Alberta electricity prices more than double
- IMF report spotlights Canada’s economic woes
- Tenants feel ‘real fear’ as rent for one-bedroom in Vancouver exceeds $3K
- LAU: Government’s EV push may actually increase emissions
- 17 people taken to hospital, 5 arrested after bear-spray attack in Hérouxville, Que.
- Voluntary Termination of Employment Plan offered to Stellantis workers
- Calgary police issue warning after release of high-risk offender
- Student affordability: We compared student housing rents at SFU vs UBC
- Richmond delivery driver's van stolen at gunpoint
- Ottawa poised to offer update on response to Emergencies Act inquiry recommendations
- B.C. Hydro set an electricity demand record on Monday night
- Frank Stronach: Canadians need to rise up and fight for their prosperity
- GUNTER: It's getting harder to get into, stay in housing market
- B.C. woman says bus driver threatened to refuse service unless she put on a jacket
- The Daily Brief | Poilievre hits back at Canadian Press smear piece
- LILLEY: Here's letters from cities asking to get land out of Greenbelt
- Federal government has gone more than half a year without an ethics commissioner in place
- Carson Jerema: The left is upset Poilievre stole their WEF conspiracy theories
- 22 per cent of Canadian homebuilders cancel projects amid high rates despite severe housing shortage
- LILLEY: Two charged, including safe-injection site worker, in Leslieville murder
- GUNTER: It's getting harder to get into, stay in housing market

- Analysis: Irving gets $463 million more from taxpayers for troubled warship program
- FIRST READING: Ottawa could fix housing if it felt like it. They did it before
- More than 300 million litres of sewage water poured into Ottawa River during storm
- Alberta Will Never Comply with Federal Clean Power Grid Plan, Premier Vows 
- Recently shuffled federal cabinet to hold three-day retreat in Prince Edward Island
- Posthaste: Variable-rate mortgages rising again as Canadians bet interest rates have peaked
- What kind of privacy can a prime minister realistically expect?
- Smith backs Poilievre’s rejection of WEF
- Father who spoke out about child's transition wins appeal, avoids more jail time
- Poilievre doubles down after legacy media’s WEF “conspiracy” smear
- LILLEY: If Toronto can afford to rename Dundas, it doesn't need financial help
- Propaganda Media and the Wrap Up Smear - How its Done
- Overpayment Was “Lottery”
- Toronto safe injection site apologizes for offering chocolate in exchange for used needles
- Ottawa Catholic schools runs program for black students, gives lessons on 'gender and racial identity'

- Ottawa police busy with multiple traffic stops over weekend, including seizing drugs and handgun
- Suspect sought after man shot in face by stranger at Metro Vancouver bus stop
- NP View: Trudeau's 'free-range' approach to criminals has sentenced our cities to lawlessness
- As jobs shrink, rents shoot up in Canada, Punjab students feel the squeeze

- DEATH OF THE MECHANIC? I’m a mechanic – electric cars are going to drive us out of business and it’ll cost motorists a fortune
- Beloved retailer closes its doors (for now)
- Jerome Gessaroli: The price of poorly planned climate policies in Vancouver
- 1 person dead after Market Mall shooting in Calgary
- Two men, young child suffer gunshot wounds near Distillery District
- Detective who investigated safety of Covid shot continues to fight to clear her name
- BC Hydro bids to raise EV charging fees, but customers say time-based fees are unfair
- Enough stalling. We need an inquiry into Chinese election interference now
- Sabrina Maddeaux: Calgary firm has a great idea. Naturally, the Trudeau Liberals want to kill it
- FDA Drops Ivermectin Bombshell
- Vancouver grandmother can't find accessible housing, resorts to sleeping in abandoned home
- B.C. Hydro wants to raise EV charging fees, but customers say the time-based fees are unfair
- GOLDSTEIN: While our carbon taxes increase, so do global emissions

- Canada ‘absolutely’ can’t build more houses without more immigrants, minister says
- Cory Morgan: Ottawa's New Clean Energy Regulations Will Further Alienate Prairie Provinces
- Concrete actions must accompany diverse cabinet: Canada Research Chair
- Vancouver police search for man wanted on Canada-wide warrant
- Future of vendors uncertain as clock ticks down on Vancouver’s DTES Market
- Homeless people allegedly being shipped to London, Ont. draws ire of deputy mayor
- July sees unprecedented spike in average Canadian rental unit asking prices: report
- Métro Média suspends all publications, citing financial troubles
- 'Profound gloom': Metro Vancouver food truck and restaurant closing due to financial challenges
- ‘Living day by day’: Single mom, with two children, can’t find place to rent in Kelowna
- How Alberta's gas-powered electricity stands out in Canada's mostly emissions-free system
- Justin Trudeau Has Made Canadian Streets Unsafe
- A Distributional Analysis of Federal Carbon Pricing under A Healthy Environment and A Healthy Economy
- Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and family heading to B.C. on vacation this week
- Business Report: Gas prices reach highest level of 2023

- Tax system not built to keep up with inflation — and it's hurting some Canadians more than others
- How much is the average mortgage payment in Canada?
- Why Ottawa's new rules for electricity mean little for B.C.
- Ottawa gas prices to hit highest level in 2023 on Friday
- 'A little bit of help': Chrystia Freeland touts home savings account as part of housing crisis solution
- EDITORIAL: Next carbon cost is on electricity
- Cases dropped against 146 Fairy Creek protesters over RCMP's failure to read full injunction at arrests
- Tax system not built to keep up with inflation — and it's hurting some Canadians more than others
- Mooney: We must make downtown Ottawa safer for small business
- Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and family heading to B.C. on vacation this week
- Hundreds of thousands moving to Calgary, making city unaffordable
- Divorcing couples under more pressure with higher housing costs and tough choices to make
- ​The gap between median income and average home price continues to widen
- Goodman and Jagger: Time to return to predictable rental rate increases
- Woman faces eviction after home was sold twice without her knowledge: attorney
- Aylmer man proposes crowdfunded bridge across Ottawa River
- Ottawa admits 'net zero' electricity will raise rates; Guilbeault slammed for 'unrealistic' fossil fuels 'phase down'
- Federal government releases new draft regulations on clean electricity
- Lobbyists Flock To Stampede
- Police using social media accounts as Meta begins blocking news for Canadians
- Family ditches electric truck on drive from Winnipeg to Chicago after charging troubles
- South Pacific Junket At $150K

- The War on Free Speech: Adriatic Edition
- 'Barbie' With Son, 'Oppenheimer' With Daughter: Justin Trudeau Completes 'Barbenheimer'
- Protesters force their way into Senegal embassy in Ottawa, commit ‘a number of offences’: police
- Quebec court says it can hear challenge to governor general's lack of French
- Sean Speer: Why won’t the Liberals own their big-spending record?
- Three Canadian cities among world's biggest cannabis consumers
- Police using social media accounts as Meta begins blocking news for Canadians
- WARMINGTON: Paint Toronto pink in protest if you like and not serve a minute in slammer
- GTA residents with spare rooms encouraged to house asylum seekers through home-sharing platform
- Scientist admits the ‘overwhelming consensus’ on the climate change crisis is ‘manufactured’
- The 'Gulf Stream' will not collapse in 2025: What the alarmist headlines got wrong
- Matthew Lau: The NDP wants lower grocery prices but higher wages for grocery workers. How does that work?
- Multiple candidates to oversee foreign interference inquiry have rejected the job: sources
- Trudeau’s law society: Exclusive data analysis reveals Liberals appoint judges who are party donors
- China Envoys Quietly Depart
- Trudeau Liberals spend $1.1 MILLION on 'Purge Fund' to target 'hateful' parents who oppose LGBTQ indoctrination
- Rota Justifies $150,496 Junket
- Exclusive: The feds bought a pipeline for $5B. How did the cost balloon to over $30B?
- Government reveals new alleged Chinese-backed misinformation campaign against Conservative MP Michael Chong
- Canadians now paying two carbon taxes while majority of countries are without national one
- Public inquiry into foreign interference struggles to find commissioner
- Doug Ford: The housing crisis can only be solved with more homes
- Government’s own modelling shows its CleanBC plan will dampen economic growth and set B.C.’s prosperity back more than a decade

- Food bank reports 95% of users not born in Canada
- Bleeding from neck, stabbing victim hit help button at CTrain station before collapsing
- MUSK BE LOVE I’ve studied electric vehicles – four major reasons drivers are switching back to gas, unless they own a Tesla
- Bad news for housing: 71,000 construction jobs shed in Canada this year to date
- Vancouver stabbing victim identified
- Ottawa simplifies temporary foreign worker process for ‘trusted’ employers
- Most Canadians See Immigration Increase as Negative for Housing Costs
- BC Transit’s EV bus maker Proterra files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection
- Canadian news content disappears from Meta platforms
- Vancouver woman faces sizable rent increase after roommate moves out
- ANALYSIS: Housing is a direct federal responsibility, contrary to what Trudeau said. Here’s how his government can do better.
- CRTC reaches major milestone to make cellphone plans cheaper for Canadians
- Canada posts biggest trade deficit in almost three years, analyst predicts 'rough summer'
- Map: Here are Vancouver's cheapest neighbourhoods to rent in this August
- Piers Morgan goes after Prime Minister Trudeau following Barbie post
- Regulator slows Trans Mountain proposal for higher shipping fees
- The Daily Brief | Trudeau’s chief of staff gets fact-checked by X (Twitter)
- Electric vehicle firm championed by Biden files for bankruptcy in black eye for green agenda
- South Pacific Junket At $150K
- Arctic Weather Posts Closed
- PC candidate Twila Grosse wins Preston byelection
- LILLEY: Trudeau government thinks rising crime is all in your head
- FIRST READING: Crime is unlike anything Canada's seen, and it's getting worse

- Drug trafficker busted in Richmond fails in appeal of 10-year jail sentence
- Retailers Reconsider Self-Checkout Strategy as Theft Soars in Canada [Interview]
- Greta Thunberg says she will no longer speak at a climate event, accusing a sponsor of greenwashing by investing in companies tied to the fossil fuel industry
- ‘So glad I’m not Canadian,’ Piers Morgan mocks Justin Trudeau after PM shares photo with his son at the ‘Barbie’ movie
- Premier blames feds for moratorium on new wind and solar projects
- Trudeau’s net favourables at double digit negatives across Canada, all age demos
- Business insolvencies in Canada highest in decade
- 92-year-old man arrested after sexual assault in Dundas West and Bloor area
- Canadian Armed Forces to phase out old housing benefit over three years

- Job-killing government policies forced rural BC lumber mill into layoffs
- Timmins, Ont., to consider moving homeless shelter after complaints by residents of rise in crime
- Mid-level Vancouver fentanyl dealer gets four-year sentence for DTES drug operation
- Carbon tax ineffective in curbing fuel emissions, majority of Canadians say
- Man seriously hurt in alleged 'attempted murder' at Coquitlam park: RCMP
- 'I heard what sounded like 20 gunshots': East Vancouver shooting under investigation

- EDITORIAL: If Canada is divided, that’s on Trudeau
- Banks letting staffers go 'quietly'
- Latest Study Reveals Electric Vehicles Are Costlier to Charge Than Gas Cars
- Crime 'severity' ticks up on North Shore, says StatCan
- Tenants describe ‘horrific’ conditions in two apartment buildings in London, Ont.
- Canadian Workers Are Being Crushed Between Low Wages and Soaring Rents
- Sabrina Maddeaux: Justice Minister Arif Virani gaslights Canadians on crime
- Vaughn Palmer: Blast from the past: B.C. NDP embraces report cards it scrapped in the 1990s
- Conrad Black: Richard Bilkszto's death was the end result of a culture intent on defaming itself

- Canadians already pay ‘membership fee’ for health care
- Trudeau government spending on polling rises to $20.3M, nearly double amount from three years ago
- Richmond stone business closing down after 24 years
- 62% of Canadian homeowners concerned about their mortgage renewal: survey
- More Canadian homeowners starting to worry about mortgage renewals
- Federal government delayed in processing strike pay deductions
- Federal offender known to frequent Ottawa
- mRNA-loaded lipid nanoparticles reprogram cells and edit genes
- Two suspects sought in Barrhaven attack, abduction
- Saskatchewan second in Canada for lower prices at the pump: gas report
- Surging property taxes ‘the last straw’ for struggling Richmond business
- Bye, bye, bye: Forever 21 in Metrotown is closing for good
- You’ll never guess how much this Vancouver teardown is selling for (PHOTOS)
- 4 people seriously injured during violent machete attack in north Edmonton, charges laid
- Male facing multiple charges in connection to machete attacks
- HIGH AS KITES: Toronto ranks as the most stoned city in Canada for annual cannabis consumption
- Telus slashing 6,000 jobs amid drop in 2nd quarter profits
- Justin Trudeau begins a new chapter of his political life
- Spy Scare Didn’t Excite Feds
- Forecasts Higher Hydro Rates
- Sorry, Prime Minister Trudeau, housing is your primary responsibility
- David Staples: Do you want an unelected official with complete authority next time we have a pandemic? No thanks
- Some Metro Vancouver newspapers going online-only, ceasing paper production
- DZSURDZSA: Canada lost 45K construction jobs. Where are the immigrant home builders?
- Sophie Trudeau exempt from Conflict of Interest Act
- Balanced federal budget won't happen before 2035, PBO data suggests
- Shootings Spike As Liberals Target Gun Owners And Not Criminals

- Woke ideology destroying diversity of thought in schools
- The CRA has clarified the rules for its new home renovation tax credit: What you need to know
- Largest fentanyl seizure in P.E.I. history nets 10-year sentence, RCMP says
- Era of building single-family home neighbourhoods is over: Coquitlam mayor
- Average one-bedroom rent in Vancouver spikes to unthinkable levels
- As Sudbury, Ont., drivers see gas prices climb, analysts point to taxes
- Layoffs hit Telus employees across Canada
- Taxpayers federation says 2 cities in B.C. have the highest gas taxes in Canada
- National Defence executives rake in almost $3.5 million in bonuses
- Dep’t Targets Meat Wrapping
- Diplomat expelled from Canada attended events with organizers of protest against foreign agent registry
- Barrie-area woman watches mortgage payments go from $2,850 to $6,200, forced to sell
- Downtown Vancouver coffee shop closing, ‘fed up’ with rising crime
- Rahim Mohamed: Is this the finale for the Trudeau Show?

- Walmart location in Ontario shuts down self checkout after rise in theft
- Opinion: Tax reform badly needed to help fix Canada's productivity problem
- Soaring Housing Costs Threaten Political Consequences for Trudeau
- Housing waitlist grows in the Sault as delays mean delinquent tenants live rent-free
- Letters: School board's 'social justice experiment' goes 'horribly wrong'
- Ottawa’s EV mandates wildly out of sync with EV metals timelines
- Julia Malott: Drag queen story hour is not the way to teach children about diversity
- Trudeau on housing: "It's not a primary federal responsibility"
- Canada facing deficit of 500,000 homes due to high immigration levels
- Trudeau under fire for huge line at Brampton grocery store job fair
- ‘Horrified’ mum forced to leave Barbie movie with her daughter after 10 minutes

- All news in Canada will be removed from Facebook, Instagram within weeks: Meta
- I couldn’t find affordable student housing, so I settled for a mouldy basement.
- Concerns raised over homeless encampments in Richmond neighbourhood
- National Defence to spend more than $1 billion on new operational HQ at Carling Campus site
- End of an era: The first mall-based Hudson’s Bay is shutting down in Burnaby
- WARMINGTON: Freeland under fire for transit claims and use of chauffeur-driven car
- Business owners struggling to pay back COVID-19 loans with rising operating costs