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 Covid Data - Where and How to Open Multiple Tabs at Once.

The numbers are not changing as frequently as before

We will update Covid numbers once a month.

Mar 11 2023 Covid World 

72% Vaccinated

67% Fully Vaccinated

35 Per 100 People -  Additional Doses

Total doses administered - 13,276,850,153

Mar 11 2023 Covid Canada 

Deaths 0.001345 with people with underlying conditions

92% Vaccinated 1st Dose 18th in World

84% 2nd Dose 26th in World

Survival Rate 99% (doesn't say with vaccinations or without)

Most Cases = Ontario 1,595,106

Cases % Population = 12% includes regular "flu"

Mar 11 2023

Covid Cases % of Population 2020 - Present

Includes regular "flu"

BC 1%

AB 2%

SK 0.0039 Not even 1%

MB 0.004 Not even 1%

ON 5%

QC 3%

NB 0.002 Not even 1%

NS 0.003 Not even 1%

PEI 0.001 Not even 1%

NL 0.001 Not even 1%

YT 0.00013 Not even 1%

NWT 0.0003 Not even 1%

NU 0.00009 Not even 1%

Health Canada - Vaccination Coverage - Full Data

Jan 28 2023​ Covid USA

​Deaths 0.003

80% Vaccinated 1st Dose 53rd in World

68% 2nd Dose 67th in World

Survival Rate 99% (doesn't say with vaccinations or without)

Most Cases = California

Cases % Population = 30%

February 24 2022 Ukraine (due to war, not updated)


Deaths 0.003

36% 1st Dose 133rd in World

34% 2nd Dose 126th in World

1.7% Additional Doses

Survival Rate 98%

Cases % Population = 11%

- Health Canada updates Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccine labels to include information on myocarditis and pericarditis

- Vaccine Injury Support Program - Statistics


Known mRNA Covid Side Effects:


Blood Clots

Heart Inflammation Myocarditis

Bell's Palsy



Transverse Myelitis

Immune thrombocytopenia

Cutaneous Vasculitis


Reactivates Shingles

Debilitating skin condition

- 'Data is power': Experts weigh-in on court-ordered release of Pfizer vaccine documents


- Pfizer Documents Produced by the FDA in FOIA Litigation

6+ pages of mRNA vaccine side effects


- ICAN Pfizer's Documents

Being reported:


Menstrual issues.

Guillain-Barré syndrome.

Hearing Loss.

Ramsay Hunt syndrome

Disrupts natural immunity

Strokes in older adults



Known Drugs not used to fight Covid-19




Cholesterol Statins

Canadian mRNA Vaccine Covid Side Effects

Mar 3 2023                                                                    

Total Doses Administered 97597702                      

0.0006 of all doses administered                                   

54569 People                                                                 
43884 were considered non-serious                              

10685 were considered serious                                      

USA mRNA Vaccine Covid Side Effects

Mar 10 2023
34725 Post-COVID Vaccine Reported Deaths / 44581Total VAERS Reported Deaths

194495 Post-COVID Vaccine Reported Hospitalizations / 279694 Total VAERS Reported Hospitalizations

1533181 COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports


BC Gas.

March 4 2022  When gas hit $2

Gas 62% of price.
Taxes 38% of price.

Areas is $2.009 

62% of $2.009 is $1.14 Actual Cost

38% of $2.009 is $0.76 Added Taxes

If we go all electric. How will they make up the fuel $? They will tax your KM usage!!!!!

April 1 2023 - From Canadian Taxpayers Federation. In total, you’ll pay about 78 cents IN TAXES per litre of gasoline in the Lower Mainland and about 88 cents in taxes per litre of diesel.  Since gas price fluctuates I'll base that 78 cents on 1.759.  So that would make it roughly 45% of gas price.

BC Gas as of Mar 26 2023

High $1.869

Low $1.829

Simple Online Gasoline Calculator

GAS Buddy


Trudeau's Itinerary Year To Date 2021

12% Non Media Meetings

25% Personal Days

21% PhotoOp/Media

28% Private Meetings

03% QP/HOC

11% Campaigning

From Aug 15/21 Writ Dropped to Sep 21/21. 

No official data available.


Flew 54 Times 2021 not including campaigning.

Trudeau's Itinerary Year To Date 2022

11% Non Media Meetings

23% Personal Days

38% PhotoOp/Media

24% Private Meetings

04% QP/HOC

Flying 160 Times

QP/HOC 43/129

Trudeau's Itinerary Year To Date 2023

10% Non Media Meetings

24% Personal Days

45% PhotoOp/Media

18% Private Meetings

03% QP/HOC

Flying 041 Times

QP/HOC 08/130

Days Out Of Canada 008

Salary Gross $88400

List of international prime ministerial trips made by Justin Trudeau


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Canadian Information

Keeping Tabs On Parliament OPENPARLIAMENT.CA

- Canada's House Of Commons

- Canada House Of Commons Question Period - Videos

- Stats Canada

- Office Of The Parliamentary Budget Officer

- Canada's Debt Clock by

- Explained: Government Debt

- Constitution Acts, 1867 to 1982

- Who backs Canada's Politicians? Follow The Money Here

- CBSA Custom Tariffs 2016

- BC Business Top 100

- BC Land Title And Survey

- Newcomer entrepreneur

- Canadian Government Travel Advisories

- Canadian Citizenship Guide

- Political “Left” and “Right” Properly Defined

- Importing and Exporting Firearms, Weapons and Devices Memorandum D19-13-2

- Commissioner of Canada Elections Charges/Outcomes

- - Public Works and Government Services Canada

- Search Government Contracts over $10,000

- COVID-19: Travel, quarantine and borders

- Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms

- Canada Employed Persons

- Police-reported crime severity indexes, 1999 to 2022

- China’s Corporate Social Credit System: How businesses can prepare

- Canada Diagnostic Centres

- Key statistics on Canada’s charity and non-profit sector

- Search Government Travel Expenses

- Currently Listed Terrorist Entities

- Experimental estimates for business openings and closures for Canada, provinces and territories, census metropolitan areas, seasonally adjusted1, 2

- Demographics of Canada

- Section 2(c) – Freedom of peaceful assembly

- 8.1.3 What taxes you pay

- Leading causes of death, total population, by age group

- Operation UNIFIER

- Privy Council Office

- Prime Minister announces mandatory vaccination for the federal workforce and federally regulated transportation sectors

- Government of Canada to require vaccination of federal workforce and federally regulated transportation sector

- B.C. Public Sector Salaries Database: See how much public servants make

- Income Explorer, 2021 Census

- 2021–22 Estimates

- Justin Trudeau Ethics Breaches

- 1969 White Paper

- Insolvency Statistics in Canada

- Insolvency Statistics in Canada — 2021

- BC Your driving record

- BC Search Traffic/Criminal By Participant Name

- Canada’s ban on certain harmful single-use plastics

- The Canadian census: A rich portrait of the country's religious and ethnocultural diversity

- Bill C-238 (Historical) An Act to amend the Criminal Code (possession of unlawfully imported firearms)

- Vote #41 on January 27th, 2021 - C-238 An Act to amend the Criminal Code (possession of unlawfully imported firearms)

- Examination of Gender Diverse Offenders

- Ontario Driver's Licence Check

- BC Land Transparency Registry

- A Distributional Analysis of Federal Carbon Pricing under A Healthy Environment and A Healthy Economy

- Multiple jobholders, 1976 to 2021

- Canada’s climate finance for developing countries

- Greenhouse gas emissions

- Provincial and Territorial Energy Profiles – Canada

- Public Order Emergency Commission

- Public Order Emergency Commission FINAL REPORT February 17 2023

- 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

- Canadian Members of the World Economic Forum

- WEF Search results for 'Canadian members'

- WEF Leadership and Governance

- WEF New Generation Leaders

- WEF Young Global Leaders

- From Entrepreneurs to Scientists: Meet the 2022 Class of Young Global Leaders


- Canada's Foreign Aid

October 19 2015 to present - $74,366,157,646

- Monies Given To UN and Foreign Countries To Date

- Monies Given To UN and Foreign Countries To Date - Part 2

- The United Nations: Aga Khan’s Throne (Part I: Money Laundering) (included for reference. not verified by us)

- IEA - Shaping a secure and sustainable energy future

- The Waste Report

- Liberals to run $??? B deficit in 2021 with economy poised for stomach-churning plunge: PBO

- SNC Lavalin Scandal

- Dominion Voting Systems Voting System Documentation

- Vaccine safety and possible side effects

Terrorism Compiled

- Terrorism in Canada: A timeline of plots, attacks, and allegations

Trudeau Quotes

- Trudeau Scandals

- Everyone Who Disagrees With Me

- Private Members Bill : M-103

- Private Members Bill : M-103 Part 2

- Climate Barbie - Climate Ken - Climate Steve - Combined Links On One Page

- Justin Trudeau The Groper

- July 4 2017 - Trudeau and Liberals Do A FU to USA - Khadr

- Why The Supreme Court Erred On Khadr!

- Murder Of Marrisa Shen By Syrian Refugee

- Trudeau The Clown

- The road to Canada's COVID-19 outbreak: timeline of federal government failure

- Timeline of the 2020 Canadian pipeline and railway protests

- Canadian Political/Public Health advice during the great pandemic of 2020


- TRUE NORTH: UPDATE: A map of the 68 churches that have been vandalized or burned since the residential schools announcement


- Andy Lee - One White Girl's Political Opinion

- Torches And Pitchforks -USA/Canada Blog

- Julius Ruechel Blog

- The Religion Of Peace - Tracking Muslim Jihadist Attacks Since 9/11

- Jihad Watch by Robert Spencer

- Paul Young cpa, cga. -

- Convoy Reports by Rebel News

- Is Fascism Right Or Left?

- Creative Containers Lodging

- Web

- Homeless Hub

- Get Awake Crowdsourcing the Narrative

- Food Banks Canada

- Salvation Army Donate

- BBB Scam Tracker Canadian Risk Report


Google News - Canada

Google News - USA

Google News - World


Bill's Currently Under Review

BILL C-21 - Firearms

BILL C-11 - Broadcasting Act

BILL C-36 - Criminal Code / Human Rights Act

BILL C-18 - Online News Act




News Articles 2023 - 
- CFB Esquimalt spouses decry families effectively seeing pay cuts with new structure
- New allegations and a resignation strain already fraught China-Canada relations

- LILLEY: Trudeau called for Bev Oda to resign for hotel costs, will he?
- Risk of a hard landing for Canadian economy is up, former Bank of Canada governor says
- TransLink expected to increase fares starting July
- Vancouver's car-eating slow street barriers spark controversy (PHOTOS)
- Ontario to end program providing health care to uninsured residents
- 'It's not just fentanyl anymore': B.C. sets new record high for overdose calls as concerns grow over 'tranq' drug
- Fire tears through East Vancouver grocery store
- Victoria police say repeat offender wanted again
- Why homelessness will only get worse in the Okanagan, Kamloops
- 500 employees are leaving downtown Victoria and heading to Central Saanich
- Roxham Road still busy with asylum seekers after Biden, Trudeau amend pact

- RCMP seize cash and ‘high-value assets’ in Nanaimo following ATM thefts
- Trudeau says he accepts MP's choice to leave Liberal caucus amid meddling allegations
- Former Richmond MP claims he was victim of Chinese election meddling
- More than 2,000 Vancouver civic employees earned six figures in 2022
- City: 570 structures removed from DTES encampment since August, tensions rising
- Maple Ridge homeowner catches break-and-enter suspect in the act, RCMP say
- Michael Higgins: Why Canadians were never good enough for Justin Trudeau
- Biden makes mistake during Canadian Parliament address: 'I applaud China'
- 3,000 Km For 6 Minutes Work
- Two Michaels honoured in Biden's speech to Parliament
- Liberal government announces $100M in aid to shore up police forces in Haiti
- Governor General's four-day visit to Germany with 32 guests cost taxpayers $700K
- Unwelcome spotlight falls on NHL team Pride night events
- Closing Roxham Road will lead to 'humanitarian catastrophes,' immigration experts warn
- Liberal government announces $100M in aid to shore up police forces in Haiti
- US-Canada agree to turn back asylum seekers at border
- Ex-Liberal MP Han Dong billed taxpayers for summer trip to Vancouver
- Former VPD officer speaks out after discovering his property was being used in rental scam
- Newly Unearthed Emails Prove Covid PCR Testing Is WEF Scam
- Restaurants and bars brace for biggest alcohol tax jump in 40 years
- Ontario has released its so-called sunshine list for $100K+ earners. 267,000 people made the cut.
- Rogers to start charging $1/minute for standard long-distance calls to the U.S.
- Applications for Canada's $500 housing benefit top-up will close this month
- VicPD issue warning as prolific offender breaches release order for second time this year
- Muslim man asked not to pray inside Ottawa train station
- Vancouver cold weather could put unhoused at risk
- 'Fentanyl, it’s destroying everybody': Homeless crisis grows in Chilliwack
- TransLink expected to approve planned rate hike
- CHARLEBOIS: The hidden cost of carbon taxes in Canada
- LILLEY: Even when fessing up, Trudeau tells a fib about $6,000 hotel room
- WARMINGTON: Federal government books 500 more hotel rooms despite 'closing' Roxham Road
- Full video and transcript: Read or watch Joe Biden's speech to Parliament

- Woman posed as janitor to steal from multiple Fraser Valley ATMs: RCMP
- KINSELLA: Can former Liberal MP Han Dong be charged with treason?
- Book Fair Junket Cost $801K
- Stephen Harper says Pierre Poilievre should save his policy platform for federal election
- House passes motion calling for a public inquiry into foreign interference amid latest Han Dong allegations
- Trudeau government decided CSIS transcript of MP Han Dong provided no ‘actionable evidence’
- $6,000-a-night mystery solved: Trudeau stayed in luxury suite during Queen's funeral, PMO reveals
- World Athletics bans transgender women athletes from female competitions
- Trudeau stayed in $6,000 London hotel suite for Queen Elizabeth II's funeral
- Canada-wide warrants issued for 2 suspects in Dec. 2021 attack on Elnaz Hajtamiri
- Trudeau gov’t gave info of Freedom Convoy supporters to Chinese banks: report
- Budget 2023: Canada’s indefensible military spending
- DTES residents, businesses call for more support from province
- Han Dong resigns from Liberal caucus, denies interference allegations
- Federal alcohol tax to go up in April; Metro Vancouver industry workers prepare
- B.C. film and television workers struggle to find work
- Carbon Tax hike increasing the price of groceries
- B.C. workers need more than increase in minimum wage: advocate
- Canadian lawmaker resigns following claims he secretly advised Chinese diplomat
- B.C. woman accused of manslaughter in escort service druggings remanded into custody
- Popular Pajo's fish and chips outlet in Steveston to shut down after 23 years
- New youth outreach team searches for teens in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside
- This man has a double identity. His company makes millions through public contracts
- A Fraser Street staple announced it's closing for good and Vancouverites are devastated
- Posthaste: Canada on cusp of rental housing crisis, says RBC, as population growth sets record

- British Columbians scammed out of $24M in crypto-fraud schemes in 2022
- Here are the highest-paid City of Vancouver employees, according to the 2022 salaries report
- Fed Blacklists Went Far, Wide
- John Robson: Trudeau's a climate hypocrite, but doesn't realize it
- Uganda passes bill banning identifying as LGBTQ2S+
- Bruce Pardy: Human rights tribunal says the quiet part out loud
- Thousands call for removal of ‘mask-obsessed’ Ottawa school board trustee
- ‘Nobody’s perfect,’ Foreign Minister Melanie Joly says as MPs chide Afghan evacuation
- Alberta premier pitches more gas-fired power plants as UN climate panel calls for phaseout
- National Near Miss Day recognizes day Earth had close call with massive asteroid
- My mortgage payments rose almost $2,000 in a year
- 'I don't see an end at this point': The struggle to shut down a violent homeless camp in Abbotsford
- Canada’s population grows by over 1 million for first time
- How scammers likely used artificial intelligence to con Newfoundland seniors out of $200K
- ‘Please help us’: Parksville motel residents fear homelessness as shelter is set to close
- TTC announces one-year pilot to better support unhoused people in the transit system
- Struggling Vancouver-based online auto dealer granted creditor protection
- Rob Shaw: Eby banks on electricity. Now we just have to find it
- Former prime minister Stephen Harper says Canada needs a 'Conservative renaissance'
- Han Dong to sit as Independent MP following ‘serious’ allegations in new report
- Liberal MP Han Dong secretly advised Chinese diplomat in 2021 to delay freeing Two Michaels: sources
- Thousands of military members to be cut off as Ottawa introduces expanded housing benefit
- West Vancouver homicide victim believed to be former doctor: sources
- Surrey RCMP arrests man wanted Canada-wide
- Propane tank explosion in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside prompt calls for better housing
- Man who smashed Vancouver bus shelters released without bail
- 1 person injured in fight outside southeast Calgary Walmart
- Why doesn't Vancouver have a 24-hour SkyTrain?
- Finding trash, and social media fame, on the banks of the Fraser River

- The Work Shift: Laid off couple in tech considers abandoning Canadian city
- Prime Minister announces mandate of Independent Special Rapporteur
- Short flights, empty planes dominate the last 30 days in PM's flight habits
- Execs’ Recession Bonus OK’d
- Police arrest 2 suspects in Fairview Mall parking lot shooting that left 21-year-old man dead
- Liberal MP Han Dong says he’s gotten death threats following Chinese election interference allegations
- Kremlin summons Canadian diplomat over Joly comment on Russian ‘regime change’
- PMO releases mandate for 'special rapporteur' tasked with probing foreign interference allegations
- Vancouver encampment being cleared at Vanier Park in Kitsilano
- Teen spit in officer's face after being pulled over for speeding in Abbotsford, police say
- Federal minimum wage rising to $16.65 per hour on April 1
- Trattoria in Kitsilano to close after 15 years
- Peel police bust international auto theft ring; $10 million in stolen cars seized
- Mortgage fraud in Canada – how it's evolving
- The big winners of the pandemic: 2% mortgage rate holders
- Two arrested after stand off at Kitchener motel
- ‘A place they know they’re welcome’: Are tiny shelters an answer for homelessness?
- Toronto named the worst city in Canada for bed bugs for the third straight year
- Facebook Marketplace scammer asking for deposits, taking off with the cash, Vancouver business owner warns
- Service Canada works to improve client experience for passport applicants

- Scratched EV battery? Your insurer may have to junk the whole car
- Lockdowns, fights, weapons: Angst and fear in Toronto schools over rise in violence
- 'Prolific offender' arrested after fleeing allegedly stolen car in Abbotsford
- Why asylum seekers are choosing Canada in record numbers
- Canada to take ‘hard’ look at UN call to hit emissions targets 10 years sooner: minister
- LILLEY: Trudeau would rather have an election than let Telford testify
- CHARLEBOIS: Death, taxes and shrinkflation
- WARMINGTON: Trudeau now likening opponents to 'flat Earthers'
- China’s meddling in Canadian elections gets attention in Australia’s Senate
- New Bill C-18 motion is designed to bash opposition, say critics
- Canada faces US$15B loss on oil pipeline, Morningstar says
- Trudeau's child-care announcement a 'slap in the face,' says parent looking for space
- Amazon layoffs raising spectre of added empty Vancouver sublease space

- Here's what is going to cost more for British Columbians in April
- 'Hi Weirdos, we would like to say goodbye': East Vancouver cafe shutting down after five years
- This Week’s Top Stories: Canadian Mortgages Payments Hit A Record & A Mega Asset Manager Defaults
- Downtown Eastside tent fire leaves building with 'extensive water damage'
- Why is Canada's deposit insurance lower than the U.S.?
- Trudeau gov rejects climate pension for coal workers
- San Jose Sharks goalie James Reimer declines to wear Pride jersey over religious beliefs
- Younger Canadians' views of our country and its institutions getting progressively worse: Nanos survey
- Better late than never: Trudeau finally gets a home-turf visit from U.S. president

- Calgarian Going To Trial For Heckling Justin Trudeau At Pancake Breakfast
- New CRA tax return scam hits Mississauga and Brampton
- LILLEY: Whistleblower puts country first unlike Justin Trudeau
- China's end game: What Beijing hopes to gain by meddling in Canadian politics
- KINSELLA: David Johnston should have refused 'special rapporteur' gig
- Most Canadians support death penalty for murderers, poll shows
- The evidence is in. Lockdowns kill people – and the more you lock down, the more you kill
- Alleged foreign interference entangles Liberals and Conservatives in one riding
- Kitsilano park encampment sparks concern
- Cash, drugs and luxury vehicles seized during simultaneous searches in New Westminster, police say
- ‘Ducks swimming with propane’: Resident concerned with encampment at Vancouver’s Vanier Park
- ‘Dozens and dozens’ of unsolicited food orders bombard New Westminster, B.C. residents
- KINSELLA: David Johnston should have refused 'special rapporteur' gig
- Justin Trudeau’s Haiti dilemma: What will he tell Joe Biden?

- Police warn residents in Niagara of increasing ‘distraction theft’
- FIRST READING: How the Trudeau Foundation became a scandal mill
- Small tips to high gas prices: Vancouver Instacart shopper says pay is deteriorating
- ANALYSIS: How a looming vote on Katie Telford may test the Liberal-NDP deal
- Joly calls out Israel judiciary reform and 'unilateral actions' that undermine peace
- Who is responsible for tent cities and homeless encampments in B.C.?
- Hundreds of High Park tenants call for more rent control after being notified of 12% increases
- Hon's Wun-Tun House in Coquitlam ordered to close by Fraser Health
- B.C. man stunned to discover physiotherapist called him 'redneck,' 'lowlife' in medical file
- Homeless encampment grows in Vancouver's Kitsilano neighbourhood
- Trudeau launches $4-billion Housing Accelerator Fund in Guelph, Ont.
- Woman says she was evicted by BC Housing due to “over housing”
- Rent in Vancouver will keep getting more expensive in 2023
- New extortion scam in B.C. targeting youth, CAFC says
- BC Hydro decommissioning 2 electrical vaults after Vancouver explosion
- SVB employees blame remote work for bank failure
- Another B.C. strata says ICBC won’t cover full cost of vehicle damage to its property
- B.C. rescue ordered to pay SPCA $75,000, can't get seized animals returned
- Man robs bank with ‘poisonous snake’ days after release for another robbery, Calgary police say
- B.C. workers, businesses await minimum wage news
- Richmond woman falls victim to 'Grandson scam', loses $10,000
- Dog who tested positive for opioids won't be returned to owner, B.C. tribunal rules
- Cost to keep the RCMP in Surrey includes $10,000-a-month lobbying contract
- Popular Vancouver ramen restaurant closing after 13 years
- Fake News Friday | CBC brags about its “award-winning Canadian creators”
- The Rupa Subramanya Show | The other side of the MAID debate (Ft. Kiano Vafaien)
- Man arrested after threatening several police stations in Peel
- PM Trudeau on Manufacturing Support, Foreign Election Interference
- What went wrong with Quest? B.C. politicians raise concerns about university's financial history
- Senator Insulted By Questions
- Joly calls out Israel judiciary reform and 'unilateral actions' that undermine peace
- Why I blew the whistle on Chinese interference in Canada’s elections

- How Justin Trudeau’s government was compromised by the CCP
- Guelph woman calls for industry regulation after falling victim to province-wide doula fraud
- B.C. RCMP seize chemicals capable of producing ‘millions of doses’ of fentanyl
- EV owners are increasingly frustrated with home charging, and it should worry every electric car maker
- Surrey mom asks witnesses to come forward after teens randomly bear sprayed
- Failed fare check leads to discovery of loaded handgun at Burnaby SkyTrain station: police
- How Canadians have cut back one year into interest rate hikes
- Most and least expensive homes sold in Richmond in 2023
- Capital gains tax and more changes that could target higher-income Canadians in the next federal budget
- Trudeau Liberals face uphill battle with ballot support, preferred PM number falling
- B.C. drug investigations lead to 'major disruptions' of organized crime, RCMP say
- Residents of quiet community north of Toronto speak out over what they say are substandard conditions
- Down Payments For Surrey Houses, Burnaby Condos Up More Than 250% From 2020
- B.C. arm of powerful Chinese state-owned conglomerate closes office, gallery
- 2 Edmonton police officers killed; 16-year-old suspect dead, mother hospitalized
- Affinity Credit Union among Saskatoon financial institutions targeted by realtors in alleged mortgage scam
- Vancouver Best Buy robbery suspect threatened security: police
- Threats, violence and abuse: CUPE report shows unsafe conditions of Sask. library workers
- Ottawa's proposed firearms law could extend to airsoft guns
- 2 Edmonton police officers killed; 16-year-old suspect dead and mother hospitalized
- China’s Vancouver consulate interfered in 2022 municipal election, according to CSIS
- Opposition leaders dismiss David Johnston appointment as special rapporteur
- Legal Advocacy Group to Launch Charter Challenge Over Calgary Protest Bylaw
- 8 police officers killed on the job across Canada in the past 6 months
- LILLEY: Did you know David Johnston was skiing buddies with Trudeau?

- Michael Higgins: Dark arts of Katie Telford and the PMO cast a shadow over all of Canada
- Border crossings from Canada into New York, Vermont and N.H. are up tenfold. Local cops want help.
- Maj.-Gen. Fortin suing Canadian government, Trudeau for $6M
- Woman who refused to marry her cousin is seen walking home in CCTV just hours before she was murdered by her uncle - who has been jailed for life with 25-year minimum term
- Liberal MP says she’s safe from Chinese interference because she’s “white and Dutch”
- Two more covert Chinese police stations reportedly operating in Montreal
- Scam artists selling fake jewelry, electronics in parking lots across southern Alberta: RCMP
- Maskless Burnaby shopper loses human rights complaint
- PM Trudeau says 2023 budget will include affordability measures 'that will directly help Canadians'
- Chinese billionaire charged with $1B fraud solicited B.C. investors
- Province steps in with $479M to save B.C.’s TransLink from potential ‘death spiral’
- Mapped: Minimum Wage Around the World
- ‘Cozy’ or just tiny? 350-square-foot Victoria microsuite priced at $1,900 as city rents jump 15%
- Man arrested with gun after dropping ammo in Abbotsford hospital emergency room
- Opinion: The bell tolls for drivers – again
- David Staples: Supreme Court is gripped by the climate narrative so don't expect a big win for Alberta
- As Liberals Filibuster To Stop Telford Testimony, Trudeau Accuses Opposition Of “Partisan Political Games”
- Trudeau picks former governor general David Johnston to probe election meddling claims
- Canada to send ammunition, missiles to support Ukraine's air defence

- Cross-border complications just got more complicated for Canadian companies
- BREAKING: Calgary city council passes second bylaw against ‘drag show’ protests
- Toronto landlord keeps writing letters to tenant begging them to pay owed rent
- NDP want Liberals to expand GST rebate, fund school lunches in upcoming budget
- Groups respond to allegations of operating as Chinese police stations in Quebec
- $300M class action convoy lawsuit amended to add defendants, expand 'occupation zone'
- Calgary man shot by Red Deer RCMP days after he was reported missing
- Bank of mom and dad "becoming mandatory" for Canadians entering the housing market
- Police warn residents of new extortion scam in HRM
- Conservative government would launch $44B lawsuit against big pharma: Poilievre
- $124 million in federal funding for 358 new affordable rental homes in Burnaby
- Closure of popular, long-running restaurant another blow to Vancouver's Chinatown
- A 2nd wave of layoffs at Meta; 10,000 jobs are cut
- Drugs, cash, and a gun seized in Burnaby: RCMP
- Among the first to sell legal cannabis in Canada, Thomas Clarke says he's closing his store
- ‘I’ll be going to jail before I comply;’ Coquitlam-based KMS Tools & Equipment fined $19,000 for refusal to comply with recycling regulation
- Toronto rent prices continue to climb and they just keep getting worse
- Trudeau says Ottawa will help $300-million Michelin plant expansion in Nova Scotia
- Most Canadians don't know how much the prime minister earns, survey finds
- Suspended B.C. lawyer Hong Guo receives fourth decision
- 'Freedom Convoy' lawsuit expands to include more Ottawa residents, new defendants
- Canadian Foreign Minister Calls For "Regime Change" In Russia
- Greta Thunberg deletes 2018 tweet warning humans will go extinct if ‘climate’ isn’t fixed by 2023

- 13 notable Vancouver restaurants that closed this winter
- Canadian Mortgage Payments Are Taking Up A Record Share of Income
- B.C. is spending millions on drug recovery treatment. This facility shows what that treatment could look like
- High spending triggers avalanche of debt in B.C.
- Victoria police get an earful after tweeting about catching people urinating in alleys
- Ottawa's plan for guns misfired. Alberta gun cultures might help us understand why
- New Canada parental benefit will be arriving 'in the coming months'
- Nanaimo business owner shot trying to recover stolen property from encampment
- Diane Francis: U.S. interference has been even more damaging than China's
- CRA raises late-payment penalties
- Alberta and Saskatchewan seek to take over tax collection from the CRA
- Canada, other governments hustle to stop Silicon Valley Bank crisis from spreading
- How often can you file for Bankruptcy?
- LILLEY: Ontario lands massive new Volkswagen plant for site near London
- Private buses, food and hotel rooms: Behind the booming, multi-million-dollar business of Roxham Road
- The eight excuses of Liberal MPs to duck a public inquiry (and none of them are good enough)
- Trudeau gov’t rejects Senate amendments to internet censorship Bill C-11, status now uncertain
- Cash flew from West Coast donors to Trudeau’s Montreal riding in 2015 and 2016
- Team Canada athlete speaks out on trans women in powerlifting

- Trade Minister Mary Ng did not consider resigning, repaying money after ethics breach
- Metro Vancouver pet friendly housing is unaffordable: Surrey man living in U-Haul
- Foreign homeowners in Whistler caught off-guard by Underused Housing Tax requirement
- B.C. employers are struggling to hire. But there’s more than just a labour shortage at play.
- Oil giant Saudi Aramco makes a historic US$161B profit in 2022
- Analysis: Canada 'naked' against threats to our Arctic region
- Dellen Millard, Mark Smich murder appeals reopen wounds for victim's family, 10 years later
- Montreal ethics prof says Trudeau Liberals are “shameless”, “criminal” and “treasonous”
- NP View: Trudeau Liberals’ familiar scandal playbook — sow confusion
- Trade Minister Mary Ng did not consider resigning, repaying money after ethics breach
- People who think they are attractive less likely to wear a mask: Study

- Meta to block access to news on Facebook, Instagram if Online News Act adopted as-is
- Rex Murphy: PM in a tailspin, feigned outrage over questions and a pompous-sounding new bureaucrat
- GOLDSTEIN: PM’s response to foreign interference scandal contains elements of farce
- Pipeline developers demand $20B US payout from Canada after Quebec projects rejected
- Beijing-friendly Liberal politician calls for public inquiry into 'unlawful' CSIS

- Regime change in Moscow 'definitely' the goal, Joly says, as Canada bans Russian steel, aluminum imports
- Here’s why you’re going to pay even more for gas in BC next month
- Canadian banks erase $19.7 billion in value on SVB contagion
- Average one-bedroom rent in Metro Vancouver up 19% from last year
- B.C.'s struggling restaurants balk at premium delivery fees
- Bullbleep fake news - Climate change is posing a serious threat to Canada — and B.C. in particular, intelligence service says
- Veterans Affairs report confirms 4 inappropriate cases where MAID raised with veterans; other allegations 'unfounded'
- Calgary bylaw to crack down on protests at libraries and recreation centres
- David Staples: In blame game over high food costs, Superstore mogul scores win over NDP's Singh
- Ontario legislature member is part of alleged Beijing 2019 election-interference network: sources

- CSIS opens investigation into dossier leak on Chinese election interference
- Here's how much it costs to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Metro Vancouver this March
- The night light robbery: How LED bulb industry ensures that we keep buying
- Questions remain as Kingston, Ont. encampment eviction deadline looms
- Military seeks public input on how to cope with low recruitment and a world of threats
- Trudeau government has spent most money per person per year in Canadian history
- The anatomy of a stolen home — and how 3 suspects got caught
- CBC employees were paid $16M in bonuses in 2022 — an average of about $14,000 per worker
- I would have said same thing if foreign minister were a man, Conservative MP says of spat with Joly
- LILLEY: Trudeau's Liberals continue Katie cover-up for Telford
- Province gives go-ahead for new gold and silver mine in central B.C.

- EXCLUSIVE: Dutch-Canadian Develops Heart Failure After Taking COVID Booster For Pandemic Travel Restrictions
- Vancouver rental is offering an air mattress in a living room for $750/month (PHOTOS)
- B.C. employers will soon have to include wage, salary information in job postings
- Sask. government to intervene in federal plastic ban court challenge
- CRTC orders cut to some internet prices amid industry review. What’s going on?
- Longtime Liberal MP Marc Garneau resigning, calls on colleagues to 'put away the anger'
- Two high-level memos allege Beijing covertly funded Canadian election candidates
- 'Great loss': Veteran Liberal MP Marc Garneau is resigning his seat
- Rex Murphy: Who needs a public inquiry when you have a 'special' rapporteur? We do
- Opinion: Why is B.C. holding back on LNG?
- What do you have to go through to be compensated for COVID vaccine injuries?

- A Supreme Court of Canada justice is facing a conduct complaint. What we know
- Canadian woman missing in Iran and her family believes she’s been detained
- Canadian jets did not take down object over Yukon due to weather delays: military chief
- Food bank appointments coming to Cape Breton University to manage long lineups
- Ottawa police seize guns, drugs, more than $100K in South Keys drug bust
- Eby: Federal government needs to reform bail system 'now' to target repeat offenders
- City of Cambridge among defendants in $126M class action vaccine mandate lawsuit
- B.C. invests $200M toward boosting food banks, producers and supply chain
- Charges in ‘largest international drug takedown’ in Toronto police’s history stayed
- Michael Higgins: Trudeau's latest gambit to deflect attention from Liberals a disaster for democracy
- Tragically Hip backtrack after Pierre Poilievre slam
- There’s Already A Bill To Set Up A Foreign Agent Registry. The Liberals Are Blocking It In The Senate

- Second B.C. company says it has been given green light to sell, produce cocaine
- 3 factors affecting our currency that will hurt Canadians for years to come
- Trudeau admits he hasn't heeded intelligence watchdog's recommendations in the past
- Bed, Bath & Beyond space set to hit the market
- Sophisticated scammers had full access to bank accounts of Victoria woman
- Preparing for recession, Canada's biggest banks put aside $2.5 billion for loan defaults
- Newcomers to Canada ‘most vulnerable’ to rental scams
- U.S. transfers Border Patrol agents to northern border as migrant crossings from Canada rise
- No end in sight to Vancouver’s CRAB Park tent city
- Vancouver man sentenced for skipping fare, punching Burnaby taxi driver in the head
- Maple Ridge homicide victim identified: IHIT
- Section of Vancouver living room with 'curtain acting as a door' advertised for $950/month
- Canada's higher interest rates cause borrowers pain
- Canadians fell for more home improvement scams in 2022, new report finds
- Fraser Health orders review after patient left bleeding overnight in hallway
- Bell’s Virgin Plus Increases Data Overages to $153 for 1GB [Update]
- U.S. firm’s subsidiary sold electronics to Chinese defense firm linked to spy balloon program
- Liberals plan to rewrite Emergencies Act to make it easier to invoke in the future
- CBC staff shocked to discover confidential religion, sexual orientation details in online HR files
- RCMP investigating leaks alleging foreign election interference
- Islam Study Costing $155,146
- LILLEY: How far will Trudeau go to keep public from finding out details of Beijing's election interference?
- Wealth One fined $676,500 for failing to comply with anti-money laundering law
- Frills cut from Governor General, other VIP flights after spending criticisms
- SNOBELEN: Lack of honour and ethics suggest Trudeau should go

- STUDY: Canadians say taxes are an overbearing rip-off

- Canada’s banks brace for possible wave of loan defaults. Why that matters
- BMO: 20% of variable-rate mortgage clients have increased payments
- Albertans lost $5.4 million to scam calls last year, anti-fraud centre data says
- New benefit increase in B.C. will not provide money to all who need it: critics

- Vancouver man plans to sell cocaine and other hard drugs commercially
- A single foreign worker blew the lid off a massive international trafficking ring north of Toronto, police say
- Evidence cannot support Alberta man's robbery convictions: Supreme Court of Canada
- EXCLUSIVE: “We need to know what Trudeau knew” Poilievre says on election interference
- Fake News Friday | The CBC buries coverage on interference
- From the archives: Vancouver residents speak about getting priced out of the housing market
- poll-of-canadians-on-the-average-familys-taxes-infographic.png
- B.C. premier wants tighter federal laundering laws after case fails to yield charges
- SNC-Lavalin launches strategic review, tries to put cash-draining contracts behind it
- Canada grandma helps stop fraud scheme targeting senior citizens
- John Ivison: Even Liberals sense the China scandal could spell the end of Trudeau
- CERB audit of high-risk cases finds 65 per cent went to ineligible recipients

- CSIS uncovered Chinese plan to donate to Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation
- Tamam To-Go to close at the end of the month due to rising rent
- Calgary's mayor promises to write new laws to stop anti-all-ages drag show protests
- The Rupa Subramanya Show | What’s next for Tamara Lich?
- "No two days are the same": BC RCMP is hiring new recruits
- Canadian Taxpayers Federation Urging Province to Make Gas Tax Cut Permanent
- Ottawa ends shipments of rapid COVID-19 tests as millions set to expire
- Kayla Lemieux, Canadian teacher with size-Z prosthetic breasts, placed on paid leave
- Interest rates have skyrocketed. So why hasn't the rate on your savings account budged?
- Downtown Vancouver to lose massive Nordstrom department store very soon
- Vancouver 'serious assault' was a stabbing that left 3 hurt
- CSIS officer fired for complaining publicly about agency’s lack of COVID-19 masking
- Dying Nanaimo woman evicted without cause, left without heat and power
- 'Thanks for making it a wild ride!' Vancouver-based meat alternative company folds
- Jennifer Laewetz: Trudeau came to power on a message of unity, but instead divided the nation
- UPDATED: Parole reduced for man convicted in RCMP deaths
- Carbon dioxide emissions reached a record high in 2022

- My mortgage is about to go up by at least $1,000 a month
- Eviction applications spike in Ontario as rents soar, vacancies dwindle
- Trudeau Foundation To Return $200,000 Pledge Connected To China
- Increased illegal crossings from Canada straining U.S. Border Patrol, official says during exclusive ride-along
- City of Vancouver approves property tax hike of 10.7 per cent
- TTC CEO asks for more emergency spending power amid transit violence concerns
- Vancouver City Council rejects funding for lawsuit against oil firms
- Over half of CIBC variable-rate mortgage holders have reached their trigger rate
- Fuel outage causes major damage to Iqaluit food bank, cancelling daily meals
- People criticizing Loblaws for asking shoppers for money to support charity
- The average Vancouver renter needs 17 years to save for a home
- Canadian Credit Delinquencies Are Rising For Everything But Mortgages
- Calgary woman arrested after police say she defrauded local company of $537k
- The Government of Canada and British Columbia Reach Agreement in Principle to Improve Health Services for Canadians
- As foreign interference allegations stack up, top intelligence official says last two elections were 'legitimate'
- 'Benchmark' B.C. money laundering investigation ends with no charges against alleged loan shark
- My mortgage is about to go up by at least $1,000 a month
- Restaurant industry says labour fix needed as more Victoria eateries shut their doors
- Special prosecutor decides against charges in B.C. money laundering investigation
- Chancho to say goodbye to Yaletown after five years
- Company planning to make COVID-19 vaccine in Canada could go out of business
- WARMINGTON: The Kayla Lemieux show cancelled; no longer at Oakville school
- Richmond recycling company ordered to stop discharging water into river
- UPDATE: Three people arrested after Royal B.C. Museum’s mammoth vandalized during protest
- Nanos seat projections show Conservatives with clear advantage after Liberals slip
- These are the new tax brackets for 2023
- Pair charged, wanted on warrants following Calgary home invasion
- The Move: From Toronto’s rental grind to a quaint corner store in Quebec
- The Countries Buying Russian Fossil Fuels Since the Invasion
- FIRST READING: How China allegedly spent the last 10 years trying to influence Trudeau
- Chinese donors who funded Trudeau Foundation wanted statue of Mao in Montreal
- Most Canadians say Liberals are scared of standing up to China: poll
- Trudeau was regularly briefed on foreign interference in elections, national security adviser says
- Trudeau Foundation to return $200,000 donation over possible connection to China
- LILLEY: Report on election interference not credible due to who wrote it and the shallow contents
- Sabrina Maddeaux: Books shouldn't need sanctuaries, but due to cancel culture they are necessary
- Trudeau briefed ‘multiple’ times since 2022 on election interference, adviser testifies
- Alberta government introducing bill to bar federal employees from trespassing on private property

March 2023

- Here’s what we know about China’s election interference so far
- Report alleges China facilitated $1 million donation to help Trudeau
- British Columbians need to save for up to 20 years to afford first home
- BUDGET 2023: BC government to buy $400 million of land near public transit for housing
- Novavax raises doubts about ability to remain in business, shares fall
- Ottawa St. Patrick's Day parade cancelled due to lack of volunteers, money
- Ottawa to require suppliers to disclose emissions, reduce carbon footprint
- B.C. budget: $462 million earmarked for public safety, including 250 new RCMP officers
- Closed and closing soon: 10 Vancouver restaurants to say goodbye to
- Demand at Arnprior, Ont. food bank continues to rise
- Maximum B.C. climate tax benefit set to more than double: budget
- CBSA and RCMP lay charges in 3D firearm investigation
- Ukraine says 'tanks' to Canada for sending more military aid
- Burnaby approves property tax hike of 3.99% – with 7% pencilled in for next year
- CSIS uncovered Chinese plan to donate to Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation

- Globe and Mail cancels Dilbert after comments on race
- Trudeau denies Han Dong is a Chinese election interference partner
- US agency believes COVID-19 likely escaped from Chinese lab — report
- SNC-Lavalin is hiring Canada Line attendants and it pays really, really well
- TTC sees low ridership numbers on subway, streetcars
- B.C. says stockpile of Moderna infant COVID-19 vaccines set to expire, with no new supply for a month
- Posthaste: Canada among countries most at risk of housing crash spiralling into a bigger crisis, say these economists
- Hundreds Of Girls Poisoned In Iran To Stop Them From Going To School
- The Lab Leak Will Haunt Us Forever
- The City of Vancouver has been a certified living wage employer for more than 5 years. Will it continue to be?
- Online scam sees Puslinch resident defrauded of over $300,000
- Massive cache of weapons uncovered after YVR seizure
- TD Bank to Pay $1.2 Billion to End Suit Tied to Ponzi Scheme
- B.C. MLA speaks out publicly against anonymous online threat to sabotage Coastal GasLink pipeline
- Punching another person's car costs B.C. man $300 deductible
- Chilliwack man caught importing hundreds of prohibited weapons from China
- LILLEY: Trudeau calls queries about China's alleged election interference racist
- John Ivison: China’s election interference could devour Trudeau and his party

- Standoff ignited after driver of stolen vehicle points gun at officer: RCMP
- Provincial government commits $500M to B.C. Ferries to lower fare increases
- Canadian military will get new tanks to replace Leopards going to Ukraine: minister
- Electric vehicle drivers get candid about charging: 'Logistical nightmare'
- COVID-19 pandemic most likely came from lab leak: WSJ
- 'SARS-CoV-2' "They Didn't Isolate 'Covid' Or Find The Genome" Dr. 'Lee Merritt' Dr. 'Poornima Wagh'
- Letters: B.C. teacher's firing was unwarranted

- Opinion: The Victoria ‘war on cars’ wouldn’t sting so much if BC Transit didn’t ‘suck’
- B.C. Premier David Eby announces another tax credit
- Secwépemc hereditary chief loses bid seeking no jail time for Trans Mountain work delays

- The Liberals play the Trump card on election interference, and lose
- Moderna to make milestone payments to NIH for COVID vaccine
- Fake News Friday | Legacy media pushed fake news about Freedom Convoy
- Charity sounds alarm over scam involving reusable grocery bags
- Two people facing charges after grandparent scam targets Prince Edward County couple
- Manitoba RCMP have beef with woman who called 911 to complain about long Burger King lineup
- 30 per cent of City of North Van condo owners don't live in their apartments
- Downtown Eastside residents call for 'dignified' housing amid tent removals during cold snap
- China to overtake US as world's largest economy: Report
- Alcohol tax hike set to raise B.C. retail prices April 1
- Justin Trudeau is digging a deeper hole for himself on Chinese meddling in elections
- German EU member warns of new Holocaust coming
- Liberals ignored CSIS warning on 2019 candidate accused in Chinese interference probe: sources
- Feds' hiring of international group to advise on unmarked graves called 'misstep'
- CBC president Catherine Tait is out of her lane
- Trudeau rules out public inquiry into Chinese electoral interference
- BREAKING: Zelensky slams Americans who don't want to give more to Ukraine
- LILLEY: Trudeau claims his drug policy is saving lives, so why have OD deaths risen so dramatically?
- Trudeau Liberals announce funding for black people traumatized by Covid

- Bed Bath & Beyond reveals closing date of all Canadian stores
- LAWTON: The Emergencies Act commission wasn’t corrupt – it just issued a bad report
- The Rupa Subramanya Show | Is Canada an Islamophobic country? (Ft. Raheel Raza and Rahim Mohamed) Pt. 2
- 'This is unacceptable': New report finds services at Surrey Memorial Hospital 'severely insufficient'
- Tech company with head office in Vancouver laying off 20% of staff
- Growing petition opposes Jordan B. Peterson’s Victoria conference
- B.C. teacher suspended for 'triggering' special needs student
- Why Google is blocking some Canadians from seeing online news
- Here’s how much home you could buy in 8 Canadian cities — if you had a million dollars
- Google blocks news content in Canada as part of test to be ready in case internet censorship bill passes
- Less than a year after reopening, beloved Vancouver restaurant closed permanently due to 'labour shortage'
- More mill closures inevitable as B.C. forest industry crisis deepens
- 52 kg of illegal marijuana seized in New Westminster, police say
- The Grand Theatre.
One of the most remarkable things I’ve noticed about recent political trends is the erasure of accountability from all offices held.

- Accused extremist recruiter Awso Peshdary pleads guilty to terrorism-related charges
- John Ivison: Latest spending estimates offer biting reality check to Liberals' promise of 'warmer days ahead'

- City of Vancouver spent $5.96 million on furniture in a 30-month period
- Biden stumbles, falls while boarding Air Force One
- Trudeau calls for renegotiated border treaty to halt Roxham Road migrants — U.S. envoy pushes back
- Study finds 42% of Canadians support socialism in Canada
- Google tests blocking news content for some Canadians in response to Bill C-18 bill

- Ukraine appeals to Canada’s rail manufacturers to repair war-damaged lifeline
- Investigation continues after 2 women shot and killed on quiet Vancouver street
- LEDREW: Trudeau has brought Canadians to the tipping point
- The Andrew Lawton Show | Singer praised for politicizing national anthem
- B.C. loses appeal of court ruling against sheltering in Beacon Hill Park in Victoria
- Milton home invasion ends with 2nd-degree murder charge for homeowner
- Man, 22, charged with murder after shooting suspect who tried to rob his house, lawyer says
- LILLEY: Trudeau deals with China's alleged election tinkering by hunting whistleblower
- Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have entitlement problems. Big ones
- Ex-CBC Chief Gets Extra 10%
- LILLEY: Poilievre blames PM for Roxham Rd. crossings, demands problem be fixed
- Young teens charged in 14 armed pharmacy robberies in Mississauga, Brampton

- Fact check: COVID-19 mRNA vaccines cannot cause the disease, don't have live virus
- Send all asylum seekers to other provinces, Quebec premier tells Trudeau
- After more than 20 years retro Vancouver burger joint quietly shuts down
- BC Government sending out second boosted BC Family Benefit payment
- Inflation is causing some to think twice about having kids: ‘It doesn’t make sense’
- Family Day in B.C. celebrated amid mounting financial challenges
- Want MPs Sworn To Secrecy

- Concealed Handgun permit holder stops mass public shooter at a mall in El Paso, Texas
- Tech startup is finding success in the US after it was shunned by Toronto
- NP View: Canada’s stubbornly unethical Liberal government
- Parody - U.S. To Invade Canada To Establish A Democracy
- Fact check: Emergencies Act inquiry commissioner not related to Justin Trudeau
- ‘They can clean you completely out’: Seniors being defrauded using distraction technique
- Quirky, cherished Vancouver dessert shop closing after 22 years
- Man in hospital after being 'repeatedly shot' on Downtown Eastside, police say
- New Laws Affecting Take-Home Pay
- Ex-Mounties condemn Public Order Emergency Commission report
- Toronto sees increase in norovirus activity compared to pandemic years

- Feds commit $10 million to help 200 Black families in GTA buy their first home
- Tim Hortons turfs key store owner amid battle with franchisees over profitability
- “A dark day for Canada”: Tamara Lich responds to Emergencies Act report
- LILLEY: Trudeau's $6K per night hotel stay shows he has no respect for your money
- From Tim Hortons shakeup to broke millennials: Here are the week's top 7 stories
- Police respond to two calls for shots fired overnight
- Demand rising, shelves emptying at Sault College food bank
- Toronto police warn of increase in pedestrian-involved collisions
- City of Surrey proposes property tax hike of 17.5% in 2023
- Climate equity working group 'disappointed' after Vancouver city council rejects climate justice charter
- Two-thirds of Prince George homeowners have a mortgage
- B.C. Interior residents asked to look out for 'unique vehicle' involved in catalytic converter thefts
- Life as an international student in Canada meant crushing poverty. But it also taught me resilience
- Rupa Subramanya: Canada's democracy died a little Friday afternoon
- The Emergencies Act’s ‘very high threshold’ was met, commissioner rules in major report

- FIRST READING: Quebec launches all-out drive to close Roxham Road
- Three people arrested during high-risk takedown, police seize gun and drugs
- TransLink is hiring SkyTrain attendants and it pays really, really well
- Vancouver area faces Mobi bikes’ tires slashed, call for ‘parking spaces back’
- Which Countries Pollute the Most Ocean Plastic Waste?
- Renters making sacrifices to deal with sky-high Metro Vancouver prices
- Syphilis cases on the rise across the province, warns B.C. Centre for Disease Control
- Negative reactions to the Emergencies Act Inquiry Report across Saskatchewan
- Civilian review finds RCMP did inadequate ground search for missing Sask. woman
- Kevin Carmichael: 3 things the Bank of Canada subtly told us this week
- Here Is What The Judge Said
- Federal government met the threshold to invoke Emergencies Act: Rouleau
- CSIS documents reveal Chinese strategy to influence Canada’s 2021 election
- Jesse Kline: Emergencies Act report a slap in the face to Canadians
- Trudeau says he now regrets 'fringe' views remark about 'Freedom Convoy' protesters
- BREAKING: China supported and helped Trudeau get elected in 2021
- Poilievre accuses PM of trying to 'cover up' Chinese interference
- Trudeau says Canadians decided 2021 election outcome in spite of Chinese meddling

- Vancouver couple says rent is increasing by 20% due to their newborn baby
- Immunity acquired from a Covid infection is as protective as vaccination against severe illness and death, study finds
- Toronto cop charged after service firearm stolen from personal vehicle
- Ongoing vandalism pushes downtown Victoria businesses to consider relocating
- Richmond hotel refused to pay severance, blamed COVID-19
- Liberals on pace to miss First Nations housing targets by 'between 58 and 141 years,' NDP says
- Health ministry struggled to gather COVID-19 vaccine data from high-risk groups: B.C. auditor general
- Lotus Pond: Vegetarian Chinese restaurant in Victoria to close permanently
- Toronto police can't sustain $1.7M monthly cost of overtime officers on TTC past March: city
- Victoria police lose notebook, 60 people at risk
- Local food banks struggling to adjust due to record demand
- Victoria and Vancouver lead Canada with spikes in income required to buy a home
- Ethics commissioner frustrated by Liberals' lapses: 'Act has been there for 17 years, for God’s sake'
- An Air Canada flight from Vancouver may have spotted a Chinese spy balloon
- Vancouver dubbed the most expensive rental market in Canada: report
- Man walking dog shot at 13 times after gesturing at vehicle to slow down, police say
- Oppose Canada's 'xenophobic' foreign property tax, U.S. critics urge Biden admin
- Canadian PM announces support to tackle climate crisis and Haiti turmoil
- Rang Up $3M In Travel Costs
- Christine Van Geyn: Trudeau government's rash use of Emergencies Act deserves consequences
- Canada announces $44.8 million in new funding to support the CARICOM in addressing the climate crisis

- Cleaning staff discover loaded handgun in Winnipeg hotel room, police say
- Toronto speed cameras under attack
- Human remains found in empty Cloverdale lot
- 'Canadian cannabis is in peril': Industry leaders call on feds to help
- BC politician deletes tweet about Bed Bath & Beyond after getting roasted
- 'I did my best': Brenda Lucki retiring as RCMP commissioner
- Taxpayers federation launching legal action to reveal who stayed in $6,000-per-night hotel suite
- Billboard critical of B.C. education policy on sexual orientation and gender identity removed after outcry
- The average rent for a one bedroom apartment in Toronto is now $2300
- Gas is more than 60 cents cheaper per litre in Edmonton compared to Vancouver
- Man allegedly found in Burnaby U-Haul with handgun, saw, catalytic converter granted bail
- Trudeau heads south to discuss aid for Haiti at CARICOM conference
- Man, 25, allegedly sexually assaulted North York senior while posing as support worker
- Michael Higgins: There's no excuse for Liberals to keep giving money to their friends
- LILLEY: Trudeau government turns to secrecy after $6G-per-night hotel fiasco

- Another Liberal MP found guilty of breaking ethics laws
- Aerial objects should be “wake-up call” for Liberals, says Poilievre
- The Andrew Lawton Show | The Emergencies Act, one year later
- 'Level zero' ambulance problem worsens dramatically in Ottawa in 2022
- 1st missile fired at object over Lake Huron missed target, U.S. says
- Cost-of-living crisis: Canadian musicians struggling to keep up with high inflation
- Metro Vancouver mayors ask for $500M to match inflation and growth demands on TransLink
- Woman facing removal from Canada over fake letter loses judicial review
- This volunteer-powered survey aims to determine Victoria’s houseless population growth
- Some Montreal tenants are being evicted so their apartments can be turned into tourist rentals. Turns out that's legal
- Developers with partial foreign ownership blocked from building housing supply in Canada
- Toronto police spending $337K on a podcast to avoid perception they're making 'copaganda'
- Former SNC Lavalin executive Sami Bebawi loses appeal, must report to prison
- Posthaste: One in six Canadians say they are likely to default on a major loan as rate hikes pinch
- Liberal MP Greg Fergus breached Conflict of Interest Act with letter, watchdog rules
- Man who was shot at 13 times after gesturing at speeding car is fighting for his life, police say

- With homelessness surging, N.L. Housing minister says province 'should have been more prepared'
- Personnel shortage challenging Air Force's plan to introduce F-35 fighter jets
- Half of Ontario insolvencies filed by millennials
- LILLEY: Whoever replaces Tory needs to fix crime and Toronto's filthy streets
- Most Canadians don't support latest planned MAID expansion, survey finds
- U.S. defends decision to shoot down 3 unidentified objects
- Update: Police probing snow geese deaths on Richmond road
- Drug-impaired driving, Grandparent Scams becoming more prevalent in Manitoba: RCMP
- ‘I felt kidnapped’: Canada police sued for arresting photographer covering protest
- Here are three types of scams to beware of during Fraud Awareness Month
- Group of teens set off smoke bomb or firecracker at B.C. mall, RCMP say
- New policy requiring CRTC to improve telecom competition, lower rates comes into force
- Frustrations mount in Cross Lake, Man., where ambulance service has been in limbo for 2 years
- Opinion: Uncovering the hidden costs of real estate transactions
- Tim Hortons franchisees spar with parent company RBI as rising cost of goods squeezes profits
- B.C. has lowest median employment earnings in the region
- 26% Refused Children’s Vax
- Emails show Trudeau minister's office quashed details of $6,000-a-night London suite
- Governor General's office closes social media comments after a wave of hateful remarks
- LILLEY: Docs show Trudeau government in panic mode over $6,000-per-night hotel room story

- How the World Health Organization helped kill a promising made-in-Canada vaccine
- Royal Canadian Mint temporarily lays off 56 workers at its Winnipeg facility
- Calgarians struggle to find affordable housing as number of low-cost rental units decreases
- Online romance scammers may have a new wingman — artificial intelligence

- Food bank launches helpline and information sessions to help newcomers to B.C.
- Man arrested over theft of rare books from Victoria store
- U.S. blacklists 6 Chinese entities over balloon program
- Bed Bath & Beyond is shutting down all 54 stores across Canada
- Trudeau pushing softer approach to temporary visas, less focus on risk of overstaying
- Former personal trainer defrauded North Van clients of $157K
- Sharp drop in new helicopter pilot licences raises concerns about country's air ambulance service
- John Tory resigning as Toronto mayor after admitting to affair with staffer
- Canada is broken! Study finds 67% of Canadians agree with Pierre Poilievre

- Scammers try to capitalize on Sault teen’s $48M win
- 94 students stripped of degrees after finding out school wasn't accredited
- B.C. announces one-time billion-dollar growth fund
- Climate activist paid $2,000 a month for role in BC highway blockades (PHOTOS)
- Langley, B.C. toddler allegedly made to wait hours at emergency department
- Bed Bath & Beyond Canada going out of business, closing 54 stores
- Saanich police arrest driver with fake police lights on car
- Ontario consumer insolvencies jump 23% in a year, thanks to ‘perfect storm’ of factors
- Tens of thousands of Canadians could default on mortgages due to rising rates, bank CEOs say
- Toronto Mayor John Tory steps down after inappropriate relationship with staffer
- U.S. fighter jet shoots down unidentified, cylindrical object over Canada
- Jordan Peterson and Rex Murphy: Jagmeet Singh is an empty suit, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma
- Trudeau cabinet minister Mary Ng ducks demands to reimburse taxpayers for contracts awarded to friend
- Calgary mayor threatens to fine protesters after drag event cancelled
- LILLEY: Trudeau's massive debt and deficits squeezes out more funding for health care
- Hamilton, Ont. couple charged with fraud after purchasing tires: police
- City of Vancouver to spend $2.5 million on street cleaning jobs for the homeless in 2023
- Worries mount as 2 Moncton homeless shelters set to close in spring
- REPORT: Justin Trudeau Hijacks Canada’s Healthcare and Threatens Provincial Premiers to Cut Off Healthcare Funding Unless They Agree to Digital Health ID (VIDEO)
- Minister Signs Ethics Pledge
- Disinformation Inc: Read one of the 'blacklists' used secretly to defund conservative news
- US military shoots down 'object' flying in territorial waters over Alaska
- CBC joins global initiative to combat disinformation
- U.S. border agents give rides to Quebec-bound migrants as side hustle, sources tell Radio-Canada
- Ottawa spending $2M on new unmarked graves report lacks 'transparency': official
- Rahim Mohamed: Canada doesn’t have an Islamophobia problem — I’m living proof
- Ottawa spending $2M on new unmarked graves report lacks 'transparency': official
- ‘Cannot Stand Just Transition’
- As surgical wait lists grow, Canada's private clinics cash in
- Plaque commemorating 'Battle of Billings Bridge' during 'Freedom Convoy' removed
- 1 man fatally shot by police on Vancouver's Granville Bridge

- Lia Thomas exposed 'male genitalia' in women's locker room after meet, Riley Gaines says: Dropped 'his pants'
- Off-duty Surrey Police Service constable who shot himself at Langley gun range identified
- 5 arrested in Burnaby weapons complaint that prompted road closures: RCMP
- Jack Knox: Why it now costs $21.50 for a cheeseburger and fries
- 1 in 5 properties across much of Canada are owned by investors. That makes it harder for 1st-time buyers
- Another major Toronto tech company just laid off a bunch of employees
- Charges against spouse of Nova Scotia mass killer were 'lawful,' Crown says
- $55,000 worth of antiquarian books stolen from popular Victoria bookstore
- LRT wires 'melted' during January ice storm, transit commission hears
- Calgary police chief calls for bail reforms, including categorizing known ‘repeat and violent offenders’
- Hundreds of unfilled positions for mental health nurses in B.C. as Vancouver promises to hire
- Sophisticated Canada Revenue Agency scams circulating ahead of tax season
- Manitoba RCMP investigating after man yells at young teenage girl to get in his truck
- 'A noble cause': Windsor police officer defends his decision to donate to Freedom Convoy
- 'It was a nightmare': 2 children dead, driver charged after city bus crashes into Laval daycare
- U.S. declassifies balloon intelligence, calls out China for spying
- Rupa Subramanya: Roxham Road another failure for Trudeau's 'post-national' government
- Canopy Growth to lay off 800 people, close some facilities
- GTA rental housing deficit could double to 177,000 units over the next decade, new report warns
- Feds Research Nt’l ID Scheme

- Police release new photos, video of suspect wanted in Markham assault
- 'How am I supposed to make a living?': Vancouver restaurant owner faces post-pandemic bankruptcy
- Major Vancouver developer seeks creditor protection over $700-million debt
- Metro Vancouver's goal is to cut carbon emissions by 45%. So far, it's down 1%
- Manitoba's vaccine verification app has been discontinued
- 24th Annual Gas Tax Honesty Report
- Carbon tax gets jacked up again this year
- Province to start merging lists of patients who need doctors, doctors who can take patients
- Bank of Canada releases details on interest rate decision for the first time
- Many new homes at risk, as major Vancouver developer files for insolvency
- 2 children dead, driver charged after bus crashes into daycare in Laval, Que.
- Calgary police shoot man after suspect points gun at officers during traffic stop
- Resignations and retaliation: B.C. health-care workers see increasingly 'toxic' workplaces
- LILLEY: High school student suspended, arrested for saying only 2 genders
- GOLDSTEIN: To delight of Conservatives, CBC’s president bad mouths Poilievre
- Pierre Poilievre hits back at CBC head’s ‘partisan attack’
- Former public service head questions government’s rising use of outside contractors
- Don Braid: A handshake about Smith's image on a day of health care confusion
- It’s Broken Says Budget Office

- CBC signals plans to go full streaming, ending traditional TV and radio broadcasts
- Canadian business insolvencies up 37.2% in 2022, consumer insolvencies up 11.2%
- Paying Twitter subscribers made up less than 0.2% of monthly users in the US 2 months after Elon Musk introduced Blue, report says
- B.C.'s 'most wanted' criminals unveiled by Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers
- Vancouver woman wins identity fraud fight with Bell Mobility after posting on social media
- Electric vehicles lose up to 30% range when temperatures dip below freezing, study finds
- Parking lot campers evicted from Vancouver beach after occupying spaces for months
- Kelowna RCMP reports uptick in catalytic converter thefts
- 'I just need out': Beloved Vancouver hobby shop may close after 35 years
- 'Not warm enough': Insulated shelters no match for Kelowna winter, says Rail Trail resident
- Trudeau proposes $46 billion healthcare deal with provinces
- BIDEN'S BORDER CRISIS: Quebec officials slam NYC for shuttling illegal migrants to Canadian border
- Canadians now expect to need $1.7 million to retire, up 20% from 2020, BMO survey finds
- $7 out of every $10 earned goes towards mortgage payments in Victoria: report
- The safety profile and the actual known adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccines in at-risk and healthy individuals
- China says will 'safeguard interests' over balloon shootdown
- Higher interest rates are working
- Canada providing $10 million in earthquake aid to Turkey and Syria
- Rex Murphy: Trudeau's wokeism is a dismissal of everything that counts
- Spy Hunt Must Be “Sensitive”
- One-third of households say they're financially worse off compared to year ago: poll
- Marijuana Versus Road Safety
- FIRST READING: Vancouver objects to 'hell on earth' characterization by Poilievre
- PM Trudeau presents premiers $196B health-care funding deal, including $46B in new funding
- CAMPUS WATCH: Tampon, pad dispensers installed in Western University men’s room
- Surfer Bethany Hamilton refuses to compete with transgender women

- Former Liberal MP Raj Grewal seeks dismissal of charges due to lack of evidence
- Cannabis chain once worth $1.7 billion and called the ‘Apple store of weed’ is now nearly failing as the once-hot pot industry faces a major reckoning
- Quebec minister 'surprised' asylum seekers given free bus tickets from New York City
- Homeowners left with unfinished projects after Ottawa construction company suddenly closes
- Guelph police issue warning about door-to-door scams
- Quebec employer justified in suspending health-care worker who refused COVID-19 vaccine: tribunal
- Father watches live on phone app as video shows strangers entering home while child is alone
- McKinsey doesn't meet criteria for banning company from federal contracts: bureaucrat
- Mother-of-three sleeping in her car with kids amid rental crisis
- GTA resident speaks out after being duped by fraudulent Canada Post text
- FIRST READING: Why Canada intentionally limits its supply of doctors
- Canadian Seniors Are Racking Up Reverse Mortgage Debt At A Rapid Rate
- Liberals, NDP vote against Conservative motion to fix bail system
- CHARLEBOIS: Canada can fix its milk dumping problem, easily
- Governor General got a $40,000 pay raise during pandemic
- Taxpayers Out $173 Million
- Saskatoon parents outraged by 'naked man' in girls change room, councillor says 'our society is changing'
- BREAKING: Rep Waltz Suggests Pentagon Kept Balloon Info From Trump, Was Afraid He Would Take Immediate Action
- Ottawa Didn’t Disclose China’s Spy Balloon Because There Were ‘Lives at Stake,’ Minister Says

- House title fraud in B.C.
- 2 B.C. cities have the longest average wait times for walk-in clinics in Canada
- Beloved Richmond food court spot to close down next month
- Our city is no longer in the warming-shelter business
- Male suspect sought after TTC worker assaulted in Forest Hill
- Migrants abandon NYC for Canada with taxpayer-funded bus tickets

- Carbon tax adding to inflation woes for B.C. residents
- The Canada Revenue Agency Announced Major Changes That Could Affect Your 2022 Taxes
- Eight of the top 10 coldest places on Earth right now are in Canada
- Waterloo regional police arrest man for fraud, 16 victims allegedly lose $500K
- Electric shock: A new study found that EVs were more expensive to fuel than gas-powered cars at the end of 2022 — here are 3 easy ways to save cash no matter what you drive
- Vancouver police, volunteers warn seniors about rising "grand parent scam"
- Two parking spots listed for $250,000 in downtown Vancouver (PHOTOS)
- Higher interest rates here to stay until 2024: CIBC
- Contracts awarded to McKinsey & Company Canada

- EXCLUSIVE: Ontario high school student kicked out of Catholic school for saying there are only two sexes, staging same-sex bathroom protest
- Exclusive: Indian refiners pay traders in dirhams for Russian oil
- Fuel made from Russian oil is being funneled to New York by Indian refiners that are snapping up discounted crude
- Feds announce $500M contract with Edmonton company for green electricity
- Richmond hotel received $33 million in quarantine payments, according to fired workers' union
- Canada’s top five most expensive cities for rental apartments are all in one province
- Companies save billions of dollars by giving employees fake "manager" titles, study shows
- More than a third of B.C. condos are investor-owned: report
- How to combat catalytic converter theft: Richmond RCMP
- 'Violent' repeat offender wanted after fleeing from Surrey recovery home: RCMP
- Mounties looking for man who allegedly performed ‘indecent acts’ in Cloverdale
- Bloody knives last straw for Nanaimo cafe offering soup tokens for the homeless
- Liberals withdraw bill's assault-style firearm definition, promise more consultation
- South Okanagan vineyard housing temporary foreign workers in unpermitted dwellings ordered to get into compliance
- Moderna Booster Vaccine Singled Out for Chronic Hives
- Investors made up 20 to 30% of homeowners in some provinces: Statistics Canada
- Governments seek buyer as Quebec COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer Medicago set to close
- Delrios in South Surrey has officially closed after 27 years
- Ontario woman, 18, wins $48M lottery after buying first ticket 'for fun'
- Federal department fires 49 employees for claiming CERB while employed
- Housing crisis: Harsh reality of those navigating Toronto’s shelter system, on brink of homelessness
- 'Now is not the time': B.C. faces growing backlash from health-care professionals over Bill 36
- CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Man assaults North Vancouver dog walker
- Military Counts Vax Incidents
- China's brazen spy balloon drifting over US nuclear bases is a big slap in the face
- Why doesn’t Canada treat Afghan refugees like Ukrainians? Because they aren’t ‘white and Christian,’ complaint alleges

- Knowledge is protection: The best defence against falling victim to fraud is awareness
- Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in Europe. The war with Russia hasn't changed that
- Knowledge is protection: The best defence against falling victim to fraud is awareness
- Canadian groundhog Fred la Marmotte found dead before planned prediction
- Quebec recommends booster only to vulnerable never infected with COVID-19
- Downtown Victoria library has windows smashed multiple times in one week
- Phones ringing off the hook at medical clinic taking new patients
- LILLEY: Trudeau government paid for 38 hotels like one in Calgary hotel with outrageous costs
- 45% with variable mortgages say they would have to sell in under 9 months: Yahoo/Maru poll
- MPs vote unanimously to have Canada resettle 10,000 displaced Uyghur people
- Police officer could be demoted after shoplifting $87 in groceries
- Two military recruits hospitalized after being pushed in physical fitness training – investigation underway
- Former CBC journalist dies after random attack on Toronto street, new suspect photo released
- Private Dinner At Freeland’s
- KRAYDEN: Islamophobia Czar needs to apologize again, then resign and this office be abolished
- Rahim Mohamed: Jordan Peterson's 'un-cancellability' a sign culture wars are turning
- Can’t Hide Emails: Fed Judge
- Found Racism East And West
- Senate passes Liberals' controversial online streaming act with a dozen amendments
- WATCH: Anti-mandate comedian identifies alleged attacker as top BC cancer doctor
- Trudeau must drop Amira Elghawaby, get rid of anti-Islamophobia position, Bloc Leader Blanchet says

- Help provide urgent care for vulnerable neighbours this winter
- Vancouver-based EV startup Veemo goes bankrupt
- High number of federal contracts awarded to McKinsey under scrutiny
- Hudson's Bay closing Londonderry Mall store in August
- Purse snatching scammers target North Shore parking lots
- Eby pushes back on Poilievre's characterization of Vancouver being 'hell on earth'
- Police seeking suspects in separate sexual assaults in dog park, show home
- Attention Albertans! Come see the world premiere of our new documentary, Trucker Rebellion: Trudeau on Trial, on Feb. 16 in Calgary.
- Family slams 'unconscionable' actions of TD Bank after 95-year-old woman withdraws $10K in scam
- U.S. FDA removes COVID test requirements for Pfizer, Merck pills
- Canada's new anti-Islamophobia representative apologizes for comments about Quebecers
- Kelowna tests insulated shelters for its unhoused community
- B.C. landlords will now have to pay tenants interest on their damage deposit
- Half of Variable Rate Mortgage Holders Hit Trigger Rate
- STARVATION POLICY: Documents show mandatory fertilizer reductions on the table
- Provincial health officer’s statement on new public health officers
- Negative Impressions Of Jagmeet Singh Have Surged
- Pfizer CEO Made 'Misleading' Statements On Vaccinating Children Against COVID-19: UK Watchdog
- LEVY: Ontario school bans Valentine’s Day for inclusion reasons
- Federal government spent $388 million on COVID-19 quarantine hotels across Canada

February 2023

- Ethics committee votes to study trade minister's conflict of interest violation
- Katsuya has officially closed its only Vancouver location
- N.B. man charged with weapons trafficking after 3D-printed firearms seized, say RCMP
- Don Martin: Trudeau meets the moment – and ducks for cover
- Another 91 $10-a-day child care spaces coming to Burnaby
- Burnaby by the numbers: Richest and poorest neighbourhoods
- Court ruling blocking Kitchener, Ont., encampment eviction could affect cases across Canada, say legal experts
- LILLEY: Trudeau government spent $6.8 million on Calgary COVID hotel for just 10 people
- Visualizing the Scale of Global Fossil Fuel Production
- Decriminalizing people who use drugs in B.C.
- Ottawa contracts comprise up to 10 per cent of McKinsey Canadian revenue
- Tom Mulcair: Amira Elghawaby is the wrong person for the job
- As B.C. marks another 2,272 toxic drug deaths, addictions doctor tells families: 'I am so sorry'
- Colby Cosh: Ontario judge declares a right to build homeless camps on public land
- Project Veritas taunts Pfizer with LED truck parked outside drug maker’s NYC office following latest sting
- FUREY: The alarming report on the Trudeau Liberals plans for fertilizer regulations

- Elderly woman nearly robbed in North Vancouver marketplace deal: RCMP
- "That isn't our approach": Vacancy control not a priority for the BC government
- 6 people charged after $1.3M in drugs, $150K found in Toronto armed robbery investigation
- McKinsey a 'distraction' from problem of consulting contracts, researcher tells MPs
- Canadians Are Still Using Their Homes As ATMs, Just Not With HELOCs
- Hybrid Parliament should be here to stay, say MPs in new report
- Ottawa undermined Canadians' language rights with ArriveCAN app, language commissioner says
- Orthopaedic surgeries down 25% in B.C. public hospitals as private sector picks up slack
- Rental Market Report
- Said Harper Worse Than 9/11
- Quebec Government Says Amira Elghawaby Should Resign Or Be Fired
- Prime Minister stands behind newly appointed special representative on combatting Islamophobia
- Unprecedented: Federal government failed to spend $38B on promised programs last year
- Hybrid Parliament should be here to stay, say MPs in new report
- Anti-Islamophobia representative suggested Stephen Harper was 'more hurtful' than 9/11
- Covid deaths in Canada almost doubled in 2022 with a 85% vaccinated population
- Justin Trudeau stands by appointee Amira Elghawaby, says she will continue fight against Islamophobia
- N.L. needs to rethink its alcohol culture in wake of new consumption guidelines: Fitzgerald
- New hotel expense makes Trudeau’s $6000 night in London seem like little potatoes.
- Canada signed a secret 'Agile Nations' Charter with the World Economic Forum
- LILLEY: Public should see Emergencies Act inquiry report at same time as gov't, not weeks later

- Unexpected closure of Richmond bubble tea shop
- Title fraud a one-in-a-million threat in B.C., officials say
- 'COVID is not done,' Canadian infectious disease expert says ahead of WHO announcement
- B.C. property ownership registry in full effect, but will take years to 'mature'
- Majority of affordable homes approved under federal program not yet constructed
- How this couple's home was sold without their knowledge
- DC Superhero Zachary Levi Sparks Backlash After Agreeing That Pfizer Is a ‘Danger to the World’
- Is This Why BC Put a Gag Order on Healthcare Staff?

- 10 Electric Cars That'll Bankrupt You Through Maintenance And Repairs
- Ontario income tax credit for cash refund
- Has Canada's housing crisis reached the "live at home forever" phase?
- Five-foot fence post shatters Vancouver bus window, forcing driver to pull over
- Man wanted after allegedly assaulting 3 aboard TTC streetcar
- City says thousands in fines remain unpaid 1 year after 'Freedom Convoy'
- An ‘untenable situation’: Most Hamilton apartments unaffordable to those earning less than $65,000
- Drag Queen Story Time reader in Kelowna, B.C., thanks supporters upon return
- Kudos: Richmond-based medical group donates $42K to support women's health
- You can earn about $20K in 3.5 months from tree planting jobs in BC
- More than 1,000 New Brunswickers report adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines
- GIESBRECHT: One year later... the truckers were right
- Pfizer Responds After Director Says Company Is Developing Ways To Mutate COVID-19
- Italian PM Meloni Inks $8 billion Libyan Natural Gas Deal During Tripoli Visit
- CRA head says it 'wouldn't be worth the effort' to review all ineligible pandemic payments

- Visualizing the Odds of Dying from Various Accidents
- FDA withdraws emergency use authorization of COVID drug because it is unlikely to be effective against new variants
- Burnaby reveals financial plan: 3.99% tax hike, 7% next year
- Pfizer is scolded by a U.K. trade group for remarks its CEO made about vaccination
- Vancouver residents lost over $700,000 to 'network of scammers' in 2022
- Hamilton man arrested and charged following rash of 85 break-and-enters
- 3 people charged after allegedly impersonating homeowners to sell Toronto property
- Region can’t evict tent city residents — for now
- Closed and closing soon: 11 Vancouver restaurants to say goodbye to
- Victoria renter discovers neighbours ‘drunkenly’ partying in her unit – and stealing – after landlord gave them a key
- ‘Is Pfizer working to make Covid more dangerous so it can sell more vaccines?’ US Senator sends letter to Pfizer CEO Bourla after Project Veritas sting
- Pfizer Director of Research Freaks Out After Spilling Virus Secrets in 2nd Project Veritas Undercover Video
- Who Will Help Vancouver Renters Now?
- Retain nurses before recruiting them from other provinces: association
- Homeless man who torched Burnaby sushi restaurant twice 'wanted to teach somebody a lesson'
- B.C. returns 200 square kilometres of traditional territory to Lake Babine Nation
- Mandatory minimum penalty for firing gun at house unconstitutional: Supreme Court
- Recent spate of violence on Vancouver's Granville strip triggers calls to improve safety, revitalize area
- 4 people charged, $800k in cash seized after RCMP bust alleged 'large-scale' drug importation network
- Vancouver man's TD Bank account pilfered, even after changing debit cards
- Romance scammer charged with defrauding Holocaust survivor of $2.8M
- Pierre Poilievre tells MPs Canada really 'feels broken,' despite what Trudeau says
- Jack Mintz and Janice MacKinnon: Alberta must assert itself over oil and gas against unilateral emissions cuts
- Queen Was Racist: Appointee - Amira Elghawaby
- Pierre Poilievre tells MPs Canada really 'feels broken,' despite what Trudeau says
- ‘Fire the high-priced consultants’ says Poilievre

- Review of billions of Covid19 wage benefits not worth the effort, CRA head says
- DOUBLING DOWN ON DIVISION: In Pathetic Move, A Desperate Justin Trudeau Claims (Without Evidence) That Pierre Poilievre Is “Attacking The Rights Of LGBT Community Canadians”
- TUCKER CARLSON: If you really want to understand how powerful Big Pharma is, consider this
- Rubio Sends Letter to Pfizer CEO on Alleged Gain-of-Function Research
- Undercover video allegedly shows Pfizer exec 'suspects' COVID resulted from virus mutations in Wuhan
- Suspect sought after thousands of dollars in merchandise stolen from Port Moody business: police
- U.S. CDC still looking at potential stroke risk from Pfizer bivalent COVID shot
- Fido plans now cost $5 more per month
- Impersonators posing as homeowners linked to 32 fraud cases in Ontario and B.C.
- North Van couple's hefty donation brings new tech to Lions Gate Hospital
- Pay parking now permanent at popular North Vancouver park
- Delta Lion Pub to close its doors after 46 years of operation
- Protest planned at alleged Chinese 'police station' in Richmond
- Real electric car charging costs creep back above the price to fuel gas vehicles
- Mortgage renewals put homeowners in 'precarious position'
- Urban vs. rural: Food prices go up everywhere, but it’s way worse in some areas
- Toronto police to increase presence on TTC to deal with rash of violence
- Rent increased more than 18% last year for new tenants, new numbers show
- No more expensing home internet bills to taxpayers, Tory and Liberal MPs told
- Human Freedom Index 2022

- Bank of Canada raises interest rate again — but hits 'pause' on any more for now
- This Woman's Basic Grocery List Cost $10 In 2020, $11 In 2022, And A Whole Lot More In 2023
- Sport Chek to close retail location in Edmonton City Centre mall
- Chrystia Freeland finally offers plan to help Bank of Canada cover its losses
- B.C. teacher reprimanded for yelling out anti-vaccine rhetoric at school immunization clinic
- Best Buy to lay off around 700 employees as sales dip after pandemic surge
- Manitoba premier to announce new round of cheques to combat rising cost of living
- Man scammed $10,000 on fake Rolex watch: Burnaby RCMP
- Coastal GasLink fined $213,600
- City of Kelowna acquires insulated shelters for those living on the streets
- Big banks raise prime rate after Bank of Canada interest rate increase
- Here are the companies that have announced Canadian layoffs so far in 2023
- OC Transpo will get 100 fewer electric buses for $1B price tag
- Kelowna couple evicted from apartment after use of privacy screen on balcony
- B.C. massage therapist reprimanded for sending anti-COVID vaccine email to patients
- ‘No way to charge this battery’: This Tesla owner got stranded on Christmas Eve because his Model S failed in the cold — here's why EVs can struggle when temperatures plunge
- Kaneko Hannosuke has quietly closed its Vancouver location
- 22% of Canadians say they’re ‘completely out of money’ as inflation bites: poll
- Original story - Alberta premier's office contacted Crown prosecution about Coutts cases: sources
- Smith demands apology from CBC over Crown emails story
- Two TTC employees chased by person with syringe at Dundas station, say police
- WARMINGTON: Decoy plan only partially works as Justin Trudeau gets rude heckling in Hamilton
- CBC says they won’t retract story that Alberta Premier labels “defamatory”
- Police cite mental health stigma as drivers urge man on B.C. bridge to 'take action'
- ‘Angry’ protests must stay peaceful amid ‘tough times,’ Trudeau says

- What we know about 'stand-ins' used by organized crime to sell homes without owner's knowledge
- Frank Stronach: A 'day of reckoning' is coming over our ever-ballooning national debt
- Youth may be buying opioids from B.C. drug vending machines, recovery centre warns
- B.C. high school teacher disciplined for 'angrily' disrupting school's COVID-19 vaccine clinic
- B.C. farmers ordered to pay delinquent Ambrosia apple fees after court rules rights not violated
- Kelowna senior, family fighting for refund on $12K WestJet vacation package cancelled by weather
- Scammers impersonating tech support scam Kootenay woman out of $7,000
- Mother of 2 living in downtown Toronto on rising inflation: ‘I’m struggling a lot’
- Richmond housing market not feeling pinch from foreign buyers ban
- Some housing investors making 'bad decisions' as they await lower rates
- B.C. Indigenous child agency appeals mom's $150K separation award
- GREEN: Trudeau's 'net-zero' mission will cause widespread economic and social harm
- Eric Nuttall: Canada could be as green and wealthy as Qatar and Saudi Arabia if government wakes up
- Violence against Toronto transit workers needs to be addressed, union president says
- See Public’s Priced To Poverty
- Now hiring: TransLink needs more than 500 bus drivers this year
- City of Vancouver warns of parking scam
- This Vancouver living room with a hide-a-bed is for rent for over $1,000 a month
- Vancouver mayor vows to axe controversial single-use cup fee by summer
- Victoria police capture wanted man who was deemed immediate threat to public
- Jamil Jivani: Justin Trudeau seems to think he's just perfect
- Diane Francis: Justin Trudeau Liberals keep proving they are amateurs
- Some rural B.C. mayors call for end to vaccine mandates to get more nurses working
- Evicted for Airbnb, North Shore tenant says the system is failing

- Surrey's hospital services are 'unacceptable': Board of Trade
- Canada-wide warrant issued for man who may be in Toronto area
- Inquest hears VPD officer who died by suicide felt blackmailed into sex by superior
- How organized crime has mortgaged or sold at least 30 GTA homes without owners' knowledge
- Opinion: ‘Unlawful entry’: Nosy Victoria landlords can’t just stroll into your home whenever they want
- Living in small condos may be the future for more Tri-Cities home buyers
- CDC flags possible safety issue with updated Pfizer COVID-19 booster
- CRA workers want 'unprecedented' pay raise of more than 30% over 3 years
- Man accused of 7 attempted murders in random Toronto shootings
- Homeless camp torched under the Vedder River bridge near Chilliwack
- 'Swarming' attack by 10 to 15 young people leaves 2 transit workers hurt, Toronto police say
- No emails found between Alberta premier's office, prosecution following weekend search, justice ministry says

- Alberta Justice says probe uncovered no evidence of emails between Smith’s office, Crown prosecutors
- ArriveCan contracting wasn’t that bad. It was worse
- Rex Murphy: Trudeau's shameful use of race-based politics to attack Poilievre
- One person dead in Nanaimo mall stabbing: RCMP
- MEG Energy says linefill on expanded Trans Mountain pipeline expected end-2023
- Health Canada downplayed scientific concerns about risks of toxic pesticide that causes birth defects
- UBC student housing rents set to increase by up to 8%
- Air Transat closes Vancouver base leaving 200 staff in the lurch
- Trial date set for birth tourist lawsuit against Richmond doctors, hospital
- Teens kick in front door of Kelowna home for fun
- Metro Vancouver gas prices rise amid refinery issues, increased demand
- Victoria police warn about rise in 'sextortion' cases targeting boys, men

- Richmond woman gets laser treatment — on the wrong eye
- B.C. target shooters worry federal firearm bill will kill their sport
- Catalytic Converter Thief Caught In The Act
- As Bed Bath & Beyond shuts down operations in Canada, it has itself to blame: report
- Labour shortage forces historic Chinatown restaurant to close
- Temporary foreign workers reach record levels in B.C.
- White Rock RCMP arrest two following report of ‘very suspicious’ activity
- Metro Vancouver takes 2nd spot for worst metro traffic in North America: TomTom
- Liberals 'dragging their feet' on foreign interference, says defeated MP named as Chinese election target
- Vancouver property tax increase proposal tops 9 per cent
- McKinsey will reportedly cut about 2,000 jobs amid restructuring
- FUREY: A much-needed investigation of the Trudeau-McKinsey contracts
- CBC cited for misleading Canadians yet again
- Military airstrip price tag up $80M due to Covid and inflation, say feds
- Plastic ban is another headache for already overwhelmed Toronto restaurant owners
- Taxes: Here are the federal tax brackets for 2023 vs. 2022
- RCMP “exchange zone” lets you safely buy and sell with strangers
- Most Common Languages Spoken Around the World and Their Native Speakers

- Gander group calls for emergency shelter in region to deal with hidden homelessness
- CBC boss scores 10% retroactive raise even though he left five years ago
- NP View: Trudeau's 'just transition' just a big government plan to mop up his own mess
- The Alberta Roundup | Smith takes on the WEF
- Long surgery waitlists could be fixed by private healthcare insurance options, says report
- Vaccine border mandate places US alongside “Angola and Pakistan”: advocacy group
- Canada will repatriate Britain's 'Jihadi Jack', 28, from Syrian prison camp - raising fears scores of ISIS sympathisers could soon return to their home countries
- A senior says she's out $80,000 after being tricked by fraudsters
- LILLEY: Trudeau won't be following in Ardern's footsteps even if the polling says he should
- I had major side effects from 2nd Covid booster shot: Elon Musk
- Broke, hungry and just 20, I was too embarrassed to ask for help when I moved to Canada
- One person seriously hurt after New Westminster station stabbing
- 'An opportunity to transform': Details on B.C.'s long-awaited payment plan for family physicians released